2017 Annual Report: Lasting Impact

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LASTING IMPACT 2017 Annual Report

All photos © David Liam Kyle, www.davidliamkyle.com

Lasting values make great futures possible Our kids – the kids you help on a daily basis – are a resilient bunch. Most know someone who’s met a violent death. Some are in families struggling to find food and shelter. Our kids endure. More often than not it is with a smile. But survival alone isn’t enough. We want our kids to thrive. Your support enables us to help instill those values that we believe are critical to helping our youth overcome obstacles and lead productive lives. We hope you will read the stories in “Lasting Impact,” our annual report for 2017, to get an even better understanding of the difference you are making as a supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland. Your impact is huge. You serve the kids who need us most, and the long-term results are nothing short of astonishing. A Harris Survey determined that 54% of our alumni said the Club saved their lives. So when you are reading about Mia the budding student, Kenvontae the aspiring nurse or Rikki the successful college student, remember that none of those stories would be possible without the support of people like you. You are ensuring that our kids have a shot at great futures. Thank you. Sincerely,

Ron Soeder President and CEO









LIFELONG LEARNING.................12


VALUABLE SKILLS......................15




It is not unfair to say Shyanne Beard, 26, has been on her own since birth. Born to a 19-year-old mother, she spent most of her life caring for her siblings and her mom, who died in early 2018. Yet she became a star athlete, a college graduate and a four-year Towlift Inc. employee. She credits two things for her success: “The Club and Mr. Soeder.”

money – everything. “ And it was what she calls her “magical relationship” with BGCC President and CEO Ron Soeder that kept her on a positive path, even when things were bleak.

“It’s so great to have someone in your corner. It’s special.”

Shyanne says the Club “gave me opportunities in education, sports and even how to manage my

“He’s like a second dad to me,” says Shyanne, a Notre Dame College graduate who is now a training assistant at Towlift. “He treats me as if I’m his daughter. Even now, he keeps up with me and wants to know how I’m doing. It’s so great to have someone in your corner. It’s special.”

Club initiatives promote positive paths forward One of our greatest challenges is helping kids make good decisions as they mature. Your donations make it possible for Club youth to develop good character and self-esteem. Our Clubs have two programs – one for boys, one for girls – that specifically target leadership, health, character and self-esteem. Passport to Manhood encourages boys ages 8-14 to develop and mature into young men. This interactive program focuses on specific aspects of character and manhood and includes a community service project. SMART Girls helps girls in three age groups, spanning the ages of 8-18, to eat right, stay physically fit, get good health care and develop positive relationships with peers and adults.





John Killings’ mother taught him to be grateful for what he has.

“I’m not a celebrity. I am someone who looks like them and someone who has been where they are now,” says John, who She instilled in John and his twin brother is the associate director of multicultural the value of sharing their leadership and programming abundance with folks in at Case Western Reserve their Mount Pleasant University and a member neighborhood that of BGCC’s Bridge Board, 84% of regular weren’t as fortunate. a young professionals They would give Club members group. “I can give back clothes and shoes by giving my time to believe they can to kids that didn’t these kids, and that is have them. And she make a difference important.” didn’t just send her in the community. sons to the Club – He says spending she donated resources virtually every day at BGCA YOUTH OUTCOME DATA and volunteered as a the Club from ages 6-18 chaperone. changed his life. So it is not surprising that when John, now 30, realized how much he had benefited from the Club experience, he became a mentor for some of the kids who are following in his footsteps.

“I learned the value of hard work, dedication and encouragement,” he says. “I learned the value of going after your dreams.”

Community service projects help kids see larger picture Your support has afforded members of our Torch Club, a teen leadership group, the opportunity to transport bottled water to their counterparts in Flint, Mich., a city without safe drinking water. Water delivery is just one aspect of the trip: Our teens love interacting with other Club members. Kids do the legwork, but donors make the delivery possible. Here’s how BGCC member D’Angelus Williams described the trip this way: “Overall, it’s been a good experience for (our members) to witness barriers you may encounter in life and learn to overcome those challenges. Giving back has been a good way to let (the kids in Flint) know people still care about them.” The Flint trip is one of dozens of community service projects undertaken by our two leadership groups, the Torch and Keystone Clubs. They include neighborhood cleanups and collection drives to help hurricane victims in Houston and Puerto Rico.



Kenvontae Jackson has faced a lot of uncertainty in his young life.

His family moved. He changed schools. He lost friends. His house burned down. His brother is serving a 64-year prison sentence. Once, during a neighborhood gunfight, he was pulled to safety by a relative who had one arm around Kenvontae while using the other to fire his weapon.

Tae, now 17, was chosen for a summer internship with the Northeast Ohio Research Education Medicine Alliance, an innovative collaboration between Cleveland Clinic, Cuyahoga Community College and Kent State University. Tae wants to become a registered nurse.

In a poll of alumni, 54% said Boys & Girls Clubs saved their lives.

But Tae, as he is known to friends, is determined not to be dragged down by negative experiences. HARRIS SURVEY He has found a second home at the Club, where he is a leader, a junior staff member and a kid who takes advantage of opportunities. One of those opportunities came in 2017, when

“(Nursing) is something I really want to do, and the internship was great,” he says.

None of this would have happened if Tae hadn’t challenged his own initial thoughts that the Club “was just another rec center. It is so much more. It is somewhere you want to be. It shows you what you want to be in life.”

Exposure to the arts gives our kids an edge Last year, 2,013 kids participated in our Club arts programs, which include music, dance, art, graphic arts, fashion design, ballet and drama. Our members have these opportunities because of generous individuals, corporations and foundations as well as the support of several key creative associations, including Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and the Ohio Arts Council. Our Young Souls Jazz Band has performed at a number of top local venues, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Gateway Plaza, and has made “tour” stops in Detroit and Chicago. Arts exposure is critical to learning, and Club kids have extraordinary creative opportunities. In addition to the Club offerings, kids can learn how to play instruments and record music at the Notes for Notes recording studio at our Broadway Club.





Growing up, Rikki Kyle never sought the spotlight. Rikki, now 19, says leadership “was something I wasn’t really sure I was interested in.” That all changed when Rikki, who lives in East Cleveland and graduated from Beaumont School, began accepting leadership roles at her Club and in the Ohio Youth Leadership Council.

