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Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 2 012 A N N UA L R E P O R T



A Year to Celebrate

MISSION The year 2012 was filled with celebrations. Some were bittersweet, some were momentous, others were downright milestones and one was just plain smelly. But each was significant in its own way and contributed to a very memorable year at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. A host of family, friends and colleagues gathered to celebrate the career of Zoo Director Steve Taylor at his retirement party. After 24 years of service to the Zoo, Steve announced in June 2012 that he would retire at the end of the year. The Zoo celebrated again in November when its own Curator of Animals, Dr. Chris Kuhar, was chosen to be the next director. A native of Lorain, Ohio, Kuhar began his career as an intern at the Zoo in 1997 and went on to work at Zoo Atlanta and Disney’s Animal Kingdom before returning to Cleveland in 2008 as a curator. Thousands of guests turned out for a November weekend celebration to mark the 20th anniversary of The RainForest. The two-acre, tropical exhibit transformed the Zoo when it opened in 1992. It changed the Zoo into a true year-round experience and began moving the Zoo into a modern era of exhibit design. It’s no coincidence that The RainForest’s 20th anniversary coincided with the Zoo reaching the amazing attendance milestone of 20 consecutive years with one million or more guests. The Zoo also set attendance records for its best November ever at 55,999 guests and its best Thanksgiving Day ever at 15,249. A number of animal occasions were cause for celebration in 2012, especially the birth of a rhino calf and the arrival of several new species including dingoes, onagers, moon jellyfish and an aye-aye. Throw in a visit from a Food Network film crew, the first-ever bike ride inside the Zoo and a rare blooming of the Zoo’s corpse flower and you have a pretty full year!

We create compelling experiences that connect people with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for conserving the natural world. From the CEO...........................1 Animal Care & Exhibition.........2 Wildlife Conservation...............5 Sustainability.............................9 Conservation Education.........11 Guest Experience...................15 Community Leadership..........17 Management...........................22 Future..................................... 26 Financial Summary..................27 Executive Leadership.............28

So while we pause to look back in this annual report, our eyes are already on 2013’s reasons to celebrate with another full year ahead, including the return of Dinosaurs! and the start of construction on the Circle of Wildlife Carousel.

The opening of The RainForest transformed the Zoo into a true year-round experience, and the Zoo’s attendance numbers prove it! Starting in 1993, the first full-year the exhibit was open, the Zoo has averaged more than 1.2 million visitors a year.

The RainForest


FROM THE CEO As Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland

Steve’s retirement announce-

Metroparks, I thought it would be appro-

ment meant that for the first

priate for me to reflect on the signature

time in over two decades, the

year Cleveland Metroparks Zoo experi-

Park District was faced with

enced in 2012. It was a year of transition,

finding a new Zoo Director.

excitement and change.

Following a nationwide search,

The Park District said goodbye to Zoo Director Steve Taylor, who retired in December after 24 years of dedicated service, a period in which the Zoo flourished. His leadership and guidance facilitated substantial growth for the Zoo, including the 1992 opening of The RainForest, which helped push the Zoo’s annual attendance over the one million

we realized that the best candidate was right in our own Zoo. Our “must have” candidate was the Zoo’s Curator of Animals Dr. Christopher Kuhar. Chris had all of the qualities we were looking for in the next director: the training, the educational background and the life experience. Now we’ve challenged him and his leadership team to boldly move

A special cake representing many of retiring Zoo Director Steve Taylor’s accomplishments was presented to him during his retirement celebration.

the Zoo into its next era of connecting people with wildlife.

create new opportunities for conservation, education and recreation at Acacia

visitor mark for the first time. Steve would

This theme of continuance and cycles

Reservation in Lyndhurst and Rivergate

go on to help realize Wolf Wilderness,

is very fitting as Chris begins his first

along the Cuyahoga River. The 40 million

bring Down Under to the Zoo with Austra-

capital improvement project, the Circle

annual visitors we serve have entrusted us

lian Adventure, take the Zoo’s veterinary

of Wildlife Carousel. The carousel’s

to preserve and protect vital green spaces

expertise to the next level with the Sarah

location on Savanna Ridge will transform

and enhance their quality of life, and we

Allison Steffee Center for Zoological

an underutilized area into a focal point

don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Medicine and then cap it off with the

and help families create lasting memories

$25 million, state-of-the-art African

for generations to come.

Elephant Crossing that opened in 2011.

Our Zoo is a vital component of the Emerald Necklace and as you read

There is much to be excited about

through this annual report we hope you

So I wanted to take the opportunity here

throughout Cleveland Metroparks, and

see the pride we feel in overseeing the

to thank Steve for his service, on behalf of

the carousel project is only the beginning.

legacy of this 131-year-old institution.

myself, the Board of Park Commissioners

Momentum is building across the entire

and the approximately 28,450,000 people

Park District as we move closer to our

who visited the Zoo during his tenure.

centennial celebration in 2017 – with plans to open a new watershed education center in West Creek Reservation, and

The RainForest



Brian M. Zimmerman

CEO, Cleveland Metroparks

The RainForest opened on November 19, 1992.

Strategic Focus Area I

ANIMAL CARE & EXHIBITION The Zoo will exceed industry standards and guidelines for species in its care, and adopt a program of continual improvement. The Zoo will strive to be recognized as a leader in creating high quality, innovative animal exhibits.

Moon jellyfish

A Year of Firsts


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo acquired four exceptional, never-before exhibited species in 2012 including onagers, moon jellyfish, hellbenders and aye-aye, and one species not exhibited in more than 50 years, the dingo. Persian onagers, also known as Asiatic wild asses, arrived through a partnership with The Wilds, a conservation center in southern Ohio, and they now reside in Northern Trek. The addition of an aye-aye was a Persian onager significant contribution to the Zoo’s already impressive and diverse collection of primates. Aye-ayes have a unique appearance (i.e. large eyes, large ears and long fingers) adapted to aid them in hunting insects.

Maintenance >>> Construction • R  enovated the main parlor inside the Elephant Care & Visitor Center, including a new hanging feeder, new heaters and an improved seal around the door.


Two dingo puppies born at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo were given a new home in the Zoo’s Dingoes Australian Adventure, marking the return of a species not seen in Cleveland since the early 1950s.

• T  emporary safety adjustments were made to the Africa Barn to facilitate a special promotion called Hippo Holidays. On designated weekends, guests were able to enter the barn to see the Zoo’s off-exhibit hippo, Blackie. • Upgraded the onager barn and yard. • P  ainted the seal and sea lion exhibit and repaired many of the pumps and valves in the pool. Replaced the roof of the holding building. • Resealed Wolf Lodge roof. • R  enovated exhibits for stonefish and aye-aye in the Primate, Cat & Aquatics building.



Delicate Procedures During the winter/spring of 2011, Zoo animal care staff determined that two sea lions and one harbor seal would need cataract surgery in the near future. Pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) are prone to a variety of ocular problems – most notably cataract formation. Over the next several months, the animals were trained to breathe into an anesthetic mask and accept injections and eye medication. They received presurgical screenings including a thorough cardiac evaluation. In April 2012, a team of pinniped experts came to Cleveland to perform these specialized eye surgeries. The operations were a success and, after an extended post-operative stay in the hospital to monitor their recovery, the animals were returned to their exhibit. Dr. Carmen Colitz, of Aquatic Animal Eye Care in Florida, prepares to operate on Mikey, one of the Zoo’s California sea lions.

2012  Animal Inventory Comparison Terrestrial Invertebrates Species Specimens Colonies

14 49 9

13 39 9

16 39 3

14 29 4

Aquatic Invertebrates Species Specimens Colonies

42 98 36

27 40 24

29 62 21

31 107 20

136 1,116 4

147 1,141 4

151 1,328 3

159 1,343 3

Amphibians Species Specimens Groups

20 141 3

21 83 7

19 66 8

18 56 8

Reptiles Species Specimens

56 156 1

52 154 0

56 171 0

55 129 0

Birds Species Specimens Groups

65 269 1

69 291 2

75 280 3

73 256 3

Mammals Species Specimens

106 372 1

111 389 1

110 384 1

112 361 1

Aquatic Vertebrates Species Specimens Colonies

Total Species Specimens Colonies


2009 2010 2011 2012

2009 2010 2011 2012 439 440 456 462 2,201 2,137 2,330 2,281 55 47 39 39

Serena, one of the Zoo’s new female adult lions

Assimilating the Pride After the death of 14-year-old female lion Chloe, the Zoo did not want to leave her exhibit mate, Moufasa, alone for long. Zoo officials soon learned of a private exotic animal sanctuary in Ohio that was closing due to financial reasons. Among the animals that needed homes were two adult female lions. The Zoo sent a team to assess their health and brought them back to Cleveland. After a slow and steady introduction, the three lions now reside in their habitat together.

Herd Dynamics Jo was one of the most beloved elephants at the Zoo. The elephant keepers were greatly affected by her passing, but were able to take solace in the fact that she spent her twilight years in African Elephant Crossing, the Zoo’s state-of-the-art facility. The Zoo looks forward to an exciting future for its elephant program.


2012  Year in Review

1-Jan-12 1-Jan-12 Species Specimens

Births Acquisitions 2012 2012

Total Deaths 2012

Dispositions 2012

31-Dec-12 31-Dec-12 Specimens Species

Terrestrial Invertebrates Colony Count


39 3





29 4


Aquatic Invertebrates Colony Count


62 21





107 20


Aquatic Vertebrates Colony Count


1,328 3





1,343 3


Amphibians Colony Count


66 8

0 3,728

96 14

4 98

6 3,727

56 8


Reptiles Colony Count


171 0





129 0


Birds Colony Count


280 3

20 19


40 9

24 31

256 3


Mammals Colony Count


384 1

46 65


172 22


361 1


2012 Total Colony Count


2,330 39





2,281 39



A New Home

Eastern black rhino Juba is the first second-generation rhino calf at the Zoo.

Generational Milestone The Zoo’s eastern black rhino breeding program celebrated a true milestone in 2012 – a second-generation birth. In 1997, the Zoo imported Inge, a female rhino from South Africa. In her 15 years at the Zoo, she gave birth to, and successfully raised, four daughters. In July, Kibibbi, one of her daughters, gave birth to her first calf, a male. The strong mothering skills demonstrated by Kibibbi were the assurance the Zoo was looking for that its husbandry of these animals optimizes success rates of calf survival.

