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“It’s like a family. Anyone will help you if you have a question, and you can stay behind and ask teachers about things you are struggling with.” Khadidja Souleyman, student

Education is success We are very proud to have sponsored Westminster Academy since it opened in 2006. This has been a period of steady development with significant improvements in each of these years. It has been very gratifying being alongside a hard working and dedicated team of teachers and staff, and its remarkable leadership. Our aim has been to support their inspiring teaching of the students, who are drawn from so many diverse backgrounds. Westminster Academy has the benefit of a resourceful and effective group of Governors, with an exceptional Chair, which has maintained an ambitious strategy for excellence. We are committed to continue to build links with outstanding outside organisations that add enriching dimensions to the student experience at the Academy. We know that we need to improve continuously, to ensure that every student feels the benefit of their years of effort at this Academy for the whole of their adult life.

Sponsor David Dangoor, The Exilarch’s Foundation

The aim of Westminster Academy has always been to make this a centre of educational excellence and an amenity open to all of the community. We are proud to be located in one of the most diverse communities in Central London and it remains the express intent of the Dangoor Family, our sponsors, to meet the needs of local students, parents and residents. To fulfil our aims, we have various initiatives and facilities, including Academy Sport and Academy Community, which provide opportunities to all the community to use the Academy building and facilities. We hope that if you are a resident in Westminster, and in particular in the Westbourne area, you will share our pride and feel that the Academy is there for you. May I welcome the community to engage with the school, its Principal and teachers; for our part the Board of Governors will continue to build upon the reputation and the community outreach plans of the Academy.

Chair Of Governors Shabir Randeree CBE

Welcome At Westminster Academy we have a deep and genuine commitment to provide an education that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Westminster Academy provides an award-winning education. We have huge ambition and aspiration for every student, and our commitment to their success is combined with excellent pastoral support to make sure that students feel safe, secure and successful at all times. We enable our students to discover genuine interests that extend beyond the classroom and to express themselves by encouraging a broad understanding of the world, a social conscience and a considerate approach to other people. We strive to ensure that Westminster Academy students have an understanding of their place in society, both locally and globally and seek to make a positive impact upon it. Our mission is ‘Education is Success’. This captures the sense of optimism and determination to succeed that permeates Westminster Academy. We aim to develop resilience in our students, and the ability to be tenacious in their quest to be the best that they can be in all aspects of their lives. We draw out their individual talents and celebrate their personal achievements and their individual contribution.

At Westminster Academy students develop a passion for learning and a capacity for independent thinking. We have a strong record of academic success which is reflected in our outstanding GCSE and IB results. Both achievement and progress are well above the national average. Students also excel in Sports and Expressive Arts and develop as well rounded and confident global citizens. We offer a wide-ranging

academic and vocational curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme in our Sixth Form. Our teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated, highly qualified professionals who make sure that every student achieves their full potential. True to the aims of our sponsors, we encourage intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour. We are an inclusive, positive, stimulating and demanding open-minded community. We experiment, we demand, we persevere. Westminster Academy is a place of high expectations, huge ambition, scholarship, a place where courtesy and manners matter, a place where hard work, and a genuine commitment to achieve will assist success; ‘Education is Success’.

Principal Dr Saima Rana


Learning at Westminster Academy Great emphasis is placed on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy to ensure every student can access challenging curriculum content, and students are urged to take every opportunity available to enhance their learning. Westminster Academy encourages collaboration, innovation and creativity; recognising and building on each student’s talents and entrepreneurial spirit. We focus on developing students’ character as well as their intellect, with an emphasis on the IB Learner Profile attributes so that our students are reflective, balanced, open-minded, knowledgeable, caring, principled, inquirers, thinkers, communicators and risk-takers. Independent learning is an essential part of this because it gives the student individual time to reflect, memorise and review. We prepare students for the world of work, but also to have high personal standards and ambition, seeking opportunities for higher education and lifelong learning.


