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Court papers say sister shot boy BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press New information has been made public in the shooting death of nine year old Sebastian Swartz of Russellville, stating that his sister fired the shot that killed him. A court filing states that a sister “discharged said handgun in the direction of” the boy. Previous statements by investigators had referenced possible struggle between Sebastian and his sister over the gun.

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Chris swartz

shanna swartz

His parents, Chris and Shanna Swartz, are both fac-

ing felony Child Endangerment charges after Sebastian

Computer glitch blamed for fines BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press The $13,553.91 in penalties and interest charged to Brown County by the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System is due to a computer problem. That is one of the results of the initial investigation into the matter by State Senator Joe Uecker. “In this case, Brown County waited until the last day a report was due and they submitted that report electronically. It was rejected by the OPERS computer for formatting errors.” The report was due September 30. Brown County Auditor Jill Hall said that a computer crash in the office last fall may have contributed to the issue. “They had to replace a

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

senator Joe uecher

computer after it crashed, but it was replaced with an another older computer”, Hall said. That work had to be done before the August report was

sent to OPERS. Hall added that she has since purchased two new computers for the office. Uecker said, “Nobody was negligent here. Moving forward, if auditors make sure that they start their reporting process a couple of weeks early, so if there is a glitch, they will have enough time to correct it before they get dinged with a fine.” The September report was also submitted with computer formatting errors and considered late by OPERS. The October report was submitted on the due date, but the payment arrived twelve days late. An invoice for payment is not generated by OPERS until the report is submitted and accepted. That invoice is then sent to CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

was shot in the head at his home on February 18. In a Bill of Particulars filed in the case, Brown County Prosecuting Attorney Jessica Little wrote that Chris Swartz created a substantial risk to the health and safety of Sebastian and that he was caused physical harm. The bill specifies that “...the Defendant left a loaded Glock handgun unsecured on an ammo box next to his bed, in an unlocked room, accessible to his children residing in the household, and further, said

handgun came into the possession of his daughter C.S., who was known to the Defendant to have a history of behavior disorders and unruliness, who then discharged said handgun in the direction of (Sebastian), causing his death.” Both parents were indicted on felony Child Endangering charges by a Brown County Grand Jury on April 25. At the time of the indictment, Little released the following statement. “On the basis of an investigation by the Brown

County Sheriff’s Office, the Grand Jury of Brown County, Ohio, has indicted both Shanna Swartz and Christopher Swartz on one count each of Endangering Children, R.C. 2919.22(A), a felony of the third degree. It is alleged that on or about February 18, 2013, at 10198 St. Rt. 125, in Russellville, Brown County, Ohio, the Defendants, being the parents of a child under the age of 18, did create a substantial risk to the health or safety of S.S., whose date of birth is November 27, 2003, CONTINUED ON PAGE 10

New water rules in effect in Aberdeen BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press The Aberdeen Village Council approved an ordinance to prevent backflow into the village water system, at the expense of residents if necessary. The third and final reading of the ordinance took place at the June 3 meeting of council, and it is now in effect. The ordinance references requirements from the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that the village prevent the contamination of the water system. Aberdeen Mayor Harry Foxworthy said that the village was asked to pass the ordinance by the Ohio EPA. “In order to accomplish these goals, it is necessary to introduce restrictions that go beyond usual plumbing requirements”, the ordinance reads. “If, in the judgement of the Superintendent of Water, an approved backflow protection assembly is necessary for the safety of the public water system, the Superintendent of Water will give notice to the water consumer to install such an approved assembly immediately. The water

consumer shall, at his own expense, install such an approved assembly at a location in a manner approved by the Superintendent of Water and shall have inspections and tests made of such approved assemblies as required by the Superintendent of Water.”

The ordinance goes on to prohibit any other water supply from entering the village supply and distribution system and requires the Superintendent of Water to investigate any potential hazards to the system. It also reads that the SuCONTINUED ON PAGE 10

29 indicted, most on drug charges BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press 29 people were indicted by a Brown County Grand Jury on June 6. They include two drug busts involving multiple suspects. Ten people face felony charges involved in the manufacture of Methamphetamine. Those charges include Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, Illegal Assembly or Possession of Chemicals for the Manufacture of Drugs and Conspiracy. Those charged in this case include; Bryan Simpson, 31 of Mt. Orab Terri Taylor, 38 of Mt. Orab

Ivory Rose Wilson, 19 of Hamersville Amanda Brandenburg, 25 of Bethel Andrew Chapman, 18 of Mt. Orab Kristian Miller, 26 of Mt. Orab Delaney Durham, 20 of Cincinnati Johnny Dotson, Jr., 19 of Hamersville Nathaniel Mojica, 22 of Mt. Orab Katelyn Grudzielanek, 19 of Georgetown Simpson and Taylor also face one count each of Endangering Children in relation to the drug activity. William Koller, II, 24, CONTINUED ON PAGE 10


Wayne Gates/The Brown CounTy Press

unveiling the sign marking a portion of highway 62 as specialist seth Belvins Memorial highway are (from left) Danny Bubp, Vaughn wilson of oDoT, Trish Blevins, Paige Blevins and steve Blevins.

Part of Hwy 62 renamed for Blevins Over one hundred people gathered at Eastern High School on June 5 to honor the memory of Seth Blevins and witness the dedication of a portion of Highway 62 in his name.

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Blevins was killed in action on May 23, 2011 when his humvee was attacked in Afghanistan. Before the ceremony, his father, Steve Blevins, talked about the strong emotions that such an event can bring. “The tears that run down your face are mixed with happy and sad both. “You couldn’t be prouder and couldn’t be sadder at the same time.”, he said. Blevins also expressed gratitude to those who were attending the ceremony, and to all those who have reached out to his family in the past two years. “You just can’t thank them enough. Words can’t do it. You’d just have to give them all a hug.” The Ohio Department of Transportation is the agency

that renamed the portion of Highway 62 between State Route 32 and County Road 17-D. District Nine Deputy Director Vaughn Wilson said it was a privilege to participate in the ceremony. “It’s amazing at how much this means to the families. For that reason it’s been an honor and a pleasure for us to do this. It makes me proud to be a part of the department and what we do, to be able to offer in some small token a memorial for thier loved one.” Eastern Local Schools Superintendent Michelle Filon also said it was an emotional day for her students and staff. “It’s a bittersweet day, and it’s an honor to be able to acCONTINUED ON PAGE 12

This beautiful painting, named “Martha, The Last Passenger Pigeon” by local artist John ruthven, will soon be painted on the side of a building in Cincinnati at eighth street and Vine street.

Ruthven painting to be part of Cincinnati mural BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press A beautiful 6,000 square foot mural, featuring the art work of world renown artist, naturalist, and author, John Ruthven, Georgetown, will soon be painted on the side of a building in downtown Cincinnati at Eighth and Vine Streets. At least 20 Artists from ArtWorks, at the Cincinnati

Nature Center, under the direction of Tim Parsley will complete the mural after Ruthven’s paints Martha on the mural. Ruthven’s contribution to the mural will feature his his painting “Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon.” The pigeon died at the age of 29 at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. Her remains were frozen and sent to the Smithsonian to be stuffed and exhibited. In

1974 she was brought back briefly for a dedication of the Passenger Pigeon Memorial at the Cincinnati Zoo, which Ruthven was part of. “As far back as I can remember,” Ruthven (88) said in a compassionate voice, “I was always interested in the outdoors. Especially the history of people like James Audubon and others who were early artists who lived CONTINUED ON PAGE 10



BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

Page 2 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013


Weather permitting, residents of the Mt. Orab area will enjoy another great “Concert in the Park” this Saturday, June 15, as the honky-tonk roadhouse rockin’ band, Blackjack Alley takes the stage. This year marks the first year for Blackjack Alley to perform at the Mt. Orab Concert in the Park event. According to Blackjack Alley’s facebook page,




Have you wondered about --Baptism Tongues Tithing Church Attendance Sabbath Keeping MT 28:19 • MK 16:16

roadhouse music combines blues, classic rock and outlaw country. It is characterized by heavy emphasis on lead guitar arrangements within the songs and also encompasses folk-influenced singer-songwriter material. “We really hated that we had to cancel last week’s concert with 4 on the Floor Band,” said coordinator of the summer concerts Woody Whittington. “Hopefully we can schedule a make-up Saturday before the concerts end in September. “We would like for everyone to bring their lawn chair and come out and enjoy this family event which is free to everyone. We’d like to see a big crowd this Saturday. We’ll be having a 50/50 split-thepot with all proceeds going to the future construction of a structure to house the performers and their equipment.”