The stonefish has the exceptional ability to resemble a rock or lump of coral. Its masterful camouflage skills were not being showcased in its old exhibit and the aquatics keepers felt a new, larger tank would really help communicate the uniqueness of this species. One of the Zoo’s staff carpenters crafted a new exhibit for the stonefish that allows it to show off its naturalistic behavior and blend in with its environment.


Strategic Focus Area II

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – Improving the Future for Wildlife Worldwide Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoological Society directly support wildlife conservation in the field through competitive grant programs. These programs support conservation, field research and educational or cultural initiatives in Africa and Asia that protect and conserve wildlife and habitats, positively impact local people and create opportunities for capacity building. Projects supported in 2012 included:

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION The Zoo will capitalize on the unique role of zoos in saving critically endangered species through ex situ (in zoo) conservation efforts. The Zoo will build on in situ (in the wild) partnerships and forge strong links between our work in the Zoo and our programs around the world.

• Biomonitoring and capacity building in the Bateke Plateaux – Gabon • Minimizing humanwildlife conflict in Kibale National Park – Uganda • Protecting black rhinos from poaching threats – Zimbabwe • Addressing human-lion/cheetah conflict through education – Zimbabwe • Conservation status of the fishing cat – Bangladesh • Saving orangutans by safeguarding their habitat – Indonesia • Community-based gharial conservation initiative – Nepal • Addressing the trade in slow lorises and other primates – Java • Protecting the endemic Philippine tarsier and its habitat – Philippines

The Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration was a grateful recipient of support from the Zoo and the Zoo Society.

The Scott Neotropical Fund provides financial support for the work of conservation scientists and students living and working in Latin America. Projects supported in 2012 included: • Variability and genetic population structure of the coati – Mexico • The prevalence of arenavirus and hantavirus in small mammals – Mexico • Population assessment of jaguars through noninvasive analyses – Belize • Evaluation of functional landscape connectivity for four focal bird species – Colombia • Estimating abundance of critically endangered Darwin’s fox – Chile


• Ecology and conservation of the hoary-fox – Brazil

•C  onservation status of Montevideo red belly toad populations – Uruguay •H  abitat and forest fragment connectivity of the San Martin titi monkey – Peru •P  opulation study of endangered Antillean manatees – Mexico •C  onservation status and distribution of the maned wolf – Paraguay •C  onservation of amphibians and reptiles in the Lacandona rainforest – Mexico


Gorillas Across Africa Workshop in Rwanda In November, Dr. Kristen Lukas attended the second annual “Gorillas Across Africa” workshop at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International’s Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda. The workshop provided a forum for 40 early career African scientists and conservationists to exchange information and best practices in the protection, study and conservation of wild gorillas.

It also provided an opportunity to strengthen the Zoo’s support of gorilla conservation, increase staff engagement with conservation partners and invest in emerging gorilla conservationists. The workshop received significant funding from the Cleveland Zoological Society, the Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation program and the Leiden Conservation Fund.

Dr. Kristen Lukas, the Zoo’s Curator of Conservation and Science, stands with some of the trackers and other participants of the Gorillas Across Africa workshop in Rwanda. Asian small-clawed otter

The RainForest is home to more than 600 animals and 10,000 plants.

The RainForest




2012 Conservation Expenditures In 2012, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Cleveland Zoological Society continued their commitment to conservation by supporting efforts that benefit wildlife and habitats around the world. With the support of Cleveland Metroparks and in partnership with the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, nearly $570,000 was contributed to more than 65 important conservation projects and programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America.

Puerto Rican crested toad tadpoles

Repopulating a Species The critically endangered Puerto Rican crested toad is the only toad species native to Puerto Rico. Its exceptionally low population numbers caused it to become the first amphibian Species Survival Plan participant within the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The Zoo has been working with the toads’ breeding program since 1992, and in 2012, sent its largest clutch of tadpoles to date, approximately 4,500 of them, to Puerto Rico to be released into the wild.

Bat Monitoring

Quarters for Conservation

Cleveland Metroparks and Zoo biologists are monitoring regional bat populations. You may see a bat research vehicle driving slowly through the Park District’s reservations using a special “bat detector” to detect and record bat sounds. This equipment allows researchers to monitor bats without directly handling them.

Guests make a direct impact in the Zoo’s conservation efforts by deciding where a portion of its funds should go with “Quarters for Conservation.” For each admission sold, visitors receive a token representing a Quarter for Conservation. Guests then use their token at a kiosk to “vote” for one of three projects. In 2012, these projects included black rhino conservation in Botswana, gorilla conservation in Republic of Congo and local conservation projects through Cleveland Metroparks.

Cleveland Metroparks bat monitoring project supports U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) national monitoring efforts, and will help document bat population trends and rare or endangered bats in the region. It will also help the USFWS protect bats being affected by white-nose syndrome, a disease that is decimating the bat population in the eastern U.S.

The program raised $63,265 for these three projects – $17,714 (28 percent of votes) supported black rhino conservation, $22,333 (35 percent of votes) supported gorilla conservation, and $23,218 (37 percent of votes) supported regional conservation efforts.

Africa • Elephant Conservation – Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia • Gorilla Conservation – Congo, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda • Rhino Conservation – Kenya, Botswana • Capacity Building & Community Education – Uganda, Cameroon, Congo • Carnivore Conservation – Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe • Ape TAG Conservation Initiative • Madagascar Fauna Group • Human Wildlife Conflict Collaboration Asia • Asian Turtle Conservation – Vietnam, India • Orangutan Conservation – Malaysia • Gharial Conservation – India • Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project – Papua New Guinea • Snow Leopard Conservation – Mongolia • Education for Nature Vietnam, Wildlife Crime Unit – Vietnam • Tiger Conservation – Asia • Prosimian Research & Conservation – Malaysia Latin America • Amphibian Conservation – Panama • Andean Bear Conservation – Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru • Sea Turtle Conservation – Venezuela • ACEER Rainforest Education – Peru • Amazon Adopt-A-School Program – Peru • Amphibian Ark North America • Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society – U.S., Ohio • Polar Bears International – Canada • Bat Conservation International • Butterfly Conservation Initiative – U.S. • Eastern Plains Garter Snake Program – U.S., Ohio • Friends of Big Creek – U.S., Ohio • Turtle Survival Center – U.S., North Carolina Sources of Conservation Funds Cleveland Zoological Society Conservation Fund $100,000 ZooFutures Fund $50,000 Scott Neotropical Fund $51,960 Restricted Zoo Conservation Funds $167,269 Cleveland Metroparks Restricted Conservation Funds Gift Shop Conservation Fund RAIN Conservation Fund Zoo Staff/Program Support American Association of   Zoo Keepers (AAZK)

$53,987 $28,500 $4,400 $94,836 $16,271

Total $567,223



2012 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Conservation Breeding and Management Programs Sorted by Class



Sorted by Class

AMPHIBIA MAMMALIA (continued) Toad, Puerto Rican Crested CR X Capybara Cat, Black-footed CHONDRICHTHYES Cheetah Stingray, Bigtoothed River LC X Colobus, Eastern Black ACTINOPTERYGII and White Barb, Dennison’s EN Deer, Western Tufted Cardinalfish, Banggai EN Elephant, African  Damba, Pinstripe CR Fossa Rainbowfish, Boesman’s EN Fox, Fennec Gazelle, Slender Horned  REPTILIA Gibbon, Mueller’s Gecko, Henkel’s Leaf-tailed VU X Giraffe, Masai Gharial  CR   Gorilla, Western Lowland Iguana, Fiji Island Banded EN X Hippopotamus Monitor, Green Tree Not Listed X Kangaroo, Red Python, Woma EN Kangaroo, Western Gray Skink, Prehensile-tailed Not Listed X Klipspringer Terrapin, Malaysian Koala, Queensland Painted River CR Langur, Francois’ Tortoise, Northern Spider CR X Lemur, Mongoose Turtle, Blanding’s EN Lemur, Red Ruffed Turtle, Indochinese Box CR Lemur, Ring-tailed Turtle, Malaysian Giant Pond EN Leopard, Persian Turtle, McCord’s Snake-necked CR X Leopard, Snow Turtle, Spotted EN Lion AVES Loris, Pygmy Slow Aracari, Green LC X Mandrill Cockatoo, Palm LC X Marmoset, White-fronted Condor, Andean NT X Meerkat Crane, African Crowned EN Monkey, Common Squirrel Crane, Japanese Red-crowned EN X Monkey, Goeldi’s Flamingo, Chilean NT X Ocelot Flamingo, Lesser NT X Onager, Persian Ibis, Scarlet LC X Orangutan, Bornean Kookaburra LC X Otter, Asian Small-clawed Mynah, Bali CR X Panda, Red Spoonbill, Roseate LC X Porcupine, Crested Stork, Marabou LC X Porcupine, North American Stork, White LC X Porcupine, Prehensile-tailed Turaco, Lady Ross’ LC X Rhinoceros, Eastern Black Vulture, Egyptian EN Saki, White-faced Vulture, Hooded EN Sea Lion, California Vulture, White-backed African EN Seal, Harbor Weaver, White-headed Buffalo LC X Sloth, Two-toed Woodhoopoe, Green LC X Spider Monkey, Robust Black Squirrel, Prevost’s MAMMALIA Tamarin, Golden Lion Agouti, Red-rumped LC X Tamarin, Pied Anteater, Giant VU X Tiger, Amur Armadillo, Southern Tree Kangaroo, Goodfellow’s Three-banded NT X Tree Kangaroo, Matschie’s Bat, Egyptian Fruit LC X Tree Shrew, Northern Bat, Rodrigues Flying Fox CR X Wallaby, Bennett’s Bat, Straw-colored Fruit NT X Wallaby, Parma Bear, Andean VU X Wallaroo Bear, Malayan Sun   VU X Wolf, Mexican Gray Bear, Polar    VU X Bear, Sloth       VU X Zebra, Grant’s Bettong CR X TOTALS Bontebok LC X Species Camel, Bactrian CR






X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X   X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

EN CR SSP 26 15 86

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the primary organization for quantifying conservation assessment efforts. The IUCN classifies the conservation status of many species using the following scale: Least Concern (LC) Near Threatened (NT) Vulnerable (VU) Endangered (EN) Critically Endangered (CR) Extinct in the Wild (EW)

Training the Next Generation of Zoo Professionals Cleveland Metroparks Zoo serves as a major academic resource, partnering with local and regional universities including Case Western Reserve University, Cuyahoga Community College, John Carroll University, Malone University, Miami University and The Ohio State University to offer formal training opportunities. The Zoo trained four master’s students and four doctoral students in biology, 48 master’s students in advanced inquiry, nine veterinary students and one post-doctoral fellow in 2012. In addition, training opportunities were offered to 49 undergraduate students through various programs, including a keeper internship. These collaborations permit students to obtain advanced training in institutes of higher education while developing hands-on training in clinical and conservation medicine, conservation education, animal husbandry and research. 8

Strategic Focus Area III

SUSTAINABILITY The Zoo will be a model in sustainability by developing and implementing Zoo-wide green practices and promoting sustainability throughout Northeast Ohio.

