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EVERYONE’S ZOO a thriving partnership

Cleveland Zoological Society 2008 Annual Report



Dear Friends, The Cleveland Zoological Society is continuously seeking ways to serve the community and advance the Zoo, from running one of the biggest and best membership programs in the region to generating steady funding for educational access programs that reach thousands of underserved children. In 2008, we celebrated 10 years of our historic operating agreement with Cleveland Metroparks, which formalized the Zoo Society’s financial support for the wonderful asset that is the Zoo. In those 10 years, the Zoo Society has provided $15 million to the Zoo in operating support, making possible such signature programs as the ZooBus and Distance Learning, while also encouraging other educational outreach and wildlife conservation programs to develop, grow and thrive. This private/public partnership allows the Zoo to dream boldly and to move forward confidently. In the past 10 years — thanks to generous donors from all walks of life — the Zoo Society has stepped up commitments for capital improvements, including significant money raised for Australian Adventure (2000), the Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine (2004) and the currently under construction African Elephant Crossing (2011). The Zoo is a successful leader in local and international wildlife conservation programs, thanks to the winning combination of its dedicated, expert staff and the Zoo Society’s financial commitment. Funding for these programs now averages $350,000 annually in special grants distributed to individuals working to preserve wildlife in wild places in Northeast Ohio and around the globe. While the economic downturn of 2008 presented challenges for the Zoo Society, as it did for many not-for-profit organizations, we are happy to report that we are weathering the storm, thanks to lean and efficient practices, and a very generous community that sees the value of having one of our nation’s best zoos right here in Cleveland. The Zoo/Zoo Society partnership is a unique relationship working to enhance conservation, education and animal care for the next generation of scientists, visitors and animals. Thank you for your continued support.

Robert J. Rogers President, Board of Trustees

Elizabeth T. Fowler Executive Director


Partnering for Conservation Through the generous support of the Scott Neotropical Fund, the Zoo and Zoo Society have committed more than $500,000 over the past 10 years for programs that make a difference in the neotropics (Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean). In 2008 alone, 12 projects were supported by the Fund. The money, donated to the Zoo Society, is distributed through small grants chosen by the Zoo’s Conservation & Science staff. Funded projects benefit the local people, wildlife and habitats of the neotropics and range from endangered sea turtle conservation in the Caribbean to disease transmission studies of primates in Argentina. While these grants are making a difference abroad, the Zoo Society plays an important role for our local constituents, raising awareness of key conservation issues. A robust schedule of behind-the-scenes tours for ZooKeepers’ Circle members connects supporters with curators, keepers and important initiatives designed to improve the future for wildlife. And, thanks to a specially designated fund, each year the Zoo Society hosts a signature event, the David Steffee Address, which focuses on emerging trends in conservation and veterinary medicine. In 2008, Dr. William Karesh spoke about “One World, One Health” and shared insights about the intersection of animal and human health. Dr. Karesh leads the global health programs of the Wildlife Conservation Society as Vice President of the Wildlife Health Center, located on the grounds of the Bronx Zoo.

2008 Scott Neotropical Fund Grant Recipients Alejandro Pavia Strengthening the Conservation Process of Endangered Sea Turtles Location: Tayrona National Park Antonio Celis-Murillo Evaluation of Habitat Associations, Disturbance Impacts, & Population Trends of Endemic Yucatan Birds via Bioacoustic Monitoring Location: Northeastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Emiliano Donadio Strongly Interacting Species: Does Puma Predation on Wild Camelids Structure Biological Diversity in the Andes? Location: San Guillermo National Park Fernanda Michalski, Ph.D. Use of Riparian Corridors by Otters in a Highly Fragmented Amazonian Landscape Location: Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso, Brazil Francisco Fontúrbel The Mouse Opossum in Fragmented Environments Location: Oserno Province, Southern Chile Jaime Andrés Cabrera Natural Lick Ecology at Southern Colombian Amazon Location: Amazonas, Colombia Maíra Benchimol de Souza Effects of Fragmentation on the Primate Community Location: Uatumã Biological Reserve, Amazonas State, Brazil Marco López Luna Urban Heat Island: Effect of Incubation Temperatures on the Sex Ratio of Wild Hatchling Morelet’s Crocodiles Location: Urban and Suburban Lakes in Tabasco State, Mexico Martin Kowalewski, Ph.D. Ecosystem Health, Disease Transmission and Habitat Disturbance Location: Northeast Argentina Ragde Sánchez Roost Ecology and Conservation of Bats Living in Buildings Location: Sarapiquí, Costa Rica Rosa Cuellar The Relative Impacts of Management Plans for Subsistence Hunting on Tegu Lizards and Collared Peccaries Location: Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco National Park, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Victor Setina Liz Population Density of Helmeted Curassow Location: Tama National Park, Colombia

Steffee and David Steffee, Billie (l. to r.) Laura and ffe Ste e Address the 4th Annual David Dr. William Karesh at


Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)


