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COMMUNITY NEWS Volume 42 Number 1

April, 2019



by Jo Anne Warren, Master Gardener, Tree Hugger Hermann Hesse (July 2, 1877 – August 9, 1962) wrote about trees in his 1920 collection of fragments, Wandering Notes and Sketches. (Wanderung: Aufzeichnungen ) For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone. They are the lonely persons. Not like hermits who have stolen away out of some weakness, but like great, solitary men, like Beethoven and Nietzsche. In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only: to fulfill themselves according to their own laws, to build their own form, to represent themselves. Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful strong tree. When a tree is cut


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down and reveals its naked death-wound to the sun, one can read its whole history in the luminous, inscribed disk of its trunk: in the rings of its years, its scars, all the struggle, all the suffering, all the sickness, all the happiness and prosperity stand truly written, the narrow years and the luxurious years, the attacks withstood, the storms endured.

And every young farmboy knows that the hardest and noblest wood has the narrowest rings, that high on the mountains and in continuing danger the most indestructible, the strongest, the ideal trees grow. From The Mountains of California, Chapter 8, by John Muir, 1838 – 1914, America’s most famous naturalist and conservationist.

SBcomp Comes Home!

by Steve Brun SBcomp, the computer store founded by Steven A. Brun in 1995, will re-

Allens Painting Home Repair Gutter Cleaning Debris Hauling


turn to its home city of Bellevue on May 1st. We will be operating out of the old Doctors office in the Desmond Insurance Building at 217 Fairfield Ave. “We are so happy to be returning to Bellevue and to be part of the energy on the Avenue” said Mr. Brun, “and to have so many new businesses opening right around that area is exciting.” SBcomp started in Janu-

ary of 1995 and operated out of a home until September of 1996 when they moved operations to 182 Covert Run Pike. After trying some other locations in Bellevue they moved in 2014 to Southgate, but have always been waiting for the right opportunity and location to come back to “Downtown B-town”.





March 30, 2019 As promised, the number one project on our agenda every day is the FEMA hillside slippage retention wall project that impacts homes on or adjacent to Taylor, Bonnie Leslie, North and South Sherry streets. After many meetings involving up to four or five engineers, we have finally completed the Phase I submission to FEMA. This is a complex undertaking with many moving parts. This involved an analysis of costs related to the construction of the walls’ systems, design, grading, easements, staging areas, earth removal and management, coordination of effort with utilities and homeowners, and more. We have submitted the final figures ahead of the deadline of March 31 to the FEMA office. Now, the ball is in their court. (I’ve been watching too much March Madness. Go Cats!). We are concerned about our neighbors, their homes as well as our taxpayers’, too. There is a fine balance. We have to focus on the resources made available to the City by FEMA and work within the confines of the dollars made available for the project. We’re moving forward the best we can, but at least Phase I is submitted. While we’re talking about hillside slippage, there is another recent slide from the houses on Clayton Court that spilled onto Anspaugh and Lafayette streets. The Gable family immediately hired a geotechnical company and did a fantastic job of stabilizing their hillside. They installed a wall at the base of their hill and placed a hillside stabilization system close to the back of their house. They did the right thing quickly, and never asked the City for anything but cooperation. They invested significant resources. The adjoining property is a different story, and it’s not a good one. There was a pattern of avoidance of responsibility and respect for neighbors. As I write this, there is a significant amount of dirt and tree limbs from the slippage on Lafayette blocking the roadway. There

is an unsightly mess that the neighbors have to look at on a daily basis. Instead of stabilizing the hillside, the property owner reportedly has sold the house and lot to a new owner, and left him to deal with the mess. The City has been and continues to monitor the status and progress or lack thereof of the hillslide slippage impacting the Lafayette neighbors. The lack of progress will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, we cannot just send City workers onto the site and remove all of the debris. We have been advised by building inspectors that the dirt should not be removed because it is providing some stability to the hillside. If the hillside slips more, the house could be next. We will stay on top of this project the best we can. Our City Administrator, Frank Warnock, and Code Inspector have been communicating with the new owner and directing him to obtain the proper permits, and to hire professionals to design and build a fix. Noteworthy, to complicate matters, the new owner’s tree workers cut down a tree on the property, it promptly fell into the electric wiring and heavy duty cable between two phone poles, snapping both poles and knocking out the electric service for several homes. The new owner has represented he will do the right thing, and that the hillside will be repaired. Also, we’re still working on obtaining the services of a full time code inspector. Frank has interviewed several good candidates the past few weeks. We want to be prudent and careful as this is an important role for the City. Our part time temporary Code Enforcement Inspector, Jim Ediger, is doing a good job filling in while we look for a full time inspector. Jim has responded to and corrected numerous code issues in his short tenure. We must have a City that is clean and safe. We just held the first public meeting for the 150th anniversary of Bellevue.