Today, Rikki is a sophomore at American University in Washington, D.C., where she is majoring in public relations and strategic communications management and is director of diversity and inclusiveness for the university’s Public Relations Society of America chapter. She still works at the Club during summer break – and uses what she’s learned to connect with kids.

“I could be a voice and a supplier of information in my own community.”

“It became apparent that I could be a voice and a supplier of information in my own community,” says Rikki, who became a Club junior staff member, president of the charactercentered Keystone Club and the first editor of Club News, a newspaper written by members.

“Communication is huge – learning how to adjust and adapt,” she says. “At the Club, it is never the same from one day to the next and from one kid to the next. Not every kid receives information the same way.”

Youth of the Year competition brings out the best in our kids Your dollars help develop a new generation of leaders. Our signature effort to promote leadership is the Youth of the Year competition. Each year, nominees from our Club sites are chosen based on moral character, community involvement, academic achievements and obstacles they have overcome. Our recent BGCC winners are already making their marks. 2017 Youth of the Year Miryne Thomas produced in the classroom and on the court at the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, where he was named to the basketball all-conference rookie team. 2018 winner Tamara Thomas (no relation to Miryne) went on to become Ohio Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year and enroll at Xavier University. Tamara says, “The most valuable thing I received at (the Club) was a chance to find myself and figure out who I want to be in life.”



Mia Almodovar remembers her feelings when she arrived in Cleveland in 2016. “It hurt,” says soft-spoken Mia, now 9, who was born in Puerto Rico. “I was separated from my family.” She knew a little English, thanks to a bilingual teacher back home.

She did. And Mia’s world changed for the better. “I learned to play with other people. I practiced my English. I read books. I learned that you don’t bully,” Mia says.

In 2017, 868 of our Club members were in programs targeting summer learning loss.

Not enough English, however, to feel comfortable in her new surroundings. Not enough to keep up with her classmates in school. Not enough to make her feel like she fit in. Then she received a tip from a friend: “Go to the Boys & Girls Club. They have lots of things to do.”

Every day, Club staffers help Mia with her English and reading. She has made new friends and discovered new interests, including art and playing with slime. The Club’s Power Hour – the study period at the start of each day – has also helped improve her school work. “When I get homework,” she says, “I do it here. It is the best place for me.”

Reality Store gives teens lesson in financial literacy What should my household budget look like? What is the difference between what I want and what I need? And what do I do when I run into an unexpected expense? Thanks to your support, our Club teens get a trial run at answering these questions without consequences before they have to do so in real life. Financial literacy is at the core of the Reality Store, an interactive, station-to-station program for Club members that is funded by the Charles Schwab Foundation and also supported by individual donors. Teens draw a “salary” based on a specific career and manage basic living expenses for themselves and a family. They envision the lifestyle they would like to have in their late 20s, explore a career, receive a checking account “deposit” equal to one month’s salary, and spend their salary in the Reality Store on necessities and extras. They also handle some of life’s unexpected events and discover whether their occupation provides the financial resources needed in order to sustain the lifestyle they want. Says Schwab volunteer Katie Kennedy, “As the teens get an idea of actual costs of living you can see when it clicks. They come away from the experience more conscious of their spending habits and making more realistic plans for the future.”





Greg Elma looks the part. The 17-yeartrades.” old construction worker is wearing a Greg and 15 other Club members from well-stocked tool belt, a hard hat and East Tech and John Adams high schools protective glasses as he and his spent the summer in a promising colleagues tear out a section new BGCC program called of drywall at a home Building Great Futures. they are rehabilitating Teens trained for six “I see so much in conjunction with weeks before starting Greater Cleveland opportunity. I work on two Habitat Habitat for Humanity. homes in Cleveland’s learned so much You would never Mount Pleasant before we started, guess this is Greg’s neighborhood. An first job. anonymous donor and I’m learning put up the money to “I see so much something new launch the program and oppor tunity,” says pay the workers. every day.” Greg, a Club member and a senior at East Tech Working with other teens has High School. “I learned so an overlooked side benefit. “These much before we started, and I’m are people you know,” Greg says with an learning something new every day. I can easy smile. “We are all learning together. definitely see myself working in construction, You are not isolated. You are not alone.” maybe as an engineer or in one of the

Club farm program is growing entrepreneurs Did you know you are an investor in one of the largest Boys & Girls Club horticultural operations in the nation? Your donations help support our Broadway Club farm, where each year 10 members learn how to grow food on the property and sell it throughout Greater Cleveland. In addition, these paid teen workers learn how to be entrepreneurs. Kids grow produce in on-site gardens and greenhouses and then sell the items at Cleveland-area farmers markets. In addition, they do a host of landscaping projects at the Broadway Club, including tree-planting initiatives, lawn maintenance and planting-bed upkeep. This program is a great entry point for those wanting to start a business. It gives our kids a chance to master the five key parts of entrepreneurship, which are planning, risk-taking, sales and marketing, communication and problem-solving skills.


Revenue Summary Foundations 39% Individuals 10% Individuals Net Assets Released Foundations




Other 8% Government United Way

Special Events Special Events



UnitedNetWay 10% Assets Released Government




Your generosity, by the numbers

Donors and volunteers make 2017 a record-breaking year

12,896 volunteer hours

53 percent

increase in number of donors over 2016


individual donors


Expenses Summary

Program 80%



Fundraising Administrative



Fundraising 11%


kids per day attending our Clubs


worth of volunteer service

31 percent

increase in number of Facebook followers

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Thanks, Circle of Champions, for providing hope and opportunity A big reason why our Clubs make a lasting impact is the ongoing, deep commitment of our Circle of Champions, a special group of supporters who have made significant financial contributions to our mission. Such commitments are vital to the ongoing success of nonprofits like Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland. The unwavering support of our Champions makes it possible for us to provide opportunities to the kids who need us most at the time they need us most -- the four-hour period after school lets out each day. We thank our Circle of Champions for believing in our mission, our work and our kids.

