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An All-through Learning Community

Our Values Community


Buxton School is based within the community and strives to work to ensure that the site is a community hub.

We look to inspire ambition and awaken the desire to learn in all members of our school community.

Honesty We have integrity in all of our decisions and teach pupils to respect honesty.

Principled OFSTED NOVEMBER 2017

“Pupils like coming to school: they consider it a safe and welcoming learning environment.”

We have clear ideas on what is right and wrong based upon a belief of community cohesion and equal opportunities.

Kind Promotion of kindness allows us to create an atmosphere where everyone wants to come to school.

Family We support and nurture while guiding each other to make the right choices.

Buxton opens doors for our community. We are an honest, kind family of learners, inspiring ambition for our pupils’ future.


to Buxton School

We are delighted to welcome you to Buxton School. At Buxton School we believe that every pupil can be inspired to be the very best that they can be. We have integrity, aiming for all children and young people to become high achievers and kind, active citizens in our ever changing world. We are passionate about our pupils’ futures, setting the highest of expectations so that in our supportive community, pupils will develop the skills, confidence and independence necessary to become successful learners. Our aim is that every pupil will be empowered and inspired to learn and to make outstanding progress through excellent teaching.

We are ambitious for our pupils and the role that they will play in the future of their local and global communities. One of the great strengths of our school is its vibrant diversity, a reflection of the great city in which we live. We are principled in our decision making to ensure that all young people can learn and work together, developing the skills to become future leaders.

will develop a sense of pride, enjoyment and ownership in their school. We expect everybody who studies or works at Buxton, including parents and carers, to support our values and work collaboratively to ensure the future success of all of the young people. We look forward to meeting you.

Buxton School is a family at the heart of our community. Together with parents we will enable every pupil to fulfil their potential. This is within a secure and caring environment where we strive to ensure that every pupil

Buxton School 01

An All-Through Learning Community OFSTED NOVEMBER 2017

02 Buxton School

“Leaders, managers and governors are fully committed to making sure that the school provides a good quality of education.”

Buxton School is a learning community catering for the needs of pupils aged 3-16. We are very proud of our school and we are ambitious for all our learners. We want to see every child succeed and exceed their potential. The Buxton family meets the needs of a wide range of pupils and we endeavour to inspire them to become active, conscientious citizens of the future. We create life-long learners who, through quality first teaching, acquire skills that they can build upon once they have left our care.

We are a leading educational organisation in delivering a 3-16 curriculum. We know that we have much to offer those families who choose Buxton School. We are an inclusive school. We are a kind community that passionately believes that all pupils deserve access to an all inspiring curriculum which has high expectations.

We are an inclusive school. We are a kind community that passionately believes that all pupils deserve access to an all inspiring curriculum which has high expectations.

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A Challenging & Exciting Curriculum Offer We believe that a broad and balanced curriculum and the acquisition of a wide range of skills best equip our pupils for exciting educational and career opportunities in an increasingly globalized world. Our all-through learning philosophy puts us at the heart of our vibrant multicultural community. Our teaching and learning both celebrates and reflects this diversity which provides our pupils with a unique learning opportunity based on inspiring ambition and a desire to learn. All of our pupils enjoy access to our ‘state of the art’ facilities and children have the opportunity to complete their education with us from nursery through

04 Buxton School

to GCSE at 16. Learning is brought to life through the use of a learning philosophy which encourages engagement and pupil independence as well as through a wide range of visits and extra-curricular activities. External exams play an important part in the success of our pupils, but we do not compromise the broader curriculum and the development of all aspects of the young people.


“Leaders have developed an effective programme of enrichment activities, trips and visits that supports pupils’ personal development alongside their academic progress.”

Buxton School 05

Learning Through Quality Lessons


06 Buxton School

“Pupils value their learning: they are prepared to learn and eager to succeed.”

We believe that the all-through curriculum offered to students should be taught by specialists in dedicated teaching suites. Our ‘state of the art’ classrooms provide the most up to date facilities for learning. Our commitment to learning extends to staff as well as students; we want everyone in our school to enjoy and value learning. Strong relationships in the classroom allow pupils to take risks and overcome failure as part of developing the resilience needed to be a successful learner. Teaching is focused on progression and enabling all pupils to make progress beyond what would be expected. Lessons are calm and purposeful with support and challenge directly related to individual pupils’ successes and needs.


“Pupils across the school make good progress from their starting points.”

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Our Extended Curriculum A journey of self-discovery

08 Buxton School

The extended curriculum offered within Buxton School supports, and is inextricably linked to, the fundamental aims of formal education. It offers pupils support for learning, adventures of self-discovery, journeys into knowledge and achievement of hidden talents. It is about success that follows instinctively when young people have the self-confidence and resilience to cope with setbacks. It is about increasing opportunities, where the ingredients of success are both short and long term. Students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of initiatives outside the formal classroom environment, during weekends, holidays and into the evening. Pupils are actively engaged in the Duke of Edinburgh Award: VolunteerProject@Buxton; Buxton Voices (School Council); Junior Leadership Team; Prefects; Buxton Extra (holiday community activities); Youth Health Champions and House Captain roles.


“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good and the range of popular curriculum enrichment activities that the school offers very well supports pupils’ personal development.”

Buxton School 09

Progression to the next stage of Education At all transition points we ensure that pupils are supported to do their best. Enter the nursery with one-to-one meetings to get to know your child. Move to Reception with stay and play sessions, information and data transfer. Progress year to year with dedicated sharing of information between staff. Year 6 to year 7 involves going to visit the majority of feeder primary schools to ensure that we know about the pupils successes and any areas of support required; meeting every parent and pupil individually before they start at Buxton.

10 Buxton School

The many school-run initiatives helps pupils prepare for life beyond school and contributes towards their post-16 portfolio of accreditation, experience and qualifications. Our Careers Leader ensures that a robust and extensive careers programme supports the pupils in their progression beyond school into college, university or apprenticeship.


“Pupil’s preparation for the next stages in their education, training or employment is a strength of the school.”


“The move from primary to secondary school can be a very anxious time for a child however the advantage of Buxton being an all-through school made the transition for our child a very smooth and less stressful process. It was very reassuring as a parent to know that our child could approach this next part of their educational journey with confidence and positivity.” Buxton School 11

Learning in Partnership Buxton All-Through School naturally extends itself to cater for the needs of the child’s educational journey from 3-16. At Buxton School we are a family. We value greatly the relationship that we have with parents and carers. We understand the importance of a strong home school link and we strive to do all that we can to work with families to ensure that we meet their needs. We insist upon respect for all and commit ourselves to our families and our community. We are a partnership school.

12 Buxton School

Our PTFA (Parent, Teacher, Friends Association) works alongside the leadership team and staff of the school to further enhance the partnership between the school and families. We are proud of what we do and we believe that together we can improve the life chances of our pupils.

Tel: 020 8534 3425  @BuxtonSchInfo  @ BuxtonSchoolLeytonstone www.buxtonschool.org.uk

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