Big Creek Water Quality Improvement One of the main sources of water pollution in urban areas is runoff from paved surfaces such as roads and parking lots. One inch of rain falling on a one-acre parking lot can produce 3,450 cubic feet of runoff. The Zoo and Cleveland Metroparks now help stop runoff from the 11 acre parking lot behind The RainForest from entering Big Creek, a tributary of the Cuyahoga River that eventually flows to Lake Erie. A Surface Water Improvement Fund grant of $180,000 from the Ohio EPA led to the creation of a water flow system for the parking lot that diverts, retains and filters runoff from the lot before it enters Big Creek. The new system uses a retention pond and several filters to treat almost 100 percent of the lot’s runoff, keeping harmful contaminants such as road salt, oil and litter out of our area’s local watershed.

Big Creek flows through the Zoo and eventually feeds into the Cuyahoga River.

Once a year volunteers gather at the Zoo for the Big Creek Cleanup.

The RainForest



The Zoo’s newest exhibit, African Elephant Crossing, wasn’t the first capital improvement project to use the framework of an existing structure as the foundation to build something new. The RainForest was built on the shell of a former manufacturing facility that was home to the Fanner Company.


2012  Recycling Initiatives




37 vehicle

29 vehicle


43.53 tons

36.20 tons

Cell phones



3.15 tons

1.36 tons



7.28 tons

8.87 tons



3.65 tons 14.07 tons

2.47 tons 12.87 tons

Computer equipment Fluorescent/other bulbs Glass Inkjet/toner cartridges Metals: Aluminum Copper, iron/steel, etc. Wooden pallets




47.42 tons

37.80 tons


7.14 tons

4.00 tons



Vehicle fluids

519 gallons

785 gallons

Athletic shoes

636 pairs

81 pairs

Recycling receipts




Multiple Energy Efficiency Technologies As part of its ongoing sustainability initiative, the Zoo increased energy conservation by installing efficient components and upgrading current technology at multiple locations throughout the park. The Zoo’s Resource Management Committee worked with the Efficiency Smart program to identify opportunities for additional savings by upgrading existing lighting to more energy-efficient options and replacing pool pumps, air compressors, hot water booster pumps and air conditioning rooftop units with more energy-efficient equipment. The project resulted in a combined annual kWh savings of 185,132, a cost savings of $15,809, for a lifetime estimate of $146,437, and an annual carbon dioxide reduction of 259,770 pounds.

RainForest Repairs The RainForest aviary life-support system upgrade was completed in November. Zoo staff removed the standard efficiency 5HP pump and replaced it with a high efficiency 2HP pump, which will lead to considerable energy savings. Zoo technicians also installed a smaller filter which takes the backwash wastewater from 1,500 gallons to about 500 gallons per event. The rainstorm exhibit was repaired in an effort to modernize some of the aging equipment. An old sand filter and outdated system were replaced with new modern filtration methods. The addition of biological filters will allow for expansion in the collection of fish that are housed in the exhibit.


Maintenance >>> Construction • Repaired and reduced water consumption in several life-support pools. • RainForest hot water tank changed over to heat exchanger to save money by reducing costs associated with frequent water heating. • Planted trees inside camel ride ring in Australian Adventure.


Strategic Focus Area IV

CONSERVATION EDUCATION The Zoo will be the foremost provider of lifelong learning experiences in Northeast Ohio, a trusted voice for wildlife conservation and an inspiration for conservation action.

Volunteers Help Zoo Fulfill its Mission It appears there is nothing the Volunteer staff would not do to help further the mission and success of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. While contributing a total of 50,021 hours in 2012, Volunteers worked dozens of hot and steamy summer days and plenty of frigid winter ones, too. They heeded the Zoo’s conservation call while getting elbow-deep into trash bins to sort bottles, cans and other items during Twilight at the Zoo, decorated cookies and pine cones for December Days, and hosted fans of Blackie during a special visitation event called Hippo Holidays.

Docent Michelle Orenick paints a young visitor’s face during a special event.

2012  Exceptional Service 30 Years of Service Joann Romick 20 Years of Service Jack Abbott Marian Barnes Beth DeGirolamo Neil Heller Susan King Marilyn Reznik 15 Years of Service Mike Clark Susan Clark Helen Heuser Terri Peterson 10 Years of Service Alex Ahmed Eunice Bardoun Rose Becker Bill Berger Sue Berger Tina Geffert Tom Gulick Dona Haschak Debbie Hopp


Barbara King Dominic Libertine Maria McKay MaryAnn McNamara Ron Okicki Ingrid Rinker Dorothy Storts

Cumulative Hours 2,500 Cindy Allen Darlene Cowles Sandra Emery Holly Koppelberger Mari-Joan McGovern

5 Years of Service Helen Allison Mary Babbits George Buchholz Randy Clifford Joan Cramer Lorin DeCamp Joanne Gorges Terry Gorges Bruce Gorrell Sherry Gorrell Jayne Kuhnen Elizabeth Mullaly Freddie Shima Sarah Stroempl Donna Swan Anthony Tilocco Mary Vantz Paul Vidal

1,000 Helen Allison Mary Babbits Lenore Benzon Judy Cantwell Randy Clifford Luanne Gallo Tom Gaumer Joanne Gorges Terry Gorges Wanda Konjati Karin Krugman Theresa Ormandy Sandy Prince Elaine Ross Diane Walcott Tom Webster

500 Louis DeSantis Carol Kontur Lolly Mondak Dolly Rego Cindy Ruhrkraut Ann Snyder Mallory Stokley Bill Wood 2012 Hours 500+ Hours Jim Bogucki Sandra Emery Ingrid Rinker Ann Snyder 200+ Hours Janet Aaron Helen Allison Jim Anderson Linda Ashley Jackie Ashmun Mary Babbits Mary Bartos Frank Bolger George Buchholz

Dane Carney Dottie Carney Linda Clawson Susan Clay Randy Clifford Merriann Cook Ellen June Cowher Louis DeSantis Peggy Drew Betty Dunger Sandy Emery Judy Fox Tom Gaumer Tina Geffert Sandy Gleason Pam Glovitch Joanne Gorges Terry Gorges Tom Gulick Eve Higgins Joanne Higgins Ann Holland Darrell Holland Kathleen Kijek Lynn Kindel Barbara King Carol Kontur

Nancy Koverman Karin Krugman Sandy Kuebler Don Labusky Francine Lamermier Elaine Leickly Paula Longshore Betty Mahjoub Janet Mallula Clinton Many Rosie Mateosky Mari-Joan McGovern Maria McKay MaryAnn McNamara Sharon Mulligan Janey Oper Kathy Pillatt Dolly Rego Bob Reindle Joan Rog Elaine Ross Freddie Shima Shawna Skinner Marilyn Stanton Evie Steinmetz Dorothy Storts Sarah Stroempl


Donna Swan Karen Tabor Sue Van Straaten Mary Vantz Diane Walcott Paul Webster Tom Webster Jody Wilson Bill Wood 150+ Hours Rachel Abernethy Cindy Allen Eunice Bardoun Sue Berger Joan Braun Janice Cudney Jeanette Davis Richard Fox Luanne Gallo Paul Giroski Noreen Janicki Suanne Kochilla Larry Koverman Rita Labusky Lesley Lake Dan McGovern Wendy Medla Juddith O’Donnell Dick Payne Jackie Perchinske Neal Raber Linda Sabovik Sue Sage Doreen Skinger John Swaney Susan Swope Karyn Walters Barbara Weiss Gail Zehnder Completed Docent Hours in 2012 Jack Abbott Marian Barnes Charles Benzon Lenore Benzon Bill Berger Catherine Bock Gayle Card Cecile Coleman Joan Cramer Lorin DeCamp Beth DeGirolamo Shirley Dettman Ethel Evans Juanita Flinner Joy Freda Evelyn Godwin Kathleen Goodwin

Linda Harvey Neil Heller Helen Heuser Linda Hogue Carol Hughes Mike Kellner Susan King Julie Kodish Connie Koehn Cathy Korponic Ann Krepps Jayne Kuhnen Pat Leavitt Amanda Lising Julia Marshall Marion Marshall Sue Monks Vicki Moore Karen Niziolek Linda Okicki Ron Okicki Linda Opaluch Dick Payne Terri Peterson Joan Porter Paul Prasse Sandy Prince Marilyn Reznik Joann Romick Robyn Smith Margaret Wadsworth Kay Wallis David Ward Jan Wolf Completed Service Hours in 2012 Don Abrams Alex Ahmed Bill Anderson Doris Azzarello Gloria Badery Linday Bailey Dolores Barcik Betsy Barker Rose Becker Margaret Bejbl Gail Bobish Barbara Boger Eric Bonder Diane Bruosta Judy Budoi Ray Budoi Buddy Byers Ross Campbell Judy Cantwell Janet Celedonia Donna Childs Mike Clark Susan Clark