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The Abington Foundation ArcelorMittal The Bank of America Foundation Bridge Board of BGCC Burton D. Morgan Foundation The Callahan Foundation The CarMax Foundation Cavaliers Youth Foundation The Char & Chuck Fowler Family Foundation Charles Schwab Foundation City of Cleveland Cleveland Cliffs Cleveland Metropolitan School District Conway Family Foundation Cuyahoga Arts & Culture The Cleveland Foundation The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland Indians Charities, Inc. Credit First National Association DDR Corp. Deaconess Foundation Douglas E. Mitchell Charitable Foundation Eaton Corporation Eva L. & Joseph M. Bruening Foundation Fairmount Minerals Foundation The Ferry Family Foundation Footpath Foundation Forest City Realty Trust Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Fred E. Scholl Charitable Foundation Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio Haslam III Foundation Heinen’s Grocery Stores Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust Fund The Higley Fund Huntington National Bank Kelvin & Eleanor Smith Foundation KeyBank Foundation The Larry Doby Youth Fund The Lubrizol Foundation Marcus Thomas

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“We give because actions more than words will make our world better.” - Al and Lisa Romanini

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“I was fortunate to be able to experience first-hand the impact Boys & Girls Clubs can have on someone’s life.” - Wayne Bilinovic Melonie Gibbs Douglas Gilbert Aaron Gillard Tom Gilligan Brigid Gilmore Jennifer Ginnetti Joseph Girgas Josh Givens Neil Gladish-Atwood Craig Glazier Tiago Goedert David Goessler Nancy Goforth Melissa Gojdics Lynne Gold Richard Goldman Allan Goldner James & Nancy Goldsmith Andrew Goldwasser Catherine Golladay Kathy Golovan Andres Gonzalez, Sr. Joshua Gooding Jason Goodman Alison Gordon Christa Gordon Denise Gordon Monique Graham-Lewis Anne Granchi Tracy Grant Loretta Gray Angela Green Bradley Green Brian Green Debra Green Heather Green Lauren Green Thomas & Kimberly Greenbaum Eric & Reema Greenstein Mary Ann H. Greiner Robert D. Gries Robert Griesse Kevin Griffin Pamela Griskel Bill & Andi Grodin

Jim & Randi Grodin Chas & Jen Grossman Elliot Grove Stephen Grove Nicholas Gudz Stacy & Geoff Guider Paul Gura Lindsay Guzowski Kenneth Haffey Casey Hageman Tom Michael Hagesfeld Meghan Hale Jeffrey Hamilton Stephanie Hampson Mary Hanko Brian Hanna Mark Hanna Christopher Hanrahan Kathy Hanz Aaron & Laura Hardin Heather Hargett Alisha Harper Damien Harper Joseph H. Harper Lisa Harper Sally Harper James Harris Marchaunt Harris Scott Harris Stephen & Bethany Harry Bradley Harsh Phillip Hartshorn Annette Hartzell Christopher & Jennifer Hartzell Faward & Maryam Hashmi Allison Hatton Eric & Gail Hauge Leanna Hawke Nedra Haymon Ashley Haynes Stephen Heald Tom & Ann Healey

Eleanor D. Heath Daniel Heberle John Hecker Dennis Heflin Thomas Heidenreich Tom Heinen Erich Heinze Judith Heiskell Kevin Heisler Clarice Henderson Kristina Hengenius Greg Henry Lauren Herberg Juan Carlos Heredia Brian Herron Brian Hersey Julie Hershberger Amanda Herzberger Melanie Hessler Brandon Hickey Tanya Higgins Dorothy Hildebrand Kasi Hildreth King Hill Lori Hill Jennifer A. Himmelman Robert Hindley Andrew Hinkle Jennifer Hirt-Marchand Christopher Hlivka Daniel Hocevar Emily Hoffman Lori Hoffman Amanda Hofstaedter Robert Hogg Karen Hollo David & Jodi Lynn Holmes Maleeda Holmes Lisa Holmgren Dewan Hoover Joseph Hopkins Lisa Hopps Gail Horansky Therese Horrigan Kelly D. Horton Mary Kay Horvath Scott Horvath Brandon House Michael & Jane Horvitz Aaron Howell Thomas Hrabak Aaron Huennerkopf Philip Huerster Alexandra Hughes Diane Hughes Richard Hughes Russell Huglin Amber Hulme Christopher Humbel Karen Humphrey Margaret Humphrey Keith Huner Clifford & Pamela Hunt Jonelle Hunter Neal & Rebecca Huntington Jeff & Sally Huntsberger Pamela Hunyad Cynthia Hurley Robert Hurley

Bain & Stephanie Hutchinson Christopher Huth Nicole Hyche Matthew Hydrew Nicholas Iacovone Megan Iammarino Sharon Ianiro Rose Iannaggi Michael Icardi Jessica Iciek Carol Lee Iott Jolynn Isaac James & Yvette Ittu Akeelah Jackson Andrea Jackson Erica Jackson Malinda Jackson Ronald Jackson Donald & Julia Jacobs Lauren Jacobson Cassandra Jaeger David Jaffe Bill & Angela James Deborah James Kathleen Janesh Grace Jang Deb Janik Michael Jankowski Kimberly Jauch Shaunda L Jenkins Jeanne Jenks Karen Jenovic Brian J. Jereb John & Erin Jesser Yun Jin Nicole Johns Dan Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Frederick Johnson Latoya Johnson Mitchell Johnson Patricia Johnson Phil Johnson Rosalyn Johnson Shaquira Johnson Shelley Johnson Shelly Johnson Ashanti Jones Ashley Jones India Jones Jason Jones Kallie Lea Jones Kenneth Jones Monique Jones Sarah Jones William Jones Teressa Jonila Bryan Jordan William Jordan Sachana Jordan Lisa Marie Judge Jill Jusko Christopher Juszczak Kira Kabo Nancy Kachenko Michael Kacsala Jennifer Kaczmarek John M. Kahl Melvin & Lola Kamins

