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BIG Year

Looking back over 2011 a single word comes to mind – big. It was a very big year for Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, one of the biggest ever in fact. African Elephant Crossing, the Zoo’s new $25 million state-ofthe-art exhibit, opened with five adult elephants, including Willy, who at 12,000 pounds is the largest animal to ever live at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Female Kallie came to Cleveland in November, bringing the number of elephants to six. The four-day grand opening celebration was one of the largest in recent memory at the Zoo with government officials, media outlets and tens of thousands of visitors attending over the exhibit’s first weekend. The Zoo’s largest baby, 1,000 pound rhino Johari, celebrated her first birthday, four orphaned grizzly bear cubs arrived, baby swans were released into the wild, our iPhone app launched, the Zoo had its 45th giraffe baby and Hollywood legend Betty White visited us! If that wasn’t enough, the Zoo broke the 1.3 million visitor mark for only the fourth time in its history and broke a number of other attendance records as well including best June ever at 252,611, best November at 52,565, best single day (24,976), best Mother’s Day (16,303) and best Thanksgiving Day (9,335). Now the Zoo starts planning for the next big thing. So take one last look back with us at 2011 in this report – while we head back to the planning table.

MISSION We create compelling experiences that connect people with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for conserving the natural world.

From the Director..................... 1 Animal Care & Exhibition......... 2 Wildlife Conservation............... 5 Sustainability............................ 9 Conservation Education......... 11 Guest Experience.................... 15 Community Leadership.......... 17 Management........................... 22 Future..................................... 26 Financial Summary................ 27 Executive Leadership............. 28

FROM THE DIRECTOR Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is more than a place to see animals. Just a glance through this annual report reveals some of the many layers of this world-class institution. We are continually developing innovative ways to care for our animals. We breed highly endangered species such as the beautiful little black-footed cat. Our scientists help explain the mysteries of animal behavior, animal health and physiology. Dr. Pam Dennis and graduate student Elena Hoellein Less’s research on gorilla heart disease was featured in the August 2011 issue of National Geographic. We are a “green zoo” and getting greener every year. The Conservation Education staff developed new educational programs for African Elephant Crossing, highlighted on page 11. The Zoo continually improves services for its guests such as opening the new Wilderness Grill in spring of 2011. And the Cleveland Zoological Society had a banner year finishing the capital campaign for African Elephant Crossing at $12.8 million, $300,000 over the goal. These occurrences, along with the tremendously successful opening of the $25 million African Elephant Crossing, have put Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in the company of some of the most elite zoos in the world. Despite record rainfall in 2011 (12 inches over the past record!), we had 1,318,458 guests visit the Zoo. Membership in the Zoo Society reached an all-time high of 44,869 households. Zoo volunteers donated a record 51,582 hours assisting with programs. Revenue was $702,386 above projection and $1,708,835 above the previous year. The community’s response to the opening of African Elephant Crossing, the return of the Zoo’s three elephants and the


The new Wilderness Grill concession stand (left) opened under the Fulton Road bridge in spring 2011 to replace one that had to be torn down during the bridge’s reconstruction.

The kgotla (goat-la) inside African Elephant Crossing is modeled after a traditional African village meeting place in Botswana.

acquisition of three additional elephants made 2011 one of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s best years ever! The year was not without its challenges though. Cleveland Metroparks saw a reduction in its revenue anticipated from the state (as did all local governments). Everyone worked through this challenge so there were minimal affects on animals, maintenance and guest services. The staff also spent considerable time cleaning up the Zoo after two major floods.

To everyone involved in the success of 2011, from past and present members of the Board of Park Commissioners and Metroparks Executive Director Brian Zimmerman, to his staff and the staff and volunteers at the Zoo, THANK YOU very much for a great year.

Steve H. Taylor Zoo Director


Strategic Focus Area I

Animal Care & Exhibition The Zoo will exceed industry standards and guidelines for species in its care, and adopt a program of continual improvement. The Zoo will strive to be recognized as a leader in creating high quality, innovative animal exhibits.

Grizzly bear cubs

Furry Foursome The Zoo acquired two sets of orphaned grizzly bear cubs during the summer: two males from Montana, and a male and female from Wyoming. The brothers from Montana were only a few months old when they arrived in Cleveland. They adjusted quickly and were instant favorites with guests, who were able to choose their names, Cody and Cooper, in an online “Dub the Cubs” poll. Within a couple months, the Zoo received a call for a second set of cubs. A five-month-old brother and sister arrived in August. A second “Dub the Cubs” poll was run and the newly named cubs, Cheyenne and Jackson, joined the Montana brothers on exhibit. Two of the cubs will move to the Akron Zoo in late 2012. In the meantime the four cubs enjoy each other’s company and delight visitors.


Expanding the Herd Three new African elephants joined the Zoo’s existing herd of three female elephants in 2011. A 28-year-old female elephant named Shenga arrived in Cleveland in March from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. She was the first new elephant at the Zoo since 1997. Shenga was followed in April by Willy, a bull elephant from Disney’s Animal Kingdom near Orlando. Willy is one of the largest bull elephants in North America with a shoulder height of 11 feet and a weight of nearly 12,000 pounds! Despite his imposing size, Willy has proven to be a gentle giant and quickly became a visitor favorite. A female elephant named Kallie transferred to the Zoo from the International Conservation Center in Somerset County, Pennsylvania in early November. She was loaned to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo from the Philadelphia Zoo who owns her. The Zoo’s current herd of six elephants is the largest in its 130-year history. 2


Small Mammals, Big Successes With the return of elephants, giraffe births, shipment of rhinos and arrival of grizzly bears, the Zoo had a big year with a number of big animals, but big can also be a relative term. In 2011, the Zoo successfully bred capybaras, the largest rodent, for the first time in more than 10 years. The breeding was recommended by the Capybara Species Survival Program in an effort to increase the population in AZA-accredited facilities. In addition, some of the biggest successes were with some of the smallest animals. The Zoo continued

Black-footed kittens

its success with breeding blackfooted cats (the smallest African cat species), bush babies (half-pound primates), and elephant shrews (tiny insectivores). Several of these animals have moved to other facilities where they are helping grow sustainable AZA populations.

2011  Animal Inventory Comparison

2008 2009 2010 2011

Terrestrial Invertebrates Species Specimens Colonies

12 14 13 16 37 49 39 37 10 9 9 5

Aquatic Invertebrates Species Specimens Colonies

155 42 27 27 534 98 40 32 56 36 24 24

Aquatic Vertebrates Species Specimens Colonies

142 136 147 151 940 1,116 1,141 1,270 3 4 4 5

Amphibians Species Specimens Groups

26 20 21 19 189 141 83 66 2 3 7 8

Reptiles Species 52 56 52 53 Specimens 147 156 154 171 1 0 0 Birds Species Specimens Groups

62 65 69 75 232 269 291 279 1 1 2 3

Mammals Species 109 106 111 110 Specimens 389 372 389 376 1 1 1 Total Species Specimens Colonies


2008 2009 2010 2011 558 439 440 451 2,468 2,201 2,137 2,231 72 55 47 46

A special crate carrying Zuri the rhinoceros is maneuvered into place before being loaded onto a FedEx cargo plane.

Heavy Cargo Shipping a rhino is an enormous effort whether it is across the Zoo or across the country. So when the Zoo received a breeding recommendation from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums to send Zuri, one of its female rhinos, to Oregon, preparations began almost immediately. How does one move a 2,600-pound rhino thousands of miles across the country? The easy answer would be very carefully, but the task was much more involved and took almost 12 months of training. Moving a rhino begins with a very strong animal crate. Keepers used positive reinforcement to condition Zuri so she would be calm and confident in the crate during travel. She began by spending a set amount of time in the crate every day. Keepers slowly increased that time until she could remain calm and steady for hours. The keepers also staged unfamiliar noises outside the crate to desensitize her to sounds she would hear while on a truck or an airplane. In Zuri’s case, she was in the crate for less than a day. She flew first-class, for a rhino, aboard a FedEx cargo plane accompanied by animal care staff from the Oregon Zoo.


2011  Year in Review

1-Jan-11 1-Jan-11 Births Acquisitions Total Deaths Dispositions 31-Dec-11 31-Dec-11 Species Specimens 2011 2011 2011 2011 Specimens Species

Terrestrial Invertebrates 13 39 110 Colony Count 9

11 3

180 20 5

37 16 5

Aquatic Invertebrates 27* 40 2 33 43 0 32 27 Colony Count 24 24 Aquatic Vertebrates 147 1,141 78 854 566 19 1,270 151 Colony Count 4 5 Amphibians 21 Colony Count

83 7

0 3

170 7

18 8

1 5

66 8


Reptiles 52* 154 33 17 16 14 171 53 Colony Count 0 0 Birds 69 291 47 53 59 50 279 75 Colony Count 2 3 Mammals 111 389 42 84 60 41 376 110 Colony Count 1 1 1 1 2011 Total 440* 2,137 613 1,222 338 302 2,231 451 Colony Count 47 4 7 9 5 46


Maintenance >>> Construction Using Ultrasound for Black Rhino Reproduction

• Cleaned, resealed and repainted exterior animal holding areas at the Center for Zoological Medicine

Associate Research Curator Dr. Mandi Vick and the dedicated Animal Care staff use the latest techniques to ensure continued success in the Zoo’s longstanding black rhino breeding program. Keepers have conditioned female rhinos Kibibbi and Inge to voluntarily stand still for reproductive ultrasounds. Using ultrasound and non-invasive hormone monitoring (from fecal samples), the team can pinpoint the best time to pair each female with the Zoo’s breeding male, and to diagnose and monitor a pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby is developing. The expertise of Zoo staff members is key to the breeding program’s success, and these techniques help keep the Zoo at the forefront of animal care.

• Tuck-pointed and resealed seal pool • Built new shade structure for the colobus monkeys on Monkey Island • Installed new heater in the hippo pool • Installed new skylights in the koala holding area in GumLeaf Hideout • Installed and staged new 600-gallon aquarium for brook trout in Wolf Lodge This ultrasound image shows a mature follicle developing on the right ovary of black rhino Kibibbi. This lets Zoo staff know that she is getting ready to ovulate and it is a good time to pair her with a male for breeding.

New Species Make Their Debut The opening of African Elephant Crossing added several new species to the Zoo’s animal collection. Nine species of colorful birds from southern and eastern Africa were acquired from other zoos for the exhibit’s aviary. The most numerous species in the aviary is a large flock of Taveta golden weavers. Also living in the aviary are Lady Ross’s turacos, violet-backed starlings, black-cheeked lovebirds, green woodhoopoes, speckled pigeons, white-headed buffalo weavers, Kenya crested guineafowl and black crakes. Two new mammal species and one reptile made their exhibit debut in African Elephant Crossing as well – a pair of slender-tailed meerkats, a colony of naked mole rats and an African rock python. Meerkat



Strategic Focus Area II

WildLIFE CONSERVATION The Zoo will capitalize on the unique role of zoos in saving critically endangered species through ex situ (in zoo) conservation efforts. The Zoo will build on in situ (in the wild) partnerships and forge strong links between our work in the Zoo and our programs around the world.

