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Senior Living Where is the best home for you as you age? You’re probably saying - my own home, just where I am

housing options, Council on Aging’s Help4Seniors Re-

now! And that’s true for most people. But if your needs are changing and you’re considering other

source Directory can help. The housing section of our directory is the most popular part. It

includes all kinds of senior-friendly housing organized by type, location and other features. There are apartments, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more. As you search, you can compare properties sideby-side so you can see which ones have the amenities and options to best meet your needs. With your options picked out, the next step is to visit the places you might like best.

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Keeping marriage going strong into your golden years The trend of longmarried couples calling it quits has been growing. However, there are some steps couples can take to keep their relationships going strong. According to the AARP, divorces among people over the age of 50 have doubled since 1990. According to Susan Brown, codirector of the National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University, one out of three Boomers will face their golden years unmarried. There are a number of reasons why divorce rates have skyrocketed among the over-50 set. Understanding just why these divorces are tak-

ing place and taking proactive steps to alleviate some of the divorce triggers can be a recipe for a happy marriage that continues throughout a couple's golden years. * Get things out in the open. A major reason for a failed marriage is years of avoiding significant issues rather than addressing problems. Couples should make time to talk to each other about anything that might be bothering them rather than letting too many things slide. If these conversations turn into shouting matches, there is always the option of bringing in a third party to serve as a mediator. * Spend time apart.

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After retirement, couples may find themselves spending hours upon hours in each other's company. While togetherness can be beneficial, too much time spent together may lead to feelings of suffocation and the perception that each member of the relationship is no longer his or her own person. Individuals can remedy this by doing more things on their own, whether spending time apart with friends or engaging in hobby time without your spouse. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Brief periods of separation can make the time married couples do spend together feel more meaningful. * Recommit to your vows. After 30 or more years, the vows you shared on your wedding may be a distant memory. Some people may have different views on the permanence of vows, putting personal happiness ahead of the happiness of the couple. Take stock of what you promised one another on your wedding day and stick to those words. * Become a comedian. Laughter has a way of dissolving a tenuous situation. Focus energy on laughing at mistakes instead of pointing blame. Couples can make fun of themselves and resolve to not take things too seriously. * Act like you're dating. Couples often become complacent after many years of marriage. They may forget about the little details that made the relationship fun in the early years. The personal notes and cards and other surprises may fall by the wayside after being together for some time. Make an effort to go on dates, write love notes and think of what was appreciated by your partners when you were in the dating stage. * Practice selflessness. Sometimes all that is needed to rekindle a relationship is a selfless act that shows how much you care for your partner. Couples who are on the fence with regard to divorce can make an effort to improve the relationship rather than simply see divorce as the best option.

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Grandparents helping to raise grandchildren The stalled economy has pushed many families into the position of doing whatever is needed to make ends meet. In many cases, this means both parents working whatever jobs they can find and finding the best childcare option while they are at work. Many people are turning to their parents to help care for their kids. More than 60 percent of families with children under age 18 had both parents employed outside the home in 2005 to 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That compares to less than a third of mothers in 1975. The

numbers today are around 42 percent, a decrease that likely has a lot to do with unemployment figures remaining high. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada states that there are similar statistics among Canadian families. With so many men and women heading to work each day, and money a factor for doing so, the topic of child care becomes one of necessity as well as affordability. Grandparents are regularly

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Banishing the chills Do you find yourself wearing a sweater when it's 75 degrees outside? Are you unable to tolerate the air conditioning on a steamy day? If you're always cold it could be a sign that your body is changing or it may be a symptom of illness, such as an underactive thyroid. Older people have less subcutaneous fat stores and muscle mass, both of which can insulate a body. Therefore, they may have trouble regulating body temperature. But there are ways to feel warmer. * Gain weight: Putting on a few extra pounds can help aging men and women who feel cold all the time. Consult with a doctor as to what is a healthy weight for your age. * Wear a vest: The body sacrifices heat in the extremities (hands and feet) to warm the core. Wearing a vest can keep your chest warm, and thus, the rest of your body. * Get physical: Moderate exercise can get the blood pumping and speed up metabolism. * Visit the doctor: Get a check-up to ensure you're not cold due to a medical condition.