Steve Kammer Christine Kamrass Colleen Kanady William Kanady Erin Kantola Steven Kapusinski George Karas Angela Karges Pawel Kargol Bernard & Nancy Karr Jamil Kassabri Lorie & David Kattler David Katz Adam Kaufman Adam Kay Amanda Kaye John & Carole Kealy Shannon Kearns Douglas Keaton John Keim Micah Keith Lynn Kelbach Anne Keller Daniel Keller Maria Keller Cheryl Kellerhouse-Cernik Deanne Kelley Brian Kelly Carissa Kelly Cheryl Kelly Lucretia Kelly Gary Kelm David Kempton Joseph Kennedy Donald Kennis Kimberly Kenzig Joseph & Susan Keough Nate Kepner Douglas & Jane Kern Chris Kerr Megan Kerr Kenneth Kesegich Ashoo Khanuja Naomi Kim

Emily Kimmins David Kindell Susan Kingsbury Sarah Kinisky Matthew Kirby Mark & Michelle Kiskorna Jenna Klaus Nina Klein Jennifer Kless Andrew & Riddianne Kline Sally Klinect Dan & Neeley Klubert Anna & Vic Kmetich Adrienne Kmitt Beth A. Knezevich Andrea D Knierim Glenn & Mary Ellen Knific Riley Knight Joshlyn Knipp Richard & Patty Knoth Ingrid Kobetitsch Robert Koeth Ed Kolberg Saliha Konal Bebek Anthony Konkoly Christina Konopka Robert Koonce Leslie Koons Gary Kopechek Jeffrey & Sue Ellen Korach Rosemary Koral Sean Koran Jonathon Kostranchuk Rhonda Kotraba Matthew & Shelly Kovacevic Stephen & Judith Kovach Jessica Kovitch Tomasz Kowalczyk David Krabill Adrienne Kraig Beth Kraus Kristi Kraus Kara Krawiec Maureen Krebs


Our Supporters:

Individuals (continued) Laura Kress Jerry Krocek Ryan Kroeger Lawrence & Barbara Kronick Dave Kropf Noel Kropf Kevin & Leigh Kruszenski Kevin & Sarah Kubelka Danielle & Robert Kucharski Pamela Kuchnicki Dennis Kucler Gerrit & Peg Kuechle D.A. & Mary Kuehn Theresa Kuhar Joseph Kujawski Keith Kukla Lisa Kula Linda Kusa Kyle Kutsko Chia-Hsing Kwan Jeannine Kwasniewski Edward & Joyce Kwasny David Liam Kyle Jerome Kysela Bill Lacey Andrew Laengle Jessica Lairson Gisela Lakatos Thuyvan Lam Chad & Mary Lance Brenda Land Ronald Laneve Paul A. Lang Barbara Larsen Edward & Kara Larson Robert P. Lasser Kurt Latarski Christopher Latkovich Ray & Patty Laubenthal Thomas Laun Alexandria Laur Michael Laur Joyce Lawrence Karla Lawyer-Mills Cherie Laylin Joanna Laytin Stephen & Kristen Lazaroff Joseph Lazzaro Raymond Leach Nathan Leahy Ami Lee Deborah Lee Suzanne Lee Bruce & Deborah Leff John Leffler Rebecca Leffler Louise Legan Edward Lehman Julie Lehman Donna Leibold James Leitch

Jennifer Lekna Karen Lemons Kathleen Lentz David Lenz Michelle Leone Joyce LeRoy Daryl Levin John Lewis Alice Li Jian Li Laurice Lightner Cara Liles-Baker Leslie Linen Nancy S. Linker Kyle Lipa Annette Lipaj Ke Liu Melanie Livengood Emilio & Gloria Llinas Loren Llinas & Amy Dickenson Judy Loch Megan Lockyer Rozan M. Lococo Lawrence & Mary Lohman Karen Lombardi Frank & Renee Loncar Marc Long Adwin Lorance John Lorek Rachel Loutsios Judith Lovasz Jonathan & Darlene Lovelady Kenneth & Annette Lowe Tyler Lowman Nicholas Lucovich Gnia Lue Xiong Christopher Luken Barbara Lum Evan Lunde Zachary Lunde Vid Lutz Patricia Luzniak Gary Lynce Mary Lynn Molly Lyons Luke Lytell Catherine Maas Thomas Mack Russell Mackiewicz Maggie MacLeish Nicholas Macuna Sandra Madrigal Bradley & Marylee Maendler Jennifer Magalski Sunney Mahalak Blake & Tresa Maibach Shirley Mailloux-Randall Mark Majoros Margaret Male Mike Malek Kevin Maloney

Camille Mancuso Cameron Manders Gary & Denise Mangan Paul Mankowski Andrea Manney Jaimar Mansel Linda Mansour Mark Maouri Aaron Marando Kelli Marek David & Sharon Margiotta Craig Markert Richard & Gail Markovich Audrey Markowitz William Marks Mary Markunas Barbara Marlowe JaNice Marshall Lauren Marshall Danny Martin Tom Martin Victor Martinez de Pinillos Dana & Joannie Maselli J. Patricia Massey Jennifer Mate Thomas Mather Matthew Matias Cheryl Matta Karoline Matyjas William Mauch Margaret Maudsley Shantya Mauk Paul & Jennifer Mausel Thomas Mayer Paul Mayoros Comfort Mbamala Craig McArdle Joseph McAuliffe Kristen McBride Robert & Marjorie McBride Candace McCain Margaret McCann Kathy McCarthy Maureen McCarthy

Bobby McCollum Elizabeth McConnell Tyrone Mccoy Miranda Mccurdy Stephen & Patricia McCurley Raymond McCurty-Smith Brian McDevitt John & Margi McDonald Marcella McGee John & Alice McGinty Katherine McGraw Martha McGraw Robert & Suzanne McGraw John McHale Kelsey McHugh Hugh McKay Susan F. McKean Jenny McKenna Donna McKinney Conor McLaughlin Megan McLaughlin Gregory & Mary Kay McLean Chastity McLeod James & Michelle McManus Ryan McMullen Scott McPhail Judith McVeigh John Meder Terrence & Elizabeth Mee Harlan Meinwald Kevin & Virginia Meisner Ronald Melchreit Anthony & Lisa Mellone Denise Mellott Kathryn Mercer W. Scott & Susan Merk Maxwell Merkel Fred Merrick Robin Mervine Susan Mester Michael Meuti Angela Meyer