Graduate student Tim Fullman studies elephant population density and wildlife management in southern Africa.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – Improving the Future for Wildlife Worldwide Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoological Society directly support wildlife conservation in the field through competitive grant programs. These programs support initiatives in Africa and Asia that protect and conserve wildlife and habitats, positively impact local people and create opportunities for capacity building. Projects selected for support in 2011 included: • Baobab-elephant relationships and species conservation – Benin • Resolving conflict between humans and large carnivores – Tanzania • Capacity building to manage captive amphibian assurance colonies – Madagascar • Managing human-elephant conflicts with young people – Uganda • Pathogen transmission between wild and domestic ungulates – Kenya • The social dynamics of African wild dog pack formation – South Africa 5

• Investigating disease transmission between gorillas and people – Gabon • The pika and the watershed – China • Movements and survival of saiga antelope – Mongolia • Saving the orangutan through sustainable livelihoods – Indonesia • Genetic tracking of the tiger in a fragmented habitat – Nepal • Mitigating the impacts of roads on tigers – Malaysia • Conserving the critically endangered Philippine forest turtle – Philippines

Conservation funds help pay for educational materials in the Philippines that stress the importance of conserving endangered species such as the Philippine forest turtle.


The Scott Neotropical Fund provides financial support for the work of conservation scientists and students living and working in Latin America. Projects selected for support in 2011 included: • Designing a strategy to conserve the jaguar – Mexico • Effect of climate change on sex-ratio population in Mexican crocodiles – Mexico • The rufous-legged owl and sustainable forest management – Chile • Protecting the pygmy sloth of Escudo de Veraguas Island – Panama • Amphibian monitoring through acoustic surveys – Uruguay • Overcoming barriers to rainforest regeneration in an agricultural mosaic – Mexico • Design of a conservation landscape in the semiarid Chaco – Argentina • Genetic structure and variability of scarlet macaw populations – Costa Rica • Ecology of the monito del monte – Chile • Conservation of the Lake Titicaca frog – Peru • Investigation of bycatch of sharks and rays using barcodes – Peru

Lemur frog in Costa Rica

Conservation funds from the Zoo and the Zoo Society help scientists and researchers study scarlet macaws in Costa Rica (left) and watersheds in China (above).



2011 Conservation Expenditures In 2011, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/Cleveland Zoological Society continued their commitment to conservation by supporting efforts that benefit wildlife and habitats around the world. In partnership with Cleveland Metroparks and the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, the Zoo/Zoo Society contributed close to $485,000 to more than 65 important conservation projects and programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America.

The first Peace Park was established in 2011 where the borders of these African nations meet.

Peace Parks The Zoo/Zoo Society support the Peace Parks Foundation, an international conservation organization that links the natural wonders of Africa across political borders through the creation of Peace Parks or Transfrontier Conservation Areas. Peace Parks are a multi-faceted approach to jointly manage and promote the conservation of shared wildlife resources among neighboring countries. A historic and significant conservation milestone occurred on August 18, 2011 when the presidents of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe signed a treaty which formally and legally established the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. This area is situated where the five countries converge and includes 36 national parks, game reserves, community conservancies and game management areas. When complete it will become the world’s largest conservation area, spanning approximately 171,000 square miles (nearly the size of Sweden). This extensive natural area includes treasures such as the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls and will make room for the largest population of African elephants in the world.

Africa • Elephant Conservation – Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia • Gorilla Conservation – Congo, Nigeria, DR Congo, Central African Republic • Rhino Conservation – Kenya, Zimbabwe • Primate Conservation & Community Education – Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria • Cheetah Conservation – Kenya • Ape TAG Conservation Initiative • Madagascar Fauna Group • International Elephant Foundation • International Rhino Foundation Asia • Asian Turtle Conservation Program – Vietnam • Orangutan Conservation – Malaysia • Gharial Conservation – India • Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project – Papua New Guinea • Snow Leopard Conservation – Mongolia • Turtle Survival Alliance/Indian Turtle Conservation • Education for Nature Vietnam, Wildlife Crime Unit – Vietnam • Wildlife Conservation Training – Malaysia • Prosimian Research & Conservation – Malaysia Latin America • Amphibian Conservation – Panama & Amphibian Ark • Spectacled Bear Conservation – Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia • Sea Turtle Conservation – Venezuela • Pantanal Conservation & Education Programs – Brazil • ACEER Rainforest Education – Peru • Amazon Adopt-A-School Program – Peru North America • Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society – U.S., Ohio • Polar Bears International – Canada • Pacific Wild Alliance – Canada • Butterfly Conservation Initiative – U.S. • Eastern Plains Garter Snake Program – U.S., Ohio Sources of Conservation Funds Cleveland Zoological Society Conservation Fund ZooFutures Fund Scott Neotropical Fund Restricted Zoo Conservation Funds Cleveland Metroparks Restricted Conservation Funds Gift Shop Conservation Fund RAIN Conservation Fund Zoo Staff/Program Support American Association of   Zoo Keepers (AAZK)

$99,607 $48,000 $45,000 $136,582 $3,014 $31,000 $10,166 $89,613 $21,681

Total $484,663



2011 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Conservation Breeding and Management Programs Sorted by Class


AMPHIBIA Toad, Puerto Rican Crested


CHONDRICHTHYES Stingray, Bigtoothed River


REPTILIA Crocodile, Dwarf x x Gecko, Henkel’s Leaf-tailed Gharial x x Iguana, Fiji Island Banded x x Monitor, Green Tree Python, Indian Rock x x Skink, Prehensile-tailed Terrapin, Giant River x x Turtle, Hamilton’s Pond x x

x x x x

AVES Aracari, Green x Cockatoo, Palm x x Condor, Andean x x x Crane, Red-crowned x x x Eagle, Bald x Falcon, Peregrine x Flamingo, Chilean x Flamingo, Lesser x Goose, Aleutian Canada x Ibis, Scarlet x Kookaburra x Macaw, Scarlet x Mynah, Bali x x x Ostrich x Spoonbill, Roseate x Stork, Marabou x Stork, White x Turaco, Lady Ross’s x Weaver, White-headed Buffalo x Woodhoopoe, Green x MAMMALIA Anteater, Giant x Armadillo, Southern x Three-banded Baboon, Hamadryas x Bat, Egyptian Fruit x Bat, Rodrigues Flying Fox x x Bat, Straw-colored Fruit x Bear, Andean x x Bear, Malayan Sun x Bear, Polar x Bear, Sloth x x Bettong x x x Bontebok x x Capybara x Cat, Black-footed x x x Cheetah x x x Colobus x Deer, Western Tufted x

Sorted by Class


Elephant, African x x Fossa x Fox, Fennec x Gazelle, Slender-horned x x Gibbon, Mueller’s x x Giraffe, Masai x Gorilla, Western Lowland x x x Hippopotamus x Hyrax, Rock x Kangaroo, Red x Kangaroo, Western Gray x Klipspringer x Koala, Queensland x Langur, Francois’ x x Lemur, Collared x x Lemur, Crowned x x Lemur, Mongoose x x x Lemur, Red Ruffed x x x Lemur, Ring-tailed x x x Leopard, Clouded x x x Leopard, Persian x x Leopard, Snow x x x Lion x Loris, Pygmy Slow x Mandrill x x x Marmoset, White-fronted x Meerkat, Slender-tailed x Monkey, Common Squirrel x Monkey, Goeldi’s x x x Ocelot x x x Orangutan, Bornean x x x Otter, Asian Small-clawed x Panda, Red x x Porcupine, Crested x Porcupine, North American x Porcupine, Prehensile-tailed x Rhinoceros, Eastern Black x x x Saki, White-faced x Sea Lion, California x Seal, Harbor x Sloth, Two-toed x Spider Monkey, Robust Black x Squirrel, Prevost’s x Tamarin, Golden Lion x x x Tamarin, Pied x x Tiger, Amur x x x Tree Shrew, Northern x Wallaby, Bennett’s x Wallaby, Parma x x Wallaroo x Wolf, Mexican Gray x x Zebra, Grant’s x Listed species were owned or exhibited during 2011

36 41 84

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo gorilla, Mokolo, enjoys a healthy diet of leafy greens.

Developing Zoo Scientists of the Future In 2011, the Zoo graduated its first Ph.D. student in partnership with the department of biology at Case Western Reserve University. Elena Hoellein Less started the program in 2005 and has since developed the scientific capacity and zoo management skills needed for a leadership role as a zoo science professional. Elena Hoellein Less Her dissertation work focused on defining obesity in zoo gorillas and developing zoo diets to more closely mimic the nutritional and behavioral benefits found in wild gorilla diets. Her research, featured in the August 2011 issue of National Geographic, will be used by veterinarians and researchers across the country to examine relationships between gorilla obesity and the development of conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Less works at the Zoo as a postdoctoral fellow in conservation medicine focusing on insulin resistance in zoo primates. 8


Strategic Focus Area III

SUSTAINABILITY The Zoo will be a model in sustainability by developing and implementing Zoo-wide green practices and promoting sustainability throughout Northeast Ohio. Regional Conservation Zoo conservation efforts in Northeast Ohio facilitate action at the local and regional level, providing leadership, sparking public interest and fostering collaboration with other regional conservation partners. The Zoo’s regional conservation program, in partnership with Cleveland Metroparks, focuses on conserving wildlife and restoring habitats “in our own backyard” that have been seriously impacted by centuries of urbanization. Key projects benefit birds, bats, butterflies and amphibians, and include a strong emphasis on stewardship of Big Creek, the local watershed that flows through the Zoo and two Metroparks reservations. The program links inspiration to action – providing real opportunities for the community to learn more about threats to regional wildlife and habitats – and to get involved in protecting them.

2011  Recycling Initiatives



50 vehicle

37 vehicle


39.79 tons

43.53 tons

Cell phones



2.45 tons

3.15 tons



7.67 tons

7.28 tons



Computer equipment Fluorescent/other bulbs Glass Inkjet/toner cartridges

Metals: Aluminum 3.42 tons 3.65 tons Copper, iron/steel, etc. 23.13 tons 14.07 tons Wooden pallets




45.26 tons

47.42 tons


18.39 tons

7.14 tons



Vehicle fluids

712 gallons

519 gallons

Athletic shoes

206 pairs

636 pairs

Recycling receipts




The Zoo installed high efficiency hand dryers in many of the restrooms throughout the park in 2011 in an effort to be more sustainable and cut down on paper towel usage.



America Recycles Day at the Zoo promotes “reduce, reuse and recycle” with eco-themed activities and crafts.



Maintenance > > > Construction • Installed new bike racks around perimeter of Zoo • Repaired pump and reconfigured waterfall feature in the Yagga Tree reducing water usage from 1,000 gallons a day to approximately 100 • Replaced pump at the gharial exhibit resulting in 60 percent less water waste, a significant water savings for the Zoo Radiant heat was installed in some of the flooring at African Elephant Crossing.