Whittington added that the event offers plenty of parking. The show begins at 6:30 and runs until 10 p.m. “I would also like to tell people that on Sunday, June 16, at the Mt. Orab Park, we will feature the Willow Creek Bluegrass Band,” Whittington said. “This is a great band and they will be on stage from 2 to 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy them because its a free concert to the public.” Upcoming concerts, through September, include: • June 29, Cinci Rockers Band; • July 13, 4 on the Floor Band; • July 27, Robyn Lacy and Dezydeco; • August 10, Acoustic Edge Band; • August 24, Off-RRockers Band; • September 7, Spearpoint Band;

Provided/The Brown CounTy Press

Members of the BlackJack Alley Band include (left to right) Grady Zimmerman drums/vocal, storming heck - bass / vocals, Lizzy Lu - Lead vocals, George "G" Cassity - lead guitar / vocals. This group will perform at the Mt. orab Concert in the Park this saturday, June 15 from 6:30 until 10 p.m.

• September 14, Phoenix Rising Band. No alcohol is allowed at the concerts and all dates are pending weather conditions. For more information on

all the events at the Mt. Orab Park visit or call Whittington at (937) 444-2916. Donations toward the bandshell structure are also

Joseph Alan Lung sentenced to prison In March 2013, a two count indictment was filed against Joseph Alan Lung. The indictment charged Count One, Breaking and Entering, which is a felony of the fifth degree, having a maximum penalty of twelve (12) months in prison and Count Two, Theft from an Elderly Person or Disabled Adult, a felony of the fifth degree, having a maximum penalty of twelve (12) months in prison. On May 31, 2013, Brown County Court of Common Pleas Judge, Scott T. Gusweiler accepted a plea of guilty to Count One. Upon a motion by the State of Ohio, Count Two was dismissed. Judge Gusweiler sentenced Mr. Lung to six (6) months in the Ohio Department of Corrections. He was also ordered to pay

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Joseph Alan Lung

court costs and public defender fees. Judge Gusweiler further advised the defendant of the optional three (3) years of post-release control at the discretion of the Adult Parole Authority upon his release from prison.

OTH seeking volunteers Ohio Therapeutic Horsemanship is seeking volunteers for their summer program! Ohio Therapeutic Horsemanship Program: Hope, Healing & Horses, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a life changing experience and opportunity for personal growth through horsemanship to any child who is challenged physically, mentally or emotionally. Volunteers will help our riders reach new heights! Volunteer hours are wonderful for everyone, especially High School students seeking volunteer hours. Anyone interested should contact Program Director, Sabrina N Mignerey at ohiotherapeutichorsemanship@yaho or at 937-213-2378. Volunteer Training to be held at Cherry Ridge Farms (4158 Vinegar Hill Rd, Georgetown Ohio) on Wednesday, June 19th and 26th from 6:00-7:30.

Parker History story Quarter camp begins Monday Auction set John Parker’s passion for learning and reading will excite and inspire campers to develop a greater interest in reading, especially classical American and English literature, volumes of which the intrepid conductor on the Underground Railroad collected for his family library. The camp at the John P. Parker Historic Site, 300 North Front Street in Ripley, Ohio will run from June 10-14, 9:30 11:30 a.m. and is open free to students who completed grades 3, 4 and 5 this past

school year. If they did not register at school they may enroll Monday with a permission slip from home. Campers will become The Bard’s Buddies - Parker named four of his children after characters in Shakespeare’s plays - and Friday at 10 a.m. the troupe will present a Shakespeare Sampler, "There is much to be heard and learn'd", As You Like It, at the John P. Parker Memorial Park amphitheater. The public is invited. Call (513) 535-0747 for more information.

Quarter Frenzy benefits ABCAP A Quarter Frenzy is being held to help support ABCAP. Fee proceeds will go to help meals on wheels, adult daycare and preschool we are holding a Quarter Frenzy bring your spare change, friends and family for an awesome time. This will be held Saturday, June 15 doors will open at 12:30 p.m. and it will start at 1 p.m. The location where this will be held is 406 W Plum


being accepted at the Mt. Orab village offices during regular business hours.

St Georgetown, (Old Alverda Reed Elementary) also where bingo is held every Tuesday. We will have great vendors like: 31 Gifts, Mary Kay, Barefoot Angel Country Primitives, Country Gourmet, Man Cave, Krazy Kreations, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Silapada, Tupperware and more. For more information call (513) 716-2175.

There will be a Quarter Auction at the Williamsburg American Legion Post 288 on Thursday, June 13. Doors open at 6 p.m., auction runs from 7 - 9 p.m. Vendors will include 31, Donna Sharp, Avon, My Favorite Things, Embroider Me Too, Tupperware, Man Cave, and Longaberger. The legion is located at 208 E. Main Street, Williamsburg. For more information call (513) 7249915.

Quarter raffle in Sardinia There will be a Quarter Raffle for Haiti at Sardinia Elementary School in June 13, 2013 at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. All proceeds of the raffle will be used to purchase medications and supplies that will be distributed in Haiti by the Go Haiti Mission Team. Go Haiti exists to serve the Haitian population through health care and evangelism in collaboration with Haitian Christian Mission. For more information call (937) 205-1164 or email

Free R’ville sets July 4th Suppers Celebration in the Park A patriotic parade will day; pork tenderloin sandin Decatur kickoff Russellville’s 3rd An- wiches, hamburgers, corn on Free Suppers are being served each Thursday in the Decatur Park on State Route 125. These suppers are being sponsored by the ‘We Can Help’ Food Bank in Decatur and everyone is invited to attend. Serving begins at 6 p.m. and continues through 8 p.m. This is the fourth year the food bank has sponsored the suppers.

nual July 4th Celebration in the Park on Thursday, July 4, 2013 at 10:00 am. Harriet Jackson Groh, the Burbage Family Singers and Alexis Forsythe will be among the featured entertainment. The Eastern High School Band will march in the parade. A cruise-in will also be featured following the parade. Food will be available all

the cob, desserts, homemade ice cream. RCAPS Annual 4th of July Lunch will begin at 11:00 am at the RCAPS building. The American Legion Post will conduct a flag retirement ceremony. There will also be children’s games, euchre tournaments and crafts. The program continues throughout the afternoon and evening with karaoke and a street dance at 7 p.m.


BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press


Blackjack Alley Band to perform June 15 in Mt. Orab Concert

The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Page 3


$20 OFF CMyK

Luke’s, Amelia


Expires 12/31/2013

Any Sewing Machine Repair

35 W. Main St. (St. Rt. 125) Amelia, OH

(513) 753-4500

CASSITY LAW OFFICES MICHAEL E. CASSITY, Esq. & ROBIN J. LEVINE, Esq. 107 E. Main Street, Mt. Orab, OH 45154

937-444-2626 Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

Brown County Chamber of Commerce members as well as community members and business owners attended the ‘Grand opening’ and ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, June 4 and the chambers moved its location from next to the Gaslight Theatre in Georgetown to 103 north Main, directly across from the Grant statue in Georgetown. holding and cutting the ribbon are Brian elliott, vice president of the chamber and Kelly Cornette, chamber president. Also in attendance, in no particular order was Kelly ward, Barry woodruff, Charles Ashmore, Tim McKeown, Danny Bubp, stan Purdy, Gerry schumacher, Lorie Layne, Jone Bruce, heather Frye, Peggy Chalker, raelena Morrison, Audrey Clausing, Brandi Fisher and Beth staggs. The event ran from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and visitors stopped in throughout that time.

