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Resintech Services HERE AT Resintech Limited, we strive in giving our customers satisfaction and peace of mind that they are getting the best value, and

Coir Matting from Coirstore COIRSTORE IMPORTS coir matting direct from the manufacturer and therefore can offer premium quality coir products at cheaper prices than most of our competitors. Ideal for Bell tents, Yurts, Tipis etc. our range of half moon mats are very popular. Constructed from 100% unbleached & natural Vycome yarns in either Panama or Herringbone weaves, each half moon is hemmed and machine stitched. A new addition this year; 10.5m diameter matting to suit larger Yurts & Tipis. Unlike the smaller Tipi and Yurt matting we offer, which comprise of 2x Half Moon mats. These 10.5m diameter mats comprise of 5 separate pieces, when laid together form the full mat. For marquees and bigger structures we currently offer 2 specifications; M4A4 & M2BV3. These mats are available in

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March 2017

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product when laying their resin bound surface. We specialise in swimming pool surrounds, patios, driveways. We have an excellent track record and brilliant feedback from our customers. After Please contact us to today for a free no obligation quotation. Telephone: 01202 287302 or 01202 287305, email: or visit 9m, 10m and 12.2m lengths. Another new addition this year is 3m wide mattings, suitable for Gazebos & Party Tents. These mats enable the floor area to be covered in one go! Coirstore provides free delivery on all orders within the UK mainland. We also deliver throughout the British Isles, Europe and further afield if required. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours or at our customer’s convenience. 0788 430 3082

Offer Your Clients A More Varied Menu - Generating Additional Profits Too

WITH THE Elite Range of Hog Roasting equipment you not only have the best equipment available, but you also have the confidence that training, support and aftersales care is second-to-none. Watch the theatre of a full hog roasted to perfection with juicy succulent pork and mouth-watering crispy crackling. The Elite can accommodate a hog up to 90 kilos, feeding up to 300 people in one serving and with the new Oven lid additional pork joints(or a variety of other meats and other produce) can be cooked simultaneously

adding variety to the menu and increasing profits substantially for the operator from only one machine. Additional accessories such as the BBQ Hot Plates enable you to barbecue while the pig is full flow too Alternatively add on the Poultry Rack giving you the ability to roast 40 chickens in around 2 hours 25 minutes creating 160 meals at the same time The Elite – Without Equal For further details call 01652 681 883, email: or visit

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Products and Services KalGUARD Offers Maximum Benefits For Limescale Control Fish & Chip Flavoured Crisps?

LIMESCALE CONTROL is recommended for catering facilities and hotels located within hard water areas. If left unchecked, limescale may lead to premature repairs and breakdowns of secondary hot water systems and appliances, causing downtime and unplanned capital expenditure, and can escalate energy bills since just 1.6mm of limescale can increase a heating system’s fuel requirement by up to 12% (British Water). To inhibit the buildup of limescale, KalGUARD® from Sentinel Commercial should be installed. Arguably the best limescale control device on the market in terms of overall cost-effectiveness, performance, ease of installation and maintenance, KalGUARD uses unique

driven electrolytic technology (the only powered device-led methodology to be recommended by Part L) to permanently control limescale. Easy and cost-effective to install, KalGUARD works with all types of heaters from leading OEMs and is not LSI dependent, so there is never any need for extra units or complicated water analysis. What’s more, only one KalGUARD system is needed to treat an entire system when it is installed on a rising main before pump and booster sets. Once commissioned, maintenance of WRAS-approved KalGUARD is negligible, as no consumables are needed for its ongoing operation. The unit requires only a biannual service if the system filter is fitted. KalGUARD is available in a range of sizes, from 22mm through to 108mm. To find out more about the benefits of KalGUARD, call 01928 704330 or alternatively visit

Our Bar Saves £7000 Every Year After installing a single LineClenze device

JOHN WATSON, one of our clients at the Drayton Manor Hotel was astounded when he found out he was set to save £7,000 every year simply by reducing the amount of beer he would normally throw away during the line cleaning process of a single hotel bar.

“Our bar now saves £7000 every year... I cannot recommend the device highly enough.” The Lineclenze device is a small, compact box that agitates the yeast molecules in beer lines, lessening the amount of cleans required by 75%. Paul, at the Riverside Bar, StratfordUpon-Avon says: "Anyone wanting to save money should consider the LineClenze system it is well-worth the investment. We have 15 lines here at the Riverside Bar, each

holding 4 pints, which we pour down the drain every time we clean the lines. Thanks to LineClenze we have reduced our line cleaning from weekly to monthly, resulting in significant savings. What's more our customers tell us that our beer tastes better now!" With devices installed around the UK in varying different venues, ranging from hotels to pubs, from sports clubs to theme parks, Lineclenze have a positive portfolio of happy customers making yearly savings ranging from £3000 to £20,000 per bar depending on their wastage levels. For more information on Lineclenze whether that be to delve deeper into the technical side of the device or to browse our testimonials, please visit us at: To arrange a free quote call: 0800 1701564 or email: or see advert on page 4.

THAT’S RIGHT - and it doesn’t stop there. The Great British Crisp Company has a whole range of ‘meal in one bite’ flavours including Tikka Masala, English Breakfast and their newest addition: Cornish Pasty. If you’re more of a traditional crisp lover, the classic varieties of West Country Cheddar & Chive and Cornish Sea Salt are a must. The Great British Crisp Company has been created by an award winning

British bakery, recognised as one of the nation’s leading craft bakeries. To create their flavours, they hand cook small batches of Cornish potatoes in sunflower oil, before seasoning with Britain’s finest natural ingredients. The result? An exciting range of crisps to really give your customers something to talk about. For more information and to sample the Great British Crisp Company first hand visit or call 01736 788538 or see page 9.

The Sweet Smell of Warewashing… WINTERHALTER’S NEW cleaning tablet has warewashers smelling sweeter and lasting longer Even the most careful manual clean or most effective selfcleaning programme will leave tiny mineral deposits in warewashers. Over time these can grow and, as well as potentially damaging the unit, can lead to unpleasant odours. To combat this Winterhalter has developed a cleaning tablet, the A 15 MC, for use with its UC series of undercounter warewashers. It gets rid of the deposits, leaves a clean, fresh fragrance, delivers a new level of hygienic cleaning and, by removing any trace of mineral deposits and limescale, extends the life of the machine. Using the A 15 MC tablet is very simple and effortless: simply remove it from its wrapping and pop it in the machine during the self-cleaning programme. The tablet is precisely tailored to the UC series’ self-cleaning programme and ensures the most thorough cleaning and care for the machine, preventing unpleasant odours and

leaving a subtle, fresh fragrance. “In trials, these new cleaning tablets were a huge success, because they are really effective and are so easy,” says Peter Alsworth, sales director of Winterhalter UK’s cleaning chemicals division. “As well as improving the working environment, they protect the value of the warewasher over its service life.” The A 15 MC comes in containers of 25 x 8g tablets. Dosing is one tablet per self-cleaning procedure. The tablet should only be used in an empty machine on the self-cleaning cycle, it is not suitable for cleaning dishes. Winterhalter provides a total solution for warewashing, from pre-sales advice to after-sales service, training and maintenance. Alongside its market-leading dish and glasswashers, the company’s range includes utensil washers, advanced water treatment machines, cleaning chemicals and detergents. For further details, call Winterhalter on 01908 359000, see, or or email

CLH News #198 March 2017  

Issue #198 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...

CLH News #198 March 2017  

Issue #198 of CLH News - the leading monthly trade publication for the independent hotel, pub and restaurant sector of the hospitality indus...