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Harriers Banbury Academy an Aspirations Academy

‘To be able to dream about the future, while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams’ Dr. Russell J. Quaglia

The Aspirations Academies Trust The Aspirations Academies Trust (AAT) in England is a charitable organisation operating in association with the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) and Aspirations Unlimited International (AUI). AAT academies benefit from QISA’s remarkable record of more than 30 years of research and experience working with students, educators and schools. All Aspirations Academies are committed to raising students’ aspirations so that all young people reach their full potential and achieve the success they want for themselves. Each academy challenges its students and staff to perform at their highest level within a creative culture of positivity, innovation and enthusiasm for success.

Welcome I am very pleased to offer you a warm welcome to Harriers Banbury Academy. We are a community that offers personalised, innovative and exciting opportunities to enable all pupils achieve their very best in a nurturing and supportive environment. We have very high expectations of all our pupils to work hard and look smart. Our pupils rise to this challenge. The school environment inspires pupils to aim for their dreams and become independent learners. We celebrate pupils’ achievements on a daily, weekly and termly basis through individual, class and whole school events. Having a great partnership with parents and carers is extremely important to us. We send home weekly whole school newsletters as well as letters related to your child’s year group. Academic achievements are reported on three times a year and we hold parents evenings during terms 1 and 3. Our dedicated staff are passionate about our children’s education and making their learning fun. Our pupils, who are polite, hard-working and proud of their school, tell us they enjoy and love coming to school. I very much look forward to meeting you.

Alex Pearson– Principal

Harriers Banbury Academy


Early Years Foundation Stage Children can join our Foundation Stage full time in the year they turn 5. The unit is a stimulating environment which is resourced and staffed to ensure children can learn and develop in all areas at a pace appropriate to them. We have excellent trained staff, who get to know each child as an individual and support learning through children’s interests. Each child has a key worker who will follow their progress in detail. The partnership between home and school is paramount so we encourage parents to be actively involved in building up a profile of their child. Each child has a learning journal where special work and photographs are stored. These can be shared before or after school as our unit has an open door policy. Staff constantly observe the children and build on their starting points to consistently develop learning through challenging investigations and questioning. They make fantastic progress in their learning and leave the unit prepared for the rest of their school life.

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Harriers Banbury Academy


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Curriculum At Harriers Banbury Academy we believe our curriculum should reflect pupils’ abilities, interests and needs. They are offered a broad and balanced curriculum centred around skills, knowledge and understanding. Underpinning all of this is a very strong Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Our Literacy units are based around a high quality key text which staff and pupils use to develop all genres of reading and writing. We use ‘Talk for Writing’ from Reception to Year 6 and the impact on writing standards has been phenomenal. Every child has a dream and it is our responsibility to aid them in achieving these dreams. For some pupils, this requires extra support in their learning – offered on a regular basis. As part of their learning journey, children are expected to complete homework related to their classroom experiences. This is in the form of Literacy and Numeracy work but also includes an extended study each term related to the topic at the time. Pupils love having the responsibility that this entails and it is a great way for parents/carers to get more involved in their learning too. We have opportunities for our more able pupils to take part in workshops with other pupils from local primaries run by teachers from Banbury Academy, and for some lessons to be taught at Banbury Academy by specialist teachers in purpose built rooms such as science labs, gyms and design technology workshops. As each year progresses, the curriculum is adapted and shaped to ensure that all children make very strong progress in their learning and realise the potential we know they all have.

Harriers Banbury Academy


Extra-Curricular Activities All of children leave the school having experienced a wide range of activities and have the life skills they need to do well. Our extra-curricular programme is an important part of the education we offer. Each class goes on at least three educational visits a year both locally and further afield and the older year groups participate in a residential trip to encourage independence. We hold assemblies for parents throughout the year and put on fantastic performances on our stage. Although our curriculum is very broad and gives pupils a huge range of skills, we believe it is important to offer additional activities that build pupils’ confidence, resilience and self-belief. Every child has a talent in at least one area and to develop this further, we hold sports days, curriculum enrichment days and run a variety of clubs throughout the year including disco, choir, art and Forest schools. We are proud of our diverse community and celebrate the range of cultures and beliefs. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and involved in school life regardless of where they come from or what language they speak.

Harriers Banbury Academy


Responsibility and Engagement We seek out the views of pupils through a Pupil Voice survey twice a year. The results of these surveys are looked at by a pupil working group, our Aspirations Heroes. Along with the School Council, pupils can then make recommendations for improving the school. Year 6 pupils are encouraged to apply for the post of Head Pupil. Our Head Pupils are given extra responsibilities in the school including leading assemblies and showing visitors around the school. They aid in teaching and are responsible for helping ensure behaviour around the school is excellent. Other posts of responsibility include playground leaders, buddies, reading to younger pupils, assisting staff in various activities, taking part in school events and acting as ambassadors for the school in the community. The pupils here at Harriers Banbury Academy feel valued and listened to. We encourage an ethos of mutual respect and would love to hear from you If you are interested in your child joining us.

Harriers Banbury Academy


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Harriers Banbury Academy an Aspirations Academy

Harriers View, Bloxham Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 9JW Tel: 01295 263067 Fax: 01295 263068 Email:

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‘To be able to dream about the future, while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams’ Dr. Russell J. Quaglia

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