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Portman joins bipartisan push to block Iran’s access to Foreign Exchange Reserves


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Taking A Trip Through Time with June being the traditional wedding month, we thought this photo that donna Salvo brought in of her grandparents Robert and Gladys (Purdy) daugherty on their wedding day was very appropriate. the car was idetified as a 1916 or 1917 Chevrolet. this was taken in Georgetown on State Route 125 near where iGa and Pizza hut are now located. if you have more information please give donna a call at (937) 378-1332. ‘Taking a Trip Through Time’ is a feature of the Brown County Press that is supplied by our readers. If you have photos of places within Brown County that are at least 30 years old please feel free to submit them along with some information about the photo to The Brown County Press by email to or mail them to or drop them off at The Brown County Press 219 South High Street Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154. You will get your picture back. You can also reach us at (937) 444-3441.

Ohio needs simpler municipal tax system As Ohio’s treasurer and watchdog of Ohioans’ hardearned dollars, I am proud to stand up to support sanity and fiscal responsibility in state and local government. That’s why I urge the Ohio legislature to pass House Bill 5 in order to simplify Ohio’s municipal income-tax system. Ohio is the only state in which every city and village sets its own rules and regulations about who must pay taxes, how much and on what type of income. More than 600 local government entities have devised more than 300 different tax forms. As a result, our municipaltax reality is an unnecessary maze of inconsistency, un-

JoSh mandel, ohio tReaSuReR certainty and inefficiency. There is a reason why no other state subjects its residents and businesses to such a complex and cumbersome web of tax rules and forms. As a former city councilman, I understand local distrust of state government, but in this case, arguments in favor of keeping the status quo are far outweighed by the merits of a more streamlined and rational approach. As I travel the state, meeting

Motorcyclist Safety Tip of the Week

Go High Viz to Stand Out Remember that per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists are about 37 times more likely than a passenger car driver or rider to die in a traffic crash. That’s why the Brown County Safe Communities Coalition wants to provide our citizens with some information that can help to keep motorcyclists safe while they’re traveling in Brown County. So here’s this week’s motorcycle safety tip, and this time it’s aimed at those of you who are either bikers or family and friends of bikers. There’s no doubt that motorcycles are often difficult for other motorists to see while on the road. In fact, according to the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC), the leading safety concern of most motorcyclists would be being cut off, run over, or otherwise violated by another driver in traffic. Well, then it only makes sense that you as a respon-

SuSan baSta sible biker should do whatever you can to be more visible to other motorists. Take control and do what you can to go “High Viz”. Here are some suggestions from the MMSC on how to do so! As far as riding gear goes, the brighter, the better. Wear a white or brightly colored helmet and a fluorescent reflective safety vest or brightly colored riding jacket. These should help you to stand out. You can also do some things with your bike so that other motorists will more easily notice you. Put some reflective materials on your bike, install position and marker lights, and use a headlight modu-

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with small businesses, entrepreneurs and skilled laborers, this issue comes up time and again. For example, an electrician in Minster was required to file 39 different municipal tax forms last year. He owed a tax to every city he visited in a single workday, even if he was there for 10 minutes or less. If he worked in any one of those municipalities more than 12 days in a year, he was required to file its tax forms. This unfortunate case highlights how our current law kills jobs and is an obstacle to small-business growth. Many small businesses pay more to the accountants and lawyers

Wayne Gates, Editor Martha Jacob

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lator. You can also install a louder horn and auxiliary driving lights. You should also remember to flash your brake light at stops. Finally, think about when and under which conditions you want to be on the road on your bike. Use strategic lane positioning and movement for more safety and visibility. And if possible, avoid riding in poor weather, at low sun angle times, and at night, dawn, and dusk. These are the times when other motorists are most likely to have problems with seeing a motorcycle. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

helping them wade through the endless sea of tax forms than they actually owe in taxes. Most of the forms that this electrician filed were for less than $5, though he paid on average $150 to prepare and file each return. More than 20 organizations representing thousands of Ohioans agree that the multitude of municipal income-tax regulations on the books stifles economic growth. Small businesses are supporting this legislation not because they believe they will pay less in taxes but because they hope to spend less time and money on confusing bureaucracy and more on creating jobs. If local businesses are able to invest in increasing sales and productivity instead of funding an army of compliance officers, it will be a net positive for job growth. State lawmakers have a great opportunity to enact common-sense reforms that will help create an environment where the private sector can flourish. My hope is that our state will put a morerational system in place so that money currently being wasted on mountains of municipal income-tax paperwork instead can be invested to fuel Ohio job growth. Ohio House Bill 5, introduced by Reps. Cheryl Grossman of Grove City and Michael Henne of Clayton, helps streamline this patchwork of local rules, forms and definitions of income to make Ohio’s municipal income-tax system simpler, fairer and more friendly for job creation.