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SPRING CLEAN UP! • APRIL 8 – 12 It’s time to clean out your sheds, basements, and other places filled with stashed items you no longer need and shouldn’t be added to your yard sale

or a deserving charity. To help you out, there will be dumpsters located on Van Voast Avenue adjacent to the city building from April 8 to April 12. If you are dis-

weCheck needUs yourOut help

Online At

www.bellevue community news.com www. community shopperllc. com

posing of tires, please place them next to the dumpster. Please no paint or liquids. During the Spring Clean Up if you can’t make it to the dumpsters, call and leave a message at 2610260 and make a request for curb or alley pick up at your house. This event is limited to Bellevue residents only.


Saturday, April 13 Be sure to keep your personal information personal. Bring papers to the front of the city building from 10 am to noon on Saturday, April 13 to be shredded right there in front of you.

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We have everything from Solid Chocolate Eggs to Jelly Beans

Easter is April 21st

420 Fairfield Ave.• Bellevue, Ky.


5 blocks east of I471 bridge (Rt #8)


APRIL, 2019



Make the City-Wide Yard Sale part of your Earth Day plans! How? Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8 beginning at 8 am. Are you wondering what’s the connection? The City-Wide Yard Sale touches these important R’s: recycling, reuse, repurpose and reduce! Reducing manufacturing of new items along with how much trash goes into landfills is part of building a sustainable community. You have two ways to participate: 1. Host a yard sale (be sure to let us know so we can put you on the calendar) 2. Shop the yard sale to find treasures Take advantage to eliminate items you no longer




need and start pricing them to avoid excuses as the date nears. Plus it’s a great time to explore our beautiful community and meet neighbors and visitors! The permit and fee are waived to encourage residents to participate. All you need to do is contact the city by stopping by or calling 431-8888 to let us know the address of your yard sale. If you’d prefer to send an email sent it to jody. robinson@bellevueky.org. We’re creating a map of the yard sales so be sure to let us know your address. Plus, this is the case of the more the merrier as an enticement for shoppers to come visit our beautiful community.


Bellevue Blossoms on May 3rd for First Friday. In Vue has the best way for you to enjoy a spring



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The Greater Cincinnati Test Clinic extends an invitation to you to be tested free of any charge. Your intelligence and aptitude have everything to do with your income, your future, your personal relationships and your life. Such tests would ordinarily cost you $50. They are offered to you free of charge if you bring this slip with you.

evening. Spend time with friends shopping, laughing, eating and drinking. The independent business on Fairfield Avenue will be thanking you for making them blossom and grow with a gift packet of butterfly seed mix to plant.

Visit our new businesses and all your old favorites. May’s First Friday is a great time to see how the Avenue is blossoming. Be sure to like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shopbellevueky.

“This move puts us within walking distance of our home, school and all the great restaurants and stores on the Avenue.” Said Nancy Brun, CEO of SBcomp. “It is such a great area and we can’t be more thrilled with the location”. Please stop in and visit SBcomp after May 1st at 217 Fairfield Ave and use the back entrance. We will be open Monday thru Friday from 9-5. Ask us about our Offsite Backup Services,

Toner Sales or our Internet and ID Security program, we will be glad to help you with all your personal and business computer needs.


If you are not happy with life, you can find out why. Greater Cincinnati Test Clinic 283 Main Street Florence, KY 41042 (859) 743-4461


Bellevue Community News The Bellevue Community News is published once a month by Community Shopper LLC, 464 Kuhrs Lane, Covington, KY 41015-1034. Rate & advertising information may be obtained by calling Mike Pendery publisher/owner @ 859-331-7977, or by E-mail to communityshopper@twc. com. Publisher is not liable for contents of any ads or any claims made by advertisers.