BC Chamber of Commerce moves to new location, more space, more for members The Brown County Chamber of Commerce has moved its office to a beautiful new location in Georgetown, directly across the street from the US Grant statue on Main Street. A large group of chamber staff, Brown County chamber members and other business people from the community attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony held in front of the new facility June 4. Just prior the ribbon-cutting Chamber President Kelly Cornette welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. “We invite everyone to tour our new building which we are very proud of,” Cornette said, “This is a prime location for the Chamber. We are so pleased with all the work that has been done here in preparation of this grand opening. “We at the chamber would like to encourage all Brown County Chamber of Commerce members to take advantage of and use this facility whenever they need to.” The Brown County Chamber of Commerce is a very active chamber with nearly 350 members. “One of the reasons we needed more space was because we have so many active members,” Cornette

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Jorge Vargas


Vargas sentenced to prison In December 2012, a one count indictment was filed against Jorge Vargas. The indictment charged Count One, Making Terroristic Threats, which is a felony of the third degree, having a maximum penalty of thirty-six (36) months in prison. On May 31, 2013, Brown County Court of Common Pleas Judge, Scott T. Gusweiler accepted a plea of guilty to Count One. Judge Gusweiler sentenced Mr. Vargas to eighteen (18) months in the Ohio Department of Corrections. Judge Gusweiler ordered Vargas to have no contact with the victims or the families of victims. Vargas was also ordered to pay court costs and public defender fees. Mr. Vargas was further advised of the mandatory three years of post-release control through the Adult Parole Authority upon his release from prison.

said. “Plus we’d like to have the room to offer seminars and other activities for our members. “Our old facility was really nice and we were fortunate to have it, but we simply needed more room. Our number one goal is to help our members any way

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Darryl Blevins

Blevins sentenced to prison

we can.” The chamber will once again be sponsoring a Business Expo and Job Fair on Thursday, August 1 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Southern Hills Career and Technical Center in Georgetown. The event is for chamber members to set up displays to showcase their products and services. Each display will offer literature such as business cards, signage, brochures, flyers or packets explaining what the business has to offer. Throughout the evening door prizes and raffles will be going on provided by some of the vendors or businesses. The job fair portion of the event will allow people to fill out applications or submit resume’s to potential employers. “We continuously strive to improve the overall business climate and quality of life for the people and businesses we serve here in Brown County,” Cornette added. “All our programs are meant to promote, fa-

In December 2012, a three count indictment was filed against Darryl Blevins. The indictment charged Count One, Complicity in the Commission of an Offense, a felony of the second degree, with a maximum penalty of eight (8) years in prison; Count Two, Conspiracy, which is a felony of the third degree, having a maximum penalty of five (5) years in prison; Count Three, Engaging In a Pattern of Corrupt Activity, a felony of the first degree, having a maximum penalty of eleven (11) years in prison. Brown County Court of Common Pleas Judge, Scott T. Gusweiler accepted a plea of guilty to Count Two. Upon a motion by the State of Ohio, Counts One and Three were dismissed. On May 17, Judge Gusweiler sentenced Mr. Blevins to three (3) years in the Ohio Department of Corrections. Judge Gusweiler further advised Mr. Blevins of the optional three (3) years of post-release control at the discretion of the Adult Parole Authority upon his release from prison.

Trail ride scheduled The Brown County chapter of the Ohio Horsemans Council is hosting a State Trail Ride at East Fork State Park from June 21-23. Food for Friday and Saturday evening. Trail ride all day. Evening entertainment after dinner. Poker ride, 50/50 and more on Saturday. $20 per rig and side dish for the weekend { 2 Adults & 2 kids }. Contact Wayne at (513) 617-5003 or email

Saturday June 15, 2013 Registration Starts 9:30 am - 11:30 am Judging star ts at 11:30 16908 St. Rt. 68, Mount Orab, OH 45154 For further info call: Dixie at 937-603-9532 Pastor Don White at 937-444-9363

Registration is $10.00 Lunch and snacks will be available

Open to all classes of cars, trucks, and bikes

Dash Plaques to the first 150!!!

Extra door prize ticket for school supplies or non-perishable food dontation





Old School, New School, Antique. and Custom. Something for ever yone to enjoy.

Great Door Prizes all day Come enjoy the food and fun!!! Rain or Shine


Mt. Orab Church of Christ ~ 400 Smith Ave. 444-2721 ~

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! “A Thrill Ride Through God’s Creation!” Join us as we learn what the Bible teaches about God’s incredible world of wonders! MONDAY, JUNE 24TH thru FRIDAY, JUNE 28TH 9:20am-12:30pm FAMILY CLOSING PROGRAM-SUNDAY, JUNE 30TH 5:00pm-8:00pm 4 year olds thru completed 5th grade



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Villa Georgetown and Dr. Charles D. Miller, M.D. to hold a FREE Joint Replacement Educational Class. Information about preparation, hospital procedures, risks, and rehab.

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Landscaping Border Rocks, Grapevine Tree Products, Jellies & Jams, Firewood for Camping Open Daily M-S 9:00am to 7:00pm We accept Master Card & Visa

Car Show

Top Late Models


Bedding Plants, Vegetable Plants, Hanging Baskets, Mixed Pots, Garden Seed, Mulch,

3600 SR 125, Georgetown

Dean Ruark Memorial


Active Living Chiropractic is open and accepting new patients! Dr. Lydia Ogden has extensive experience in the field of chiropractic and manual therapy. She provides caring, one-on-one, treatment for a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain conditions including low back and neck pain, sports injuries, headaches, auto accidents and work related injuries. Call for an appointment today to start your journey toward a healthier and pain Dr. Lydia Ogden free life! 453 W. Main St. Mt, Orab, OH 45154



cilitate and stimulate economic growth, civic participation and development, business advocacy and education.” To learn more about the Brown County Chamber of Commerce visit website or call (937) 378-4784.

The Living Church of Five Mile Announces Our Seventh Annual

Villa Georgetown would like to invite anyone considering joint replacement surgery to a FREE Total Joint Replacement Educational Class. This class will be held Wednesday June 12th 2013 at 4:00 pm at Villa Georgetown Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 8065 Dr. Faul Road Georgetown, Oh 45121. Dr. Charles M. Miller, Orthopedic Surgeon, along with the Therapy Staff at Villa Georgetown Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, will provide information about the joint replacement journey. Information about preparation, hospital procedures, risks, and rehab will be discussed. This class will be beneficial for anyone, whether you are in the beginning stages of contemplating joint replacement surgery or have surgery scheduled. This class will include handouts and a question & answer session. Light refreshments will be provided and you have a chance to win a free gift just for attending. Dr. Chuck Miller, as he is known by most of his patients, has a busy general orthopedic practice, with concentrations in adult reconstructive, sports, and trauma. He resides in Brown County, Ohio, and enjoys the hometown feeling that he had growing up in Northern Ohio. He is known for his bedside manner, and for taking time with his patients, trying to make his patients as comfortable and knowledgeable about their medical condition as possible. He helps out with many of the teams in the Brown and Adams county schools, has been known to see patients at his home, and on occasion makes house calls. Dr. Miller’s caring and expertise make him a valuable member of the Wellington Team and Rehab Medical Director at Villa Georgetown. CALL Heather Frye or Nikki Pelvit 937-378-4178 for information or to RSVP for this exciting event.

