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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Veteran writes book about Korean War Nightwine shared his stories on Memorial Day

Park levy back on the ballot Council will bring issue to voters again BY KRISTIN BEDNARSKI Sun staff


Ted Nightwine, a Korean War veteran, doesn’t like to talk about his experiences in the war. He has put the thoughts elsewhere and doesn’t enjoy revisiting them. But, the former Marine knows it is something he has to do, and even on a day where the memories hurt the worst, Nightwine took a seat in front of a small crowd, pulled out a thick book and read. “I didn’t want to do it,” Nightwine said about speaking at a Memorial Day church picnic at Veterans’ Memorial Park. “But you get talked into things.” Nightwine read excerpts of what he did, what he saw, and what he thought about during his days in Korea. He skimmed over his photos, letters to home and newspaper clippings. He revisited words he wrote over 60 years ago all compiled into a book he titled “The Price of War.” “I put a title on the book in the very beginning,” Nightwine said. “I wrote it on the page and then I started the story.” The book is like a school text book, it’s just as big and just as full of historical information. But it also served a different purpose for its author, who had a mind full of thoughts and memories that he had to do something with. Nightwine joined the Marine Corps in 1949. And in 1950, at 19 years old, he was thrown into battle in the Korean War. He participated in many combat missions and experienced everything from air bombing attacks to shrap-





Veteran Ted Nightwine reads war stories from his book during church picnic at Veterans' Memorial Park in Union Township. The veteran wrote the book when he returned from the Korean War.

nel wounds. He said back then, there were no breaks from service, no telephones and no bullet proof vests. He said he envies some soldiers today who have access to more advanced technology and protective gear. “It was scary,” Nightwine said about the experience. “There were times of sheer terror and times of heroism.” And somehow, the young Marine made it home in 1951, even when many of the men he was with were killed. He said he left a 19-year-old boy and came home an old man of 20, but he was still excited to be home, and when he arrived it was the only emotion that consumed him. “Oh my gosh it was just breathtaking,” Nightwine said about his arrival home. “We sailed under the Golden Gate

Bridge in the early morning hours, we pulled up to the pier and it was just loaded with people. My folks were there, people from school that I had known. It was extremely exciting.” It was what happened in the days that followed that really affected the serviceman. “When I first came home, I met a couple of people in the town I knew. They saw me in my uniform and asked where I’d been,” Nightwine said. “They said ‘Korea? Where is Korea?’” Nightwine thought it was terrible that people didn’t know what was going on in Korea and he said he wanted to be able to share his experience with his kids some day. So he decided he would write everything down, while it was still fresh in his memory.

Nightwine borrowed a friend’s cabin on Mt. Veeder in Napa, Calif., and wrote down everything he remembered about the war. His father had also saved newspaper clippings and his mother had saved the letters he wrote home where he had sketched maps and described battles. “I spent three months remembering day by day,” Nightwine said. “I wrote it all down long hand.” When Nightwine finished, he went home and put the book away. “I didn’t go over the details of the book with anyone,” Nightwine said. And Nightwine went on with his life. He married his wife, Carol, had children, got a degree in art history from the University of Utah, became a curator at the University of

Cincinnati and later worked at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Nightwine let his wife read the book, but it wasn’t until his children became old enough that the book, and it’s contents, really came back into the picture. “I told them they could not read it until they grew up,” Nightwine said. “There are some graphic things in it. I never wanted to go over it other than to straighten out the punctuation and language. It was something I didn’t want to dwell on at all.” But recently, Nightwine said the Korean War has been getting more attention. And in the last several years he finally decided to share the book. With the help of his oldest son, Nightwine had the book See Veteran, Page 4

The village of Bethel will place a park levy back on the ballot for the November election. The previous levy in the November 2010 election failed with 50.54 percent, or 330 voters, opposed to the levy and 323 people voting for the levy. The levy, which was listed on the ballot as Bethel Village Current Expenses, deals specifically with the maintenance of Burke Park and the Grant Memorial Community Building. “Last time it said the village of Bethel,” councilwoman Donna Gunn said. “And I think people got confused. This year we will be sure to have people stationed at the polls to encourage people to vote for it.” At their May 23 meeting, council members looked at a draft of the levy and discussed what mill they would ask for this year. Last year they asked for a 0.8 mill levy. Some council members suggested increasing the amount, while others wanted to keep it the same. “I don’t think tax payers are in the mood for an increase,” Gunn said during the meeting. Council members did not decide on a number for the levy but know they will reword the description of what the money will go toward. The finance committee will meet June 6 to further discuss the levy. “We are hoping with clearer language, people will know it’s exclusive,” Gunn said. “When voters get to the poll they need to know the money will be used solely for Burke Park and Grant Memorial Building.”


Guardsman to return to Iraq BY KRISTIN BEDNARSKI Sun staff

Sergeant Chris Schoumacher, of Union Township, has spent a good deal of time in Iraq, and soon the Army National Guard will return to the country for his second tour, only this time on a more positive note. “Last time I was there I was doing combat missions,” Schoumacher said. “This time

I’ll be doing convoy security, because they’re closing down Iraq now.” To honor the serviceman for his time spent in Iraq, before he leaves on his next tour, Clermont County commissioners recognized Schoumacher during their May 25 session. Sheriff Tim Rodenberg and Frank Morrow of the Clermont County Veterans’ Service Commission both pre-

sented Schoumacher with a challenge coin. Gertrud Whitaker on behalf of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt presented him with a congressional proclamation, and Tracy Braden of The Thank You Foundation also honored the soldier. “I have never really had something special done like that for me before,” Schoumacher said. “It was special.” Schoumacher said the military has changed his whole life. He joined when he was 18 years old, but decided


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Sgt. Chris Schoumacher poses with Commissioner Bob Proud. Schoumacher was honored at the commissioners May 25 session.

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against going into service. However, several years later when he needed to make a career decision and have a stable occupation, he decided to serve. “It was the best thing I could have done for me and my family,” Schoumacher said. Schoumacher first served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 as part of operation Iraqi Freedom. When he left he had a 6-yearold son, who he said he was excited to get back home to

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Commissioners recognize soldier before his second tour

Page 2 - The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011


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New Richmond municipal building undergoes much-needed renovations Changes will help solve issues and save money BY KRISTIN BEDNARSKI Sun staff

The New Richmond Municipal Building is in the process of getting a makeover with renovations that will save money and make village council’s home more functional. The two-phase renovation made several improvements to the building. Phase one focused on structural improvements that will save the village money on electricity. “We replaced the boiler, it was extremely inefficient,” said Dave Kennedy, administrator. “We replaced all of the windows, which were in poor condition. We also put in a new front door that was better sealed.” The improvements were partially paid for by a $26,435 grant, the village paid the other half, and employees are already seeing the benefits of the investment. “It’s definitely more comfortable,” Kennedy said. “It heats up quicker, in one month alone we saved $400. With the windows, the savings will continue through the sum-

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mer.” Phase two of the project has also begun. The utilities department was moved into another area of the building so that the police department could expand into the space that could be better used. “It is a great use of the space,” Kennedy said. “We were having to bring prisoners and somewhat violent people into our workspace. An issue we were trying to resolve.” The police department will expand into the utility department’s old office and will have several separate rooms. The added space will be used for a reception area, a larger evidence room, an office for an investigator and an interview room. The utilities department moved into an unused conference room across the hall. Police Chief Randy Harvey came up with the idea and has been doing some of the work himself. “It’s always been in the back of my mind,” said Chief Harvey. “It helps to satisfy some recent laws as to how business should be conduct-


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The new New Richmond village utility payment window.

ed.” Chief Harvey said security and privacy is a big part of what the village is accomplishing with the changes. Another benefit is that the village is using their own staff members to make the phase two changes. They have reused countertops and furniture. Kennedy said the only expenses were paint and carpeting. “We did it extremely cost effectively,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also said they tried to stick to building’s original design when they were making changes. The building used to be used as a grade school, and Kennedy said they wanted to keep the same architectural look, but make it efficient so council could be productive there. “This is a good building for the village,” Kennedy said. “This is where we are staying, this is our home.”