Next Issue May 10th Deadline May 3rd


It’s also called the Sesquicentennial Celebration, but Frank can’t pronounce it so we call it the 150th for him. Ryan Salzman can say it because he’s been through that celebration in his home state. He brags about being able to articulate the word. Maybe Ryan can give Frank some lessons. It was amazing how many people showed up for the meeting even though U.K. was playing that evening in the NCAA tournament. Poor planning on my part when I set a meeting date 15 days prior to game time. Shauna Kruise stepped forward to be the Council representative to the Committee for the event. Shauna, Marcy Ackerson, Julie Fischer and Casey Gilmore comprise the A Team that will plan and manage the celebration. The “event” will be a series of happenings over a few months. We have a lot of good ideas, but as you know making ideas become a reality poses challenges. Casey is an event planner at the Party Source. She is a former co-owner of Cincy Events Management. Julie and Marcie have been working on the project since last year. There will be a grand event dinner for the grand finale of our Sesquicentennial Celebration. Cathi Ege and Karen Brunner are excited to chair this event. The opening event is still one year away so there is plenty of time to volunteer and make this celebration memorable. We are making progress on our short term rental regulations. The short term rentals involve companies like Airbnb, Vrbo and others that involve owners of houses who rent them for short terms on the internet. We worry about traffic, noise, safety and disruption to neighbors. Short term rentals are the way of the world now, as a result of the internet’s influence on society, so we have to deal with


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Online at www.bellevuecommunitynews.com PAGE 3 RECAP OF THE 2018-19 BELLEVUE HIGH FROM PG 1 it.

I appreciate the information and help I am receiving from Anna Stevens and others. While we only have eight places registered within our city, we found at least six more advertising on the internet as Airbnb’s in Bellevue. There are regulations in place, but they are not being followed. City Attorney Dave Fessler has researched the issue and is drafting a new ordinance. We want the regulations to be as simple and as effective that they can be. We want the owners and manager of the short term rentals to respect the community and not allow disruption. It is a violation of regulations to register as a rental apartment if you are a short term rental. Here are the numeric part of the addresses of owners to be in alleged violation: 88, 208, 237, 335, 409. Please come to City Hall and register your business properly and follow all of the rules that pertain to this type of rental property. We will be monitoring sites like Vbro, Home Away, Flipkey, Airbnb and any others we can identify that advertise this activity. The ultimate goal is compliance, a clean and safe city, and respect for our neighbors. Bellevue is a proud city with trees. It has a history of nurturing trees. Did you know we have a Tree Commission? Did you know it was not engaged and active? Well, it is now. It’s just one of more than just a few City “efforts” that were not being addressed. There are other city agencies that are being fired up and activated. More to come on that later. We are trying to grow a Tree of Success in Bellevue based on honesty, effort, communication, team work, dedication, respect, accountability, transparency, trust, listening and engagement. These are the attributes identified in our visioning sessions early-on by our staff and Council members. We will grow this tree with thoughtfulness, carefully with energy and effort. Please help us along the way.


Boys Basketball- Coach Jim Hicks entered his 8th season as Head Basketball Coach with high expectations. Due to an injury to a key player and other factors the team experienced a tough season. One highlight of the season for Coach Hicks saw him win his career 100th game against Ludlow on January 4, 2019 by the score of 6135. Coach Hicks currently stands at 106 wins which rank him 3rd in school history. On an individual note, senior Tommy Ratterman finish the season and his career with outstanding offensive statistics. In his 4 year career Tommy’s 119 games played ranks first in school history. He completed his career as the 3rd leading scorer in school history with 1427 points. For the season he scored 556 points for an average of 17.4ppg. From the 3-point line he is the most prolific scorer in school history. He rewrote the books: Most 3 point goals made in one season105, breaking his own mark set last year of 91. During his career Tommy shattered Lenny Bay’s career record of 213, established from 1994-98 with his career ending mark of 297. The 297 made 3’s ranks 3rd All-Time in Northern Kentucky history. Tommy will be listed in the KHSAA record books for most 3-point goals attempted in one season of 264 and 733 in a career and 297 made in a career. Tommy is the recipient of the Bones Faber Award, which goes to the Most Valuable Player of his team. The award is named for Bones Faber who led his 1948-49 team to the 9th Region Championship. Interesting to note, Tommy’s grandfather Dave Rechtin was a member of that team. Tommy was also selected to the Northern Kentucky Boys Basketball Coaches Association’s Division III All-Conference team. Tommy finished runner-up in voting for player of the year in Division III. Coach Tommy Sorrell completed his 11th season as Head Coach of the Lady



