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NATURALIZATION CEREMONY Friday, September 28, 2018 | Main Library, Brett Hall



Historic South Branch Reopens December 1 A piece of Library history—an original Carnegie library building dating back to 1911—is restored, expanded, and returned to the community. BY L AU R A WA LT E R


n December 1, residents of Tremont and Clark-Fulton will reclaim a beloved neighborhood institution when Cleveland Public Library’s South Branch, located at 3096 Scranton Road, officially reopens and resumes library services after years of restoration efforts. The South Branch building’s history stretches back to 1911, when it was constructed with funds gifted by Andrew Carnegie. The building’s stone exterior and striking façade, combined with its interior woodwork, built-in shelving, skylight, and fireplace, made South Branch an attractive, distinctive facility that was much beloved


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by its community. After more than a century of use, however, the building suffered structural and mechanical failures. In 2013, Cleveland Public Library was compelled to close the building and temporarily relocate the branch to 2704 Clark Avenue. In the years that followed, the Library invited community input regarding the future of South Branch. After embarking on an extensive process to consider how to best serve this community, the Library’s Board of Trustees resolved to preserve, restore, and update the historic South Branch building rather than build a new branch, a decision many residents celebrated. “We were thrilled with the public process that led to the determination to return the library to the corner of Scranton and Clark,” says Cory Riordon, Executive Director of the Tremont West Development Corporation. “The community was involved from the get-go in this process, and it was clear that this was the library’s rightful place. This historic building is a cornerstone in the neighborhood, and we’re excited this cornerstone will be returned to the community and services will resume at the branch.” “This process has been worth the wait. We’ll have a nearly 110-year-old library that has all the amenities of a 21st century library,” adds Jaime Declet, Manager of South Branch. “It’s remarkable that the community members voiced their opinions and their needs, and that the Library was able to respond by saving a historical building. That corner of Scranton and Clark wouldn’t be the same without a library—a library helps bring life to that part of the neighborhood. We can’t wait to be back.” The stone façade at the original entrance on Scranton Road has been preserved, and a new addition extending to Clark Avenue offers a second entrance that will be fully ADA-compliant. Inside, the beautiful woodwork and wooden perimeter shelving were retained and restored, along with the original fireplace

Branch Library Capital Improvement Project Draws to an End

South Branch, courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Archives

and a restored skylight feature. The branch has been expanded and updated to include quiet study rooms, separate areas for teens and children, a sound studio, fully accessible restrooms, and a computer bar located at the historic Carnegie desk. A new, larger meeting space with a capacity for fifty people will be a particular asset to the neighborhood, and an option for after-hours access means community groups may use this space outside of the library’s standard operating hours. HBM Architects led the design and restoration process. Community members applauded efforts to preserve the character of the original structure while updating and improving its facilities. “I am so excited that the Cleveland Public Library board and staff supported restoring and renovating our historic Carnegie South Branch library,” says Sandy Smith, a Tremont resident and member of the South Branch Advisory Committee. She praised the renovation work and suggested the restored branch could play a role in unifying the neighborhood. “The architects were able to save many of the aspects that brought such character to the building—such as the beautiful wood trim, the fireplace, the skylight, and the book cases—and incorporate all of it into the new design while also incorporating additional access to outlets for laptop and phone charging, dedicated areas for younger children and teens, and quiet study areas,” she says. “The design is open and inviting, and the fact that there now will be two entrances, one on Scranton and one at the rear of the building off Clark, helps bridge the gap between the two parts of the neighborhood—Tremont and Clark-Fulton—that use and love the library.”

In 2018, Cleveland Public Library embarked on an extensive plan to revitalize its neighborhood branch libraries. Nine branches across the library system underwent critical repair and maintenance work to ensure the facilities remain safe, sustainable, and accessible environments for library patrons. The majority of branches scheduled for this repair work in 2018 are now complete. Lorain, Glenville, Harvard-Lee, and Jefferson reopened after repairs earlier this year. Most recently, Addison Branch reopened in late September, Carnegie West and Langston Hughes in mid-October, and Fulton Branch in early October. The final branch scheduled for maintenance work, Collinwood, is on track to reopen in December. “This was a tremendous project that required planning, organization, and the cooperation of our staff,” says Felton Thomas, Jr., Executive Director of Cleveland Public Library. “We thank our patrons and community members for their patience as we completed this important work to keep our facilities—including historic buildings—in good working order.”

South Branch will reopen on Saturday, December 1 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration from 12pm–5pm. South Branch is located at 3096 Scranton Road. For more information, call 216-623-7060 or email The People’s University |


C PL 1 5 0

Baseball, Railroads, Equality, and Libraries:


Cleveland, circa 1869. Courtesy of Cleveland Public Library's Photograph Collection


hen Cleveland Public Library was founded in 1869, the American flag had 37 stars, the country was only four years removed from the Civil War, and Ulysses S. Grant was weeks away from being sworn in as the eighteenth President of the United States. On a national scale, the events of 1869 reflect a changing nation: Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the first woman to testify in Congress; the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the nation’s first professional baseball team; John Willis Menard was the first African American to address the House of Representatives; the famed Golden Spike officially completed the First Transcontinental Railroad; and the Wyoming Territory was the first U.S. territory or state to grant women the right to vote. Cleveland was a relatively young city—only 73 years past its founding in 1796—and in the midst of rapid growth in 1869. 6

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According to census figures, the population more than doubled through the 1860s to reach approximately 93,000 in 1870. Much of the swelling population during this time was attributed to immigrants, particularly those from Germany and Great Britain. In 1869, Cleveland enjoyed progress in industry, sports, and culture. This was the year Lake View Cemetery was founded; the Forest City baseball team played its first professional game; Mark Twain gave a lecture at Case Hall; and several railroad companies consolidated to create the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Company, which controlled more than 1,000 miles of railroad spanning from Buffalo to Chicago. The year 1869 also proved a significant time for women’s rights. In November, Cleveland hosted a national convention for women’s suffrage, which was organized in part by prominent suffragists Lucy

THE ECLIPSE OF 1869 On August 7, 1869, Cleveland experienced a partial solar eclipse. William Ganson Rose described this event in his book Cleveland: The Making of a City:

The Forest City Club of 1869, Cleveland's first professional team.

Stone and Julia Ward Howe and led to the founding of the American Woman Suffrage Association. Susan B. Anthony, who had founded the competing National Woman Suffrage Association in Washington, D.C., earlier in the year, was in attendance at the national conference in Cleveland. A Library is Born In the midst of this period of change and growth, Cleveland Public Library was born. On February 17, 1869, the Library officially opened on the third floor of the Northrup and Harrington Block on Superior Avenue (today, that space is home to the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel). The Library was housed in a room measuring 80 by 20 feet and offered a collection of approximately 5,800 books. Nearly 150 years have passed since then. As we prepare to celebrate the Library's sesquicentennial in 2019, we can't help but acknowledge the ways the Library has changed and grown. Cleveland Public Library now maintains a collection of millions of books and other materials. In addition to the Main Library campus downtown, the system includes 27 branch libraries throughout the city, the Public Administration Library, and the Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled. Annually, Cleveland Public Library welcomes about 2.5 million visitors, answers nearly a million reference questions, and hosts thousands of programs attended by hundreds of thousands of patrons—and it all started in that single room in downtown Cleveland in 1869. What a difference 150 years makes!

“Newsboys carried on a big business in smoked glass. Citizens’ affairs came to a standstill as the hour approached, and Superior Street was a sea of faces pointing skyward through smoked glass, as the moon darkened almost the entire portion of the sun. The great show lasted almost two hours.” More recently, Clevelanders experienced a partial solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, which the Library celebrated by making pinhole viewers and distributing eclipse glasses. And in 2024, Cleveland will be in the path of totality for the April 8 solar eclipse, an occasion the Library will surely commemorate through programming and educational offerings.

Works Consulted Cramer, C.H. Open Shelves and Open Minds: A History of the Cleveland Public Library. Cleveland, The Press of Case Western Reserve University, 1972. Robinson, W. Scott, editor. History of the City of Cleveland: Its Settlement, Rise and Progress. Cleveland, Robison & Cockett, 1887. Rose, William Ganson. Cleveland: The Making of a City. 1950. Kent, Ohio, The Kent State University Press, 1990.