African Elephant Crossing On Track for LEED Certification African Elephant Crossing is one of the most visible and impressive exhibits ever built at Cleveland Metropark Zoo. And, it was designed to be as energy efficient and environmentally responsible as possible. Soon the Zoo will apply for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. African Elephant Crossing is on track to be the first LEED certified large, outdoor animal exhibit in the country and could potentially achieve Gold Level certification.

• Replaced many outdated, inefficient lighting fixtures and bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs and installed lighting timers to reduce electricity usage

Contributing factors to the exhibit’s LEED application include: • 92 percent of construction waste from the African Elephant Crossing site was recycled and diverted from landfills • About a third of materials used to build the elephant habitat came from recycled materials • A new water filtration system is reducing water usage by 72 percent at the elephant habitat – from 26.3 million gallons per year to 7.5 million

The water filtration and other mechanical systems within African Elephant Crossing are major factors in the exhibit’s LEED certification application.

• Innovative air systems reclaim over 75 percent of the heat from exhaust air 10


Strategic Focus Area IV

CONSERVATION EDUCATION The Zoo will be the foremost provider of lifelong learning experiences in Northeast Ohio, a trusted voice for wildlife conservation and an inspiration for conservation action. Zoo Volunteers Contribute in a Big Way Yearly, more than a million people have positive, enjoyable experiences when they’re at the Zoo. And one of the main reasons for that is the Zoo’s dedicated staff of volunteers. Prior to the grand opening of African Elephant Crossing, the volunteer staff was tasked with learning new interpretive material, new posting positions and new animal species, all of which was tackled with enthusiasm. The volunteer staff grew to 673 people in 2011, and together they contributed 51,582 hours, both record totals.

2011  Volunteers Docents 201 Service volunteers


Episodic volunteers


Research volunteers






2011  Volunteer Hours

2011  Zoo Education Programs

Posting 9,324

Library 1,480

Formal & informal program participants


Number of volunteers

Fur, Feathers/Habitats Tours

465 1,007 406

Info. Booth


Events (special events)




Zoo volunteer Linda Brown shows kids part of an elephant skull in the new African Elephant Crossing exhibit.


Get Close


Animal Care


Research Hours


Teens/Zoo Crew


Australia Service






2010 2011 117,144




Volunteer hours donated



Outreach program participants



Zoo bus riders



Habitats & Fur, Feathers & Scales participants



Middle school program participants





Overnight program participants



Public program encounters



Distance learning program participants






High school program participants

Teacher workshop participants Connections to Africa participants


Adriana De Los Santos shows off a vulture during a performance of Professor Wylde’s Live Animal Show.

2011  Library Stats

2010 2011


1,911 2,263

Information requests











Interlibrary loans

Conservation Education staff member Cathy Ryan-Smith (above) uses state-ofthe-art technology to bring live educational programs to students around the country through the Zoo’s distance learning program.

From others

To others



Audio visual

Docent Elaine Leickly (left) shows kids a snake during a Get Close animal encounter at African Elephant Crossing.



Ohio Zoo Education Consortium In September, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo hosted a professional development and program planning session for 100 educators from different AZA-accredited zoos. The focus of the event was collaborative program development and research. The group reviewed the results of joint visitor research, targeting how guests value zoos, as well as animal welfare studies comparing animals used in education programs and those on exhibit. Zoo Conservation Education and Cleveland Metroparks Outdoor Education Joint Staff Meeting In December, Zoo Conservation Education staff and Cleveland Metroparks Outdoor Education employees gathered for a joint planning session, setting the tone for increased collaboration. This session was the first of future quarterly meetings designed to share ideas and cross-train staff across the park system. Advanced Inquiry Master’s Program Unveiled The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP), the Zoo’s new master’s degree program co-delivered with Miami University’s Project Dragonfly, began in June. Teachers, college professors, environmental advocates, small business owners and other area professionals made up the AIP’s first cohort of 19 students.

During their first semester, these environmental pioneers made significant contributions to local conservation. Student projects ranged from creating conservation-based lesson plans for classroom use, to engaging Zoo visitors in conservation-based activities, to initiating large scale recycling programs for area high school sporting events.


Zoo Crew teen volunteers pick up trash along Huntington Beach in Bay Village.

2011  Exceptional Service 35 Years of Service Sharon Mulligan 20 Years of Service Jan Barrick Ellen June Cowher Jim Cowher Judy Fox Richard Fox Francine Lamermier Susan Seeley 15 Years of Service Ila Buescher Pat Finegan Pat Lipaj Jackie Natt Virginia Roth 10 Years of Service Anne Crowley Shirley Dettman Sharon Gettig Linda Harvey Mary Lou Howard Karen Niziolek Linda Sabovik 5 Years of Service Judy Budoi Ray Budoi Tom Gaumer Pam Glovitch Trudi Graffius Patty Iseli Rosemary Kovacs Pat Leavitt Elaine Leickly Elaine Obal Janey Oper Paula Orisek Shirley Painter

Shelley Raub Dolly Rego Yvette Semon Sharon Sullivan Paul Webster Cumulative Hours 15,000 Ellen June Cowher 10,000 Jim Cowher Betty Dunger 5,000 Ingrid Rinker Lynn Szalay 2,500 Jim Bogucki Kathleen Goodwin Carole Katrenick Julie Kodish Evie Steinmetz 1,000 Linda Ashley George Buchholz Paul Giroski Evelyn Godwin Donna Hach Mike Kellner Dan McGovern Janey Oper Freddie Shima Marilyn Stanton Sharon Sullivan Sherry Thaler Paul Webster Mary Ann Workman

500 Alex Ahmed Jim Anderson Frank Bolger Dane Carney Dottie Carney Joan Cramer Pam Glovitch Karin Krugman Wendy Medla Shirley Painter Elaine Ross Sarah Stroempl Mary Vantz Dolores Wiemels Laura Williams Nathan Zatezalo 2011 Hours 500+ Hours Jim Bogucki Ellen June Cowher Betty Dunger Joanne Higgins Ingrid Rinker Joan Rog 200+ Hours Helen Allison Bill Anderson Jim Anderson Linda Ashley Jackie Ashmun Mary Babbits Mary Bartos Frank Bolger George Buchholz Dane Carney Dottie Carney Linda Clawson Randy Clifford Jim Cowher

Sandra Emery Juanita Flinner Judy Fox Richard Fox Joy Freda Luanne Gallo Tom Gaumer Tina Geffert Kathleen Goodwin Joanne Gorges Terry Gorges Tom Gulick Eve Higgins Ann Holland Darrell Holland Carol Katrenick Lynn Kindel Carol Kontur Karin Krugman Sandy Kuebler Don Labusky Leslie Lake Francine Lamermier Elaine Leickly Paula Longshore Betty Mahjoub George Massa Rosie Mateosky Mari-Joan McGovern MaryAnn McNamara Sharon Mulligan Janey Oper Michelle Orenick Dick Payne Kathy Pillatt Bob Reindle Elaine Ross Freddie Shima Shawna Skinner Marilyn Stanton Evie Steinmetz Dorothy Storts

CONSERVATION EDUCATION Sharon Sullivan Donna Swan Susan Swope Lynn Szalay Kay Wallis Paul Webster Tom Webster Jody Wilson Bill Wood 150+ Hours Jack Rachel Abernethy Cindy Allen Eunice Bardoun Bruce Bohner Joan Braun Ila Buescher Beth DeGirolamo Janet Glaeser Sandy Gleason Neil Heller Helen Heuser Rita Labusky Julia Marshall Marion Marshall Dan McGovern Lolly Mondak Joan Porter Sue Sage Sarah Stroempl John Swaney Sue Van Straaten Mary Vantz Barbara Von Benken Diane Walcott Completed Docent Hours in 2011 Richie Anderson Marian Barnes Jan Barrick Yvonne Beamer Charles Benzon Lenore Benzon Bill Berger Sue Berger Catherine Bock Sue Botos Gayle Card Cecile Coleman Jack Cotter Joan Cramer Laura Davis Shirley Dettman Debbie DiCarlo Ethel Evans Paul Giroski Pam Glovitch Evelyn Godwin Linda Harvey Linda Hogue Mike Kellner Barbara King

Susan King Mary Klonowski Julie Kodish Connie Koehn Cathy Korponic Ann Krepps Jayne Kuhnen Pat Leavitt Donna McCafferty Maria McKay Sue Monks Vicki Moore Karen Niziolek Linda Okicki Ron Okicki Linda Opaluch Shirley Painter Terri Peterson Joan Porter Paul Prasse Sandy Prince Marilyn Reznik Joann Romick Linda Sabovik Susan Seeley Jody Serena Barbara Shepard Howard VanKleef Margaret Wadsworth David Ward Joan Wilson Jan Wolf Gail Zehnder Completed Service Hours in 2011 Alex Ahmed Gloria Badery Linda Bailey Dolores Barcik Eunice Bardoun Betsy Barker Nicole Barnes Rose Becker Barbara Boger Diane Bruosta Judy Budoi Ray Budoi Judy Cantwell Bob Carpenter Janet Celedonia Joan Charvat Donna Childs Michael Clark Susan Clark Hattie Cline Merriann Cook Carol Cooksey Don Cooksey Darlene Cowles Elaine Crisler Anne Crowley Janice Cudney Caitlin Culgan

Leah Dedrick Joan Demko Louis DeSantis Lynn Diamond-Braz Emily Dickinson Frank Dirk Mary Dirk Ed Douglas Beverly Ehrhardt Danette Fahey Maryann Felgenhauer Jerry Fergeuson Pat Finegan Pam Gerhardt Sharon Gettig Elizabeth Gill Gerald Glenn Suzann Glenn Bruce Gorrell Sherry Gorrell Trudy Graffius Kristina Grandlund Alba Graziano Linda Green Kathleen Guzy Donna Hach Pam Hamilton Patty Hanley Dona Haschak Stephanie Hill Evan Hinton

Susan Holland Debbie Hopp Mary Lou Howard Carole Hughes Patty Iseli David Johns Joyce Kaufmann Mike Kellner Sandy Keubler Clay Knotek Suanne Kochilla Wanda Konjati Ruth Korenchan Mollie Kotnik Rosemary Kovacs Jennifer Kukis Diane Lekan Elaine Leonard Dominic Libertine Laura Lietz Pat Lipaj Amanda Lising Karen Liss Patricia Looby Mary Lou Maechner Clinton Many Ann Masavage Meegan McKenna Wendy Medla Gary Mulica Jackie Natt Elaine Obal

Judith O’Donnell Linda Olen Paula Orisek Theresa Ormandy Ginger Owens Breanne Paintiff Jan Papez Jackie Perchinske Jo Pokorski Annette Pollarine Cheryl Price Neal Raber Rose Rajecki Shelley Raub Dolly Rego Sylvia Revels Deborah Ross Virginia Ross Chris Ruhrkraut Cindy Ruhrkraut Carol Saire Peggy Schaffer Erika Schiebli Sandy Schurdell Wendy Schwarz Sarah Scott Theresa Scott Ruth Selent Yvette Semon Tom Shepard Tibor Simon Doreen Skinger

Robyn Smith Ann Snyder Jennifer Stevens Mallory Stokley Lynda Stupica Carol Taller Sherry Thaler Jean Throop Patt Turk Helen Vickory Paul Vidal Gail Voloshen Bill Vorobej Laurie Vorobej Laura Walek Art Watts Joyce Webster Bev Weigl Dolores Wiemels Laura Williams Wanda Yetter Denise Yungmann Joe Yuska Nathan Zatezalo Renee Zatezalo

Animal keeper Meghan Sharp guides African elephant Willy through the Crossing Gate at African Elephant Crossing while Education Specialist Angie Reynolds interprets the event for guests.