The Academy has a team of specialised staff to support individuals’ learning needs. Each student attends a one to one meeting with their personal tutor once a term. The personal qualities, skills, interests and needs of each student is at the forefront as we develop both their targets and their individual programmes of learning. Forward-thinking assessment methods and data tracking also allow us to personalise learning and ensure that students and their families are fully involved in their progress. Each child who has been identified as having special educational needs has an action plan drawn up which is continually monitored. Through our business, community and higher education links, Westminster Academy students receive unparalleled opportunities to advance their careers and ambitions. Regular Enrichment Days enable all students to complement their academic programme with a range of exciting extra-curricular visits and events. Our partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine gives huge advantages to students with an interest in science and healthcare professions.



of students Consistently achieve

grades 9- 4 in core subjects


“Students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures get on well with each other and staff.� Ofsted



to Learning

At the Academy, we instil high expectations and standards of behaviour, etiquette and good manners.

The Academy reinforces, recognises and rewards the behaviour we expect from all students. Students are rewarded for good behaviour, effort and achievement, and they collect certificates and awards in addition to attending reward trips if they meet certain predetermined criteria. All incidents of outstanding or unacceptable behaviour are logged and communicated to parents and carers so that parents and carers are involved in promoting our HERO values.

Our code of conduct is based on HERO values:

Honesty Enterprise Responsibility Opportunity

“In all lessons the level of challenge is high.� Ofsted


Curriculum Key Stage 3 Students follow the National Curriculum and are taught and assessed on the following areas:

English Mathematics Science Humanities: History, Geography, Religious Studies

and Citizenship

Languages: Spanish, French, German or Arabic Expressive Arts: Food, Dance, Drama, Music, Art Enterprise: Computer Science and Enterprise

(Media, Business, IT)

Physical Education


The curriculum in Years 7 and 8 brings together all of the essential knowledge students need to achieve their academic goals combined with a range of extra-curricular opportunities. In each subject area students are taught a demanding curriculum to prepare them for academic success at GCSE, IB and beyond. They learn new information, new skills, and new habits of working harder than they have before. In addition to these core subject areas we teach a global citizenship curriculum, to ensure students have an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as a citizen in a democratic society. Personal, Social and Health Education is integrated, rather than being taught as separate lessons. Extra-curricular activities are also a core part of WA life. Through the extra-curricular programme students have the opportunity to network, learn new skills, pursue further study of a favourite subject, or join a sports team.

Key Stage 4 Courses follow the National Curriculum and include:

English Language and English Literature Mathematics Combined Science or Triple Science Humanities: Geography, History, Citizenship, Religious Education

The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is personalised to suit the needs, interests and career pathways of individual students, providing a very broad range of GCSE, BTEC and vocational course choices. All students are offered work-related learning experiences, including internships in local, national and international businesses. Personalised timetables and support put in place by the Academy ensures students achieve their academic potential.

Languages: Spanish, French, German, Arabic Expressive Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Art,

Hospitality and Catering

Physical Education Business and Enterprise: Media Studies, ICT, Business,

Computer Science, Travel and Tourism

One of the Mayor of London’s

‘Schools for Success’


The Sixth Form at Westminster Academy

Our high-achieving Sixth Form is an exciting stage of the Westminster Academy journey. We offer a wide range of courses and every student in Year 11 who meets our entry requirements receives an offer to study with us. Our supportive and highly knowledgeable team works closely with students to ensure they are on track to achieve their future goals. Top extra-curricular opportunities through our business and community links provide unique experiences to contribute to personal statements and CVs.

WA IBDP STUDENTS consistently achieve

above the world average


As an IB World School, we are one of a select group of state schools offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The IB is known around the world for its academic rigour and for developing independent, critical thinkers. Students study a broader range of subjects than the traditional A Level course, ensuring they are well prepared for university and beyond; evidence from HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency) shows that IB students do significantly better at university than those with other equivalent qualifications, including A Levels.