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PERUSE AN 1869 EDITION OF THE PLAIN DEALER What did The Plain Dealer have to say about our city and the larger world on February 17, 1869?


leveland—not to mention the country, and the world—was a different place in 1869. The city streets were dominated by horse-drawn carriages; women wore long, full dresses and men wore top hats; and the daily newspaper was decidedly a print-only affair, with the advent of the Internet still a full century away. The opening of Cleveland Public Library back in 1869 did not escape The Plain Dealer’s notice. In its “City Brevities” section on Wednesday, February 17, 1869, the paper announced the Library’s official opening date and hours: —The Public Library will be open for inspection to-day, and for drawing books on and after Thursday. Room No. 19, Northrup & Harrington’s Block, Superior street, near Seneca. The library hours will be from 10 A.M. to 12 M., and from 2 to 5 P.M., and 7 to 9 in the evening each day. This brief mention of the city’s new public library, however, is included among far more harrowing local stories from that week: —Mrs. Lawrence was run over by a baker’s wagon on Ontario street, on Tuesday morning, and severely injured. The driver claims that he was not looking at the time down in the street, and did not see the lady. —Mrs. Loren Hampden, of Rockport, was bitten by a small yellow dog, Monday, as she was coming to the city. It gave every sign of madness. She lives in dread of hydrophobia. —A couple of women narrowly escaped death from a falling sign that came down from the side of the American Buildings on Tuesday. —Mr. M.G. Watterson had an overcoat stolen from his office by a sneak thief. It was recovered by detective Frank.

Superior Ave., circa 1869. Courtesy of Cleveland Public Library's Photograph Collection


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Wagon accidents, falling signs, rabid dogs, mysterious overcoat theft—Cleveland of 1869 seems to be a perilous place indeed. Let’s turn to that February 17, 1869 edition of The Plain Dealer to learn more about our city (and the nation) as it was at the time of the Library’s founding.

Victoria was Queen

The Library was founded during Queen Victoria’s reign. This edition of The Plain Dealer references the speech she gave at Parliament on February 16, 1869, where she expressed hope that “negotiations with the United States will place on a firm and durable basis the friendship which should ever exist between England and America.”

Nothing but Bones

This edition of The Plain Dealer included a report from Baltimore regarding the remains of assassin John Wilkes Booth, which were displayed prior to being re-interred in a Baltimore cemetery. (Today, some historians posit that Booth likely did not break his leg in the theater after assassinating Lincoln as this article suggests, but instead was injured later that night, as he fled.) —The skeleton has been put in a metallic coffin. Hundreds of people viewed the remains yesterday afternoon.—There is nothing but bones left. Upon one foot was an old army shoe, and on the other a boot cut open at the top; this covering the leg, the left having been broken in his leap from the stage box of the theater after he assassinated President Lincoln.

Sounds Like a Fun Day at the Office In 1869, New Orleans was embroiled in a tangled legal issue involving undervalued imported wine from Bordeaux. Apparently, the legal proceedings regarding this case required taste testing: —The celebrated “wine case,” now on trial in New Orleans, gave rise to a curious scene in Court last Saturday. The day was consumed in testing a variety of wines. A wine merchant, as witness,

the counsel and the Judge consumed the contents of about twenty bottles altogether.

A Surge in Sweetness

Sugar production in the United States was about to undergo some changes following political and social upheaval in Cuba, as The Plain Dealer reported (though slavery was not fully abolished in Cuba until 1886): —The revolution in Cuba and the abolition of slavery on that island are likely to have an important effect upon this country…The advance in prices, with a prospect of a still further advance will undoubtedly greatly stimulate the production of sugar in Louisiana, as well as other sugar-growing districts of the earth; and we fortunately have a liberal stock on hand for this stage of the season. Stocks of “sweets” in this country are probably fully twice as large as a year ago.

The Land of Free Horses

In 1869, the Cleveland streets were full of horse-drawn wagons and trolleys—so perhaps it’s not surprising that horses sometimes found their way into the wrong stable now and then. The paper’s “Lost and Found” section includes this item: —Came into my enclosure on or about the 15th day of

October, 1868, a Bay Horse, about 12 or 14 years old. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take him away. John Guin, No. 368 Broadway.

A Rough Road

Speaking of horses, a Mr. John Daly sought damages from the city in regards to his injured horse: —The suit was brought to recover the value of a horse alleged to have been injured to such an extent by an imperfect street that it remained unserviceable even after the injury was received. The defect in the street was in the earth being soft immediately over a new sewer. The last jury was of the opinion that the plaintiff did not exercise due precaution in driving.

Not Ridiculous at All

An ad in the paper for Batchelor’s Hair Dye reads: —This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world; the only true and perfect Dye harmless, reliable, instantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous tints; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invigorates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful; black or brown. (Batchelor’s Wig Factory 81 Barclay street, New York.)

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say

“The Markets” section had some gloomy news about wheat, oats, and corn on this day: —The Wheat market is very weak and dull. We hear of no sales. Oats are held at 1₵ off from yesterday’s rates. Corn is unchanged.

No Offense

In an article detailing the golden wedding anniversary party of a Mr. Philo Scovill and his (unnamed) wife, The Plain Dealer assures readers that the lovebirds aren’t as bedraggled as one might imagine after enduring 50 years of marriage: —This wedded couple are not of that feeble, infirm, and fragile sort that would demand your sympathy from accumulated years and infirmities, but a right down hearty couple, in the full flush of vigorous health, each of them bearing to impress a well regulated life and conscience void of offence.

These excerpts from The Plain Dealer present a mere snapshot of the life and times of our city in 1869. To learn more about Cleveland history, please visit your local library branch, our research databases on, or the Center for Local & Global History on the sixth floor of the Louis Stokes Wing downtown. The People’s University |



Photo: Laura Dempsey

FREE PASS TO A WORLD OF NATURAL WONDERS Cleveland Public Library partners with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to offer free Museum family passes.


eet an albino raccoon, marvel at dinosaur bones, watch otters frolic in the water, stargaze in a planetarium, and more—all at no cost, thanks to a special partnership between Cleveland Public Library and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The family pass program allows anyone with a valid Cleveland Public Library card to check out a pass admitting up to six people into the Museum at no charge. “The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is a world-class institution, and this partnership can help open new worlds for our patrons,” says Melanie Guzmán McCarter, who works with Outreach & Programming Services at Cleveland Public Library. “I encourage our patrons to take advantage of this program by checking out a pass and inviting their families and friends to visit the Museum.” With a free family pass, Library patrons can explore wonders both new and old (as in, millions of years old) at the Museum. 10 UpNext Winter 2018–2019

Visitors might recognize some classics among the Museum’s collections—including dinosaurs, especially “Happy,” the Late Jurassic sauropod; a cast of Lucy, the early human ancestor who lived 3.2 million years ago; and Balto, the heroic husky— but new galleries and exhibits ensure there’s something to captivate everyone who stops in. Ride out some tremors on the earthquake simulator, cower before the armored skull of the fierce Dunkleosteus, view a Moon rock from the Apollo 12 mission, piece together a model of a human skull, learn about volcanoes and climate change, and scavenge for cheeseburgers (more on that in a minute). One of the Museum’s most visible recent additions is the Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden, which gives visitors an up-close-and-personal view of wildlife including bobcats, a bald eagle, foxes, hawks, coyotes, a porcupine, owls, turkey vultures, and many other creatures. This year-round outdoor gallery

“There aren’t many places in the country that allow access to a museum like this for free. We hope as many people in Cleveland as possible take advantage of this amazing program.” –Lenora Inez Brown

features elevated walkways, “invisible” fencing for better viewing, and enrichment to keep the animals stimulated and happy. The wildlife center invites visitors to wander through five distinct ecological communities found in Ohio, an experience that illuminates our relationship with the natural world around us. Helping visitors understand and connect to the natural world is a key part of the Museum’s mission. In the lower level, browse exhibits that focus on the natural habitats and wildlife in Ohio. (Bonus: Check out the beetle and bird egg displays to seek out the interlopers that don’t belong in the exhibit.) This floor also includes the Smead Discovery Center, a staffed, hands-on learning center that lets kids play games, dig for bones like a paleontologist, and develop a richer understand about the larger world. And after learning about the Buckeye State, take a step back to view the universe at large in the Shafran Planetarium, which includes a new digital projection system. Family passes also provide entry into special exhibits at the Museum. Through April 28, 2019, the exhibit Built to Survive: Biomechanics showcases the wonders of natural engineering within the plant and animal kingdoms. Learn how plants and animals survive—how they eat, move, avoid predators, and process information to help them outwit their competition. Additional, smaller exhibits are also hosted in the Museum’s Fawick Gallery. Finally, kids will love the Museum’s cheeseburger scavenger hunt. Seven plastic cheeseburgers can be found throughout the premises. Follow the clues (examples: “This burger is a slam-dunk” and “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”) to track down each of the burgers.

