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Fig. 1.19. Conception of outer cover This was the end of the project. The project was presented in our school at the professional contest. I didn’t get to the national round but it was enough for me because I developed a new way to help the police with GIS technology. Unfortunately, I received very strict critics about my project because I took part in GIS category and the jury though that this is not GIS. So let me study this critics before the CLGE jury gives me the same critics. Let’s see the definition of GIS: “The GIS is a special section of the informatics which works with the geographical and spatial data collection, processing, analyzing, and monitoring. Above this GIS helps visualize the spatial data and support the decisions.“ My project wasn’t connected strictly to this definition but If you see this is a spatial model which helps the police to make decisions and analyze a theoretical situation. In this way it is a GIS application, a GIS project.

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