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Henry J. Goodman

Sally Kenny Griswold

Appointed 1978 by Appointed 1982 by the Committee of Five Distri­ the Trustees Committee; bution Committee Members reappointed 1985 Henry Goodman is president of H. Goodman,

Sally Griswold is an honorary trustee of John

Inc. He pursues a special

Carroll University (of which

interest in health issues

she is past president of

as vice chair of the Health Services Association of Northeast Ohio, and as a member of both the Ex­

the board), a member of the Visiting Committee of the College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State

Roy H. Holdt

Appointed 1982 by the Trustees Committee Roy Holdt is retired chairman of the board and

E. Bradley Jones

Appointed 1982 by the Trustees Committee; reappointed 1987 Brad Jones, the former

Lindsay Jordan Morgentbaler

Appointed 1984 by the Trustees Committee Lindsay Morgenthaler is a well-known civic leader

chief executive officer of

chairman of the Republic

White Consolidated Indus­

Steel Corporation, currently

who has organized several

tries. He was named 1985

serves as a director of

of Cleveland’s most suc­

Business Executive of the

National City Corporation,

Year by the Sales and Mar­ keting Executives of Cleve­

National City Bank of Cleve­ land, TRW Inc., Cleveland-

land. Besides serving as a

Cliffs Inc., and NACCO In­

director of AmeriTrust

dustries, Inc. He serves as a trustee of The Cleveland

ecutive Committee of Mt.

University, and a member

Sinai Hospital and the Ad­

of the Board of Trustees

Company, Centerior Energy

visory Board of the Cystic

and the Operations Com­

Company, and LTV Corpo­

Fibrosis Foundation. He

mittee of United Way Serv­

also serves on the Opera­

ices. Pursuing a longtime

tions Committee and

special interest in health

Square Foundation. He

Board of Trustees of

and aging, she is currently

holds the Croix de Guerre

United Way Services, as

active on the Women’s

with Bronze Star from the

treasurer of the Council

Council of the Golden

French Government.

of Jewish Federations,

Age Centers of Greater

member of the Ten Plus

vice chair of Cleveland

Cleveland, the Advisory

Executive Committee of

State University, and as a

Committee of the

United Way Services and

trustee of the North Coast

Regional Perinatal Net­

vice president of the Board

Development Corpora­

work at Case Western Re­

of Cleveland’s University

tion. He is a past president

serve University’s School


of the Jewish Community

of Medicine, and the De­

Federation of Cleveland

velopment Committees of

and also of the Northeast

St. Luke's Hospital and the

Ohio Hillel Foundation.

Young Women's Christian

ration, he is a trustee of Dyke College and Playhouse

cessful benefits. She is at present a trustee of Play­ house Square Foundation, Case Western Reserve Uni­ versity, Leadership Cleve­ land and Cleveland Ballet.

Museum of Art and The

She is also a longtime

Musical Arts Association,

trustee of Pittsburgh’s Car-

vice chair of Playhouse Square Foundation and vice president of the Board for The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He is also a

negie-Mellon University, where she currently chairs the President's Circle, and WVIZ-TV, for which she headed up two highly suc­ cessful auctions. She is a past president of the Great Lakes Theater Festival, where she served as a trustee for 21 years.

Andrea Taylor

Harvey G. Oppmann

Appointed 1984 by the Appointed 1981 by the PresidingJudge, Probate ChiefJudge, U. S. District Court of Cuyahoga County; Court, Northern District of Ohio reappointed 1985 Andrea Taylor is presi­

Harvey Oppmann is the owner and developer

dent of Coastal Commu­

of various real estate proj­

nications, a Cleveland

ects here and in other

marketing and public re­

cities around the U.S. in­

lations firm and an active

cluding the rehabilitation

journalist who produces

and remodeling of The

public affairs specials for

Arcade and the Dearborn

PBS and writes a column

Street Station and Re­

for the

liance Building in Chicago.

a trustee of the Convention

He chairs the Ohio Build­

and Visitors Bureau of

ing Authority, in which

Greater Cleveland, the Na­

capacity he has overseen

tional Conference of Chris­

the construction of $800

tians and Jews, and The

million in state buildings.

Greater Cleveland Hospital

An active civic leader with

Association and is cur­

a special interest in edu­

rently chairing the 1987

cation and culture, he is

Mayor's Award for Volun-

also president of the Cleve­

teerism and the NAACP

land Institute of Art and a

Freedom Fund Dinner.

trustee of Hawken School,

She also serves on the

the Cleveland Scholarship

boards of the Ohio Donors

Call & Post. She is

Programs and the Western

Forum, the statewide

Reserve Historical Society.

organization of grantmakers, and the National Council on Foundations.

Association, and is a di­ rector of The Ohio Motorists Association.


Cleveland Foundation – 1986 Annual Report