What the Family Pass Makes Possible

Family passes are available at every branch of Cleveland Public Library. In addition to admitting six people (children two and under are always admitted for free), each family pass includes access to all public areas in the Museum, special exhibits, the Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden, and one planetarium show. Passes are subject to availability and must be used within thirty days; calling ahead to ensure passes are available at a specific branch is recommended. Patrons are particularly encouraged to check out and redeem passes this winter, when the program historically has seen lighter use. After all, natural wonders persist year round. “This is an excellent opportunity to get to know your part of the world and learn how you and nature fit together,” says Lenora Inez Brown, Manager of Community Engagement at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. “There aren’t many places in the country that allow access to a museum like this for free. We hope as many people in Cleveland as possible take advantage of this amazing program.”

Photo: Laura Dempsey

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is located at 1 Wade Oval Drive in University Circle. The free BlueLink shuttle connects the HealthLine to the Museum. Learn more by visiting The People’s University | 11



12 UpNext Winter 2018–2019


How Cleveland Public Library helped a celebrated local artist in the early days of his career. BY L AU R A WA LT E R


ibrary patrons who step into Brett Hall in the Main Library downtown are greeted not only by a grand space with high ceilings, chandeliers, and marble, but by four large murals showcasing various perspectives of Cleveland. The mural opposite the entryway, The City in 1833 by William Sommer, was completed in the 1930s as part of the Public Works Art Project, while the remaining murals—Sommer’s Sun by Edwin Mieczkowski on the eastern wall, Public Square by Robert Jergens on the southern wall, and Night Sky: Cleveland by Christopher Pekoc on the western wall—were commissioned in the 1970s. For Pekoc, this mural may have helped affect the trajectory of his emerging career. Night Sky: Cleveland marked Pekoc’s first major commission, and one that he remains grateful for today. In the decades since the mural was installed, Pekoc has embarked on a celebrated career as an artist, with work in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, among many others—but he credits Cleveland Public Library as influencing his education as an artist. “Cleveland Public Library made an important impact on my early artistic development,” Pekoc says. “I’m largely self-taught as an artist, and most of my education took place in the Library’s Fine Arts collection. I remember walking through the stacks and pulling books off the shelf to learn about an artist I wasn’t familiar with. The Library enhanced my knowledge and my deep interest in contemporary art.” According to Pam Eyerdam, Manager of Fine Arts and Special Collections, the Library has a long tradition of supporting and working with local artists.

“The Library has supported public art since before 1900—and not just in the Main Library, but in the branches, too,” Eyerdam explains. “Over the years, renowned artists from the area have donated artwork that holds an important place in Cleveland history and often reflects their community’s ethnic heritage. Curators use our Fine Arts collection for research, artists come to the Library for inspiration, and we offer bibliographic instruction classes to university students. And of course we partner with LAND Studio and the Lockwood Thompson Foundation to bring public art to the Eastman Reading Garden every year.” While Brett Hall historically served as a reading room at the Library, the space is now used as an exhibit hall. Brett Hall hosted the Library’s Shakespeare First Folio exhibit in 2016, the Superman exhibit in 2017, and the Front: International Yinka Shonibare exhibit in 2018. In 2019, a special puppet exhibit will grace Brett Hall. No matter which exhibit is on display, however, visitors can look up to enjoy Pekoc’s Night Sky: Cleveland. As former Library Director Ervin J. Gaines wrote in a May 2, 1979 letter to Pekoc, the mural has made “a permanent, lasting contribution to the Cleveland Public Library, one which will endure beyond the personal and political realities of the day.” Beyond its contribution to the Library and Cleveland’s citizens, the mural also made a difference in the life of its artist. “That had a positive impact on my career, no doubt,” Pekoc says of the mural commission. “Even now, all these years later, I can go into that room and still feel proud.”

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MakerLabs TechCentral MakerLabs bring technology and learning to you at your neighborhood library. Explore, build, or try something new today. Learn more about TechCentral's offerings at

3D COOKIE CUTTER CARNEGIE WEST Sat, Dec 1 | 3pm AWW…SNAP CIRCUITS! HOUGH Fri, Dec 21 | 4:30pm SOUTH Thu, Feb 28 | 4pm DUCT TAPE UNIVERSE LORAIN Fri, Feb 15 | 1pm SOUTH BROOKLYN Thu, Feb 21 | 4pm WALZ Mon, Jan 21 | 4:30pm WEST PARK Fri, Jan 18 | 4:30pm

SOUTH BROOKLYN Thu, Jan 17 | 4pm UNION Tue, Dec 4 | 4:30pm LASER CUT PUZZLES ADDISON Tue, Jan 22 | 4pm MT. PLEASANT Tue, Dec 18 | 4pm ROCKPORT Wed, Feb 20 | 4pm SOUTH BROOKLYN Wed, Jan 23 | 4pm WALZ Wed, Dec 19 | 4pm WEST PARK Tue, Feb 19 | 4pm K'NEX ROLLER COASTER LORAIN Tue, Jan 8 | 5pm MAKE A DRUM MACHINE FROM ANYTHING GARDEN VALLEY Thu, Feb 14 | 4pm

KNITTING MADE EASY ADDISON Wed, Dec 12 | 4pm HARVARD-LEE Mon, Jan 7 | 3:30pm JEFFERSON Tue, Dec 11 | 4:30pm LORAIN Thu, Jan 3 | 1pm 14 UpNext Winter 2018–2019

MAKE A GIANT PIANO ROCKPORT Thu, Feb 7 | 4:30pm WALZ Tue, Feb 26 | 4pm LORAIN Thu, Dec 27 | 1pm MAKE A STATEMENT: BUTTON-MAKING ADDISON Tue, Jan 15 | 4pm MT. PLEASANT Tue, Dec 11 | 4pm ROCKPORT Wed, Feb 13 | 4pm

Explore, build, or try something new today!


MAKING TUNES: VIRTUAL ROCK BAND ADDISON Wed, Feb 13 | 4pm ROCKPORT Thu, Jan 24 | 4:30pm MOBILE MAKERSPACE ADDISON Tue, Jan 8 | 4pm MT. PLEASANT Tue, Dec 4 | 4pm ROCKPORT Wed, Feb 6 | 4pm SOUTH BROOKLYN Wed, Jan 9 | 4pm WALZ BRANCH Wed, Dec 5 | 4pm WOODLAND Tue, Feb 5 | 4pm PAPERCRAFT 3D MODELING ADDISON Wed, Jan 23 | 4pm CARNEGIE WEST Thu, Feb 28 | 4:30pm EASTMAN Mon, Dec 3 | 3pm FLEET Thursdays, Dec 6, Jan 3 & Feb 7 4:30pm ROCKPORT Thu, Jan 10 | 4:30pm SOUTH BROOKLYN Thu, Dec 13 | 4pm WEST PARK Mon, Feb 4 | 3pm

Main Library Computer Classes Register at 216-623-2980. See branch listings for details regarding neighborhood sessions. COMPUTER BASICS SERIES Mondays, Dec 3–17 | 11:15am–12:45pm Mondays, Jan 7, 14 & 28 | 11:15am–12:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D EMAIL BASICS I, BUYING & SELLING ONLINE, CPL & YOUR DEVICE Tuesdays, Dec 4–18 | 3:15–4:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D MICROSOFT EXCEL SERIES Fridays, Dec 7–28 | 11:15am–12:45pm Fridays, Jan 4–25 | 11:15am–12:45pm Saturdays, Feb 2–23 | 3:15–4:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D MICROSOFT WORD SERIES Saturdays, Dec 1–29 | 3:15–4:45pm Tuesdays, Jan 8–29 | 3:15–4:45pm Mondays, Feb 4–11 & 25 | 11:15am–12:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D

MICROSOFT POWERPOINT AND PUBLISHER SERIES Saturdays, Jan 5–26 | 3:15–4:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D INTERNET BASICS, SEARCH THE WEB, RESUME WORKSHOP, JOB SEARCHING ONLINE Tuesdays, Feb 5–26 | 3:15–4:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D COMPUTER AND INTERNET BASICS SERIES Fridays, Feb 1–22 | 11:15am–12:45pm LSW 2nd Floor, Conference Rm D

Main Library computer classes are located in the Louis Stokes Wing, 2nd Floor. Full descriptions at /computerclassdescriptions.