We are also one of the first schools in the world to offer the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme. Reflecting the Academy’s specialism in International Business and Enterprise, students study a vocational qualification in subjects such as Business, Creative Media, Applied Science or ICT, while also completing at least two IB certificates (each broadly equivalent to an A Level). It is a fantastic choice for students who prefer a balanced mixture of academic and vocational study. Unique to IB course is the IB Core. Through components involving volunteering, critical thinking and reflective projects, the IB Core allows students to develop skills and experience beyond their academic qualifications, which is very much a defining feature of the ethos of Westminster Academy. For more information, please see our website or ask for a copy of our Sixth Form prospectus.



of Sixth Form graduates gain

University offers




Educational visits, events & Enrichment Opportunities Take place Every year



opportunities Westminster Academy offers an extensive variety of extra-curricular activities as part of the extended school day. Our clubs and activities help students to make friends, learn independently, consolidate learning and increase confidence.


Academic Clubs

Our first-class sporting facilities allow the school to offer a variety of sports at lunchtimes and after school. Activities include popular traditional sports such as football, table tennis and basketball. We also offer activities such as gymnastics and ‘Nike Training’. Our collaboration with Greenhouse Sports give students access to specialised coaching in table tennis and basketball.

Our numerous academic clubs are available to all students, whether they are looking for help with their homework or to challenge themselves. Our departments – English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Enterprise, Expressive Arts and Languages – run clubs for all year groups and there are lots of other groups, like Debate Mate, Scrabble, Chess and STEM Club to ensure there is something for everyone.

Expressive Arts and Enterprise

Participating in clubs leads to further opportunities, such as local and national competitions, educational visits, events and potentially additional qualifications.

Expressive arts enthusiasts enjoy working together to improve their skill and develop talent in Dance, Music, Drama, Food and Art. Students are offered the opportunity to join a variety of expressive arts clubs and opportunities such as food club, choir, ballet, Samba drumming ensemble, the WA musical and a range of inspiring visits throughout the year to further explore and nurture their creative talents, including visits to visual and performing arts events. Our diverse Enterprise clubs enable students to expand their knowledge and learn new skills.


First secondary school in Westminster to be

awarded Healthy Schools Gold



“Westminster Academy: it’s hardworking; it’s motivated; it’s determined.” Labinot Krasiniqi, WA alumnus

Leadership WA encourages students to take on responsibility by offering a variety of ways students can get involved with the school and develop as young leaders.

The leadership team is headed up by our Sixth Form Prefects. The Head Prefects lead teams responsible for school improvement, WA community or creativity, action and service. Our team of Behaviour Monitors are students who are given responsibility for managing and helping other students during break and lunch. Working alongside our staff, they encourage a spirit of cooperation within the school while helping maintain our high standards of behaviour. Students from all year groups are also elected to the Academy Council each year. The Council meets regularly to suggest improvements to the school and to ensure that student voice is listened to by all levels at the Academy. Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to become WA Ambassadors. The Ambassador team supports the Principal in meeting visitors to the school, conducting tours and telling them all about Westminster Academy. Year 8 students participate in Student Services, where they spend a day’s internship helping with the administration of the school and learning what it is like to work in a large organisation.

We also provide great opportunities for students to develop their leadership outside the school. Our nationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh’s programme offers students the chance to gain their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Students develop their leadership, independence, teamwork and confidence by completing a challenging expedition in the countryside over two or three days. The programme also encourages students to develop as all-rounders, by getting students involved in volunteering, skill-based and physical activities for the year. The Royal Air Force Combined Cadet Force is an exciting new opportunity at Westminster Academy for students to be trained in military drill and presentation, aerospace engineering, field craft and soldiering. It is an excellent way to give students a sense of pride, duty, camaraderie, determination and discipline that they will carry with them throughout their time in the cadets and beyond.


Parents and

Carers Parents and carers are encouraged to be in regular communication with their child’s personal tutors and involve themselves in their child’s learning through Curriculum Evenings, Results Evenings, Progress Review Days and Parents’ Evenings. The weekly Academy newsletter will also keep parents/carers informed of all events. Westminster Academy’s Parent Council is a core part of the Academy, allowing parents and carers to contribute to improvements at the school, organise events and have an impact on education of Westminster Academy students. Our Parent Liaison Programme extends to members of the community, offering various classes and opportunities including our popular adult English lessons.


Businesses and Community


Westminster Academy is a business and enterprise specialist school.