Strategic Focus Area V

GUEST EXPERIENCE The Zoo will exceed guest expectations for service and amenities. Horticulture Year in Review Zoo horticulturists worked quickly to install the finishing touches to the grounds surrounding African Elephant Crossing and the neighboring tram stop just in time for the grand opening ceremony in May. In addition to maintaining the plants and trees around the exhibit, the horticulture staff provides logs and browse for the elephants as a food source and enrichment. All plants need a healthy amount of water to thrive, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Zoo horticulturists dealt with a record-breaking amount of rainfall in 2011 which kept the flowers and beds watered, but created areas where the plants did not survive. In addition, the staff worked tirelessly to repair and revive many planters that were destroyed after two major floods. On a September morning, a massive wind storm downed many trees that staff cut and removed prior to that day’s opening. Two dozen trees failed to survive because of the wet year and were removed. Horticulturists planted numerous trees, shrubs, tropical plants and flowers throughout the Zoo to maintain the botanical splendor that is always appreciated by guests. Other projects included: • Renovated the landscaping surrounding Cleveland Metroparks Administration Building • Maintained Congo Terrace herb garden outside The RainForest for Aramark chefs

Zoo horticulturists used red, white and blue flowers to fashion this representation of the American flag for Red, White and Zoo on the Fourth of July.

2011  Zoo Attendance 2011 1,318,458 2010 1,176,919 2009 1,195,280 2008 1,208,379 2007 1,229,273 2006 1,203,403 2005 1,119,478 2004 1,273,519 2003 1,365,571 2002 1,259,609


Maintenance > > > Construction • Installed new concrete entrance to Cleveland Metroparks Administration Building • Upgraded and painted restrooms throughout the Zoo • Renovated scenic overlook on deck walk • Installed new awning and rehabbed walls on Ticket Plaza • Replaced railing at Free Flight Falls • Built new steps and bench at camel ride platform • Replaced observation deck at cheetah exhibit 2011 Horticulture • Replaced screens and vents at lower greenhouse • Repaired glazing and installed new shade cloth at upper greenhouse • Installed landscaping and irrigation at Wilderness Grill



The Year of Weddings and Birthday Parties Birthday parties at the Zoo have never been more popular. The Zoo hosted 90 children’s birthday parties in 2011, up from 23 in 2010. Each party received rave reviews and the revenue generated exceeded projections for the year.

Staff members and visitors were buzzing when news of a visit from Betty White spread around the park last summer. The iconic star is a well-known friend of animals and zoos and she couldn’t have been nicer in person. White was in town with the cast of “Hot in Cleveland” to promote the season two premiere of the hit show.

The Group Sales staff also increased the number of wedding receptions held at the Zoo to 22, up from 18 the year before. The most popular location was the Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building with 12 of the 22 wedding receptions. The opening of African Elephant Crossing boosted the number of corporate picnics in the Zoo, with 77 taking place in 2011, a 57 percent increase over the previous year.

More than 40,000 kids and their families visited the Zoo over the eight spooky nights of Boo at the Zoo in 2011.



Strategic Focus Area VI

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP The Zoo will be a greater civic priority for Northeast Ohio and strengthen the Zoo’s leadership role as one of the top destinations in the area; as a regional economic development driver, and as the wildlife, conservation and sustainability expert.

Sponsorships in the Spotlight With an average of 1.2 million visitors annually, the Zoo is one of Northeast Ohio’s leading community assets. It’s no wonder that the Zoo’s corporate sponsorship program continues to bring in significant support. More than $265,000 was raised for Zoo events and programs in 2011 thanks to the generosity of the corporate community. The Zoo offers its sponsors a variety of opportunities including high-profile, family-friendly events and Zoo programs.

2011  Presenting Sponsors Event Sponsor African Elephant Crossing

Fifth Third Bank

America Recycles Day

Best Sand

Boo at the Zoo

Giant Eagle

Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo

Pet Supplies Plus

Noon Year’s Eve

Dollar Bank

Photo Safari

Discount Drug Mart

Professor Wylde’s Animal Show

Cleveland Public Power, The Ohio Lottery

Senior Safari

Discount Drug Mart, Kaiser Permanente

Summer Day Camp

Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

A Very BIG Year for the Zoo Society

Teddy Bear Day

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Twilight at the Zoo

Scene Magazine

The Zoo Society continues to be the largest membership organization in Northeast Ohio, reaching almost 45,000 member-households in 2011 and raising record-breaking revenue – more than $2.8 million for the membership program alone, a 14 percent increase over 2010.


First Merit Foundation

The Zoo Society broke a special event revenue record in 2011 as well. The 38th annual ZippityZooDoo celebrated the opening of African Elephant Crossing with a crowd of more than 600 people and raised more than $200,000. Later in the summer, 7,000 people rocked the house at the city’s biggest fundraiser, Twilight at the Zoo.

African Elephant Crossing Visionaries $1,000,000+ Anonymous The George Gund Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation The Spilman Family in honor of Sydell L. Miller Founders $500,000+ The Cleveland Foundation The Kresge Foundation The Reinberger Foundation State of Ohio Benefactors $250,000+ The Hershey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz The Walter E. and Jean C. Kalberer Foundation KeyBank Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust Alan and Karen Wilber Champions $100,000+ Aleris International, Inc. Anonymous JPMorgan Chase Foundation Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation, Inc. Daniel Maltz The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation


Eileen and Donald Morrison The Murch Foundation PNC Foundation Billie Howland Steffee in honor of Abigail, Dawson and Sydney Steffee Patrons $50,000+ The William Bingham Foundation The Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company Liz and Chuck Emrick Fifth Third Bank, Northeastern Ohio Margaret Fulton-Mueller and Scott C. Mueller Carol and Graham Hall The Harrington-McLaughlin Family Foundation Henkel Corporation In memory of Christopher A. Jones Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Lubrizol Foundation John P. Murphy Foundation The Nord Family Foundation The Edwin D. Northrup II Fund The Sherwick Fund ShurTech Brands, LLC Jack and Nancy Tanis Mr. Morton J. Weisberg Sponsors $25,000+ The Abington Foundation Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. Baker & Hostetler LLP The Bicknell Fund


Nothing says ‘Happy Halloween’ like a meerkat in a jack-o-lantern!

Chair fitness demonstrations are popular during the Zoo’s biannual Senior Safari events.

Muffy and Jim Boland Gary D. Brengartner* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Burnside Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP Michael and Jennifer Cogan Ms. Laura A. Davis The DBJ Foundation Dollar Bank Eaton Corporation Louis and Patricia Fodor Forest City Enterprises Charitable Foundation The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation Leigh and Eric Hall Albert A. Hanes and Robert E. Hanes The Higley Fund Richard and Sally (Stecher) Hollington Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kamm Bud Lezius* Marge and Dan Moore Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Mullin Northern Trust Bank Oatey Co. Mr. and Mrs. Jon H. and Jane Q. Outcalt and Jon H. Jr. and Robin M. Outcalt PPG Industries Foundation Audrey and Albert Ratner Robert S. and Sylvia K. Reitman Family Foundation The Rogers Family The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation Thomas V.H. and Iris J. Vail Partners $10,000+ Gordon and Cathy Anhold Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar William and Irene Bostelman Mebby and Jack Brown Carfagna Family Foundation Dedicated employees of Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoological Society In honor of Jim and Ellen June Cowher, true animal lovers and master Zoo tour guides

John and Kathy Fraylick Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gascoigne Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Gorman The Halpern Family, in honor of Sydell L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Hennessy Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Hilton and Family Martha Holden Jennings Foundation KPMG LLP E. Gary and Mary Lynn Laughlin C.A. Litzler Co., Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Randall E. Marcus, in memory of Dorothy M. Marcus The Gerald and Paula McNichols Family Foundation Medical Mutual of Ohio Murphy Family Foundation Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Ms. Darleen M. Price Mr. and Mrs. David L. Pugh Jonathan and Meg Ratner Philanthropic Fund RPM International Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rzepka Mrs. Blythe C. Sundberg Mr. and Mrs. John A. Switzer David and Mary Ellen Szamborski Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughn John F. Wallace Revocable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Weatherhead The Thomas H. White Foundation, a KeyBank Trust Presenters $5,000+ In honor of Nicole M. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. C. Perry Blossom April Miller Boise in memory of Rose Parker Jennifer and Sean Boyle John and Mary Boyle Brent M. Buckley In memory of Gerald N. Cannon Dane and Dottie Carney Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Chizmar Mr. and Mrs. George S. Coakley Mr. and Mrs. William Cushwa, Jr. Deloitte & Touche LLP Dodd Camera

Mr. Michael V. Dzurilla Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Fein and Family First Federal of Lakewood Friend William and Janelle Henning and Family Marguerite B. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunt Mr. and Mrs. James and Marilyn Jaroszewski Bill and Jo Ann Kahl David and Meredith Kempton Daniel and Carol Klimas Dr. Rick Kryza Lynn and Stephen Kukanza Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Kim and Tom Littman Ms. Idarose Luntz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic James M. and Sonia Malz Ms. Steffany Matticola and Mr. Chris Larkins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McGowan III Bunnie and Bob Merckle Joan and Rod Naro Patricia J. O’Donnell and Bruce E. Gaynor Mr. and Mrs. David Olson The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Tom and Marian Partridge Margo Petlowany Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Petruzzi Lucy, Henry and Walker Popko Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Rankin Rebholz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David A. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. David and Laura Sangree Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Schneider John and Barbara Schubert In memory of Robert M. Stecher Steve and Sarah Taylor In memory of Leonard M. VonBenken Mr. and Mrs. James A. Young, Jr. Mrs. Barbara E. Zelley Schreckengost Mammoth and Mastodon Conservation Project Donors Kulas Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jackson Virginia and Jon Lindseth, in memory of Anne and Elmer Lindseth John P. Murphy Foundation Mark Schwartz and Bettina Katz ZooFutures Planned Giving Donors 2006-2011 Estate of Fred and Kay Crawford Estate of Charlotte Ruth Mr. Donald Woodcock



