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September, 2019

Volume 42, Number 5


Thank You Gloria

Gloria Bricking was honored at the August 28, 2019 Bellevue Board of Education meeting for her 20 years of service and dedication to the students, staff and community of Bellevue Independent Schools. Ms. Bricking retired with the closing of the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you, Ms. Bricking for all you have done for our school district and community. Pictured: Superintendent Robb Smith, Gloria Bricking

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h alF h our W eekly , p leaSe !

by Alvena Stanfield You can read, right? Have you ever thought about your life if you could not? Picture it. Job opportunities, reading for enjoyment and information would not happen. Do you remember when you could not read? Probably not. Even if you don’t remember when, you were guided along by an adult who unraveled the idiosyncrasies (see, big word) of our incredibly complex language. Teacher’s job. True, but what if a child’s skillset is fragile. If the child cannot read by the end

of third grade, he or she is likely to NEVER BE ABLE TO. Reading’s not complex you say? Hmmm. Take thou, in the bible means you. Add gh. Even though you knew thou, what’s that silent gh doing there AND changing it from a person, noun, to a connector, a preposition. Of course we can then add an r making it through, another preposition. So, remove the r, add a t, changing it to thought and it’s a noun again. Why would today’s child, who has been exposed to visual and auditory (TV, DVD and video


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games) find himself or herself mystified by the written word? Do today’s parents read to their children? Even if they do, do they ask the kids to read along with them? There’s a guarantee that someone took time to teach you reading. So, how about returning that favor to one child per week for a half hour? There’s no pay but the reward of knowing you change a child’s future makes every half hour spent there priceless. The program is called One to One and is managed by the Northern Kentucky Education Council. They are setting up this year’s programs in many Northern Kentucky schools and are begging for volunteers. They provide training and ongoing support. So, how about it? Their email is (Northern Kentucky Education Council) and their phone is 859282-9214. Give it a try.

F rom The mayor 9-6-19 be larger and the detention

by Mayor Charlie Cleves Have you noticed Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue recently? It is clean and filled with a plethora of colorful red, white and purple flowers, interesting businesses and people, too. The pleasant ambiance on the Avenue doesn’t just happen. It’s that way because of the efforts by shop owners, City volunteers and City staff. Folks are attracted to this area for a variety of reasons including the architecture, unique and interesting stores, and the taverns and restaurants. Now, Bellevue is being touted as a “foodie” town with options on Fairfield including Siam Orchard, Mrs. Teapot’s, Fairfield Market, Schneider’s Sweet Shop, Fessler’s, Avenue Brew, Elusive Cow, Bellevue Bistro, Three Spirits, and The Pretzel Place. A favorite meeting spot for many, Brozzart’s, has a new owner, and positive changes will be made there. Please do what you can to support these downtown restaurants and taverns. They deserve and need your support. I want to give a special note of thanks to Fairfield Avenue residents Jim and Bev McPhail. They go up and down Fairfield arranging and watering plants. They and all of the other volunteers’ efforts are noticed and greatly appreciated. Let’s go over a few other issues we’ve been working on lately. Lincoln Road Within the next 60 days you will be seeing surveyors on Lincoln Road. Our new City Engineer Mike Yeager is using all of the data collected from the residents along with his personal observations to design a more efficient system. Catch basins need to be added. Some need to be moved or the height changed so that they actually can capture the water. The size of the pipe on the lower section will have to

basin is being discussed. Even with a new design, which requires going back to SD1 for their approval since they are paying 50 percent of part of the bill, we are hopeful that the project should be started by spring at the latest. A close review of the design, and surveying are the first steps to be taken. Oh, and then there’s the little detail finding the money to pay for it. The latest price tag is about $2.5 million. Mr. Yeager is sharpening his pencil to see where we can produce positive results with a reasonable fund. Art In The Park By the time you are reading this the event has already set a new record for the number of artists in the show. There are more than 100 this year. Art in the Park is a special forum for artists to exhibit their work in a great location on the Ohio River, the Bellevue Beach Park. Community Development Director Jody Robinson works hard to bring all of the artists together along food and libation for the hundreds if not thousands or millions of patrons. Okay, maybe hundreds, but it’s a lot of people. Code Enforcement Board The word is out on the street, in that we mean business when it comes to our code enforcement effort in Bellevue. City Administrator Frank Warnock’s mantra at our staff meetings is that we have a duty to provide a clean and safe city for everyone here. There always seems to be a few who like to skirt the system, and create problems, but we’re going to do our best to provide a clean and safe environment. If you get a citation from the code enforcement officer and decide you are not going to pay the fine then please contact Code Enforcement Director Tom McDaniel and give your side of the

See mayor ConT’d

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g ood TimeS a T The WhiTe houSe by Jo Anne Warren, Master Gardener, Tree Hugger President Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation As a boy, Theodore Roosevelt wanted to be a naturalist, a scientist who revels in and examines nature. As an adult, the president never forgot his childhood dream, and preserved vast regions of the U.S. for future generations of Americans. Rededicated himself to protecting wildlife and

natural resources. He foresaw that profligate use of our rich natural resources and the incomparable landscapes of our country would disappear as quickly as the buffalo, leaving future generations without a legacy of natural splendors. As president, he provided federal protection for almost 230 million acres of land, an area equivalent to the entire Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Florida. He set aside 150 national forests—one of

which is in Ohio, in Lawrence County, the southeast corner of Ohio next to Ashland KY and Kenova, West Virginia—which is the only National Forest in Ohio; then, in our Commonwealth there are the Clifty Wilderness, the Daniel Boone, and the Jefferson. Roosevelt appointed as the first Chief of the U.S. Forest Service the visionary Gifford Pinchot, who shared his philosophy of natural resource conservation through sustainable use, and he convened four study commissions on conservation for policymakers and leading authorities to shape thought about the then-new field of conservation. These comments by Roosevelt, delivered on May 13, 1908, at the Conference on the Conservation of Natural Resources, reflected his visionary thinking about the need to preserve the natural world around us: “We have become great because of the lavish use of our resources


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and we have just reason to be proud of our growth. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil and the gas are exhausted, when the soils have been still further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields, and obstructing navigation. These questions do not relate only to the next century or to the next generation. It is time for us now as a nation to exercise the same reasonable foresight in dealing with our great natural resources that would be shown by any prudent man in conserving and widely using the property which contains the assurance of well-being for himself and his children.” Teddy also pushed for major changes in the District of Columbia. He threw his support behind the McMillan Plan, drawn up by a Michigan senator who sponsored a study of the District’s parks and public spaces. The archi-

tects Charles McKim and Daniel Burnham joined him, together with landscape architect Frederick Law Omsted, Jr. and sculptor Augustus St.-Gaudens. While Roosevelt, with McKim’s help, had rid the White House of its Victoriana, the Commission’s proposals for the National Mall and the monumental core of the city undid most of the winding designs of Andrew Jackson Downing and incursions such as the Central Market and the B&O tracks and terminal. Railroad vistas were restored, allées planted, and a new memorial to Lincoln built as a counterweight to the Capitol on the west end of the Mall. The establishment of a formality, inspiring respect, which they called “The City Beautiful.” To celebrate our beautiful September weather and our rich national heritage, why not pack up the family car, dog, tent and picnic supplies, and get out in nature?

First Friday

Ghouls’ Night Out! Friday, October 4 It’s hard to believe Fall is just around the corner? Cool, autumn breezes will soon swirl golden and crimson leaves about and the arrival of nightfall occurring earlier with Halloween and contemplating what this year’s costume will be. Join IN VUE for “Ghoul’s Night Out” on Friday, October 6th, 5 - 9 pm. An evening of shopping and dining designed to get you in the mood for Halloween, jack o’lanterns and things that go bump in the night. Want to give this year’s costume a test run? Wear it! Want to let your inner demon show? Let’s see it! Want to come as you are and simply enjoy an evening of spooky fun? Just do it! Visit all our businesses from the 200 to 700 blocks of historic Fairfield Avenue to eat, shop, and enjoy

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SEPTEMBER, 2019 Online at PAGE 3 making cloth and even as a substitute for tobacco. mayor F ro m p g 1 Sunflower The genus name of He-

story. Our end goal is compliance not aggravating and fining people. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances where we have accepted a timeline for correcting major problems. Ignoring the notice and not showing up for the Code Board hearing meeting may result in a $300, $500, or $2500 additional fine. A $2500 fine that was just levied at the last meeting was the result of an out-of-state owner who told the Code Enforcement Director he was not going to pay the original fine (less than $100) and was not going to make the repairs either because his house was not worth enough. This may have worked with the previous administrations, but not anymore. Again, we don’t like to punish people, and we seek voluntary compliance up front before enforcement is undertaken. Our new Code Enforcement Director is a retired police chief, and he knows and understands peoples’ problems, but his ultimate goal is a clean and safe town. Marianne Theater We issued a Request for Proposals for the de-

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velopment of the Marianne Theater that is owned by the City.While there were at least five different groups looking at the theater we only received one proposal. This developer meets all of our qualifications in experience and finances. We will be having a conversation with our Board of Council members to see if we can move the development of the theater forward. We want to work with a developer to see if we can come up with a plan that will work for the city and the developer. Mini-Grants This year we committed $1500 to be given out in increments of $150 mini-grants. Businesses are not eligible for these grants. The grants are to provide assistance for neighborhood groups who host events open to the public. They are available for block parties where the money would be used to have an activity for children or to pay for outdoor toilettes or provide other amenities. They cannot be used to order extra beer for a block party. Frank is the dictator who runs this program. He says he is a benevolent dictator, but that’s subject to debate. Double Trouble I want to give a big shout out to Councilmember Sean Fisher who now has double trouble on his hands. He and his wife, Katy Coffe, just had twins, Vivian and Audrey. Sean’s life just got more complicated, times two. Sean says he has two new supporters in his corner.