We have a number of links with businesses, the Community and Higher education, including:

The Royal Society of Medicine British Land Marks and Spencer Citibank Imperial College the London Centre for Languages and Culture STEM Learning

Our aim is to prepare young people for their future pathways and to succeed in a global society, meeting the needs of employers and contributing to wider plans for job creation and economic prosperity. Internships and opportunities with our business partners provide critical experience, preparing students for success in further and higher education, as well as employment. Our business partnerships focus on providing entrepreneurial experiences for all our students. Links with such organisations as British Land, Marks and Spencer, Crossrail, Bain, The Serpentine Gallery, HSBC and Mosaic provide an array of opportunities for students to work closely with highly successful business people, including mentoring programmes and skills workshops. Community and higher education links – including Imperial College, the London Centre for Languages and Culture, and Vital Regeneration – provide further opportunities for students to gain unique skills and broaden experiences.

Internship programme All students complete a two-week internship during Year 10. Placements have included local and international organisations such as dental surgeries, solicitor’s offices, art galleries, architecture firms, primary schools, global banks and even Buckingham Palace. The internship programme allows students to experience first-hand the world of work, enabling them to develop personal and social skills in a work context.

“The Academy uses its links and central London location to provide students with an outstanding range of extra-curricular support to raise their self-esteem and aspirations.” Ofsted



Community our students’ families speak over 75 languages so it is fitting that as an international school, we celebrate the countries, cultures and faiths which our students represent. Global awareness and acceptance are threads which run through all our work. Being an active part of the community is at the heart of Westminster Academy. All WA students participate in Active Citizenship during their time at the Academy, from Year 7 through to IB. Students engage themselves in diverse volunteering opportunities both in school and in the community. The Academy works closely with Westminster City Council and its schools and colleges. Joint projects with our link primary schools give young members of the community access to our facilities and clubs as well as enabling secondary school taster days, CPD sessions for staff and curriculum support from subject specialists. Westminster Academy works with representatives from housing, social and youth services, the health service, the police and voluntary organisations together in a joined-up strategic approach to improving people’s


lives in Westbourne. The Westbourne Forum, Paddington Development Trust and the St Mary Magdalene Development Project have been key to the co-ordination of these improvements, through the community plan.

The site is extensive for a city school and includes: • A flexible working environment, enabling our focus on personalised learning • Laboratories and workshops; IT, music and media suites • Top floor ‘Sky Dining’ area and ground floor ‘Global Café’, with in-house catering • Library • Drama studio

The Academy has a state-of-the-art building designed by award winning architects Allford Hall Monoghan Morris (AHMM).

• Lecture theatre with cinema-style seating

The Academy’s facilities are available to the local community and we have widely consulted with community groups to ensure our building meets their needs and aspirations. Facilities of our main building are also available for hire for meetings, conferences, training and social events outside school hours.

• A community sports centre with large sports hall and a dance studio

• Eight professional-grade sports pitches

• The world’s first managed outdoor Parkour facility • Beach volleyball court

Preparing for Future


we offer careers information, advice and guidance for all students aged 11–18 on key attributes needed for a 21st century citizen.

First and foremost, all students have a personal tutor who they can go to for advice and guidance at any time. Each student is given access to an online, interactive careers service and specialist interviews are arranged for students to prepare them to move on to sixth form and university or an apprenticeship. Students receive regular visits from our wide range of partnerships with internationally-renowned companies. All of this ensures that Westminster Academy students leave not just with good grades, but with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a range of careers or in further education.

Advice and guidance is provided on areas such as: • Links between living, learning and earning • What students can do to improve their own chances of success • How and where to get information, and how to judge its value and trustworthiness • Possible further education options such as Sixth Form, apprenticeships and university

“I have greatly enjoyed visiting Westminster Academy and getting to know so many of the brilliant pupils and inspiring staff. I look forward to visiting regularly and supporting you to develop your skills as you prepare for your futures.” His Royal Highness, The Duke of York


Sir Naim Dangoor Centre 255 Harrow Road London W2 5EZ T: 020 7121 0600 Email: admin@westminsteracademy.org.uk www.westminsteracademy.org.uk @WestminsterAca

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