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Cleveland Zoological Society

2012 Annual Report

2 | Annual Report

Roseate Spoonbill (Ajaia ajaja) Front Cover: Ocelot (Leopardus [Felis] pardalis)

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary

Agouti (Dasyprocta cristata) | 3

of The RainForest (1992-2012)

4 | Annual Report

Dear Friends, Zoos are unique centers for learning and fun. Visitors from all walks of life enjoy safe green space, educational programs and opportunities to get close to amazing animals that represent the world’s diversity, beauty and fragility. Connecting people with wildlife is our mission. In 2012, the Cleveland Zoological Society focused on the following initiatives for Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, all of which are highlighted in this annual report:


The Zoo Education & Workforce Development initiative raised funds for scholarships to bring underserved audiences to the Zoo and to strengthen student readiness for STEM careers. The partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is stronger than ever. We are proud to be involved with the school district’s transformation plan and to work with leading companies to invigorate tomorrow’s workforce.


Generous donors provided funding for veterinary and wellness projects and for professional education to help the Zoo meet a range of important animal care needs — and prepare for the future. The Zoo and Zoo Society advocated for legislation limiting private ownership of dangerous exotic animals. Passage of SB310 marked an historic turning point in enhanced public safety and animal welfare standards in Ohio.


Our wildlife conservation programs now span the globe, with significant support provided to partners in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Together, we are protecting ecosystems and species for the long haul. New this year is the Steve H. Taylor African Conservation Award, established in honor of the Zoo Director Emeritus by the Zoo Society Board of Trustees. | 5

Thanks to 3,000 generous donors and 46,500 loyal member households, the Zoo Society has contributed more than $50 million to Zoo operations and capital improvements since 1998. The Zoo Society, founded in 1957, is governed by a 56-member Board of Trustees. As the Zoo’s nonprofit advocate and partner, the Zoo Society is committed to: • • •

Raising awareness of the Zoo as a community priority Improving all aspects of the Zoo, from exhibits to programs to daily operations Giving visitors, members and donors great value for their investment

The Zoo and Zoo Society’s joint mission — connecting people with wildlife — guides all that we do. In the following pages, we invite you to join us in exploring the many ways the community helps us fulfill our mission — through We Care for People, We Care for Animals and We Care for the Planet. No matter how you enjoy the Zoo, many of the Zoo and Zoo Society’s programs would not be possible without the support of our generous community. As we look to the future, we are confident that with your support, the Zoo will stay accessible, welcoming and exciting, with an ever-stronger commitment to sustainable operations, conservation and education programs, and the very best for “our” animals.

Virginia “GiGi” Benjamin President, Board of Trustees

Elizabeth T. Fowler Executive Director

At Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, science comes alive through the comprehensive study of wildlife. With more than 2,500 animals from all over the world, the Zoo is a living, breathing classroom. These rare and sometimes endangered species are powerful agents for engaging young minds. | 7

We Care for People

The Zoo has a long history of providing top-notch education programming for our community and emphasizes collaboration and a sense of personal responsibility, all while encouraging respect for animals and our shared environment. The Zoo continuum of learning opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) helps build workforce capacity in scientific thinking and critical analysis, and is available to students in preschool through graduate school and beyond. Major enhancements in 2012 included: •

• •

The Zoo’s partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District now ensures that all fifth graders in the district participate in the award-winning Connections to Africa program Nurture the Wonder, a program for preschoolers and their teachers, launched to rave reviews The Online Resource Library provides educators with lesson plans and access to Zoo resources 24/7

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without community support, including a challenge grant from the Eaton Corporation and leadership gifts from the PNC Foundation and the Lubrizol Foundation. The Zoo Society raised nearly $350,000 in 2012 to foster innovation, growth and continuity for Zoo Education programs. Program scholarships and transportation vouchers help ensure that all children, regardless of circumstance, have access to important Zoo resources and learning opportunities.