Tigers. His team finished the season with a record of 17-15 and a 3rd place finish in the Conference. This is Coach Sorrell’s 7th consecutive season with a .500 or better record. (6 winning seasons and one at .500) Tommy is the winningest coach in school history with 152 wins and counting. Next season, his 12th will tie Coach Sorrell as the longest tenured head girls basketball coach in school history. Junior Kierstyn Ratterman led the team in

scoring with 11.8 ppg. Kierstyn should surpass 100 career 3 point goals next year as she currently has 92. Sophomore Morgan Mardis currently has recorded 691 rebounds in her career since her 7th grade season with two years ahead. Senior Bryanna Bridewell, junior Kierstyn Ratterman, and sophomore Morgan Mardis were all named to the Girls Basketball Coaches Association’s Division III AllConference Team. Coach Swauger

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APRIL, 2019


Spring Tips by Terri Baker ACO You may see turtles crossing the road soon. If it is safe to do so and you want to help please put the turtle in the direction it was going on the side of the road. Just getting it out of the roadway will help. However, putting it on the correct side of the road will keep it from going back. Don’t forget to wash your hands after handling. It is baby time. Soon you may see kittens, baby birds, deer etc. Wild babies, for the most part, do not need any intervention. However, Kittens we want to know about. Let’s talk about how to handle a baby situation and know if the baby needs help or not. A baby bird that has

fallen from the nest is very common. Most mama birds will kick them out when its time for them to go and they spend 2 days or so on the ground before they learn to take flight. The parents still come to feed the baby until it learns to fly. Baby birds are not professionals in the beginning. The ‘wait and see’ attitude is fine if the baby is not in danger. If you can reach the nest safely feel free to put it back. It and its siblings may be back on the ground a few minutes later, but you tried. If cats are prevalent in your area or if the baby is already injured, then a wildlife rehabber is your answer. We only have one bird rehab in our area at this time. Her name is Ginger Rood and her number is

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(859) 261-3636

859-384-4022. Baby bunnies and baby deer are frequently found lying alone with “no mother in sight”. That is the master plan for these animals considered “prey” animals. They are always in fear of being eaten. So they do not lay with their babies. They do not want to draw attention to them or make them have too much of an odor. If you have to chase a bunny to “save it”, then it does not need to be saved. It is on its own. If they have hair and their eyes are open, they are not in need of your care. Injured bunnies most of the time do a lot better without us. Mother Nature heals her own animal, for the most part. There is only one antibiotic you can give a rabbit and they can stress and die just from being handled. You can help most by not helping. Fawns need intervention when they are crying aka “bleating”, the grass has died under where they are laying or they have maggots/flies all over. If you feel a baby needs rescue call Animal Control or a Wildlife rehabber please. I created a Face book Group for anyone interested in becoming a rehabber or assisting wildlife by transporting them etc. it is called NKY Wildlife Rehab. We have a desperate need for bird and mammal rehabbers in our area. We get calls for baby squirrels, raccoons, opos-