Soldier Continued from page 1 see. Since then, Schoumacher’s family has expanded to three children and the serviceman said he already can’t wait to be back from his upcoming mission. The soldier did not receive special recognition when he returned last time, so commissioners made sure he left for his next mission on a good note. “Last time I just came home and I was home,” Shoumacher said. “It’s a huge morale booster for me, knowing I have all these people at home thinking about me when I am gone.” Shoumacher has left for base camp to train and will be deployed to Iraq in a couple of months as part of operation New Dawn. He said he expects to be home from the mission in January of 2012 and will be excited to see those who recognized him at the meeting when he returns. “I just want to thank Bob Proud again,” Shoumaker said. “He goes out of his way to make sure we’re taken care of and that means a ton to soldiers to have that, because not a lot of them do.”


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published. Since then, Nightwine has not only shared the book with his children, but also with those lucky enough to know he served in the war, including members of the church who asked Nightwine to speak on Memorial Day. And although he isn’t happy when he’s asked to read from the book and revisit his time in Korea, he does it. Because the veteran decided years ago that he would help educate people about the war and he has stuck to that promise. And maybe, the book has helped Nightwine just as much as it has helped and will help others. “I was quite a mess when I came home, as most people are,” Nightwine said. “Over the years I can see how (the book) has really helped me to get a grip on my life and put it, all of the terrible things, behind me, and yet not lose it.”


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The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011 - Page 3 For more information write or call Bill Pursel at (513) 477-5708. ❑❑❑ The 116th Williamsburg Alumni Association Dinner will be held Saturday, June 4 at the Williamsburg Middle/Senior High School, 500 South Fifth Street Williamsburg, Ohio. Deadline to make reservations is Wednesday, May 25. All reservations must be made in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. For information contact Charlene Speeg at: or by phone at (513) 724-5544 or visit the WHS web site at to download a registration form. ❑❑❑

❑❑❑ The Williamsburg Harmony Hill Association will offer a free program on Chair Caning by local artisan Earl Pringle at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 4. The program will be held at the Harmony Hill carriage house at 299 South Third Street. Please call ahead to register at (513) 724-3657. ❑❑❑ The Williamsburg Garden Club will meet at 7 p.m. June 7 at the home of Joy Russell. Hostesses for the evening are Kay Reveal and Anita Russell. Larry Moore will present the program "How to Grow and Care for Dahlias.” The specimen is to be a peony. Club members are finalizing plans for the Williamsburg Garden Tour to be held on Saturday, July 16. The club welcomes new members. For additional information visit the website at

A support group for parents that have lost children, The Compassion Friends, meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at St. Timothy Episcopal Church, Beechmont Ave. ❑❑❑ The Clermont County Historical Society and Harmony Hill Association (Williamsburg Historical Society) museums will be open to the public the first Saturday of the month from 1 - 4 p.m. The museums are located at Harmony Hill, 299 S.Third Street, Williamsburg. The Harmony Hill Association display features William Lytle, Father of Clermont County, and Williamsburg’s history. The Clermont County Historical Society archives will be open for research of Clermont County history. Also at the site is the Lytle Diary House, the oldest building in Clermont County. There is no admission charge. The museums can also be visited by making an appointment.

❑❑❑ ❑❑❑ The Monroe Grange Monthly card party will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 4. Euchre is played, and those who don't like Euchre can play some other games at the other family friendly games at the other table. We play four games, break for refreshments which are available, then resume play. The cost to play is $1.50 each, with token prizes given. Come and enjoy the fellowship and fun for the evening. ❑❑❑ The Williams Corner Church of God has begun their Classic Car Cruise-ins every Saturday evening at 6 p.m. These will take place each Saturday through July 9. There will be plenty of food and great oldies music. Those that are there with old cars will be eligible for door prizes. Admission is free and so is car registration. The church is located at 6162 state Route 132, Goshen. For more information call (513) 625-6459, leave a message if no answer. ❑❑❑ The following is a list of upcoming programs sponsored by the Clermont County Genealogical Society. They are free and open to the public. Additional information can be found at: or (513) 723-3423. The programs are held at the Doris Wood Library, 180 S. 3rd St. in Batavia, Ohio on the first Saturday of the month at 1 p.m. or unless noted otherwise. Saturday, June 4, 2011, Program: "Blegen Archives & Rare Books Library, University of Cincinnati campus". Presented by: Janice Schulz, CRM, University Records Manager and Archives Specialist. Doris Wood Library, 180 S. 3rd St., Batavia at 1 p.m. ❑❑❑ National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) support meetings for family/friends are held on the third Monday of every month. The support group meets from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. The educational program begins at 7:30 and covers a variety of topics related to mental illness. The meetings are held at the Union Township Civic Center, Queen City Room A, 4350 Aicholtz Road, Cincinnati, OH 45245.


❑❑❑ The Clermont Charity Club hosts a Bid-N-Win Auction (25 cents auction) from 7 - 9 p.m. on the first Tuesday each month at the WT Ball Fields Community Building, 937 Ohio Pike in Withamsville. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The Bid-NWin features products from Avon, Longaberger, Pampered Chef, Scentsy Candles, 31 gifts, Tupperware, Joyful Creations, Usborne books, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, and more. A raffle is held each month for a different charity. Guests have a chance to win free play for the entire night. Split the Pot and Bring a Friend Awards. ❑❑❑ The Clermont County Chess Club meets at 7:30 p.m. every Tuesday at the Withamsville Church of Christ, located at 846 Ohio Pike. All are welcome. Visit the club’s website at

The East Fork Wood Carvers meet from 6 - 9 p.m. the second and fourth Monday of every month at the Union Township Civic Center. New members, and anyone interested in learning how to carve, are welcome to attend. For more information call John Dotson at (513) 7531389. ❑❑❑ The Clermont County Stamp Club meets twice each month at SEM Laurel Recreation Center, 203 Mound Street in Milford, on the first Tuesday of each month for an informal meeting and the third Wednesday for a formal meeting. For more information call (513) 752-3817. ❑❑❑ The Commodore 64 and 128 are still alive and kicking! They’re even using PC’s as slaves to increase their storage capacity, can be expanded to 16 megs and made to operate 20 times faster than their original speed. E-mail For more information call Roger Hoyer at 248-0025. ❑❑❑ Everyone is invited to a free meal 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Saturday at the Kitchen of Hope. The Kitchen of Hope is located at Bethel United Methodist Church and its doors are open to anyone who wants a hot meal. Those who are elderly, young, unemployed, underemployed, in need of a hot meal or just in need of fellowship are invited to attend. The church is located 402 West Plane Street, in Bethel. ❑❑❑ A general support group offering a safe place to share your experiences coping with mental illness meets every Wednesday from 12:30 - 2 p.m. at Emmanuel United Methodist Church, 4312 Amelia Olive Branch Road, Batavia. For more information call (513) 7325418. ❑❑❑ The Disabled American Veterans Clermont County Chapter 63 and its auxiliary will

hold monthly meetings on the second Monday of the month. Meetings are held 7 p.m. at the American Legion Post 237, located just off old state Route 32 on Memory Lane in Batavia. All disabled veterans are invited to attend the meetings. ❑❑❑ A caregiver support group will meet from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month in the activity center at Thomaston Woods, 1460 Thomaston Drive, Amelia. For information on this group or any of the support groups sponsored by Clermont Senior Services, call Linda Tennison, certified bereavement facilitator, at (513) 724-1255. ❑❑❑ AARP 3435 Clermont County Chapter regular meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. at the American Legion post 72, located at 495 Cincinnati/Batavia Pike in Mt. Carmel. Issues concerning members, such as new legislation and community needs are discussed and if possible, acted upon. Additionally, each meeting ordinarily includes a speaker on topics of special interest to seniors, and/or entertainment. Light refreshments are served. ❑❑❑ Weekly meetings will be held of the Milford Job Search Focus Group from 8:30 - 10 a.m. Tuesdays at Milford Christian Church 844 State Route 131 Milford, Ohio 45150. This group will have three main focuses: Career Education; Networking; Character Development. Reaching out to unemployed men and women in the surrounding area. For more information contact Karen Tracy at The Depression Bipolar Support Group meets from 12:30 - 2 p.m. Wednesdays at Emmanuel United Methodist Church, located at 4312 Amelia Olive Branch Road, Batavia. ❑❑❑ A monthly meeting of the TOPS Support Group will be in Mt. Orab at St. Michael’s Church, S. High Street each Monday. Weigh in is from 5:45 - 6:25 p.m. The meeting will be held from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. For more information call (937) 4446908 or write ❑❑❑ qqq A widow’s support group meets from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of each month at Union Township Activity Center (in the Union Township Civic Center), 4350 Aicholtz Road, Eastgate. For information on this group or any of the support groups sponsored by Clermont Senior Services, call Linda Tennison, certified bereavement facilitator, at (513) 724-1255.