8 | Annual Report

Quality animal care is at the heart of what the Zoo does each day. Dedicated programs in veterinary care, enrichment and well-being help ensure the remarkable animals entrusted to us enjoy the best quality of life possible. | 9

We Care for Animals

Each year Zoo veterinarians and curators face wonderful opportunities and difficult situations that require measures above and beyond routine care. The Zoo's animal care and veterinary staff provide outstanding care for animals and invite visitors into a conversation on important issues such as health, wellness, preventative care and diet. This year was no different, as the Zoo Society raised more than $250,000 in support of the Zoo's animal care programs. Generous donors funded the acquisition of state-of-the-art digital radiology and ultrasound equipment. Others helped fund essential, specialized eye surgery for several pinnipeds. A newly established fund enabled animal care professionals to attend Elephant Management School in Hamburg, Germany. Also in 2012, thanks to generous We Care for Animals donors, the Zoo Society supported a broad range of important animal care needs, including healthy diet and exercise. Our featured project — raised hay feeders for African Elephant Crossing — will prompt the herd to engage in cooperative feeding and to exercise important trunk, neck and torso muscles. Willy, the Zoo’s 13,000 lb. bull, has been helping beta-test new indoor hanging feeders and we plan to add outdoor feeders soon.

10 | Annual Report

The Zoo and Zoo Society supported conservation projects around the world, thanks to grant funding secured by the Zoo Society and administered by the Zoo’s expert staff scientists. | 11

We Care for the Planet

The Zoo and Zoo Society support many important conservation projects regionally and internationally, including: • • •

Black Rhino Conservation: Saving an Endangered Species in the Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana, Africa Gorilla Conservation: Supporting People — Protecting Wildlife in the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo, Africa Conserving Species and Habitats in Our Own Back Yard in Cleveland Metroparks and Northeast Ohio

We also stepped up support for two larger projects for elephant protection — the Kavango Zambezi Peace Park and the Tarangire Elephant Project. In addition to specialized grants, the Zoo Society helps build capacity for the Zoo and our conservation partners with funding provided by the ZooFutures Fund, the Zoo Society's quasi-endowment. Since 1988, the ZooFutures Fund has grown to $2.5 million as generous donors remember the Zoo Society in their estate plans. With an eye toward the future, the Zoo and Zoo Society are working to reduce our environmental footprint. Sustainability efforts include waste management, water and energy conservation and a number of other “green” initiatives. Starting in 2012, fundraising events ZippityZooDoo and Twilight at the Zoo achieved zero-waste status. All together in 2012, the Zoo Society and Zoo provided more than $500,000 for critical conservation efforts around the world — and in our own backyard!

12 | Annual Report

Steve H. Taylor African Conservation Award | 13

Steve and Sarah Taylor in Tanzania

As the Zoo said a fond farewell to long-time Zoo Director Steve Taylor, the Zoo Society was pleased to announce the Steve H. Taylor African Conservation Award, in honor of Steve’s two great professional passions: African animals and opportunities for zoo professionals to share knowledge through conferences and workshops. This annual award will make it possible for a conservation partner working in Africa to attend a conference, meet colleagues and build stronger parterships.

14 | Annual Report

For the second year in a row, Animal Attractions, ZippityZooDoo, ZOOvies and Twilight at the Zoo presented by Scene raised more than $1 million.

The inaugural ZOOvies was a hit as guests enjoyed watching "The Breakfast Club"

Adopt an Animal and corporate supporters spent a special evening at ZooFriends' Night

Seth and Michele White dressed to the nines at the 39th annual ZippityZooDoo

Robert and Sibyl Osicka, with trustee Tony Petruzzi (middle), at Twilight at the Zoo presented by Scene. | 15

Christopher Kuhar, Ph.D. presents "The Mating Game" at Animal Attractions in February. (Dr. Kuhar was promoted to Executive Director of the Zoo effective January 1, 2013)

16 | Annual Report | 17

Steve and Sarah Taylor get ready for Steve’s retirement party in The RainForest. Steve served as Director of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for 24 years.

The Zoo and Zoo Society supported the passage of Ohio SB310, historic legislation limiting private ownership of dangerous exotic animals.

Young philanthropist Julia Torok made a difference in 2012 by raising money for gorilla conservation. Pictured here with Dr. Kristen Lukas, Curator of Conservation & Science.

The Zoo, Zoo Society and Second Story Productions won PRSA Cleveland Rocks Awards for public relations.

