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Pastor’s Column RELATIONSHIPS, ROLES, AND ROMANCE February is the month when our thoughts turn to love and romance. Some would say it’s because of the long winter we experience in the north, but true romantics know that February is when Valentine’s Day occurs. To the cold, calculating male that just means another opportunity to fail. But to the man who really wants to be a good lover and friend and partner to his darling spouse, this is the opportunity to say all those things that don’t very often get said, to buy those flowers and candy that melt her heart, and to prove once again that you really, truly do love her. With all that romance in the air, one would think that love and marriage and family would be on everyone’s mind. But, alas, if the truth be known, these commodities are becoming more and more of an endangered species. Data that was released just in the last few months reported that married couples represented just 48% of American households in 2010. This was slightly less than in 2000, but far below the 78% of households occupied by married couples in 1950. W. Bradford Wilcox, the director of the National Marriage Project at the University Page 2

of Virginia, argues that the retreat from marriage is bad for society because it means less security for children. He said, “It’s troubling because those kids are much more likely to be exposed to instability, complex family relations and poverty.” If we determine to look for blame, there is plenty to go around. For both men and women there seems to be a significant lack of understanding as to what marriage really can be, and the health that it brings to individual people, their children, and to a culture. Study after study has shown that married people tend to experience more happiness in life than unmarried people. Other studies have proven how much better children do when they grow up in a home with both a mom and a dad. This even holds true when mom and dad do not have the best of relationships! Divorce has become the “easy out” in far too many homes today. Our staff could tell you story after story where divorce has been the choice that was made, but the problems have not been solved. In fact, in virtually every case we have dealt with, divorce has only compounded the problems of the people involved. Is it possible that God really did design a plan for our lives that works, but we have distorted it to the point where it seems no longer

recognizable? That is a subject that is well worth the investment of our time and study. Starting the first weekend of February we are embarking on a series of teachings called THE PERFECTS. You will meet this family each week of the series and you will enjoy their antics as they struggle to make their relationships work. On both our campuses we will be doing this series with a panel of presenters. Whether you are married, single, divorced, widowed, a single parent, or a blended family, I think you will find the topics relevant to your life. This is a critical series for us to tackle, and we are looking forward to it. We are not content to just point out the problems we are up against. There have to be some answers to the situations we find ourselves dealing with, and there are. God is the designer of marriage and the family, and He has a lot to say about how all our relationships work. Without a doubt, we have all made some mistakes in these crucial areas of our lives, but rather than moping about in the mud of our mistakes, let’s find the answers to get us back on solid ground. God intended His creation to enjoy this life He has given us. He designed the relationships of our lives to bring us joy and fulfillment. Therefore, it is a wise investment of your time to find out what God has for you, so that you can live out your life in a meaningful way. As your pastor, I would recommend you block off the next four weekends so that you don’t miss any of the teachings that will be prepared with you in mind. In fact, if you know someone in your circle of acquaintances who could use some help in this vital arena, why not invite them to come with you? It just might be the most helpful thing you have ever done for that person. We’ll see you this weekend.

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                         was reading my daily  devotion from the “Lead Like Jesus”  series and the topic of the day came  from John 13:13‐15. The verse says,  “Now that I, Lord and teacher, have  washed your feet, you should also  wash one another’s feet. I have set  you an example that you should do  as I have done for you.” Who has  walked along side you and set an  example for you to follow? Jesus  walked along side his disciples,  instructed them, guided them,  prayed with them, fellowshipped  with them, loved and cared for  them. He wanted them to imitate  him. Jesus still does that for us  today!        We need to follow his example,  to fellowship with others, to love  and care for others, pray with  others, to instruct others for him.  Children like to imitate others,  especially grown ups. They look up  to adults or older children. Children  are like sponges, they soak up  everything. Unfortunately, they will  soak up what is good and what is  not so good, but we can be  examples of what is good.        We can instruct, guide,  fellowship and pray with children.  We can love and care for them just  like Jesus did and still does!  Who  are we going to be Jesus for today?   There are many opportunities to be  Jesus for a child. Preschool  Promiseland may be just the place  Page 4

for you! Would you consider serving  once every 3 months?  From families  serving together, to empty nesters,  we can use you! If you have never  served in the preschool area, come  on down and check it out. We will be  happy to show you the classes.  Contact Julie Overturf or myself if  you are interested!    Paula Heil 

Volunteer Spotlight!


    This month I had the opportunity  to interview a few of our  Promiseland Preschool Church  workers. These are some of the  faces that you may see on a  Saturday evening or on Sunday  morning, as you drop off your  children in the preschool area.  Eleanor Liebherr and Savannah  Guenther work in the Promiseland  Preschool area on a regular basis.  They are willing workers that enjoy  what they do. Here is their  interview. 