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While driving thru Bellevue yesterday I noticed many yards still have blooming Sunflowers. I didn’t grow any this year, but I wish I had. They seem to have sturdy flow-


F e S T i va l A chill in the air replaces the warmth of the long sunlit hours of summer as the last of the leaves cling to the nearly barren branches making it time for creating new memories. So, grab a sweatshirt, friend, and your family for IN VUE’s annual pop up event on Saturday, October 26 from 3 to 10 pm as we prepare for the magic of the upcoming holiday season. Speaking of the holiday season it’s a great time to get a head start on your holiday shopping or pick up last minute Halloween treasures. We’ll have music throughout the day and evening and the Taste of the Avenue under one tent for your dining pleasure. We’re even hosting some visiting vendors for more irresistible items to purchase. The Fall Festival pop-up event will be located on Washington Avenue at the intersection of Fairfield Avenue, but be sure to check out the entire Avenue. We’ll be sharing all the details at www.Facebook. com/ShopBellevueKY, so be sure to follow us. Plus we’ll have updates on the Fairfield Avenue Christmas Walk on Friday, November 29 and Saturday, November 30th.

ers that last throughout the long hot summers. In 1993 I bought a book titled “The Language of Flowers”. So I decided to check the book for information about Sunflowers. The Sunflower surely has a right to feel haughty for it is by far the tallest plant in the garden. Its size is not its only asset, however, for every part of the plant is used in some way: the seeds for eating and making oil and soap; the leaves and stalks for fodder and

lianthus comes from two Greek words, “heloios” meaning sun and “anthos” meaning flower. It was worshipped as a symbol of the sun by the Incas of Peru and later by the North American Indians. There is a classical legend that Clytie, a water nymph, was changed into a sunflower having died of a broken heart at the betrayal of Apollo, the sun god. Other names include the Marigold of Peru and the Indian Sun, but my favorite is the Italian name “Girasole” because the flowers really do turn their heads to follow the sun’s course from east to west. Contributed by Carol J. Rich

St. Bernard/ Divine Mercy Women’s Harvest Tea

Sponsored by the women of St. Bernard and Divine Mercy Churches, our 13th Annual Women’s Harvest Tea will be held on Saturday, November 9th from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at St Bernard’s Garvey Hall, located at 401 Berry Street in Dayton, KY. Tickets are $10. If you are interested in purchasing and/or making a reservation, please contact Theresa Breitenstein at 513-325-3259. Submitted by: Kathy Grimm


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BhS aThleTiC hiSTory by Coach Mike Swauger

We are proud to continue “BHS Athletic History” it is a monthly feature. All the information and work to produce this column was provided by Coach Mike Swauger.

The Coaches

Roger Klein- Tennis Coach, 1943-1974. Mr. Klein was a 1929 graduate of Bellevue High School. He was known by the nickname of “Jiggs” by his fellow classmates. After playing baseball his sophomore and junior years, he decided to play tennis his senior season. The rest is history! Roger went on to the University of Kentucky where he was captain of the tennis team from 1929-1933. He was a tennis pro in the 1930’s and early 40’s with wins over other pros of the era, including Bobby Riggs. Returning to Bellevue in 1942 Coach was an assistant and became head coach

in 1943. His teams would win 419 matches while losing 98. Coach produced 28 Regional/Conference Championships, 6 State Titles, 12 State Runner-up, 18 State Finalists, 29 players who have been State Finalists, and 10 players who have won State Championships. Through his efforts the Kentucky High School Athletic Association established the first State Tennis Tournament in 1945. The Meet was held at the Bellevue tennis courts for many years. Coach Klein had a magical way, kind of a pied piper. He drew people to him. All the top athletes, football and basketball alike, wanted to also play tennis. Following his retirement from Bellevue, Mr. Klein began the men’s and women’s tennis programs at Northern Kentucky University. Coach Roger Klein

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was affectionately known throughout Northern Kentucky as “Mr. Tennis.” The Bellevue Tennis Complex is named in his honor. He is a member of the Dawahares/ KHSAA, NKADA, and Bellevue High School Hall of Fame.

The Athletes

Bill “Bones” Faber1949- Bill was one of the best big men in Northern Ky. and led the Tigers to the 9th Region basketball title in 1949. He led his team in scoring and rebounding. He was All-Conference, AllNorthern Ky., All-Post, and 9th Region All-Tournament Team. Bones also played football and tennis for the Tigers. The Prestigious “Bones Faber Award” given since 1964 is named in his honor. Roger Otten- 1949Roger was an outstanding tennis and basketball player during his tenure at Bellevue. In 1948 with teammate Paul Trieschman the duo captured the KHSAA State doubles Championship. In 1949 with new partner Tom Qualey the team won another doubles Championship. Roger also as a singles player finished as State Runnerup in 1949. On the hardwood, Roger was a starter on the 1948-49 District and Regional basketball team. He was named to the 9th Region All-Tournament team and was a Ky Post and Conference All-Star. Moving on to Western Ky University Roger led the tennis team to 4 OVC Titles. Joe Koke- 1949- Joe excelled in 3 sports for the Tigers. In football his team was 15-3-1 during the 1947 and 1948 seasons. Joe returned an interception against Dixie, 99 yards for a touchdown, which is a school record. In bas-


ketball, starting on the Regional Championship team, Joe was selected to the 9th Region All-Tournament team and his long basket at the end of the 3rd quarter against Beechwood in the Championship game propelled the team to a victory. Joe was a big play type of guy. In track he was a State Champion in the high jump in 1948 at the Stadium. (5’10’ 5/8 “). Joe spent many years as an educator. Bob Dougherty- 1950When it comes to athletic families of Bellevue High the Dougherty boys are certainly near the top. Bob was All-State, and AllSouthern in football. He was also a member of the basketball team and played on the 1949 Regional team. Bob received a full athletic scholarship to UK where he played for Bear Bryant and also played at UC. Following College he played linebacker in the NFL and AFL for the Rams, Steelers, and Raiders. Jack Binkley- 1951Jack played football, basketball, and track. In football he was All-State and was selected to the National High School All-American Team. Jack led the state in scoring for a lineman with 12 touchdowns. Tom Cundy- 1951- One of the greatest tennis players in school history, Tom was the 1950 State Singles Runner-up to Berea’s Billy Evans and in 1951 he won

the State Singles Crown. He received a full-athletic scholarship to Florida State University where he played 4 years of tennis and became best friends of Burt Reynolds and Lee Corso who were playing football for the Seminoles. Following graduation he became Chairman/ CEO/ Founder of CUNDY, Inc., a leading employee benefit consulting firm established in 1958. In 2000 Tom received our nation’s highest civilian award- The Horatio Alger Award. He always loved returning to Bellevue and stopping by Jerry Schmits’s Loyal Cafe. On one occasion he brought with him Coach Lee Corso who addressed the student body during an assembly at the Ben Flora Gym. Pat Uebel- 1952- Pat was a 5-sport star for the Tigers- football, basketball, track, baseball, and tennis. Earning 16 Letters, he was an All-State running back for the 1951 undefeated State Champions. He is argueable the Greatest running back in school history. As a sophomore Pat was the leading scorer on the basketball team. In track he finished as State Runner-up in the shot put. Pat went on to West Point where he played football for Head Coach Earl “Red” Blaik and assistant Coach Vince Lombardi. In 1954 he scored 3 touchdowns to enable the Cadets to upset Navy.

