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Winter Tip By far the biggest house related concern during the winter is water damage due to ice damming. Melt water from the heat of the sun and escaping interior heat melt roof snow and the water re-freezes when it reaches the cold eave. This results in an accumulation of ice. This ice blocks subsequent water from draining and in severe cases can result in water leakage to the interior. If you have ice issues, keep snow and ice on the roof cleared, and look at improving attic insulation and ventilation before next winter.


Volume 1 Issue 4 Winter 2009

Build Green One of the best ways to build in an environmentally sustainable manner is to build structures to last. We have removed a lot of asphalt shingles and cheap vinyl windows that failed much too soon. The attractiveness of a low price is the same in any industry, you certainly get what you pay for with manufactured building materials. The high levels of embodied energy in these materials mean wise selection is important to avoid them winding up in the landfill too soon.

Kitchens, Baths and Inside Work We are currently working on a major renovation to a home in St. Marys and at the same time, a kitchen and bath renovation on an Ontario Cottage in Stratford. We have also built custom storage solutions for a dressing room and renovated

three bathrooms in one house since the Autumn issue of the newsletter. A welcome commonality is most of this work is indoors! With a well deserved break for the holiday season, we are now planning spring and summer projects.

Ask BUILD. Q: The front porch of our Queen Anne house is in need of replacement, the wooden railings and steps are partially rotten and the roof has sagged. We want to keep the character of the porch, but avoid the maintenance of so much wood and painting. Are there alternative products we can use? A: Absolutely. As tradespeople, we love working with wood, but we recognize it's limitations. Gone are the days of old


growth pine and other woods that had high levels of natural decay resistant substances. Wood simply does not stand up to the elements as well as it used to. However, we have wonderful synthetic alternatives that machine and paint much like wood, and look exactly the same once installed and painted. Best of all, they last a long, long time while keeping the character and charm of your home intact.


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Build People Carol Anne DeNeve has been our Office Manager for 2.5 years and keeps the financial side of the business well oiled and up to date. She holds a degree in Commerce and brings a wealth of experience in accounting. Carol Anne resides in St. Marys with her family and teaches pilates and yoga when she isn't crunching numbers.

Build Appetite If you enjoy Indian cuisine, check out Masala Bay in downtown Waterloo. Combine dinner with a movie at Princess Cinemas (right around the corner) for a night out! Rory

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