African Elephants (Loxodonta africana)


Partnering for the Future of Elephants The African Elephant Crossing project achieved several important milestones in 2008, including groundbreaking, environmentally appropriate handling of the demolition and construction waste, and several complex animal moves. This exhibit will be one of the most visible and impressive exhibits ever built at the Zoo and will enhance the quality of life in Northeast Ohio through education and tourism. On September 24, the Zoo and Zoo Society broke ground on the $25-million exhibit. At that time, the Zoo Society presented its first contribution to the project — $2 million — to the Cleveland Metroparks Commissioners. By the end of 2008, the Zoo Society had raised $10.3 million for African Elephant Crossing. A $500,000 gift from The Cleveland Foundation and a $300,000 gift from the Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust helped bring the total amount raised for the campaign to 80% of the campaign goal. The campaign has already seen more than 400 foundations, corporations and individuals donate to the project, which is more than any other capital campaign in Zoo Society history. The project is also now formally registered for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification with the U.S. Green Building Council. The exhibit will be a test case for greening a space used jointly by humans and animals. It will provide a creative opportunity to increase public awareness of alternative energy, sustainable use and “green-collar” careers. Meanwhile, the Zoo relocated its beloved Nile hippopotamus to an off-exhibit “retirement condo” and transferred its three female African elephants to the Columbus Zoo for the duration of construction. It is no small feat to move large mammals safely, and we celebrate with the Zoo on achieving these major milestones in the midst of a very busy year. Locally and globally, efforts are being made to secure the future for elephants. The Zoo Society brought in television star and animal advocate Jeff Corwin to present “Tales from the Field” to ZooKeepers’ Circle members in August. Jeff awed the crowd with stories about filming in exotic countries and working with rare and endangered animals. While visiting, Jeff taped a public service announcement about the importance of African Elephant Crossing for elephants in zoos and their cousins in the wild. You may see his message at

(l. to r.) Conser vationist Jeff Co rwin, Zoo Socie President Rob ty Board Rogers, and Zo o Director Stev e Taylor


Partnering for the Future of the Zoo When Jinny and Bob Snead purchased a generous life insurance policy benefiting the Cleveland Zoological Society, they knew how they wanted their gift to be used — in support of our conservation mission. A particular interest of the Sneads during their lifetime was reaching children — particularly those who otherwise might not have access to the Zoo. By making such a special gift to the Zoo Society, this generous couple ensured that their love of animals and concern for underserved children will live on in perpetuity. The Jinny and Bob Snead Fund, as part of the Zoo Society’s ZooFutures Fund, will be used to strengthen and support our core mission, with a special focus on Education Access — a cluster of programs and scholarships that each year enables thousands of needy children to experience the Zoo In Memoriam Bob Snead (1922-20 08); and Jinny (1924 -2008)

and its great conservation science education. Named Funds may be established through a bequest or outright gift of $250,000 or more to the ZooFutures Fund of the Cleveland Zoological Society. Gifts of any amount are always welcome, and are used to strengthen and support our conservation mission.

Partnering through Technology & Innovation As technology advances, there are more and more ways to partner for the future of the Zoo. The Zoo Society is committed to making it easier (and more fun!) to support your Zoo, and in 2008 introduced two new electronic Donation Stations. One is located in The RainForest, with funds supporting a variety of rain forest conservation projects. The second is in the Exhibit Hall, with funds supporting African Elephant Crossing. These Donation Stations were made possible by a challenge grant from The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust, paired with matching funds from The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation. Technology has also allowed the Zoo Society to take membership renewals, ticket purchases and donations on the Zoo Society’s Web site. In 2008, our Web site reached the $1-million mark — that’s $1 million raised online in one year! This significant achievement is a testament to the Zoo Society’s many generous supporters — thank you!


Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)



Celebrating Milestones 2008 marked some significant milestones in the Zoo Society’s history.

Ten years after its first issue, Z magazine is still bringing members stories about conservation projects, animals at the Zoo, upcoming events and more. Z began publishing in 1999 and has won six awards over the years, both locally and regionally, recognizing not only its design elements, but also the quality of the content presented in each issue.

2008 brought the first edition of a new publication, ZtoU. This newsletter focuses on conservation issues supported by the Zoo and Zoo Society, and brings pertinent event information to readers.

The Zoo Society’s ZooKeepers’ Circle – our VIP membership program – turned 10 years old in 2008. Since its inception, this program has grown to more than 1,000 loyal and generous members who enjoy exclusive access to the Zoo, including behind-the-scenes tours and meet-the-keeper opportunities.

Another new addition in 2008 was A Spot to Remember. The ZooTributes program is the honor and memorial program through which individuals may honor someone special in their lives. A Spot to Remember is located on the Ticket Plaza of the Zoo — check it out the next time you are here!

In August, 2008, the 32-ton terra cotta sculptures by Viktor Schreckengost, Mammoth & Mastodon (pictured opposite page), were safely removed from the Pachyderm Building. They will undergo conservation treatment and return to the Zoo in a prominent, new location.