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menTal healTh maTTerS Five Major TherapyGroups

by Whayne Herriford, MS, LPCC

In most cases when someone seeks therapy they are looking to change something in their life that is causing discomfort or worse. Most providers have. a basic belief on how humans act that guides them in their work — though every counselor/ therapist should be willing to adjust or redirect their approach depending on the needs of the particular client. Therapeutic approaches can be grouped into five major groups: psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic and integrative/wholistic. Sigmund Freud, one of the founders of modern therapy practices, believed that behavior is the result of unconscious motives and adult behavior is the results of how early childhood experiences were resolved. His approach is called psychoanalytic. “Talk therapy” is based on efforts to identify those unconscious beliefs or thoughts and bring them into consciousness so that they can be understood and better managed. Dreams and their significance are often also part of the psychoanalytic approach. A behavioral approach is grounded in the assumption that people essentially

make choices based on the consequences of the behavior: some result in rewards and some results in bad outcomes (punishments). A behavioral approach to counseling looks at what rewards a person may be getting from an unwanted behavior and attempts to identify an alternative, more acceptable behavior, that provides a similar or better outcome. Behavioral therapy is very effective with phobias and other unwanted behaviors where the goal is to assist the client in changing a specific behavior Cognitive therapists focus on beliefs and thoughts as the basis of behavior and work with clients to determine those underlying thoughts and assist in changing them to in turn change the behavior. This approach focuses on looking at how people learn and form beliefs, particularly in situations where actions or outcomes are undesirable. Often the beliefs are “faulty” (like when people believe there are “shoulds” or “musts” that they cannot achieve.) Cognitive therapy can be very effective with depression, anxiety, stress management, substance abuse and interpersonal conflict. Humanistic approaches emphasize the individual’s capacity to make decisions for themselves and

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to seek maximum value in relationships. Carl Roger’s Person Centered approach is based on the concept that the client knows what they want or need and might be stuck between their current state and a desired state. Person Centered therapy provides a safe environment for the client to explore their feelings and with the assistance of the therapist identify resolutions to any difficulties. Person Centered therapy emphasizes “unconditional positive regard” which is the notion that the most important people in the client’s life accept and encourage them in whatever choices or actions they take, even when the outcomes are not ideal. Person Centered therapy works well in group settings as well as in marital and family therapy. Wholistic/integrative approaches blend elements from a variety of different formal theories to create a “hybrid” approach. As I mentioned earlier, while most therapists have a basic theoretical orientation, most also use techniques from other approaches depending on the client and their needs. Whayne Herriford, MS, LPCC is a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of Kentucky and practices in both NKY and Cincinnati. This column is intended to provide general information to people about mental health related issues and is not for diagnostic or treatment purposes. You should always consult with a mental health professional when you have concerns about thoughts or feelings. If you have a question you’d like to see addressed in a future column, please send it to: The Bellevue Comm. News. email to communityshopper or Mail to 464 Kuhrs Lane Kentonvale, Ky. 41015



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n. k y . C hapTer kpr m eeTing

The NKY Chapter of Kentucky Public Retirees will have a lunch cruise on the B&B Riverboat on Monday October 14, 2019. All members along with friends are welcome to join the cruise. Ticket cost is $34 per person for lunch and cruise. Reservations are required by October 7, 2019. Reservations should be made to Jim Hill Checks or money orders should be sent to NKY Chapter Treasure Larry McClanahan 1765 Sentinel Place Covington, KY. 41011. Checks or money orders should be made out to NKY Chapter of KPR. Loading time for cruise 11:30 a.m. Members of KPR are made up of retirees from State, Local, County gov-

ernments, State Police, support staff from KY. Independent schools, and support staff from KY. State Universities. Dues are free from month of joining to the end of year December 2019. Yearly individual dues are $15 per person. KPR has a website, twitter account, and quarterly newsletter “The Kernel” with all the latest pension news. NKY Chapter meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month at Golden Corral 388 Orphanage Rd. Ft. Wright, KY. Except when Kenton County schools are closed for inclement weather. Submitted by: Melissa Artopoeus PR for NKY Chapter for KPR

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M-TH- 6am-10pm • Fri- 6am-11pm • Sat- 7am-11pm • Sun- 7am-10pm

St. John United Church of Christ 520 Fairfield Avenue, Bellevue KY

Interstate 471-Route 8 exit, 1 mile east of Newport on the Levee

Tickets available now at

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SHOW & SUPPER Saturday, October 19, 2019 5:00-6:00 pm Meal served

Salad bar, spaghetti & meatballs, dessert, beverage

6:30 pm Show Time

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ueÊ HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports* ueÊ HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports*