sums etc. Remember unless you are a licensed rehabber or in the process of being one, you can not raise these babies. Never feed a cold baby and never give milk products. If you absolutely have to give the baby something once it warms up, just until you can get it to rehab use pedialyte only. A baby bird would be fed dog food kibble soaked in water. Small pieces behind the tongue every 30 minutes. List of licensed rehabbers: http://app.fw.ky.gov/rehabilitatorNew/ Domestics/feral/stray kitten season is almost here too. Our county has adopted a new program to help our county shelter be no-kill. This means if there are feral or stray cats reproducing, spraying and causing problems in your neighborhood, we will trap them have them vaccinated, spay/ neutered and an eartip and release back into the area, totally free of charge! This keeps new cats or wildlife from vacuuming (Moving into) the neighborhood and your area cats are healthier (not spreading disease) and no longer spraying, fighting etc because they are altered. Some kittens can be placed up for adoption, but for the most part, mom keeps them hidden until the prime socialization period is over. This means they will never be sweet, tame, indoor cats your kids can pet. Those kittens will at least be


altered with this program. We have had this program in place since October 2016 and we have dramatically reduced the number of cats euthanized. Only terminally injured/sick cats are euthanized now. See Community Cat Diversion Program: http:// www.campbellcountyky. org/images/stories/AnimalShelter/TNR%20Brochure.pdf Please be proactive and help us continue to save lives. Call 859-635-2819 and we can discuss trapping in your area. If it is an emergency please call me through dispatch 859-2923622 Below are some Low cost options for your own indoor pets. Remember we will do your strays outside for free. LOW COST SPAY/ NEUTER 1. Dogs & Cats: UCAN 2830 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati Oh. 45225 513721-PETS(7387) www.ucancincinnati.org 2. Cats only: OAR 5619 Orlando Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45227 (513) 871-0185 www. ohioalleycat.org There is not a true “Puppy season”. Dogs can get pregnant anytime a heat cycle pops up. I hope you find this article was helpful. Please spay/neuter your pet and let us spay/neuter your stray cats!

Tis spring-time on on the eastern hills! hills! Tis spring-time the eastern Like torrents gush thesummer summer Like torrents gush the rills; rills; Through winter’s moss and Through winter’s moss and dry dead leaves dry grass deadrevives leaves The bladed and lives, The bladed grass revives and lives, Pushes the mouldering waste away, Pushes the mouldering waste away, And glimpses to the April day. And glimpses to the April day. Whittier Whittier

APRIL, 2019

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CHASING AWAY ILLITERACY by Alvena Stanfield If you are reading this, you are THE one who can gift the gift of literacy to a kid living nearby. ‘What? Not me,’ you say. ‘I barely have time to get everything done now. I can’t add to this load.’ Are you sure? Picture your workload if you couldn’t read. And at one time, you couldn’t. Someone took time to help you unravel our convoluted, sources-from-everywhere reading world. Today the Northern Kentucky Education Council has found a great solution you can be a part of. It is called One to One and you can sign up on their website at nkec. org. For a half hour a week, the volunteers help a small child unravel the mysteries of our convoluted literature. Convoluted? Oh yes. For example, ‘thou’ is a person. Add ‘gh’ and we have though. Add an ‘r’ for through. Take off the ‘r,’ add a ‘t’ and through becomes thought. It’s a bit confusing to a first-grader who has figured out “drive thru” at a pharmacy or restaurant. So why don’t we spell them tho, thot, thru. The answer is because that’s the way it is. But a second-grader fails reading and loses points on a spelling test. Even worse,

that child depends on the pictures and skips most words, loses self-confidence, and presumes he or she can’t do what other students can. That’s just one group of words a child, barely waisthigh, is expected to navigate. Can we ask one person, the teacher, to explain these confusing spellings to twenty-five or more children and expect one hundred percent success? Some of the twenty-five+ kids will grasp the differences, slide them into place in their memory and build from there. They will read by fourth grade. But what about the other ones: The ones unable to comprehend the story’s theme, plot, characters, setting and conflict or unable to manage words changes like her to here, and hear. There is a dim future for these illiterates, those who cannot read by the beginning of fourth grade. Unless an adult intervenes, they are likely to never read, illiterate for a lifetime. For them, there is a lot of room at the bottom. They will be unable to compete for higher-paying employment. Recognizing the connection between


Mr. Ralph Schoulthies and Mr. Bill Cheevers, representatives of the Bellevue High School Alumni Association presented a $5,000 check to the Grandview PILOT Program. This program provides technology for Grandview Elementary students and helps move towards a 1-to-1 initiative where every student will have their own iPad. Pictured (left to right) Assistant Superintendent – Janis Winbigler, Ralph Schoulthies, Bill Cheevers, Principal – Angie Young

BELLEVUE VETS Bar Open To The Public 24 Fairfield Ave • Bellevue, Ky • 431-0045

l l a b y e l l o V d n a l l a b e s a B h t u Yo e d a r a P y a D g Openin 9 1 0 2 , 4 1 l i r Ap





Queen of hearts weekly drawing every Tuesday at a cost of only $1 per ticket and current jackpot is $6000 and growing daily.