18 | Annual Report

Donors Make a Difference

Priority Programming Grows

A Broad Base of Support | 19

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION December 31, 2012 and 2011 Assets Current Assets Office Equipment at cost, less accumulated depreciation Long-term Assets Total Assets













Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts Payable and accrued expenses Funds held for others Amounts due to Cleveland Metropolitan Parks District Liability under split interest agreements Total Liabilities









Net Assets Unrestricted Undesignated Board-designated Total unrestricted







Temporarily Restricted



Permanently Restricted







Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITES For the years ended December 31, 2012 and 2011 Support and Revenue Memberships Individuals, corporations and foundations Capital Campaign Grants revenue Special events Investment Income Change in value of split interest trust agreements Total Support and Revenue





















Expenses Program Services including Cleveland Metropolitan Parks District Management and General Fundraising Total Expenses INCREASE (DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year

Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)













20 | Annual Report The Cleveland Zoological Society is proud to recognize the following individual donors. Their generous contributions help to make Cleveland Metroparks Zoo one of the best in the country.

Individual Annual Support $25,000+ Karen and Alan Wilber $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Belkin Ms. Laura A. Davis Ms. Margaret Fulton-Mueller Creighton B. Murch and Janice Smith Murch Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spilman Mr. Morton J. Weisberg Mr. and Mrs. Seth White $5,000+ The Ruth and Elmer Babin Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connors Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Michael and Gretchen Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Kalberer Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kamm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Mistysyn Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Osicka Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ratner Ms. Sarah M. Rayburn Dr. Joseph A. Sopko and Dr. Elizabeth MacIntyre $2,500+ Ms. Rachel W. Abernethy Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Anhold Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. James C. Boland Mr. and Mrs. Sean E. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Evans, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Even, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Faubel Mr. and Mrs. James L. Francis Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fraylick Mr. Larry A. Gogolick Carol and Graham Hall Albert A. Hanes and Robert E. Hanes Nicole and Stephen Hilbert Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Hilton Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jaroszewski Mr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Kestner Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kilmer Ms. Marci D. Leonian Kim and Tom Littman Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lozick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic Ms. Steffany Matticola and Mr. Chris Larkins Mr. Bob Merckle Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nagel Ms. Michelle M. Orenick Ms. Shelly M. Peet and Mr. Robert R. Martinko David and Margo* Petlowany Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Petruzzi Mr. and Mrs. Allyn J. Pytel Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smrekar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suerth Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Teel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Vail Ms. Margaret Walsh Ms. Kirsten West and Mr. Brian Barthelman Richard and Mary Lynn Wills $1,000+ Mr. Warren E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Angiocchi Anonymous (2) Zoo Friends - Anonymous Mr. James A. Attwood, Jr. and Ms. Leslie K. Williams Ms. Patricia Barz, Esq. and Mr. Herbert P. Wiedemann, M.D. Ms. Vanessa Behrend and Mr. Robert Ellis Mr. Charles E. Bergstresser and Mr. Brandon Bergstresser Ms. Ginny Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bostelman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brenner Mrs. Marilyn K. Brown Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. and The Honorable Nancy A. Fuerst Mr. Wayne W. Bushek Mr. Ross Bushman and Mrs. Meggan Sherlock Mr. and Mrs. Santos Cageao Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Mr. Gerald F. Cannon and Mr. Fred Bamberger Mrs. Susan J. Cannon and Mr. David Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna Dane and Dottie Carney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chodera Ms. Doris Clinton-Gobec and Mr. Matthew R. Gobec Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cogan Ms. Nan Cohen and Mr. Daniel Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Randolph E. Corbin Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Covell Mr.* and Mrs. James E. Cowher Mrs. Margaret D. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Demetriou Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dimling Mrs. John D. Donahey Mr. Michael V. Dzurilla Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Fein Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Allan Fox Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fox Ms. Joy M. Freda Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Friedt Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gascoigne Mr. Bruce E. Gaynor and Ms. Patricia J O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grazulis Ms. Nancy Hancock Griffith Mr. and Mrs. David Grubb Ms. Barbara A. Haffner and Ms. Paula Haffner Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hall Mrs. Nancy J. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. William R. Harvey Dr. Paul A. Hechko and Dr. Jennifer Hechko Eve Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Justin R. Horton Mr. and Mrs. James Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Ina Ken and Patti Jacko Daniel and Kimberly Jezior Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jones Ms. J J Jursik Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kachmarik Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kalt Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kamins Ms. Janet A. Kappus Mrs. Sandra Kiely and Mr. Martin Kolb Ms. Kerry Kipfstuhl Mr. Bill Kirchner and Mr. Michael Kirchner Dan and Carol Klimas Ms. Josephine J. Kobus and Mr. Jason Oglio Dr. and Mrs. Dave Koncal Mr. Eugene Kratus Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Kreidler Mr. and Mrs. John Lane Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Mr. and Mrs. E. Gary Laughlin Ms. Shirley A. Lavalli and Ms. Ann Peters Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Litzler Mr. David C. Luberger and Ms. Rachelle Wagner Jackie and Chuck Lurie Mrs. Carlos A. Maldonado Dr. and Mrs. Randall E. Marcus Mr. Robert J. Marok and Ms. Bridget Assing Marok Bernadette and David Mast The Maver Family James H. and Kathe Mayer Ms. Nancy W. McCann Mr. Chris McDaniel and Mrs. Rande McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Messina Don and Sally Messinger Mr. David Miceli and Mrs. Kimberly Stec Mr. and Mrs. George D. Miller Ms. Victoria R. Moorehead Mr. and Mrs. Greg P. Mulach Ms. Sharon Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Gregg G. Muresan Ms. Susan B. Murphy Randy and Christine Myeroff Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Naro Mr. Ronald Nielsen and Ms. Adrienne Clements

