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Circle of Wildlife

Carousel Cleveland Zoological Society & Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

YOU AND THE ZOO Who can forget their first trip to the Zoo? The adventures, the awe-inspiring sights and sounds, the joy of discovering something new!

Beloved by children and adults for 130 years, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo provides an essential place for families to learn, spend time together and create lasting memories in a safe, green, active environment. The Zoo — with the help of its advancement partner the Cleveland Zoological Society — has evolved from an entertainment attraction into a nationally respected conservation park, science education provider and global conservation advocate. Our mission is to create compelling experiences that connect people with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for conserving the natural world.

Please join us as we grow. The Zoo and Zoo Society are proud to present an opportunity that will inspire and engage generations of Zoo-goers — the Circle of Wildlife Carousel & Nature Play Zone.

With 180 million annual visitors nationwide, accredited zoos reach a vast audience, providing essential connections to the natural world.

CIRCLE OF WILDLIFE CAROUSEL Carousels — like zoos — hold a special place in our lives. The magic, the music and the motion capture our imaginations and fill us with anticipation.

As a destination for a special occasion or simply a restful moment during a busy Zoo day, the Circle of Wildlife Carousel will enhance the overall Zoo experience. Thematically focused on animal homes around the world, the carousel will introduce visitors to grasslands, tropical and temperate forests, tundra, rivers and oceans.

Each hand-carved, hand-painted wooden figure is unique, an heirloom that reaches across the ages to teach with hope and reaffirm our longstanding commitment to living in concert with nature. The experience of “getting close” to a gorilla, tiger or bear will engage Zoo visitors in understanding the complex challenges of conservation, how species interrelate in ecosystems and the opportunities for community action and stewardship. The carousel — designed and fabricated by The Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio — will generate earned revenue, important for the Zoo’s long-term fiscal health and for jumpstarting other needed improvements.

Carousels — like zoos — hold a special place in our lives. The magic, the music and the motion capture our imaginations.

NATURE PLAY ZONE Climbing, building and splashing are fun and important for children’s well-being.

Young children are curious and eager to learn about the natural world. Climbing, building, splashing, play-acting and daydreaming are fun and important for children’s social, intellectual and physical well-being. When children play and explore in nature, they become more vigorous, cooperative and imaginative learners. What does grass feel like? How does water run over rocks? How do animals use their surroundings?

Just as we rely on neighborhoods and communities to meet our needs, animals rely on their habitats to provide life-sustaining resources: water, food, shelter. Thematically linked to the carousel, the Nature Play Zone will invite children to discover how keeping habitats healthy keeps animals healthy. Progressive zoos and parks are designing outdoor areas to help restore children’s relationship with nature through unstructured, open-ended play. Created for the Zoo’s youngest visitors, the Nature Play Zone will incorporate natural elements such as boulders and grasses and encourage children to savor spontaneous fun and discovery. The design will draw on the most current educational research and best practices — including the Zoo’s award-winning science education programs — to inspire a community of adventurous learners.

Centrally located, the Carousel & Nature Play Zone will be a popular destination for generations.

Learning and play are inseparable in young children

The Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in Northeast Ohio. Together the Zoo and Zoo Society attract 1.2 million visitors and serve 45,000 household members annually.

YOU’RE INVITED Now is your opportunity to be at the center of this wonderful new initiative, scheduled to open in 2014! Gifts of any amount are welcome and may be directed to the Cleveland Zoological Society. Donors sponsoring carousel figures at the $15,000 level and higher will retain exclusive recognition rights for 15 years on plaques placed at the base of each figure. Naming opportunities and an exciting array of recognition options are available. Donors may also consider making an endowment contribution to ensure the long-term vitality of the Zoo and Zoo Society and our commitment to wildlife conservation.

By sponsoring one or more of these magnificent, unique animal figures or underwriting a larger aspect of the project, you will deliver memories for a lifetime and help create an iconic and lasting legacy for the Zoo. Please see the enclosed list of opportunities, visit our website or call anytime.

Thank you!


Dr. Chris Kuhar Executive Director Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (216) 635.3335

Elizabeth T. Fowler Executive Director Cleveland Zoological Society (216) 635.3342 Fiona M. Green Development Director Cleveland Zoological Society (216) 635.3325

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Connecting People With Wildlife

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