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Yeo Moor Primary School Care, Cherish, Excel


A diverse and thriving community with pupils at the heart.

Welcome Welcome to Yeo Moor Primary School, an academy within the Clevedon Learning Trust.

Shared Values


At Yeo Moor Primary School we believe that every child has the potential to be successful, and that a happy, well-supported child is most likely to succeed. Our staff work in partnership with our families to ensure our pupils reach their potential and feel happy and safe.

Yeo Moor Primary School is a rapidly improving, diverse and thriving community with pupils at the heart.

The Herons in our school emblem symbolise the values of our school and the ethos we promote. We Care about who we are, we Cherish who we are with and we Excel at what we do. The Heron is important to us as it represents responsibility, wisdom, independence, resilience and curiosity amongst many other qualities. We believe these are values that ensure a firm foundation for our pupils’ futures. We welcome parents who would like to bring their child for a tour of the school to visit classrooms and experience our school for themselves.

Roland Lovatt Headteacher

As part of the Clevedon Learning Trust, we work with our partner schools to provide a wider range of experiences and expertise for all children in our community. We are able to deliver and support high quality inclusive education that is student-focused and achieves first-rate outcomes. Yeo Moor provides an excellent start to pupils’ education with its quality teaching, stimulating environments, and engaging curriculum experiences. Through all we do, we aim to ensure that every child can reach their full potential in every aspect of their development whilst at Yeo Moor.

John Wells Executive Headteacher

Curriculum Our curriculum is designed to develop the skills needed for children to become successful learners, help prepare them for life in a modern world and empower them to achieve success in the future. At Yeo Moor, it is our aim to make learning a rewarding and enjoyable experience in which pupils can explore, investigate, discover, create, practise and consolidate their developing knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes. During the Early Years Foundation Stage, many of these aspects of learning are brought together effectively through play and talk. Our curriculum in all years is underpinned by our philosophy of ‘Reading Inspiring Writing’. An enjoyment of reading is a very important part of life in our school, and beyond. Pupils have many opportunities to read inspiring writing, through a wide variety of stories, poems and non-fiction texts. All that they read opens a world of imagination, forming the starting point to their own writing, which has thus been inspired by their reading. A high quality text or book begins every new learning journey each term. The text is selected by the class teacher as they know best what will draw the intrigue and interest of their pupils. The book is central to the project, giving the children a deeper understanding of themes being studied.

Projects are taught and explored through a wide variety of activities and methods, encouraging pupils to embrace ‘first-hand’ experiences; from drama and role-play to guest speakers and practical tasks relevant to the characters and situations encountered in their reading. All children need to have self-esteem, confidence and motivation in order to be a successful learner. We develop and encourage these skills in our pupils, whilst encouraging children to also support and respect each other.

Inspiring Futures We aim to expand the horizons of our children academically, culturally and socially. We look to inspire, motivate and involve pupils as they prepare for the next stages of their education at Yeo Moor, and beyond. International and cultural awareness is developed in many ways. Language specialists from our partner school come in each week to teach our pupils. We foster links with other schools, both close to home and overseas, providing opportunities for children to learn about and care for others beyond our community. We have a link school in Uganda and the pupils have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and life overseas. We also raise funds to purchase livestock and resources for the village where the school is situated. Visitors have a valuable role to play and contribute to many aspects of the life and work of the school. They deliver talks, workshops and activities across a wide range of subjects, giving pupils access to outside experiences and expertise. Pupils are able to volunteer to be part of the ‘Hospitality Team’. The team assists staff at lunchtimes by aiding younger pupils with their meals, clearing tables and taking them to the playground. Through this, pupils develop important skills in leadership, social awareness, helping others and responsibility.

The Whole Child At Yeo Moor, we understand that it is not solely academic achievements that develop children. Pupils are encouraged to explore their passions and interests. Our pupils are at the heart of everything we do. We are enormously proud of the achievements of all our children at Yeo Moor, both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. A range of after school and holiday activities are available to encourage pupils to build upon existing skills and talents or to try something new, whether it be kitchen science experiments, knitting and crochet, dance or music. We are fortunate to have extensive outside areas, which include a large school playing field, picnic benches, a mud kitchen for our younger pupils and even a pirate ship! We have a wildlife area and an allotment which is maintained by the children.

There are many sporting opportunities and we make sure to include something for all abilities, from competitive team matches and athletics, to special events like ‘It’s a Knockout’ and dodgeball. The school also plays a full part in local sports festivals which lead to regional and national competitions. Older pupils who are interested in helping others can become ‘Play Leaders’. Identified by their purple hoodies, the children are trained to look out for younger pupils who may appear to be on their own at play-time, and to make sure they have someone to play with, ensuring everyone is included. As a result, the children develop self-confidence and social skills which will support them throughout their lives. During their time at school, children sometimes face barriers to their learning and may be in need of some extra support, guidance and encouragement. Our dedicated Learning Mentor is always on hand to help support families and teachers in identifying any particular issues that a pupil may be having and seek a solution. This can include areas such as overcoming emotional issues, handling conflict and disputes, making good behavioural choices or developing social skills. This nurturing support allows every pupil to reach their full potential.


Strong partnerships with parents are key for pupil success.

A Partnership We believe that developing a well-rounded child is founded on a successful partnership between school and home. Our families are involved at all stages of a pupil’s time at Yeo Moor. Whether it be the structured conversations that take place with the class teacher or our Open Door Policy, you can rest assured that our staff will keep you up to date and involved every step of the way. Open communication enables us to offer advice and support or raise any concerns should they arise, and of course, tell you about your child’s achievements too!

We embrace technologies to support collaboration and communication both in school and at home. Our pupils and parents will have access to secure resources via our dedicated online portal, Firefly. Pupils will have the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom through subject and class pages. Through the parent portal, parents are able to view their child’s key information and see their school reports. Emails and text messaging provide the latest important information, details of school events and your child’s progress directly to you. Our website is the source of the latest school news, important calendar dates, copies of our newsletter and all our latest publications. We look forward to working with you. For further information about the school, please visit our website:

Yeo Moor Primary School Kennaway Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 6JL Tel: 01275 875607 Email: Twitter: @Yeomoor

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