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Award-Winning Book Club Sponsored by the Ohio Center for the Book Main Library, 2nd Floor Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie 2018 Women’s Prize for Fiction Tue, Dec 4 | 4pm The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich Anisfield-Wolf Book Award Tue, Jan 8 | 4pm The Vegetarian by Han Kang 2016 Man Booker International Prize Tue, Feb 5 | 4pm

Brew Pub Book Club: Books on Tap

Noble Beast Brewing Co. 1470 Lakeside Ave E My Beer Year: Adventures with Hop Farmers, Craft Brewers, Chefs, Beer Sommeliers & Fanatical Drinkers as a Beer Master in Training by Lucy Burningham Tue, Jan 22 | 5:30pm The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor by Mark Schatzker Tue, Feb 26 | 5:30pm

16 UpNext Winter 2018–2019

Brew Pub Book Club: Broads, Books, and Beer

Noble Beast Brewing Co. 1470 Lakeside Ave E How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective by KeeangaYamahtta Taylor Wed, Jan 9 | 5:30pm When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Cullors and Asha Bandele Wed, Feb 13 | 5:30pm

Brown Bag Book and a Movie Club

Louis Stokes Wing, 6th Floor Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Mon, Dec 17 | 12pm All the President's Men Mon, Jan 28 | 12pm Team of Rivals and the film Lincoln. Mon, Feb 25 | 12pm

Get Graphic! Alternative and Underground Comics Sponsored by the Ohio Center for the Book Main Library, 2nd Floor Black Hole by Charles Burns Thu, Jan 3 | 4pm Killing and Dying by Adrian Tomine Thu, Jan 17 | 4pm Book of Genesis by Robert Crumb Thu, Feb 7 | 4pm Patience by Daniel Clowes Thu, Feb 21 | 4pm Main Library, 2nd Floor

Tremont Think and Drink Book Club

Prosperity Social Club 1109 Starkweather Ave Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology edited by Richey Piiparinen and Anne Trubek Mon, Dec 10 | 7pm Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover Mon, Jan 14 | 7pm The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row by Anthony Ray Hinton Mon, Feb 11 | 7pm


Puppets with Pizazz: A Punch & Judy Christmas

Holiday Hoopla

Saturday, December 8 Louis Stokes Wing

Kids’ Activities & Crafts

Early Literacy Toddler Story Time (ages 18 months to 3 years) Wednesdays | 10:30am Preschool Story Time (ages 3 to 5) Tuesdays | 10:30am Main Library, 4th Floor, Youth Services Easy Gift Wrapping In this family program, patrons of all ages will be instructed on how to do basic gift wrapping. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and light refreshments will be provided. Sat, Dec 8 | 2–4pm Main Library, 4th Floor, Studio 470 Holiday Cheer Holidays are just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the holiday cheer by listening to festive music, making crafts, and enjoying warm refreshments on a cold winter's day! Sat, Dec 8 | 3pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab Make Your Own Slime Discover the science and chemistry behind slime. Everyone will be able to make their own slime to take home. Mon, Dec 17 | 3:30pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab National Daisy Day Winter is here! Please come in and visit the library today to receive a daisy in honor of National Daisy Day. There will also be a story time, crafts, and even bubbles to heighten smiles. Sat, Jan. 26 | 11am Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab

Laugh at the antics of Mr. Punch as he and his family prepare for Christmas in a performance by award-winning puppeteer Nancy Sander. Stay for punch and cookies following the show. 1pm | Louis Stokes Wing Indoor Reading Garden, 1st Floor

Cleveland Inner City Ballet presents The Nutcracker

Enjoy a free, live performance of the enchanting holiday favorite. 3pm | Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium

Football Frenzy Super Bowl weekend has arrived! Did your favorite team win the play offs? Come in and visit the library to enjoy making sports crafts, recaps of the football season, and much more. Sat, Feb 2 | 3pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab Origami Valentine's Hearts Patrons in Youth Services will learn how to fold origami hearts. Wed, Feb 13 | 3:30pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab Eric Hanshaw Valentine's Day Craft Hour Come to the Youth Services Department and make a craft for Valentine's Day! Thu, Feb 14 | 1pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab Chinese Story Time A special Chinese language enrichment program offers a fun and relaxing storytime for children. Tue, Feb 19 | 10am Chinese Martial Arts for Children This martial arts class is designed for youngsters to encourage more physical exercise by introducing to them the ancient Chinese sport Kung Fu that advocates virtue and peace. Sat, Feb 23 | 4pm Main Library, 4th Floor, International Languages

Teen Events & Activities at Main Library

Adulting 101 Learn the valuable life skills you need to survive adulthood with tips on getting a job (and keeping it) and living independently. Thursdays, Dec 6 & Feb 7 | 4:30pm Youth Services Department Main Library, 4th Floor, Studio 470 Afternoon Adventures Join a beginner-friendly game of Dungeons & Dragons. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Mon, Dec 10 | 3:30pm Wed, Dec 26 | 3:30pm Mon, Jan 7 | 3:30pm Wed, Jan 23 | 3:30pm Mon, Feb 4 | 3:30pm Wed, Feb 20 | 3:30pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab Learn How to DJ Are you the AUX cord master? Find yourself creating endless playlists? Learn from a local DJ: history, mixing, equipment, and ways to enter the field without having all the gear. Thu, Dec 13 | 4pm Main Library, 4th Floor, Studio 470 Winter Wonder Wednesday Experience the science behind winter! We will be doing winter experiments such as making instant icicles, learning about winter camouflage, and finishing off with a winter wildlife craft. Wed, Jan 23 | 3:30pm Main Library, 4th Floor, ArtLab

The People’s University | 17


Digital Memory Make an appointment and our helpful librarians will teach you how to use scanners to digitize your history and your memories. One-on-one sessions by appointment during regular library hours. Call 216-623-2813 to schedule an appointment. Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor Meditation and Chair Yoga Learn meditation and chair yoga techniques in our FREE classes. Mondays | 1pm Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor Yoga FREE lunchtime yoga classes. Wednesdays & Fridays | 1pm Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor Lunchtime Chess Come and play some chess on your lunch break. Thursdays | 12:30pm Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor First Saturday Quick Chess Come have fun playing unrated afternoon quads. Saturdays, Dec 8, Jan 5 & Feb 2 | 1pm Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor Music at Main: Cellocentric An innovative instrumental fusion of classical, new age, jazz, pop, and rock. Sat, Dec 1 | 2pm Main Library, Fine Arts, 3rd Floor Liberate Your Photos! Using Google Apps, this class will guide you step by step through the process of creating a personalized photo album using Google Photos. These albums can serve as a place to store and share personal images and scans. Tuesdays, Dec 4 and Feb 5 | 12:30pm Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor

18 UpNext Winter 2018–2019

Lunchtime Knitting Circle at City Hall Knit and crochet with fellow crafters. Everyone is welcome, beginners to experts. Wednesdays, Dec 5 & 19 | 12pm Wednesdays, Jan 9 & 23 | 12pm Wednesdays, Feb 6 & 20 | 12pm Public Administration Library, City Hall, 601 Lakeside Ave., Room 100 Cleveland Public Poetry Holidays of the Season Open mic poetry to read original or favorite works that express the spirit and traditions of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Mon, Dec 10 | 12pm Paper Making Learn how to make custom, handmade paper. Saturdays, Dec. 15, Jan 18 & Feb 16 | 1pm Main Library, Cleveland Digital Public Library, 3rd Floor Genealogy and Family History Research Clinics The Library’s Genealogy Clinics are informal sessions during which you can receive help from expert volunteers and Library staff. Saturdays, Jan 12 & Feb 9 | 10:30am Louis Stokes Wing, 6th Floor Cleveland Public Poetry Come share an original or favorite poem as we welcome guest reader, poet E. F. Schraeder. Sat, Jan 19 | 12pm Poetry of Love It's an open mic poetry reading. Come share an original or classic poem that celebrates the romantic tradition of Valentine's Day, where we'll welcome guest reader, poet Kisha Nicole Foster. Thu, Feb 14 | 12pm Main Library, 2nd Floor Vehicles of the Western Reserve At one time, Cleveland was the automobile capital of the world. Take a ride through the Western Reserve at the turn of the 20 th century and discover a treasure of Cleveland-made vehicles. Sat, Feb 9 | 11am Louis Stokes Wing, 6th Floor