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stepping up to help family members who are under a financial

side, if you have been seeking something to do with your time, being

crunch. Grandparents considering caring for their grandkids should keep in mind some things even if the childcare scenario on the surface seems like it is the best option. * It's a big commitment. Once the decision has been made, it is expected that you will be providing care for a certain period of time -- perhaps even without a future end date. Remember, other arrangements will have to be made if you back out because it's simply not working. * Know your limits.Childcare is not something to take lightly. While you may have had enough energy to provide care years ago, maybe now you are simply not up to the task or have not identified factors that could hinder your ability to care for a grandchild -- no matter how much you love him or her. * Be prepared for changes to your life. You will no longer be able to operate on your own schedule. Now your days will largely revolve around caring for your grandkids. If many of your friends are living active lives without grandchildren in tow, this could put a hamper on your relationships and ability to socialize. * It could be just what you need. On the flip

in the presence of your grandchildren could be just what you need to find a purpose to your days. * The relationship may cause animosity. If you are offering care to one set of grandchildren and are not doing so to another, it could strain the relationships among your children. Think about the larger factor before agreeing to being the caregiver. * Talk to your spouse. If you are married or are in a relationship, this is a decision that will have to be discussed with your partner, whose life will be impacted as well. If both of you aren't seeing eye-to-eye on the situation, it may cause a rift that can damage your relationship. * Avoid guilt. If you choose to say no to the situation, it may generate hurt feelings at the onset, but if you explain your reasons clearly, chances are the loved one will understand how you are feeling. Although grandparents stepping in to become childcare providers for their grandchildren while parents are at work has become a popular situation in recent years, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the situation before delving headfirst into the arrangement.

Coping with seasonal allergies The season of allergy-induced sniffles and other complications is right around the corner. If you are one of the millions of people affected by seasonal allergies that lead to nasal swelling, sneezing, watery eyes, and a scratchy throat, you may not be eagerly anticipating the warmer weather as much as others. Allergy research is ongoing, and in the future doctors may be able to prevent allergic reactions from occurring rather than treating the symptoms that ensue. Until then, you will have to

ports for the levels of particulates in the air and stay indoors if they are high. Keep away from tall grasses and places with a lot of foliage. * Use the air conditioning. Rather than keeping the windows wide open, use an air conditioner and dehumidifier to filter the air coming inside of the house and ensuring it is cool and dry. * Head to the beach. If you want to spend time outdoors, areas by the ocean will have pollen counts that are much lower than in mountainous areas. * Dry clothes in-

work with the remedies that currently exist. These remedies include antihistamines, which can cause dangerous interactions with other medications and may cause drowsiness. These side effects can be dangerous for use in seniors. Consider these other options instead. * Drink plenty of fluids. Although liquids can't wash the allergens out of your system, water, juice and clear broths can help loosen congestion. Hot liquids can soothe inflamed membranes in the nose and throat. * Avoid allergens as much as possible. Check weather re-

doors. Line-dried clothes may smell fresh, but they can bring molds and pollens indoors and exacerbate allergies. * Shower frequently. After being outdoors, take a shower to rinse off any allergens clinging to hair and skin. * Check with a doctor. Before mixing allergy medications with any prescriptions you are taking, ensure that they are safe to mix. If your doctor is unavailable, consult with a pharmacist about drug interactions.

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Simple ways to avoid overspending as retirement nears When the nest is empty and the kids no longer need financial support, many men and women find themselves with some extra money in their budget. Fewer mouths to feed and no more college tuition

bills can give parents a sense of financial freedom they may not have had since before starting their family. But that freedom can also lead to overspending, something that can put retirement in jeopardy if

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people are not careful. Though it's understandable for men and women to splurge on a well-deserved getaway once the kids have finally left the house, it's important for adults to ensure that such splurging does not become routine. The following are a few ways men and women with some newfound disposable income can avoid overspending and putting themselves in financial hot water as they get closer to retirement. * Pay with cash whenever possible. Swiping a debit card or credit card is certainly a convenient way to shop, but it can also be dangerous. Many people find it difficult to keep track of their spending when they use debit cards or credit cards to make their purchases. Using cash to make purchases, especially daily purchases like a morning cup of coffee, reduces the likelihood of overspending. This can help you get a better idea of how much money you're spending and if there are any steps you can take to curtail that spending. An effective way to use cash is to withdraw

money from the bank once per week and use that as your weekly supply of money. If you find yourself frequently running out of money each week, then you're

well as larger purchases like a new television. Write down the monthly expenses you know you have each month, such as a mortgage payment or a car

likely spending more than you should. * Keep a financial journal. Men and women who must adapt to having newfound disposable income may find it is not much different from younger men and women learning to manage their money when they first start working. Some of those lessons, like saving more than you spend, might need to be relearned. One way to get a grip on your spending is to keep a financial journal to track your daily and monthly expenses as