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The Monroe Grange will meet at 7 p.m. Friday June 3 at the hall on St. Rt. 222 in Nicholsville, Ohio. The Chaplain will have the program for a memorial for those members who have passed away during the past year. At the last meeting everyone enjoyed making a homemade birthday card, which is one of the contest items for this year. The Grange is a community organization with the agriculture background, everyone is involved with agriculture, any time you eat food, wear clothing, drive your car, or build something, this pertains to agriculture, someone raises the food, or the fibers for your clothing, or the gas is collected from your land. We invite new members, you may come and visit the meeting, and enjoy our fellowship.


❑❑❑ The Eastside Goldwing Road Riders Association Chapter E-2 meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Thursday of each month at the New England Club, 8135 Beechmont Ave. Come join the fun, all are welcome. For more information, call Bill Martin at 732-3528 or go to web site at ❑❑❑ The Bethel Ministerial Association operates a community clothing store that offers free used clothing to those in need. The store is located at 234 W. Plane Street in Bethel and is open from 1 - 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Volunteers are needed to help in sorting the clothes. Childrens clothing is always needed.

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Page 4 - The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011


ticipate in clubs, camps, or in-school or after-school programs, 4-H members take part in hands-on, experiential learning that emphasizes “learning by doing.” Along the way, they learn leadership, citizenship and life skills that stay with them for a lifetime. Such characteristics are becoming more recognized as essential qualities in today’s workforce. A 2006 report, “Are They Really Ready to Work?” was a collaboration of The Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working Families, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the Society for Human Resource Management. The 400 employers involved in the study identified the most important skills needed to

succeed in the workforce as: • Professionalism and a strong work ethic. • Oral and written communications. • Teamwork and collaboration. • Critical thinking and problem-solving. Those are exactly the kinds of skills that 4-H helps build, Archer said. And employers recognize this. Tom Wiseman, president and chief operating officer of Ohio Valley Bank in Gallipolis, Ohio, knows well the qualities of former 4-H members on his staff -- two of whom have become bank officers. He says 4-H has prepared them well for the workplace. “They’ve learned through 4-H and their advisors and

parents how to manage a project from start to finish,” Wiseman said. “That has served them well at the bank. When we give them a project, we don’t have to micromanage. They can take care of it and they have the confidence to do so.” The bank is a strong supporter of the 4-H program, having established a 4-H scholarship in 1986. Since then, 180 young people in the seven-county area served by the bank have received a $750 a year scholarship, renewable for four years, with a total of $349,000 awarded since the program began. The development of workforce preparation skills is strongly apparent among 4-H members who become camp counselors. In any given


Ferrari said. “Our thinking was that even though we might be able to see how beneficial the experience is for preparing teens for the workforce, if they (the teens) can’t see it, then we’re not actually doing it.” The coordinators also adopted a performance appraisal process, including both a teen self-assessment and supervisor feedback – just like employees and employers experience on the job. A total of 247 teens from 16 counties participated. The project, supported by the Erie and Orlys Sauder Fund of the Ohio 4-H Foundation, and a similar pilot in 2009, is helping Ohio 4-H develop a modified camp counselor training curriculum for use statewide.



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year, about 2,500 Ohio teens act as 4-H camp counselors, said Theresa Ferrari, youth development specialist for OSU Extension’s 4-H program. Adults who work with them have always suspected that the teens develop workforce skills as a result of their counseling experience. Now they know it’s true. All 4-H camp counselors undergo 24 hours of training. In a 2010 pilot project, 4-H professionals made some adjustments in the counselor training program to directly address the idea that the teens were acquiring workforce preparation skills. “We asked the 4-H professionals conducting the training to talk specifically about how certain skills being taught were also workforce skills that employers value,”

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Ohio 4-H isn’t billed as a workforce preparation program. But in many important ways, the youth development program helps Ohio’s children and teens build the skills they’ll need once they enter the working world. “The 4-H program is designed to develop life skills that people really do need in today’s workforce,” said Tom Archer, Ohio State University Extension’s assistant director in charge of 4-H Youth Development. “As a result, 4-H members become more independent workers, and they tend to care about others they work with.” In 2010, 317,286 young people in Ohio ages 5 through 19 were involved in 4-H activities in urban, suburban and rural communities statewide. Whether they par-


Ohio 4-H prepares young people for the workforce

Lawn Care & Landscaping

Full Landscaping & Lawn Mowing 6 #0 '+'+% ))/ 6 #!(/ 6 0',/ 6 .1!('+% 6 4! 2 0'+% 6 ##"'+% ,""'+% TFN


1/'+#// '.#!0,.5 "/ --# .'+% '+ ,0& )#.*,+0 1+ +" 1+" 5 1+ ,. ##(/ ')) # ) !#" ,+ 1. # /'0# 0 333 !)#.*,+0/1+ !,* $,.


The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011 - Page 5


BY STEVE BOEHME Is there anything more delicious than a plate of baked sweet potatoes with fresh cracked pepper, salt and melted butter? Yes. The same dish made with fresh-dug sweet potatoes from your own garden! This is a down-home treat that’s easy to grow successfully, and we see more gardeners trying it each year. The key to success in Ohio is an early start, since sweet potatoes need a long season of sunny days to mature. Sweet Potatoes are in the same plant family as morning glories. They need warm soil, so now is the time to prepare your garden for these delicious tubers. You’ll need to make a raised ridge in a place with full sun all day, working the soil and perhaps covering it with some black plastic for a week or two to warm the soil. Sweet potato plants are sold as bunches of rooted cuttings; stems with a few leaves and well-developed roots. You can keep them in a jar of water until you’re ready to plant. After planting, water them regularly to keep the soil moist while they develop. Control the weeds in your row until the plants spread out enough to shade the ground. Be very careful not to overfertilize sweet potatoes, or you’ll get beautiful lush plants with tiny potatoes. Using manure can cause fungus diseases. The best way is to use a low-nitrogen fertilizer like Espoma Garden Tone (4-6-6)

or other bone meal-based organic fertilizers. Sprinkle 4-5 pounds per 100 foot row on the ground before you till the row. Which sweet potatoes should you grow? Here’s a rundown of the most popular varieties: Georgia Jets are the sweetest of sweet potatoes. They grow extremely fast, producing #1 size potatoes in only 90 days, and extra-high yields. Jets have deep orange inside color with moist flesh and a marvelous flavor. The outside skin is so red it is almost purple. Vardaman is the next sweetest type we sell at GoodSeed Farm. A bush variety with the deepest, brightest inside color of all sweet potatoes, Vardaman has golden yellow outside skin that darkens after digging. Beauregard has been accepted by farmers everywhere. Chances are this is the sweet potato that is available at your local market. The outside color is red-orange and the inside color is orange. The Beauregard is a quick maturing potato and has a good shape. Centennial has carrot color inside with copper to orange outside skin, and produces "Baby Bakers" in about 90 days. Perhaps the most widely recognized sweet potato, the Centennial has been used in many bake-off contests. "Bunch" Porto Rico is a favorite of gardeners with limited space Also called "Bush" and "Vineless," the Porto Rico sweet potato has a copper-colored outside skin and light red flesh. With deli-

cious "old-fashioned" flavor, it is an excellent baking potato producing "Baby Bakers" in 100 days. White Yams are one of America's oldest varieties. Known also as Triumph, Southern Queen, Poplar Root, "Choker" and White Bunch, are white as cotton inside and out, and sweet as sugar. White yams are the driest sweet potato. Set sweet potato plants 12 to 18 inches apart, preferably on a wide, raised ridge about 8 inches high. A ridge not only dries better in the spring but also warms earlier. Covering the ridge with black plastic can speed early season growth by capturing and storing more of the sun’s heat in the soil under the plastic cover. The vines of spreading varieties need a great deal of space, so allow at least 3 to 4 feet between rows. After early cultivation (which is not necessary with black plastic), sweet potatoes need minimal care to keep down weeds. Once the vines spread to cover the ground, little weeding is required. Irrigate if an extended drought occurs. Do not water during the last 3 to 4 weeks before harvest to protect the developing roots. Sweet potatoes will be ruined by frost, so make sure you harvest them as soon as they are ready. If an early frost takes you by surprise, harvest them immediately before the decay from the dead vines travels into the potatoes and rots them. You should be able to find sweet potato plants at local


Sweet potatoes are fun to grow and delicious to eat

For big sweet potatoes in fall you need to plant as soon as danger of frost is past.

independent garden centers. GoodSeed Farm will be getting fresh shipments of sweet potato plants every week during May. See this column on our website for Marjorie’s sweet potato pie recipe. Delicious! Steve Boehme is the owner of GoodSeed Nursery & Landscape, located on Old State Route 32 three miles west of Peebles. More information is available online at or call (937) 587-7021.