Derby Party Saturday May 4th Oaks Party Friday May 3rd

Karaoke LIVE April 13th Bellevue Education Foundation Anniversary Karaoke to LIVE music by Weekly drink special during Reds games. Sexy Time

Reds 150th

Fish Fry Ends Friday 4/12/19

We turn 75 in 2020 & we could use a few more VETERAN members. Come support a great organization.

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Newport Branch Programs for Adults and Teens

Tween Scene 4-5 pm Tuesdays, April 16 April 16: Ralph Breaks the Internet Ages 8-14. No need to register. Impromptu 3-5 pm Wednesdays, April 17 & 24 Come unwind after school, we may play board games, we may make a craft. We could do both ... impromptu the time is planned the fun is not. Ages 11-19. No need to register. YA for Grown Adults Book Club 7 pm Tuesday, April 16 Join the discussion of Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. Ages 18 & up. New members welcome. No need to register. Vision Boards 3 pm Thursday, April 18

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, or even 15 years? Planning out your future isn’t the most fun activity, but we are here to help! Do you want to be a millionaire with yacht? Do you want a tiger on that yacht? Well that is the fun with vision boards. If you can imagine then the possibilities are endless. All supplies provided. Ages 11-19. No need to register. After Hours Glow-in-theDark Easter Egg Hunt 8 pm Saturday, April 20 Have fun and act like a kid again with an after hours glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. We’ll start with some trivia to get you hoppin ready. Then the hunt is on... Bring your own basket or bag. Ages 18 & up. Registration required. Upcycled Birdfeeders 6:30-8:30 pm Monday, April 22 Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process

“Complete Car & Truck Repair”

GRAVETT’S GARAGE 180 Fairfield Ave Bellevue, Kentucky 41073


of transforming unwanted products into new materials better for the environment. We will be taking bottles and creatively transforming them into birdfeeders where birds can enjoy a luxurious and tasty afternoon meal. Supplies provided. Ages 18 & up. Registration required. Friends Book Sale 9 am-noon Thursday, April 25 The Friends of the Library host a book sale from 9 a.m. to noon on the fourth Thursday of the month from January through October. The book sale is in the Friends Room on the lower level of the Newport Branch. Come browse the great selection of books and take advantage of incredible prices. No need to register. Anime Club 3-5 pm Thursday, April 25 Do you love anime? Have you shipped everyone? Do you want to talk about anime with other teens who love it as much as you? Today is your day. We’ll watch anime, eat Pocky, maybe we’ll make a craft or color pictures and talk about all things anime. Ages 11-19. No need to register. Programs for Children and Families

Backyard Wilderness Exhibit & Bioblitz April 1-30 Thanks to HHMI | Tangled Bank Studios, the Newport branch is hosting an exhibit that encourages families to engage with nature through investigation and observation during the entire month of April. The Backyard Wilderness exhibit show us the wonders of nature before we even wander into our backyards and encourages us to make connections with nature that don’t require a WiFi connection. The exhibit was created in conjunction with the Imax film, Backyard Wilderness, which is currently showing in theaters across the country. Family activity guides will be provided to allow you to begin investigating in your own backyard. You may also download the app, Seek by iNaturalist, to discover what species of plants, birds, insects, mammals, etc., are growing or living near you. Or, to truly be WiFi free, ask a librarian to help you locate one of our many identification guides to check out and take with you into your own backyard wilderness adventure. All ages.


illiteracy and criminality Kentucky prisons offer reading lessons to inmates. Each of you can do something about this. Sign on to be a coach. There is an elementary school near your home that will welcome you. You don’t have to be a great reader to help a child relate the symbols of reading to the sounds of listening. As a One-to-One coach for five years, this writer’s mission is to instill confidence in one child who has been unable to unravel the mysteries of reading.