note, and each and every purchase you make, including how much you spend on dining out each month. Do this for at least a couple of months. When you have logged several months' activity, examine your journal to see if there are any expenses that can be trimmed to save money. * Don't go overboard rewarding yourself. Once your last child has left the nest, the temptation to reward yourself with a luxury item or two might prove overwhelming. After all, raising a family and

paying for college tuition has no doubt required substantial sacrifice on your part, so it's well within reason that you want to reward yourself after all these years. Avoid overdoing it so your finances aren't stretched too thinly. A vacation with your spouse is reasonable, but buying a villa overseas might be a little over the top. Luxuries can be nice, but they can also drain a budget. Your monthly expenses once the kids have moved out should be lower, so if you find your cost of living has increased now that your nest is empty, you might be forced to determine which of your expenses are luxuries and which are necessities. * Take advantage of your "experience." Though accepting a "senior" discount might be a blow to your pride, it also can be a boon to your bottom line. Many establishments, including gyms, restaurants and movie theaters, offer discounts to men and women age 55 and older. This can help you save a substantial amount of money over time, and no one has to know you've started cashing in on your experience.

Season of Fall Tips for early bird holiday shoppers Getting a head start on holiday shopping has its advantages. Holiday shoppers who begin their quests for the perfect gifts at the onset of the season or before the shopping season even begins often find the financial sting of holiday shopping is easier to manage when spread out over time, and starting early can save shoppers the hassle of navigating their ways

through crowded stores and packed parking lots. But even holiday shoppers who hit the stores extra early should do so with a plan in hand, which can help shoppers save money while still finding the right gifts. * Establish and stick to a budget. Just because you may be starting your holiday shopping early does not mean you should throw financial

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caution to the wind. Establish a budget so holiday shopping won't find

you facing significant debt, which is just as difficult to deal with in late fall as it is once the holidays have come and gone. If necessary, speak to family members before establishing your budget so you can all agree on holiday spending limits. Once you have established your holiday shopping budget, stick to it and avoid the temptation of overspending just because you're starting early. * Take your time. Arguably the greatest luxury of getting a head start on holiday shopping is the ability to take your time so you don't end up making expensive impulse purchases. Such purchases may be your only option if you wait until the last minute to start shopping, but starting early enables you to take your time and comparison shop so you can find the best

deal. If you find a great gift in a store but want to find it for less money, shopping early allows you to shop around at another store or online to see if it's more affordable elsewhere. Make the most of this extra time, and you're liable to save a substantial amount of money over the course of the season. * Take advantage of early bird offers. Many online retailers want consumers to begin their holiday shopping early, so they offer incentives to shoppers who beat the holiday rush. Such retailers may waive shipping and handling charges or wrap gifts free of charge for shoppers who begin their holiday shopping early in the season. These offers typically disappear once the season hits full swing, so early bird shoppers should take advantage of such offers whenever possible. * Get creative. Starting early may allow some holiday shoppers to skip the process of shopping altogether. Creative men and women with unique skills such as woodworking or making pottery may be able to create their own holiday gifts. Homemade gifts will likely take more time to create, but starting early allows you to go at your own pace while still ensuring your special gift will be ready to go come the holidays.

Time to prep your pets for cooler weather It's a fall ritual to get our homes, cars and even ourselves ready for the colder weather. How many of us, though, consider the impact of the changing season on our pets? Michele Dixon, a health and nutrition specialist with Petcurean, says there are simple things we can do to keep our pets healthy and safe through the fall and winter months. Here are some that top the list: * Cooler weather usually brings dry air, so using a humidifier will help to keep the nose and throat of our dogs and cats from drying out. It's the same for their coat and skin. A dog or cat food with omega oils, like Petcurean's GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE, will

help support a healthy coat and skin. * Choose pet-friendly ice and snow melters that won't irritate paws or stomachs, especially if your dog or cat licks its paws after being outside. * Protect your dog's paws with a wax product designed for this purpose by forming a dense, breathable bond, which helps prevent snow buildup during outdoor exercise. After walks, wipe away any snow or ice from your dog's feet, legs and belly. * Poor weather and decreased daylight may cause limited visibility for drivers at night, so take extra precautions, including using a leash, when walking your pets.