Bob Meyer Gail & Kim Meyer Lindsey Michaelis Scott & Todd Michaels Alexa Michelson Courtney Mickens Ann Middaugh Stephen & Jeanette Mihaly Jackie Mihocik Alan Mihok Joseph Miles Rebecca Miles Jeff & Erin Milius Elspeth H. Miller Heather Miller Melissa Miller Rochele Miller & Family Yvonne Miller Stephanie Milos Brock & Kim Milstein Aziz Mina Stacy Minter Alijeh Mirza Sharon Mistur Dianna Mitchell Steven Mitchell Angelene Mitra John & Jane Molina Michael Monreal Allison Montague Alyssa Montanez Patrice Montgomery Cindy Moore Lynn Moore Meka Moore Rochelle Moore Shannon Moores Tom Moraca Cathy Morales Monica Morgan John & Tiffany Moroscak Eric Mortensen Michael Moskal Anna Maria Motta Steven & Natalie Mowry Radovan Mrkajic Timothy Muckley David Mulbah Todd Muller Bill & Rita Munday William R. Murman Donald Murphy Robert & Bonny Musgrove Randy Myeroff Gregory Myers Nina Nager Jim Nash Lauren Naughton John Needham Donald Neel Brian Neff Stephen Negley James F. Negrelli Merri Lyn Nehrenz Bradley Neides Gordon & Lynne Netschke John & Patricia Neumann Ryan Neumeyer Lucinda Newby

Evelyn Newell Tammy Newhouse Cindy Newton Paul Nicholas Tracey Nichols Jeffrey M. Nicholson Linda Nicholson Mark Niro Alycia Nix Celine Njeck Jessica Nobile Elizabeth Nolan Mark Nolan Joshua North Debbie Reidy Norton Megan Nye Patrick O’Brien Shannon O’Connor C.D. Odum Rosalyn O’Hearn Edward Oleksy Darnell Oliver Renee Oneacre Carmen O’Neal Karen O’Neal Steven Orbany Megan O’Rourke Ashlee Orr Scott Orwig Kim Osadczuk Ronke Oshilaja Don & Brenda O’Toole Terrence & Katherine Ozan Annette Pacelli Susan Pacer Harold Painter Leslie Pakush Joyce Palinkas Daniel Palkovic Lokeswararao Palla Janice M. Pallay Gillian Parascandola Joseph & Jane Parent Michael Paridon Timothy Paridon Naomi Pascoe Bhavikkumar Patel Gautam Pathak Christian Patno Jaida Patterson Debbie & Kieran Patton Michael Pavlic Judy Payne Abliona S. Pearl Tiffany Pendleton Curtis Penick Michael Pennino Steven & Barbara Percy Cassandra Perez-Platt Ralph J. Perk, Jr. Patrick Perotti Jeff Perry Brian Pestotnik Todd & Lydia Peter Nicole Peterson Kevin Petrie Jason Petroff Jonathan & Molly Petrus Rosemarie Petryszyn

Jason Pettigrew Mark Pettigrew Jessica Phelan James Phelps Tarsha Phoenix Holly Picket Melissa Pickett Michael Pickett Patricia Pierce Sam & Deborah Pines Denyse Pinney Debbie Pirone William Plesec & Susan Stechschulte Sean Pleva Courtney L. Ploskunak Lesly Plummer Stephen Polachek Kathleen Politi John Pollock Lauren Pollock Jill Pollov Denise Polverine Michael & Michele Pomerantz Dianna Pope Anthony Post & Marjorie Greenfield Nicholas Poulos Jamme Powers James Prada Patrick Prato & Vicki RizzoPrato Diandra Pratt Michael Pray Douglas Preiser Michael Prewitt Evelyn Prince Kurt & Carolyn Princic Timothy & Melissa Prins Lauren Prochazka Petro Prodan Jayme Protich Brittany Prutton Steve & Eileen Pryatel Laura Pulliam Kevin Pulte Joyce Puryear

Joemel Quicho Kevin & Chris Quinn Chris & Kathy Quinn Howard & Elisa Rabb Paul Racketa Lili Radic Hyder Raheem Jessica Rajic Mary Rakauskas Nicole Rakoczy Meredyth Joy Ralph Barbara Ramm Ann Randall David Rasmussen Thomas Rastatter Robert Rathsack Yentil Rawlinson Sheila Reardon Fred & Lynn Recko Krystle Redic Jason Redlus Alexis Reed Carl Reed Jr. Darlene Reed Rebecca Reed Steven & Tammie Reed Cliff & Judy Reeves Tony & Laura Rehak Donald Reithmiller Carole Rendon Bradley Rentfrow Elizabeth Rentschler Meghan Rewick Mary Reynolds James & Mary Rezabek Brittney Richards Robin Richmond Craig Richter Ryan Riddle Kimberly Vanover Riley Sarah Rintamaki Jonathan Rist Deborah Ritchie Ellen N. Ritter Cathy Rivera

“The Clubs provide and support an environment for each Club member that maximizes his or her opportunity to have a happy and successful life.” - Carol Rolf


Our Supporters:

Individuals (continued) Migdalia Rivera Raphael Rivilla Santosh Roa David Roach Elizabeth Roberts Gregory & Yolanda Roberts Gloria Robinson Kirstyn Rohrer Joseph Rolinc Nicole Romanini Carolyn Rose Beth Ross Erin Ross Deborah Rossignol Carrie Rostetter Richard Roth & Meghan Durand Jacqueline A. & Fred C. Rothstein Charitable Lead Trust Charles Rotter John & Lisa Royski Dominick Rubertino Jami Rubin Iris Rubinfield Christopher Ruf Brian Rujawitz Greg Rush Anthony & Andrea Russo Megan Ryan Monica Ryan Sarah Ryan Terrance & Tamara Ryan Timothy P. Ryan John Saada Jeffrey Sabatine Rick & Mary Sabin Ryan Salapa Dawn Salata & Bryan Rings Jessica Salazar Barbara Sanchez Juan & Laura Sanchez Hugo Sandberg Richard & Joyann Sandone Greg & Dyana Sankovich Jonalee Santo Domingo Deborah Santora James Santora Todd Santore Robert & Ellen Sapinkopf Robert Sapinkopf Gene Sardon Rachel Sass Mark Savan Kelsie Sazdanoff Robert Schachtner Brittan Schafer Maisch Nathan Schaffer Raphael Schaller Ernie & Kim Schaub Laura Scheffler Lori Schifano