Fax your news items to

The Clermont Sun at

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BANKRUPTCY TOO MUCH DEBT? NOT ENOUGH MONEY? CALL KELLY & WALLACE Attorneys at Law 108 S. High Street Mt. Orab, OH 45154 937-444-2563 or 1-800-364-5993


2 (WITH MONTHS FREE EXTENDED LEASE) Seniors 50 and Older As Well As The Disabled

or send them by E-mail to

Eastwood Rd. and St. Rt. 32

(937) 444-3043





Page 6 - The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011


Soccer Fundraiser A Burger Bash Fundraiser for the benefit of the Beechmont Soccer Club U10 team will be June 7, 5-8 p. m. The division champions are from Amelia, Batavia,

Milford, Owensville, Anderson Township, and Mt. Orab and they compete against teams from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The benefit is to raise funds to offset costs to compete at the next highest level. Stonelick/East Fork State Park Events May 28 Derby Days, June 11 Kids Fishing Day 11 a. m. - 3 p. m., and Off Road Triathlon, July 16 Christmas in July, Aug. 6/7 Antique Machinery Show, Sept. 24 Camper Appreciation, and Oct. 14-16 Halloween Campout. Stonelick Stargazers (513) 321-5186. For a calendar of events or more details, call (513) 5755556. For camping reservations or other camping information, call (513) 625-6593 (Stonelick Lake) or (513) 724-6521 (East Fork). For more details, maps, and other brochures for East Fork State Park and Stonelick Lake State Park, call (513) 734-4323 or e-mail East.Fork.Parks@dnr.state.o

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY If you are unable to work or you have been denied Social Security we may be able to help. KELLY & WALLACE Attorneys at Law 108 S. High Street Mt. Orab, OH 45154 937-444-2563 or 1-800-364-5993

EASTGATE VILLAGE The Best in Retirement Living! Tired of maintaining your home? At Eastgate Village meet new friends and participate in fun activities. Several apartment sizes and floor plans to choose from. 776 Old State Route 74 (Across from Eastgate Mall)

(513) 753-4400


New Richmond Football and Basketball Camps The New Richmond Football Camp of Champions will be for youth having completed grades two through seven, June 6-10. The time each day is 9:30 11:45 a. m. The cost is $50 per camper and includes a camp t-shirt. Walk-in registrations will be accepted. The check-in will begin at 9 a. m. at the stadium fieldhouse. For more information, call Dan Scholz, New Richmond High School head football coach, (513) 553-3191, ext. 10907 or The boys and girls basketball camps will be June 2-23 for all students entering grades three through nine. The time each day is 9:30 a. m. - 12:30 p. m. and will conducted by Brian McMonigle NRHS head boys basketball coach and Brad Hatfield, NRHS head girls basketball coach. The cost per camper is $20 and includes a camp tshirt. Checks for either camp should be made out to the New Richmond Sports Foundation. New Richmond New Baseball and Softball Diamonds Players may not wear cleats on the new turf baseball and softball fields at New Richmond High School. The turf requires molded cleats or turf shoes. Anyone who has unused football or soccer shoes are asked to donate them to the New Richmond High School Athletic Department so these shoes may be worn by players from the visiting teams. Please bring these shoes to the high school office. For more information, call Doug Foote, New Richmond athletic director, at (513) 553-3191 (extension 10003). Batavia Cheerleader Camp A cheerleader camp will take place at Batavia High School, June 20-23, with the time each day being 5:50 8:30 p. m. for grades seven through 12 and 7 - 8:30 p. m. for grades one through six. The cost is $75 per person grades seven through 12 and $40 per person for grades one through six. The instructors will be Northern Kentucky University cheerleaders. For more information, call, after 2:20 p. m., Kathy Bernard, Batavia cheerleader coach, (513) 317-1388 or email KBERNARD@ROADRUNNER.COM.

Expressway Park Softball Tournaments USSSA (United States Slowpitch Softball Association). NIT (National Invitational Tournament) Men A/B Open Tournaments: Aug. 13 USSSA Open B/C Ohio State Champ $300. Men C Tournaments: June 12, 19 - USSSA Sunday Morning C-D-E Qualifiers $135. Men D Tournaments: June 12, 19 - USSSA Sunday Morning C-D-E- Qualifiers $135. Men Non-Qualifier Tournaments: June 12, 19 $79 - $129. July 4, 10, 16, 23, 24, 30, 31 $79 - $129. Aug. 14, 21 $79 - $129. Sept. 5, 10, 11, 17, 18, 25 $79 - $129. Oct. 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 $79 $129. Mixed Couples: June12 $125 - $150. July 4, 10, 17, 24, 31 $125 - $150. Aug. 14, 21 $125 - $150. Sept. 5, 10, 11, 17, 18 , 24, 25 $125 $150. Oct. 2, 9, 15 $125 $150. Men Saturday Night Round Robin: July 30 $79. Mixed Couples: June 5 USSSA World/National/State Qualifiers $135. Women’s Tournaments: June 11-12 - USSSA 28th Annual B-C-D Blue Chip Classic NIT $235. Aug. 1314 - USSSA B-C-D-E Ohio State Championships $200. Oct. 16 - Player Association Blow-Out $59. Youth Fastpitch: June 1819 USSSA Grand Slam WSQ $350. July 2-3 USSSA Smokey Baker’s AllAmerican Fastpitch NIT (alldivisions) $375. Sept. 24-25 USSSA Fall Ohio State Championship and 2012 World Qualifiers (under 13 under 18) $275. For more information, call (513) 831-2273. St. Bernadette Softball Sign-ups are taking place for men’s and mixed couple’s softball leagues to by played on the St. Bernadette fields in Amelia. For more information, call (513) 515-4498. Classes for Prospective Volleyball Officials The Southern Ohio Volleyball Officials Association is offering instructional classes for new officials at the Trinity Christian Fellowship Church, 3730 Cobb Rd., near Williamsburg. Additional class dates will be confirmed to accommodate the student’s schedule. Students will meet all the requirements (25

All Creatures Animal Hospital Total Pet Care OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


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State of the art Hospital Surgery (orthopedic) Dentistry House calls Boarding with suites and in/out runs • Grooming and Bathing • Training and obedience classes • Pet adoption - Friend of Noah’s 1894 Ohio Pike Amelia, OH 45102


hours classroom and on court instruction) to become a licensed Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) official after passing the test. The cost is $120 and includes books, materials, and OHSAA registration. To register or for more information, call Tim Engel (513) 235-2470. Public Address Announcer Clinics Princeton High School will be the site of a clinic for those who want to learn about public address announcing. The clinic will be from 9 a. m. - 12 p. m. where Tom Kinder, the announcer for the Cincinnati Bengals, will host the clinic. The clinic is sponsored by the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers (NASPAA), the professional association for sports public address announcers. It is for public address announcers of junior high school, middle school, senior high school, college, and youth football. The Ohio High School Athletic Association is sponsoring two scholarships to the clinic and it will pay the registration fees of the first two adults to register who bring with them a high school student announcer. The clinics will address the announcer’s role, announcing expectations, Do’s and Don’ts of announcing football, how to handle emergency situations, as well as scripting and working with a spotter. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in voice training and announcing exercises. A football official will review new rule changes, officials’ hand signals, and ways that officials and announcers can work better together. “Sports public address announcers should enhance the spectators enjoyment of the game without inserting themselves,” said Brad Rumble, NASPAA Executive Director.. To register or for more information, contact Amelia High School Class of 1966 Reunion The Amelia High School class of 1966 is planning its 45-year reunion that will take place at the Mariemont Inn. In order to secure the facility, reservations must be made as soon as possible. The cost is $45 per person and payments can be made to Linda Schneider Ruark, 6564 Sherman Ave., Cincinnati, O. 45230 or Pat Young Stinchcomb, 7128 Iron Kettle Dr., Hamilton, Ohio 45011. For more information, contact Brenda Totten at or call (513) 300-7352. Coaches Associations make proposals The Board of Directors of the Ohio High School Athletic Association recently heard proposals from three coaches associations. The Golf Coaches Association asked for the starting date for practice to annually be the first Monday of August and that regular season competition be permitted to begin four days after the start of practice. The Tennis Coaches Association asked that the draw and seeding dates for the boys and girls sectional tournaments take place one week prior to the start of the respective sectionals. The Volleyball Coaches Association made four proposals. That the annual starting date becomes the first Monday of August, that the Foundation Match be allowed any time from the first Monday of August through the last Saturday of the regular season, that the official state tournament ball should be a black/white/gray Molten ball with OHSAA, NFHS, and OHSVCA logos, and that the school name and/or mascot be permitted along the top and/or bottom of the net. Zumba Classes Schedule Zumba, a Latin dance, is being taught at the Clough United Methodist Church, 20 10 Wolfangle Rd., Anderson

