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8 Club Leaders Forum | Spring 2015

Up your game with .GOLF, .TENNIS, and .FITNESS New Internet Domain Names are taking the online playing field by DAN SCHINDLER, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Donuts, Inc. Is your online presence working as hard as it can right now? Is your domain name playing to win? It is if you’re taking advantage of the biggest change in the Internet since its inception: Domain name endings that actually mean something. Like .TENNIS, .GOLF, and .FITNESS. You’re probably familiar with .com and .net. Do you know what they mean? They certainly don’t have any meaningful connection to your business. What about .ACCOUNTANT, .FOOTBALL, or .MARKETING? Those words have meaning. There are now literally hundreds of new domain name endings that say something about who you are and what you do. The ones most specific to you are, .GOLF, .TENNIS, and .FITNESS. Why should you care? Because names matter. Whether it’s your name, or the name of your business, your name is your brand and the first part of your identity that people meet. It’s part of a first impression – and we all know how important it is to nail that. Specific names make it easier for your customers to find you. And identify you. Suppose I have a company named Jack’s Place, and my domain name is jacksplace.COM, do you know what business I’m in? No—the .COM ending is vague and unspecific. But if I’m in the fitness business, how about jacksplace.FITNESS? Now, anyone seeing my domain name knows exactly what I’m about. The cost of the new domain name endings is minimal—about $30 per year on average—and getting one is easy. Domain name registrars (like GoDaddy,,, 1&1, and others) make them available. Look up your favorite registrar, search for the term you like under .TENNIS, .GOLF, or .FITNESS, and you’re on your way. In an evolving Internet, you need a strong online identity. So, up your game with a name that’s specific, meaningful and memorable. That is, if you’re playing to win. .GOLF will be available to the general public on July 1, 2015. Companies or businesses that own registered trademarks can secure their domain names prior to this date through or by consulting ◘

The FORUM - Spring 2015  

Club Leaders Forum is delighted to provide this complimentary copy of the relaunch of The FORUM. For more than 20 years John Sibbald publish...

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