Generating the Margin of Excellence

Effective & Efficient Fundraising 5%

20% 22%

Programs & Services Metroparks Levy

Fundraising Management


Earned Revenue


Zoo Society


On average, of the Zoo & Zoo Society’s combined $21-million budget, public support accounts for 50%. The margin of excellence derives from donor and member contributions.

In 2008, 73% of Zoo Society expenditures directly supported mission-critical programs, services and capital improvements. Costs per dollar raised vary by program, from 30% for membership services to just 5% for the capital campaign.

TEN YEARS OF IMPRESSIVE SUPPORT Cumulative Total: $35 Million

Online giving tops $1 Million annually

Capital Support Conservation, Research & Education Annual Operating Support







‘04 ‘05 ‘06



The Zoo Society supports the Zoo in a variety of areas, focusing on excellence in conservation, education and animal care. As capital projects come to the forefront, the Zoo Society provides 50% of the funding. 12





Web revenue reached an impressive $1 million in 2008. More and more, people are turning to the Zoo Society’s Web site to renew memberships, purchase event tickets and donate to the ZooFund.

Statements of Activities

Statements of Financial Position

For the years ended December 31, 2008 and 2007

December 31, 2008 and 2007

Support, revenue and gains:

Assets Current assets:     Cash and cash equivalents     Marketable securities     Charitable gift annuities     Pledges receivable, net     Prepaid expenses and other assets                     Total current assets Office equipment, at cost     Less accumulated depreciation





















    Marketable securities



    Pledges receivable, net



                    Total long-term assets                     Total assets





        Individuals, corporations and foundations



        Capital campaign







Federal Grants

    Special events



    Investment income    



    Change in value of split-interest agreements



    Change in value of beneficial interest in perpetual trusts

Long-term assets:

    Beneficial interest in perpetual trusts









                       Total support, revenue and gains

    Accounts payable and accrued expenses



            Operating agreement             Capital campaign                     Total current liabilities

        Conservation projects                       Total program services

    Amounts due to Cleveland Metropolitan Park District:






    Program services:


Current liabilities:




        Cleveland Metropolitan Park District Liabilities and Net Assets








    Supporting services:





        Management and general                




Long-term liabilities:




    Amounts due to Cleveland Metropolitan Park District:

                      Capital campaign



                      Adopt an Animal



            Capital campaign     Liability under split-interest agreements                     Total liabilities 







Net assets:     Unrestricted             Board-designated








                                Total fundraising



                                        Total supporting services


1,782,778 8,946,595

                      Special events




                      Total expenses


                    Total unrestricted



Change in net assets



    Temporarily restricted



Net assets - beginning of year



    Permanently restricted









                    Total net assets                     Total liabilities and net assets

Net assets - end of year


The Cleveland Zoological Society is proud to recognize the following donors. Their generous contributions underwrite the degree of excellence that marks Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as one of the top zoos in the nation. African Elephant Crossing

$1,000,000+ Anonymous The George Gund Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation The Spilman Family, in honor of Sydell L. Miller $500,000+ The Cleveland Foundation ODNR Division of Real Estate and Land Management The Reinberger Foundation $250,000+ The Hershey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz The Walter E. & Jean C. Kalberer Foundation KeyBank Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust Karen and Alan Wilber $100,000+ Aleris International Inc. JPMorgan Chase Foundation William E. Harris Family Fund Louise H. & David S. Ingalls Foundation National City Corporation Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission Billie Howland Steffee, in honor of Abigail, Dawson, and Sydney Steffee $50,000+ The Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company Liz and Chuck Emrick Carol and Graham Hall Henkel Corporation In memory of Christopher A. Jones Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morrison The Murch Foundation The Edwin D. Northrup II Fund The Sherwick Fund Mr. and Mrs. John Tanis Mr. Morton J. Weisberg