2011 Donors Individual Annual Support $10,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Rosebrough Karen and Alan Wilber $5,000+ Mr. Arthur Anton The Ruth and Elmer Babin Foundation William E. and Mary F. Conway Fund Ms. Laura A. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kamm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leiden Mr. and Mrs. James W. McGill The Miller Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Osicka The Jonathan and Meg Ratner Family Foundation Ms. Sarah M. Rayburn Dr. Joseph A. Sopko and Dr. Elizabeth MacIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spilman Mr. Morton J. Weisberg $2,500+ Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Anhold Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Ms. Ginny Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Sean E. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Edward Campbell Mr. George Dise and Mrs. Kathryn Dise Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. John and Kathy Fraylick Mr. Albert A. Hanes and Mr. Robert E. Hanes Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Hilton Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jaroszewski Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kilmer Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mistysyn Creighton B. Murch and Janice Smith Murch Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Petruzzi Mr. and Mrs. Allyn J. Pytel Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suerth Mr. and Mrs. Paul Teel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V.H. Vail Ms. Kirsten West and Mr. Brian Barthelman Mr. and Mrs. Seth White Richard Wills and Mary Lynn Wills $1,000+ Ms. Rachel Abernethy Mr. Warren E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Angiocchi Anonymous Ms. Patricia Barz, Esq. and Mr. Herbert P. Wiedemann, M.D. Ms. Vanessa Behrend and Mr. Robert Ellis Ms. Virginia D. Benjamin and Mr. Philip L. Woodcock Mr. Charles E. Bergstresser and Mr. Brandon Bergstresser Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Berlin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar Mr. and Mrs. James C. Boland Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bostelman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Brown, Jr. Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. and The Honorable Nancy A. Fuerst Mr. Wayne W. Bushek Mr. Ross Bushman and Mrs. Meggan Sherlock Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Santos Cageao Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Mr. Gerald F. Cannon and Mr. Fred Bamberger Ms. Susan Cannon and Mr. David Cannon Dane and Dottie Carney Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Chizmar Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chodera Ms. Doris Clinton-Gobec and Mr. Matthew R. Gobec Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cogan


Ms. Nan Cohen and Mr. Daniel Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connors Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Douglas O. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Randolph E. Corbin Mr. and Mrs. Scott Covell Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cowher Mr. and Mrs. Gail F. Davies Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Demetriou Mr. and Mrs. Charles Diez Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Dimling Mr. Michael V. Dzurilla Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Fein Ms. Louise Fletcher Ms. Janice E. Focke and Mr. Clayton Rung Mildred S. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Allan Fox Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox Mr. and Mrs. James L. Francis Ms. Joy M. Freda Ms. Danielle Frega Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Friedt Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gascoigne Mr. Larry A. Gogolick Mr. David Grubb Carol and Graham Hall Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Hall Mrs. Nancy Hansen Mrs. William E. Harris Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey Dr. Paul Hechko and Dr. Jennifer Hechko Eve Higgins Nicole and Stephen Hilbert Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Hill Mr. and Mrs. William I. Hoislbauer Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hollington, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Justin R. Horton Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Mr. Lyndall Hughes and Ms. Maxine Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Ina Ken and Patti Jacko Daniel and Kimberly Jezior Ms. J.J. Jursik Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Kalberer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kalt Mr. and Mrs. Mel Kamins Ms. Janet Kappus Mr. Mark Schwartz and Dr. Bettina Katz The Kendis Family Trust, Hilary and Robert Kendis, Susan and James Kendis Ms. Kerry Kipfstuhl Dan and Carol Klimas Ms. Josephine Kobus and Mr. Jason Oglio Mr. Eugene Kratus Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Kreidler Michelle Lafferty Mr. and Mrs. John Lane Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Mr. and Mrs. E. Gary Laughlin Ms. Shirley Lavalli Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lavelle Kim and Tom Littman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Litzler Mr. David Luberger and Ms. Rachelle Wagner Jackie and Chuck Lurie Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic Mrs. Carlos A. Maldonado James M. and Sonia Malz Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Mandt Dr. and Mrs. Randall E. Marcus Ms. Steffany Matticola and Mr. Chris Larkins The Maver Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald Messinger Mr. David Miceli and Mrs. Kimberly Stec Rick and Cathy Monter Ms. Victoria R. Moorehead Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morris

A mother and baby capybara in The RainForest. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Leland Morris Mr. and Mrs. Greg P. Mulach Ms. Sharon Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Gregg G. Muresan Randy and Christine Myeroff Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Naro Mr. Ronald Nielsen and Ms. Adrienne Clements Dr. and Mrs. Michael Novak Mr. Steele Nowlin and Ms. Chris Jayjack Ms. Patricia J. O’Donnell and Mr. Bruce E. Gaynor Ms. Michelle M. Orenick Mr. Richard D. Orr Jenny and Tony Pelcic Mr. and Mrs. Donald Penn David and Margo Petlowany Mr. and Mrs. Tim Petrie Ms. Charlene Phelps and Ms. Nancy A. Gorenshek Ms. Sandra Prince and Mr. Jim Stanforth Linda J.N. and Victor Prosak Ms. Marie A. Quintana and Mr. Robert B. Sikora Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rebar Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Dr. and Mrs. Brad J. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I. Rosenbaum Mr. and Mrs. W. Neil Rossborough Mr. John E. Rupert Mr. Larry J. Santon Mr. and Mrs. Scott Scherler Mr. and Mrs. Kim S. Schrock Mr. and Mrs. John Schubert Mrs. Carolyn P. Seelbach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Seitz Ms. Rosemary Selepena Jodi Shankweiler Dr. Mona Shay Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smrekar Ms. Ann Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Soroka Billie Howland Steffee Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sullivan, Sr. Mrs. Barb M. Sutton and Ms. Sarah Young Mr. and Mrs. John Tanis Steve and Sarah Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thomasson August L. and Shirley Tischer Triple T Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Tyrrell

COMMUNIT Y LE A DER SHIP Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughn Mr. John A. Veverka and Ms. Lisa Lieben Mr. Paul Vidal and Mrs. Cindy Bodendorfer Ms. Kim Vogrig Robert and Diane Walcott Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Warren Mr. Thomas J. Webster Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werman Mrs. Robert York White Fran and Don Willis Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wohlfeiler, D.V.M. Ms. Doreen Yashan and Ms. Deb Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Yoke Dr. Dawn Zacharias and Mr. Paul Zacharias Mrs. Barbara E. Zelley Betty and Don Zgonc Zoo Friends - Anonymous Adopt An Animal $10,000+ Karen and Alan Wilber $1,000+ Mrs. Marilyn Callaly Ms. Marci Leonian Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lozick Ms. Mary-Blair Matejczyk Mr. Chris McDaniel and Mrs. Rande McDaniel Mr. Myron D. Moorhead Mr. Gary M. Novotny Ms. Michelle M. Orenick Mrs. Jeanne D. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werman Ms. Kirsten West and Mr. Brian Barthelman Zoo Education, Conservation and Research Project Support $100,000+ The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation Mrs. Margaret Scott $15,000+ Dominion Mr. Carl Lezius Third Federal Savings & Loan $10,000+ Anonymous Association of Zoos & Aquariums Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association Kansas State University Almera Biddulph Reitz Foundation $5,000+ AAA East Central Brecksville Laser Eye Center Cleveland Public Power Dollar Bank FirstMerit Bank, N.A. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Malone College Pet Supplies Plus PPG Industries Foundation Roger J. and Madeline L. Traynor Family Foundation The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust Karen and Alan Wilber Zoological Society of San Diego $2,500+ AMCLO Disney Worldwide Services Friends of the Bergen County Zoo The Lincoln Park Zoological Society Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Ohio State Parks United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

$1,000+ Mr. Kurt Benirschke The Nord Family Foundation Norristown Zoological Society San Antonio Zoological Society Corporate and Foundation Annual Support $25,000+ The Boston Beer Company Cleveland Scene Swagelok Co. $10,000+ Aleris International, Inc. Covelli Enterprises Deloitte & Touche LLP Figgie Capital, LLC Medical Mutual of Ohio $5,000+ ARAMARK Baker & Hostetler LLP Charter One Bank Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. Dominion Ernst & Young LLP Findley Davies, Inc. Forest City Enterprises Charitable Foundation The Hankins Foundation Huntington National Bank The Jochum-Moll Foundation Jones Day Key Foundation C.A. Litzler Co., Inc. McMaster-Carr Supply Company Pernod Ricard U.S.A. Prince & Izant Co. The Jonathan and Meg Ratner Family Foundation The Sherwick Fund The Sherwin-Williams Company The S.K. Wellman Foundation $2,500+ Aleris International, Inc. AT&T BNY Mellon Wealth Management CHASE Ciuni & Panichi Clark-Reliance Cleveland Airport System The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Cohen & Company Dealer Tire LLC Dollar Bank Explorers World Travel, Inc. Ferro Corporation Fifth Third Bank, Northeastern Ohio The Harry K. and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation Marguerite G. Jereb Trust The Kilroy Company KPMG LLP The Laub Foundation Lorain National Bank Lubrizol Corporation Metro Toyota Dan T. Moore Companies Nordson Corporation Northern Trust Bank Oatey Company PNC PolyOne Corp. Positively Cleveland PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Reminger Co., LPA RFC Contracting, Inc. Kenneth W. Scott Foundation Edward R. & Jean Geis Stell Foundation Stroud Family Exempt Trust II Whole Foods Julius Zorn, Inc.

$1,000+ Anonymous Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. The Bonne Bell Foundation Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP The Cleveland Foundation Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company FirstMerit Bank, N.A. Gould Inc. Foundation The Mary A. and Thomas F. Grasselli Endowment Foundation William E. Harris Family Fund George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang Fund Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Morton and Barbara Mandel Family Foundation The McGinness Foundation Franklin H. & Nancy S. Moore Foundation NACCO Industries, Inc. Nesnadny + Schwartz The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Lotte Schreiber Pinkus Memorial Philanthropic Fund Runzheimer Foundation, Inc. The Fred E. Scholl Charitable Foundation Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP The Helen F. & Louis Stolier Family Trust Nelson Talbott Foundation Thompson Hine LLP Media Partners CBS Radio Clear Channel Broadcasting Radio Disney Stern Advertising WBNX WCLV WEWS WFHM WJW WKYC WNWV WOIO/WUAB Major In-Kind Donors AMP 150 Restaurant & Bar AT&T Jeffrey M. Biggar Blue Canyon Restaurant CHASE Cleveland Cupcake Company The Cleveland Indians Cleveland Magazine Creekside Restaurant & Bar Duet Catering Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse Carol Geyer Good Nature Organic Lawn Care Great Lakes Brewing Company Leslie Halloran Ladies and Gentlemen Mann Jewelers Sibyl Osicka Paladar Latin Kitchen & Run Bar David Petloway Sasi K. Pillay Playhouse Square Foundation The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Cleveland Saks Fifth Avenue Edward J. Schnell ShurTech Brands, LLC Tree House Gallery Morton J. Weisberg The Wilds WKRK 92.3 Radio WNCX 98.5 WNWV 107.3