APRIL, 2019 Along with the exhibit, the library is sponsoring a bioglitz, an intense period of biological survey in an attempt to record all living species within a designated area. Our bioblitz focuses on the species in either your backyard, the Library’s yard or in one of the many parks in the city of Newport. We are looking for whatever plants, amphibians, fungi, fish, reptiles, arachnids, birds, insects, mollusks or mammals you can find in those areas. To learn what species typically reside in our area, you may download the app Seek by iNaturalist, or check out one of our many nature guides. You may also stop by our Newport Branch to pick up a species bioblitz form to use to record all your findings. (A downloadable version of the form will be available here beginning April 1.) This sheet will also provide a sampling of species to look for in our area and a map of all our parks. If you bring your completed bioblitz form back to our Newport Branch and show it to one of our librarians, we




Here’s how simple it is. I include the words found on a box of eight crayons. We look at the crayons, one by one. Then we talk about their sounds and the connection between words we say and those we read. By comparing that link to the hexagonal shape of a STOP sign, the mystery of reading, of connecting sounds they already know to those symbols on the page, is revealed. I write letters and two- and three-letter words on two sets of index cards. We play a game of con-

Saturday, April 13, 2019 • 7pm - 11pm

Bellevue Vets Bar - 24 Fairfield Ave • Bellevue, Ky



centration with the cards. I love the ah-hah moment when their eyes open wide, surprised they can read. Do you remember when you received this revelation? No, and neither will this child. But what they and we remember is a foundation that someone took the time to build with us. For this writer, my father and I read comic books together. I remember it was fun and built a lifelong bond between us. I had no idea he was setting me up for a successful future. But he knew. Today’s super busy parents may not see reading as their priority. Their work schedules may make it difficult to spend reading time. But the half hour a week the One to One volunteers have given to children are statistically impressive in the gains made between one year’s testing to the next. So, if you can share a half hour a week with a non-reader you will have a role in the joy they have when they realize they’re successful. You will have established an education legacy for a lifetime. Are you sure you don’t have a half hour a week to spare/ share?

APRIL, 2019

Online at www.bellevuecommunitynews.com

Congratulations to the Grandview Elementary School students of the month honored for their Effort and Enthusiasm at the March 27, 2019 Board of Education Meeting.

Pictured back row: Superintendent Robb Smith, Principal – Angie Young, Assistant Superintendent – Janis Winbigler Pictured middle row: Gracie Riggs, Dominic Woodruff, Kylee Schehr Pictured front row: Alexis Fey, Nina Salzman, Ricky Lloyd Not pictured: Esmeralda Martinez

Congratulations to the Bellevue Middle/High School students of the month honored for their Effort and Enthusiasm at the March 27, 2019 Board of Education Meeting.


NKY PUBLIC RETIREES MTG. When you have spring fever and are looking for ways to volunteer, attend NKY Chapter of Kentucky Public Retirees. The next monthly meeting will be held Monday May 13, 2019. All meetings are held at Golden Corral 388 Orphanage Rd. Ft. Wright, KY. beginning 11:45 a.m. with lunch, social time, and guest speaker. Following speaker a short business meeting is conducted. Retirees who are from local, county, state government, support staff from KY. Public School systems, support staff from KY. State universities, and State Police are eligible to join along with spouses. Membership is free from month of joining to end of year December 2019. Yearly individual

membership is $15 per year. Being a member gives you a chance to interact with other retirees, find out latest pension news, have a lobbyist who works with retiree issues during legislative session and $5000.00 Life Insurance from KY. Retirees Board. By being a member a Quarterly newsletter “The Kernel” is received. KPR has a Facebook page , Twitter, and website. Any questions can be addressed to NKY Chapter President Milton Mains email mhlm38@twc.com or NKY. Membership Chair Ralph Wolf email ralphgw1@aol.com. Submitted by Melissa Artopoeus NKY Chapter Public Relations

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Pictured back row: Superintendent Robb Smith, Kiana McGuire, Director of Academic Services – Deneen Zimmerman, Elijah Muller, Principal – John Darnell Pictured front row: Daniel Florence, Rebekah Lytle, Gabe Schmidt Not pictured: Kennedy Wikle, Will Strong

