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“ The school site is lovely. It is litter free and there are beautiful plants and trees all around the site.” Year 9 Student

“ I think the school is a good size. I know nearly everyone here and feel comfortable talking to all students. The school feels so homely.” Year 10 student


to Swadelands Welcome to Swadelands School. Securing the right secondary school is one of the most important decisions you as a parent will make. Swadelands is a school that is determined to deliver outstanding progress and outcomes for students. We look forward to sharing our plans for the future, our vision and ethos. You will be choosing a school with a clear set of core values that will provide your child with the opportunity to learn and thrive in a safe, secure and supportive environment. We have extremely high expectations of all students and look forward to working in partnership with you during the next seven years on delivering the very best education for your child.

‘ Students express confidence in the school staff to help and support them.’ Ofsted

Mr Chris Foreman Head of School




‘ Teachers possess good subject knowledge, plan exciting lessons and inspire students to think for themselves.’ Ofsted


“ Creative Arts is a good subject as you learn helpful techniques that improve your work. You also learn how to do a huge range of topics.” Year 7 student

“ It is good fun and a confidence boost and a good team build. The teacher is really nice and helpful.” Year 7 Drama student




‘ In a range of subjects, teachers deliver lessons that get the very best from students. In these lessons, students are highly engaged and their progression is good.’ Ofsted

“ I love IT as you need to challenge yourself to complete a task.” Year 7 student

“ I really enjoy music. It is really fun to learn. We do lots of different things and it is really interesting.” Year 7 student


“ My Science teacher is the best. I have gone up grades and my teacher controls the class very well.� Year 10 student



CURRICULUM ‘ The school offers students the chance to study an appropriately broad and balanced range of subjects.’ Ofsted

“ My favourite subject is English because it is very interesting and the teacher always pushes me to my full potential.” Year 9 student




‘ Leaders have created a culture of safety. Students know about safety, including personal safety.’ Ofsted

“ I think PE is really good. We do a lot of things whilst being taught what it is doing to help our body. It allows us to try different sports.”  Year 7 student

“ PE is a great lesson. It allows me as a student to feel free to express myself through sport.”  Year 10 student 09

An Inspirational


‘ Students receive useful guidance about their future career and educational options.’ Ofsted


“ Our teacher is very good. It is my favourite lesson because it is interesting and fun to learn.” Year 9 student

“ Excellent teaching; we get to work independently and make lots of foods and learn how to keep healthy.”  Year 7 student


Sixth Form

‘ Students in the Sixth Form are proud of their school and of their own achievements. They receive helpful careers guidance and opportunities for work experience, which broaden their learning and give them greater confidence in making choices in the future.’ Ofsted

“ Being part of Swadelands Sixth Form has given me opportunities to grow in confidence and ambition.” Year 12 student

“ The Sixth Form is really friendly and supportive. A great preparation for life.” Year 13 student

‘ The school knows exactly which courses, training or employment students move on to.’ Ofsted


Ham Lane, Lenham, ME17 2LL Tel: 01622 858267 Fax: 01622 850668 Email:

Swadelands School Prospectus  

Swadelands is a school that is determined to deliver outstanding progress and outcomes for students. We look forward to sharing our plans fo...

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