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Pride in Excellence

The Academy, Selsey is part of TKAT (The Kemnal Academies Trust). TKAT is one of the largest Multi-Academy Trusts in the South of England with over 40 Primary and Secondary Academies in the TKAT Family. Our ultimate aim is to ensure we drive educational standards through the provision of outstanding teaching, leadership and learning for all. We believe it is important for academies to retain and promote their individual identity and we endorse earned autonomy across the Trust. Our leaders focus on pupil progress and attainment and regularly share knowledge, insight and experience. We believe passionately in the power of collaborative working and actively promote school-to-school support. Our pupils are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to inspire learners and change lives as a result our exceptional educational provision. @TKATAcademies

Welcome Welcome to The Academy, Selsey prospectus. We are delighted that you are considering our academy for the education of your child. ‘Pride in Excellence’ is our over-arching aim and is the driving force behind all that we do at The Academy, Selsey. We would like every single one of our pupils to develop a pride and self-belief in themselves, their work and achievement. Pride in their school is also important, as it supports respect for learning which is a vital ingredient for success. To promote a feeling of pride in the wider community we are constantly developing new partnerships that broaden the opportunities available for gaining life skills which strengthen community cohesion. We have high expectations of our students and believe in excellent standards of uniform, presentation, behaviour, respect and learning. The Academy is a warm, welcoming and friendly school, where learning is at the centre of everything we do. We seek to ensure that all our pupils receive a broad and rounded education that enables each of them to become capable, caring and confident young adults. As a small school we place great emphasis on the support and development of the individual so that all students can achieve their full potential and gain successful outcomes. As Head of School, I know that choosing the right secondary provision for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At The Academy we create a stimulating and engaging environment where high aspirations are expected and all student achievement is valued. We aim not only to match parents’ expectations of what a school should offer their child but to exceed them. Our very high quality and committed staff strive to ensure that all students have both pastoral support and excellent teaching so they can achieve their full potential and contribute positively to the community in which they live. The school continues to make progress and as an academy in partnership with The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT) goes from strength to strength. This prospectus can only give you a glimpse of what we have to offer. To see for yourself, please attend our open evening or ring to make an appointment to come and see us at another time. I look forward to welcoming you to The Academy, Selsey. Tom Garfield, Head of School

Our Vision:

Pride in Excellence

In partnership with our community, we will support students to learn within a culture where high aspirations are expected and all student achievement is valued. Through high quality teaching and effective learning students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of fields, make progress and be proud of their achievements. Academy graduates will be confident to access further and higher education in settings near and far as suited to need not location, The Academy graduates will take responsibility for themselves, their actions, and be able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives as responsible citizens in the 21st Century.

Perfecting  Responding  Independent  Determined  Engaged



House Name










The house system provides the opportunity for all students to widen their involvement in school life. Through representing their house in a range of activities and events all students can develop a sense of identity, belonging and mutual support across each year group, the academy and the wider community. Each student will be given the opportunity to participate and contribute to their house in a number of ways including taking part in house day activities which focus on developing students personal thinking and learning skills through various collaborative tasks. Competitive house activities also enable students to further develop their skills and attributes in different curriculum areas and activities. The passport to learning reward structure also contributes to the house system and allows house/form groups to access various events to celebrate and recognise success. The house structure also provides leadership roles for students and the opportunity to work across year groups to further develop a community spirit/ethos within The Academy. The Academy, Selsey has close connections to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and the name of each house relates to a class of boat. Each house has a different coloured logo on their tie.

Academic and Pastoral Support At The Academy we understand that during their time with us many young people will face emotional or academic challenges, for which they will require adult support. To coordinate this support we have established a structure that is split into two strands; Progress Leaders and the Pastoral Team. The Progress Leaders are responsible for monitoring and supporting student achievement. These staff will review academic performance each half term to ensure that students are making appropriate progress, identify those requiring further intervention and organise academic mentoring. All this will be done in close coordination with Heads of Department and the Pastoral Team.

The Pastoral Team is responsible for all areas of student support relating to social and emotional wellbeing. These staff will work with students and families to ensure that students are able to access learning at all times. The team will coordinate support for improvements in student behaviour, support students with strategies during challenging times and provide access to outside agencies where appropriate. All of this will be done in close coordination with Heads of Department and Progress

Leaders to ensure that the work is focused on supporting academic development and achievement. Both teams are focused on maintaining the highest standards of learning, behaviour and uniform at The Academy. They work together to ensure that these are upheld and look forward to working in partnership with parents to achieve this. Support for all students begins at the point of transition. Transition is both an exciting and daunting time for children and parents alike. At The Academy we begin our transition work as early as May by visiting the Primary schools to discuss the vital information with staff that will support a successful transition into Year 7. Pastoral care concerns and individual needs information is shared so that plans of action and interventions can be put in place to ensure that the transition process is as worry free as possible. All students can attend Year 4 and 5 curriculum sessions, Year 6 taster days and Year 7 induction days to support this process. The Pastoral care team continue working with individual children on a 1:1 basis at their Primary School until satisfied that every child is prepared. The Inclusive Learning Team works effectively to support students with identified issues to remove barriers to learning. Students with a variety of additional needs gain support both within and outside the classroom. Learning Assistants are available to support all students and staff in mainstream lessons and also in small groups within the Learning Support Area. Careful attention is always given to the assessment of pupils’ special educational needs and disabilities.