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Rockin’ Robin’s takes you back to the Fifties


We Offer A FULL DINNER MENU Plus Hot Sandwiches, Burgers & Fries, Homemade Soup & Daily Specials We serve Hershey’s Premium Ice Cream


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Halloween is certainly known for the spooky decorations that adorn homes and for the creative costumes children put on to can-

vas the neighborhood. But for many youngsters, Halloween is all about the candy. In just a few hours, trick-or-treaters can ac-

Rockin’ Robin’s Soda Shoppe & Catering owner Tara Davis took over the highly popular river front business at 8 North Front Street in downtown Ripley in 2001. The restaurant offers daily blue plate specials, hot sandwiches, homemade soups and an extended dinner menu. The same great burgers, shakes, and banana splits are still offered daily. The

50’s and 60’s themed soda shop offers a spectacular view of the Ohio River while its interior is adorned with lots of memorabilia. Davis also caters all events from small gatherings and office parties to weddings and formal events. Rockin’ Robin’s is open 7 days a week. For more information call 937-3921300.

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Many uses for leftover Halloween candy cumulate a substantial amount of assorted chocolates, confections and other sweet treats. Once everyone has had their fill of their favorite items, candy often gets relegated to a giant bowl on the kitchen table, where it beckons each resident who passes by. Rather than submitting to the call of the candy and sacrificing your dental health as a result, enterprising individuals can repurpose that leftover Halloween candy. Incentives - Parents can store extra candy to use as rewards for good behavior. Many parents use sweet treats as rewards for children learning to potty train. Rewarding older children for a job well done cleaning up their rooms or as a special treat for scoring a good grade on a test also can be a way to put the candy to good use.


PHONE: (513) 732-2511 EXT. 107 1 (800) 404-3157

Gingerbread houses - Christmas is just two months after Halloween. Put candy into sealable baggies and use it come the hol-

calendar traditionally counts down to Christmas, revealing a date and a sweet treat behind each door. Instead of purchasing a ready

iday season when building gingerbread houses. You will have a variety of different candies from which to choose and won't have to purchase anything new in order to decorate your creations. Advent calendars Halloween candy can be saved to make an Advent calendar. This

made Advent calendar, families can get together and make one for a family craft as a way to recycle Halloween candy. Goody bags - Candy is a crowd-pleaser, and leftover candy can be used in goody bags doled out at birthday parties. Keep the candy well-sealed to store

away until it is needed to fill goodie bags. Add a few trinkets that tie in with the theme of your party, and you're all set. On a similar note, leftover candy can be used to stuff a pinata for a party. Pinatas are available in many different themes and styles, making any occasion ripe for a pinata. Baking - Cookies, brownies and cake bars taste even better with peanut butter cups, chips and chocolate candies baked inside. Some candy can be frozen for later use in baked goods. Baked goods can be enjoyed by the family or used for bake sales for schools and other organizations. Donations - Hospitals, doctors' offices and nursing homes may appreciate donations of candy for staff and visitors. You can visit different places to see if they would appreciate a candy donation.

Fall Home Improvement Winterizing 101 How to prepare your yard for winter Changing seasons can be tough on a lawn. Always exposed to the elements, lawns can fare especially poorly upon the arrival of winter, a season known for its harsh and unforgiving weather. Even the most perfectly manicured lawn can suffer at the hands of winter weather, causing homeowners to sit idly by and hope spring arrives that much sooner. But as punishing as winter weather can be on a lawn, homeowners are not without recourse. Much like homeowners can take steps to help their lawns survive sizzling summer heat waves during the warmer months of the year, they also can take steps to help their lawns make it through the often stormy weather synonymous with winter. * Don't procrastinate. Putting off the process of winterizing a lawn can put that lawn in jeopardy. Lawns will turn dormant the closer you get to winter, and they may reject the nutrients found in fertilizer as a result. Those nutrients will prove valuable once spring weather returns, so start the winterization process in early fall so the lawn has sufficient time to absorb nutrients and strengthen itself for the seasons to come. * Treat trouble spots.