$25,000+ The Abington Foundation Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. The William Bingham Foundation Muffy and Jim Boland Gary D. Brengartner* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Burnside DBJ Foundation Eaton Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fodor Forest City Enterprises Charitable Foundation Albert A. Hanes and Robert E. Hanes Richard and Sally (Stecher) Hollington Lubrizol Foundation Margaret Fulton-Mueller and Scott C. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Mullin Oatey Co. Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. and Jane Q. Outcalt and Jon H. Jr. and Robin M. Outcalt PPG Industries Foundation Robert S. and Sylvia K. Reitman Family Foundation Rob and Kris Rogers The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation Thomas V.H. and Iris J. Vail $10,000+ Gordon and Cathy Anhold The Bicknell Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Brown, Jr. Carfagna Family Foundation Michael and Jennifer Cogan Dollar Bank Susan B. Gascoigne Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Gorman The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation Leigh and Eric Hall Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Hennessy The Higley Fund KPMG LLP E. Gary and Mary Lynn Laughlin Bud Lezius In Memory of Dorothy M. Marcus Medical Mutual of Ohio The Murphy Family Foundation Northern Trust Bank FSB - Ohio Mr. and Mrs. David L. Pugh RPM International, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rzepka Mr. and Mrs. John A. Switzer The Thomas H. White Foundation $5,000+ Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. C. Perry Blossom April Miller Boise, in memory of Rose Parker William and Irene Bostelman Mr. and Mrs. John J. Boyle Mr. Brent M. Buckley In Memory of Gerald N. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. George S. Coakley Mr. and Mrs. William Cushwa, Jr. Ms. Laura A. Davis Deloitte & Touche LLP Mr. Joe Drago and Ms. Darleen M. Price Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Fein Daniel and Carol Klimas Lynn and Stephen Kukanza Ms. Kathleen Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hilton and Family Marguerite B. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jaroszewski Bill and Jo Ann Kahl David and Meredith Kempton Kim and Tom Littman Ms. Idarose Luntz James M. and Sonia Malz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McGowan III Mr. and Mrs. Bob Merckle Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Naro Patricia J. O’Donnell and Bruce E. Gaynor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Partridge Lucy, Henry and Walker Popko Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Rankin Rebholz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David A. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. David and Laura Sangree John and Barbara Schubert Steve and Sarah Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughn In Memory of Leonard M. VonBenken Mr. and Mrs. James A. Young, Jr. Mrs. Barbara E. Zelley

$2,500+ Susan and Darrell Austin Tim and Stacey Bernot Ms. Ginny Bertram Mr. and Mrs. David Biada Julie Boland and John Gannon Jennifer and Sean Boyle The John and Barbara Burns Foundation Gail and Donald Butler Dane and Dottie Carney Taylor and Marilyn Clark Karen, Ken & Zoe Conley Mr. Jeffrey L. Contini Doug and Karen Cooper The DeMonica Family Ms. Sally Everett John and Kathy Fraylick Ms. Joy M. Freda Dennis and Diana Fredriksen Mr. Robert Friedman and Ms. Elizabeth MacGowan Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grazulis In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Gladys Gruber Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Higley Ned, Karen and Emma Hill Ken and Patti Jacko Kaczmar Architects Inc. / Stan and Terry Kaczmar Bernie and Nancy Karr Collin and Linda Knisely Dr. and Mrs. Robin B. Lake Mr. and Mrs. Donald Latore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic David and Bernadette Mast Rich Moore, Carol Smith, Caroline and Ben Mr. and Mrs. Warren Leland Morris Mr. and Mrs. David P. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. David Olson Mr. and Mrs. David W. Pancoast Tony and Claire Paskevich, in memory of Mrs. Gerry Coakley Margo and David Petlowany Ms. Charlene Phelps and Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek Rockette Richardson Barry and Maribeth Robinson Jacob and Marjorie Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. W. Neil Rossborough Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rupert Larry J. Santon Edward and Ellie Seligman Lynne Shields, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith Joe and Donna Suerth Summit Steel Corporation Gregory C. Thompson August L. and Shirley J. Tischer Robert and Ruth Tuttle Mrs. Nancy Wamsley Alfred E. and Caryn E. Werman The Wohlfeiler Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolf Betty and Don Zgonc

$1,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Mr. Leonard Benko Ms. Margaret Bowen Mr. Wayne W. Bushek Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cohn Peter W. Danford Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dimling Mr. Michael V. Dzurilla Ferro Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Flammang Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fowler Lee A. Friedman Ms. Fiona Green and Mr. Matthew B. Green Mr. and Mrs. David Grubb Eve Higgins Elisabeth K. Holmes Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Jordan Marcia E. Kampfe Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Allan Krulak Robert and LaVerne Lugibihl Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Mandt Darlene Evans McCoy The McGinness Foundation Ms. Mary McMillan The Nicholson Foundation Barbara B. O’Connor The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, Inc. Drew T. Parobek Lotte Schreiber Pinkus Memorial Philanthropic Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kim S. Schrock Mr. Robert M. Stecher, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stewart Robert and Diane Walcott Ms. Jean Wright This list represents all gifts of $1,000+ cumulative giving since the inception of the campaign through December 31, 2008. To provide updated information or to make a gift, please call (216) 661.6500 or e-mail

Zoo Education, Conservation, and Research Project Support $100,000+ Institute of Museum and Library Services

$50,000+ Dominion Morris Animal Foundation Mrs. Margaret Scott

$35,000+ Anonymous Gerald and Paula McNichols Family Foundation The John P. Murphy Foundation $25,000+ Kulas Foundation The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, Inc. $20,000+ Cleveland Museum of Natural History $15,000+ Mrs. Austin B. Chinn* $10,000+ Columbus Zoological Park Association Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jackson The Lincoln Park Zoological Society Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Mr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Bettina Katz $7,500+ The Billie Howland Steffee Family Fund The Stocker Foundation Michael Talty and Helen Talty Charitable Trust Roger J. and Madeline L. Traynor Family Foundation $5,000+ AAA East Central Ginn Foundation North of England Zoological Society Nu-Di Corporation $2,500+ Brookfield Zoo/Chicago Zoological Society Malone College Norton Family Foundation RFC Contracting, Inc. $1,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berlin Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gries The Houston Zoo David and Margo Petlowany Jacob and Marjorie Rosenbaum Mrs. Viktor Schreckengost Karen and Alan Wilber