Chinese Language for Beginners Learn basic Chinese language, culture, and business etiquette in our free lunch time classes, including Pinyin pronunciation system, simplified Chinese characters, basic dialogues, grammar, and vocabulary that covers both daily life and business expressions. Wednesdays, Feb 20 & 27 and Fri, Feb 22 | 11am Main Library, 4th Floor, International Languages Intermediate Business Chinese Free classes expand your knowledge and proficiency in Chinese, covering businessrelated dialogues, grammar, vocabulary, and culture emphasizing business communication, negotiating, socializing, and establishing good relationships. Wednesdays, Feb 20 & 27 and Fri, Feb 22 | 12pm Main Library, 4th Floor, International Languages Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting This program provides a chance to experience Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. Neither Chinese language background nor prior experience in painting is necessary. Sat, Feb 23 | 11am Main Library, 4th Floor, International Languages The Role of Elevation in the Layout and Development of Cleveland Explore the ways the original developers laid out the ground work for the city of Cleveland and how that helped our city evolve into what it is today. Sat, Feb 23 | 11am Louis Stokes Wing, 6th Floor T’ai Chi for Adults This ancient Chinese exercise embodies profound concepts, principles of health and movement, and harmony between body and mind. It may help calm emotions, focus the mind, and strengthen the immune system. (Adults only.) Sat, Feb 23 | 3pm Main Library, 4th Floor, International Languages


The Sun Does Shine

After spending 30 years on death row for crimes he did not commit, Anthony Ray Hinton is now the author of The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row (Oprah's 2018 Summer Book Club Selection). Hinton speaks widely on prison reform, the power of faith, and forgiveness. Sat, Feb 9 | 2pm Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium

Uptight Movie Screening and Panel Discussion

Celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the release of Jules Dassin’s film, Uptight, filmed on the east side and involving many of Cleveland’s own. Following the film screening, a panel including James Robenalt, Cleveland attorney and author of Ballots and Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland and Blaxploitation film expert and author, Josiah Howard, discuss the movie’s importance, as well as its ties to the urban turmoil that occurred in 1960s Glenville. Boxed lunches will be provided. RSVP at Tues, Feb 12 | Noon Glenville Branch

The Personal is Political: A Writing Workshop

Claudia Rankine’s book-length poem Citizen confronts racial injustice. Use her work as inspiration, write about social inequity, and discuss in a supportive atmosphere. NEA Big Read is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest. NEA Big Read Cleveland is presented in partnership with the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning. Saturdays, Feb 23 & Mar 2 | 2–4pm Carnegie West Branch


34th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Program Join Cleveland Public Library in commemorating King’s life and honoring his legacy of leadership in the struggle for civil rights through music, performance, and inspirational words. Mon, Jan 21 | 1pm Doors open at noon Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch

The People’s University | 19


Prison Nation At least 2.2 million people are incarcerated in the United States. Prison Nation uses recently discovered photo archives to help tell the story of incarceration and its disproportionate effect on people and communities of color. Mass incarceration, however, impacts everyone. All Americans are impacted and implicated by a system of governance that uses prison as a “solution” to our society’s social, economic, and political problems. Empathy and political awareness are essential to creating systemic change. This exhibition awakens both, allowing us to see parts of ourselves in the lives of those on the inside. This exhibit is presented by The Aperture Foundation and underwritten by The Ohio Transformation Fund. Through January 21, 2019 Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch Film Screening: Moving Places: Streetcar City Cleveland once boasted one of the largest electric street rail networks in the country. But the streetcars that once graced Public Square largely disappeared from the city by the 1950s. What happened? Follow a violent uprising in the Streetcar Strikes of 1899, the transformation of Tom Johnson from streetcar magnate to progressive mayor, and see the relics of the city’s streetcar system still around us. The free screening will be followed by a discussion with the film’s director, Brad Masi. Sat, Feb 2 | 2pm Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium The Life and Impact of John G. White The Special Collections Department attributes its legacy to John G. White, eminent Cleveland citizen and president of the Cleveland Public Library Board of Trustees 1884-1886 and 1913-1928. He was a vital force in shaping the research aspects of the Cleveland Public Library. Explore the life of John Griswold White and the impact he had on the Library. Feb 28, 2019 through Feb, 28, 2020 Main Library, Special Collections, 3rd Floor

150 Years Through the Eyes of the Staff Visit CPL's 150-year history through staff portraits and excerpts from their writings. Feb 28, 2019 through Feb, 28, 2020 Main Library, 2nd Floor

20 UpNext Winter 2018–2019



Computer Classes Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher Series Thursdays, Dec 6–27 | 5–6:30pm Early Literacy Preschool Storytime (ages 3–5) Wednesdays | 10:30am Kids’ Activities & Crafts Easy Snowflakes Tue, Dec 18 | 4pm Hat Day Mon, Jan 14 | 4pm Thesaurus Day Fri, Jan 18 | 4pm Kite Flying Day Fri, Feb 8 | 4pm Ferris Wheel Day Thu, Feb 14 | 4pm Tell a Fairy Tale Day Mon, Feb 25 | 4pm Teen Events & Activities 3D Snowflakes Thu, Dec 6 | 4pm (Hand)writing for Effect Wed, Jan 23 | 4pm


Kids’ Activities & Crafts Harry Potter Book Night Thu, Feb 7 | 3:30pm


Computer Classes Tinkercad Basics Tue, Dec 4 | 5–6:30pm Microsoft Publisher I Tue, Dec 11 | 5–6:30pm Microsoft Publisher II Tue, Dec 18 | 5–6:30pm Computer and Internet Basics Series Tuesdays, Feb 5–26 | 5–6:30pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Holiday Make–n–Take Tuesdays, Dec 11 & 18 and Thu, Dec 13 | 4:30pm We're All Neighbors: An Immigration Storytime Sat, Jan 12 | 1pm Valentine Make–n–Take Tue, Feb 5 & Thu, Feb 7 | 4:30pm


Les Délices The acclaimed French Baroque group that hails from Cleveland will perform for audiences of all ages. Tues, Jan 15 | 2pm

EAST 131

Computer Classes Microsoft Excel Series Saturdays, Jan 5–26 | 11:15am–12:45pm

Kids’ Activities & Crafts Popsicle Stick Wall Art Tue, Dec 18 | 4:30pm Tissue Paper Stained Glass Mon, Jan 7 | 4:30pm Martin Luther King Program Mon, Jan 14 | 4:30pm Black History Month Trivia Mon, Feb 4 | 4:30pm Valentine's Day Mon, Feb 11 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes Resume Workshop Sat, Dec 1 | 11:15am–12:45pm Job Searching Online Sat, Dec 8 | 11:15am–12:45pm Search the Web Sat, Dec 15 | 11:15am–12:45pm CPL 101 Sat, Dec 22 | 11:15am–12:45pm CPL & Your Device Sat, Dec 29 | 11:15am–12:45pm Microsoft Word Series Saturdays, Feb 2–23 | 11:15am–12:45pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Button Maker Wed, Dec 12 | 4pm Tie Dye Shirts Bring your own white t-shirt to dye. Tue, Jan 15 | 4pm

The People’s University | 21

Little Prince and Princess Tea Party Fri, Jan 18 | 4pm Cleveland Metroparks K–9 Unit Mon, Jan 28 | 4pm Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns Tue, Feb 5 | 4pm Valentine Snow Globe Thu, Feb 14 | 4pm Adult Programs & Events Cookies and a Book Adult Book Club Wednesdays, Jan 30 & Feb 27 | 2pm


Computer Classes Computer and Email Basics Series Tuesdays, Jan 8–29| 5–6:30pm Early Literacy Super Sleuth Readers (ages 3–5) Fridays, Dec 7 & 14 & Jan 4–Feb 22 | 11:30am Muffins in the Morning Mon, Feb 25 | 10:30am

