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Independent Preparatory School For Boys And Girls Aged 2-11

Excellentiam e Concordia


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Welcome St. Helen’s College is a family-owned school for children aged 2 to 11 built on family values. We believe that the most important qualities are love, harmony and growth. These values are at the heart of all that we do. Our caring and dedicated team of specialist staff, our friendly, inclusive, co-educational pupil body and our natural buildings and grounds create a homefrom-home environment in which young children can thrive. We have always believed that children learn best when they feel happy, secure, loved and valued and the academic, personal and co-curricular successes of our pupils prove it! We focus on three core areas to provide children with the very best foundation for future happiness and success. A Lifelong Love of Learning – we spark and fan a flame of scholarship, so that our pupils may lead lives of curiosity, engagement and intellectual growth. Outstanding Personal Development – we instil traditional values and nurture strength of character, so that pupils may move through their lives with responsibility, integrity, confidence and resilience.

A Haven of Harmony Our school motto has been written by our pupils. We are proud to promote a community where all pupils, staff and parents are encouraged to:

Strive for excellence Help others achieve Care for each other

Excellent Outward Development – we encourage children to discover and develop their talents and interests by enjoying a wide range of challenging and exciting cocurricular activities. I hope that this prospectus gives you a flavour of our wonderful school and I look forward to welcoming you in person soon!

Mrs. Shirley Drummond, Head

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Learners We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning and to encourage a ‘growth mindset’ and the desire to learn through experimentation and failure. We pursue excellence. Our curriculum is varied, balanced, and excites interest. All pupils are challenged to extend themselves and to excel on their individual learning journey. Boys and girls work hard, discovering a thirst for knowledge and developing a mature and adaptable approach to learning which prepares them for the future.

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LOVE We believe that children learn best when they feel loved, valued and secure.

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Responsible and


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Harmony Togetherness, kindness, courtesy and a common purpose are at our heart.

Our innovative personal development programme – including Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Philosophy for Children and Citizenship Education – encourages self-awareness, responsibility and excellent communication skills. We nurture kind, tolerant, compassionate and responsible citizens. Our pupils are resilient and adaptable; they persevere and support themselves and others through difficulty; they are happy; they take pride in their community, celebrate success and reflect with maturity when faced with disappointment or failure. The values of St. Helen’s College become the values of our pupils: love, harmony, family, resilience, kindness, determination, growth.

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Involved Our pupils are encouraged to discover and develop their talents and interests through a quite unique and wide-ranging programme of co-curricular activities including sports, music, drama, arts and technology. Every pupil has chances to shine in diverse areas and every boy and girl learns to perform publicly and with confidence. Pupils develop lifelong interests and passions in sports and games, technology or the arts. We have a busy programme of trips, workshops and visiting speakers which enrich pupils’ learning and spark their enthusiasm. In particular, our residential trips in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 encourage independence of spirit, personal maturity and excitement and curiosity in the world and its secrets.

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GROWTH We are forward-looking, nurturing growth and ensuring excellent academic and all-round development.

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Prepared Our three aims are strands of one great ambition: to ensure that pupils are prepared in the best way possible for a happy, fulfilling time at the senior school of their choice and for future success in their personal and professional lives. Our setting – on the edge of Court Park, in a quiet corner of Hillingdon – is perfect for young children. We nurture pupils in an age-appropriate environment, resisting pressures to grow up too soon while ensuring that they achieve academically and extend themselves in all areas. Senior school staff often ask our ex-pupils where they were educated when young, because St. Helen’s College children demonstrate such maturity and poise, such knowledge and such a passion for learning. When they leave St. Helen’s College, our pupils take with them the confidence to ‘have a go’ at anything, the desire to excel and an inclusive, community spirit.

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One of the

Family St. Helen’s College is a family-run school and our pupils and parents become ‘one of the family’ when they join us. A partnership develops between school and home to provide the best all-round education possible, and our ‘open door’ policy means that communication between home and school is excellent. Together, we ensure that our children build solid foundations for a lifetime of happiness and selfenrichment, learning to take responsibility for their own development and acquiring the academic and personal skills and knowledge which form a springboard for their future.

Visiting Us and Registering Your Child Please do arrange to visit the school and see for yourself the advantages of choosing the very best early education for your child. We look forward to welcoming you! More information about the school, and the registration form, are available online at www.sthelenscollege.com. We are a popular school and early registration is advisable.

St. Helen’s College Limited: a Private Limited Company Registered office: Parkway, Hillingdon, Middlesex UB10 9JX

Lower School: 01895 272967 Upper School: 01895 234371 Email: info@sthelenscollege.com www.sthelenscollege.com

Registered in England, Company Number: 02607729

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20464 St Helens Prospectus  

St. Helen’s College is a family-owned school for children aged 2 to 11 built on family values. We believe that the most important qualities...

20464 St Helens Prospectus  

St. Helen’s College is a family-owned school for children aged 2 to 11 built on family values. We believe that the most important qualities...

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