Corporate and Foundation Annual Support $50,000+ Fifth Third Bank, Northeastern Ohio

$30,000+ Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers $25,000+ The Boston Beer Company Giant Eagle, Inc. $20,000+ Technical Consumer Products, Inc. $15,000+ CHASE $10,000+ Aleris International Inc. Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP Bob Evans Farms, Inc. Medical Mutual of Ohio The S. K. Wellman Foundation $7,500+ Anonymous ARAMARK Findley Davies, Inc. $5,000+ Baker & Hostetler LLP Charter One Bank The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Deloitte & Touche LLP Dominion Forest City Enterprises Charitable Foundation The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation The Hankins Foundation Huntington National Bank The Jochum-Moll Foundation Jones Day KeyBank Lubrizol Corporation National City Corporation Northern Trust Bank FSB - Ohio Prince & Izant Co. Reminger Co., LPA Renaissance Cleveland Hotel The Sherwick Fund Swagelok Co. Thompson Hine LLP Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Summer exhibit Frogs, Hogs & Dogs

(top to bottom) ZooFriends’ Night, Twilight at the Zoo and ZippityZooDoo

$3,000+ Anonymous AT&T

Citizens Bank Dollar Bank Explorers World Travel, Inc. Federal Process Corp. GOJO Industries Grant Thornton LLP Hoopoe Safaris KPMG LLP The Laub Foundation Lorain National Bank NDC General, LLC Nesnadny + Schwartz Oatey Co. Oswald Companies The Plain Dealer Positively Cleveland RFC Contracting, Inc. Signature Productions TransCon Builders, Inc. $2,500+ The Bonne Bell Foundation BJ’s Wholesale Club Cleveland Browns, Inc. Ernst & Young LLP FirstEnergy Foundation Greater Cleveland Partnership K&M International, Inc. Pernod Ricard U.S.A. Wild Republic $2,000+ Dairymens Milk Co. The Amanda Ford Morris Charitable Lead Annuity Trust The Henry and Eugenia Green Family Foundation, Inc. McGean $1,500+ The Anderson-DuBose Company Chilcote Company Cohen & Company Columbus Zoological Park Association Event Network, Inc. Kehoe Brothers Printing, Inc. Kiwanis Club of Brooklyn- Cleveland, Ohio NACCO Industries, Inc. Nickelodeon Parker Hannifin Foundation St. Lawrence Steel Corp. The Helen F. & Louis Stolier Family Trust The Sunflower Group $1,000+ Beverage Distributors, Inc. Chubb Group of Insurance Cos. Ciuni & Panichi Cleveland Wire Cloth & Mfg. Co. Ford Motor Company Gould Inc. Foundation William E. Harris Family Fund


CHASE Northeast Ohio Region President and Zoo Society Trustee Jim Malz and JPMorgan Chase Foundation representative Cinnamon Pelly were recognized at the Zoo Society’s Annual Meeting in May 2008. CHASE led the charge for African Elephant Crossing with a $200,000 pledge to the campaign, the largest corporate gift to the Zoo Society at that time. Jim and Cinnamon were honored with an engraved, hand-crafted Mancala game as a token of appreciation for their help in leading the herd.

George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund Jewish Community Federation Joseph-Beth Booksellers Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Fund Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Marcus Thomas LLC Marous Brothers Construction Franklin H. & Nancy S. Moore Foundation Quality Control Inspection The Albert B. & Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation Robert S. and Sylvia K. Reitman Family Foundation The Stocker Foundation Teamsters Local Union No. 507 Terra Incognita Ecotours Roger J. and Madeline L. Traynor Family Foundation Watt Printers


Individual Annual Support $20,000+ Karen and Alan Wilber

$7,500+ Mr. and Mrs. Paul Teel, Jr. Mr. Morton J. Weisberg $5,000+ The Ruth and Elmer Babin Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Creighton B. Murch and Janice Smith Murch Ms. Sarah M. Rayburn Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spilman Ms. Billie Howland Steffee $2,500+ Mr. and Mrs. Sean E. Boyle