COMMUNIT Y LE A DERSHIP Matching Gifts American International Group Amgen Matching Gifts Program AT&T Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Bank of America Barnes Group Foundation, Inc. BF Goodrich Foundation BP Corporation North America Inc. CA Technologies, Matching Gifts Program CIGNA Matching Gifts Program Computer Associates International, Inc. Dominion Resources Services, Inc. Eaton Corporation Emerson Electric Co. Energizer FirstEnergy Foundation GE Foundation Matching Gifts John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Hewlett Packard IBM Corporation The JPMorgan Chase Foundation KeyCorp Lubrizol Corporation Macy’s Foundation Macy’s Inc. McMaster-Carr Matching Gifts Moen Incorporated NACCO Industries, Inc. Nordson Corporation Foundation Northern Trust Bank Pfizer Foundation PNC PPG Industries Foundation Progressive Co. The Prudential Foundation Regions Financial Corporation Rockwell International Corporation The Sherwin-Williams Company Sprint Foundation United Technologies USG Foundation, Inc. ZooFutures Ms. Mollie E. Alstott Anonymous (4) Frederick C. Badt Testamentary Trust Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bartell Mr. and Mrs. Noel Becker Ms. Ginny Bertram Beth Brandt Sersig Mr. Gary D. Brengartner* Estate of Helen E. Brown Mrs. Herschel Cohen* Estate of Phyllis and Paul Colarusso Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cowher Mrs. Frederick C. Crawford* Mr. John D. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Emrick, Jr. Estate of Rita Anna Entrup Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Estes Stanley and Florence (Klier) Fassett Memorial Fund Ruth Fish* Ms. Agnes Gaso Estate of Rudolph Gob Ms. Luella A. Goldenbogen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Grenig Mrs. Graham Hall Ms. Patricia Heinke Mrs. Ralph Hollander* Hazel P. Hostetler Trust Ms. Elvira Hovan Mrs. Burton Jenne Mrs. La Veda Kovar* Ms. Julia Kunes* Mr. Edward J. Lautner* Bud Lezius* Mr. Robert Loftus, Jr. and Mrs. Kathy Loftus


African Elephant Crossing The Cleveland Zoological Society’s capital campaign for African Elephant Crossing was the largest in the organization’s history. The campaign committee raised $12.8 million from more than 3,800 donors – exceeding the goal of $12.5 million. Impressed by the Zoo’s African elephant Willy in the Mopani Range at African Elephant Crossing. accessibility and broad audience, the Kresge Foundation selected the capital campaign for a significant challenge grant. This prestigious grant guaranteed that all dollars raised through the completion of the campaign would be matched. With the completion of the campaign, the Zoo Society accepted $725,000 in matching funds from the Kresge Foundation. Additional gifts received for this campaign will be directed toward enhancements identified for the exhibit, educational programming opportunities, and elephant conservation projects around the globe.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Mandt Dr. Randall E. Marcus Estate of Marion L. Parmelee Mr. Alfred M. Rankin* Almera Biddulph Reitz Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riccio Estate of Eleanor M. Rieck Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rispoli Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Rothenfeld Estate of Charlotte Ruth Mr. Larry J. Santon Ms. Emily Sapacianu Charles W. Saunders Charitable Trust Vivian H. Schulze Trust Ms. Brenda Schuster Estate of Robert and Virginia Snead Miss Patricia A. Stealey, J.D.* Estate of Theodore R. Steck Ms. Billie Howland Steffee Mr. and Mrs. Steve H. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thiel* Mr. Gerald A. Turoczy Robert and Darci Usher Mrs. Leonard VonBenken Mr.* and Mrs. Robert York White Mr. Donald Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zgonc

Honor and Memorial Gifts In honor of: Larry Gogolick Dr. Mark Panigutti Ryan Rennell Tony Wrobel In memory of: Thomas Eugene “Gene” Ashley Julia Boehnlein L. Kathleen Brenner James J. Kramarczyk Julie Kunes Charlie Masek Tony Mastronuzzi Gale “Bunnie” Merckle Barbara Saltzman Mark Anthony Smrekar, Jr. Bill Suprenenko Rita B.Tloczynski *Deceased 2011 Donors: This list represents all gifts of $1,000+ cumulative giving between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. The contributions supported a variety of Cleveland Zoological Society fundraising programs and special events. To provide updated information or to make a gift, please call (216) 661-6500 or e-mail African Elephant Crossing: This list represents donors of $5,000+ from the inception of the campaign through December 31, 2011.


Strategic Focus Area VII

MANAGEMENT The Zoo will be a robust, fiscally sustainable organization modeling best business practices with a culture of collaboration, partnership and continual professional development.

Transitions began early in 2011 for the Zoo and its governing agency, Cleveland Metroparks. In January, Dan T. Moore was appointed to the three-member Cleveland Metroparks Board of Park Commissioners. He replaced veteran Commissioner Fred Rzepka, the longest serving commissioner in Metroparks history. Toward the end of the year, David Whitehead, another longtime commissioner, announced his retirement from the board. His replacement, Debra Berry, vice-president of planning and real estate development at University Circle, Inc., began her term in January 2012. We look forward to working with the new commissioners and we thank the former commissioners for their long service and dedication to Cleveland Metroparks and the Zoo. Both Fred and David were instrumental in the Zoo’s growth and had a major role in the completion of African Elephant Crossing. Don Krock, manager of Zoo Horticulture for 30 years, retired in 2011. The Zoo receives many compliments for its beautiful grounds and gardens due in large part to Don’s leadership of the talented horticulture staff.

2011 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo staff

Changes were in store for the Zoological Society’s leadership as well. Its board elected attorney GiGi Benjamin as its new chairperson. She replaced Rob Rogers who was chair during much of the time the Zoo Society was fundraising for African Elephant Crossing. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/Zoo Society completed a new Strategic/Master Plan in 2011. The plan will serve as a blueprint to guide the Zoo over the next 15-20 years, although staff has not wasted any time putting many of the recommendations into practice. Future annual reports will update the progress of the Zoo’s efforts to better engage the community, strengthen public/private partnerships, increase levels of capital maintenance and capital improvements and build on the momentum, energy and excitement created by the opening of African Elephant Crossing.


Maintenance > > > Construction • Repaired air handler in The RainForest • Repaired compressor on roof of Center for Zoological Medicine • Painted hallways and offices in Administration Building • Repaired drainage near Savanna Theater walkway • Fixed retaining wall on Wildlife Way • Repaired boiler in Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building • Installed new pedestrian steps near Stecher Building



Metroparks Zoo Full & Part-Time Employees (As of December 31, 2011) ADMINISTRATION Zoo Director Steve H. Taylor Executive Secretary Catherine Thoryk CONSERVATION EDUCATION Curator of Education Victoria Searles Senior Education Specialist Chriss Kmiecik Christine Korhnak James Nemet Manager of Zoo Volunteer Resources Lynn Charles Registration Specialist Starr Kelley Registration Technician (PT) Amy Harmon Registration Assistant Jeanie Brown (PT) Linda Quast Librarian/Media Specialist Jason Schafer Media Specialist (PT) Nicholas Kiehl Media Assistant Frances Chung (PT) Luke Weiss Education Specialist Katie Corr Adriana De Los Santos Greg DelTorto (PT) Allison Dusenbury (PT) Chad Fifer Terry Joyce Angie Reynolds Antoinette Rivera Cathy Ryan-Smith Stephen Shultz (PT) D’Edra Thompson Animal Keeper/ Education Assistant Katie Dagostino Bus Driver (PT) Denice Johnson Thomas Mayne Edward McKenna Education Interpreter (PT) Marjorie Ulyan


Education Assistant (PT) Laura Boswell Jennifer Kaess Mary Anne Liptak Nicole McClellan Michael Milanich Mary Pelton Kristy Rinas Danette Rushboldt Jenna Senol Leila Snodgrass Melissa Tilocco Carol Ward Amanda Whitener Valerie Yarmesch FACILITY OPERATIONS Superintendent Elizabeth Geith Systems & Records Administrator Ann Kaminsky Secretary, Facility Operations Linda Baszak Managers Patty Cayton Robert Porvasnik Jack Ringstmeier Lead Mechanic Steve Krauth Mechanic Bradford Fairchild Timothy Szarafinski Lead HVAC Engineer Gordan Cerney HVAC Engineer Robert Andrassy Robert Conway John Coulter Bob Kras Lead General Maintenance Mike Patera General Maintenance Mike Bonezzi Dominic Burton Jeff Chenoweth Paul Dzurik David Kowall Jean Lang Gary Molle’ Michael O’Brien George Skarl Chuck Wade Donald Wilson Lead Horticulturist Robert Clarkin


Horticulturist Pebbles Bush Jeff Deluca Eric Himmelman Dana Lamphier Kevin Mackin Stuart Meyer Teresa O’Kelly Tim Peters Recycling & Compost Coordinator Nancy Hughes

Irma Alvarez, Admissions Assistant

Laura Andrews, Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

Allyson Barile, Animal Keeper

Amy Harmon, Registration Technician

Andi Kornak, Curator of Carnivores and Large Mammals

Michelle Peck, Animal Keeper

Group Sales Manager Stacy Barlock

Janyne Farley James Fritsche

Group Sales Representative Anne Madigan Evan Zuzik (PT)

Admin. Asst./Training Coordinator Janet Miller

Rides/Transportation Lead (PT) Tom Livingstone

Lead Service Maintenance Ron Bittner Bill Ochmanski Robert Puntel Service Maintenance I Oscar Allen Maria Clapp Jackie Freeman Michael Fronckowiak Deb Gamble Darryl Graham Derrick Jones Elizabeth Soltesz Demetrius Winters Mike Yznaga Service Maintenance II Bill Beckrest Frank Costanzo Lawrence Greene Mary Ann Horton Audrey Lewis Kathy Monreal Russ Verlinden Gail Viscomi Rocco Yascone Service Maintenance (PT) Patty Brom Tim Carlson Truck Driver Kelvin Mack Interactives/Electronics Technician Paul Valley Life Support System Technician Mike Burcewicz GUEST SERVICES Guest Services Manager Edith Ricchiuto Guest Services Operations Specialist Weldon Maples Assistant Operations Specialist (PT) Al Martin

Queensland koala

Admissions Manager Theresa Moore Lead Admissions Assistant (PT) Colette Arraj Beth McDade Admissions Assistant (PT) Irma Alvarez Sulma Espendez

Concessions Specialist (PT) Norman Lehrer Secretary, Guest Services (PT) Janice Scigliano Receptionist (PT) Janet Jaeger

Transportation (PT) William Ingram John Orzel Guest Services Associate Lead (PT) Ethan Rivera Guest Services Associate (PT) Nicole DeSanto Joyce Ohlrich Gloria Roman Theresa Thompkins



Conservation Coordinator (PT) Gayle Albers Secretary (PT) Robin Gere CLEVELAND ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY Jeff Chenoweth, General Maintenance

Robert Porvasnik, Manager of Zoo Grounds & Services – Nights MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS Marketing & Public Relations Manager Susan Allen Marketing & Public Relations Specialist Laura Andrews Joanne Clemens Tom Robatin Joe Yachanin ZOOLOGICAL PROGRAMS General Curator Geoffrey S.E. Hall Curator of Primates and Small Mammals Chris Kuhar, Ph.D. Curator of Carnivores and Large Mammals Andi Kornak Curator of Birds and Aquatics Stan Searles Curator of Conservation and Science Kristen Lukas, Ph.D. Animal Care Manager Ken Pekarek Asst. Animal Care Manager Lynn Koscielny Tad Schoffner Travis Vineyard