Township, corner of Clough Pike and Wolfangle Road. The class times are Mondays 6:30 p. m., Wednesdays 9 a. m., and Fridays 9 a. m. Classes are also taking place at Nothin’ But Net athletic complex, 4343 Mount Carmel-Tobasco Rd. They will take place on Thursdays beginning at 6:30 p. m. Classes are $5. The experienced instructor is Susan Hardoerfer, a stellar athlete, who lives in Union Township and is an Amelia High School graduate. Her husband, Gary, is a member of the Clermont County and Milford High School Sports halls of fame. Each class is $5. For more information call Susan (513) 379-4900 or email


Batavia High School Baseball Camp The Batavia High School Baseball Camp will be July 13-15 at the high school, 9 a. m. - 12:30 p. m. each day, for those 8-years of age through 2011 graduates. The camp director is Geoff Carter, head baseball coach of the Batavia High School Southern Buckeye Conference National Division champions and former Clermont Northeastern High School and Miami University - Hamilton baseball star. His camp assistants include former Clermont County baseball stars Tim Carter, Paul Voshell, Brent Anstaett, and Ryan Anstaett. The camp includes a day of hitting instruction, a day of fielding instruction, and a day of competition. The cost is $65 per camper. For more information, contact or telephone (513) 646-7705.

Milford High School Seeks Sports Hall of Fame Nominations The Milford High School Athletic Boosters are seeking nominations for the high school athletic hall of fame. Please send nominations to 1 Eagles Way, Milford, Ohio 45150 or contact Mark Trout, athletic director, (513) 5752208 or at Bethel-Tate High School Seeks Sports Hall of Fame Nominations Nominations are now being accepted for the Bethel-Tate High School Sports Hall of Fame. Nomination forms can be picked up in the high school office. For more information, call Wayne Stacy (513) 7342271. Williamsburg High School Seeks Sports Hall of Fame Nominations Nominations are now being accepted for the Williamsburg High School Sports Hall of Fame. Nominations can be found on the Williamsburg High School web site or picked up in the high school office. For more information, call Jim Dyer, athletic director (513) 724-2211 extension 318. State Football Championships The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors has approved Stark County and Columbus as the sites of upcoming state championship football games. Stark County (Canton, Fawcett Stadium, and Massillon, Paul Brown Stadium) will be the site for the 2012 and 2013 championship games and Columbus, Ohio Stadium on the campus of Ohio State University, will be the site for the 2014 and 2015 championship finals. The dates will be Nov. 30Dec. 1, 2012, Dec. 6-7, 2013, Dec. 5-6, 2014, and Dec. 4-5, 2015.

OHSAA Explains Importance of High School Sports The following was published in an issue of the OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) Magazine. “The Interscholastic athletics programs are inherently educational. They provide valuable lessons for practical situations teamwork, sportsmanship, citizenship, winning and losing, and hard work. “Through participation, students learn self-discipline, personal sacrifice and leadership, build self-confidence, learn to respect others, develop strategic thinking, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. These are the qualities the public expects in students so that they become responsible adults and productive citizens. “There is nothing wrong with striving to be the best. Interscholastic athletic programs must strive to develop all the kids who want to participate to be their best - their best as individuals, as students, as teammates, as members of the community, - not just their best as athletes. “In interscholastic athletics, we win if we develop winners. However, we lose if all we care about is winning.”



Sports Briefs

The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011 - Page 7

& our 183rd Year!! thursday, June 2, 2011 50 cents



On newsstands now

Some of this week’s headlines Milacron remains a booming local business Company is hiring workers at its Mt. Orab and Batavia facilities

Bethel-Tate ranks first for productivity Data compares Ohio districts’ spending and performance

To be held one Sunday a month through October



134 Liming Farm Road, Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154 Bob Lester

A Nature Lovers Dream in Desirable Subdivision

Martine Wirthlin

Huff Realty

• 1.3 Acre Lot with Extensive Landscaping • 4 BR, 2 1/2 Bath, DR, Oversized LR • Large covered front porch • Gas Fireplace • 2 tiered rear deck w/hot tub • Center Island & Breakfast • 2 car oversized Area in Kitchen attached garage • Double Vanity in Master • 2 car detached garage and Hall Bath • New carpet throughout • Finished Basement w/Walkout • Vaulted Ceilings in Master Bedroom

The Lester / Wirthlin Team Selling South West Ohio Residential and Commercial SALES AND AUCTIONS

Regional champs Thomas and Small lead 12 Clermont Countians

We can also find a renter for your property

Call Bob Lester 513-509-3803 Or Martine Wirthlin 513-602-4274

Final three county fastpitch softball teams are eliminated On Newsstands now through Tuesday, June 7.

Listed below Appraised Value

$237,900 Shown By Appointment Only

Contact Randy at 513-379-4194

FOR SALE BY OWNER 500 South High, Mt. Orab, OH 45154

• Extremely Well Built Ranch with Extensive Updates on No Outlet Street • 3 BR, DR, LR, Kitchen, Breakfast Area • Beautiful Stone Fireplace • Full Basement • Oversized Attached 2 Car Garage • Lots of Storage/Closet Space

Updates Include: • New Roof & Garage Doors • Refinished Hardwood Floors • New Kitchen Counter Top & Sink • New Built In Oven • Updated Bathroom • New Overhead Lights and Ceiling Fans • New Water Heater • Freshly Painted Throughout • New Shades & Curtains • New Sidewalks and Porches • New Energy Efficient Furnace and Heat Pump • New Blown In Insulation

Ready to Move In! $134,900 Shown By Appointment Only


Contact Randy at 513-379-4194

Your hometown newspaper The source for local news that your neighbor gets sent directly to his home is also available throughout Clermont County. Single copies of The Clermont Sun are available Thursday mornings at these locations: Afton Boar’s Head Amelia Kroger (2 Stores) H&M Deli Lindale Grocery Batavia Clermont Inn box UDF - Main St. UDF - Bauer Rd. Marathon - Main St. Marathon - Bauer Rd. Riverside Cafe Clermont Mercy Hospital Post Office box Bethel IGA box Kate’s Carry Out Sam’s Food Mart Bethel B.P. Sunoco Eastgate/Summerside Earl’s Market (Old 74) Ameristop (Old 74) Eastgate Village Marathon (Old 74) Thorton’s Exxon WalMart Felicity Felicity IGA Goshen Kroger BP Station

Holtman Bakery Dave’s Carryout Pohlman’s Hamersville McKinney’s Laurel Laurel Country Store Milford Kroger (Milford) Kroger (Mulberry) BP Station (131) Tollgate Carryout Sunoco New Richmond Lindale Grocery Nicholsville Grocery New Market Berry’s Pharmacy Collins Cardinal Market River City BP Point Pleasant Grocery Newtonsville Coogan’s Bluff Wood’s Country Store Owensville IGA BP Station York Drug Sunoco Williamsburg BP Station Fitzgerald’s Hilltop Quick Stop Holtman Bakery



Antique, craft show coming to New Richmond


Page 8 - The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011


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Call: 513-398-8885 x1112 Community Concepts, Inc. is a drug free workplace

200 - HELP WANTED DRIVERS NEEDED for Dedicated Account! Get great home-time, top pay & always consistent freight with Werner Enterprises: 1-888-567-3110 FARM DELIVERY Driver, Non-CDL del. driver for sod - Batavia & Loveland. Hours vary; weather dependent. Exp. semi tractor-trailer, piggyback F/L, Mech aptitude, farming background, clean MVR, drug test. Mike Ward Landscaping/Eastgate Sod, 10491 S. St. Rt. 48, Loveland, OH 45140. 513-683-6436 FARM LABORER, P/T labor at Batavia sod farm. Harvest sod/gen grounds maint., hours vary. Mike Ward Landscaping/Eastgate Sod, 10491 S. St. Rt. 48, Loveland, OH 45140. 513-683-6436

“GROWING APPLIANCE Repair Company looking to hire full time customer service representative. Please call 513-943-0500 for more information.” HELP A child, be a foster parent. 513-9842031. IF YOU used Type 2 Diabetes Drug Avandia between 1999-present & suffered a stroke, heart attack you may be entitled to compensation. Attorney Charles Johnson 1-800-535-5727. LOUISO TRUCKING, Inc. Full-time Class A CDL driver for Regional driving. Tanker endorsement a plus, not required. Company match Simple IRA, Vacation & Holiday Pay. Call 513-724-7140.