Summer can be even harder on a lawn than winter, especially for those lawns located in regions where heat waves and drought are common. In such instances, certain spots on

the lawn seem to be hit harder than others, and those spots should get special attention when winterizing the lawn. Check the soil's pH levels before fertilizing or applying any treatments. Such a test will reveal which spots need the most attention, and treating trouble spots now will make spring lawn care that much easier. * Aerate the property. Aerating can help a lawn recover after a long summer and help it survive

the potentially harsh months that lie ahead. Aerating, which involves puncturing the soil or removing cores of soil from the ground, can restore a lawn to health by improving its drainage and allowing more water and air to reach the roots of the grass. Aerating also makes it easier for nutrients to penetrate the soil, which encourages a healthier lawn over the long haul. Aerators can be purchased or rented, but homeowners uncomfortable with the process may want to enlist a professional to tackle the job. Parents of small children who spend lots of time in the yard may need to aerate their lawn more than most, as heavy lawn traffic compresses the soil, a potentially harmful process that can be reversed via aeration. * Take steps to strengthen the roots. Aerating promotes stronger roots, but homeowners might also want to find a winterizing product with potassium and phosphorous, both

of which can strengthen roots. Different types of lawns will respond differently to certain winterizers, so discuss your options with a lawn care professional who can help you find the right fit for your property. * Remove debris from the lawn. Debris left on a lawn over the winter can prove very harmful. Piles of debris left scattered around a lawn can suffocate the blades of grass,

leading to long-term damage and a potentially unsightly lawn come the spring. In addition, piles of debris might make good homes for organisms that can damage the lawn. As fall moves into winter, periodically remove all debris, including leaves and branches fallen from trees. * Make the lawn offlimits once the temperatures dip below freezing.

A lawn should be off-limits once the ground freezes. Stepping on grass that has frozen will leave noticeable footprints, and walking on frozen grass can kill the turf. When winter arrives, people should avoid using the lawn as a shortcut into and out of your home and stick to driveways and sidewalks instead.


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Home improvement projects perfect for fall

Harvest Items - Party Supplies - Costumes Balloons - Crafts - Makeup Hardware - Jewelry - Housewares - Greeting Cards Hair Accessories - Scrapbooking

Everything is a dollar! Pick Up Your Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving Items Here! Located at The Shoppes at Kennedy’s Landing

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Home improvement projects can add value to a home and do-it-yourselfers know the sweatequity that goes into such projects can give homeowners a greater sense of pride in their homes. But no two home improvement projects are the same, and homeowners should know that certain projects are best tackled during certain times of the year. Fall is a great season to work on your house, as the weather is often at its most agreeable once the summer heat has gone and before winter weather arrives. The following are a handful of fall-friendly home improvement projects for homeowners looking to improve their homes. Roof repair - Whether you're repairing or replacing the roof, fall is a great time of year to dust off the ladder and get some work done on your roof for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, fall is ideal for roof work because you won't have to be up on the roof with the summer heat bearing down on you. This can make the project move along more quickly, which is especially beneficial if you are paying laborers to work on the roof. The fewer hours workers are fixing your roof, the less you will be paying in labor costs. In addition, fixing up the roof in the fall ensures those winter storms, be it rain or

snow, won't find their way into your home via leaks. A leaky roof in winter is hard to fix, as the roof surface could be treacherous in the winter and winter winds can make it dangerous to be up on the roof at all. Addressing leaks in the fall can prevent damage to your home's interior, which can mount up if a leaky roof is not addressed until the following spring. Window work - When the weather outside gets frightful, poorly insulated windows can allow cold air into the home. That often has a trickle-down effect on finances, forcing you to turn up the thermostat in an attempt to offset the cold air pouring into the home. Whether you need your windows replaced or simply need to patch up any leaks, a proactive approach to leaky or older windows in the fall can save you from unnecessarily high heating bills come the winter. Addressing leaky windows also makes a home more comfortable for its inhabitants. Fall is the ideal time to address a home's windows because the temperature outside tends to be pleasant. This means you likely won't have to make much of an effort to offset the elements, and open windows in the fall won't make your home's interior very hot or cold like they might if you were to tackle the project during the sum-

mer or winter. Fixing the floors Wood flooring is a hot commodity for many homeowners. But not all flooring can be added to a home at any time of year. That's because certain types of flooring employ adhesives that need temperatures inside the home to be within a certain range, and that range is often within 70o to 80o F, which makes fall a great time to install such floors. Colder temperatures can make it difficult for the flooring to dry and bond, which will prove problematic down the road. What's more, many people entertain friends and family come late fall and into the holiday season, and it can be difficult to do so if you are busy installing new flooring. Painting projects Painting is another home improvement project that seems tailor-made for fall. A fresh coat of paint or a new color scheme around the house can give a home an entirely new look and feel. But paint can be pungent and the aromas may last if it's applied at a time of year when it can't dry while the windows are wide open. Paint fumes inside a home can make the home uninhabitable, but painting at a time of year like the fall, when you can keep the windows open during and after the project, can help air the home out.

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