9/17 Heritage 9/26 6 & 7 at Holmes 8/12 Conner JV 8/27 5:00 Dayton Ludlow 8/24 Ludlow Classic 8/21 6:30 at AJ Jolly 9/3 5:30 9/9 6TBD & 7 at Newport 9/5 5:30 Kenton -CoHeritage - Beechwood 9/18 6:00 at Holmes 9/17 Heritage 9/19 10/1 6 & 7 Holmes Ludlow 8/14 4:15 at Fairway Carroll Co.JV 8/29 5:00 Grant Cov Latin 8/26 65:00 at Villa (All A) 8/22 Owen Co. 9/9 6:00 Co. 9/10 & 7 Calvary 9/9 4:30 3:30 Highland- CC - Highlands/Brossart JV 9/19 Highlands 9/19 Holmes 9/24 rt 10/3 6 & 7 Dayton at Villa 8/21 5:30 6:30 at World AJ JollyofCo - Heritage 9/3 5:00 5:30 Newport Dayton 9/9 6 & 7 Dayton at Newport 8/27 Kenton - Beechwood 9/11 Holmes 9/12 Grant Co. Soccer Volleyball 9/12 TBA Golf - Villa 9/23 9/24 9/26 Holmes 10/7 6 & 7 at Newport 8/22 5:00 4:30 Fairway Owen JV7 Cov 9/9 6:00 Grant Co. 9/10 6 & 7 at Calvary 8/28 3:30 Pendleton Hills -Co. Pendleton Co. 9/16 5:00 at Villa 9/16 Carroll Co. Soccer Volleyball 8/20 atatCalvary 8/20 6 Model & Latin 9/16 5:00 EKU GC --Richmond 9/24 Ludlow 9/26 Holmes 10/1 ball 10/9 6 & 7 Ludlow NCC 8/20 8/20 &Co. 7 Cov Latin Classic 9/30 8/21 6:30 NCC 8/22 at Ludlow 8/27 9/11 7:00 5:00 Holmes 9/12The Grant Co. 9/5 5:00 5:30atatCalvary Kenton Co 9/18 6:00 Holmes 9/17 Heritage 9/18 4:15 Fairway GC--Beechwood Carroll6TBD at Dayton 10/1 6 & 7 Ludlow appeningS aT eWporT iBrary rt 10/3 6 & 7 at Villa ellevue 10/10 Brossart 8/21 TBD at Ludlow Classic 10/2 8/27 5:00 Ludlow 8/24 8/28 Pendleton - Pendleton Co. JV 9/16 6:00 5:00 at Villa 9/16 6 & 7 at Carroll 9/9 6:30 3:30 Highland CCHills -8/22 Highlands/Brossart 9/19 Highlands 9/19 Holmes 9/25 TBAat atNCC World of Golf - Villa Newport 10/3 Villa Co. Newport Branch everything is sold for $30 register. 10/75:00 6 Cov &&7Latin rt 10/12 11 1 Newport at Newport 8/27 8/24 TBD at Ludlow Classic 8/29 8/26 5:00 Villa (All A) 9/5 5:30 Kenton Beechwood 9/18 6:00 at Holmes 9/17 Heritage 9/12 at World ofCo Golf Villa 9/23 5:00 Newport 9/24 Dayton 9/26 TBALudlow TBA - Hertiage 6 & 7 will Newport all porTS 901 E. Sixth St. or 10/7 less! There be food Euchre ball 10/14 10/9 6 & 7 NCC or Lloyd 8/29 5:00 Cov Latin 8/26 5:00 at Villa (All A) 9/3 5:30 Dayton 9/9 6 & 7 Newport Newport, KY 41011 vendors in the 6-8 pm Monday, Sept. 23 9/9 5:00 3:30 Highland CC - Highlands/Brossart JV MiddleÊ 9/19 Highlands 9/19 6stationed Holmes 9/16 EKU GC - Richmond Model 9/24 6:00 at Ludlow 9/26 & 7 at Holmes 9/30 TBA at Boy's Regional SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 NCC 859-572-5035 10/10 6 & 7 at Brossart parking lot offering lunch Join us for a night of 10/15 5 Dayton Highlands 9/3 9/9 6 &Co. 7 at Newport 9/9 5:30 6:00 Grant Co. Calvary Golf Soccer Volleyball 9/12 TBA World ofGC Golf - Villa 9/23 5:00 Newport 9/24 Dayton 9/18 4:15 at 6Fairway - 9/10 Carroll 9/30 7:00 at Dayton 10/1 6 & 7 Ludlow 8/19 6:00 Sharpe 10/10 at Brossart Programs for Adults and sweet options to all our card dealing, table talk, and rt 10/12 11 &7World 1 Co. atGC Newport 10/17 6 Grant &at Carroll 9/9 &Model 7 JV Calvary 9/11 5:00 Holmes 9/12 Grant Co. 8/5 6:00 4:00 Eagle Creek -9/10 Grant 8/20 5:00 Calvary 8/20 Cov Latin 9/16 5:00 EKU Richmond 9/24 6:00 Ludlow 9/26shoppers Holmes 9/25 TBA of- Golf -Co. Villa6 Co. 10/2 10/3 6 &&71 at Villa and at Teens hungry and a kids fun competition! Football 8/22 Newport 10/12 11 Newport or 10/14 6 & 7 Lloyd 9/11 5:00 Holmes 9/12 6 & 7 Grant Co. o. 9/16 Villa 9/16 Carroll Co. 10/21 District Tourney craft corner for the kids 8/6 7:00 3:30 Twin Oaks Cross 8/21 6:30 NCC 8/22 at Ludlowto ClassicFrom 6-6:30 pm, we’re 9/18 4:15 Fairway GC- -Holy Carroll Co. 9/30 6:00 7:00 at Tichenor Dayton 10/1 6TBD Ludlow 9/26 TBA at TBAHoly - Hertiage 10/7 Newport 8/23 Cross 8/26 10/14 & 7 Lloyd Impromptu make something creative having a tutorial for new 9/16 9/18 6:00 at& 9/17 HeritageCo. 10/15 5 Villa 6AJ Highlands so. 8/12 6:30 atHolmes Jolly JV6 & 7 Carroll 8/27 5:00 Ludlow 8/24 atages. Ludlow 9/25 5:00 World of- Conner Golf9/16 - Villa 10/2 at Newport 10/3 Villa No Classic 9/30 TBA Boy's Regional MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 NCC 8/30 7:00 Dayton 8/29 6:00 RA Jones 56TBD & 67AllHighlands 3-5 pm Wednesdays, to10/15 take home. players. At 6:30 pm, the 9/18 6:00 at Holmes 9/17 6 & 7 Heritage art JV 9/19 Highlands 9/19 Holmes 6 & 7 at Carroll Co. n Co. 10/17 CrossÊ Country Sept. 18 & 25 need to register. 8/14 4:15 at - Carroll Co. 8/29 5:00 Dayton Cov Latin 8/26 Villa (AllCo. A)game begins! We’ll draw for 9/26 TBA Brossart TBAFairway - Hertiage 10/7 65:00 Newport 8/19 Sharpe 10/10 Brossart 9/6 7:00 9/5 6:00 10/17 & 7 at Carroll Come unwind after art JV 10/21 9/19 6:00 Highlands 9/19 6 & 7 Holmes 9/23 5:00 Newport 9/24 Dayton random partners, change up District Tourney 8/247:00 at Pioneer Trail Run 8/21 6:30 at AJ Jolly - Heritage 9/3 5:30 Dayton 9/9 6 & 7 9/30 TBA Boy's Regional MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 NCC Football 8/22 Newport 10/12 11 & 1 at Newport 9/13 St. Bernard (Hall of Fame Game) 9/9 6:00 at Walton 10/21 District Tourney school and join in some Teacher Supply Swap teams throughout the night, 9/23 5:00 Newport 9/24 6:00 atGrant LudlowCo. Inv.9/24 9/26 6 & 7 Dayton at Holmes s 8/31 at 8/22 4:30 Fairway Owen Co. JV 9/9 Grant Co. 9/10 Calvary 8/19 Sharpe 10/10 at Brossart 8/23 7:00 at Holy Cross 8/26 6:00 at Tichenor 10/14 6 & 7 Lloyd spontaneous fun. Ages 1111 am-2 pm Saturday, 9/20 7:30 Gallatin Co. 9/12 Holmes and count each individual 9/24 6:00 at Ludlow 9/26 6 & 7 at Holmes 9/30 7:00 Dayton 10/1 Ludlow 19. No need to register. Sept. 14 n Co. 8/30 CrossÊ 9/77:00 at Mason Co. 8/27 5:30 at Kenton CoCountry - Beechwood 9/11 5:00 RA Holmes 9/12 11 Grant Co. player’s score throughout. Football 8/22 6:00 at Bracken Newport 10/12 at Newport Dayton 8/29 Jones Co. 10/15 56 &&671CrossÊ Highlands 9/27 BYE Week 9/16 5:30 Country The Newport Branch Ages 18 & up. No need to 9/30 7:00 Dayton 6 & 7 Ludlow 10/2 6:00 Newport Trail10/1 10/3 at Villa 8/24 atatPioneer Run es 9/14 Scott 8/28 3:30 Pendleton - Pendleton Co. 9/16 5:00 at Villa 9/16 Carroll 8/23 HolyHS Cross Hills 8/26 Tichenor is10/17 10/14 Lloyd 9/6 7:00 Brossart 9/5 Tween Dayton 7first at Carroll Co.register. 10/4 at Newport 9/23 6:00 Sharpe 8/24 at6 & Pioneer TrailCo. Run Scene hosting its Teacher 10/2 6:00 at Newport 10/3 Villa 10/7 6 & 7 at Newport pm Tuesdays, Supply Swap our 8/31 at Grant Co.