Villa Georgetown Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 8065 Dr. Faul Road Georgetown, Ohio 45121 937-378-4178 • Fax 937-378-3107


BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press

Criminal Law • DUI • Personal Injury Auto Accidents • Divorce • Probate Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death

Page 4 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013


Portman joins bipartisan push to block Iran’s access to Foreign Exchange Reserves


Provided/the bRown County PReSS

Taking A Trip Through Time with June being the traditional wedding month, we thought this photo that donna Salvo brought in of her grandparents Robert and Gladys (Purdy) daugherty on their wedding day was very appropriate. the car was idetified as a 1916 or 1917 Chevrolet. this was taken in Georgetown on State Route 125 near where iGa and Pizza hut are now located. if you have more information please give donna a call at (937) 378-1332. ‘Taking a Trip Through Time’ is a feature of the Brown County Press that is supplied by our readers. If you have photos of places within Brown County that are at least 30 years old please feel free to submit them along with some information about the photo to The Brown County Press by email to or mail them to or drop them off at The Brown County Press 219 South High Street Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154. You will get your picture back. You can also reach us at (937) 444-3441.

Ohio needs simpler municipal tax system As Ohio’s treasurer and watchdog of Ohioans’ hardearned dollars, I am proud to stand up to support sanity and fiscal responsibility in state and local government. That’s why I urge the Ohio legislature to pass House Bill 5 in order to simplify Ohio’s municipal income-tax system. Ohio is the only state in which every city and village sets its own rules and regulations about who must pay taxes, how much and on what type of income. More than 600 local government entities have devised more than 300 different tax forms. As a result, our municipaltax reality is an unnecessary maze of inconsistency, un-

JoSh mandel, ohio tReaSuReR certainty and inefficiency. There is a reason why no other state subjects its residents and businesses to such a complex and cumbersome web of tax rules and forms. As a former city councilman, I understand local distrust of state government, but in this case, arguments in favor of keeping the status quo are far outweighed by the merits of a more streamlined and rational approach. As I travel the state, meeting

Motorcyclist Safety Tip of the Week

Go High Viz to Stand Out Remember that per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists are about 37 times more likely than a passenger car driver or rider to die in a traffic crash. That’s why the Brown County Safe Communities Coalition wants to provide our citizens with some information that can help to keep motorcyclists safe while they’re traveling in Brown County. So here’s this week’s motorcycle safety tip, and this time it’s aimed at those of you who are either bikers or family and friends of bikers. There’s no doubt that motorcycles are often difficult for other motorists to see while on the road. In fact, according to the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC), the leading safety concern of most motorcyclists would be being cut off, run over, or otherwise violated by another driver in traffic. Well, then it only makes sense that you as a respon-

SuSan baSta sible biker should do whatever you can to be more visible to other motorists. Take control and do what you can to go “High Viz”. Here are some suggestions from the MMSC on how to do so! As far as riding gear goes, the brighter, the better. Wear a white or brightly colored helmet and a fluorescent reflective safety vest or brightly colored riding jacket. These should help you to stand out. You can also do some things with your bike so that other motorists will more easily notice you. Put some reflective materials on your bike, install position and marker lights, and use a headlight modu-

The Brown County Press Serving Brown County since 1973 219 South High Street Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154

William C. Latham, Publisher Art Hunter, Managing Editor


with small businesses, entrepreneurs and skilled laborers, this issue comes up time and again. For example, an electrician in Minster was required to file 39 different municipal tax forms last year. He owed a tax to every city he visited in a single workday, even if he was there for 10 minutes or less. If he worked in any one of those municipalities more than 12 days in a year, he was required to file its tax forms. This unfortunate case highlights how our current law kills jobs and is an obstacle to small-business growth. Many small businesses pay more to the accountants and lawyers

Wayne Gates, Editor Martha Jacob

Andrew Wyder,

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

René Arrigo, Sales Representative Cindi Keith, Sales Representative Editor: (937) 444-3441 News Fax: (937) 444-2652 Sales: 1-800-404-3157 or (513) 732-2511 Sales Fax: (513) 732-6344

E-mail: Website: Look for us on The Brown County Press is published every Sunday. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Closed Friday. Classified deadline is Thursday at noon; Advertising deadline is Thursday at noon, News deadline is Wednesday at 3 p.m.

lator. You can also install a louder horn and auxiliary driving lights. You should also remember to flash your brake light at stops. Finally, think about when and under which conditions you want to be on the road on your bike. Use strategic lane positioning and movement for more safety and visibility. And if possible, avoid riding in poor weather, at low sun angle times, and at night, dawn, and dusk. These are the times when other motorists are most likely to have problems with seeing a motorcycle. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

helping them wade through the endless sea of tax forms than they actually owe in taxes. Most of the forms that this electrician filed were for less than $5, though he paid on average $150 to prepare and file each return. More than 20 organizations representing thousands of Ohioans agree that the multitude of municipal income-tax regulations on the books stifles economic growth. Small businesses are supporting this legislation not because they believe they will pay less in taxes but because they hope to spend less time and money on confusing bureaucracy and more on creating jobs. If local businesses are able to invest in increasing sales and productivity instead of funding an army of compliance officers, it will be a net positive for job growth. State lawmakers have a great opportunity to enact common-sense reforms that will help create an environment where the private sector can flourish. My hope is that our state will put a morerational system in place so that money currently being wasted on mountains of municipal income-tax paperwork instead can be invested to fuel Ohio job growth. Ohio House Bill 5, introduced by Reps. Cheryl Grossman of Grove City and Michael Henne of Clayton, helps streamline this patchwork of local rules, forms and definitions of income to make Ohio’s municipal income-tax system simpler, fairer and more friendly for job creation.

Rob PoRtman counts around the world filled with foreign exchange reserves – with the majority of those held in euros. Reports suggest that Iran uses these reserves to circumvent the total impact of American and European sanctions by converting them into local currencies in order to finance imports and stabilize the country’s monthly budget. Under the legislation, such currency conversions would be prohibited effective tomorrow; any transactions conducted from that date forward would retroactively be subject to sanctions when the legislation becomes law. For example, a Chinese bank – and its European correspondent – would be prohibited from conducting a transaction with or for the Central Bank of Iran in euros; such a transaction would only be allowed in yuan effective tomorrow. Asian clearinghouses that bundle such euro transactions would also be subject to sanctions. On February 25, 2013, 36 Senators (19 Democrats and 17 Republicans, including majorities of both the Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committees) signed a bipartisan letter to the European Union urging the EU to take immediate action to close this “euro loophole” in our sanctions policy. On March 23, 2013, the U.S. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

What Do You Think? Have you ever considered adopting a child?