Kids’ Café FREE healthy, nutritious bagged meals for kids up to age 18 courtesy of a partnership with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Meals are served for one hour after school at each location. Serving times vary by location based on neighborhood school schedules. Contact your local branch for schedule. Mon-Fri | After School

22 UpNext Winter 2018–2019

Kids’ Activities & Crafts Masterpiece Mondays Mondays, Dec 3 & 17 | 4pm Fleece Navidad Thu, Dec 20 | 4pm Mind Your Meditation Tue, Jan 8 | 4pm Create a Vision, Conquer a Goal! Tue, Jan 8 | 4:30pm Dragon Appreciation Day Wed, Jan 16 | 4pm Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Tue, Jan 22 | 4pm National Puzzle Day Thu, Jan 29 | 4pm Black History Month Celebration Mondays, Feb 4, 11 & 25 | 4pm Valentine's Day Party Thu, Feb 14 | 4pm Teen Event & Activities Silent Night Disco Dance to your favorite modern holiday tunes and show off your moves. Don't forget to wear your favorite holiday ugly sweater. Thu, Dec 13 | 4:30pm Disney Karaoke Thu, Jan 10 | 4:30pm Upcycle Jewelry Wed, Feb 13 | 4:30pm Family Events Family Movie Nights Enjoy free family-friendly movies and light snacks. Mondays, Dec 10 & 17, Jan 14 & 28 and Feb 11 & 25 | 4:30pm Words of Love Share your favorite love poem, story, memory, or song for others to enjoy. Thursdays, Feb 7, 14 & 21 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes Email Basics I Wed, Jan 9 | 11:15am–12:45pm Resume Workshop Wed, Jan 16 | 11:15am–12:45pm Job Searching Online Wed, Jan 23 | 11:15am–12:45pm CPL & Your Device Wed, Jan 30 | 11:15am–12:45pm

Kids’ Activities & Crafts Wordplay Mondays, Dec 3–17 | 4:30pm Mondays, Jan 14 & 28 | 4:30pm Mondays, Feb 4 & 11 | 4:30pm After School Crafts Wednesdays, Dec 5 & 12 | 4:30pm Wednesdays, Jan 9 – Feb 27 | 4:30pm Cooking for Kids Thursdays, Dec 6 & 13 and Jan 10–31 | 4:30pm Fulton Winterfest Sat, Dec 15 | 2pm Three Kings Day Celebration Mon, Jan 7 | 4:30pm Mean Green Science Machine Thu, Feb 7 | 4pm African American History Month Celebration Mon, Feb 25 | 4pm


Computer Classes Computer Basics: Organizing Files Wed, Jan 9 | 3:15–4:45pm Internet Basics Wed, Jan 16 | 3:15–4:45pm Resume Workshop Wed, Jan 23 | 3:15–4:45pm Job Searching Online Wed, Jan 30 | 3:15–4:45pm MakerLabs Making Paracord Survival Bracelets Thu, Dec 6 | 4pm Makerkits: Construction Thu, Jan 10 | 4pm Make a Drum Machine from Anything Thu, Feb 14 | 4pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Gingerbread House Day Mon, Dec 10 | 4pm Holiday Cookie Decorating Tue, Dec 18 | 4:30pm National Vision Board Day Mon, Jan 14 | 4pm Paper Snowflake Project Tue, Jan 15 | 4:30pm National Puzzle Day Mon, Jan 28 | 4pm Valentine Picture Frames Fri, Feb 8 | 4:30pm

Show Your Library Some Love! Mon, Feb 11 | 4pm Teen Events & Activities: Minute to Win It: Girls vs. Guys Fri, Feb 1 | 4pm


Computer Classes Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher Series Thursdays, Jan 10–31 | 5-6:30pm Putting Glenville on the Map Tue, Jan 15 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes Microsoft Word Series Fridays, Jan 4–25 | 11:15am–12:45pm Early Literacy Family Storytime (birth to age 5) Wednesdays | 11:30am Kids’ Activities & Crafts: Decorate an Ornament Thu, Dec 6 | 3:30pm Teen Events & Activities Craft a Gift Tue, Dec 4 | 3:30pm Winter Board Games Party Thu, Dec 22 | 3:30pm Making Healthy Smoothies Tue, Jan 8 | 3:30pm Cluttered Mess to Organized Success Tue, Jan 15 | 3:30pm Black America Since MLK: And Still, I Rise Tue, Jan 22 and Thursdays, Jan 24 & 31 | 3:30pm Black History Month Movies Whose Streets Tue, Feb 5 | 3:30pm Baltimore Rising Tue, Feb 12 | 3:30pm Time: The Kalief Browder Story Thu, Feb 14 | 3:30pm Black History BINGO Tue, Feb 16 | 3:30pm Valentine's Party Tue, Feb 26 | 3:30pm

Adult Programs and Events: Tai Chi @ Your Library An Introduction to Tai Chi, an ancient and gentle form of exercise with origins in the martial arts of China. Tai Chi lends itself to all ages and abilities. Please wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes. Wednesdays, Jan 9–30 | 2:30pm


Computer Classes Computer Basics Series Mondays, Jan 7, 14 & 28 | 11:15am–12:45pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts: Winnie the Pooh Day Fri, Jan 18 | 4pm Minute to Win It Mon, Jan 28 | 4pm Blind Date with a Book Mon, Feb 11 | 4pm Tell a Fairy Tale Day Mon, Feb 25 | 4pm


Computer Classes Microsoft Excel Series Mondays, Dec 3–17 | 11:15am–12:45pm Early Literacy Wee Read and Play Storytime (birth to age 3) Fridays | 10:30am Raising Readers Family Storytime (all ages) Saturdays in Jan & Feb | 11:30am Kids’ Activities & Crafts Hanukkah Craft Mon, Dec 3 | 4:30pm After School Explorers Tuesdays, Dec 4, Jan 22 & 29, and Feb 12 & 26 | 4:30pm Game Days Mondays, Dec 17, Jan 8 & Feb 25 | 4:30pm Gingerbread House Extravaganza Wed, Dec 19 | 4:30pm Make a Holiday Gift Thu, Dec 20 | 4:30pm Kwanzaa Craft Wed, Dec 26 | 2:30pm Noon Year’s Eve Sat, Dec 29 | 11:30am Popcorn Day Fri, Jan 18 | 4:30pm “I Have a Dream” Collage

Tue, Jan 22 | 4:30pm Plastic Cup Pyramids Wed, Jan 23 | 4:30pm Lunar New Year Craft Mon, Feb 4 | 4:30pm Valentine’s Day Craft Thu, Feb 14 | 4:30pm President for a Day Tue, Feb 19 | 4:30pm Pan Flutes (Zampoña) Wed, Feb 27 | 4:30pm Teen Events & Activities Teen Club Wednesdays, Dec 5, Jan 16 & 30 | 4:30pm Wednesdays, Feb 6 & 20 | 4:30pm Anime Club Fridays, Dec 14, Jan 11 & 25 | 4:30pm Fridays, Feb 2 & 22 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes CPL 101 Mon, Feb 4 | 11:15am–12:45pm CPL & Your Device Mon, Feb 11 | 11:15am–12:45pm Buying & Selling Online Mon, Feb 25 | 11:15am–12:45pm Early Literacy Preschool Storytime (ages 3–5) Wednesdays | 11am Kids’ Activities & Crafts Painting the Winter Landscape Tue, Dec 4 | 4pm Paper Snowflakes Tue, Dec 11 | 4pm Winter Wonderland Tue, Dec 18 | 4pm Happy New Year! Tue, Jan 8 | 4pm Collaging the Winter Landscape Tue, Jan 15 | 4pm Textile Magic Tue, Jan 22 | 4pm Thinking About Spring Tue, Jan 29 | 4pm Happy Birthday, Langston Hughes! Fri, Feb 1 | 4pm African American Artists in Cleveland: Printmaking Tue, Feb 5 | 4pm

The People’s University | 23


Painting Tue, Feb 26 | 4pm Valentine’s Day Excitement Wed, Feb 15 | 4pm African American History in Cleveland Tue, Feb 19 | 4pm Adult Book Discussions Mad About Mysteries by James Patterson Thu, Dec 13 | 12pm Adult Programs & Events Sports Roundtable: Super Bowl Wrap-Up Tue, Feb 5 | 12pm Sports Roundtable: Super Bowl Hype Week Tue, Feb 13 | 12pm Social Justice: Athletes and Activism Thu, Feb 22 | 5pm