(Battle Inv. 9/17 Campbell Co -ofAJ Jolly HS Only 9/5 5:30 Kenton Co(Hall - Beechwood 9/18 Holmes 9/17 at 65 & 76 during Heritage 8/30 Dayton 8/29 RAWalton Jones 10/15 Highlands 9/13 St. Bernard Game) 9/94 6:00 at 10/21 District Tourney 10/11 at Dayton forFame 9/26 Holmes 8/31 Grant Co. Inv. 10/7 6Paddle) & 7 Newport MiddleÊ7:00 SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 NCC Sept. 17 & 24 annual YART, Yard Art Fall Trashion Show 9/77:00 at Mason Co. 9/21 Pendleton - Sharp MS 9/9 3:30 Highland CC - Highlands/Brossart JV 10/1 9/19 Highlands 9/19 6second & 7 Holmes 9/6 Brossart 9/5 Dayton 10/17 at Carroll Co. 9/20 7:30 Gallatin Co. 9/12 6:00 at Holmes 10/18 at Ludlow 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 at Mason Co. Sept. 17: Grow Your Sale, the Saturday 3 pm Thursday, Sept. 26 MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/10 10/9 6 & 7 NCC 8/19 6:00 Sharpe at Brossart es 9/14 at Scott HSof (Hall OwnVolleyball Friend of10/21 September. We willCountry have 9/12 TBA at World Golf Villa 9/23 5:00 Newport 9/24 6 & 7 Dayton 9/13 St. Bernard of Fame Game) 9/9 Walton District Tourney 9/27 BYE Week 9/16 5:30 Bracken Co. CrossÊ 9/28 Williamstown Inv. From New York to Golf Soccer 10/25 7:00 NCC (Homecoming) 10/3 6:00 at Ra Jones 9/14 at Scott HS 8/19 10/10 6 &&71 at Brossart 8/22 6:00 Sharpe at Newport 10/12 11 Newport Mini lots9/26 of items from bind- Paris to Milan. The world at Eagle Creek - Grant JVNewport 8/20 5:00 atHS Calvary 6 &Sept. 7 Cov24: 9/17 atCo. Co --Pendery AJ 11 Jolly Only 8/20 9/16 5:00 EKU GC -Co. Richmond 9/24 Ludlow 7-- at Holmes 9/20 7:30 Gallatin 9/12 Holmes 10/4 7:00 at 9/23 6:00 atLatin Sharpe 8/24 at6 & Pioneer Trail 10/3 MS 11/1 Holmes (Senior Night) 9/17 Campbell Co -Run AJ Jolly HS Only 8/22 6:00 atCampbell Newport 10/12 &71 at Newport 8/26 Tichenor 10/14 6 &Model Lloyd Animal Terrariums ers to art supplies to plas- greatest fashion designers at Twin Oaks Holy Cross 8/21 6:30 at NCC 8/22 TBD at Ludlow Classic 9/18 4:15 Fairway GC -Sharp Carroll Co. 9/30 7:00 at No Dayton 10/1 6& Ludlow 9/21 atat Pendleton - 10/14 MS 9/27 BYE Week-(Battle 9/16 5:30 Bracken Country 10/11 7:00 at Dayton for 65Paddle) 9/26 6:00 Holmes Grant Co. Inv. Band 9/21 Pendleton - Sharp MSto show off their skills 10/96:00 Idlewild MS Final Ages 8-14. need Co. tic8/31 bins at -for7 CrossÊ teachers to get 8/26 Tichenor &Meet 76 Lloyd 8/29 RA Jones 10/15 Highlands at AJ Jolly - 9/25 ConnerTBA JV at World of Golf8/27 5:00 Ludlow 8/24 TBD at Ludlow Classic to register. take forat -Inv. Villa 10/2 6:00 at Newport 10/3 6their & 7 classrooms. at Villa 10/4 Newport 9/23 Sharpe 8/24 Pioneer Trail Run 7:00 Ludlow 10/1 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 Mason Co. 9/286:00 atDayton Williamstown MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Football 9/7 Beechwood 9/28 Williamstown Inv.and models walk the cat1/4 10/18 10/12 Idlewild - NKAC Jones 10/15 56 & 67Cov Highlands 10/17 at Latin Carroll Co. 8/26 This same weekend our walk. This year some new at Fairway 8/29 - 9/5 Carroll Co.RA 8/29 5:00 5:00 at Villa (All A) 9/26 TBA TBA -(Homecoming) Hertiage 10/7 6& Newport 10/11 Dayton (Battle for 6Paddle) 9/26 Holmes 8/31 at Grant Co. Co Inv. 10/25 7:00 NCC 10/3 6:00 at Ra Jones 9/14 Scott HS 10/3 atDayton Co MS 8/22 6:00 at Beechwood - -Pendery Ludlow 9/21 Ryle 10/3 Campbell -Pendery mi Regionals - TBA 9/5 10/17 & 7Dayton at CarrollTourney Co. 9/9 9/9 6:00 atCampbell Walton 10/21 District Friends Book Sale Friends of the7 Library are talentsMS will take the stage at at AJ Jolly10/26 - Heritage 9/3 5:30 6 & 7 at Newport 9 am-5 pm bimonthly TBA Boy's Regional MiddleÊ Volleyball hosting & 7 NCC Ludlow 10/1 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 at6their Mason Co. 11/1 7:00 Holmes (Senior Night) 9/17 Campbell Co -Final AJ the Jolly HS OnlyLibrary as we Newport 8/28 6:00 at Sharp - -Newport 9/28 10/9 Idlewild - MS Meet 10/9 atJV MS10/21 Final Meet 9/9 atIdlewild Walton District 9/12 Holmes 11/2 KY Horse Park - State at Fairway10/18 -9/30 Owen6:00 Co. 9/9 6:00 Grant Co. Tourney9/10 6 &LaSalle 7SchoolÊ Calvary Thursday, Sept. 12 book sale and will be of- have our own Fall Trashion 8/19 6:00 Sharpe 10/10 7 atHSBrossart 7:00 NCC (Homecoming) 10/3 atRegional Ra Jones1/4 10/12 9/14 at6 & Scott Band 9/21 Pendleton - Sharp MS 9/5 5:30 at Campbell - Campbell Purple 10/19 Idlewild - NKAC Golf Volleyball 9/12 6:00 Holmes 9/16 5:30 Bracken Co. CrossÊ Country 9/12 1/4 10/12 atatIdlewild - NKAC at Kenton10/25 Co - Beechwood 9/11 5:00Soccer Holmes 6 &KMEA 7 Grant Saturday, Sept.Co. 14 fering discounts to teachers Show. Designers will be Golf Soccer Volleyball Eagle Creek - Grant JVTichnenor 8/20 atCrossÊ Calvary 8/20 Cov Football 6:00 atLatin Newport 10/12 11Regionals & of 1 attheNewport 11/1 Holmes Night) 9/17 Campbell - Inv. AJ given Jolly HS MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Football 9/7 Beechwood 9/28 Williamstown at Pendleton Hills - Pendleton Co. (Senior 9/16 5:00 Villa 6 &KMEA 7 Carroll Co. Semi 9/16 5:30 atRegionals Bracken Co. Country 9/23 6:00 Sharpe 8/24 at Pioneer Trail Run 9/16 9/11 7:00 at 10/26 State 10/26 at -CoTBA 98/22 am-noon Thursday, the Saturday swap. mi 10/26 atCo. - TBA 45 Only minutes to an hour atatEagle Creek Grant Co. JV 8/20 5:00 at Calvary 8/20 6 & 7 Cov Latin Sept. 26 Questions may be directed Twin Oaks Holy Cross 8/21 6:30 at NCC 8/22 TBD at Ludlow Classic toMS create Kenton Co Beechwood 9/18 6:00 6 &Ryle 7 Heritage 8/23 7:00 Holy Cross 8/26 6:00 at Tichenor 10/14 7Horse LloydPark Band 9/21 at6 & Pendleton - Sharp 8/22 6:00 at Beechwood -8/24 Ludlow 9/21 10/3 Campbell Co -Pendery MSclothing out of the 9/23 6:00 Sharpe at Pioneer 9/26 Holmes 8/31 GrantHolmes Co.Trail Inv.Run 9/17 9/18 Dayton 11/2 KY - State 11/2 atat KY Horse Park - State at Twin Oaks Holy Cross 8/21 6:30 at NCC 8/22 TBD at Ludlow Classic The Friends of the Lito Chantelle at cphillips@ recyclable materials that AJ Jolly -9/26 Conner JV Holmes 8/27 5:00 Ludlow 8/24 at Ludlow Classic at Highland CC - Highlands/Brossart JV 8/31 9/19 6:00 Highlands 9/19 6TBD &Cheerleading 7 Holmes 6:00 at Grant Co. Inv. 10/1 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 Mason Co. 8/30 7:00 Dayton 8/29 6:00 RA Jones 10/15 5 & 6 Highlands MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Football 9/7 Beechwood 9/28 Williamstown Inv. 8/28 6:00 at Sharp Newport 9/28 LaSalle 10/9 at Idlewild MS Final Meet 9/26 Brossart brary TBD haveat Ludlow a usedClassic book or 859-572-5035, will be provided. Then the at AJ Jolly - Conner JV 8/27 5:00 Ludlow 8/24 at Fairway - Golf Carroll Co. 8/29 5:00 Cov Latin 8/26 5:00 at Villa (All A) World of10/1 Villa 9/23 Newport 9/24 6 & 7 Dayton sale from 9 a.m.5 p.m. in ext. 9. No 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 at Mason Co. 10/3 6:00 at Ra Jones 9/14 Scott HS 9/6 7:00 Brossart 9/55:00 6:00 10/17 & 7 toatregister. Carroll Co.last few 8/22 6:00 Beechwood -8/29 Ludlow 9/21 Ryle 10/3 Campbell Co -Pendery MSminutes or so we 9/5 5:30 at Campbell - Campbell 10/19 KMEA Regional 10/12 at6need Idlewild - NKAC Bracken 10/26 at Dixie at Fairway *Subject - 10/3 Carroll Co. to 5:00Purple Cov Latin 8/26 at Dayton Villa (All A) 1/4 changes AJ Jolly 9/3 6:00 5:30 at Dayton 9/9 Newport at EKU GC -- Heritage Richmond Model 9/24 Ludlow 9/26 6 & 7 at Holmes the Friends Room on the will have our show off our 10/3 6:00 atPlayoffs RaTichnenor JonesBegin at Scott HS Co - AJ Jolly10/26 9/17 Campbell HS Only at AJ Jolly -10/12 Heritage 9/3 5:30 Dayton 9/9 6 &KMEA 7 at at Newport 9/13 St. Bernard (Hall9/14 of Fame Game) 9/9 6:00 Walton 10/21 District Tourney 8/28 Sharp - Newport 9/28 LaSalle 10/9 Idlewild MS Final Meet 7:00 at State Semi 10/26 at Regionals TBA 6:00 at Fairway 9/11 -GC Owen Co. JV 9/9 6:00 Grant Co. 9/10 6 & 7 Calvary lower levelLudlow of the Newport YA for Grown Adults outfits to one another. Ages - Carroll Co. 9/30 7:00 at Dayton 10/1 at Fairway - 9/18 Owen Co.Band JVDayton 9/9 at 6:00 Grant Co. 9/10 6 &KMEA 7 Calvary 9/17 Campbell Co - AJ Jolly HS Only 9/21 Pendleton - Sharp MS 9/20 7:30 at Gallatin 9/12 6:00 at Holmes 9/5 