James Schiffman Ryan Schlegel Kelley Schlesinger James Schlotzer Casee Schmidt Samantha Schmidt Susan Schmidt Steve Schmoeger Beverly Schneider Maria Schneider Amy Schoemaker Joseph & Terry Schoenberger Adrienne Schroedel Daniel & Kelly Schroeder John & Barbara Schubert Adam Schultz Carl Schultz Gino Scipione James Scullin Curt Sebulsky Bryan Seekely Beverly Seese Jennifer Whited Sefl Kyle Seibenick Kara Seiler Jennifer Seisdedos William & Susan Seitz Timothy & Mary Selhorst John Seward Dane Shafer Klink Andrea Shain Regina Sharp James Shave Ronetta Shaw Robert Shaylor Patricia Sheehan Ben Sheppard Monique Sheppard Crystal Shipman Lynn Shiverick Amanda Shoemaker Sara Shookman Jon Shoop Alexandra Shover Diane Shullick Roger & Cheralyn Shumaker Sara Shumaker Christopher & Beth Shydlowski Michael & Marsha Shydlowski George Sideras Elizabeth Sidman Mary Siegenthaler Brian Sierleja Alison Sikes David Simko Isabel Simon Neil Simon Angela Simonetti Barry & Karen Simpson Lucia Singer Stella Singer

“It’s miraculous to me that the more we give, of our time and dollars, the better we feel ourselves.” - Mark Bachmann

Rishi & Simran Singh Adam Siskind Arif Sitabkhan Ted Skapura Sally Skrovan Jessica Skulina Carolyn Sledge Renee Slovick Elaine Sluka Megan Smargiasso Brent Smith Charles Smith Christopher Smith & Natalie Joseph Heidi Smith Joshua Smith Justin Smith Kendall & Judith Smith Les Smith Matthew Smith Nathan Smith Penny Smith Robert & Sarah Smith Thomas & Kori Smith Cierra Smith-Voytek Thomas & Karen Smoron Joseph & Jamie Snider Susan Snow William Sockman Bill Soeder Ron & Sherry Soeder Marienka Solis James Sollisch Jeremy Somerville Marilyn Sosa David Souders Kelli Souvey Pamela Souza James & Susan Spallino Erich Spannuth Michael & Catherine Spengler Maria Spiegelberg James Spitz Deborah Squire

Erica Srmag David & Deborah Stahler Beverly Stamper Danielle Stang Sandra Stanko Christina Staunton Ethan Stein Rafael S. Stein Jon & Anne Steinbrecher Jeanne B. Stephens Paul Stephenson Pam Stepnick Eric Sternad Andrew Stevens Debra Stevens William & Megan Stever Marlena Stewart Thomas Allison & Michael Stiller Alissa Stinson Lakeisha Stirtmire Adam Stiwald Thomas Stockett Kristen Stoehr Ben Stoffer Jerry & Debbie Stoffl Alicia Stone Rebecca Storey Wes & Robin Story Kevin Strand Sharon Strasshofer Jillian Straub Holly Strauch Linda Strickland David Strong Jennifer Stroup Thomas Stuckart Sarah Studer James Studtmann Daniel Sturman Kristen Sturtewagen Laura Sublett-Seberg Suchitra Subramanian

Bud Suchan Daniel Sucher Donald F. Sulhan Robin Sullivan Timothy Sullivan Trisha Sullivan Laura Sumas William Summers Carla Sumner Cheryl Sumser Ryan Susman Steven Sutker Elena Svenson Aaron Swartz Margaret Swartz Ronald Swartz James Sweeney Tiffany Sweeney Connie Swetel Amy Switzer Chris Switzer Roger & Joan Synenberg Kate Szweda Jason & Sarah Tabeling Manuel Tacastacas Judith Tanenbaum George Tapocsi Jennifer Tatarczuk Patrick Tatom Matthew & Nicole Tavernelli Angela Taylor Jeremy Taylor Skye Taylor Karen Taylor Joann J. Teets Daniel Telzrow Maria Temperini Richard Tenaglia Rahul & Ranjani Tendulkar Ronald Teplitzky David Terbeek Patrick Tescione Ted Thielens Otis & Alicia Thomas Alycia Thomas Krystina Thomas Loretta Thomas Matthew Glynn Thomas Julie Thomas-Larkin Chris & Aimee Thorman Melanie Thuemling Tess Tibbs Lauren Tiller Cynthia Tilson Chelsey Timm Mary E. Tisi Angel Tollari Bob & Karen Tomasko Matthew Tomko David & Deb Toothaker Michelle Torres Vanessa Torres Elise Trachsel Christine Traver Christopher & Kate Triantafelow David Trimble Michael Trivisonno Thomas Truax Amy Tu

Leigh Tucker Tamela Turk James Tyler Daniel Tyrpak Courtney Tyson David Uhlendorff Charles Underwood Marilyn E. Underwood Jim Unverferth Lynne Urbas Richard & Sheri Vaccarella Kathleen Vagi James & Debra Vail Nancy Valentine Kimberly Valentino Angela Vannucci Diana Vanucci Charles & Danette Vargo Lynne Varney Robert & Sheree Vaughn Chris Venables Denise Venneri Joseph Verciglio Brian & Christa Vesy Cindy Victor Nancy Viglione Anthony Villane Renee Vincent-Sole Halle Virzi Nick & Sandra Vodanoff Doris D. Vollmar Ujesh Vora Rachel Vranich Annette & Mike Vucetic Christina Wagner Edward Wagner Terry Wagner Daniel J. Wajahn Liana Walczak Michelle Walker Patrick & Jeanne Walker Mark Wallace Shamar Wallace Daniel Wallack Richard & Gina Wallack Laurie Walsh Kenneth Walter Mary Ann Walter Veronika Walter Chen Wang Vanessa Wang Stephen Warner George Warnock Jameelah Washington Alfred Watkins Donald & Katie Watkins Patrick Watson Joel Watters Alanna Watts Becky Watts Neil R. Waxman Michael P. Wayton Jordan Weaver Lori Weaver Paul Webb Rachel Webb Michael Weil Gerard Weimann Mort Weisberg