Adriana De Los Santos, Education Specialist I

Linda Quast, Registration Assistant

Chief Veterinarian Albert Lewandowski, D.V.M. Staff Veterinarian Mike Selig, D.V.M. Animal Health Technician Sharon Geri, R.V.T. (PT) Sheena Koeth, R.V.T. Chris Peterson, R.V.T. Kevin Roxbury, R.V.T. (PT) Zoo Hospital/ Medical Records Administrator Linda DeHoff, R.V.T. Animal Registrar Pamela Krentz Associate Animal Registrar Gloria Rivera Lead Keeper Pam Bowman George Buehner Debbie Copeland Scott Parrish Theresa Rhyner Alisa Sandor Andrew Smyser Mitch Zverina Keeper Allyson Barile Kristy Becka Aimee Brown

Paul Dzurik, General Maintenance

Elliott Burton Joe Carosscia James Casteel Karen Cerney Mark Chase Leroy Daugherty Curt Gindlesperger Julie Good Shane Good Calvin Harpe Micki Hollan-Muss Becky Johnson Steve Kinczel June Madamba Tiffany Mayo Meghan McNamara Maureen Meslovich Kelly Morgan Rick Moxley Michelle Peck Stephanie Poduska Jeff Polcen Brad Poynter Brian Price Mark Rehling Joe Ropelewski Kevin Scotti Meghan Sharp Rose Sharp Natalie Siek Shelly Stecklow Dawn Stone Heather Strawn Jeanette Trusnik Claire Winkler Dave Winkler Mary Yoder Patty Young Nick Zarlinga Mike Zinter Associate Research Curator Mandi Vick, Ph.D. Associate Conservation Curator Kym Gopp, M.S. Endocrinology Lab Manager Laura Amendolagine Epidemiologist (PT) Pam Dennis, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Executive Director Elizabeth Fowler Director, Finance & Operations Mary McMillan Director, External Relations Tara Turner Manager, Capital & Special Gifts Fiona Green Manager, Special Events Rachael Fuller Manager, Annual Fund Kim Conrad Assistant to E. Fowler & Board Liaison Mary Ann Nofel Web & Graphic Design Elizabeth Thibodeaux Senior Development Associate Theresa Schneider Development Associate Brendan Reynolds Development Assistant Christina Aldrich Membership Coordinator Lee Weber Membership & Development Specialist Stephanie Ayers Amanda Perry Melissa Perry On-site Sales Representative Kelsey Craft Marten Dollinger Patricia Evilsizer Patricia Finegan Linda Green Carmen Ramos-Cain

Clarkin, Robert M. Leap Ahead With a Higher Level of Pest Management. Association of Zoological Horticulture Newsletter. 13-15. January/February, 2011. Ferrie, G.M., Bettinger, T.L., Kuhar, C.W., Lehnhardt, K., Apell, P., & Kasoma, P. Assessing Community Understanding of Local Environmental Issues in Two Areas of Uganda. Applied Environmental Education and Communication. 10: 52-62. 2011. Heimlich, J., Searles, V., & Atkins, A. Sustainability Education in Zoos and Aquariums. In R. McKeown (Ed.), Schooling for Sustainable Development in Canada and the United States. Spring, 2011. Heimlich, J., Searles, V., & Atkins, A. The Role of Zoos and Aquariums in Education for Sustainability in Schools. Connect. Published by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. September, 2011. Kuhar, C.W., Fitch-Snyder, H., Arnold, K., Buchanoff, H., Clark, B., Gibson, D., Schad, K., & Marti K. Population Analysis and Breeding and Transfer Plan: Nocturnal Prosimian Programs. Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo. 137 p. 2011. Leighty, K.A., Maloney, M.A., Kuhar, C.W., Phillips, R.S., Wild, J.M., Chaplin, J.S., & Bettinger, T.L. Use of a Touchscreen-Mediated Testing System with Mandrill Monkeys. International Journal of Comparative Psychology. 24: 60-75. 2011. Lukas, K.E., Elsner, R., Long, S., & Groome, C. Population Analysis and Breeding Plan for Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Silver Spring, MD: Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 77 pp. 2011. Maloney, M.A., Leighty, K.A., Kuhar, C.W., & Bettinger, T.L. Behavioral Responses of Silverback Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) to Videos. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. 14: 96-108. 2011. Miller, A., Leighty, K.A., Maloney, M.A., Kuhar, C.W., & Bettinger, T.L. How Access to Exhibit Space Impacts the Behavior of Female Tigers (Panthera tigris). Zoo Biology. 30: 479-486. 2011. Murphy, H.W., Dennis, P.M., Devlin, W., Meehan, T., & Kutinsky, I. Echocardiographic Parameters of Captive Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 42(4): 572–579. 2011. O’Kelly, Teresa. Perils of the American Ginseng. Association of Zoological Horticulture Newsletter. 6, 9. November/December, 2011. Ross, S.R., Wagner, K.E., Schapiro, S.J., Hau, J., & Lukas, K.E. Transfer and Acclimatization Effects on the Behavior of Two Species of African Great Ape (Pan troglodytes and Gorilla gorilla gorilla) Moved to a Novel and Naturalistic Zoo Environment. International Journal of Primatology. 32, 99-117. 2011. Vick, M.M., Wildt, D.E., Turner, J.B., Palme, R., Wolfe, B.A., & Pukazhenthi, B.S. Glucocorticoid Response to Changes in Enclosure Size and Human Proximity in the Persian Onager (Equus hemionus onager). Stress. July 15. E-pub ahead of print. 2011. Yachanin, Joe. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s African Elephant Crossing. Connect. Published by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. June, 2011.



Presentations: Clarkin, Robert. Bioturf Lawn Care at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. AZH Annual Conference. Sedgwick County Zoo. October, 2011. Wichita, Kansas. Corr, Katie. Inquiry in the Urban Classroom. North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Annual Conference. October, 2011. Raleigh, North Carolina. Corr, Katie. Earning a Master’s at the Zoo: Graduate Studies in Scientific Inquiry. Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) Annual Conference. February, 2011. Akron, Ohio. Fuller G.A., Vick, M.M., Raghanti, M.A., Kuhar, C.W., Dennis, P.M., & Lukas, K.E. Validation of an Assay for Measurement of Salivary Melatonin in Nocturnal Primates. International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology second annual meeting. November, 2011. Toronto, Ontario. Fuller, G., Raghanti, M.A., Vick, M.M., Dennis, P.M., Kuhar, C.W., & Lukas, K.E. Preliminary Data on Experimental Suppression of Melatonin in Nocturnal Primates. Eighth Annual Midwest Primate Interest Group. October, 2011. Kent, Ohio. Fuller, G.A., Kuhar, C.W., Vick, M.M., Raghanti, M.A., Dennis, P.M., & Lukas, K.E. Are We in the Dark About Lighting? [POSTER] AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Korhnak, Christine. Impacts of Inquiry-Based Programming on Conservation Knowledge and Awareness. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Korhnak, Christine. The Influence of Teacher Professional Development on the Knowledge and Attitudes of Early Elementary Students Following an Inquiry-Based Intervention. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Kuhar, Christopher. GBAG: We Put the Advice in Advisory Group. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Kuhar, Christopher. Confessions of a Monkey Sex Therepist. Animal Attractions. February, 2011. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Lauer, R., Dennis P.M., Wynn, D., Mckinley, J., & Reichenbach, N. Consequences of Cutaneous Injuries from Radio Transmitter Antennae on Reintroduced Eastern Plains Garter Snakes (Thamnophis radix radix). [POSTER] Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Summer Research Program. September, 2011. Columbus, Ohio. Less, E.H., Kuhar, C.W., Dennis, P.M., & Lukas, K.E. Validating Keeper Assessments of Gorilla Activity Level with Behavior Data. [POSTER] AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Less, E.H. & Hawkes N. Gorilla SSP Research Update. Gorilla SSP meeting. April, 2011. Chicago, Illinois. Less, E.H., Bergl, R., Kuhar, C.W., Wensvoort, J., Raghanti, M., Dennis, P.M., Lavin, S., Ball, R., & Lukas, K.E. The Effect of Diet on Undesirable Behaviors in Zoo Gorillas. International Society of Applied Ethology. August, 2011. Indianapolis, Indiana.


Less, E.H., Dennis, P.M., Kuhar, C.W., Raghanti M., Willis, M., & Lukas, K.E. Adiposity in Zoo Gorillas: the Effects of Diet and Behavior. Great Lakes Regional Gorilla Workshop. November, 2011. Chicago, Illinois. Lukas, K.E., Less, E.H., & Dennis, P.M. The 800 lb Gorilla. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Lukas, K.E., & Ross, S.R. Understanding the Impact of Chimpanzees on Zoo Visitor Attitudes. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Lukas, K.E. & Gopp, K.A. Assessing Efforts to Increase Conservation Awareness at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. [POSTER] Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation. March, 2011. Seattle, Washington. Poynter, Brad. Large River Turtle Consortium: Conservation of Critical Species through Captive Management in the 21st Century at the IUCN TFTSG/TSA joint meeting. Poynter, Brad. An Assessment of Viable Habitat for Blanding’s Turtle in the State of Ohio Using GIS and Remote Sensing. IUCN TFTSG/IUCN joint meeting. Poynter, Brad. An Assessment of Viable Habitat for Blanding’s Turtle in the State of Ohio Using GIS and Remote Sensing: Applications to Asian River Turtle Conservation. IUCN’s Conservation of Asian Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles. Singapore. Searles, Vicki. Why Zoos and Aquariums Matter: Working with Community Perceptions to Achieve Your Goal. AZA Annual Conference. September, 2011. Atlanta, Georgia. Scoda, L., Less, E., Vick, M.M., & Dennis, P.M. Effects of a Decreased Starch Diet on Metabolic Indicators of Insulin Resistance in Captive Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis). [POSTER] Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Summer Research Program. September, 2011. Columbus, Ohio. Vajda, D., Koeth, S., Lockhart, O., & Dennis, P.M. Health Assessments of Four Turtle Species Within the Ohio Erie Canal. [POSTER] Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Summer Research Program. September, 2011. Columbus, Ohio. Vick, M.M., Bateman H.A., Lambo, C.A., & Swanson, W.F. Improved Cryopreservation of Domestic Cat Spermatozoa in a Soy-Lecithin Based Extender. [POSTER] International Embryo Transfer Society. January, 2011. Orlando, Florida. Vick, M.M. & Beetem, D. Practical Aspects of Successful Artificial Insemination in a Wild Equid, the Persian Onager. AZA Mid-Year Conference. March, 2011. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Vick, M.M. & Penfold, L.M. Assisted Reproductive Technologies to Augment Metapopulation Management. European Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference. September, 2011. Montpellier, France. Vick, M.M. Using Endocrinology to Study Reproductive Biology, Health & Welfare in Non-Domestic Species. Case Western Reserve University biology department seminar. February, 2011. Cleveland, Ohio.

Common map turtle Vick, M.M., Wildt D.E., Weiss, R.A., Wolfe, B.A., Archibald, K.E., & Pukazhenthi, B.S. Applying Endocrinology to Develop Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs) in a Wild Equid, the Persian Onager. International Society of Wildlife Endocrinology. November, 2011. Toronto, Canada.