Actually, I have considered adopting. Patricia Miller, Mt. Orab

Oh yes, I absolutely have considered it. Jessica Wright, Mt. Orab

No, not really, I never had children, but my husband had three great children so I have been blessed. Eva Molloy, Mt. Orab

Well, I did adopt a child, and it was a great decision. Lois Hartman, Mt. Orab

No, I never really considered it. Linda Morris, Macon

No, never have thought of it. Betty Sauntry, Fayetteville

Letters to the Editor

Garden Club flowers destroyed Dear Editor, On Tuesday, May 28 the Mt. Orab Garden Club set flower boxes on Sterling Run Bridge on Main St. On Wednesday all was well. On Thursday the flowers disappeared from one of the boxes. On Friday the flowers disappeared from two more boxes and one box lay at the bank of the water. This is the third year and we have never had a full set of flower boxes because plants disappear and the boxes are damaged. The garden club was able to purchase the planters using supporters’ donations and has fund raisers each year to buy dirt, fertilizer, and plants. The cameras are running and we hope to see what is happening but, if this de-

struction continues, we may need to abandon this project. The Mt. Orab Garden Club is trying to do our part to make our town welcoming and pretty for residents and visitors. Watering, weeding, fertilizing and mulching takes a great deal of time and commitment by our members. We gather as a group and ‘get er done’. If any of you see anything, have ideas or want to help beautify Mt. Orab, please contact call 937-444-7407 or email at or attend one of our meetings; June 13th or July 11th. Maybe you could join us on a field trip. C. G. Uebel Mt. Orab Garden Club member



U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) today cosponsored the Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act (S. 892), bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Susan Collins (R-ME), Bill Nelson (D-FL) and John Cornyn (RTX). The bill would block Iran’s access to billions of dollars worth of foreign exchange reserves and limit the ability of designated Iranian entities like the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) to conduct transactions in foreign currencies, including euros. The Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act would require the President to impose sanctions on any foreign bank that knowingly conducts or facilitates a transaction in a non-local currency for or on behalf of the CBI or any entity within the blacklisted Iranian energy, shipping, shipbuilding, and port operator sectors if such transaction occurs on or after May 9, 2013. “Financial institutions across the globe that willingly enable Iran to evade American and European sanctions should be barred from doing financial business with the U.S.,” Portman said. “Any financial resources granted to a hostile Iran will bring it one step closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, and I join my colleagues in urging international financial regulators to work together to close the foreign currency loophole.” The Iranian Government, including the Central Bank of Iran, maintains bank ac-



The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Page 5


SWRMC cafeteria offers great meals for great prices fo public h BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press Where can residents find a great meal for a great price in Brown County? Surprisingly the answer to that question would be the cafeteria at Southwest Regional Medical Center (SWRMC) in Georgetown. Karah Stanley is the director of food and nutrition at SWRMC and admits that the food in the hospital cafeteria just might be the best meal and the best value in town. “Our head cook, Connie Seip has been preparing homemade food for the hospital for over 17 years,” Stanley explained. “She and her coordinator, Cindy Donell are two of the finest cooks you’ll ever meet. They take great pride in their recipe’s, their preparation and the freshness of their meals.” The cost of the meals from the cafeteria ranges between $3 and $3.50 and are available for take-out. The cafeteria is often used by the public for meetings or banquets and can accommodate more than 50 people. “Our staff offers specials every day,” Stanley said. “For example, on Mondays we offer vegetarian entrees. We call it ‘Meatless Mondays, and we provide customers with nutritional information on that meal. In the summertime we offer soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt which is very popular.” Stanley said that at one time the cafeteria was a very popular place for the community to enjoy a meal, but numbers have decreased in the last couple of years. “I think with all the changes that have taken place with the hospital recently,” Stanly added, “I don’t think people realize our cafeteria is still open to the public. Each day we offer at least two entrees and a lot of fresh items

Second Annual Car Show BEST OF SHOW BEST FORD BEST GM BEST MOPAR BEST JEEP BEST IMPORT BEST PROJECT BEST MOTORCYCLE BEST PUBLIC SAFETY VEHICLE TOP 25 VEHICLES LONGEST DISTANCE TRAVELED • Music Provided By Jukebox Junkies Professional DJ Services • Door Prizes • Food Prepared And Available At The Show • Vendor Space Available Call For Pricing • 50 50 Drawing

Sunday, June 16th 2013 Registration 9:00am-12:00pm

Awards 3:30pm

Fayetteville Perry High School $15.00 For Pre Registration For Judged Vehicle Entry Fee For Judged Vehicles $20.00 Day Of Show Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

staff members of the southwest regional Medical Center cafeteria shown left to right are Maggie richardson (aide), Fredia helbing (aide), Cindy Donell (coordinator), Annette Manning (aide) and Karah stanley, director of Food and nutrition. unavailable for the picture was Cafeteria head cook Connie seip.

that can sometimes be hard to come by.” Stanley explained that Brown County is considered part of what is called the ‘Food Desert’, which means an area has very little access to really fresh foods like low fat foods, whole grains or in general, healthier items. “People today are looking for healthier options,” she said. She said that the cafeteria always passes it’s health department evaluations with flying colors in cleanliness, something the staff is very proud of. There are currently seven employees who operate the cafeteria which includes Stanley. “Many of our meals are made from scratch,” Stanley said. “For example, today (Wednesday) we’re offering buffalo chicken casserole, tomato soup, grilled cheese, baked potatoes, vegetable blend and cauliflower polonaise. Tomorrow, Thursday we’ll be having BBQ ribs or roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans or

Portman joins bipartisan push CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 Senate unanimously passed an amendment to the budget supporting efforts to block Iran’s access to its foreign exchange reserves and limit the ability of designated Iranian entities like the Central Bank of Iran to conduct transactions in euros. While the Iran Sanctions Loophole Elimination Act would cut off Iran’s access to foreign exchange reserves, the legislation would still



allow Iran to purchase food and medicine for the Iranian people using local currency accounts. The measure is expected to be attached to Iran sanctions legislation in the House later this month.

corn. And these are good meals, they’re healthy and they’re nutritious. That’s what we’re all looking for these days.” Stanley explained that she is a registered dietitian and is always available to answer any questions from people with diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight issues or hypertension as well as regularly seeing out-patients. She also plans all the meals for patients at the hospital. She said the cafeteria offers ice tea, water, coffee or milk to drink but added that soft drinks are available throughout the hospital. Healthy snacks such as lowfat string cheese and low fat yogurt. “I’d like for everyone in the community to know that this isn’t just your run-of-themill cafeteria food,” Stanley said with a smile, “this isn’t bland food, it’s really good food that everyone enjoys. We would like for everyone to come and join us for lunch any time. I can almost guarantee they will enjoy their meal.” Entrance to the cafeteria, which is located on the lower level, is made through the


(800) 782-4239 • HILLSBORO

main lobby, to the elevators down to the cafeteria. Hours for the breakfast and lunch traffic are from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m, but the cafeteria is also available each morning beginning at 8 a.m. for coffee and meetings. To learn more about the Southwest Regional Medical Center Cafeteria menu visit the website or call the cafeteria directly for information on daily specials at (937) 378-7893.



We are STILL your best choice for PT, OT, Speech and Cardiac Therapies in Southern Clermont County. Receive the care you need to get home.

322 South Charity St., Bethel, Ohio 45106 Phone: 513/734-7401 ask for Mary Leggett

Clermont County’s Only 5 Star Approved Nursing Home


Go High Viz to Stand Out And everyone should remember this: whether you’re a biker or a driver, motorcycle safety is really everybody’s business. Let’s all work together to make this one of the safest motorcycle seasons ever on Brown County roads! For more motorcycle safety information, check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (, Motorcycle Ohio ( ), or the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center ( Brown County Safe Communities (BCSC) is a participant in the Ohio Safe Communities program, which was developed through the Ohio Department of Public Safety to establish and expand community partnerships to create safer, healthier communities throughout Ohio. Funded by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety/Ohio State Patrol—Ohio Traffic Safety Office, BCSC is administered by HEALTH-UC and the University of Cincinnati AHEC Program. HEALTH-UC’s office is located at 114 East State Street, Georgetown, OH.

Hamersville Baptist Church 1661 State Route 125, Hamersville, Ohio




4 yrs old thru 12th grade Time: 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Date: July 7th thru July 12th, 2013 July 12th - Family Night


Page 6 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013




Harold B. Daugherty, 92

Helen Grace Berger, 89

Evelyn Carol Stemmerding, 57

Flora “Grace” Kuhlwein, 85

Hazel L. Rockey, 93

Ethel L. Campbell, 90, of Mount Orab, died Friday, May 31, 2013. She was born June 25, 1922, in Lewis County, Ky., the daughter of the late Isaac and Emma Lee (McRoberts) Routt. She was a member of the Buford Church of Christ. She is survived by six children, Patricia Duncan of Roanoke, Va., Durain (Carl) Hurd of Prescott, Ark., Dewey (June) Campbell of Carlisle, Ky., Chris (René) Campbell of Mowrystown, Dave Campbell of Mt. Orab, and Gayle (Rudy) Diskete of Buford; a daughter-in-law, Bonnie Brabant of Goshen; numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, as well as many nieces and nephews. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Dewey F. Campbell, on September 27, 2002, two sons, Joseph Brabant and Sam Brabant, and a grandson, Raymond F. Diskete. Services were set for Monday, June 3, 2013 at the Davis-Turner Funeral Home in Lynchburg. Hugh Hurley officiated. Burial followed in the Buford Cemetery. The Davis-Turner Funeral Home, Lynchburg, served the family.