5:30 CampbellCo. - Campbell 10/19 10/12 Idlewild NKAC- State 7:00 11/2 Book at KY Horse- Park Branch. Cost isRegional 25 for Club 11-19. No need to register. KentonofCo - Beechwood 9/11 6:00 5:00Purple Holmes 9/12 Grant Co.cents 1/4 at World Golf Villa 10/2 at Newport 10/3 6 & 7 at Villa at Kenton Co Beechwood 9/11 5:00 Holmes 9/12 6 & 7 Grant Co. Golf Soccer - Sharp Volleyball paperbacks, 50 cents 7 pm Tuesday, Sept.Country Band 9/21 Pendleton 9/7 9/28 Williamstown Inv. MS 9/27 BYE Week 9/16 5:30 at Bracken Co. *Subject CrossÊ 9/11 at changes Tichnenor 10/26 KMEA State Semifor 10/26 at to Regionals -17 TBA 9/26 7:00 Brossart changes at Pendleton HillsBeechwood - Pendleton Co. 9/16 at 5:00 Villa 9/16 6 &Cheerleading 7 Carroll Co. - Hertiage 10/7 Newport *Subject to atTBA Pendleton Hills Pendleton Co. 9/16 5:00 Villa 9/16 6 & 7 Carroll Co. hard covers and up to $3 for Join the discussion of Harry Potter Yoga Eagle Creek Grant Co. JV 8/20 at Calvary 8/20 Cov Latin 9/7 Beechwood 9/28 Williamstown Inv. 10/9 9/21 Ryle 10/3 Campbell Co -Pendery MS6 &at at Kenton Co - Beechwood 9/18 at 6:00 at Holmes 9/17 Heritage 10/4 at Newport 9/23 6:00 at Sharpe 8/24 at Pioneer Trail Run 9/18 Dayton 11/2 KY Horse Park State 10/3 7:00 Bracken 10/26 Dixie Boy's Regional MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Volleyball 7 NCC select titles. Some books Miss Peregrine’s Home for 2 pm Sunday, Sept. 29 Kenton Co - Holy Beechwood 9/18 6:30 6:00 at NCC Holmes 9/17 6TBD & 7 at Heritage at Twin Oaks Cross 8/21 8/22 Ludlow Classic 9/21 Ryle 10/3 at Campbell Co -Pendery MS 9/28 LaSalle 10/9 Idlewild MS Final Meet at Highland CC Highlands/Brossart JV 9/19 6:00 Highlands 9/19 6 & 7 Holmes are Large selection Peculiar Children by Inv. Ran8/19 Sharpe 10/10 Come with your inner 10/11 7:00 at Dayton (Battle9/19 for 6:00 Paddle) 9/26free! 6:00 Holmes 8/31 at Grant Co. 9/26 Brossart 6:00 Begin at Highland CC - Highlands/Brossart JV Highlands 9/19 6TBD &Cheerleading 7 atHolmes AJ Jolly -10/12 Conner JV Playoffs 8/27 5:00 Ludlow 8/24 atBrossart Ludlow Classic of items are available. All som Riggs. Ages 18 & up. magic and wands at the 9/28 10/9 Idlewild - MS Final10/12 Meet 10/19 KMEA 1/4 10/12 NKAC World Football of Golf--LaSalle Villa Regional 9/23 at 5:00 Newport 9/24 66&&&at 717 Dixie Dayton 8/22 6:00 at 11 at 10/18 7:00 Ludlow 10/1 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 at Mason Co. 10/3 Bracken 10/26 atatWorld Villa 9/23 5:00 Newport 9/24 Dayton Fairwayof - Golf Carroll Co. at 8/29 CovNewport Latin 8/26 5:00 atNewport Villa (All A) ages. No need to register. New members welcome. at EKU GC Richmond Model 9/24 6:00 at Ludlow 9/26 6 & 7 at Holmes KMEA Regional Idlewild - NKAC 10/26 State Semi1/4 10/26 Regionals - TBA 10/14 8/26 Tichenor at EKU GCCross - Heritage Richmond 9/24 6:00 at Ludlow 9/26 7 Lloyd at at Holmes AJHoly Jolly -10/19 9/3 at 5:30 Dayton 9/9 Newport 10/25 7:00 NCC (Homecoming) 10/36 &6:00 Ra Jones No 9/14 Scott HS 10/12 6:00Model Playoffs Begin10/12 *Subject changes need at toto register. See liBrary at Fairway GC Carroll Co. 9/30 7:00 at Dayton 10/1 6 & 7 Ludlow 8/29 6:00 RA Jones 10/15 5 6 Highlands KMEA State Semi 10/26 at Regionals TBA 11/2 KY Horse Park State atDayton Fairway10/26 GC Carroll Co. 9/30 7:00 at Dayton 10/1 6 & 7 Ludlow YART: The Art - 11/1 Owen 7:00 Co. JVHolmes (Senior Night) 9/9 6:00 Grant Co. 9/10 Calvary ConT ’d on page 7 9/17 at Campbell Co - AJ Jolly HS Only at World of Golf Villa 10/2 at Newport 10/3 Villa Brossart 9/5 6:00 Dayton 10/17 6 & 7 at Carroll Co. Yard Sale Anime Club at World -Cheerleading Villa 10/2 Newport VillaCo. 11/2 KY at Horse Park - State10/3 KentonofCoGolf - Beechwood 9/11 at 5:00 Holmes 9/12 6 & 7 at Grant Band 9/21 at to Pendleton *Subject changes - Sharp MS 11 am-4 pm Saturday, 3-5 pm Thursday, TBA Hertiage 10/7 6 & 7 Newport Bernard (Hall of- Pendleton Fame Game) 9/9 5:00 6:00 at Walton 10/21 Tourney TBA - Hertiage 10/7 Newport atSt.Pendleton HillsCheerleading Co. 9/16 Villa 9/16 6 & 7 District Carroll Co. 10/26 at Dixie 14 19 MiddleÊ SchoolÊMiddleÊ Football 9/7 9/28 atSept. Williamstown Inv. Boy's Regional MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 66&&Beechwood 77Sept. NCC Gallatin Co. 9/12 6:00 at Holmes Boy's Regional SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 NCC atat Kenton Co Beechwood 9/18 6:00 at Holmes 9/17 Heritage 10/26 at Dixie Dozens of local artists, Do you love anime? 8/19 6:00 66&&Ryle 77CrossÊ atat Brossart 8/22 6:00 at Beechwood Ludlow 9/21 10/3you at Campbell Co -Pendery MS Week CC 9/16 5:30 Sharpe at Bracken Co. 10/10 Country will Have 10/10 Brossart atBYE Highland - Highlands/Brossart JV -9/19 6:00 Highlands 9/19 Holmes crafters and students shipped everyFootball Newport 10/12 11 &&& 171own atat Newport Football 8/22 Newport 10/12 Newport Newport Sharpe 8/24 at11 Trail Run cre- one? atatWorld of Golf 9/23 6:00 5:00 at Newport 9/24 6Pioneer Dayton 8/28- Villa 6:00 at Sharp - Newport 9/28 LaSalle 10/9 Idlewild Final Meet sell their original Doatyou want -toMS talk *Subject to changes Holy Cross at 10/14 77 Lloyd ations. our with - NKAC other atatHoly Cross 8/26 Tichenor 10/14 &Among Lloyd Dayton Paddle) 9/26 6:00Purple Holmes 8/31 at66&Grant Inv. vendors, EKU GC -(Battle Richmond Model 9/24 at Tichenor Ludlow 9/26 atCo. Holmes 9/5 for 5:30 at Campbell - Campbell 10/19 KMEA Regional 1/4 about 10/12anime at Idlewild *Subject to changes we at will showing ceram- teens who love it as much Dayton RA Jones 10/15 556&Mason Dayton 8/29 Jones 10/15 &6be 67 Highlands Highlands atat Fairway - Carroll 7:00 at Dayton 10/1 Ludlow Ludlow GC 10/1 6:00 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 Co. 9/11 Tichnenor 9/30 10/26 KMEA State Semi as10/26 Regionals TBA ics, jewelry, illustrations, you? at Today is your- day. Brossart 9/5 6:00 10/17 &77 atat Carroll Co. 10/17 Carroll atBrossart World of Golf - Villa 10/2 at Ra Newport 10/3 at66&Scott Villa Co. NCC (Homecoming) 10/3 6:00 Dayton Jones 9/14 HS textiles and many other We’ll anime,Park eat- State 9/18 Dayton 11/2watch at KY Horse Dobbling, MuehlenkaMp St. (Hall ofof7:00 Fame 9/9 6:00 at Walton Walton 10/21 District Tourney St.Bernard Bernard (HallNight) FameGame) Game) 10/21 District Tourney TBA - Hertiage 10/7 6 & 7 Newport Holmes (Senior 9/17 at Campbell Co AJ Jolly HS Only mediums. On top of that, Pocky, maybe we’ll make • Subject to changes & erschell Funeral 9/26 7:00 Brossart Cheerleading at Co. 9/12 6:00 Holmes Boy's Regional MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Volleyball 10/9 6 & 7 NCC atGallatin Gallatin Co. at Holmes hoMes a craft or color pictures and Band 9/21 at Pendleton - Sharp MS O ur families serving yOur BYE Week 9/16 5:30 at Bracken Co. Co. 10/10 CrossÊ Country talk about all things anime. 10/3Football 7:00 Bracken 10/26 Dixie 8/19 6:00 Sharpe &at7CrossÊ at Brossart BYE WeekSchoolÊ 9/16 5:30 at Bracken Country MiddleÊ 9/7 Beechwood 9/28 at6Williamstown Inv. families fOr generatiOns Ages 11-19. No need to atatNewport 9/23 6:00 at Sharpe 8/24 at Pioneer Trail Run Football 8/22 Newport 10/12 11 & 1 at Newport Newport 9/23 6:00 at Sharpe 8/24 at Pioneer Trail Run 10/12 6:00 Playoffs Begin Beechwood - Ludlow 9/21 Ryle 10/3 Campbell Co -Pendery MS