Rob PoRtman counts around the world filled with foreign exchange reserves – with the majority of those held in euros. Reports suggest that Iran uses these reserves to circumvent the total impact of American and European sanctions by converting them into local currencies in order to finance imports and stabilize the country’s monthly budget. Under the legislation, such currency conversions would be prohibited effective tomorrow; any transactions conducted from that date forward would retroactively be subject to sanctions when the legislation becomes law. For example, a Chinese bank – and its European correspondent – would be prohibited from conducting a transaction with or for the Central Bank of Iran in euros; such a transaction would only be allowed in yuan effective tomorrow. Asian clearinghouses that bundle such euro transactions would also be subject to sanctions. On February 25, 2013, 36 Senators (19 Democrats and 17 Republicans, including majorities of both the Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committees) signed a bipartisan letter to the European Union urging the EU to take immediate action to close this “euro loophole” in our sanctions policy. On March 23, 2013, the U.S. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

What Do You Think? Have you ever considered adopting a child?

Actually, I have considered adopting. Patricia Miller, Mt. Orab

Oh yes, I absolutely have considered it. Jessica Wright, Mt. Orab

No, not really, I never had children, but my husband had three great children so I have been blessed. Eva Molloy, Mt. Orab

Well, I did adopt a child, and it was a great decision. Lois Hartman, Mt. Orab

No, I never really considered it. Linda Morris, Macon

No, never have thought of it. Betty Sauntry, Fayetteville

Letters to the Editor

Garden Club flowers destroyed Dear Editor, On Tuesday, May 28 the Mt. Orab Garden Club set flower boxes on Sterling Run Bridge on Main St. On Wednesday all was well. On Thursday the flowers disappeared from one of the boxes. On Friday the flowers disappeared from two more boxes and one box lay at the bank of the water. This is the third year and we have never had a full set of flower boxes because plants disappear and the boxes are damaged. The garden club was able to purchase the planters using supporters’ donations and has fund raisers each year to buy dirt, fertilizer, and plants. The cameras are running and we hope to see what is happening but, if this de-

struction continues, we may need to abandon this project. The Mt. Orab Garden Club is trying to do our part to make our town welcoming and pretty for residents and visitors. Watering, weeding, fertilizing and mulching takes a great deal of time and commitment by our members. We gather as a group and ‘get er done’. If any of you see anything, have ideas or want to help beautify Mt. Orab, please contact call 937-444-7407 or email at or attend one of our meetings; June 13th or July 11th. Maybe you could join us on a field trip. C. G. Uebel Mt. Orab Garden Club member



U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) today cosponsored the Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act (S. 892), bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Susan Collins (R-ME), Bill Nelson (D-FL) and John Cornyn (RTX). The bill would block Iran’s access to billions of dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves and limit the ability of designated Iranian entities like the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) to conduct transactions in foreign currencies, including euros. The Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act would require the President to impose sanctions on any foreign bank that knowingly conducts or facilitates a transaction in a non-local currency for or on behalf of the CBI or any entity within the blacklisted Iranian energy, shipping, shipbuilding, and port operator sectors if such transaction occurs on or after May 9, 2013. “Financial institutions across the globe that willingly enable Iran to evade American and European sanctions should be barred from doing financial business with the U.S.,” Portman said. “Any financial resources granted to a hostile Iran will bring it one step closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, and I join my colleagues in urging international financial regulators to work together to close the foreign currency loophole.” The Iranian Government, including the Central Bank of Iran, maintains bank ac-



Brown County Press, June 9, 2013  

Brown County Press, June 9, 2013

Brown County Press, June 9, 2013  

Brown County Press, June 9, 2013