Nicolas Weisenforth Jonathan Weiss Virginia Wejmar Clara Welch Gary Welch Lindsey Weller Katherine Wensink Mary West William & Beth Wexler Robert White Jr. Jennifer Whited Sefl Douglas Allan Wilkinson Steven Willensky Diane Willhoite Candice Williams David Williams Ernest Williams Keith Williams Lashavis Williams Matt & Irene Williams Shamus Williams Hayley Williford Kenneth Willings Levonya Willis Colin & Lorna Wilson Jonathan Wilson Najwa Wilson Derrick Winger Drusella Winings Megan Woo Brian Wood Kenneth Wood Tracy Wood Laura Woodburn Sarah Woodnorth James Woods Tenisha Woods Jodi Woolf Andrea Workman Marianne Wray Wing Wu Jeanie Wyckhouse Martin Wymer Jany Xu Thomas J. Yablonsky

Joseph P. Yaksich April Yanda Joseph Yax Ed Yirava Robert Yodice Jon Yormick Andria Young Jerry & Betty Youngberg Tammy Youngblood Kurtis Zabell Daniel & Shirley Zabiegala Ashley Zachar Daniel & Traci Zahn Denise Zak Ladonna Zambo Brian & Cathy Zbanek Sean Zdanky Cristy S. Zdenek Christopher Zelch Andrea Zeller David Zenker Phil Zeppo Aaron & Peggy Zhang Sharon Zielinski Meghan Zona Pamela Zoslov Rose Zusy Nicholas Zwinggi BGCC gratefully acknowledges our many donors. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact Robert Koonce at 216-883-2106 ext. 223 with any corrections.


Couple’s legacy will include caring for kids who need us most A question from a fellow airline passenger 20 years ago changed Mike Shydlowski’s life. “What are you doing,” the man asked, “to give back to the community?” Shydlowski, a chemical company executive, paused, said to himself, “Right now, not much.” The passenger turned out to be a Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland executive who invited Shydlowski to tour a Club. He took the tour and was hooked. Shydlowski, now retired, and his wife Marsha became fierce advocates for the kids who need us most. They have now pledged to help coming generations by being among the first to join Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland’s Great Futures Society, a group of BGCC supporters who have included the Clubs in their wills and estate plans. The Aurora couple is urging others to consider Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland in their wills. “This is important because we believe in Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland and want its good work to continue long after we are gone,” Marsha says. “We want to be able to help even more kids.” Mike says, “Think about what you want to leave as a legacy. What if you can do something after you pass, that your resources can help kids years from now, beyond your time on earth?” The Shydlowskis, who met while both were students at Marquette University, have told their two children and three grandchildren they are including BGCC in their will. “We have been generous in helping our kids and grandkids, and they are well aware of it,” Mike says. “We figure there may be people who may need the money even more. We’re very comfortable with that.”

Ensuring success for generations to come These founding members of our Great Futures Society are making it possible for future generations of children to reach their full potential in a safe, positive and caring environment. We are deeply grateful for their commitment.

Victoria Ashley

Mark and Carol Bachmann Clifford and Carol Baggott Viia Beechler Walter and Diane Chapman Steven and Stephanie Daigle Debra DePould Richard and Ann Ernst

Bernard and Nancy Karr Douglas and Jane Kern Robert and Judie Lasser Bruce and Deborah Leff John and Margi McDonald Scott and Todd Michaels Howard and Melodie Minott Barry and Karen Mintzer

Laura Pulliam John Roberts William Roberts Carol Rolf and Steve Adler Michael and Marsha Shydlowski Thomas and Kori Smith Ron and Sherry Soeder

Our Leadership:

Board of Advisors

Arthur Anton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Swagelok John Carmichael, President - Beverage Division, Nestlé USA Chris Connor, Retired, Chairman & CEO, The Sherwin-Williams Company Patti DePompei, President, University Hospitals/Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital & MacDonald Women’s Hospital

Paul Dolan, Chairman & CEO, Cleveland Indians Dee Haslam, President, Cleveland Browns Foundation Michael Horvitz, Chairman, Parkland Management Company

Our Leadership:

Board of Directors Executive Committee Mark Bachmann, Board Chair Partner, Marcus Thomas LLC Richard Wallack, Vice Chair VP, Public Sector, Medical Mutual Michael Colagiovanni, Co-Treasurer Tax Partner, Grant Thornton LLP Terrence Mee, Co-Treasurer Sr. VP, Cliffs Natural Resources Jim DeRoche, Co-Secretary Attorney, Garson Johnson LLC Shaquira Johnson, Co-Secretary VP, Initiative Development Manager, KeyBank Lynn Aleksov Executive VP, PNC Bank

Trustees Kristy Amy Senior Account Strategist, SyncShow James P. Anderson, DDS General Dentist, James P. Anderson, DDS Inc. Wayne Bilinovic** COO, Todd Associates, Inc. Tamra Billinghurst Corporate VP, New York Life Insurance Company David Cannon President, TOWLIFT, Inc. Inajo Chappell* Partner, Ulmer & Berne, LLP Michael Chesney Partner, Frantz Ward LLP Michael Cogan* President, Northern Trust Bank

E. Macke Bentley Principal, EBA Inc. Walter K. Chapman* President, Chapman & Chapman Michael Flowers Director of Insurance, Forest City Enterprises, Inc. Susan Keough VP, The Sherwin-Williams Company Douglas Kern* President, Northern Haserot Tim Selhorst* President & CEO, American Spring Wire Corp. Rebecca Storey Marketing Process Analyst, Progressive Insurance Tom Cook** Pacific Bells, Inc. Paul Davis Group Quality & Manufacturing Director, Parker Hannifin Milan Dayalal VP of Sales, Dakota Software Pauline Degenfelder* Health Care Principal, AR Associates Services Bob Dibiasio** VP, Public Relations, Cleveland Indians Rick Doody Principal/Owner, NRC Ventures LLC Christopher Doyle Senior Relationship Manager, KeyBank Richard Ernst*** Retired John Fasola Sr. VP, Director of Employee Benefits, Oswald Companies

Our Leadership:

