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Introduction Studying as a land surveyor but I’d like to work with laser scanners and 3D models in the future. This paper is a mix of two projects that I was working on before. The topics are very similar but the technology and the environment are different. The original idea for the first project was came from a police department. They searched a GIS engineer to build 3D models for sport events where the police wanted to demonstrate from one side the movements of fans and the police group and the trail of the actions from the other side. In general they use 2D maps to demonstrate the movements, positions, etc. and they want to upgrade this kind of method. They contacted my teacher and he proposed for me the project as a good topic for a professional paper. In the first project I was working on the stadium of Sóstó, Székesfehérvár, Hungary. I built a 3D model from 2D maps and photos that I got from the police and made animations. The animations helped the police to secure football events for example the Videoton FC Sturm Graz Champion League match. This was the first project I will talk about in details later on. The second project is still in progress when I write these lines but it’s near to its end. This project is much more precise than the first one because we measured the object by a Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner. In this project the test area was the Vodafone Arena, Székesfehérvár, Hungary. This is the basketball arena of the city. With the basketball fans the police have less problems but the threat is still big. In the second case a 3D model of the arena was built but on the base of a point cloud which comes out from the laser scanner. After the 3D model was finished I made animations from the plans and as was before the animations were integrated to the briefing of the commanders meeting. The animations which were finished for the police are still in use and I have a constant connection with the police if they need more of them.

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