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2. Supporting the cover of basketball events My second project in this topic was the security of basketball events with 3D models. This project is much more a GIS project than the one before. For this job Leica C10 ScanStation was used. It’s one of the Leica Geosystem’s laser scanner which measures directions and distances in very high speed in a 270°x360° range and build a 3D model from the reflections of the laser signal. This is one of the stateof-the-art technology of nowadays in land surveying. The scanner was won in an EU tender at 2009 by my school. The instrument was lent to me to survey the basketball hall at Székesfehérvár which is called Vodafone Sport Center (older name: ARÉV hall). The police supported my new project and I have subjects in laser scanning technologies so the project was done on my own. After the appointments my teacher Nagy Gábor and I were able to go to survey the hall. We did the surveying operations in two days. In the first day the outside of the building was measured and after a week the inner side of the building was scanned.

Fig. 2.1. Outside surveying with Leica C10 ScanStation, attached Leica System 1200 GPS system

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