Tell a little about yourself.   Eleanor: My name is Eleanor  Liebherr and I am 10 ½ years old. I go  to Alexander Middle School in  Nekoosa. I live in Port Edwards. My  favorite colors are blue, purple, pink  and white. My favorite foods are  pizza, donuts, and cookies. 


Savannah Guenther


Why I enjoy working in Promiseland?: “It’s amazing to  see them (kids) grow and to teach  them.”

Name: Age:

Eleanor Liebherr

10 1/2 

Why did you first volunteer?:: “I wanted to spend time with my  sister and Julie and they needed  help…”

Psalm 23

Can you recite the  23rd Psalm?  All the  kids in IMPACT have  been learning and  memorizing the 23rd  Savannah: My name is Savannah  Guenther, and I am 17 years old. I go  Psalm.  Come down to the kids wing  to Lincoln High School, and I want to  and check out the pictogram the  go college for either Pediatric  kids have been using to help them  Nursing or Primary Education.  with their memorization! 

How long have you been volunteering in the Preschool Promiseland area?   Eleanor: About 1 ½ years.  Savannah: I have been volunteering in the Preschool Promiseland area for 4 years. 

Explain how you first came to volunteer in the Promiseland area?   Eleanor: I wanted to spend time with my sister and Julie and they needed help in the  preschool area.  Savannah: One of my friends was helping out and I came and helped them and have been  helping ever since.   

Share a moment that made you say to yourself, ”This is why I enjoy working in the  Promiseland Preschool area.”  Eleanor: I was playing with a little girl, and she was smiling from ear to ear. That was the  best time I’ve ever had in Promiseland.  Savannah: I absolutely love sharing God’s love with the kids. I love it when they run up to  me and give me a giant hug! It’s amazing to see them grow and to teach them.   

When you are in the classroom, describe what a typical class time is like.  Eleanor: Sometimes we play with Play dough, otherwise we have play time. Then we do  the Bible story and sometimes we act out the story. We also might go on the playground.  Then we have a snack and craft time.  Savannah: Usually we have playtime first, (play dough, puzzles, toys, instruments) and  then we have story time. After that we make a craft relating to the Bible story.   

If you are given only one chance to share with others why they should  volunteer, what would be that one thing?   Eleanor: You get to see the kids do whatever they want to for playtime and you get to  see little kids of different ages learn about Jesus. It’s amazing!  Savannah: There is nothing better than walking into the church and seeing the kid’s  faces light up when they see you.  At a young age, Eleanor and Savannah saw a need and said, yes I will help.   They started out  by helping someone else and in return have been blessed. They are making a difference in  children’s lives.  Thank you Eleanor and Savannah and to all of our volunteers for seeing the  need and then saying yes, I will help.     Paula Heil

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                    would like to take this opportunity to give  you a brief overview of what we have been doing in  the past year and what we believe God’s direction is  for the future.       Some of you may  “We appreciate  already know that we  all the prayers,  just completed  love and sup‐ memorizing “The Books   to us  port given of the Bible”; all 66 of  from our  them! Now we are  church  family.” challenging the children  for the next 6 weeks to  memorize “Psalm 23”; all  6 verses. This all started  from our new curriculum  “What’s in the Bible?”  Each week our services  include interactive video,  leader directed small/ large group questions,  opportunities to find  answers directly out of  the bible (does anyone  remember or know what  a sword drill is  anymore?), and of  course, fun & active games! We have seen an  increase in visitors and enjoy celebrating each child’s  birthday for that week.       None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the  great team God has been building and putting into  place up in KIDZONE. Currently we have 4 teams of  Adult Leaders, 20 JLT’s (Junior Leadership Team)  members, and Adult Helpers, rotating on a monthly  basis. We have been praying and believing that God  will bring in more helpers as our attendance 

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continues to grow and we follow His leading.       Starting in January we will continue with “What’s in the  Bible?” and memorizing scripture each weekend.  After  completing Psalm 23, our next challenge will be The Lord’s  Prayer.  On the last weekend of every month we are going  to have a “Celebration  Weekend”! The weekend  will start off with the  children going directly up to  KIDZONE  and check in  before service. Service will  begin with “Live” Worship.  Some of our own youth  band members from [un]  common will be coming to  lead us. After worship there  will be a brief message, and  then we will break up into  small groups to discuss  topics that relate to  everyday life.         Coming in March is  March  Missions Madness.   It’s a month to look at other  cultures  and how we can  pray and give so they will  know Jesus Christ.        We are so excited to see what God is going to do in the  lives of our kids as we dig into His Word and find out what  HE has to say to 1st‐6th graders.       We appreciate all the prayers, love and support given to  us from our church family.  Mr. Jim & Ms. Ronda  IMPACT KIDS MINISTRY   KIDZONE Children's Church Director   

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