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Impact Kids Ministries 600 7th St., PO Box 40 Port Edwards, WI 54469


Wednesday Night Kids Activities begin January 4th

Kids Church 8:30 & 10:30am

Kids Church 8:30 & 10:30am CE 6:00pm

Kids Church 8:30 & 10:30am CE 6:00pm

Kids Church 8:30 & 10:30am CE 6:00pm

Kids Church 8:30 & 10:30am CE 6:00pm

M’Pact and Royal Rangers 6:30pm

Kids Church 6:00 pm

Deadline for Kidz Blazt Registration– Jan. 20th

M’Pact and Royal Rangers 6:30pm

Kids Church 6:00 pm

M’Pact and Royal Rangers 6:30pm

Kids Church 6:00 pm

M’Pact and Royal Rangers 6:30pm

Sunday Night CE Begins January 8th

Kids Church 6:00 pm

Special Kid Zone Kids Church Service January 28th & 29th

What is infinity? Does it exist in space as well as time? These questions are fun to think about, but they can be hard to under st and. W hen something is “to infinity,” that means it goes on forever and ever. Guess who created infinity? That’s right, God did. Now chew on this. God is infinity to the future and infinity to the past. He has always existed and always will exist. That will put some strain on your brain. Of course that means God existed before infinity. Wow, that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “to infinity and beyond!” So, what is God’s plan for the rest of infinity? The answer to that question is awesome. God is preparing a place where He would like everyone to live for the next million billion years. You guessed it. The place He’s preparing is heaven. Heaven is “to infinity and beyond” in a lot of ways. It’s a place that’s far away and can only be imagined in our dreams. The Bible says the sea looks like crystal, the streets shine with gold, and the entry gate is made of pearl. Incredible! When Jesus comes back to get you, you will take off from the earth and fly to heaven. That will definitely be cool. No one really knows when or how this is all going to happen. But, the Bible tells us it is definitely going to happen someday. You can be certain the greatest day in history will be the day Jesus comes back to get all the Christians and take then to heaven where they will live for infinity and beyond. Make sure you will be a part of the biggest event of all time. Pray and ask God to forgive you of the things you’ve done wrong. Keep Jesus close to your heart and share His love with others. By doing this you are guaranteed a ticket to the ride of a lifetime. So, as the new year gets rolling, keep your heart and mind focused on God and you will be ready for “INFINITY AND BEYOND!”

For all students in 3rd‐6th grade  KidZ BlaZt is a time of worship,  workshops, and connecting with  other Christ following kids from  across the state.        Cost: $100  includes transporta‐ tion, meals, registration, housing,  KidZ BlaZt t‐shirt, swimming pass  and more!  Registration Due by  January 20th.  Get your forms at  the church office, welcome   center or kids church. 

At The Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells!!

February 24-25,2012

Wow!!! The year 2012 is here!!!! I always look at the New Year as a new beginning, a new start! The past is in the past and a new year has begun! A new year, new ideas, new challenges and a new adventure! We are so excited to see what God has in store for us! Starting this month at the end of January, we will be having “Live” Worship upstairs in KIDZONE!!! So, kids when you get to church on the last weekend of each month, come right upstairs to KIDZONE and get checked in! Service will start with a Worship time, then a brief message will be presented and then we will split up into small groups for fun games and small group activities! The popcorn machine will start popping out fresh popcorn and the wind machine will be fired up. The birthday boys and girls from that month will go in and grab their prize money! I can’t wait!!!! Kids in 3rd grade thru 6th grades, if you haven’t filled out your Kidz Blazt registration forms yet, please do! This is a great time in the Dells for fun and for learning! The bus will be waiting for us at church on that morning to take us to the Kalahari! And it will be bringing us back the next day before church! Please contact the church office for any questions or for payment instructions. Are there any parents interested in coming along as Sponsors? Adult sponsors are needed to chaperone the kids at this event. Let the office or Ms Ronda or I know this as soon as possible!

Resolutions are synonymous with the New Year. This year, as every year, the everso-popular “I’m going to get healthier” resolution will be declared by the masses. How can you avoid being in the majority that abandon this resolution by February when most resolutions are forgotten? Create a game plan. Get organized. Prepare. Whether physical activity is a new venture or you are a seasoned gym rat, making the resolution to spend hours in the gym everyday is likely unrealistic for you. Going from zero to sixty could increase the chance of injury, as well as zap your motivation. A better way to approach your workout schedule is to make a resolution to exercise three or four times per week. Begin minutes. Once shorter windows of activity become a habit and you start to reap the benefits, it’s easier to progress to the next level. Stay focused and don’t be discouraged with obstacles!!

Mr. Jim & Ms. Ronda

Beginning in January!! Two


The Bible says one day Jesus will appear in the clouds (Matt. 24:30 NIV) and take all His children to be with Him in heaven. That’s going to be a very cool trip. While you are waiting for Jesus to come and take you to heaven, why don’t you ask your mom or dad for a bag of marshmallows and have a little fun with your friends. Cloudy Creations Give each player 15 large marshmallows and 8 toothpicks. Each player gets 3 minutes to see who can create the best cloud. Relay Give each player 4 large marshmallows. A marshmallow is to be placed under the chin, one under each arm, and one between the knees. Each player hops, waddles, or walks to a specific point about 8 feet away and then turns and walks back. The player then tags the next person and he begins. If a marshmallow falls midway, you must stop and put it back before continuing. The first team to finish is the winner.

slowly by walking or riding a bike for 15-20

God Bless you and your NEW YEAR!!! We love you and pray for you continually!

According to Revelation 21:18-21, heaven will be filled with all kinds of beautiful gems and jewels. Before you open your Bible, see if you can uncover the names of the jewels by recovering the missing parts of the letters below.

: ies r e wS

Also Coming Soon– A New Bible Memory Challenge!!!

Dodge the Mallow Give each player 10 large marshmallows. Decide on a playing area which everyone must remain in. Someone says “GO!” and then everyone tries to peg someone with a mallow. Every time you peg someone, you get a point. The person or team with the most points wins. The losing team has to pick up all the marshmallows. Sweet and Salty With your parents help, melt a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave. Stick a pretzel stick into a small marshmallow. Dip into the melted chocolate. Place on wax paper to cool. Eat and enjoy!

New in 2012!! Special Celebration the last weekend of each month in KidZone Kids Church which will included:“Live” worship, Kid Zone Small Groups, Popcorn and The Wind Machine!!

Impact Insider January 2012