Board of Directors (continued) Trustees continued Diana Fusco Regional VP, Spectrum Reach Donald Gallagher*** Retired Catherine Golladay SVP, Participant Services and Administration, Charles Schwab Andy Gonzalez** Chief of Police, CMHA Robert Grimm VP & COO, Habitat for Humanity Tom Heinen Co-President, Heinen’s Inc. Jason Jones General Manager, Turner Construction Company Bernard L. Karr Dept. Mgr., Estate Planning & Probate, McDonald Hopkins LLC Richard Knoth Partner, BakerHostetler Gary Kopechek VP, American Greetings David Krabill Director, Business Systems Transformation, Swagelok Paul Lang Partner, Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP Loren (Pep) Llinas Founder & President, Luma Property Group Barbara Lum Partner, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP Mike Malley Chairman, Malley’s Chocolates Dr. JaNice Marshall VP, Cuyahoga Community College John G. McDonald* Retired Francois McGillicuddy Sr. VP & General Manager, Fox Sports Ohio W. Scott Merk*** Partner, Ernst & Young LLP Scott Michaels* Owner, Home Care Assistance Howard Minott, M.D., F.A.C.S. Physicians Urology, Center for Urologic Health Barry Mintzer*** Retired Steven Mowry Sr. VP, Wealth Management , Merrill Lynch

John Neumann Sr. VP, Commercial Banking, First National Bank Jeffrey Nicholson Sr. VP, Aon Risk Services Kevin Petrie Chief Supply Chain Officer, Nestlé Sam Pines VP, Good Karma Broadcasting Denise Polverine Director of Digital & Emerging Platforms, WKYC Cleveland Michele Pomerantz Director of Regional Collaboration, Cuyahoga County Laura Pulliam Director, Commercial Process Improvement, The Lubrizol Corp. Howard Rabb Managing Partner, Dworken & Bernstein William Roberts*** Retired Carol Rolf*** Partner, Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP Campy Russell Director, Alumni Relations, Cavaliers Operating Company Eric Scofield General Manager, Ruth’s Chris Steak House Michael Shydlowski*** Retired Tom Smith* Retired Leonard Stepp** VP, Health Network Development & Admin., Ashtabula County Medical Center Jerry Stoffl CFO & Chief Administrative Officer, Strang Corporation Aaron Swartz Partner, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young LLP Christa Vesy*** Executive VP & Chief Accounting Officer, DDR Corp. Donald Watkins VP, Senior Investment Advisor, Hawthorn George Wenz* Retired Colin Wilson President & CEO, NACCO Materials Handling Group * Director Emeritus ** Honorary *** Lifetime

Our Leadership:

Women’s Board Lori Barber Viia Beechler Jacki Bell Sue Cameron Lauren Clemmer Kara Dombroski Zena Elliott Carol Garibaldi Ann Haus Nancy Karr Abbe Kennis

Barb Kudley Eden LaLonde Judy Lencewicz Mary Jo Liba Colleen Manning Joannie Maselli Margi McDonald Peg Mullen Cindy Newton Kate O’Hara Mary Ellen Paul

Kay Peters Victoria Rizzo-Prato Chris Quinn Marsha Shydlowski Isabel Siegel Heather Snively Debbie Stoffl Gail Taber Deb Toothaker Margaret Wise

Our Leadership:

Bridge Board A young professionals group Joey Binder Patrick Bloom Katherine Bolf Tracy Catlin Andrew Cleves Katie Davis Jennifer Ehrhardt Andrew Givens Keniece Gray Jeff Haynes Michael Houser Naomi Johnson Caitlin Kaser John Killings Michael Malesick Monisa Mason Erin McBride Rob Murphy Nina Nager Adam Pizzuro Mathew Polefko Yentil Rawlinson Allison Reich Emily Roggenburk Brittni Sanders

Katie Schneider Binay Shah Russell Sirochman Steve Smola David Stecker Krystina Thomas Lauren Williamson Julie Wiser


STAFF Administrative Staff Leadership Team

Ron Soeder, President Renata Brown, Director of Program Operations Sharyna Cloud, Director, Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance William Eversole, Accounting Manager Shelly Johnson, Director of Talent Acquisition Robert Koonce, Chief Development Officer Allen Smith, Chief Program Officer Ken Wood, Communications Director McKenzae Bartels, Development Operations Coordinator Matt Bott, Arts Manager Tory Coats, Director of Career Readiness Ryan Easter, Regional Director, Notes for Notes Stacie Elkins, Executive Coordinator Erin Evans, Human Resources & Accounting Assistant Maronika Franklin, Operations Assistant Lizzie Hemmis, Outcomes Coordinator Monique Nelson, Career Readiness Coordinator Cindy Newton, Community Engagement Manager Lauren Pollock, Donor Relations Manager Stella Singer, Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager Kathryn Terrell, Grant Writer Jazmine Walker, Academic Success Manager

Club Staff Barbara Bell, Director, Walton Katelyn Bullock, Director, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pamela Craig, Site Coordinator, Mound Candrice Dalton, Site Coordinator, Saint Martin de Porres Sandra Del Valle, Area Director Brandon Delk, Director, John Adams Jackalyn Fehrenbach, Director, Luis Muñoz Marín Derick Hillmon, Site Coordinator, Alfred A. Benesch Earl Ingram, Director, Saint Luke’s Manor Kevin James, Site Coordinator, Michael R. White Gloria Jones, Assistant Director, King Kennedy Lowell King, Wraparound Coordinator, Franklin D. Roosevelt Laronda McWhorter, Assistant Director, Franklin D. Roosevelt Shanelle Moon, Assistant Director, Broadway Candiss Owens, Assistant Director, Saint Luke’s Manor Alex Rivera, Director, Lincoln West Richard Starr, Director, King Kennedy & East Tech; Athletic Director Paris Steve, Director, A.J. Rickoff Doug Taylor, Director, Broadway

About our photographer Club supporter David Liam Kyle is a graduate of James F. Rhodes High School and Cleveland State University, where he was an All American basketball player. Dave was drafted by the NBA’s Boston Celtics and played professionally in Europe. He has been the Cleveland Cavaliers official photographer since 1991 and has taken the images for the past four BGCC annual reports. Dave and his wife, Judy, live in Strongsville.

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