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Novak Mr. Steele Nowlin and Ms. Chris Jayjack Mrs. Barbara B. O’Connor and Mr. Kevin O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ollinger Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. O’Neill Mr. Richard D. Orr Dr. and Mrs. Charles O’Shaughnessy Mr. Eric R. Pelander and Ms. Evalyn Gates Jenny and Tony Pelcic Jeff and Debra Perry Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Peterjohn Ms. Barbara D. Peterson Mr. James A. Petz Ms. Charlene Phelps and Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek Ms. Darleen M. Price and Mr. Joe Drago Ms. Sandy J. Prince and Mr. Jim Stanforth Linda J. N. and Victor Prosak Pysht Fund Ms. Marie A. Quintana and Mr. Robert B. Sikora Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rebar Mrs. Mary A. Redmon Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reitman Mr. Karl B. Ress and Ms. Mary Klein Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Dr. and Mrs. Brad J. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I. Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Rossborough Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Mr. John E. Rupert Mrs. and Mr. Abigail Ruhlman Mr. Larry J. Santon Mr. and Mrs. Kim S. Schrock Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schubert Mr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Bettina Katz Mrs. Carolyn P. Seelbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Seitz Ms. Rosemary Selepena Jodi Shankweiler Dr. Mona Shay Mrs. Donna L. Shrake and Ms. Brittany Shrake Jackie and Chuck Simon Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Ms. Ann Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Soroka Mr. and Mrs. Ethan E. Spencer Ms. Billie Howland Steffee | 21 Ms. Diana P. Strongosky Mrs. Barb M. Sutton and Ms. Sarah Young Bud Talbott Mr. and Mrs. John Tanis Steve and Sarah Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thomasson Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Thompson August L. and Shirley Tischer Mrs. Jeanne D. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Verderber Mr. John A. Veverka and Ms. Lisa Lieben Mr. Paul Vidal and Mrs. Cindy Bodendorfer The Vogrig Family Robert and Diane Walcott Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Warren Mr. Thomas J. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werman Fran and Don Willis Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wohlfeiler, D.V.M. Ms. Doreen Yashan and Ms. Deb Bryan Dr. Dawn Zacharias and Mr. Paul Zacharias Mrs. Barbara E. Zelley Betty and Don Zgonc Mrs. Martha Zlotnik and Mr. Oscar Berman

Organizational Annual Support $50,000+ Fifth Third Bank, Northeastern Ohio Swagelok Co. $25,000+ The Boston Beer Company Cleveland Scene Giant Eagle, Inc. The David Steffee Chair of Veterinary Medicine Gift Fund $10,000+ Aleris International, Inc. Arhaus Furniture Cleveland Hopkins International Airport FirstMerit Bank, N.A. Huntington National Bank Hyland Software Inc.

Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of Ohio Lubrizol Corporation Medical Mutual of Ohio & Medical Mutual Charitable Gift Fund The Miller Family Foundation Prince & Izant Co. $5,000+ ARAMARK Baker & Hostetler LLP Beverage Distributors, Inc. City of Cleveland Cleveland Airport Marriott Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. Dollar Bank Dominion Ernst & Young LLP Findley Davies, Inc. The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation The Hankins Foundation The Jochum-Moll Foundation Jones Day C.A. Litzler Co., Inc. Metro Toyota Parker Hannifin Foundation Jonathan and Meg Ratner Philanthropic Fund RFC Contracting, Inc. Sazerac Company The Sherwin-Williams Company $2,500+ AMCLO American Greetings Corporation Anonymous Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. AssuraMed AT&T b.a. Sweetie Candy Company Inc. Charter One CHASE CLRdesign, Inc. Cohen & Company COIT Cleaning & Restoration Services Ferro Corporation Edward R. & Jean Geis Stell Foundation Marc Glassman Inc. Mattis Y. & Ruth Goldman Family Philanthropic Fund The Carol & Graham Hall Family Foundation

Robert E. Hanes Gift Fund Key Foundation KPMG LLP The Laub Foundation Lincoln Electric Company The Edward A & Catherine L Lozick Foundation NDC General, LLC Nordson Corporation Omnia: A Telos Co. PNC PolyOne Corp. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Kenneth W. Scott Foundation The Sherwick Fund Squire Sanders (US) LLP Stroud Family Exempt Trust II Vita-Mix Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP The S. K. Wellman Foundation Julius Zorn, Inc. $1,000+ Anonymous (2) AT&T Matching Gift The Bonne Bell Family Foundation Cenergy Ciuni & Panichi Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Fund Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company Disney Worldwide Services Dominion Resources Services, Inc. Fairmount Minerals Ltd. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Gould Inc. Foundation The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation William E. Harris Family Fund George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Jack N. and Lilyan Mandel Foundation The McGinness Foundation Franklin H. & Nancy S. Moore Foundation NACCO Industries, Inc. Newry Corporation Positively Cleveland Spero-Smith Investment Advisors The Helen F. & Louis Stolier Family Trust Teamsters Local Union No. 507

Special Projects & Zoo Education and Workforce Development $100,000+ Eaton Corporation The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation Mrs. Margaret Scott $75,000+ PNC $50,000+ The DBJ Foundation Lubrizol Corporation $25,000+ Lincoln Electric Company Nordson Corporation   $10,000+ ABB Corporation Anonymous The Conway Family Foundation Dominion The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Parker Hannifin Foundation St. Louis Zoological Park Third Federal Savings & Loan $5,000+ Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Nan Cohen and Daniel D. Abrams Philanthropic Fund Forest City Enterprises Charitable Foundation The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust Greater Los Angeles Zoo Assoc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Leiden Conservation Foundation Malone University Medical Mutual of Ohio Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ratner

The Sherwin-Williams Company The David Steffee Chair of Veterinary Medicine Gift Fund Roger J. and Madeline L. Traynor Family Foundation Zoological Society of San Diego $2,500+ AAA East Central Berlin Family Educational Foundation The Burning River Foundation Dallas Zoo Mr. and Mrs. James L. Francis Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Ocean Park Conservation Foundation PPG Industries Foundation $1,000+ Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fraylick Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund Mr. Geoffrey S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morris North Carolina Zoological Park San Antonio Zoological Society Schultz & Williams Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Taylor Karen and Alan Wilber

Adopt an Animal $10,000+ Karen & Alan Wilber $1,000+ Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Ms. Laura A. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Habermann Mr. William W. Harkins & Mrs. Linda T. Harkins Mr. & Mrs. Ron Krisher Ms. Marci D. Leonian Mr. & Mrs. James E. Love Mr. Chris McDaniel & Mrs. Rande McDaniel Mr. Myron D. Moorhead Mr. Gary M. Novotny Ms. Michelle M. Orenick Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Rosebrough Mr. Kevin D. Tolejko Mrs. Jeanne D. Tyler Mr. & Mrs. Alfred E. Werman Ms. Kirsten West & Mr. Brian Barthelman

