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From: Christine May Sent: 13/06/2013 9:05 AM To:; Subject: Pre-selection concerns The State Director and The State President, Victorian Liberal Party, 104 Exhibition Street Melbourne 3000 13th June 2013 Dear Mr. Mantach & Mr. Snell I am most disappointed that the Liberal Party of Victoria is prepared to write off its Members considerations and rights, having learnt that the Victorian Administrative Committee will be selecting our Mallee candidate this Friday (tomorrow) without any consideration of Members opinions on this selection. To learn that there were candidates who put their nomination in ahead of the original prescribed time only to be held over for a further 5 days giving opportunity to “high quality” candidates to nominate. Surely these so-called “high quality” nominations had the same time to deliberate their nomination in the same vogue as did the 3 original candidates. I query if all this shifting is in actual accordance with the Constitution? It certainly has been most unfair and most unreasonable for Executives to shift goal-posts so freely. Might I also ask – what right have you people in 104 Exhibition Street to determine these other 2 candidates are of “higher quality” than the original 3 candidates? I am disgusted at the shifting of goal posts, the lack of consultation with your Branch Members and the pre-judgemental attitude you have shown to the 3 original candidates. May you bury your heads in shame, shame, shame with what is so non-Liberal policy and thinking!!! I would hate to see Reynolds Rippon (my late father-in-law’s) face should he have survived to see this debacle let alone the late Bruce Chamberlain with whom I proudly worked alongside for some years as Western Province Electorate Secretary. Both encouraged a fair and reasonable opportunity for all Members of Victorian Branches as they, like I do and all the Members do, consider the Liberal Party a privilege to be a Member of but no longer do I feel this, as you people in 104 Exhibition Street have taken over and shifted goal-posts to suit your own desires. Give we members a pre-selection vote opportunity at an election convention – after all- these candidates are “our” candidates – not just “yours”. Please reconsider and give we Members and the candidates a “fair go”. OUR candidates have that right & so do the Liberal Party members - so think again Mr. Mantach & Mr. Snell, and get off your pedestals and let there be a fair and reasonable decision be made by the Members of each Branch of the Victorian Liberal Party. I close with a quote taken direct from the Liberal Party website’s home page on Our Major Values “The Liberal Party believes that the most important measure of a society is the extent to which it acknowledges the inherent worth and dignity of each individual person, and the right of each person, to the extent that they can do so, to manage their own life and determine their own destiny while respecting the rights of others. In doing so, the Liberal Party recognizes that all people are different, and that everyone has an equal right to chart their own course in life without someone else dictating it to them”.

Yours sincerely, Liberal Party Member: 894792

Christine A. May Christine May

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Victorian Division of the Liberal Party - removal of grass-roots members rights. the widely circulated letter from Liberal Party member Mrs....

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