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Dennis J. Dooley

Community Relations Officer and Director of Publications Dennis Dooley was a doctoral fellow in English at Indiana University and formerly taught at Case Western Reserve University.

Patricia Jansen Doyle Mary Louise Habn Program Officer, Cultural Affairs

Patricia Doyle holds a

Special Projects Officer Mary Louise Hahn

John G. Joyce

Manager, Financial Services

Jay Talbot

Program Officer, Civic Affairs

Philip T. Tobin

Treasurer and Administrative Officer

holds a bachelor's degree

John Joyce holds a

Jay Talbot holds a

bachelor’s degree in jour­

in French literature from

bachelor's degree in busi­

master’s degree in busi­

nalism from the University

Hollins College and studied

ness administration from

ness administration from

nomics from Wharton

at L’lnstitute des Sciences

Cleveland State University

Xavier University. Before

School of the University

Politiques in Paris. Prior

(Fenn College) and is a

joining the Foundation in

of Pennsylvania. He served

to joining the Foundation's

Certified Public Account­

1984, he was executive

as a financial officer for

staff in 1984, she served

ant in the State of Ohio.

director of the Cincinnati

Sperry Rand-Univac and

of Kansas City and was a Professional Journalism Fellow at Stanford Univer­

Philip Tobin holds a bachelor's degree in eco­

Before joining the Foun­

sity. Before joining the

dation in 1984, he was

Foundation in 1975, she

Before coming to The

Institute of Justice and

was assistant to the vice

editor (and co-founder) of

as a consultant to the

was education editor for

The Kansas City Star and

Foundation for juvenile

Cleveland Foundation in

president of both the

president of finance for

justice and youth services

1976, he was vice presi­

Greater Cincinnati Bail

General Tire and Rubber

director of programming

projects. She has chaired

dent and treasurer of the

Bond Project and the

Company, responsible for

critic of Cleveland Maga­ zine, he conceived the

for Kansas City's public

the Citizens Advisory Board

Capitol Fuel Company.

Southwestern Ohio Council

computer systems and

television station. She has

of the Juvenile Court of

on Alcoholism. He served

financial analysis. Before

also served as president

as consultant to the Na­

joining the Foundation in

Cleveland Critics Circle to

Cuyahoga County and has

of the National Council

tional Commission on

1987, he was a department

recognize and encourage

served as a trustee of

for Advancement of Edu­

Campus Unrest and to

head for Oglebay Norton

excellence in area theater.

various social service and

cation Writing (1974-76).

He is program chairperson

arts organizations.

Currently she is a consul­

of the City Club Forum and author of the award-

Northern Ohio LIVE mag­ azine. In 1978, as asso­ ciate editor and theater

winning book,



The Ford Foundation in

Company with responsi­

developing the Police

bility for treasury services,

tant to the National En­

Foundation. He is a mem­

financial analysis, employee

dowment for the Arts and

ber of the Cuyahoga County

benefits, investments and

a member of the board of

Juvenile Court Citizens

risk management.

Grantmakers in the Arts.

Advisory Board.

Robert E. Eckardt

Program Officer, Health Robert Eckardt holds a master’s degree in public health and a certificate in gerontology from the Uni­ versity of Michigan. He spent two years in Europe as a Thomas J. Watson fellow studying care of the elderly. Before joining the Foundation in 1982, he was a planning asso­ ciate at the Federation for Community Planning and a consultant to the Benja­ min Rose Institute. He is currently a doctoral can­ didate in health policy at the University of Michigan and is a member of the Steering Committee of Grantmakers in Aging.

MichaelJ. Hoffmann Secretary and Donor Relations Officer

Michael Hoffmann holds a master's degree in business administration from Case Western Re­ serve University. He was administrative assistant to the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners and treasurer of the Cleveland Board of Education before coming to the Foundation in 1981. He served on the Ohio Bureau of Employ­ ment Services Task Force (1983-84) and the Citi­ zens League’s Ohio Tax Policy Committee (1982), as well as on the latter’s follow-up study in 1984.

Cleveland Foundation – 1986 Annual Report  
Cleveland Foundation – 1986 Annual Report