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Awarding the Best in Document Management Solutions

The Hollywood award season is in full swing and everyone is eager to find out what films, actors, directors and musical scores will win big at this year's ceremonies. So with this in mind we thought we would bring you our top contenders for document management Solutions.

Just like choosing the films to be nominated, there will be questions to ask and demos to be watched when choosing the right document management solution. Some of the questions businesses might ask include:

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How will this solution help my business? What is the return on investment (ROI)? What document management solution would best suit my business?

What are the long term benefits of a document management solution?

Answering these questions will help businesses get a better understanding of the type of solution that will work for them and that will provide them with the best benefits. Investing in a document management solution for your business can provide numerous benefits that will help to save time, money and improve the overall business process. So, without further ado, here are our top solution contenders:

Invoice Processing Solution

An Invoice Processing Solution helps the Accounts Payable department to efficiently process invoices by reducing data entry costs, improving productivity and the level of service between internal departments and suppliers. IMS will help to reduce costs, because you won't need to pay for storage off-site or for filing cabinets in the office, as documents can be scanned into the solution and stored on your finance system. This will make it easier and quicker to find documents, saving not only cost but time as well. OCR can also be included which dramatically reduces manual data entry - which can be a huge cost saving for finance departments.

Digital Mailroom

A Digital Mailroom solution can help to improve security, streamline operations, reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and provide a fast return on investment (RIO) within 6-12 months. The solution will automatically capture and classify any information that enters an organisation, then route it to the appropriate person, department or backend ERP, CRM, ECM or workflow solution. This will eliminate the time delays that are associated with manually sorting documents, as well as improving operational processes.

Document Archiving

Document archiving helps businesses to securely store and retrieve important documents easily. Businesses can scan both typed and hand written documents onto the computer system. All documents will be immediately available via the line of business systems, internet or desktop. Having instant access means there will be no need to waste time searching for information and documents in a variety of electronic and paper formats, allowing staff to spend their time doing more strategic tasks. Introducing a document archiving solution into your business can help to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business; as well as improving business relationships with suppliers and buyers.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource (HR) department handles thousands of different documents that include payroll, holiday and sick forms, employee files, pension records and appraisal forms. Introducing a HR management solution can help to streamline the management of all the above documents. The solution will be able to retrieve all of an employee's documents from one place, automate the processing of HR documents and improve security by allowing your team to only grant access to important documents to certain people; something that is virtually impossible with paper documents.

Awarding the Best in Document Management Solutions  

Just like choosing the films to be nominated, there will be questions to ask and demos to be watched when choosing the right document manage...

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