Harold B. Daugherty, 92, a resident of Union Township, formerly of Bethel, passed away June 2, 2013. He was the beloved husband of Ruth M. (Sibe) Daugherty, dear father of Harold Lawrence Daugherty, Howard (Terri) Daugherty, Jerry (Evonne) Daugherty and Eva (Jay) Roewer, step-father of Raymond, Melvin, and Richard Kuhn, brother of Ralph E. Daugherty and the late Bernice Lindsey and Velma Newkirk, also survived by 6 grandchildren, 5 greatgrandchildren and 2 greatgreat-grandchildren. Visitation has been set for noon Thursday June 6, 2013 until time of service at 2 p.m. at the Bethel Church of the Nazarene, 50 East Water Street, Bethel, Ohio 45106. Memorials may be made to the church. Burial will be at Tate Township Cemetery Bethel, Ohio The E.C. Nurre Funeral Home, Bethel, served the family.

Helen Grace Berger, 89, Fayetteville, Oh., entered into rest Friday, May 31, 2013. She was the beloved mother of Joseph "Pokey" Berger of Fayetteville, John Robert (Bonnie) Berger of Fayetteville, James (Susan) Berger of Fayetteville, Jeannine Berger (Terry Hendrickson) of Seattle, Wa., Joyce Berger (Albert Barber, Jr.) of Mt. Orab, and Janet "Beattle" (Steve) Sandlin of Lynchburg, dear mother-in-law of Kenny Smith; loving grandmother of John Robert Berger, Jr.(Jon Noland), Ronnie Countryman, Nicky Berger, Steven J. (Melissa) Sandlin, Tiffany (Jay) Barnett, Zachary Sandlin, Stepahnie (Carl) Berger, James M. Berger, Randy Countryman, and Jessica Berger, caring great-grandmother of Blake, Brandon, Dustin, Dylan, Ellie, Eden, Ethan, Linkin and Maci. Preceded in death by her husband, Joseph K. Berger; her parents, George and Clara Cole; two sons, Jeffrey Berger and Donald Berger; a daughter, JoAnn Smith; and two great-grandchildren, Steven Jr. and Mia. Mrs. Berger was a member of St. Angela Merici Parish, St. Patrick Chapel and Brown County Senior Citizens. She was an Avon representative and she loved gardening and animals. Mrs. Berger worked as a cook for the Fayetteville-Perry School district. Friends received 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at Megie Funeral Home, 104 Spice Street, Mt. Orab. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. Thursday, June 6, 2013 at St. Angela Merici Parish, St. Patrick Chapel, Fayetteville, OH. Burial Vera Cruz Cemetery, Vera Cruz, OH. Memorial donations may be directed to the Maci Grey Berger Medical Fund c/o NCB Bank Fayetteville. The Megie Funeral Home, Mt. Orab, served the family.

Evelyn Carol Stemmerding, 57, Bethel, passed away on June 1, 2013. She was the loving mother of Jason C. (Ronda) Stemmerding of Georgetown, Grady M. Stemmerding of Bethel and Jared D. Stemmerding of Hamersville, sister of Jean (Brian) Murphy, Helene D. Norris, Harold R. (Pam) Stemmerding, Jr., Albert C. Stemmerding and the late George E. Woodley, Jr., also survived by 2 grandchildren and the dear friend of James V. McGan of Bethel. Visitation has been set for noon until time of service at 2 p.m., Friday, June 7, 2013 at E.C. Nurre Funeral Home, Bethel. Burial to follow in Tate Township Cemetery, Bethel. The E.C. Nurre Funeral Home, Bethel, served the family.

Flora “Grace” Kuhlwein, 85, of Fort Walton Beach, Fla. and formerly from Mt. Orab, passed away Monday, June 3, 2013, in the presence of her loving daughter, Marla Allen Wallace. After numerous years of work, Grace retired to Fort Walton Beach. Grace enjoyed giving to others and spent time volunteering at the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. Grace was a wife, mother, grandmother and caring person who will be missed by many. Her sole devotion was to her only grandchild, Allen Wallace. Grace is preceded in death by her husband Richard Kuhlwein, first husband Harley Allen and parents Ora and Edna Jones. Grace is survived by her daughter Marla, grandson Allen Wallace, son-in-law Jeff Wallace, sister Dorothy Taylor and brother Charlie Jones, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and other living family members. She also leaves behind special friends, Mildred Keesee and Rosella Stout. A visitation followed by a funeral service will be held for Grace from 11 a.m. to Noon on Saturday June 8, 2013, at the Megie Funeral Home, Mt Orab, Ohio. Rev. Earl Stevens will officiate. Burial will follow at the Mt Orab Cemetery. The Megie Funeral Home, Mt. Orab, served the family.

Hazel L. Rockey, 93 of Georgetown, Oh., died Thursday, May 30, 2013. She worked for shoe factories in Georgetown, Ripley and Higginsport, Oh., and Maysville, Ky. Hazel was born December 12, 1919 in Adams County, the daughter of the late George and Lucy (Adams) Wallace. Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Harry Rockey in 1975, one great grandson and two sisters, Edna Tatman and Wilma Haitz. Mrs. Rockey is survived by two sons, David Rockey and wife Jean and Louis “Dickie” Rockey all of Georgetown, six grandchildren, David Rockey of Kentucky, Vickie Koehler and husband Tony of Georgetown, Lisa Tomlin and husband Rollin of Maryland, Darrell Rockey of Georgetown, Joe Rockey and wife Julie of Georgetown, and Kelley Peskin and husband Steven of Georgetown, 14 great grandchildren; three great-great grandchildren and two sisters, Eileen Dale and Martha Sutter both of Ripley. Services were held Monday, June 3, 2013 at the Cahall Funeral Home in Georgetown. Scott Hennig officiated. There was no visitation. Interment was in the Confidence Cemetery in Georgetown. The Cahall Funeral Home, Georgetown, served the family.

To have your loved ones obituary published free please have your funeral director e-mail us at

Are You Ready? In Matthew chapters 1 and 2 we have five prophecies concerning the first coming of Jesus Christ. Those five prophecies confirm the Old Testament and tie it with the New Testament so that we have one Holy Scripture. What God has prophesied He will bring to pass no matter how remote it may seem to be. These prophecies probably seemed remote to the people of that day but they did come to pass exactly like God said they would. Ladies and Gentlemen, concerning the second coming of Jesus Christ, He will come back. We can see the prophesies of His second coming everywhere we look. His returning is not far away. There has been no other generation that has seen what we are seeing in prophecy fulfillment today. And Jesus said when you see things come to pass, look up. Now look in Matthew. The first prophecy was concerning His virgin birth. The original prophecy is from the book of Isaiah chapter seven verse 14. It states: “therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” That had never happened before in the history of the world and it is not happening now, nor will it ever happen again. The virgin birth was a one-time happening. Mary herself, when confronted by the angel Gabriel, asked, “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” And he responded by saying, “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.” Mary herself didn’t know until she was told and then she just believed. She was a woman of faith. You know, when we find out what God’s plan is for us we should be like Mary and just say okay. Amen? So in verse 23 of Matthew chapter one is the fulfillment of the prophecy. It makes it clear just what the name Immanuel means. It says, “which being interpreted is, God with us.” God was encased in a human body. The second prophecy is in chapter two of Matthew. Verse one states, “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea...” The second prophecy was where He was to be born. Herod, when he heard that there was a baby born who was to be King of the Jews, demanded the chief priests and scribes to tell him where Christ should be born. They knew their scriptures and told Herod the prophecy. They knew that Christ was to be born in Bethlehem. Don’t you wonder why, if they knew that the scripture was fulfilled, they didn’t go themselves? It is a matter of about six miles. I have often wondered at that. But they just had a lackadaisical attitude about it. I’m sure that wouldn’t happen in the year 2002. Aren’t you? The prophecy is found in Micah 5:2 and is told to Herod in Matthew 2:6. Bethlehem means the house of bread and Jesus, who is the bread of life, was born in that city. God’s prophecy was fulfilled to the “T”. The third prophecy is found in verse 15: “Out of Egypt have I called my son.” It was a two-fold prophecy. It comes from the book of