Matching Gift Companies Aetna Foundation American International Group Amica Companies Foundation AT&T Matching Gift Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Bank of America Barnes Group Foundation, Inc. BP Corporation North America Inc. CA Technologies, Matching Gifts Program Charles Schwab Foundation CIGNA Matching Gifts Program Dominion Dominion Resources Services, Inc. Matching Gifts Eaton Corporation Emerson Electric Co. Matching Gift Program Energizer Fairmount Minerals Ltd. FirstEnergy Foundation GE Foundation Matching Gifts GlaxoSmithKline Foundation BF Goodrich Foundation John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. IBM Corporation KeyCorp Matching Gifts Lubrizol Corporation Macy’s Foundation Moen Incorporated NACCO Industries, Inc. - Matching Gifts Nordson Corporation Northern Trust Bank The Plymouth Rock Foundation PNC PPG Industries Foundation Progressive Co. The Prudential Foundation Rockwell International Corporation Runzheimer Foundation, Inc. The Stocker Foundation United Technologies

In Kind Donors AMP 150 Restaurant & Bar Cleveland Cupcake Company Cleveland Magazine Creekside Restaurant & Bar Duet Catering

Duke Printing Fahrenheit Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse Francine Lamermier Great Lakes Brewing Company Honest House of Blues McHale & Koepke Communications Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar Rapid Mailing Services Saks Fifth Avenue ShurTech Brands, LLC Tree House Gallery Watt Printers WDOK /WRMR Whole Foods Market Cedar Center WKRK WNCX WQAL

Media Partners CBS Radio Clear Channel Broadcasting The Plain Dealer Radio Disney Stern Advertising WBNX WCLV WEWS WFHM WJW WKYC WNWV WOIO/WUAB

Honor and Memorial In Honor Of Rachel Abernethy Catherine Bock Mattis and Ruth Goldman Matt and Fiona Green Carol Hall Rees Heigle Daniel W. and Joan R. Holmes Jim and Mary Lou Howard Grayson Kelly Pat and Claudette Kenney Dr. and Mrs. Randy Marcus Sylvia Reitman Ingrid Rinker Dan Rocker Rita Tloczynski Mort Weisberg

In Memory Of Rita Boncela Jane Brooks James (Jim) E. Cowher Julia Kunes Margaret “Peg” Ostrach Alice E. Petras Rita A. Rudd Irene and Edward Sarian Thomas Shepard Nellie Stamp Sharon Sullivan Helen Wires Michael Wozniak

ZooFutures Ms. Mollie E. Alstott Anonymous (5) Frederick C. Badt Testamentary Trust Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Mr. and Mrs. Noel Becker Ms. Ginny Bertram Mr. Gary D. Brengartner* Estate of Helen E. Brown Mrs. Herschel Cohen* Estate of Phyllis and Paul Colarusso Mr. and Mrs. Douglas O. Cooper Mr. * and Ms. James E. Cowher Mrs. Frederick C. Crawford* Mr. John D. Daly Mrs. Margaret D. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Estate of Rita Anna Entrup Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Estes Stanley and Florence (Klier) Fassett Memorial Fund Ms. Ruth Fish* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fowler Ms. Agnes R. Gaso Estate of Rudolph Gob Ms. Luella A. Goldenbogen Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Grenig Ms. Carol Hall Ms. Patricia Heinke Mrs. Ralph Hollander* Hazel P. Hostetler Trust Ms. Elvira Hovan Mrs. Burton Jenne Mrs. La Veda Kovar* Ms. Julia Kunes* Mr. Edward J. Lautner* Bud Lezius* Mr. Robert Loftus, Jr. and Mrs. Kathy J Loftus

Mrs. Charles N. Mandt Dr. Randall E. Marcus Mr. Bob Merckle Estate of Marion L. Parmelee Mr. Alfred M. Rankin* Almera Biddulph Reitz Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Estate of Eleanor M. Rieck Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Rispoli Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Estate of Charlotte Ruth Mr. Larry J. Santon Ms. Emily A. Sapacianu Charles W. Saunders Charitable Trust Vivian H. Schulze Trust Brenda F. Schuster Beth B. Sersig Mr. and Mrs. Gail Skinner Estate of Robert and Virginia Snead Miss Patricia A. Stealey*, J.D. Estate of Theodore R. Steck Ms. Billie Howland Steffee Steve & Sarah Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thiel* Mr. Gerald A. Turoczy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Robert and Darci Usher Mrs. Leonard VonBenken Mr.* and Mrs. Robert York White Mr. Donald F. Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zgonc *Deceased