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303 - HOUSES FOR RENT 3BR HOUSE for rent. 513-553-1510. 3BR, 2BA, kitchen w/appliances and attached garage. Nice yard, county water, no pets, $735/mo. + utilities. 12/mo. lease w/security deposit. Near SR 32, East of Sardinia, ELSD. PH 937-446-2917 or 937-213-2131.



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Attn: Editor Clermont Sun Publishing Co. 465 East Main Street Batavia, Ohio 45103 or email to:

CARE GIVERS FT/PT ALL SHIFTS No prior experience needed to work in our 8-client family home in Milford/Goshen area. You’ll help teach our developmentally disabled clients daily living skills. Our orientation is paid & our comprehensive training includes FA/CPR. With a HS diploma/GED; clean background check & acceptable driving record, you could be working immediately.


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* Middle School Principal * Technology Coordinator Submit letter of interest and other application materials to: Deb Kiskaden 415 Washington Street, PO Box 619 Felicity, OH 45120 513-876-2113, Ext. 301 or E-mail:

Deadline is 6/10/2011



BEST DEAL around Sardinia, 2br mobile home, extra nice, appliance equipped including washer/dryer, shaded lot w/1.5 car garage, large porch & deck, $415/mo. plus utilities, $500/dep. Seniors call 513-919-4703.

1990 FLEETWOOD, 14x70, 2br, 2ba, rent-to-own, $1,000/down payment, $499/mo., Sardinia area. 513-505-8311 or 859-466-3554 or 513-724-7233.

308 - OFFICE/BUSINESS SPACE FOR RENT 4,000 SQ. ft. Commercial space for lease on Main St. in Williamsburg. Has kitchen and restrooms in basement area. Has been previously used as a church. Would be good for office space or daycare. Call 513-616-8851. UPTOWN BUILDING, prime location, 2000sq. ft., great for retail or office space. Call 937-205-1678 for details.

400 - HOUSES FOR SALE FARM WITH nice 1.5 story older home w/basement, 3 car detached garage, barns & 20 rolling acres with large rock lined creek and woods, great for hunting or farming, more or less acreage available, Bethel New Hope Rd., 1 mi. from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel. Asking $215,000 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 Dan (May also sell for less with fewer acres) MINI-FARM, 3BR, 5-acres, new HVAC, large barn, St. Rt. 774 Clermont County. Appraised $145K, asking $135,000. 513-304-4342.

403- MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1979 SUMMIT 2br, 2ba, $5,000 OBO. 513-505-8311 or 859-466-3554 or 513-724-7233. 1986 REDMAN, 2br, eat-in kitchen for sale, reasonable. Call 859-307-8180. 1988 DOUBLEWIDE, 3br, 2ba on permanent foundation, must be moved, asking $10,000. 937-375-1507 or 513-235-7977.

MILFORD, OHIO 2004 Fairmont Mobile Home for Sale 2br, 2ba, washer/dryer, a/c, very clean, like new. 55 or older


405 - LOTS & ACREAGE BEAUTIFUL 50ACRES W/large rock lined creek & woods, great for hunting or farming. More or less acreage available. Bethel New Hope Rd. 1-mile from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel.

Asking $199,500 Dan 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 (Smaller parcels also available)

406 - MANUFACTURED HOMES FACTORY DIRECT Super Center. Buy direct from the manufacturer! Save thousands! 859-371-3386. FIRST TIME Home Buyer...EZ Quick move in. Call to apply, 859-371-3366. OWN YOUR LAND??? ZERO DEPOSIT...Just come pick out your house! 859-371-2140.



2 Years experience CDL Clean driving record Local Hauling.bush Work available now! Call: Carl Ritter Trucking

513-625-7072 504 - BUSINESS SERVICES


ODD THINGS DONE Bobcat Work - Rock Hound Excavation Grass Seeding Yard/Brush Clean-up Lawn Mowing Bush Hogging Wiring Installation Telephone Jacks Installed Painting Large or Small Jobs Call 513-724-2920

2-3 YR old goats; Purebred Nubian Does w/Nubian Doelings at side. 2 yr old Doe Bred to Freshen in June. Yearling Doe open, born June 11, 2006. Call after 5pm for prices. Interested calls only, please. Call 937-764-1260.

506 - CLEANING RESIDENTIAL CLEANING or just needing some spring cleaning, great rates, and even better references. Call for a quote, or for more information. 513-255-4342.

508 - ENTERTAINMENT PROFESSIONAL DJ 22 years experience **Bridal Special** Call 513-732-1664

606 - FARM MERCHANDISE 7 USED tractors, 20-50HP, some have loaders & belly mowers, used disc, 3pt. finish mowers, plows, bush hogs, price reduced on all new 3pt. tillers, 4, 5 & 6ft, can deliver, 937-402-0769. ANTIQUE ALLIS Chalmer tractor #B212, has mower deck & tiller attachments, runs good, 513-734-1066.

BEAUTIFUL WHITE Maggie Sottero wedding gown, size 8, never worn, $800 OBO Also, Chapel length veil never worn, $75 OBO For more information call:

937-515-2692 FORD PARTS, motors, transmission. For sale, lumber from 1830’s home, oak, all parts. 937-289-1040. POST & Beam Kit, 14ft.x16ft. Oak included frame, rafters, braces, etc. 6” thick wall over 9ft. high to top plate. Would make a fine shop, room, garage, etc. Other oak available 2”x8” tongue & groove pine flooring. Call 937-289-1040.



SIMON’S LANDSCAPING leaf removal, curbside leaf pick-up, free estimates. 513-235-4146.


611 - WANTED TO BUY CASH PAID TODAY! Antiques, furniture, tools, gold, silver, coins, records, CD’s, DVD’s, household, appliances. “Almost Anything” 937-378-1819 513-348-5870

Two Years CDL Experience Required Blacktop experience

Jerry Ritter Trucking (513) 625-6495


TOMATO PLANTS, 60 804 - AUTOS WANTED varieties. 150 varieties of perennials. Secret Garden TOP DOLLAR for your Greenhouse, one mile trade-in! Call today north of Hillsboro on CASH FOR 859-371-2166. State Route 73. Open JUNK CARS & 504 - BUSINESS SERVICES seven days a week. AMERICAN WATER TRUCKS Proofing 937-205-4178. Provide all basic water proofing needs Interior & Exterior Free Estimates & low rates! Call: Kyle Wagner 513-722-6842




804 - AUTOS WANTED BIG JIM’S JUNK CAR REMOVAL (513) 304-2280 I Pay CASH for Junk Car’s, Trucks & Vans!! 808 - AUTOS FOR SALE 1930’S-PRESENT

MARK WANTS running, wrecked, dead cars and trucks. Now paying $150 - $400/cash for complete vehicles. FREE TOW! 937-446-3021 or 513-739-0774 3.0L V6 Engine, 62K, 18 city/24 highway, loaded, stone leather, heated seats & mirrors, power moon roof, sat radio, 6-disc CD/MP3, dual climate control, remote keyless entry, fog lamps, roof rack, back up sensors, clean, mainly highway miles, beautiful SUV, $16,000. Call 513-218-5955. JUNKED, WRECKED unwanted autos, autos, trucks, motorcycles, etc., some towed free, cash paid for some. Call 513-734-1650

901 - SALES BIG GARAGE SALE! June 3rd & 4th, (Fri. & Sat.), 8:30am-5:00pm, Located at 15663 Webber Rd., Mt. Orab, OH 45154. There will be furniture, household items, collectibles, glassware & lots of men’s & women’s clothes (lots of sizes), shoes, handbags & luggage. Come early to check it out! BOOK DONATIONS NEEDED FOR MILFORD LIBRARY BOOK FAIRS Also CDs, DVDs, LPs and educational items. Please bring items to the library on Route 131 or call 248-0700 for pickup of large quantities. Please help. Our book fairs support the library. MT. CARMEL Garden Club Plant Sale, Sat., June 4th, Child Focus parking lot, Old St. Rt. 74, Mt. Carmel across from Kroger, 9am-3pm, rain date June 11th, proceeds go to a Horticultural Scholarship.