Hattie Cline Joy Coleman Carol Cooksey Darlene Cowles Elaine Crisler Anne Crowley Caitlin Culgan Cheryl Danforth Carol Davis Leah Dedrick Henry Dell Joan Demko Lynn Diamond-Braz Emily Dickinson Frank Dirk Mary Dirk Anne Dlugo Sarah Dornbach Gary Dunbar Beverly Ehrhardt Maryann Felgenhauer Jerry Ferguson Pat Finegan Donald Gaston Helen Gaston Pamela Gerhardt Sharon Gettig Elizabeth Gill Janet Glaeser Darlene Glass Bruce Gorrell Sherry Gorrell Trudi Graffius Alba Graziano Linda Green Joanne Gura Donna Hach Stephanie Haines Pam Hamilton Patty Hanley Dona Haschak Thomas Havran Stephanie Hill Susan Holland Lynn Hoose Debbie Hopp Mary Lou Howard Michelle Hrubik Patty Iseli Sue Jachnick Noreen Janicki David Johns Alexis Johnston Joyce Kaufmann Emma Kern Wanda Konjati Ruth Korenchan Rosemary Kovacs Jennifer Kukis Dominic Libertine

Laura Lietz Patricia Looby Mary Lou Maechner George Massa Lolly Mondak Gary Mulica Elizabeth Mullaly Jackie Natt Elaine Obal Linda Olen Paula Orisek Theresa Ormandy Robert Pampanini Jennifer Pearce Morris Pengilly Jo Pokorski Annette Pollarine Johnnie Ratliff Sylvia Revels Karen Riegel Diane Rinaldi Deborah Ross Chris Ruhrkraut Cindy Ruhrkraut Carol Saire Peggy Schaffer Alaina Schraufnagel Sandy Schurdell Sarah Scott Theresa Scott Tibor Simon Daniel Stephens Jennifer Stephens Katrinka Stephens Mallory Stokley Linda Stupica Connie Szuhay Sherry Thaler Lucy Thompson Anthony Tilocco Paul Vidal Bill Vorobej Laurie Vorobej Brittany Wagner Laura Walek Charlotte Wallington Delores Watson Art Watts Joyce Webster Bev Weigl Bob Widdows Dolores Wiemels Laura Williams Wanda Yetter Mary Zammikiel Nathan Zatezalo Renee Zatezalo

The RainForest researcher’s hut teaches messages of education, exploration and conservation.

The Zoo’s new Keeper for a Day program allows guests to get close to animals and see behind the scenes.

2012  Volunteers Docents


Service volunteers


Episodic volunteers


Research volunteers




Total 793

2012  Volunteer Hours Posting








Info. Booth


Special Events


Get Close


Animal Care


Research Hours


Teens/Zoo Crew


Australia Service




Total 50,021

The RainForest




Expanding Education The Zoo’s Conservation Education Division expanded its programming in 2012 to reach new audiences and further the Zoo’s mission of connecting people with wildlife. New and expanded programs included:

Education Specialist Angie Reynolds holds an armadillo for a young guest during a Get Close animal encounter.

• Home-school programs enhance the home classroom by providing interactive science learning opportunities for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. • For students wondering what it would be like to have a career with animals, Keeper for a Day is a one-of-a-kind experience where participants work alongside animal professionals in the Zoo’s Conservation Education Division. • A new Winter Break Camp provided fun and educational options for parents looking to engage their children when school is not in session. • State Certified Preschool Teacher Workshops show teachers how to use the Zoo’s animals and exhibits to weave science into their early childhood lessons through the use of scientific inquiry techniques. • Rising Waters Adult Overnight camps give adults the chance to experience the Zoo as a unique overnight getaway.

A student operates a solar panel with help from Education Manager Chriss Kmiecik.


A Zoo Crew teen collects water samples for an ecology project.

• The Zoo’s Connections to Africa program is now written into the scope and sequence of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. All fifth-grade students participate in an inquiry-based field experience focusing on the Zoo’s African Elephant Crossing. • Zoo Crew teens started an inquiry project to identify levels of sunscreen contaminants in Lake Erie and the ecological consequences of such contamination. The more they learn, the more they continue to refine their methods and search for additional answers.


2012  Library Stats

2012  Zoo Education Programs Formal & informal program participants

2011 2012

2011 2012




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Distance learning program participants*







Number of volunteers

High school program participants

Teacher workshop participants Connections to Africa participants

* Programs were switched to fee-based in 2012, resulting in lower attendance numbers.

The RainForest’s 30-foot Kapok tree is more than 50 feet in circumference and houses a spiral staircase.

The RainForest



Strategic Focus Area V

GUEST EXPERIENCE The Zoo will exceed guest expectations for service and amenities.

Connecting with Guests The focus of the Guest Services staff is one of the seven strategic focus areas in the Zoo’s Master Plan – exceed guest expectations for service and amenities. The expectations for Zoo staff are clear right from the first point of contact: to provide service with a smile to each guest and immediately connect on a personal level. The Zoo does this by searching for the perfect staff candidates and by organizing daily team meetings that promote recognition and excitement.

This year’s one millionth visitor was Tara L. of Parma Heights, Ohio and her three children, Patrick, Piper and Phineas.

2012  Zoo Attendance 2012 1,170,443

Hurricane Sandy

2011 1,318,458

Hurricane Sandy’s high-level winds blew into Cleveland on October 29. The Zoo prepared for potential storm damage by moving unsecured items to safer areas and clearing equipment out of the flood path of Big Creek. By the next morning, the storm had downed many trees and the creek was dangerously close to spilling over its banks. The Zoo made the difficult decision to stay closed for the day, which allowed the staff to focus on removing debris so the Zoo could return to normal operation the very next day.

2010 1,176,919


2009 1,195,280 2008 1,208,379 2007 1,229,273 2006 1,203,403 2005 1,119,478 2004 1,273,519 2003 1,365,571

Grizzly bear


Horticulture Year in Review The Zoo’s eight full-time horticulturists are always busy. There are plenty of projects to tend to across the Zoo’s 183 acres of trees, gardens and landscaping. In 2012, none were more exciting for the Horticulture staff, and possibly the animals, than planting the beginning of a browse garden. Browse is a generic term for any shoots, twigs, leafy branches or other plant material that herbivorous animals might eat. Animal keepers use browse, often trimmed from park trees and bushes, to supplement their animals’ more routine diets. More than 62 trees and shrubs, including Forsythia, Salix, and Malus species, were planted in the Rhino parking lot for future animal enrichment and diet. Overall, Zoo horticulturists planted 103 trees, 154 shrubs, 13,506 annuals, 181 perennials, 5,933 bulbs and 1,333 tropical plants throughout the park in 2012. Boo at the Zoo

Australia Gate Two of the Zoo’s staff welders fabricated a new entrance gate for the Ranch House in Australian Adventure. The original gate was a wooden structure that had deteriorated over years of being exposed to the elements. The final product is a detailed, metal-carved entrance that has ornate doors that allow guests easier accessibility. The new gate is a wonderful artistic enhancement to the authentic Ranch House.

Making Corporate Connections The Group Sales staff continues to promote weddings, picnics, walk-a-thons and other special events. In 2012, Group Sales focused on expanding corporate business meetings and events. The Group Sales and Aramark Catering teams enjoyed hosting holiday parties for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Progressive Insurance, each with more than 600 people in attendance. Twenty-nine other corporate clients took advantage of the Zoo’s facilities for team-building meetings.

The cascade inside The RainForest’s entrance spills 600 gallons of water a minute down a 25-foot fall before a pump recirculates it.

In July, the Horticulture staff celebrated the third blooming of the Zoo’s 18-yearold “corpse flower” that previously bloomed in 2007 and 2010. It grew as much as 3.75 inches in a 24-hour period and topped out at 54.5 inches tall. While in full bloom, the corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanium) emits a rotten meat-like odor.


Maintenance >>> Construction • Replaced wooden walkway to The RainForest with stamped concrete. • Installed landscaping elements around entrance to Cleveland Metroparks administration building. • Completely renovated viewing deck at rhino exhibit and installed new benches and lighting.

The RainForest



Strategic Focus Area VI

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP The Zoo will be a greater civic priority for Northeast Ohio and strengthen the Zoo’s leadership role as one of the top destinations in the area; as a regional economic development driver, and as the wildlife, conservation and sustainability expert.

2012  Presenting Sponsors Event Sponsor

Queensland koala with joey

Working Together The thriving public/private partnership between Cleveland Zoological Society and Cleveland Metroparks continued in 2012, focusing on several initiatives, including: • Zoo Education & Workforce Development: raised funds for scholarships and to broaden access to the Zoo’s Conservation Education programming. • The Zoo Society raised funds in support of a broad range of important animal care needs, including excellent veterinary care and equipment, healthy diet and exercise programs and innovative enrichment initiatives for behavioral and cognitive health. • As the Zoo said a fond farewell to longtime Zoo Director Steve Taylor, the Zoo Society announced the Steve H. Taylor African Conservation Award, in honor of his two great professional passions: African animals and opportunities for zoo professionals to share knowledge. • Working with zoo colleagues across the state, the Zoo and Zoo Society supported the passage of Ohio SB310, historic legislation limiting private ownership of dangerous exotic animals.


