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Welcome to Orchards Ac Orchards Academy's aim is to work with students, parents and the wider community to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment where high expectations and levels of challenge enable our students to achieve academically, socially and emotionally so they can make a positive contribution to society.


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Orchards Academy on behalf of the students, staff and Governors.

I am very proud of the work we do here: the support we offer our students and their families, and the input we have into the local community. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions any parent has to make. You need to be sure that not only will your child achieve academically to the best of their ability, but that they will also be safe and happy.

support and enrichment that allows every student to fulfil their potential and be ready and able to continue into their chosen pathway of employment, higher education or vocational training. I hope this prospectus will give you a flavour of our school and that you will take the opportunity to find out more about us. Therefore we warmly invite you to join us on our Open Days where you will have the chance to learn more about our school community.

I believe that here at Orchards Academy we offer the right blend of academic challenge,

Natalie Willbourn Headteacher


“ You understand the needs of pupils well and work tirelessly to meet them.” We offer a broad and balanced curriculum and have consistently excellent academic outcomes. We aim to instil students with a love of learning which will prepare them for challenge but also for change; to teach them the value of questions as much as to value the answers and to understand that we are all learners. We are preparing students for life at a time when change will come ever faster, in an uncertain economy. Their ability to be flexible and respond to challenge and competition will become increasingly more important.

“ Pupils make rapid progress in their learning.” Ofsted 2016


About the Head teacher: Ofsted 2016

Academic life

Student Support

We are a small school that has a strong pastoral support team who work hard to ensure that students are ready and able to learn.

We have a highly developed pupil management system that enables staff to track progress and target intervention effectively. To ease the transition into Year 7 we maintain strong links with local primary schools, with staff visiting to meet with every new student before they join us. We focus on empowering our students to succeed in all aspects of life. Our care for your child and their social and moral development is our primary concern. You will receive three communications per year with regard to progress. You will be invited to a Parent Consultation Day each year to discuss steps forward with subject teachers. In addition, there will be significant advice and guidance when your child selects their option choices.

“ The safety and welfare of the pupils at the school is the number one priority for you and your staff.� About the Headteacher Ofsted 2016


We have a flourishing Performing Arts programme with regular whole school productions and good sports teams and sporting facilities as well as strong links with our business partners in the community. Outside educational visits as well as events run in school help to raise aspirations and broaden horizons. A programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education helps students to develop decision making abilities and the self-confidence to make positive life choices.

The School Council gives students a platform to air their own views and ideas for the development and improvement of the school community. Through the wider school community via Form Representatives students are encouraged to become involved in the decision making process that affects every aspect of their daily lives. We provide the skills and the support that every student needs to make safe choices online and with their social media interactions, thus ensuring that every young person has the confidence to achieve their life choices.

“ Thanks go to your amazing staff who all seem equally passionate, helpful and dedicated. They know our son so well and fully back him in everything he does.� Parent

Enrichment 6/7

“ My Student Support Co-ordinator is always there to listen to my problems and offer help and advice that makes me feel better about myself.� Student

6th form Our unique curriculum allows students to focus on their dreams and ambitions by allowing them to study a single subject in great depth with the potential to also focus on a complementary curriculum area thus ensuring a broad education is provided and no future pathway is closed. Our course structure allows for a personalised approach to teaching and ensures our highly trained, industry specialised staff can concentrate on individual student performance and development. This personal aspect of our courses ensures our students are well supported and tailored programmes are offered which enables them to choose employment or Higher Education pathways for their future.

Orchards Advanced Centre of Education is an exciting new 6th form with an innovative approach to post 16 education.

“ You, supported by your leadership team, are intent on improving the life chances of the pupils in your care.� About the Head teacher: Ofsted 2016


Orchards Academy St Mary’s Road Swanley Kent BR8 7TE

T: 01322 665 231 Email: lking@orchards-tkat.org


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Orchards Academy Prospectus  

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Orchards Academy Prospectus  

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