YARD & Bake Sale, June 10th, 11th from 9am-5pm at Living Church of 5 Mile, 16908 US 68, Mt. Orab, all proceeds go to buy a Missionary a car. Donations appreciated. Antiques, furniture, glassware, small items of all sorts, pots & pans, ax handles, cabinet doors, clothes & lots of misc. Rain or shine. 513-797-5387.



Monday-Thursday • 9:00 am -5:00 pm Friday • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Words or Less




Readers Throughout the Area

The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011 - Page 9

Citimortgage Inc. to Charles Sims, 1422 Edgewood Drive, Amelia, OH 45102, $14,000. Fischer Single Family Homes II, LLC to Susan Croutwater, 3648 Highland Green, Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.3840 acre, $270,000. Robert & Lindsey Ringhand to Benjamin Ghearing, 3545 Whitehills Drive, Amelia, OH 45102, $225,000. Barbara Summers to Jennifer & Jay Chamberlain, 537 Locust Run rd., Cincinnati, OH 45245, 6.8030 acres, $425,000. Ronald Rishforth to Warren Anderson, 1156 Thornhill, Amelia, OH 45102, 510.000 acres, $180,000. STONELICK Ronald & Patricia French to Elizabeth Matthews & Gordon Smith, 2617 Blackhoof Trail, Milford, OH 45150, 5.0100 acres, $475,000. TATE Margaret Gilbert to Robert & Dawn Stephens, 3752 Spring Grove Rd., Bethel, OH 45106, 24.660 acres, $385,000. Robert & Dawn Stephens to Eric Holden, 2614 State Route 232, New Richmond, OH 45157, 6.1590 acres, $200,000. UNION Thressa Smith to Kristina Lay,

3845 Dieckman Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.4600 acre, $112,400. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Stewart Lovdal, 956 Round Bottom Rd., Milford, OH 45150, 1.0900 acre, $20,313. MorEquity, Inc. to Christopher Rowland, 4031 Ashwood Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.2480 acre, $144,000. Jonathan & Jamie Vanvolkinburg to Dane & Jennifer Schaeffer, 4590 Greensbury Ct, Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2710 acre, $168,000. Jitendraprasad Patel & Snehlata Patel to Kamal Patel, 1174 Wingwood Trail, Batavia, OH 45103, 0.4440 acre, $130,000. Adam & Kelly Spacht to Darwin Carmichael, 597 Woodland View Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45244, $133,000. Burchell & Dixie Hoskins to Cathy Vaske, 3983 Benjamin St, Cincinnati, OH 45245, $122,500. Mary Ann Chadwell, Executor to Melissa Little, 991 Glendale Rd, Batavia, OH 45103, $106,500. Joseph & Rachel Murdock to Scott Jackson, 625 Brandy Way, Cincinnati, OH 45244, $190,000. Dolores McKay to Jonathan Fraley, 855 Hawthorne Dr,

Cincinnati, OH 45245, $76,000. Nicholas & Theresa Ciampone to Joy Harbert, 445 Ashworth Ct, Cincinnati, OH 45255, $190,000. M-Six Penvest II Business Trust to Motel 6 Operating L.P., 3960 Nine Mile Rd., 3.5700 acres, $1,638,692.10. Mark & Catherine Pence to William Gregory, 4115 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45255, 1.2800 acre, $15,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rebecca Murrison, 4509 Clermont Lane, Batavia, OH 45103, 1.6960 acre, $27,000. Wayne & Eloise Smith to Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1, Inc., 794 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45245, 0.500 acre, $63,334. WASHINGTON Terri Long to Stephanie Panaro, 691 Bolender Rd., Moscow, OH 45153, 5.6980 acres, $87,000. WAYNE Locust Grove Farms to Robert Feck, Sr., Johnson Rd., 5.000 acres, $31,250. WILLIAMSBURG Robert Baker to Christopher & Brittany Sharp, 4274 N. Ellis Rd., Batavia, OH 45103, 0.900 acre, $86,500.

Deborah & Floyd Hensley, Sr. to Christopher & Kimberly Gabbard, 3293 Musgrove Rd., Williamsburg, OH 45176, 2.4040 acres, $185,000. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Ivan Miller, 4063 Maple Drive, Batavia, OH 45103, 0.4870 acre, $29,900. AMELIA VILLAGE Maple Street Homes, LLC to Albert Osborn & Kathleen Grieco, 17 Belwood Ct., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.1520 acre, $140,000. Bernard Fox, Jr. & Sandra Fox to William Rapp, 2 E. Main St., Amelia, OH 45102, 0.2500 acre, $105,000. The Drees Company to Steven Kress, 66 Tall Trees Dr., Amelia, OH 45102, $62,000. Aurora Loan Services, LLC to John Gosney, 32 Hummingbird Way, Amelia, OH 45102, 0.2300 acre, $97,000. BATAVIA VILLAGE Michael & Sherri Beerman to Donald & Victoria Clevenger, 388 North Street, Batavia, OH 45103, 0.1100 acre, $167,900. W. Douglas & Patricia Auxier to Gerald & Ruth Owens, 680 Old St. Rt. 32, Batavia, OH 45103, 0.2310 acre, $21,500. Cecil & Jennifer Bolling to Amanda & Jeremy Watson, 103

Harris Ave., Bethel, OH 45106, 0.3120 acre, $127,500. NEW RICHMOND VILLAGE Grand Communities, Ltd. to Fischer Single Family Homes II, LLC, Union Station Way, New Richmond, OH 45157, 0.2540 acre, $27,500. Tonya Strunk & Linda Deaton to Dale & Angela Wiesner, Old US Rt. 52, New Richmond, OH 45157, 0.0560 acre, $9,000. WILLIAMSBURG VILLAGE Angelo Santoro to Michael & Andrea Vance, 146 & 148 Santa Barbara Dr., Williamsburg, OH 45176, 2.8500 acres, $51,500. LOVELAND CITY Colleen Bauer, Successor Trustee to Jones Property Investments, LLC, 214 E. Loveland Ave., Loveland, OH 45140, 0.7820 acre, $82,500. MILFORD CITY Jeffrey & Kathleen Higgins to Linda & Joseph Burke, 19 White Water Way, Milford, OH 45150, $139,900. David & Julia Whittaker to Shawn & Patricia Reynolds, 102 Cleveland Ave, Milford, OH 45150, 0.4190 acre, $369,000. Charles & Lynn Perry to Devinmarie Pendleton, 219 Laurel Avenue, Milford, OH 45150, 0.2240 acre, $120,000.