Computer Classes Microsoft Word Series Mondays, Jan 7, 14 & 28 | 5–6:30pm Thank a Mail Carrier Day Mon, Feb 4 | 4:30pm Make Your Own Valentine Cookie Cutter Feb 5 | 5pm Presidents’ Day Jeopardy Tue, Feb 19 | 4:30pm Circuit Play Thu, Feb 21 | 5pm African American History Jeopardy Wed, Feb 27 | 4:30pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Candy, Gingerbread, and Fun, Oh My! Tue, Dec 4 | 5pm Delightful Winter Crafts Fri, Dec 21 | 4:30pm Get Your Game On! Wed, Dec 26 | 1pm Mon, Jan 7 | 1pm B–I–N–G–O! Fri, Dec 28 | 1pm Musical Instruments Mon, Dec 31 | 2pm Teen Events & Activities Make Your Own 3D Photograph Tue, Dec 11 | 5pm

24 UpNext Winter 2018–2019


Computer Classes Microsoft Word Series Thursdays, Dec 6– 27 | 3:15–4:45pm Teen Events & Activities Movies and Discussion Stephen King’s Carrie Thu, Dec 6 | 4pm The Lovely Bones Thu, Jan 17 | 4pm Old School Game Day Thu, Dec 13 | 4pm Holiday Movie Week Mon–Fri, Dec 17–21 | 4pm DIY Holiday Crafts Tue, Dec 18 | 4pm Teen Domestic Violence 101 Thu, Feb 7 | 4pm Poems from the Heart Tue, Feb 12 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes Microsoft Word Series Fridays, Dec 7–28 | 11:15am–12:45pm Microsoft Excel Series Wednesdays, Feb 6–27 | 3:15–4:45pm Jolly Storytime Trolley Tours Free family storytime rides on Lolly the Trolley with The Polar Express readings, hot chocolate, and bells to ring. One ride per person. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration and completed waiver required. Visit the branch to register and complete a waiver. For more information, call 216-623-2921. Thu, Dec 6 | 5–8pm Early Literacy Preschool Story Time (ages 3–5) Fridays | 11:30am Kids’ Activities & Crafts Cookie Day Tue, Dec 4 | 3:30pm Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Thu, Dec 13 | 4:30pm Ugly Sweater Contest Wed, Dec 19 | 3:30pm

Winter Break Movies Wed–Fri, Jan 2–4 | 1pm Mon–Fri, Jan 7–11 | 1pm I Have a Dream Tue, Jan 15 | 3:30pm Groundhog Day Crafts Sat, Feb 2 | 1pm Celebrate Black History Month Mon–Fri in Feb | 3:30pm Happy Valentine's Day! Thu, Feb 14 | 3:30pm Adult Programs & Events Digital Media Workshop Tue, Feb 26 | 4:30pm Russian Language Programs Russian Children's Holiday Programs Saturdays, Dec 1, 8 & 15 | 3pm Russian Book Club Adult book discussions in Russian We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas (in Russian translation) Fri, Dec 14 | 1pm The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (in Russian translation) Sat, Feb 16 | 1pm


Kids’ Activities & Crafts Christmas Tree Ornaments Tue, Dec 18 | 4pm The History of Kwanzaa Wed, Dec 26 | 4pm Celebrate Dr. King Tue, Jan 15 | 4pm Black History Scavenger Hunt Fri, Feb 8 | 4pm Black History Crafts Mon, Feb 13 | 4pm Valentine’s Day Bingo Thu, Feb 14| 4pm


Computer Classes Resume Workshop Mon, Dec 3 | 5–6:30pm Job Searching Online Mon, Dec 10 | 5–6:30pm Search the Web Mon, Dec 17 | 5–6:30pm

Early Literacy First Steps Storytime (birth to 18 months) Thursdays | 10:30am Preschool Storytime (ages 3–5) Mondays | 11am Jolly Storytime Trolley Tours Free family storytime rides on Lolly the Trolley with The Polar Express readings, hot chocolate, and bells to ring. One ride per person. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration and completed waiver required. Visit the branch to register and complete a waiver. For more information, call 216–623–2921. Tue, Dec 6 | 5–8pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts DIY Wednesdays Wednesdays, Dec 5–19 | 3pm Winter Break Movie Matinee Fri, Dec 21 & Wed, Dec 26 | 3pm Slime Time! Wed, Jan 16 | 4pm Teen Events & Activities T.G.I.F.! Video Game Edition Fridays, Dec 7 & 28 | 3pm Fridays, Jan 18, Feb 8 & 22 | 3pm (Anti–)Valentine's Day Celebration Thu, Feb 14 | 4pm Adult Programs & Activities Knit & Crochet Group Mondays | 5pm


Computer Classes Internet Basics Sat, Jan 5 | 11:15am–12:45pm Search the Web Sat, Jan 12 | 11:15am–12:45pm Buying & Selling Online Sat, Jan 19 | 11:15am–12:45pm CPL 101 Sat, Jan 26 | 11:15am–12:45pm Introduction to 3D Design Using Tinkercad Wed, Feb 27 | 4pm Early Literacy Growing Readers (ages 3–5) Fridays | 11am

Jolly Storytime Trolley Tours Free family storytime rides on Lolly the Trolley with The Polar Express readings, hot chocolate, and bells to ring. One ride per person. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration and completed waiver required. Visit the branch to register and complete a waiver. For more information, call 216–623–2921. Tue, Dec 6 | 5–8pm

Free Tutoring

Early Literacy Growing Readers (ages 3–5) Fridays | 11am Kids’ Activities & Crafts Construction Club Mondays, Dec 17, Jan 28 & Feb 25 | 4:30pm Hot Chocolate and a Holiday Movie Thu, Dec 20 | 4:30pm STEAM with Great Lakes Science Center Tue, Jan 8 | 4:30pm Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Thursdays, Jan 17 & 31 and Feb 28 | 4:30pm We Love Valentine’s Day! Thu, Feb 14 | 4:30pm Best Buy Teen Tech Center Open Center Day Make a festive winter ornament (ages 6 and up) Thu, Dec 13 | 3:30pm


Computer Classes Computer and Internet Basics Series Thursdays, Jan 10–31 | 3:15–4:45pm Early Literacy Wee Read and Play (ages 18 months–3 years) Mondays | 11am Jolly Storytime Trolley Tours Free family storytime rides on Lolly the Trolley with The Polar Express readings, hot chocolate, and bells to ring. One ride per person. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration and completed waiver required. Visit the branch to register and complete a waiver. For more information, call 216–623–2921. Thu, Dec 6 | 5–8pm

Tutoring in all Subjects for Grades K–8 Math • Science • History Language Arts • Homework Help

One-on-one and/or group tutoring and homework help offered in partnership with Cleveland State University’s America Reads tutoring services.

Mon–Thurs | 3–6pm •





Mt. Pleasant






The People’s University | 25


warm UP CLEVELAND Do you sew, knit, crochet, or quilt?