20th RainForest Anniversary

Arhaus Furniture

African Elephant Crossing

Fifth Third Bank

Boo at the Zoo

Giant Eagle

Fairytales & Frogs

Arhaus Furniture

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo


Noon Year’s Eve

Dollar Bank

Photo Safari

Discount Drug Mart, First Merit Foundation

Professor Wylde’s Animal Show

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Cleveland Public Power

Senior Safari

Discount Drug Mart, Kaiser Permanente

Summer Day Camp

Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

Teddy Bear Day

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Zoological Society are proud to recognize their donors. Individual Annual Support $25,000+ Karen and Alan Wilber $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Belkin Ms. Laura A. Davis Ms. Margaret Fulton-Mueller Creighton B. Murch and Janice Smith Murch Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spilman Mr. Morton J. Weisberg Mr. and Mrs. Seth White $5,000+ The Ruth and Elmer Babin Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connors Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Michael and Gretchen Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Kalberer Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kamm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Mistysyn Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Osicka

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ratner Ms. Sarah M. Rayburn Dr. Joseph A. Sopko and Dr. Elizabeth MacIntyre $2,500+ Ms. Rachel W. Abernethy Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Anhold Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. James C. Boland Mr. and Mrs. Sean E. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Evans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Even, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Faubel Mr. and Mrs. James L. Francis Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fraylick Mr. Larry A. Gogolick Carol and Graham Hall Albert A. Hanes and Robert E. Hanes Nicole and Stephen Hilbert Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Hilton Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jaroszewski Mr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Kestner Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kilmer Ms. Marci D. Leonian Kim and Tom Littman Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lozick


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic Ms. Steffany Matticola and Mr. Chris Larkins Mr. Bob Merckle Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nagel Ms. Michelle M. Orenick Ms. Shelly M. Peet and Mr. Robert R. Martinko David and Margo* Petlowany Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Petruzzi Mr. and Mrs. Allyn J. Pytel Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smrekar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suerth Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Teel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Vail Ms. Margaret Walsh Ms. Kirsten West and Mr. Brian Barthelman Richard and Mary Lynn Wills $1,000+ Mr. Warren E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Angiocchi Anonymous (2) Mr. James A. Attwood, Jr. and Ms. Leslie K. Williams Ms. Patricia Barz, Esq. and Mr. Herbert P. Wiedemann, M.D. Ms. Vanessa Behrend and Mr. Robert Ellis Mr. Charles E. Bergstresser and Mr. Brandon Bergstresser Ms. Ginny Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bostelman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brenner Mrs. Marilyn K. Brown Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. and The Honorable Nancy A. Fuerst Mr. Wayne W. Bushek Mr. Ross Bushman and Mrs. Meggan Sherlock Mr. and Mrs. Santos Cageao Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Mr. Gerald F. Cannon and Mr. Fred Bamberger Mrs. Susan J. Cannon and Mr. David Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna Dane and Dottie Carney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chodera Ms. Doris Clinton-Gobec and Mr. Matthew R. Gobec Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cogan Ms. Nan Cohen and Mr. Daniel Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Randolph E. Corbin Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Covell Mr.* and Mrs. James E. Cowher Mrs. Margaret D. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Demetriou Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dimling Mrs. John D. Donahey Mr. Michael V. Dzurilla Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ellis

African elephants Willy and Shenga in African Elephant Crossing. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Fein Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Allan Fox Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fox Ms. Joy M. Freda Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Friedt Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gascoigne Mr. Bruce E. Gaynor and Ms. Patricia J O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grazulis Ms. Nancy Hancock Griffith Mr. and Mrs. David Grubb Ms. Barbara A. Haffner and Ms. Paula Haffner Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hall Mrs. Nancy J. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. William R. Harvey Dr. Paul A. Hechko and Dr. Jennifer Hechko Eve Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Justin R. Horton Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Ina Ken and Patti Jacko Daniel and Kimberly Jezior Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jones Ms. J.J. Jursik Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kachmarik Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kalt Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kamins Ms. Janet A. Kappus

The RainForest is a balmy 80°F year-round.

Mrs. Sandra Kiely and Mr. Martin Kolb Ms. Kerry Kipfstuhl Mr. Bill Kirchner and Mr. Michael Kirchner Dan and Carol Klimas Ms. Josephine J. Kobus and Mr. Jason Oglio Dr. and Mrs. Dave Koncal Mr. Eugene Kratus Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Kreidler Mr. and Mrs. John Lane Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Mr. and Mrs. E. Gary Laughlin Ms. Shirley A. Lavalli and Ms. Ann Peters Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Litzler Mr. David C. Luberger and Ms. Rachelle Wagner Jackie and Chuck Lurie Mrs. Carlos A. Maldonado Dr. and Mrs. Randall E. Marcus Mr. Robert J. Marok and Ms. Bridget Assing Marok Bernadette and David Mast The Maver Family James H. and Kathe Mayer Ms. Nancy W. McCann Mr. Chris McDaniel and Mrs. Rande McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Messina Don and Sally Messinger Mr. David Miceli and Mrs. Kimberly Stec Mr. and Mrs. George D. Miller Ms. Victoria R. Moorehead Mr. and Mrs. Greg P. Mulach Ms. Sharon Mulligan

The RainForest




$1,000+ (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Gregg G. Muresan Ms. Susan B. Murphy Randy and Christine Myeroff Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Naro Mr. Ronald Nielsen and Ms. Adrienne Clements Dr. and Mrs. Michael Novak Mr. Steele Nowlin and Ms. Chris Jayjack Mrs. Barbara B. O’Connor and Mr. Kevin O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ollinger Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. O’Neill Mr. Richard D. Orr Dr. and Mrs. Charles O’Shaughnessy Mr. Eric R. Pelander and Ms. Evalyn Gates Jenny and Tony Pelcic Jeff and Debra Perry Mr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Peterjohn Ms. Barbara D. Peterson Mr. James A. Petz Ms. Charlene Phelps and Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek Ms. Darleen M. Price and Mr. Joe Drago Ms. Sandy J. Prince and Mr. Jim Stanforth Linda J. N. and Victor Prosak Pysht Fund Ms. Marie A. Quintana and Mr. Robert B. Sikora Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rebar Mrs. Mary A. Redmon Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reitman Mr. Karl B. Ress and Ms. Mary Klein Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Dr. and Mrs. Brad J. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I. Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Rossborough Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Mrs. and Mr. Abigail Ruhlman Mr. John E. Rupert Mr. Larry J. Santon Mr. and Mrs. Kim S. Schrock Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schubert Mr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Bettina Katz Mrs. Carolyn P. Seelbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Seitz Ms. Rosemary Selepena Jodi Shankweiler Dr. Mona Shay Mrs. Donna L. Shrake and Ms. Brittany Shrake Jackie and Chuck Simon Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Ms. Ann Snyder

The RainForest



Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Soroka Mr. and Mrs. Ethan E. Spencer Ms. Billie Howland Steffee Ms. Diana P. Strongosky Mrs. Barb M. Sutton and Ms. Sarah Young Bud Talbott Mr. and Mrs. John Tanis Steve and Sarah Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thomasson Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Thompson August L. and Shirley Tischer Mrs. Jeanne D. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Jason B. Verderber Mr. John A. Veverka and Ms. Lisa Lieben Mr. Paul Vidal and Mrs. Cindy Bodendorfer The Vogrig Family Robert and Diane Walcott Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Warren Mr. Thomas J. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werman Fran and Don Willis Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wohlfeiler, D.V.M. Ms. Doreen Yashan and Ms. Deb Bryan Dr. Dawn Zacharias and Mr. Paul Zacharias Mrs. Barbara E. Zelley Betty and Don Zgonc Mrs. Martha Zlotnik and Mr. Oscar Berman Zoo Friends - Anonymous

Organizational Annual Giving $50,000+ Fifth Third Bank, Northeastern Ohio Swagelok Co. $25,000+ The Boston Beer Company Cleveland Scene Giant Eagle, Inc. The David Steffee Chair of Veterinary Medicine Gift Fund $10,000+ Aleris International, Inc. Arhaus Furniture Cleveland Hopkins International Airport FirstMerit Bank, N.A. Huntington National Bank Hyland Software Inc. Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of Ohio Lubrizol Corporation Medical Mutual of Ohio & Medical Mutual Charitable Gift Fund The Miller Family Foundation Prince & Izant Co.

$5,000+ ARAMARK Baker & Hostetler LLP Beverage Distributors, Inc. City of Cleveland Cleveland Airport Marriott Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. Dollar Bank Dominion Ernst & Young LLP Findley Davies, Inc. The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation The Hankins Foundation The Jochum-Moll Foundation Jones Day C.A. Litzler Co., Inc. Metro Toyota Parker Hannifin Foundation Jonathan and Meg Ratner Philanthropic Fund RFC Contracting, Inc. Sazerac Company The Sherwin-Williams Company $2,500+ AMCLO American Greetings Corporation Anonymous Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. AssuraMed AT&T b.a. Sweetie Candy Company Inc. Charter One CHASE CLRdesign, Inc. Cohen & Company COIT Cleaning & Restoration Services Ferro Corporation Edward R. & Jean Geis Stell Foundation Marc Glassman Inc. Mattis Y. & Ruth Goldman Family Philanthropic Fund The Carol & Graham Hall Family Foundation Robert E. Hanes Gift Fund Key Foundation KPMG LLP The Laub Foundation Lincoln Electric Company The Edward A. & Catherine L. Lozick Foundation NDC General, LLC Nordson Corporation Omnia: A Telos Co. PNC PolyOne Corp. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Kenneth W. Scott Foundation The Sherwick Fund Squire Sanders (US) LLP Stroud Family Exempt Trust II

The RainForest cost $30 million to build and took eight years to plan.


Vita-Mix Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP The S.K. Wellman Foundation Julius Zorn, Inc. $1,000+ Anonymous (2) AT&T Matching Gift The Bonne Bell Family Foundation Cenergy Ciuni & Panichi Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company Disney Worldwide Services Dominion Resources Services, Inc. Fairmount Minerals Ltd. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Gould Inc. Foundation The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation William E. Harris Family Fund George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Fund Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Jack N. and Lilyan Mandel Foundation The McGinness Foundation Franklin H. & Nancy S. Moore Foundation NACCO Industries, Inc. Newry Corporation Positively Cleveland Spero-Smith Investment Advisors The Helen F. & Louis Stolier Family Trust Teamsters Local Union No. 507

Special Projects & Zoo Education and Workforce Development $100,000+ Eaton Corporation The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation Mrs. Margaret Scott $75,000+ PNC $50,000+ The DBJ Foundation Lubrizol Corporation $25,000+ Lincoln Electric Company Nordson Corporation   $10,000+ ABB Corporation Anonymous The Conway Family Foundation Dominion The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Parker Hannifin Foundation St. Louis Zoological Park Third Federal Savings & Loan

$5,000+ Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Nan Cohen and Daniel D. Abrams Philanthropic Fund Forest City Enterprises Charitable Foundation The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Leiden Conservation Foundation Malone University Medical Mutual of Ohio Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ratner The Sherwin-Williams Company The David Steffee Chair of Veterinary Medicine Gift Fund Roger J. and Madeline L. Traynor Family Foundation Zoological Society of San Diego $2,500+ AAA East Central Berlin Family Educational Foundation The Burning River Foundation Dallas Zoo Mr. and Mrs. James L. Francis Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Ocean Park Conservation Foundation PPG Industries Foundation $1,000+ Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fraylick Mr. Geoffrey S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morris North Carolina Zoological Park San Antonio Zoological Society Schultz & Williams Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Taylor Karen and Alan Wilber Adopt an Animal $10,000+ Karen and Alan Wilber $1,000+ Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Ms. Laura A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Habermann Mr. William W. Harkins and Mrs. Linda T. Harkins Mr. and Mrs. Ron Krisher Ms. Marci D. Leonian Mr. and Mrs. James E. Love Mr. Chris McDaniel and Mrs. Rande McDaniel Mr. Myron D. Moorhead Mr. Gary M. Novotny Ms. Michelle M. Orenick Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Rosebrough Mr. Kevin D. Tolejko Mrs. Jeanne D. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werman Ms. Kirsten West and Mr. Brian Barthelman