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The $un $aver Yellow Pages runs the first weekend of the month. 2x2 ads - $39 or $9.75 per colum inch. The next edition will run May 1st in The Sunday Sun & Brown County Press. Check Out These New Listings and reduced Prices! REAL ESTATE • REAL ESTATE • REAL ESTATE • REAL ESTATE Only 10 min. after leaving town from shopping you cross a historic covered bridge and head to the end of a paved township road. As you pass your tenet's house you greet your farm keeper and his wife, they are the only neighbors you have. Almost there..... pull into your drive, grab your groceries, cross the wooden walk bridge that traverses a spring fed babbling brook, then up the hand hewn log front steps, open the door, and you're home! And what a home it is! 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Baths, Study, Pinned Oak Floors, Bay window with hammered copper sill, Beamed Ceilings with Skylights, Screened Porch overlooking pond with fountain, Jenn-Air Appliances, Disposal, Compactor, Huge Utility Room, In ground Pool with patios and live Cypress canopy, Storage Building built as Chapel Replica, Nearly 240 Acre Haven For Wildlife, On Premises Tenet/Farm Manager House- Same Couple for 15 yrs., Excellent Barns and Storage, 1,000's of feet of frontage on one of Southern Ohio's major river tributaries, Fenced for cattle, Well maintained pastures and hay fields. This Farm represents what anyone wanting to own a large recreation property could possibly dream of. Privacy, security, hiking, hunting, fishing. Being sold for a Trust. First Time Ever Offered - $499,000. Waterfront home, Eagle Creek, deep water frontage with quick access to river, docks, Marina License, 5 year old 3 BR, 2 bath Brick Ranch, 2 car garage. All for $169,000 $59,900 Weekend get-a-way. 5 Acres and A-Frame Chalet on Ohio River. OHIO RIVER - Just feet away - 20 Acres of Waterfront, barn, On Whiteoak Creek with access to River - $79,000. Bank Owned… Make Offer! Unbelievable Miles Of River View! - 3 BR, 1 bath, between Ripley and Aberdeen, nearly 7 acres. Selling for a Guardianship, appraised at only $60,000, prior to some scumbag stealing some of the wiring and plumbing. Now it’s….. make offer. If you don’t mind doing a little work this is a great Bargain! RECENTLY LISTED - 35 acres- Vacant land between Ripley and Georgetown- city water, spacious view, township road, great building site. $99,900 Higginsport - 3 BR, 2 Bath, split floor plan. Recent remodel, deck, city utilities, new roof, storage building, central A/C. Affordably priced at $59,000 3BR, with a full basement and 2 baths for $49,000 asking price. Also there's a metal pole barn next to it. Located on a back street behind the school in Ripley.


VERY RARE - THAT ONE OF THESE HITS THE MARKETEAGLE CREEK WATERFRONT RV LOT - $24,500 3 BR - 1 ½ Bath - garage - 5 min. from Ripley - $79,900 Deep water Creek Privileges. Want Low Payments? - 20 X 45 Shop For Him- 2 BR Home for the Family- This 2 BR MH has a pellet stove for warm efficient heat and also electric heater. Addition on rear adds living space and adds to the family living area. The shop has a commercial roll up door, 220 elec., 10 foot ceiling, and a bar/game room/card room or craft/sewing room depending on your needs and desires. There's also a deck and additional storage building for the lawn and garden tools. Affordably priced at $49,000

Absolutely immaculate home! Master Suite on main floor, 10 rooms, 3 BR, 2 1/2 baths, 2 car garage with loft, breezeway, office, city water....much, much more! 13 X 15 bedrooms, 2 story entrance foyer, large baths, family room. Asking $229,000 Listed Yesterday - 27 acres - Waterfront - Whiteoak Creek - Boatable - Old farmhouse with no bath, owner has lived here 80 years! Barns, great view, $64,900. Be the first to call... won't last long! Waterfront Acreage - 3 Ac., Aberdeen Area Building or MH Site, Huntington Twp., Brown Co. VACATION RIVERFRONT - or Future Homesite- 100 Feet of Deep Water Frontage! 2 BR Mobile Home with a Large Deck. Well Above River and Floods! City Water & Natural Gas. A Real Deal or if you like to Fish it could be a reel deal at $69,000. 4BR Home - on Large Lot, Basement, Garage, Fireplace, Dining Room. Could Be Family Home with Mother-In-Law Apartment. Nice and Clean. RULH Schools. WAS $139,900 NOW $109,900


Thursday June 16, 2011- 10:00 am Power and hand tools, welding tables, steel and aluminum raw stock in various lengths, steel racks, several drill presses, horizontal band saw, lots of pallet racking and steel shelving, 2 open paint booths with exhaust systems, many overhead cranes and chains hoists, work benches, various welding components, various electrical components, and much, much more.


N.S. Lodwick, D.V.M. • J.E. Gish, D.V.M. • D.C. Chalker, D.V.M. Office Hours by Appointment 9242 Hamer Rd., Georgetown, Ohio


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Saturday June 18th, 2011- 10:00 AM



From the office of Linda L. Fraley, Clermont County Auditor, for the week ending April 8, 2011. Quantum Investment Group, Inc. to Thomas Novotny, 6739 Smith Rd., Loveland, OH 45140, 0.8600 acre, $155,000. Georgia Clara Meier to Steven Woodruff, Moutn Zion Rd., Milford, OH 45150, 7.8950 acres, $82,500. Chelsea Josephson to Billie Reidel, 294 Apache Trail, Loveland, OH 45140, $139,000. David Jacques to Juan Mena, 5701 Wildflower Ct., Milford, OH 45150, 0.2940 acre, $173,900. Foundation Bank to Budig Family Property Holdings, LLC, 954 State Route 28, Milford, OH 45150, 1.0500 acre, $480,000. MONROE Daniel & Connie Jump to Everett Glen Black, 3049 Lindale Mt. Holly Rd., Amelia, OH 45102, 1.1500 acre, $66,000. OHIO CASP Properties, LLC to Willis & Alissa Gardner, Lindale Nicholsville Rd., New Richmond, OH 45157, 0.6440 acre, $4,000. PIERCE Jeffrey & Jeanne Feldkamp, Trustees to Cameron & Carey Parker, 1012 Legendwood Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45245, 1.4500 acres, $470,000.






Property Transfers

Page 10 - The Sunday Sun - June 5, 2011

There are several important factors to consider CMYK

When you inherit a sizable amount of stocks, your overall financial picture can

change significantly. But to make the most of your inheritance, you need to

decide what to do with your new stocks. Should you keep them or sell them?

Before you can answer this question, you need to review several factors, including the following: • Diversification — You’ll

Brown County Chamber of Commerce 18th Annual Golf Outing Friday, June 17th, 2011 at Friendly Meadows Golf Course Scramble Format Registration @ 8 a.m. Shotgun Start @ 9 a.m. Lunch Provided


CASH PRIZES FOR 1ST, 2ND, & 3RD PLACE $10,000 Hole in ONE Contest Prizes for Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, Skins Game Door Prizes

Individual Golf & Dinner, $87.50 per person Foursome Golf & Dinner @ $350

Your sponsorship & participation are investments in your business, as well as in the Chamber. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Event Sponsor, Lunch Sponsor, Beverage Cart Sponsor, Driving Range Sponsor & Hole Sponsor or donate a prize for the raffle.

need to determine if an inherited stock adds to your overall portfolio diversification. Do you already have other, similar stocks in your portfolio? If so, you might want to sell the stock and use the money for a new investment opportunity. Conversely, if you don’t own anything similar to the inherited stock, and it can help your diversify, it may well be worth keeping. While diversification, by itself, cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss, it can help reduce the effects of market volatility. • Fundamentals — It’s a good idea to closely scrutinize any stocks you inherited. Do they represent companies with strong management teams, good track records and competitive products or services? Or, as is sometimes the case, did your benefactor simply keep these stocks because he or she had some type of attachment to them? You’ll want to own quality stocks for the right reasons. • Risk tolerance — An inherited stock may be either too aggressive or too conservative for your preferences. If the stock doesn’t fit within your risk tolerance, sell it and buy an investment that does. • Taxes — When you inherit stocks, they are generally valued at their market value on the day your benefactor died, not the date of the original purchase. For example, if you inherit stock that your father bought for $20 a share, and it’s worth $75 a share on the day


he dies, your “cost basis” would be $75 a share. If you sell the stock right away, you’ll likely owe little or no income taxes. If the price of the inherited stock goes up before you sell it, you’ll pay capital gains tax on the difference between $75 and the sale price, at a maximum rate of 15 percent (at least for 2011 and 2012), no matter how long you’ve held the stock. This is advantageous for you; typically, if you sell an appreciated stock that you’ve held less than a year, you’d have to pay capital gains taxes at your normal income tax rate. If you inherit stocks as part of a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you’ll probably have to pay taxes on withdrawals at your income tax rate. However, you may be able to spread withdrawals over your lifetime, which could result in more tax-deferred growth and a greater income stream. And if you inherit a Roth IRA, you won’t have to pay income taxes on any withdrawals, provided the Roth IRA account has been open for at least five years. If you need help in determining what to do with inherited stocks, consult with your financial advisor and tax professional. After all, you are acquiring an important asset — and you want to make this asset work for you.


Make the right moves with inherited stocks

Article submitted by S. Christian Wilks, an Investment Representative with Edward Jones, Milford.

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