Mr. Steven J. Demetriou Mr. and Mrs. Timothy DeSanzo Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Fein Mrs. Herbert W. Foster John and Kathy Fraylick Carol and Graham Hall Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Halpern Mr. Albert A. Hanes and Mr. Robert E. Hanes Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hollington III Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kamins Bud Lezius Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Osicka Mr. Anthony R. Petruzzi and Mrs. Colleen Petruzzi Rob & Kris Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Rosebrough Mr. and Mrs. W. Neil Rossborough Mr. and Mrs. John Tanis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V.H. Vail Mr. and Mrs. Seth White $2,000+ Mr. Gerald F. Cannon and Mrs. Kathy Cannon Mrs. Frederick C. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Gail F. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kilmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reitman Dr. and Mrs. Brad J. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suerth Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughn $1,000+ Anonymous (2) David Abramczyk and Wendy Harbaugh Ms. Janet G. Ackerman and Mrs. Carol Judge Mr. Warren E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Angiocchi Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Anhold Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Austin Ms. Patricia Barz, Esq. and Mr. Herbert P. Wiedemann, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Noel Becker Ms. Vanessa Behrend and Mr. Robert Ellis Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Bergsten Mr. Charles E. Bergstresser and Mr. Brandon Bergstresser Ms. Ginny Bertram Dr. and Mrs. Alok Bhaiji Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar Mr. and Mrs. C. Perry Blossom Muffy and Jim Boland Ms. Julie Boland and Mr. John Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borchardt Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bostelman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Brown, Jr. Ms. Joan A. Brown and Ms. Laura A. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bull Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. and The Honorable Nancy A. Fuerst Ms. Carol Burton Mr. Wayne W. Bushek Mr. Ross Bushman and Ms. Meggan Bushman Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Butler Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Ms. Susan Cannon and Mr. David Cannon Mrs. Austin B. Chinn* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Clark Ms. Doris Clinton-Gobec and Mr. Matthew R. Gobec Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cogan Ms. Nan Cohen and Mr. Daniel Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Douglas O. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cowher Mr. and Mrs. William Cushwa, Jr. Ms. Laura A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William Dorsky Mr. Gerald M. Dzurilla Mr. Michael V. Dzurilla Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Fergus Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Figgie Ms. Lynn M. Ford and Mr. Stephen Kukanza Margaret Fulton-Mueller and Scott C. Mueller Mr. and Ms. Frank Gallucci Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gascoigne Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gilbride Mr. Larry A. Gogolick Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Gorman Ms. Ann E. Griss Mr. and Mrs. David Grubb Mr. and Mrs. Scott Grunder Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Hammerschmidt Mrs. Nancy Hansen Mrs. William E. Harris Eve Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hilbert Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hilton Mr. and Mrs. William I. Hoislbauer Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hollington, Jr. Mrs. Marguerite B. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jaroszewski Mr. and Mrs. Theodore T. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Kalberer Ms. Janet Kappus Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kimmel Dan and Carol Klimas Mr. and Mrs. Fred Klotzman

Ms. Josephine Kobus and Mr. Richard Oglio, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Kreidler Mr. and Mrs. Allan Krulak Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lambermont Mr. and Mrs. E. Gary Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Kim and Tom Littman Mr. Tim Long Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lowenthal Jackie and Chuck Lurie Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic Mrs. Carlos A. Maldonado James M. and Sonia Malz Dr. and Mrs. Randall E. Marcus, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. David Mast Ms. Steffany Matticola and Mr. Chris Larkins The Maver Family Mr. and Mrs. James May James H. and Kathe Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Bob Merckle Mr. Alan Meyer and Mr. Stephen Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Harold Minoff Ms. Victoria R. Moorehead Mr. and Mrs. Warren Leland Morris Ms. Esther Moss Ms. Sharon Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Greg Muzic Mr. James Nash and Ms. Joanne Kim Mr. Richard Nielson and Ms. Betty Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Gary Oatey Mr. and Mrs. David P. O’Brien Ms. Patricia J. O’Donnell and Mr. Bruce E. Gaynor Ms. Michelle M. Orenick and Ms. Anita T. Orenick Mr. Richard D. Orr Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. Outcalt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Partridge Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Peko David and Margo Petlowany Ms. Charlene Phelps and Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek John Pinkowski MD and Amy Weidman MD Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Popko Ms. Geralyn A. Prince and Ms. Nancy J. Strunak Ms. Sandra Prince and Mr. Jim Stanforth Linda and Victor Prosak Ms. Marie A. Quintana and Mr. Robert B. Sikora Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Rankin Ms. Janet Rapose Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Ms. Rockette Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ruhlman

Dr. Debra Russell Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rzepka Mrs. Barbara D. Salsbury and Ms. Sara Tartaglia Mr. Larry J. Santon Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Kim S. Schrock Mr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Bettina Katz Mrs. Carolyn P. Seelbach Mr. and Mrs. Tim Skola Scott and Lorie Smith Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Ms. Ann Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Soroka Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Spahr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stegens Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. David J. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan, Sr. Mrs. Barbara M. Sutton and Ms. Sarah Young Steve and Sarah Taylor August L. and Shirley Tischer Mr. John A. Veverka and Ms. Lisa Lieben Mr. Paul Vidal and Mrs. Cindy Bodendorfer The Reverend and Ms. Robert Walcott Ms. Margaret Walsh Mr. and Mrs. George Wasmer Mr. Thomas J. Webster Ms. Kirsten West and Mr. Brian Barthelman Ms. Lauren E. West Mrs. Robert York White Fran and Don Willis Richard Wills and Mary Lynn Wills Mr. Charles Wu and Mrs. Annette Kyprianou Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zgonc