This list represents all cumulative giving of $1,000+ made between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. The contributions supported a variety of Cleveland Zoological Society fundraising programs and special events. To provide updated information or to make a gift, please call (216) 661.6500 or email Info@

Photos courtesy of Dale McDonald, Elizabeth Thibodeaux and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

22 | Annual Report | 23

Board of Trustees Executive Committee Robert S. Reitman+ CHAIRMAN EMERITUS Robert J. Rogers CHAIRMAN Virginia D. Benjamin PRESIDENT Eric S. Hall TREASURER Justin R. Horton SECRETARY Dennis R. Burnside Michael A. Cogan Lydia Harrington Thomas N. Littman Jon Outcalt, Jr. Margaret Ratner Lauren Spilman Michael Vaughn Elizabeth T. Fowler, Executive Director** Steve H. Taylor, Zoo Director**

Cleveland Metroparks Dan T. Moore, President Debra K. Berry, Vice President Bruce G. Rinker, Vice President Brian M. Zimmerman, Executive Director/Secretary

Scott T. Berlin Jeffrey M. Biggar Muffy Boland Sean E. Boyle Thomas F. Brenner Marilyn K. Brown+ George S. Coakley+ Loree Connors Randolph E. Corbin Dana Demetriou Sylvia Diez Charles R. Emrick, Jr.+ Theodore Evans James P. Even Sally Everett+ Gretchen Farrell Robert E. Fein Thomas G. Fistek Janice E. Focke James L. Francis Gregory D. Friedman+ Margaret Fulton-Mueller Gregory K. Gale Carol Hall+ Joseph Hatina Elizabeth M. Hijar Nicole Hilbert Edward W. Hill Lisa Hunt Anne E. Kilroy Joseph J. Mahovlic+

Zoo Society Staff James M. Malz Randall E. Marcus Bernadette M. Mast Steffany Matticola Allen Mistysyn Greg P. Mulach Patrick S. Mullin+ Gregg G. Muresan Randall S. Myeroff Christopher Nagel Ronald Nielsen Daniel J. O’Loughlin+ Brian M. O’Neill Shelly M. Peet Anthony R. Petruzzi Allyn J. Pytel Jacob I. Rosenbaum+ John E. Rupert+ Robert Soroka Ethan E. Spencer Billie Steffee+ Nelson S. Talbott+ Nancy Tanis+ Thomas N. Tyrrell Iris J. Vail+ Daniel R. Warren Morton J. Weisberg

Elizabeth T. Fowler Executive Director Fiona M. Green Director of Development Mary L. McMillan Director of Finance & Operations Christina Aldrich Coordinator of Development Research and Stewardship Nichole Collins Operations & Database Coordinator Kim Conrad Annual Fund Manager Rachael Fuller Special Events Manager Mary Ann Nofel Personal Assistant to Executive Director and Board Liaison Jason Orlando Membership Coordinator Amanda Perry Membership & Development Specialist Melissa Perry Membership & Development Specialist Brendan Reynolds Manager of Corporate and Foundation Giving

+Life Trustee **Ex-Officio

Gina Stem Marketing & New Media Assistant Elizabeth Thibodeaux Web & Graphic Designer Karen Tigue Donor Relations Officer Lee Weber Membership Manager Pat Finnegan On-site Sales Team Linda Green On-site Sales Team

(l. to r) Chairman Rob Rogers, Life Trustee Joe Mahovlic, Life Trustee George Coakley, and Zoo Director Steve Taylor at ZippityZooDoo

Carmen Ramos-Cain On-site Sales Team

connecting people with wildlife

Panther Chameleon (Chamaeleo pardalis)

Cleveland Zoological Society | 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, Ohio, 44109 | (216) 661.6500 |

Cleveland Zoological Society 2012 Annual Report  

Annual Report of the Cleveland Zoological Society 2012

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