Hosea 11:1. When Herod found out where Christ was to be born, he told the wise men to search for the babe and come back and tell him just where this Christ was. He lied and told them that he wanted to worship Him. In reality he wanted Him dead. The Lord told the wise men to go home by a different route. When they didn’t come back Herod ordered that all the children in Bethlehem, and in the coasts thereof, that was under the age of two, to be slain. When that order went out, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to take Mary and the baby into Egypt. They were to stay there until the death of Herod. Remember that the wise men had brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Mary and Joseph were not rich people. They would need the means to stay in Egypt awhile and God always supplies every single need when you are in His will. Thus the prophecy of: “Out of Egypt have I called my son” would be fulfilled. The fourth prophecy spoken by Jeremiah in Jeremiah 31:15 and again in Matthew 2:18 states: “In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.” It was fulfilled when these babies were slain. You know, the U.S. government is not the first to legalize the killing of babies. Herod did it and we are still doing it today, yet we draw back in horror when we read what King Herod had ordered. The fifth prophecy takes place after Herod is dead. Joseph returned with Mary and Jesus, back to the land of Israel. When he heard that the son of Herod was reigning he, being warned of God in a dream, turned aside into the parts of Galilee and dwelt in the city called Nazareth. Thus was the prophecy of: “He shall be called a Nazarene,” fulfilled. Jesus was a Nazarite. Everyone who lived in Nazareth was a Nazarene. In the conclusion of this I want to go to John 1: 45-46. Philip said, “We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.” You know, not only did Jesus leave His home in glory to be born in a manger, but He also grew up in a city that was looked down on. Listen to the reply of Nathanael: “Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?” The Bible says: “can anyone bring a clean thing out of an unclean?” It says: “not one” and yet through the power of God, God can take an unclean sinner and cleanse him and save him. Now these prophecies have all come to pass and so will the prophecy of His second coming. Are you ready?

Bible Baptist Church Mt. Orab

(937) 444-2493

Dorwin “Darby” Bowman, 81 Dorwin “Darby” Bowman, 81 of Ripley, Oh., died Wednesday, June 5, 2013. He was a United States Army Korean War Veteran. Mr. Bowman was born November 6, 1931 in Lee County, Ky., the son of the late Clarence B. and Mollie (Herald) Bowman. He was also preceded in death by one son, James Douglas; one sister Phyllis Ferguson and one brother, Clarence Bowman, Jr.. Mr. Bowman is survived by two daughters – Patricia Morsie of Loveland, and Debbie Mericle of Dallas, Tex., two sons, Douglas James of Blanchester, and John Wayne of Akron, four grandchildren, Ashley, Aiden, Thomas and Conner; three sisters, Betty Brandenburg of Naples, Tex., Christine Helton of Nobleton, Flor., and Patsy Rose of Lancaster, Oh., one brother, Vernon “Toby” Bowman of Aberdeen, and many nieces and nephews. Funeral services have been set for 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 9, 2013 at Cahall Funeral Home in Ripley. Keith Hensley will officiate. Visitation has been set for 6 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 8 at the funeral home. Interment will follow the funeral service in Charter Oak Cemetery in Aberdeen. The Cahall Funeral Home, Ripley, served the family.

Roscoe O'Harrah, 91 Roscoe O'Harrah, 91, Cincinnati, Oh., formerly of Bethel, passed away Friday May 31, 2013. He was the loving husband of the late Carol Ann O’Harrah (nee Bruening), dear father of Neil O’Harrah and Yvonne Craig, step-father of Scott Crouthers and the late Joan Cantrell, grandfather of Heather Rector, Amanda Watson, Timothy Watson II, Kyle Watson, Carolyn Morgan, Dawn Cantrell, Scott Crouthers III, Rachel Crouthers and Christina Wolf, also survived by 14 great-grandchildren. Visitation has been set for 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the E.C. Nurre Funeral Home 177 West Main Street (St. Rt. 125) Amelia. Funeral services have been set for 10:30 a.m. Thursday June 6, 2013 at the funeral home. Interment Pierce Township Cemetery. The E.C. Nurre Funeral Home, Amelia, served the family.

Cynthia Lou Wilson, 57 Cynthia Lou Wilson, 57 of Sardinia, Oh., died Friday, May 31, 2013. She was retired from the food services and was a member of the Sardinia Church of Christ. She is also an alumnus of the Ohio State Youth Choir. As a classically trained pianist and vocalist, Cindy taught piano, was a choir conductor for several local churches VBS programs, has been the accompanist for the Eastern High School Choir, the Gaslight Theater Players, the Loveland Stage Company and served on the local town council. She was a 1974 graduate of Eastern High School. Cindy was born January 31, 1956 in Georgetown, the daughter of David and Marietta (Cornetet) Dunn of Sardinia. She was also preceded in death by one brother – Michael Dunn. In addition to her parents, Mrs. Wilson is survived by her husband of thirty-seven years, Dennis D. Wilson, whom she married October 5, 1975; one daughter, Heather Dwinell of Leesburg, Flor.; one son, Ian Wilson of Sardinia, and one brother – Joseph Dunn of Cincinnati. Funeral services have been set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at the Sardinia Church of Christ. Kevin Hamilton will officiate. Visitation has been set for 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday at the church. The Cahall Funeral Home, Georgetown, served the family.

Elizabeth Kilgallion Elizabeth Kilgallion, Hamersville, passed away on Wednesday, May 29, 2013. She is the wife of the late Kenneth Kilgallion, Mother of Debra (Lyndon) Bowling, Donna Kilgallion, Kenny Kilgallion, Deena Kilgallion, and the late Keith Kilgallion, grandmother of six, sister of Bea, James, Jess, Brenda Kay, Ronnie, GB, the late Frank, and the late Blaine. Visitation has been set for Tuesday June 4, 2013 at E.C. Nurre Funeral Home (Amelia) from 1 p.m. until time of services at 2 p.m. Interment will be at Monroe Presbyterian Cemetery The E.C. Nurre Funeral Home, Bethel, served the family.


Ethel L. Campbell, 90

Tracy Ann (nee Karapondo) Hartley-Teasley, 55 Tracy Ann (nee Karapondo) Hartley-Teasley, 55, Bethel, passed away on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. Tracy was the loving wife of Barry Teasley, daughter of Edna (nee Conner) Karapondo and the late Lennie Karapondo, dear mother of Randy Hartley, Jr., sister of Carman (Billy) Marion, Yvonne Elam and the late Joseph Bolender and the ex-wife of Randy Hartley, Sr. Visitation has been set for noon until time of service at 2 p.m., Monday, June 10, 2013 at Faith Chapel Ministries, 217 W. Plane St., Bethel. The E.C. Nurre Funeral Home, Bethel, served the family.