Adopt an Animal Donors $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wilber

$5,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kamm $1,000+ Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Blumer Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Mrs. Frederick C. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Moorhead Mr. Gary M. Novotny Ms. Michelle M. Orenick and Ms. Anita T. Orenick Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spilman Mrs. Jeanne D. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werman

Media Partners Cleveland Magazine The Plain Dealer Scene Magazine Stern Advertising Time Warner Cable Twist Creative, Inc. WAKS WBNX WCLV WDOK WENZ WEWS WFHM WGAR WJW WKYC WMJI WMVX WNCX WNWV WOIO WQAL WTAM WUAB WVIZ WWMK WZAK

Matching Gift Companies

AllianceBernstein American International Group Amgen Matching Gifts Program AT&T Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Bank of America Barnes Group Foundation, Inc. Bostik, Inc. CIGNA Matching Gifts Program Computer Associates International, Inc. Dominion Resources Services, Inc. Eaton Corporation FirstEnergy Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation BF Goodrich Foundation John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. IBM Corporation IMG Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies The JPMorgan Chase Foundation KeyBank Lubrizol Corporation Macy’s Systems & Technology McMaster-Carr Matching Gifts Merrill Lynch & Company Moen Incorporated Nordson Corporation Foundation Northern Trust Bank FSB - Ohio Pfizer Foundation PPG Industries Foundation Progressive Co.

The Prudential Foundation Rockwell International Corporation Sprint Foundation Starbucks UBS Matching Gift Program United Technologies Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Major In-Kind Donors Blue Canyon Restaurant Boston Beer Company Carrabba’s Italian Grill Cleveland Coca-Cola Bottling Company Dunkin’ Donuts Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse Great Lakews Brewing Company Hoggie’s Restaurant The Intersoft Group Inc. Kraft Foods Inc. Lights of Fun Nesnadny + Schwartz Orlando Baking Co. Outback Steakhouse Pernod Ricard Rapid Mailing Services Rock Bottom Brewery Sammy’s Catering Sans Souci Shearer’s Foods Fred Trocano Vitamin Water Watt Printers The White Flower Cake Shoppe


Anonymous (4) Ms. Mollie E. Alstott Frederick C. Badt* Testamentary Trust Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Mr. and Mrs. Noel Becker Ms. Ginny Bertram Beth Brandt Sersig Mr. Gary D. Brengartner* Dr. and Mrs. Herschel Cohen Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cowher Mrs. Frederick C. Crawford Mr. John D. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Estate of Helen E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Estes Stanley and Florence (Klier) Fassett Memorial Fund Donna Flammang Ms. Agnes Gaso Estate of Rudolph Gob Ms. Luella A. Goldenbogen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grenig Mrs. Graham Hall Ms. Patricia Heinke Mrs. Ralph Hollander Ms. Elvira Hovan

Mrs. La Veda Kovar* Mr. Edward J. Lautner Bud Lezius Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loftus Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Mandt Dr. Randall E. Marcus Mrs. Marion L. Parmelee Mr. Alfred M. Rankin* Almera Biddulph Reitz* Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Estate of Eleanor M. Rieck Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rispoli Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Ruth Mr. Larry J. Santon Ms. Emily Sapacianu Charles W. Saunders* Charitable Trust Vivian H. Schulze* Trust Ms. Brenda Schuster Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Snead* Miss Patricia A. Stealey, J.D. Estate of Theodore R. Steck Ms. Billie Howland Steffee Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thiel* Mr. Gerald A. Turoczy Robert and Darci Usher Mrs. Leonard VonBenken Mr.* and Mrs. Robert York White Mr. Donald Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zgonc

Honor and Memorial Gifts

In Honor of Jim and Ellen June Cowher Chuck Dombrowski Mrs. Dzuurnak’s 3rd Grade Class at John Glenn Elementary School Maeve Ivy Agnes & Bob Sull Barbara VonBenken In Memory of A. Arthur Bates Gerald N. Cannon Ellen Chinn Jeanne Schlett Clough Chevonne Ecclestone Gennaro Fato Ambrose Fine John H. Gobel Harriet G. Duncan Patricia Hatheway John M. Libassi Mrs. Lewis McCreary James Romantic, Sr. Stanley Stefancic Sr. John F. Wallace Eugene Walter Anne Weber Douglas Wick

This list represents all gifts of $1,000+ cumulative giving between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008. The contributions supported a variety of Cleveland Zoological Society fundraising programs and special events. To provide updated information or to make a gift, please call (216) 661.6500 or e-mail

Swinhoe’s soft-shell turtle

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo conservationists were especially grateful in 2008 after rescuing a critically endangered turtle that was presumed dead after being washed away in a flood in northern Vietnam. The 150-pound Swinhoe’s soft-shell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei), which is the only known living specimen of its kind in the wild, was first discovered by experts Doug Hendrie and Tim McCormack with the Zoo’s Asian Turtle Program. The Swinhoe’s turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in the world and was thought to have been extinct in the wild until the Zoo’s discovery. Three others of the species remain in captivity, including two at a zoo in China and one in the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. The Asian Turtle Program is a special conservation program funded by the Cleveland Zoological Society, in partnership with Education for Nature-Vietnam and The Turtle Survival Alliance.