Savannah, Year 7 “Ever since I started at The Academy, Selsey the teachers and staff have been friendly and welcoming. Everyone has been helpful and I feel like I really fit in now. It took a while but now I know where everything is. I really enjoy coming to school at The Academy, Selsey.”


Engaging Curriculum

Aimee, Year 8 “During my time at The Academy, Selsey I have been able to access rewards for achievement through the passport point system and participation on house days. I have been given different experiences such as: playing Killer Queen (in Schools Will Rock You) and competing at the Mountbatten Centre. It is great to be offered those opportunities, and I am privileged to be a part of the school.�

All aspects of The Academy are focussed on raising standards and high achievement. This is reflected in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4. The ethos that underpins the structure of the curriculum is for all students to be highly literate and numerate and to achieve nationally recognised valuable educational outcomes.

Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) and the National Curriculum are embedded in our curriculum to support students at every stage of their development.

The curriculum is broad and balanced at Key Stage 3 providing all students with a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding that supports students’ intellectual growth. At Key Stage 4 the core areas of maths, English, Science, Physical Education, and Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural (SMSC) are the backbone to the additional subjects that students pursue by choice.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum At Key Stage 4 the curriculum offer has been established to ensure excellent educational outcomes in Maths, English and Science and so that students can make choices from a wide variety of subjects to captivate their interest and enjoyment. Students have the opportunity to choose from both academic and vocational courses tailored to suit all abilities.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum All young people have different needs and aspirations. Young people therefore require personalised pathways tailored to individual needs as they move up through the school. Examples of this would be a phonics programme for individuals in Year 7 potentially leading to additional 1 to 1 tuition in English at Key stage 4.

Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physical Education, SMSC and PSHE are studied as compulsory elements of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum. Within compulsory Science however, we are able to offer a degree of choice of the different Science disciplines including Core Science, additional Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry which ensures that Science really comes alive and all learning and aspirational needs are met.

The innovative and flexible curriculum reflects the academic rigour at The Academy, with a commitment to the core subjects, as well as the capacity to meet the needs of those who pursue a more vocational direction. Personal Social Health Education (PSHE), Careers

Some students at Key Stage 4 are also able to access courses through our partnership with Chichester College. In recent years this has included, Mechanics, Catering, Small Animals (Brinsbury College) and Engineering.


Beyond the


The extended day for students at The Academy, Selsey may start with the reading club at 8.30am and finish with practicing for the play late in the afternoon. Whatever the activity, every student has the opportunity to access and try new and exciting clubs which will not only provide them with additional experiences but will ensure that they develop essential skills for life. There are many things to choose from which include sports, arts, technology and music as well as additional study which is facilitated through the open access Library and homework club. There is additional transport to support these opportunities at the end of the day Tuesday-Friday when extra-curricular activities have finished. An important part of being a student at The Academy, Selsey is the expectation that all students will take responsibility as leaders and organisers of academy activities. This may be through the School Council, the House System, Volunteering, Peer Mentoring, Buddy Readers or taking on the prestigious and highly respected role of a Senior Student. In this way students have the opportunity to develop essential leadership skills and to make a positive contribution to the school, the student body and the community of Selsey.

Makka, Year 9 “Since starting at The Academy, Selsey I have been taught a range of different skills in many different subjects. I have been given the opportunity to compete against other schools at the Mountbatten Centre which is always a great experience and an enjoyable day. Our Senior Students have had a massive impact on the school supporting students in many different ways to improve attendance and behaviour.�

Preparation for the


At The Academy, Selsey we believe that work related learning is hugely important for young people in our community. In addition to preparing our students for their final exams and qualifications, a lot of other work is done to plan for their future. Representatives from local colleges regularly attend assemblies to inform and update students on courses available to them when they leave the academy. Throughout their time at The Academy students have the opportunity to meet various people from many different backgrounds who are invited into the academy to share their experiences of work in a variety of industries. There are college taster days and a

Career and Skills Event at which colleges, universities, training providers, employers and the Services are all represented, giving out information and advice on how to access all career paths. No-one leaves The Academy, Selsey without a clear plan for the future or placement in a sixth form, college of further education, employment, training or apprenticeship. All our events are designed to support, advise and inform our students as well as produce confident and aspiring young people who will make a positive contribution to their local community and society as a whole.

Governance The Governing Body comprises of up to 9 members, of which 2 are Parent Governors, an elected Staff Governor and the Headteacher. The Governing Body is a very dedicated and talented group of people who have skills, knowledge and experience in a diverse range of areas that are critical to the success of The Academy. Their role is to ensure that The Academy has a clear vision and strategic direction which underpins the school improvement plan at every level. The Governing Body provides both challenge and support to ensure that the academy achieves its educational targets efficiently and effectively. The Governing body are judged as part of the external inspections carried out by Ofsted.

BEN, Year 10 “Throughout my time at The Academy, Selsey I have been taught to a high standard by many members of staff who are all very skilled, both at teaching and at caring for the students of the school. Whilst at the school, I have matured as a person and achieved a personal goal of becoming Head Boy. I have participated in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, which have all been highly engaging and interesting.�

School Lane, Selsey, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 9EH Tel: 01243 602558 Email: Twitter: @academyselsey

The Academy Selsey Prospectus  

Welcome to The Academy, Selsey prospectus. We are delighted that you are considering our academy for the education of your child.

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