Matching Gift Companies Aetna Foundation American International Group Amica Companies Foundation AT&T Matching Gift Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Bank of America Barnes Group Foundation, Inc. BP Corporation North America Inc. CA Technologies, Matching Gifts Program Charles Schwab Foundation CIGNA Matching Gifts Program Dominion Dominion Resources Services, Inc. - Matching Gifts Eaton Corporation Emerson Electric Co. Matching Gift Program Energizer Fairmount Minerals Ltd. FirstEnergy Foundation GE Foundation Matching Gifts GlaxoSmithKline Foundation BF Goodrich Foundation John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. IBM Corporation KeyCorp Matching Gifts Lubrizol Corporation Macy’s Foundation Moen Incorporated NACCO Industries, Inc. - Matching Gifts Nordson Corporation Northern Trust Bank The Plymouth Rock Foundation PNC PPG Industries Foundation Progressive Co. The Prudential Foundation Rockwell International Corporation Runzheimer Foundation, Inc. The Sherwin-Williams Company The Stocker Foundation United Technologies In Kind Donors AMP 150 Restaurant & Bar Cleveland Cupcake Company Cleveland Magazine Creekside Restaurant & Bar Duet Catering Duke Printing Fahrenheit Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse Francine Lamermier Great Lakes Brewing Company Honest House of Blues McHale & Koepke Communications Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar Rapid Mailing Services Saks Fifth Avenue ShurTech Brands, LLC Tree House Gallery Watt Printers



Meerkat In Kind Donors (continued) WDOK /WRMR Whole Foods Market Cedar Center WKRK WNCX WQAL Media Partners CBS Radio Clear Channel Broadcasting The Plain Dealer Radio Disney Stern Advertising WBNX WCLV WEWS WFHM WJW WKYC WNWV WOIO/WUAB Honor and Memorial In Honor Of Rachel Abernethy Catherine Bock Mattis and Ruth Goldman Matt and Fiona Green Carol Hall Rees Heigle Daniel W. and Joan R. Holmes Jim and Mary Lou Howard Grayson Kelly Pat and Claudette Kenney Dr. and Mrs. Randy Marcus Sylvia Reitman

The RainForest



Ingrid Rinker Dan Rocker Rita Tloczynski Mort Weisberg In Memory Of Rita Boncela Jane Brooks James (Jim) E. Cowher Julia Kunes Margaret “Peg” Ostrach Alice E. Petras Rita A. Rudd Irene and Edward Sarian Thomas Shepard Nellie Stamp Sharon Sullivan Helen Wires Michael Wozniak ZooFutures Ms. Mollie E. Alstott Anonymous (5) Frederick C. Badt Testamentary Trust Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Mr. and Mrs. Noel Becker Ms. Ginny Bertram Mr. Gary D. Brengartner* Estate of Helen E. Brown Mrs. Herschel Cohen* Estate of Phyllis and Paul Colarusso Mr. and Mrs. Douglas O. Cooper Mr. * and Ms. James E. Cowher Mrs. Frederick C. Crawford* Mr. John D. Daly Mrs. Margaret D. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Estate of Rita Anna Entrup Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Estes Stanley and Florence (Klier) Fassett Memorial Fund

Ms. Ruth Fish* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Fowler Ms. Agnes R. Gaso Estate of Rudolph Gob Ms. Luella A. Goldenbogen Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Grenig Ms. Carol Hall Ms. Patricia Heinke Mrs. Ralph Hollander* Hazel P. Hostetler Trust Ms. Elvira Hovan Mrs. Burton Jenne Mrs. La Veda Kovar* Ms. Julia Kunes* Mr. Edward J. Lautner* Bud Lezius* Mr. Robert Loftus, Jr. and Mrs. Kathy J. Loftus Mrs. Charles N. Mandt Dr. Randall E. Marcus Mr. Bob Merckle Estate of Marion L. Parmelee Mr. Alfred M. Rankin* Almera Biddulph Reitz Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Estate of Eleanor M. Rieck Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Rispoli Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Estate of Charlotte Ruth Mr. Larry J. Santon Ms. Emily A. Sapacianu Charles W. Saunders Charitable Trust Vivian H. Schulze Trust Brenda F. Schuster Beth B. Sersig Mr. and Mrs. Gail Skinner Estate of Robert and Virginia Snead Miss Patricia A. Stealey*, J.D. Estate of Theodore R. Steck Ms. Billie Howland Steffee Steve and Sarah Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thiel* Mr. Gerald A. Turoczy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell Robert and Darci Usher Mrs. Leonard VonBenken Mr.* and Mrs. Robert York White Mr. Donald F. Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zgonc *Deceased This list represents all gifts of $1,000+ cumulative giving between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. The contributions supported a variety of Cleveland Zoological Society fundraising programs and special events. To provide updated information or to make a gift, please call (216) 661.6500 or e-mail

The RainForest has been the site of many weddings and special events over the years, but the very first wedding reception held inside was for none other than Zoo Director Steve Taylor and his wife Sarah in May 1993.

Strategic Focus Area VII

MANAGEMENT The Zoo will be a robust, fiscally sustainable organization modeling the best business practices with a culture of collaboration, partnership and continual professional development.

2012 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo staff

Connecting People with Wildlife for 130 Years The Zoo marked its 130th anniversary in 2012 with a number of significant achievements, awards and personnel changes. The Zoo’s African Elephant Crossing exhibit received two prestigious awards during the annual Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The AZA awarded African Elephant Crossing with the Top Honor in the Education Award category and a Significant Achievement Award in the Exhibit Design category. The Education Award recognizes outstanding achievement in educational program design and the Exhibit Award honors excellence in live animal display, dedication to conservation issues and vivid simulation of natural habitat in construction.

African Elephant Crossing also garnered two awards from the Ohio Park and Recreation Association, including a first place facilities award and a second place award in the Urban Programs category for Conservation Education’s Connections to Africa program.

The Zoo welcomed a very accomplished new Horticulture Manager, Christopher Lowe, who came to Cleveland from the well-respected Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Columbus, and Cleveland Metroparks welcomed a new Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Roszak.

The Marketing & Public Relations Division coordinated the publication of an official Commemorative Guide with Beckon Books. The oversized, full-color book takes readers through a tour of the Zoo and showcases the state-of-the-art care the animals receive.

Under the leadership of new Executive Director Dr. Chris Kuhar, the Zoo is ready to enter the next chapter in its long and distinguished history of connecting Greater Clevelanders with wildlife.

In addition to the well-publicized retirement of longtime Zoo Director Steve Taylor, several other dedicated staff members closed the book on their Zoo careers, including Associate Curator of Animals Ken Pekarek, General Maintenance Lead Mike Patera and Curator of Birds and Aquatics Stan Searles.

Executive Zoo Director Dr. Chris Kuhar


New Employees


Metroparks Zoo Full & Part-Time Employees (As of December 31, 2012) ADMINISTRATION Zoo Director Steve Taylor Executive Secretary Catherine Thoryk Conservation Education Curator of Education Victoria Searles Education Manager Chriss Kmiecik Christine Korhnak Jim Nemet Manager of Volunteer Services Lynn Charles Education Registration Specialist Starr Kelley Registration Assistant Jeanie Brown (PT) Linda Quast Education Specialist I Kathryn Corr Adriana De Los Santos Chad Fifer Therese Joyce Stacey Panteck (PT) Charlotte Petrie (PT) Angie Reynolds Stephen Schultz (PT) Cathleen Smith D’Edra Thompson Education Assistant (PT) Laura Boswell Mary Liptak Nicole McClellan Michael Milanich Mary Pelton Kristine Rinas Danette Rushboldt Jennifer Senol Jennifer Smith Leila Snodgrass Melissa Tilocco Marjorie Ulyan Carol Ward Amanda Whitener Valerie Yarmesch


Animal Keeper/Show Assistant Kathryn Dagostino Zoo Interpreter (PT) Rebecca Boggs

Rebecca Boggs, Zoo Interpreter

Timothy Carlson, Service Maintenance

Janice Franczek, Admissions Assistant

Ryan Leasure, HVAC Engineer

Charlotte Petrie, Education Specialist I

Nathaniel Schierman, Animal Keeper

Thomas Spiewacki, HVAC Engineer

Brian Wood, Lead Service Maintenance

Interactives/ Electronics Technician Paul Valley

Lead Service Maintenance – Days Ronald Bittner Robert Puntel

Service Maintenance I Oscar Allen Jackie Freeman Michael Fronckowiak Deborah Gamble Darryl Graham Derrick Jones Elizabeth Soltesz Demetrius Winters

Guest Services Operations Manager Weldon Maples

Guest Services

Guest Services Associate (PT) Joyce Ohlrich Gloria Roman Theresa Tompkins

Media Coordinator (PT) Nicolas Kiehl Educational Media Assistant Luke Weiss Bus Driver (PT) Denice Johnson Thomas Mayne Edward McKenna Facility Operations Superintendent Elizabeth Geith Systems & Records Administrator Ann Kaminsky Secretary Linda Baszak Manager of Buildings & Facilities Jack Ringstmeier Lead General Maintenance Michael Patera General Maintenance Michael Bonezzi Dominic Burton Jeff Chenoweth Paul Dzurik David Kowall Jean Lang Gary Molle Michael O’Brien William Ochmanski George Skarl Chuck Wade Donald Wilson Lead HVAC Engineer Gordon Cerney HVAC Engineer Robert Andrassy John Coulter Robert Kras Ryan Leasure Thomas Spiewacki