Donate handmade items at any Cleveland Public Library location yearround to help neighbors in need! For more information, contact Outreach and Programming Services at 216-623-2921 or

find us! Kids’ Activities & Crafts Artists are the Smartest Tuesdays, Dec 4, Jan 8 & Feb 5 | 4:30pm Mighty Art Mondays Mondays, Dec 10, Jan 14 & Feb 12 | 4:30pm Hanukkah Wed, Dec 12 | 4:30pm Gingerbread Houses Thu, Dec 13 | 4:30pm Manga Mondays Mondays, Dec 17, Jan 28 & Feb 11 | 4pm Tech Tuesdays Tuesdays, Dec 18, Jan 29 & Feb 26 | 4:30pm Holiday Crafts Wed, Dec 19 | 4:30pm Discovery Days Thu, Dec 20, Jan 17 & Feb 21 | 4:30pm First Day of Winter Thu, Dec 21 | 4:30pm Kwanzaa Wed, Dec 26 | 1pm Three Kings Day Crafts Thu, Jan 3 | 12pm I Have a Dream Craft Thu, Jan 17 | 4:30pm Valentine's Day Crafts Thu, Feb 14 | 4:30pm Putting Tremont on the Map Tue, Feb 19 | 4:30pm

26 UpNext Winter 2018–2019

Les Délices The acclaimed French Baroque group that hails from Cleveland will perform for audiences of all ages. Tues, Jan 15 | 4pm Black History Month Crafts Wed, Feb 20 | 4:30pm Teen Events & Activities Guitar Lessons Wednesdays, Dec 5 & 19 | 4:30pm Wednesdays, Jan 9 & 23 | 4:30pm Wednesdays, Feb 6 & 20 | 4:30pm Adult Programs & Events Knitting Between the Pages Love to knit? Live to knit? Learn the basics or to enjoy the company of other knitters and share projects, ideas, and tips. Saturdays, Dec 8 & 22 | 11am Saturdays, Jan 5 & 19 | 11am Saturdays, Feb 2 & 16 | 11am


Computer Classes Microsoft Excel Series Fridays, Feb 1–22 | 11:15am–12:45pm Early Literacy Pre-School Storytime (ages 3–5) Mondays | 11:30am

Kids Activities & Crafts Crafts for Kids Fri, Dec 7 | 4pm Village Luminaries Fri, Dec 21 | 4pm Noon Year's Eve Mon, Dec 31 | 11:30am Geronimo Stilton Party Thu, Jan 10 | 4pm Paper Bag Lanterns Mon, Feb 4 | 4pm Ology Workshop Fri, Feb 22 | 4pm Teen Events & Activities SBN Gamers' Guild Tuesdays | 4pm Collaborative Art Thursdays, Jan 31 & Feb 14 | 4pm Speak Poetry! Wed, Feb 13 | 4pm


Computer Classes Computer and Email Basics Series Wednesdays, Dec 5–26 | 11:15am–12:45pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Sock Transformers Sat, Dec 15 | 3pm Superhero in You Sat, Dec 29 | 3pm Public Safety for Kids Thursdays, Jan 10–31 | 4:30pm Sterling Rhyming Circle Wed, Jan 16 | 4:30pm Martin Luther King Jr. Poetry Slam Fri, Jan 18 | 4:30pm African American History Thursdays, Feb 7–28 | 4:30pm African American Arts and Crafts Club Tuesdays, Feb 12–26 | 4:30pm Valentine Listen and Draw Wed, Feb 13 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes Microsoft Excel Series Saturdays, Dec 1–29 | 11:15am–12:45pm Computer and Internet Basics Series Saturdays, Feb 2–23 | 11:15am–12:45pm

Early Literacy Toddler Storytime (ages 18 months–3 years) Tuesdays | 11:30am Kids’ Activities & Crafts Christmas Crafts Tue, Dec 18 | 4:30pm Kwanzaa Crafts Thu, Dec 20 | 4:30pm MLK Day Crafts Thu, Jan 17 | 4:30pm Valentine's Day Wed, Feb 13 | 4:30pm Teen Events & Activities Book Discussion Diary of a Haunting: Possession by M. Verano Tuesdays, Feb 5–26 | 4:30pm


Computer Classes Resume Workshop Mon, Feb 4 | 5–6:30pm Job Searching Online Mon, Feb 11 | 5–6:30pm Search the Web Mon, Feb 25 | 5–6:30pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Holiday Crafts Tue, Dec 18 | 4:30pm Kwanzaa Crafts Thu, Dec 27 | 1pm New Year, New You! Tue, Jan 8 | 4:30pm Super Science with Mr. Imani! Wednesdays, Jan 9–Feb 13 | 4:30pm Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Mobile Jan 18–31 Celebrate National Backwards Day: !nuf si yaD sdrawkcaB Thu, Jan 31 | 4:30pm African American History Month Trivia Feb 1–28 Who is Schomburg? Tue, Feb 5 | 4:30pm Valentine's Day Bingo Tue, Feb 12 | 4:30pm Black History: Abstract Artist Alma Woodsey Thomas Tue, Feb 19 | 4:30pm

Gee's Bend Quilt Craft Tue, Feb 26 | 4:30pm Teen Events & Activities WalzSpace Teen Programming (ages 12 & up) Wednesdays | 4:30pm Adult Programs & Activities Pick up a new sheet of puzzles, trivia and other pen-and-paper games each week. January: Brain Games February: African American History Month Trivia


Computer Classes Microsoft Word Series Wednesdays, Dec 5–26 | 3:15–4:45pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Deck the Halls! Thu, Dec 20 | 4:30pm Celebrate Dr. King Thu, Jan 17 | 4:30pm African Folktales Thu, Feb 21 | 4:30pm Les Délices The acclaimed French Baroque group that hails from Cleveland will perform for audiences of all ages. Thurs, Jan 17 | 4pm


Computer Classes Introduction to 3D Design Using Tinkercad Tue, Feb 12 | 4pm Internet Basics Thu, Feb 7 | 5–6:30pm Search the Web Thu, Feb 14 | 5–6:30pm Email Basics I & II Thu, Feb 21 & 28 | 5–6:30pm Early Literacy Super Sleuth Storytime (ages 3–5) Wednesdays | 1:30pm Jolly Storytime Trolley Tours Free family storytime rides on Lolly the Trolley with The Polar Express readings, hot chocolate, and bells to ring. One ride

per person. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration and completed waiver required. Visit the branch to register and complete a waiver. For more information, call 216–623–2921. Tue, Dec 6 | 5–8pm Kids’ Activities & Crafts Maker 1st Monday Mon, Dec 3 | 3:30pm Family Holiday Movie Marathon Sat, Dec 8 | 10:30am Winter Warm Up Thu, Dec 20 | 3:30pm Pre-New Year's Eve Masquerade Fri, Dec 28 | 1pm Movie & Popcorn Fri, Jan 4 | 1pm Vision Board Party Thu, Jan 10 | 3:30pm Healthy Hearts Thu, Feb 7 | 4pm National Bird Feeding Month Movie & Crafts Thu, Feb 7 | 3:30pm

Legal Aid at the Library

Free brief advice and referral clinics offered by the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland (civil matters only). Questions? Call 1-877-817-3777 or visit

Sat, Dec 8 | 10–11am Martin Luther King, Jr. Sat, Jan 26 | 10–11am Carnegie West Sat, Feb 9 | 10–11am Woodland

The People’s University | 27

LIBRARY LOCATIONS M Main Library | 325 Superior Ave. | 623-2800

Louis Stokes Wing | 525 Superior Ave.

Public Administration Library (in City Hall)

601 Lakeside Ave.Room 100 | 623-2919


Addison | 6901 Superior Ave. | 623-6906


Brooklyn | 3706 Pearl Rd. | 623-6920


Carnegie West | 1900 Fulton Rd. | 623-6927


Collinwood | 856 East 152nd St. | 623-6934


East 131st St. | 3830 East 131st St. | 623-6941


Eastman | 11602 Lorain Ave. | 623-6955


Fleet | 7224 Broadway Ave. | 623-6962


Fulton | 3545 Fulton Rd. | 623-6969


Garden Valley | 7201 Kinsman Rd. | Suite 101 | 623-6976

10 Glenville | 11900 St. Clair Ave. | 623-6983 11 Harvard–Lee | 16918 Harvard Ave. | 623-6990 12 Hough | 1566 Crawford Rd. | 623-6997 13 Jefferson | 850 Jefferson Ave.| 623-7004

14 Langston Hughes | 10200 Superior Ave. | 623-6975 15 Lorain | 8216 Lorain Ave. | 623-7011 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. | 1962 Stokes Blvd. | 623-7018 17 Memorial–Nottingham | 17109 Lake Shore Blvd. | 623-7039

Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled (OLBPD) 17121 Lake Shore Blvd. | 623-2911

18 Mt. Pleasant | 14000 Kinsman Rd. | 623–7032 19 Rice | 11535 Shaker Blvd. | 623-7046 20 Rockport | 4421 West 140th St. | 623-7053 21 South | 2704 Clark Ave. | 623-7060 22 South Brooklyn | 4303 Pearl Rd. | 623-7067 23 Sterling | 2200 East 30th St. | 623-7074 24 Union | 3463 East 93rd St. | 623-7088 25 Walz | 7910 Detroit Ave. | 623-7095 26 West Park | 3805 West 157th St. | 623-7102 27 Woodland | 5806 Woodland Ave. | 623-7109

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