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2019Ê BellevueÊ S * HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports*

2019 B hS/mS F

019Ê BellevueÊ HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports*

019Ê BellevueÊ HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports* 019Ê BellevueÊ HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports*

019Ê BellevueÊ HS/MSÊ FallÊ Sports*

Master Fry Defense Systems

atatDayton 9/26 6:00 Holmes 8/31 atat Grant Co. Inv.Final Meet Holy Cross 8/26 at Tichenor 10/14 6Idlewild & 7 Lloyd Dayton (Battlefor forPaddle) Paddle) 9/26 LaSalle 6:00 Holmes 8/31 Grant Co. Inv. Sharp -(Battle Newport 9/28 10/9 - MS 1829 Monmouth St. •10/19 Newport Shopping at 10/1 4:30 Ludlow 9/7•atat Mason Co. Dayton 8/29 6:00 RA Jones 1/4 Ctr. 10/15 5859-431-4545 & 6 Highlands atLudlow Ludlow 10/1 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 Mason Co. Campbell - Campbell Purple KMEA Regional 10/12 Idlewild - NKAC *Subject to changes NCC (Homecoming) 10/3 6:00 at Ra Jones 9/14 at Scott HS Brossart 9/5 Dayton 10/17 6 & 7 at Carroll NCC (Homecoming) 10/3 6:00 at Ra Jones 9/14 Scott HSpersonnel Endorsed10/26 by parents, professionals law enforcement at Tichnenor KMEA State Semi and 10/26 at Regionals - TBACo.for Holmes (Senior 9/17 atatCampbell Campbell Co-Tourney -AJAJJolly Jolly HS Only St.Holmes Bernard (HallNight) of Fame Game) professionalism, 9/9 6:00 at Walton District (Senior Night) 9/17 Co Dayton 11/2 KY Horse Park - State HS Only character building and10/21 self defense THAT WORKS! Band 9/21 atatPendleton Pendleton- -Sharp SharpMS MS at Gallatin Co. 9/12 6:00Band at Holmes 9/21 Brossart Cheerleading Dynamic Taekwondo - Combat Hapkido - Cardio Kickboxing MiddleÊ Football 9/7 Beechwood 9/28 at Williamstown Inv. BYE WeekSchoolÊ 9/16 5:30 at Bracken Co. 9/28 CrossÊ Country MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Football 9/7 Beechwood at Williamstown Inv. Bracken 10/26 at Dixie at Beechwood - Ludlow 9/21 Ryle 10/3 Campbell Co -Pendery MS 9/23 6:00 at Sharpe 8/24 atatCampbell Pioneer Trail Run MS atNewport Beechwood 9/21 Ryle 10/3 Co -Pendery Playoffs Begin - Ludlow $- MS 95 Meet at Sharp - Newportfor Paddle) 9/28 10/9 9/26 LaSalle 6:00 Holmes 8/31 at Idlewild Grant Co. Inv.Final atDayton Sharp -(Battle Newport 9/28 LaSalle 10/9 at Idlewild - MS Final Meet at Campbell 10/19 Regional 1/4 10/12 - NKAC Ludlow - Campbell Purple 10/1 KMEA 4:30 Ludlow 9/7 at Idlewild Mason Co. at Campbell - Campbell Purple 10/19 KMEA Regional 1/4 *Subject 10/12 at to Idlewild - NKAC changes Celebrating 35 Years Service at Tichnenor 10/26 KMEA Semito Northern 10/26 NCC (Homecoming) 10/3of 6:00 atState Ra Jones 9/14 at Regionals ScottKentucky HS - TBA at Tichnenor 10/26 KMEA State Semi 10/26 at Regionals - TBA Dayton 11/2 Horse Park - State Holmes (Senior Night) 9/17 at KY Campbell Co - AJ Jolly HS Only Dayton 11/2 at KY Horse Park - State Brossart Cheerleading Band 9/21 at Pendleton - Sharp MS Brossart Cheerleading Bracken 10/26 Dixie MiddleÊ SchoolÊ Football 9/7 at Beechwood 9/28 at Williamstown Inv. Bracken 10/26 at Dixie Playoffs Begin

3 Introductory Classes +FREE Uniform for only 19


Online at

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ready! Join us for an easy and playful yoga flow that will ignite your personal patronus. No previous wizarding yoga experience required, but just the willingness to participate and bring your magic to life. Presented by NKU and The Yoga Bar. Ages 18 & up. Registration required. Programs for Children and Families Ready for K Through Play 10 am Mondays, Sept. 16, 23 & 30 Ages 3-5. No need to register. Movers & Shakers 10 am Tuesdays, Sept. 17 & 24 Ages 2-3. No need to register.

Sept. 19 & 26 Ages 3-5. No need to register.

Yoga for Young Ones 11 am Saturday, Sept. 14 Yoga is a great way to mix movement and reading together in this story time. We will learn yoga poses to go with a story and practice mindfulness exercises for kids! There will also be songs as well as a craft and open play. Bring a yoga mat if you would like to, but they are not required. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Questions? Contact Children’s Librarian Nina Frondorf at nfrondorf@ or 859-572-5035, ext. 18. All ages. No need to register.

Family Fun Night: The Lion King 6:30-8:30 pm Baby Bounce & Rhyme Thursday, Sept. 19 10 am Wednesdays, Sept. This month, we will be 18 & 25 Newborn-age 2. No need watching The Lion King! There will also be themed to register. crafts, games, as well as snacks and a play area for Little Prodigies little ones so you and the 4 pm Wednesdays, whole family can have a Sept. 18 & 25 Sept. 18: Cupcake Liner night of fun. All ages. No need to register. Wreaths Sept. 25: Puffy Paper Stars Sensory Science Ages 2-7. No need to regStory Time ister. 11:30 am Saturday, Sept. 21 Storytots Children, all ages are 10 am Thursdays,

invited to use all of their senses to explore stories, songs and hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities. Our ‘Sensory Science’ programs begin with a short story time that integrates movement and song, and end with hands-on STEAM exploration. This program is designed for children with sensory integration challenges but is open to children of all abilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Children’s Librarian, Nina Frondorf: Monday nfrondorf@ccService Anspaugh OR 859-572-5035 All Commons ext. Bellepoint 18. Berry All ages. NoAll need All to register. Bonnie Leslie All Center Clark to Taylor Book Bingo Clark All 2 pm Saturday, Sept. Clayton All 28 Cleveland All Join Colfax us for a fun hour of All bingo and prizes. WeAll will Covert Run Division Down Taylor play the classic game, and Donnermeyer All Fairfield will get Down Taylor each winner toto pick Geiger All out theirGlazier own book and a All Grandview Lafayette to Taylor prize for their reward. We Hazen All will have lots of funAll and Lafayette Landmark you just might go Allhome Lake with a Memorial new favorite All book. All Mesh Ct. All All ages. No need to regisPatchen All ter. Poplar Lafayette to Taylor Prospect Retreat Riviera Robson Roosevelt Ross Rossford Run S Foote S O Fallon S Ward Shady Terrace Sherry Taylor Tiger Lane Walnut Wilson