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will give you an entry form to win one of our outdoor adventure kits or your very own nature guide. A bonus entry form will be given to anyone visiting five or more of Newport’s parks. Movers & Shakers 10 am Tuesdays, April 16 Ages 2-3. No need to register. Baby Bounce & Rhyme 10 am Wednesdays, April 17 Newborn-2. No need to register. Little Prodigies 4 pm Wednesday April 17: Flowers Ages 2-7. No need to register. Story Tots 10 am Thursdays, April 18 Ages 3-5. No need to register. Yoga for Young Ones 11 am Saturday, April 13 Yoga is a great way to mix movement and reading together in this story time. During this program we will learn yoga poses to go with a story and practice mindfulness exercises for kids! There will also be songs as well as




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a craft and open play. Bring a yoga mat if you would like to, but they are not required. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. We hope to see you there. Questions? Contact Children’s Librarian Nina Frondorf at nfrondorf@ cc-pl.org or 859-572-5035 ext 18. All ages. No need to register. Family Fun Night: A Bug’s Life 6:30 pm Thursday, April 18 This night of family fun is nature themed! During this program, we will watch the movie A Bug’s Life while enjoying a night with family. There will also be games, a play area for young ones, themed snacks, and information about how you can explore your backyard to find creatures like those we see in the movie. All ages. No need to register. Easter Celebration 2 pm Saturday, April 20 Join us for a fun hour with an Easter egg hunt and crafts! All ages. No need to register. The Newport Branch is located at 901 E. Sixth St. in Newport, phone 859-572-5035.

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With every funeral I officiate I grapple with grief, my own grief that occurs from the loss of my own family and my grief at the deaths within my congregation. The longer I’m a pastor the harder it is to say good bye to faithful congregants God has called me to shepherd. I find myself torn between holding myself together for the family and congregation, but inside weeping hard, hurting deeply, and assessing the loss of the person from my daily life. We all grieve such losses. I try to help and encourage those who grieve, to allow themselves to feel what they feel with no judgement; to be easy with themselves as sorrow ebbs and flows over them at the strangest and most unexpected moments. I suggest to survivors to be patient with one another and to give space for all who are surrounded by shadows of death. This seems to offer permission to acknowledge the realities of what has taken place, and to do so in the manner that each one needs. However, these words do not remove the real pain of loss. In Psalm 23 the psalmist speaks of shadows. Shadows come and go, kind of


APRIL, 2019


“Life Change”

like grief and sadness. But, shadows can only appear when there is light, which reminds us that where there is a shadow there is always light and hope to be found. In the Easter account in the Gospel of Luke (24.5b) there are two men in dazzling clothes standing beside the women who entered the empty tomb of Jesus, and they ask this question, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.” The proclamation of Jesus’ resurrection seemed to the early followers of Jesus, like an “idle tale, and they did not believe them.” (vs.11) Often these words seem like an idle tale to us today, as well. But we must remember that in death, life is changed, not ended. The message of Jesus’ resurrection is that death is defeated. And this is true with all the “deaths” we face in life relationships, employment, parenting, aging, letting go of your bicycle for a car, or handing over your car keys for a mobility scooter. These are all passages of life, and in these passages come change, not endings. And in death from this life comes not the end, but an eternity of light and life. On that first Easter

morning, “Peter ran to the tomb; stooping and looking in, he saw the linen cloths by themselves; then he went home, amazed at what had happened.” (vs.12) Perhaps there is something to be said for these left linen cloths. Jesus teaches that death, of any kind, does not have the last word. There is hope and promise and light and changed life in Christ when we let go of the linen cloths of this life that we no longer need. Be free and live abundantly. Happy Easter. Journey Well! Pastor Keith

From the Corner is written by the Rev. Keith M. Haithcock, Pastor & Teacher of St. John United Church of Christ on the corner of Fairfield and Ward Avenues in Bellevue, Kentucky. Pastor@StJohnChurch.net www.StJohnChurch.net


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Bellevue Community News - April, 2019  

Bellevue Community News - April, 2019