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Integrated Risk Management provides practical businessoriented solutions for worker fit for duty related risks.


Integrated Risk Management specializes in worker “fit for duty” solutions that address the safety hazards and business risks associated with drugs and alcohol and fatigue in the workplace. By considering a company’s risk exposure, nature of operations, and management’s risk thresholds, Integrated Risk Management provides comprehensive risk assessments and turnkey solutions custom-built for individual companies. Integrated Risk Management’s solutions leverage leading-edge technologies, and integrate strong administrative strategies to minimize risk to acceptable levels. These solutions are tied to a cycle of improvement, which is designed to continuously lower risk exposures as a company’s environment and operations change. Integrated Risk Management works directly with leading risk managers and product manufacturers from around the world to bring new risk management approaches and technologies to the North American workplace.


What we can objectively measure,

can be effectively managed.

Traditionally, alertness levels and workplace fatigue have not been easily measured or quantified. This fact has created hurdles for risk managers as administrative solutions alone have limitations—it’s difficult to manage what you cannot objectively measure. Integrated Risk Management, for the very first time, has the ability to actively measure and record an operator’s level of alertness—continuously and objectively. This ability not only facilitates proactive mitigation activities with visual and audible alerts at the onset of drowsiness, but it also provides crucial monitoring input used in both post-incident root cause analysis and optimizing tailored corporate fatigue management policies. Integrated Risk Management’s ability to measure and record an operator’s physiological state of alertness is unprecedented in managing workplace fatigue.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL Up to now, there have been no clear answers about how to address drug and alcohol issues in the workplace. It is the responsibility of individual companies to understand their own assessed hazards and risk threshold, and to build and implement an effective substance abuse prevention strategy. Integrated Risk Management’s experience in addressing the safety hazards and business risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace has led to a comprehensive strategic approach. Developing solid policy is central to Integrated Risk Management’s approach. Integrated Risk Management develops strategy that helps companies identify key responsibilities, provides education, testing with multiple specimen types, and building worker accommodation. Integrated Risk Management also employs a virtual TPA (third party administrator), which enables a diligent and effective strategy to manage a drug and alcohol policy.

Oral Fluid Testing

Fatigue Risk Assessments

An effective strategy is not about testing to “catch” workers; it is about creating a safer and more efficient workplace. If and when a policy calls for prescribed testing, utilizing advanced technologies such as “oral fluid testing” addresses recent use versus historical use; mitigates human rights and privacy issues; allows for easier implementation; and is more cost effective.

Integrated Risk Management provides the most accurate and comprehensive fatigue risk assessment available in the world today. The risk assessment incorporates a human factors analysis in conjunction with objective fatigue risk profile data. The ability to overlay objective data with human factors analysis facilitates the most comprehensive assessment of an organization’s fatigue risk. The accuracy and understanding provided within the assessment allow for the development of appropriate administrative and engineers controls to minimize risk to an acceptable level.

Johns Drowsiness Scale Dr. Murray Johns, over 15 years, developed an objective scale to measure alertness. The scale is the most effective means to manage fatigue in the workplace. The Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS) measures an individual’s drowsiness level on a scale from 0-10 (0 being very alert and 10 being very drowsy). This JDS score directly correlates to an individual’s risk of having a drowsy incident, similar to an individual’s risk profile as their blood alcohol level increases. The JDS is the only scientifically validated scale for drowsiness in the world.

Integrated Risk Management provides a specialized suite of safety services. By employing experienced safety professionals and focusing on core competencies, we are able to provide our clients with unparalleled safety services.

SAFETY SERVICES Policy / Program Development & Implementation Integrated Risk Management develops customized health, safety, and environment (HSE); drugs and alcohol; and fatigue policies and programs for companies in a variety of industry sectors. Integrated Risk Management’s team of professionals draw on their many years of occupational health and safety experience to develop these customized policies and programs. Depending on your company’s specific needs, Integrated Risk Management writes policies and programs as standalone documents, as a comprehensive safety management system, or as an element to enhance an existing safety program.

Safety Management Services Integrated Risk Management provides continuous safety management, monitoring, and support of a company’s safety program. The corporate and field-level support is especially beneficial for smaller companies that cannot employ a full-time safety professional. Integrated Risk Management will provide scheduled monitoring of the safety program, as well as a variety of safety services as required. Examples of such services include orientations, inspections, audits, documentation review, on-going training and incident management. The bottom line is Integrated Risk Management can be the safety professional representing your company when needed.

HSE Project Managers / Consultants Health, safety, and environment (HSE) project management services utilize proven experience and methodologies to deliver HSE solutions that meet the business needs of our clients. Regardless of the size and scope of your project’s HSE requirements, Integrated Risk Management can deliver the skills and resources you need to guide your project’s HSE requirements to completion—safely, with compliance, and on budget.

Auditing Services Integrated Risk Management’s auditing services cover a wide range of safety requirements. System-wide safety audits, limited scope safety audits, post-incident auditing, or Certificate of Recognition audits, Integrated Risk Management’s team can help.



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Fit for Duty Brochure  

Fit for Duty Specialists, Drugs, Alcohol, and Fatigue

Fit for Duty Brochure  

Fit for Duty Specialists, Drugs, Alcohol, and Fatigue