Awards and Honors: Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. PRSA, African Elephant Crossing Campaign – Silver Award – Press Kits – Government/Associations/Nonprofit. Cleveland Rocks Award. Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. PRSA, African Elephant Crossing Campaign – Silver Award – Annual Reports – Government/Associations/ Nonprofit. Cleveland Rocks Award. Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. PRSA, African Elephant Crossing Campaign – Gold Award – Media Relations – Government/Associations/ Nonprofit. Cleveland Rocks Award. Zoo Marketing & Public Relations. PRSA, African Elephant Crossing Campaign – Silver Award – Integrated Communications – Government/ Associations/Nonprofit. Cleveland Rocks Award. Zoo Marketing & Public Relations & Cleveland Zoological Society. PRSA, African Elephant Crossing Campaign – Gold Award – Special Events & Observances (Seven or Fewer Days) – Government/Associations/Nonprofit. Cleveland Rocks Award. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo/Cleveland Zoological Society, PRSA East Central District Diamond Awards, African Elephant Crossing Opening – Diamond Award, Special Events & Observances. Cleveland Zoological Society, PRSA Greater Cleveland Chapter, Elephant Comeback (Bus) Tour – Gold Award, Guerilla Marketing/Grass Roots – Government/Association/Nonprofit. Cleveland Zoological Society, PRSA Greater Cleveland Chapter, “A Trunk’s-Length Away:” African Elephant Crossing Campaign Update – Gold Award, Special Publications - Government/ Association/Nonprofit. Cleveland Zoological Society, PRSA Greater Cleveland Chapter, African Elephant Crossing Direct Mail – Gold Award, Direct Mail/Direct Response – Government/Association/Nonprofit.


Scientific Leadership:

Professional Leadership:

Albers, Gayle. AZA, Certified FrogWatch Coordinator; Certified NestWatch Coordinator, Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Advisory Committee, Friends of Big Creek; Board Member, Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society.

Allen, Susan. Board Member, Shoes and Clothes for Kids; Board Member, Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation; Board Member, Prevent Blindness Ohio.

Dennis, Pam. Chair, AZA Animal Health Committee; Veterinary Advisor, Gorilla SSP; AZA Research & Technology Committee Liason; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, Case Western Reserve University; Clinical Assistant Professor in Veterinary Preventative Medicine, Ohio State University.

Bush, Pebbles. Master Certified Nursery Technician, Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association. Clarkin, Robert. Certified Zoo Horticulturist. IPM Committee Chairperson. Association of Zoological Horticulture, Inc.

Good, Julie. Field Ambassador Program, Polar Bears International.

DeHoff, Linda. Adjunct Faculty, Cuyahoga Community College Veterinary Technician Program; President, Advisory Board Veterinary Technology Program at Tri-C; Fiscal Officer, Medina Township.

Good, Shane. Advisory Council, Polar Bears International.

Dusenbury, Allison. Certified Interpretive Guide, National Association of Interpretation.

Kmiecik, Chriss. Advisor, Andean Condor SSP; AZA Honors & Awards Committee Member.

Fowler, Liz. Board Member, Executive Committee Member, LAND Studio; Core Team Member, Great Lakes Biomimicry Collaborative.

Fifer, Chad. Advisor, Red Panda Survival Plan.

Kuhar, Christopher. Vice-Chair, Animal Welfare Committee; Research and Technology Committee; Vice-Chair, Prosimian TAG; Pygmy Loris SSP Coordinator; Nocturnal Prosimian Point of Contact for Prosimian TAG; Screaming Armadillo Studbook Keeper; Gorilla Behavior Advisory Group Chair; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, Case Western Reserve University. Less, Elena. Research Advisor, Gorilla SSP.

Harmon, Amy. Certified Interpretive Guide, National Association of Interpretation. Himmelman, Eric. Certified Zoo Horticulturist. Association of Zoological Horticulture, Inc. Geith, Elizabeth. Board of Regents, Great Lakes Park Training Institute; Great Lakes Regional Council, National Recreation & Park Association.

Lukas, Kristen. Chair, Gorilla SSP; Secretary, Ape TAG; AZA Research & Technology Committee Member; AZA Field Conservation Committee Member; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, Case Western Reserve University.

Joyce, Terry. Secretary, National Association of Interpretation Zoo, Wildlife Parks and Aquaria Section.

Poynter, Brad. Batagur Turtle Studbook Keeper; Turtle Survival Alliance Species Coordinator for Batagur affinis; IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group; Chelonian TAG.

Lamphier, Dana. Certified Treecare Safety Professional, Tree Care Industry Association, Inc.

Schoffner, Tad. Mongoose Lemur Studbook Keeper; Distance Learning Presentations on Enrichment and Primate Behavior. Searles, Vicki. AZA Conservation Education Committee Regional Communication Liaison; Champion of Research Initiative, Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers Board President.

Kaminsky, Ann. Secretary/Administrator, Aquarium & Zoo Facilities Association.

Lewandowski, Albert. Adjunct Faculty, Cuyahoga Community College Veterinary Technology Program; Associate Editor, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine; David Steffee Chair of Veterinary Medicine, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo; Technical Advisory Committee on Exotic Animal Legislation, State Department of Agriculture. O’Kelly, Teresa. Conservation Committee Chairperson. Association of Zoological Horticulture, Inc.

Stone, Dawn. Aye-aye Husbandry and Handling Training, Duke Lemur Center.

Patera, Mike. Treasurer, Aquarium & Zoo Facilities Association.

Vick, Mandi. Advisor, AZA Research & Technology Committee; AZA Animal Welfare Committee Liaison; Endocrine Scientific Advisory Group, Steering Committee Member; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, Case Western Reserve University.

Rivera, Antoinette. Certified Interpretive Guide , Certified Interpretive Host, National Association of Interpretation. Taylor, Steve. Board Member, National Elephant Center; AZA Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee Member.

The FUTURE In the last several Cleveland Metroparks Zoo annual reports, the “Future” focused on the planning, fundraising and construction of African Elephant Crossing. Now that this wonderful new addition to the Zoo is complete, future exhibits and facilities can enter the planning stage. The Zoo wants the momentum of successful new exhibits and facilities to continue. The Strategic/Master Plan contains a new mission to guide our efforts and suggests a number of short-term facility improvements and long-term projects that will: appeal to guests, the community and donors; build on the momentum created with the opening of AEC; and increase current levels of capital spending for projects and improvements. Potential major exhibits for future development could include a primate forest, an exhibit devoted to Asian wildlife such as rhinos, tapirs and Komodo dragons, or new habitats for sea lions and polar bears. In the short term, the Zoo is considering a penguin exhibit, a new lion exhibit, a carousel and an African-themed rental facility. Serious consideration of these large new exhibits can occur only if the voters of Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township approve a new Cleveland Metroparks levy, which is likely to appear on the ballot in 2013. While the wording of the Zoo’s mission statement has recently changed, the primary purpose of conserving the world’s wildlife and wild places is still the same. The combined efforts of our diverse conservation education offerings, the first-class care of many endangered species, the scientific research accomplished at the Zoo, our sustainability efforts and our support of conservation programs worldwide will continue to make Cleveland Metroparks Zoo a tremendous resource for our community and a voice for vanishing wildlife around the world. 26


2011  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo



Revenues & Support Gate Fees Membership Transfers Train Concessions Rentals Miscellaneous Subtotal – Earned Revenue Subtotal – Metroparks Operating Subsidy Total Revenues & Support

$3,112,525 1,765,470 139,530 1,178,064 307,441 587,116 7,090,146 12,242,849 $19,332,995

$4,310,673 1,928,997 164,393 1,483,117 414,274 498,450 8,799,904 10,397,463 $19,197,367

xpenditures E Salaries & Benefits Utilities Animal Feed & Supplies Fleet Maintenance Property Repair & Maintenance Education Supplies Marketing/Advertising Miscellaneous Supplies/Services Total Operating Expenditures

$13,444,445 2,562,472 757,284 237,314 372,880 218,724 408,061 1,331,815 $19,332,995

$13,754,523 2,363,193 781,802 284,579 384,296 207,639 545,051 876,284 $19,197,367

etroparks Capital Fund M Zoo Capital Expenditures Total Zoo Subsidy

$10,130,629 $22,369,955

$1,218,792 $11,613,656



$272,619 $3,697,254

$506,050 $1,199,502



estricted Funds R Total Revenue (Primarily Zoological Society) Operating Expenditures Capital Expenditures Total Restricted Expenditures

2011  Cleveland Zoological Society


evenues & Support R Membership Contribution & Support Contributions to Capital Campaign* Investments/Trusts Total Revenues & Support

$2,527,401 2,314,163 641,000 311,081 $5,793,645

$2,906,035 2,452,847 1,851,135 153,992 $7,364,009

xpenses E Distribution to Metroparks

$2,400,662 $6,024,381

$2,568,349 $3,722,158

*Cash & pledges; not expenditures



Mueller’s gibbon

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Board of Park Commissioners

The Honorable Judge Anthony J. Russo, Appointing Authority Board of Park Commissioners Bruce G. Rinker, President Dan T. Moore, Vice President David W. Whitehead, Vice President

The Honorable Judge Anthony J. Russo

Zoo Society President Virginia “GiGi” Benjamin, Executive Director Elizabeth Fowler and Zoo Director Steve Taylor

Cleveland Zoological Society Executive Committee 2011

Comissioners: Dan T. Moore, Bruce G. Rinker and David W. Whitehead

Cleveland Metroparks Staff Brian M. Zimmerman, Executive Director-Secretary David J. Kuntz, Treasurer Steve H. Taylor, Zoo Director William G. Binggeli, Director of Park Operations M. Jane Christyson, Director of Marketing Rosalina M. Fini, Law Director Brian M. Zimmerman

Harold G. Harrison, Director of Human Resources Richard J. Kerber, Director of Planning, Design & Natural Resources Gregory M. Loftus, Chief Ranger Sean McHugh, Director of Golf Operations

Robert S. Reitman, Chairman Emeritus Robert J. Rogers, Chairman Virginia “GiGi” D. Benjamin, President Mike Cogan, Vice President Eric S. Hall, Treasurer Justin Horton, Secretary Elizabeth T. Fowler,* Executive Director Steve H. Taylor,* Zoo Director Dennis Burnside Lydia Harrington Tom Littman Jon Outcalt, Jr. Meg Ratner Mike Vaughn *ex officio

Editorial: Steve H. Taylor, Susan Allen and Joe Yachanin Graphic Design: Wendy Armon, McHale & Koepke Communications Photography: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Zoological Society and Photo Safari participants

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is owned and operated by Cleveland Metroparks, a separate political subdivision of the State of Ohio. The Park District is governed by Cleveland Metroparks Commissioners, composed of three citizens who serve three-year terms without compensation. Board members are appointed by the senior judge of the Probate Court of Cuyahoga County.

The Cleveland Zoological Society is a nonprofit corporation established to support the Zoo and its programs. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Institutions that earn AZA accreditation achieve rigorous standards for animal care, education, wildlife conservation and science. The AZA is building North America’s largest wildlife conservation movement by engaging and inspiring 143 million annual visitors and their communities to care about and take action to help protect wildlife.


3900 Wildlife Way Cleveland, Ohio 44109 (216) 661-6500 Š 2012 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 2011 Annual Report  

Annual Report

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