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Cleveland Student Health Program Health clinic at East High School (third year)

Arthritis Foundation, Northeastern Ohio Chapter Self-help course for low-income arthritics (second year) 117,117

Eliza Bryant Center Start-up support of the multi-purpose senior center (over three years) 157,500 C An idea whose time had come: East High’s student clinic has won

project that has captured the imagi­ nation of both local and national funding agencies.

The Foundation’s

commitment to assuring adequate health care for the medically indigent and underserved segments of the community led to assisting Eliza Bryant Center, a combination nursing home and supportive residence for inner-city senior citizens, first to build a new, expanded, state-of-the-

parental acceptance faster than any other school-based clinic in the U.S.

Case Western Reserve University Community outreach activities of the Center on Biomedical Ethics (over two years) 137,400 Establishment of integrated primary care clerkship at the School of Medicine (over two years) 101,972 Revitalization of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the School of Medicine (over three years) 564,800 Study of social factors contributing to poor birth outcomes by the Department of Repro­ ductive Biology (over 18 months) 40,500


Council on Hazardous Materials Hazardous Material Information and Educa­ tion Center (over two years) 50,000

Crossroads: Lake County Adolescent Counseling Service, Mentor, Ohio Day drug and alcohol treatment program


Cuyahoga County Hospital Foundation, Inc. Needs assessment for a pediatric hospice to serve northeast Ohio 25,000 Medical care program in unlicensed board and care homes by Kenneth W. Clement Center for Family Health Care (over two years) 100,000 Regional program for sexually abused children at Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital (over three years) 187,295

Fountain House, New York, New York

Central School of Practical Nursing Inc. Study of employment opportunities for Licensed Practical Nurses 18,900 Salary and supervision costs of home nursing program 24,000

Expansion of employment program for older adolescents with history of mental illness 20,000

The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland Recovery plan (third year)

Cleveland Area Citizens Leaguefor Nursing


Glenville Health Association

make the facility’s extensive range

Radiology equipment (over two years) 25,000 Merger between Cleveland Area Citizens League for Nursing and Ohio League La Rabida Hospital and Research for Nursing 3,000

of services available to nonresident

City of Cleveland

seniors in the neighborhood. Responding to the increased health care

AIDS public information campaign by the Department of Health and Human Resources

needs of the elderly (as well as of the

The Cleveland Foundation (Inc.)

chronically ill) has also been the focus

Evaluation and dissemination of mental health programs for children 10,000 Program evaluation for Planned Parenthood of Greater Cleveland’s Breaking the Cycle of Teenage Parenthood program 3,500 Review development of molecular biology department at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation 3,000 Technical assistance for a financing plan for Cleveland Student Health Program’s health clinic at East High School 5,000

art community center and then to

of other recent grantmaking at the Foundation— last year most notably in the development of the innovative “ nursing home without walls” at Breckenridge Village, an outreach program addressing the long-term health care needs of older citizens

Center, Chicago, Illinois

Psychologist/therapist for sexual abuse team 67,285

which could become a national model for dealing with this growing problem.

Neighborhood resi­ dents are welcome at Eliza Bryant Center's new com­ munity center, where they can spend time with old friends now living there.


Neighborhood Family Practice Purchase and renovation of the clinic building


Cleveland Foundation – 1986 Annual Report