Board of Trustees Executive Committee Robert S. Reitman* Chairman Emeritus Patrick S. Mullin Chairman Robert J. Rogers President Jeffrey M. Biggar Treasurer

James M. Malz Secretary Virginia D. Benjamin April Boise Muffy Boland Dennis Burnside Michael A. Cogan Daniel E. Klimas

Gordon Anhold Susan D. Austin Pamela H. Blossom Julie Boland Mary O. Boyle Sean E. Boyle Thomas F. Brenner Marilyn K. Brown George S. Coakley* Rachel Y. Daniel Steven J. Demetriou Charles R. Emrick* Sally Everett* Robert U. Fein Lynn M. Ford Gregory D. Friedman* Margaret Fulton-Mueller Susan B. Gascoigne Christopher M. Gorman Carol Hall* Eric S. Hall Sean P. Hennessy Nicole Hilbert Edward W. Hill Bill Kahl Patrick J. Kelly David D. Kempton Deviani M. Kuhar Mary Lynn Laughlin

Bruce G. Popko, Jr. Lorie H. Smith Lauren Spilman Elizabeth T. Fowler** Executive Director Steve H. Taylor** Zoo Director

Carl Lezius* Thomas N. Littman Joseph J. Mahovlic* Randall E. Marcus, M.D. Bernadette M. Mast Steffany Matticola Rosanne M. Oatey James B. Nash David P. O’Brien Patricia J. O’Donnell Daniel O’Loughlin* Jon H. Outcalt, Jr. Drew T. Parobek Thomas A. Partridge Roger F. Rankin Rockette Richardson Jean R. Robertson John E. Rupert* Robert Soroka Billie Steffee* Michelle M. Ryan Stewart Nelson S. Talbott* Nancy Tanis* Iris J. Vail* Michael Vaughn Morton J. Weisberg

(l. to r.) Liz Fowler, Life Trustee Chuck Emrick with wife Liz, and Steve Taylor

(l. to r. front row) Julie Boland, Nicole Hilbert, Deviani Kuhar (back row) Jim Nash, Rob Soroka, Tom Partridge and Eric Hall

(l. to r.) Trustee Lauren Spilman, Zoo Society Board President Rob Rogers, Zoo Director Steve Taylor, Zoo Society Executive Director Liz Fowler and Metroparks Commissioner Bill Ryan at the African Elephant Crossing Groundbreaking

(l. to r.) Metroparks Board Commissioners Fred Rzepka and Bill Ryan, and Trustees Gordon Anhold, Mike Cogan, and Steffany Matticola

ZooSociety Staff

Trustee Rosanne Oatey and husband Gary at ZippityZooDoo

*Life Trustee **Ex-Officio

Cleveland Metroparks David W. Whitehead, President, Board of Park Commissioners William J. Ryan, Vice President, Board of Park Commissioners Fred Rzepka, Vice President, Board of Park Commissioners Vern J. Hartenburg, Executive Director/Secretary

Board President Rob Rogers and Trustee Pam Blossom


Elizabeth T. Fowler, Executive Director Mary McMillan, Director of Finance & Operations Tara Turner, Director of External Relations Fiona M. Green, Manager of Capital & Special Gifts Lisa M. Foster, Corporate Giving & PR Manager Rachael Fuller, Special Events Manager Sue Piatt, Planned Giving and Grants Manager Elizabeth Thibodeaux, Web & Graphic Design Mary Ann Nofel, Executive Assistant & Board Liaison Kim Conrad, Adopt and Animal & ZooTributes Manager Theresa Schneider, Development Associate Linda Stokowski, External Relations Specialist Membership & Development Assistants: Debby Albers Melissa Perry Sue Teckman On-site Sales Representatives: Patricia Evilsizer Patricia Finegan Priscilla Ilyes Stella Klasch Amanda Perry Amanda Porcelli Carmen Ramos-Cain

As the Zoo’s nonprofit advocate and partner, the Cleveland Zoological Society is committed to: • Raising awareness of the Zoo as a community priority • Improving all aspects of the Zoo, from exhibits to programs to daily operations • Giving visitors, members and donors great value for their investment

Cleveland Zoological Society 3900 WIldlife Way Cleveland, OH 44109 (216) 661.6500

Editorial by Lisa M. Foster. Design by Elizabeth A. Thibodeaux. Photos courtesy of Andrew Morrell and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.


Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens fulgens)


Printed on recycled paper.

Cleveland Zoological Society 2008 Annual Report  
Cleveland Zoological Society 2008 Annual Report  

2008 Annual Report