Republic Services Trash Route Change: Effective 10/14/19 Monday Service

Tuesday Service Tuesday Service

Monday Service

Anspaugh All Bellepoint Commons All Anspaugh All Berry All Bellepoint Commons All Bonnie Leslie All Berry AllTaylor Center Clark to ClarkLeslie All Bonnie All Clayton All Center Clark All to Taylor Cleveland Colfax All Clark All Covert Run All Clayton All Division Down Taylor Cleveland All Donnermeyer All Fairfield Down to Colfax AllTaylor Geiger All Covert Run All Glazier All Division Down Taylor Grandview Lafayette to Taylor Hazen All Donnermeyer All Lafayette All Fairfield Down All to Taylor Landmark Lake All Geiger All Memorial All Glazier All Mesh Ct. All Grandview Lafayette Patchen Allto Taylor Poplar LafayetteAll to Taylor Hazen Prospect Lafayette to Taylor Lafayette AllTaylor Retreat Clark to Riviera All Landmark All Robson All Lake All Roosevelt All Memorial All Ross Tuesday Service All Rossford All MeshRun Ct. All S Foote Center Taylor toAll O Fallon Patchen All S ODivision Fallon All Taylor to O Fallon Poplar Lafayette S Ward Allto Taylor Eden All Shady Terrace Allto Taylor Prospect Lafayette Fairfield Taylor toAll O Fallon Sherry Retreat Clark to Taylor Taylor All Foote All Tiger Lane LafayetteAll Riviera Frank Benke Allto Taylor Walnut Lafayette to Taylor Robson All Fuhrman All Wilson All

Center Division Center Eden Division Fairfield Eden Foote Frank Benke Fairfield Fuhrman Foote Grandview Lincoln Frank Benke Locust Fuhrman O Fallon Grandview Poplar Prospect Lincoln Retreat Locust Union O Fallon Van Voast Walnut Poplar Ward Prospect Washington

Retreat Union Van Voast Walnut Ward Washington

Taylor to O Fallon

Taylor O Fallon Taylor to to O Fallon Taylor to OAllFallon Taylor to O Fallon AllAll Taylor to OAllFallon All TaylorAllto O Fallon Ward All to Van Voast AllAll Frank Benke to Center Taylor to to O Fallon Taylor O Fallon Taylor Washington Ward totoVan Voast Taylor to End AllAll Frank BenkeAll to Center Taylor to to O Washington Taylor Fallon All Taylor to Washington All Taylor to End All All Taylor to Washington All All

Wednesday Service Grandview Harrison Lincoln O Fallon Observatory Truman Woodlyn Ridge

O Fallon to Harrison All Van Voast to Harrison Center to Grandview All All All

Roosevelt Grandview Taylor toAll O Fallon Ross All Voast Lincoln Ward to Van Locust Run All Rossford All OS Fallon Frank Benke Foote Allto Center Taylor toAll O Fallon S Poplar O Fallon Prospect Taylor to Washington S Ward All Career in Three Skills Retreat TaylorTraining to End Shady Terrace All •Medical Assisting Union All Sherry All Van Voast •Business All and Computer Technologies Taylor All •Health Technology Administration Walnut Taylor to Washington Obtain GED Lafayette whiletoin training•Debt free education Tiger Lane Ward All Taylor TODAY Walnut Lafayette to Taylor Washington All START

Real Training. Life Changing. Center for Employment Training


Call All 859-491-8303 ext. 2201

BELLEVUE VETS Lafayette to Taylor Clark to Taylor All All All All All All All All All All All Lafayette to Taylor Lafayette to Taylor All

24 Fairfield Ave • Bellevue, Ky • 431-0045

Thank You

The Bellevue Veterans Club would like to thank all those that helped us with our recent repairs and upgrades. We could not have done this without you! Major League Baseball St. Elizabeth Healthcare Cincinnati Reds/Reds Community Fund Anna B. Milburn Foundation Bellevue Vets Duke Energy Cincinnati Zoo Pepper Construction Cincinnati Tool Bank New Riff Distilling Bricklayers Union Local 18 IBEW Local 212 Electric Workers Local 392 – Plumbers, Pipefitters & Mechanical Equipment Service Union Glenwood Electric Nelson Stark The Motz Group Andy Frain Services Tri-State Interiors Eaton Corporation Wesco Electric Distribution City of Bellevue Art’s Rentals River City Ducks Youth Football Home Depot - discounted blocks Evans Landscaping-tree removal Yasiel Puig Foundation Schott Foundation - electric River City Ducks Youth Football-scoreboard timer Franklin Equipment Ferguson Waterworks American Legion Bellevue Eagles YOU the community for your continued support


Gran Har Lin O OF Wo Obser Tru Woodl


For Info & Rates Call Mike @ 331-7977





Generosity…it’s a Jesus thing!

People ask me from time to time if I like my job. I STEAK & SEAFOOD really do not see my role as Pastor and Teacher as a job. Wednesday Night Monday Night All you can eat To me it is a calling, a lifeAll you can eat Crablegs style, a vocation, something Baby Back Ribs Salad & Side Side & Salad I cannot separate myself from. It is who I am. Being Tuesday & Thursday Night a pastor is not about being 40% OFF Wine right, having all the answers, With purchase of 2 Entrees doing all the appropriate things, remembering every Check out our website at t ro t t a s s t e a k a n d s e a f o o d . c o m person’s name (although I try), or sitting on the pedesMonday through Saturday 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 tal that many people want to Sun From 3:00 PM to 9:00 P.M. place me on. Being a pastor 441 6th Avenue Phone: 859-360-5573 is about shepherding people Email: Dayton, KY 41074 in the faith and helping them find their true passion, abilities, and skills, and to listen for our still speaking God thru patterning their lives after Jesus. In the New Testament we We Haul It All!! find the letters of 1 Timothy Appliances, Furniture, Construction Debris, Tree Removal, Attic, Yard, Garage, Basement, All Areas - Free Estimates and 2 Timothy. These letters Best Rates, Same Day Service Available. FREE were written to a local pas513-371-2763 Estimates tor, Timothy. Although Timothy is an exceptional leader, he lives in a time of false teachers and is expected to shepherd his flock with deWhen you mention this ad votion to the teachings of Jesus. This is not an easy vocation and there are always those ready 24 Fairfield Ave • Bellevue, Ky • 431-0045 to criticize, accuse you of missing the mark, as well as

Affordable HAULING $

50 OFF

BELLEVUE VETS Bar ThePublic Public Bar Open Open To To The Thank you to the over 300 Volunteers for all the help with our improvements on Thursday August 15, 2019.

Queen of hearts weekly drawing every Tuesday at a cost of only $1 per ticket and current jackpot is $10,000 and growing daily.

Now Hiring Part Time Bartender

Hall Rentals Please call 859-431-0045 Ask for Serina

$9 Buckets of Beer

preaching too long. One critique of pastors (and Churches in general) is that we are always talking about or asking for money. Have you ever heard that? What is amazing about this critique is that those raising this complaint are not just those who are outside of the church, but rather those of us in the Jesus movement. The topic of money, the realities of having it and how we use it, is a major theme of Jesus’ teachings. Except for his focus on the coming Realm of God, Jesus has more to say about money than any other topic. It would surprise some people to know that Jesus spoke more about money and economic justice than love. Specifically, he taught that money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. This tells me that he truly knows and understands our hearts, and that he cares about how we use our financial resources. It has been my experience that most of us in this country do not think of ourselves as rich. But all it takes is to place ourselves in what we may call a poor country or oppressed neighborhood to realize our wealth. It has also surprised me that studies show that the highest percentage of donations given to charities come

from those with the lowest incomes. Generosity with our money is a spiritual practice – something that is part of our daily living, an act of worship, a response to God’s amazing grace, an action of care for others and the world that God so loves. Generosity…it’s a Jesus thing! “As for those who in the present age are rich, command them not to be haughty, or to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches, but rather on God who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life.” -1 Timothy 1.17-19

From the Corner is written by the Rev. Keith M. Haithcock, Pastor & Teacher of St. John United Church of Christ on the corner of Fairfield and Ward Avenues in Bellevue, Kentucky.

SCHWAB 859-835-3595

During Reds games

We turn 75 in 2020 & we could use a few more VETERAN members. Come support a great organization. Why go to the casinos to play video slots when you can play 12 Electronic Pulltab Machines at the Bellevue Vets?

Win up to $599 no tax paperwork (#00558)

Visit our new location!

201 6th Avenue Dayton, KY 41074

Soft-Baked Pretzels Pretzel Sandwiches Dine-In or Carry Out Party Trays Available 411 Fairfield Ave


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Bellevue Community News - September, 2019  

Bellevue Community News - September, 2019