Life Support Systems Technician Michael Burcewicz Lead Mechanic Steven Krauth Mechanic Bradford Fairchild Timothy Szarafinski Manager of Horticulture Christopher Lowe Lead Horticulturist Jeffrey Deluca Horticulturist Pebbles Bush Robert Clarkin Eric Himmelman Dana Lamphier Kevin Mackin Teresa O’Kelly Timothy Peters Manager of Grounds & Services – Days Patricia Cayton Recycling & Compost Coordinator Nancy Hughes

Service Maintenance II William Beckrest Frank Costanzo Lawrence Greene Mary Ann Horton Audrey Lewis Kathy Monreal Russell Verlinden Virginia Viscomi Rocco Yascone Michael Yznaga Truck Driver Kelvin Mack Service Maintenance (PT) Patricia Brom Timothy Carlson Manager of Grounds & Services – Nights Robert Porvasnik Lead Service Maintenance – Nights Brian Wood

Manager of Guest Services Edith Ricchiuto Admissions Manager Theresa Moore Lead Cashier (PT) Beth McDade Admissions Assistant (PT) Irma Alvarez Sulma Espendez Janice Franczek Group Sales Manager Stacy DeChant Group Sales Representative Anne Madigan Evan Zuzik (PT)

Assistant Operations Specialist Albert Martin (PT) Lead Guest Services Associate (PT) Ethan Rivera

Guest Services Secretary (PT) Janice Scigliano Rides/Transportation Lead (PT) Thomas Livingstone Rides/Transportation Driver (PT) William Ingram John Orzel


Christopher Lowe, Manager of Zoo Horticulture

Stacey Panteck, Education Specialist I

Zoo Marketing & Public Relations

Aimee Kindry June Madamba, Jr. Tiffany Mayo Meghan McNamara Maureen Meslovich Kelly Morgan Rick Moxley Michelle Peck Jeff Polcen Allyson Price Brian Price Mark Rehling Joe Ropelewski Nate Schierman Kevin Scotti Meghan Sharp Rose Sharp Natalie Siek Shelly Stecklow Dawn Stone Heather Strawn Stefanie Titterington Jeanette Trusnik Claire Winkler David Winkler Mary Yoder Patty Young Nicholas Zarlinga Michael Zinter

Manager of Marketing & Public Relations Susan Allen Marketing & Public Relations Specialist Laura Andrews Joanne Clemens Thomas Robatin Joe Yachanin Zoological Programs Curator of Animals Andi Kornak Christopher Kuhar, Ph.D. Associate Curator of Animals Lynn Koscielny Christopher Peterson, R.V.T. Tad Schoffner Travis Vineyard Lead Animal Keeper Pamela Bowman George Buehner Deb Copeland Scott Parish Terri Rhyner Alisa Sandor Andrew Smyser Mitch Zverina Animal Keeper Kristy Becka Elliott Burton Joseph Carroscia James Casteel Mark Chase Maria Clapp Leroy Daugherty Curtis Gindlesperger Julie Good Calvin Harpe Micki Hollan-Muss Rebecca Johnson Steve Kinczel

Animal Registrar Pamela Krentz

Endocrinology Lab Manager Laura Amendolagine

Operations & Database Coordinator Nichole Collins

Epidemiologist (PT) Patricia Dennis, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Annual Fund Manager Kim Conrad

Hospital/ Medical Records Administrator Linda DeHoff, R.V.T. Animal Health Technician Sharon Gehri, R.V.T. Sheena Koeth, R.V.T. Animal Health Technician (PT) Kevin Roxbury, R.V.T. Business Specialist/ Analyst Jennifer Jackson

Assistant to E. Fowler & Board Liaison Mary Ann Nofel Membership Coordinator Jason Orlando Membership & Development Specialist Amanda Perry Melissa Perry

Secretary (PT) Robin Gere

Manager of Corporate & Foundation Giving Brendan Reynolds

Cleveland Zoological Society

Marketing & New Media Assistant Gina Stem

Executive Director Elizabeth Fowler

Web & Graphic Design Elizabeth Thibodeaux

Director of Development Fiona Green Director of Finance & Operations Mary McMillan Coordinator of Development Research & Stewardship Christina Aldrich

Donor Relations Officer Karen Tigue Membership Manager Lee Weber On-site Sales Team Pat Finnegan Linda Green Carmen Ramos-Cain

Cassella, C.M., Mills, A., Lukas, K.E. Prevalence of regurgitation and re-ingestion in orangutans housed in North American zoos and an examination of factors influencing its occurrence in a single group of Bornean orangutans. Zoo Biology. 31(5): 609-612. 2012. Fuller, G., Kuhar, C.W., Dennis, P.M., Lukas, K.E. A survey of husbandry practices for Lorisid primates in North American zoos and related facilities. Zoo Biology. 32(1): 88-100. 2012. Joyce, T.A. Foreseeing the Future. InterSection. 1(6): 4-5. 2012. Kornak, A.M. Roan Antelope Studbook. Silver Spring, MD: Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 2012. Kuhar, C.W., Bettinger, T.L., Lehnhardt, K., Cartwright, B., Cress, D. Education program evaluation at multiple primate sanctuaries in equatorial Africa. International Journal of Primatology. 33(1): 208-217. 2012. Kuhar, C.W., Fuller, G.A., Dennis, P.M. A survey of diabetes prevalence in zoo-housed primates. Zoo Biology. DOI: 10.1002/zoo.21038. 2012. Less, E.H., Kuhar, C.W., Dennis, P.M., Lukas, K.E. Assessing inactivity in zoo gorillas using keeper ratings and behavior data. Applied Animal Behavior Science. 137(1-2): 74-79. 2012. Lukas, K.E., Elsner, R., Long, S. Population analysis and breeding plan for western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Silver Spring, MD: Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 77 pp. 2012. Nielsen, B.D., Vick, M.M., Dennis, P.M. A potential link between insulin resistance and iron overload disorder in browsing rhinoceroses investigated through the use of an equine model. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 43(3s): S61-S65. 2012. Searles, V. OPRA Connections Magazine. Winter Edition, 2012. Vick, M.M., Bateman, H.L., Lambo, C.E., Swanson, W.H. Improved cryopreservation of domestic cat spermatozoa in a chemically defined medium. Theriogenology. 78(9): 2120-2128. 2012.

Associate Registrar Gloria Rivera Associate Research Curator Mandi Schook, Ph.D.

Vick, M.M., Wildt, D.E., Turner, J.B., Palme, R., Wolfe, B.A., Pukazhenthi, B.S. Glucocorticoid response to changes in enclosure size and human proximity in the Persian onager (Equus hemionus onager). Stress. 15(1): 52-61. 2012.

Chief Veterinarian Albert Lewandowski, D.V.M.


Staff Veterinarian Michael Selig, D.V.M.

Corr, K. Mission Accomplished But Never Completed. Project Dragonfly World Community Conference. December, 2012. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Curator of Conservation & Science Kristen Lukas, Ph.D. Associate Conservation Curator Kimberly Gopp, M.S.

Special Events Manager Rachael Fuller


Corr, K. Teaching Conservation Through Action: Inquiry-Based Graduate Programming. NAAEE Annual Conference. October, 2012. Oakland, California. Barred owl



Presentations (continued): Dennis, P.M. Conservation Research. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2012. Phoenix, Arizona. Fuller G., Raghanti, M.A., Vick, M.M., Kuhar, C.W., Dennis, P.M., Lukas, K.E. A Pilot Study of the Effects of Light Exposure on Salivary Melatonin in the Potto (Perodicticus potto) and Pygmy Loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus). International Primatological Society. August, 2012. Cancun, Mexico. Kornak, A.M., Murray, M.J., Rowan, A., Bolen, B., Vacco, K. African Painted Dog Husbandry Workshop. AAZK National Conference. September, 2012. Syracuse, New York. Less, E.H. Healthy Diets, Healthy Weights, Healthy Gorillas. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. March, 2012. Cleveland, Ohio. Lewandowski, A. Ohio’s Dangerous Wild Animal Legislation. Ohio Scientific Education and Research Association. March, 2012. Columbus, Ohio. Lowe, C.L. Deer Control Efforts at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Annual Meeting of the Association of Zoological Horticulture. October, 2012. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Kissimmee, Florida. Lukas, K.E. The ABC’s of Managing Males in the Gorilla SSP: Advanced Planning, Behavior Management, and Cooperation. International Gorilla Workshop. June, 2012. Apenheul Primate Park, Netherlands. Lukas, K.E. Gorillas Across America: How (and Why) We Cooperate to Manage Western Lowland Gorillas in Zoos. Annual Gorillas Across Africa Workshop. November, 2012. Karisoke Research Center, Musanze, Rwanda. Lukas, K.E. More than Meets the Eye: The Science Behind Managing a Healthy Population of Gorillas Within and Beyond the Borders of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute’s Science Café. September, 2012. Cleveland, Ohio. Searles, V. Is Our Audience Getting the Message? A Case Study: African Elephant Crossing. Annual Regional Parks Conference. January, 2012. Kirtland, Ohio. Searles, V. Why Zoos and Aquariums Matter: Working with Community Perceptions to Achieve Your Goal. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2012. Phoenix, Arizona. Schafer, J. How Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Created an Online Teaching Tool Called a Virtual Learning Environment. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2012. Phoenix, Arizona.

Schafer, J. How Evaluation Shaped the Development of a Web-based Virtual Learning Environment at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2012. Phoenix, Arizona. Vick, M. Noninvasive Monitoring of Reproductive Hormones in Fecal Samples from Sloth (MelurAfrican hedgehog sus ursinus) and Andean (Tremarctos ornatus) Bears, Preliminary Findings. International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology. September, 2012. Vienna, Austria. Vick, M. Semen Banking and A.I. in Equus hemionus: Tools for Sustainable Population Management. International Wild Equid Conference. September, 2012. Vienna, Austria. Young, P. Mayo, T. Starting Off on the Right Paw: The Importance of Training During Quarantine and Cooperation Among Different Animal Areas to Ensure a Smooth Transition for 3.1 Grizzly Bear Cubs. AAZK National Conference. September, 2012. Syracuse, New York.

Awards and Honors: African Elephant Crossing. Association of Zoos & Aquariums Exhibit Award – Significant Achievement. African Elephant Crossing. National Association of Interpretation Media Award – Second Place – Wayside Exhibit. African Elephant Crossing. Ohio Park and Recreation Association – 2012 OPRA Awards of Excellence – First Place – Facility: $2.5 Million – Higher.



Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. Ohio Museums Association – Gold Award – Budget Level 6 – African Elephant Crossing Press Pack. Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. Ohio Museums Association – Honorable Mention – Budget Level 6 – African Elephant Crossing Campaign.

Professional Leadership: Allen, Susan. Board Member, Shoes and Clothes for Kids; Board Member, Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation; Board Member, Prevent Blindness Ohio. Andrews, Laura. Faculty Instructor, Department of Communications Studies, Kent State University. Bush, Pebbles. Master Certified Nursery Technician, Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association. Clarkin, Robert. IPM Committee and Conservation Committee, Association of Zoological Horticulture.

African Elephant Crossing Education Program. Association of Zoos & Aquariums Education Award – Top Honors.

DeHoff, Linda. Adjunct Faculty, Cuyahoga Community College Veterinary Technician Program; Fiscal Officer, Medina Township.

Cleveland Zoological Society. Public Relations Society of America. Zoo Education and Workforce Development.

Fowler, Liz. Board Member, Executive Committee Member, LAND Studio; Core Team Member, Great Lakes Biomimicry Collaborative.

Connections to Africa. National Association of Interpretation Media Award – Second Place – Curriculum Category.

Himmelman, Eric. Certified Zoo Horticulturist, Association of Zoological Horticulture, Inc.

Connections to Africa. Ohio Park and Recreation Association – 2012 OPRA Awards of Excellence – Second Place – Urban Programs. De Los Santos, Adriana. Kaleidoscope Magazine – 40 Under 45 Club. Joyce, Terry. National Association of Interpretation Media Award – Outstanding Interpreter Award 2012 from ZWPA and NAI.

The RainForest

Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – Brass Ring Awards – Marketing Excellence – Public Relations Programming – Class 2 – Zoos and Aquariums.

Joyce, Terry. Secretary-Treasurer, Zoos, Wildlife Parks & Aquaria Section of the National Association for Interpretation. Kaminsky, Ann. Membership/Administrator, Aquarium & Zoo Facilities Association. Krentz, Pam. President, Zoological Registrars Association. Lamphier, Dana. Certified Arborist, International Society of Arboriculture; Certified Treecare Safety Professional, Tree Care Industry Association, Inc.

Every 12 minutes, sounds of thunder draw visitors to The RainForest’s Tropical Rainstorm, complete with lightning and rain.



Lewandowski, Albert. Dangerous Wild Animal Advisory Board, State of Ohio; Associate Editor, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine; Adjunct Faculty, Cuyahoga Community College Veterinary Technology Program. Lowe, Christopher. Board of Directors, American Community Gardening Association; Program Selection Committee, American Public Garden Association. Molle, Gary. Chair, Honors and Awards Committee, Aquarium & Zoo Facilities Association. Patera, Mike. Treasurer, Aquarium & Zoo Facilities Association. O’Kelly, Teresa. Conservation Committee, Association of Zoological Horticulture. Searles, Vicki. Cleveland’s Near West Side Community Council Education and Learning Strategy Leader; Adjunct Instructor, Miami University Graduate School. Taylor, Steve. Board Member, National Elephant Center; AZA Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee Member.

Scientific Leadership: Dennis, Pam. Chair, AZA Animal Health Committee; Ape TAG Veterinary Advisor; Gorilla SSP Veterinary Advisor. Fifer, Chad. Advisor, Red Panda SSP Education; Advisor, Red Panda Survival Plan. Kmiecik, Chriss. Andean Condor SSP Steering Committee; Andean Condor SSP Education Liaison. Korhnak, Christine. AZA Conservation Education Committee Member. Kornak, Andi. African Painted Dog SSP Co-Coordinator; Roan Antelope SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper. Kuhar, Christopher. Vice-Chair, Animal Welfare Committee; Vice-Chair, Prosimian TAG; Chair, Pygmy Loris SSP; Zoo Biology Editorial Board. Lukas, Kristen. AZA Ape TAG Steering Committee Member; Chair, Gorilla SSP; AZA Research and Technology Committee Member; AZA Field Conservation Committee Member. Poynter, Brad. Batagur Affinis Studbook Keeper. Schoffner, Tad. Mongoose Lemur Studbook Keeper. Searles, Vicki. AZA Conservation Education Committee Regional Communication Liaison; Champion of Research Initiative; Board Member, Cleveland Regional Council for Science Teachers. Stone, Dawn. Vice-Chair, Ring-Tailed Lemur SSP. Vick, Mandi. Endocrine Scientific Advisory Group Steering Committee; AZA Research and Technology Committee Advisor. Vineyard, Travis. Sloth Bear and Asiatic Black Bear Studbook Keeper.

If 2012 was a year of change, then 2013 will be a year of exciting progress. For the first time in more than two decades, we have a new Executive Director of the Zoo. This, and other fantastic additions to our already world-class staff, gives us the enthusiasm and skill sets to do amazing things, perhaps even change the world. With a new master plan, we have set a bold course for the future. With a Circle of Wildlife Carousel already in the design phase, we will push forward on capital improvements that allow our guests to more fully enjoy their Zoo experience, and allow our staff to continue our world-class animal care programs. 2013 will bring an increased emphasis on conserving wildlife and wild places. The Zoo’s Quarters for Conservation program has enabled us to put even greater funds toward conservation, both in Northeast Ohio and around the world. We will also protect our natural resources by becoming more sustainable. From zerowaste events to decreased energy usage, our focus is on protecting our precious resources. All of this comes back to discovery. The Zoo’s award-winning education programs provide the framework for children and adults alike to learn as they explore and take action. That is our mission. We seek to provide experiences that inspire our guests to take personal responsibility for conserving the natural world. In 2013 we begin to implement a master plan that will take us through 10 years and beyond. The plan moves us forward and helps us become an invaluable resource to our community while making the world a better place. Come join us on this adventure! 26

FINANCIAL SUMMARY 2012  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo



Revenues & Support Gate Fees Membership Transfers Train Concessions Rentals Miscellaneous Subtotal – Earned Revenue Subtotal – Metroparks Operating Subsidy Total Revenues & Support

$4,310,673 $3,846,556 1,928,997 1,864,384 164,393 170,468 1,483,117 1,276,416 414,274 212,571 498,450 681,655 8,799,904 8,052,050 10,397,463 10,278,016 $19,197,367 $18,330,066

xpenditures E Salaries & Benefits Utilities Animal Feed & Supplies Fleet Maintenance Property Repair & Maintenance Education Supplies Marketing/Advertising Miscellaneous Supplies/Services Total Operating Expenditures

$13,754,523 2,363,193 781,802 284,579 384,296 207,639 545,051 876,284 $19,197,367

etroparks Capital Fund M Zoo Capital Expenditures Total Zoo Subsidy

$1,218,792 $814,706 $11,613,656 $11,091,762

estricted Funds R Total Revenue (Primarily Zoological Society) Operating Expenditures Capital Expenditures Total Restricted Expenditures

$13,548,603 2,078,606 841,238 251,866 368,709 183,147 340,883 717,014 $18,330,066



$506,050 $1,199,502

$581,346 $347,898



Roseate spoonbill

2012  Cleveland Zoological Society


evenues & Support R Membership Contribution & Support Contributions to Capital Campaign* Investments/Trusts Total Revenues & Support xpenses E Distribution to Metroparks *Cash & pledges; not expenditures

The RainForest




$2,888,414 $2,698,327 2,470,468 3,195,563 1,701,135 – 129,733 836,100 $7,189,750 $6,729,990 $2,568,349 $3,722,158

$2,769,704 $2,442,761 Ring-tailed lemurs

Five animals from The RainForest’s opening day in 1992 still live in the exhibit: one prehensile-tailed skink, one scarlet macaw and three roseate spoonbills.


Zoo Society President Virginia “GiGi” Benjamin, Executive Director Elizabeth Fowler and Zoo Director Steve Taylor Executive Leadership First row: Bruce G. Rinker, Debra K. Berry, Dan T. Moore Second row: Brian M. Zimmerman, The Honorable Judge Anthony J. Russo, David J. Kuntz

Cleveland Zoological Society Executive Committee 2012

Board of Park Commissioners

Cleveland Metroparks Staff

The Honorable Judge Anthony J. Russo, Appointing Authority Board of Park Commissioners

Brian M. Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer David J. Kuntz, Chief Financial Officer

Virginia D. Benjamin, President

Dan T. Moore, President

Steve H. Taylor, Zoo Director

Eric S. Hall, Treasurer

Debra K. Berry, Vice President

Joseph Roszak, Chief Operating Officer

Justin R. Horton, Secretary

Bruce G. Rinker, Vice President

Susan Allen, Interim Chief Marketing Officer

Elizabeth T. Fowler (ex-officio)

Rosalina M. Fini, Chief Legal & Ethics Officer

Dennis R. Burnside

Harold G. Harrison, Chief Human Resources Officer

Lydia L. Harrington

Editorial: Steve H. Taylor, Susan Allen and Joe Yachanin Graphic Design: Wendy Armon, McHale & Koepke Communications Photography: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Zoological Society and Photo Safari participants

Robert S. Reitman, Chairman Emeritus Robert J. Rogers, Chairman

Steve H. Taylor (ex-officio) James L. Francis

Richard J. Kerber, Chief Planning & Design Officer

Thomas N. Littman

Dan Veloski, Interim Chief Ranger

Lauren B. Spilman

Sean McHugh, Executive Director of Golf Operations

Michael D. Vaughn

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is owned and operated by Cleveland Metroparks, a separate political subdivision of the State of Ohio. The Park District is governed by Cleveland Metroparks Commissioners, composed of three citizens who serve three-year terms without compensation. Board members are appointed by the senior judge of the Probate Court of Cuyahoga County.

The Cleveland Zoological Society is a nonprofit corporation established to support the Zoo and its programs. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Margaret Ratner

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Institutions that earn AZA accreditation achieve rigorous standards for animal care, education, wildlife conservation and science. The AZA is building North America’s largest wildlife conservation movement by engaging and inspiring 143 million annual visitors and their communities to care about and take action to help protect wildlife.


3900 Wildlife Way Cleveland, Ohio 44109 (216) 661-6500 Š 2013 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Annual Report 2012  
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