OVM Home Health to offer free Tai Chi classes When OVM Home Health believes something is working and making a difference, they want to share it with the community. And in this case, when they say they want everyone to " Keep Moving", that is exactly what they do by sponsoring weekly Tai Chi classes at their facility located 3 miles north of Ripley, for anyone who is interested. These weekly classes are completely free to the public. Fatima Even, a Physical Therapist with OVM Home Health has been providing these classes for a couple of years now. "I have seen incredible results with this gentle form of exercise;" says Fatima Even,” I have been teaching Tai Chi for 2 years and really believe it helps to relieve stress, improve strength and enhance balance and stability. It can be practiced by virtually anyone, at any age, at any fitness level, but is a great fit for seniors." Tai Chi is a form of physical exercise characterized by a series of very slow and deliberate balletic body movements. These movements increase stamina, strength, and improve balance and concentration skills. This exercise has been used to help

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Fatima even, oVM home health Physical Therapist

reduce pain for people with osteoarthritis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, or just for the general pain associated with the aging process. "We love being able to offer this to the public and hope that we see lots of seniors here,” said Lisa Fussnecker, OVM Home Health Administrator. "We have seen dramatic changes in people's lifestyles after having been introduced to Tai Chi. These FREE Classes are held every Thursday from 10 to 11 a.m. at OVM 5280 US Highway 62-68 Ripley, OH. For more information you can contact (937) 392-0457.




The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Page 7

Local, regional and state emergency responders and public and private partners will come together in Brown County, Ohio to train and exercise emergency preparedness plans and procedures on June 12th 2013. “The goal is to improve readiness” said Brown County EMA Director Beth Nevel. “Training and exercises like these go a long way to improve our readiness as responders, emergency managers and support agencies”. Emergency response and emergency management agencies are not the only organizations to participate in the exercise. “Our Elected Officials, Southwest Regional Medical Center, Medical Reserve Corp, Mt. Orab Church of

Blevins Memorial Ride set SPC Seth Blevins Memorial Bike Ride will be held on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Registration begins at 11 a.m. and the Ride begins at 1 p.m. Cost 10.00 per rider There will be door prizes a cow dump, Split the Pot and dinner will be served after the ride. All proceeds to benefit the SPC Seth Blevins Memorial Scholarship Fund. For more information call (937) 515-4445.

Christ, Boy Scouts of America, Mt. Orab Fire Cadets, Brown County Amateur Radio group and the American Red Cross are a few of the many support agencies that are our partners for this exercise. When the community gets involved, it’s a win win for Brown County” said Director Nevel. The training-exercise was developed with the assistance of Tetra-Tech working with our local exercise design team comprised of members of the Brown County Local Emergency Planning Committee. This team includes local first response agencies, regional and state agencies, health care, community groups and business representatives and will simulate a hazardous materials transportation incident in the Village of Mt. Orab. Responders, private business and local government will be confronted with a scenario that they must respond to and mitigate the effects of. “The goal of this exercise is to take the lessons that we learn from the exercise and make improvements” said Tara Fisher, Local Emergency Planning Commission Chairperson. Funding for the exercise was provided by grants administered by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA) and the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC). “We are pleased to support this exercise through grant funding” said Keven Clouse, Field Liaison for OEMA.

Route 62 to be closed next week A series of culvert replacement projects have been scheduled for U.S. Route 62 in Brown County, and the route will be closed to traffic next week. On Monday, June 10, crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Brown County maintenance facility will close U.S. 62 to begin the first of three culvert replacements between Russellville and Red Oak. The project sites are located at the 12.40, 13.05 and 14.74-mile markers, which are between the route’s junction with state Route 353 at Red Oak and County Road 15 (George Miller Road), just south of Russellville.

The closure will go into effect at approximately 8 a.m. Monday, and it will remain in effect through the end of the business day Thursday, June 13. Although all work is anticipated to be completed by the close of the business day Thursday, completion will be contingent upon the weather. While the route is closed, motorists will be detoured via S.R. 125 at Russellville and U.S. 68 at Georgetown. For additional information on lane and road closures caused by construction, accidents, flooding or other related traffic events throughout the state, visit ODOT on the web at

Kasich signs five bills into law Gov. John R. Kasich signed the following pieces of legislation into law: • Sub. HB 7 (Huffman) permits the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to investigate criminal activity related to the Gambling Law, makes changes related to schemes of chance, and requires certifications related to the conduct of a sweepstakes with the use of a sweepstakes terminal device; • Sub. SB 9 (Bacon) makes changes to the procedure for submission and review of a health insuring corporation's solicitation document, and suspends the enforcement of the Ohio Open Enrollment

Program, the Ohio Health Reinsurance Program, and the option for conversion of a health insurance contract or policy under certain circumstances during the period beginning January 1, 2014, and expiring January 1, 2018; • Sub. SB 21 (Lehner ) revises the requirements of the Third-Grade Reading Guarantee, revises the laws regarding facilities of a college-preparatory boarding school, and declares an emergency; • Sub. SB 7 (Widener and Beagle) requires that a court report certain information to a specified local law enforcement agency for entry into the appropri-

ate National Crime Information Center file if the court approves the conditional r elease of a person found incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity or orders a person convicted of an offense of violence to receive a mental health evaluation or treatment for a mental illness and names this act the Deputy Suzanne Hopper Act; • Am. SB 67 (Peterson) creates an agreed-upon procedure audit for certain eligible political subdivisions; eliminates the Auditor of State's exemption from filing a rule summary and fiscal analysis with proposed rules; excludes

United States of America Flag Retirement Ceremony scheduled The American Legion Carey Bavis Post 180 will be holding an American Flag Retirement Ceremony on Monday, June 17 at 6:30 p.m. at 1001 South Main Street Georgetown. Bring your unserviceable flags with you if you have not already put them in our drop box now established outside of the Legion Hall front entrance. In honor of Flag Day this past Friday, June 14, we would like to share what the flag represents. I found this clear description at From the book "Our Flag" published in 1989 by the House of Representatives... "On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress passed a resolution authorizing a committee to devise a seal for the United States of America. This mission, designed to reflect the Founding Fathers' beliefs, values, and sovereignty of the new Nation, did not become a reality until June 20, 1782. In heraldic devices, such as seals, each element has a specific meaning. Even colors have specific meanings. The colors red, white, and blue did not have meanings for The Stars and Stripes when it was adopted in 1777. However, the colors in the Great Seal did have specific meanings. Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress, reporting to Congress on the Seal, stated: "The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the

color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice." Also this from a book about the flag published in 1977 by the House of Representatives... "The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun." The quote below concerning gold fringe on the Flag is from the book "So Proudly We Hail, The History of the United States Flag" Smithsonian Institute Press 1981, by William R. Furlong and Byron McCandless. "The placing of a fringe on Our Flag is optional with the person of organization, and no Act of Congress or Executive Order either prohibits the practice, according to the Institute of Hearaldry. Fringe is used on indoor flags only, as fringe on flags on outdoor flags

would deteriorate rapidly. The fringe on a Flag is considered and 'honorable enrichment only', and its official use by the US Army dates from 1895. Veterans interested in being part of the American Legion are welcome to ask questions as there will be many knowledgeable legionnaires to answer questions. The regular American Legion meeting will take place at 8 p.m. We invite new members and guests to attend.

from public moneys subject to audit by the Auditor of State any revenue earned by or from a person's ownership, operation, or use of a tangible or intangible asset that was sold, was leased, was licensed, was the granting of a franchise, or was transferred or conveyed by a public office to the person pursuant to an agre ement under which the public office received consideration; specifies which JobsOhio revenues are not public moneys subject to audit by the Auditor of State; clarifies by whom JobsOhio is to be audited and which audit records are public records, and provides for annual compliance and control reviews of Jo


ABCAP Home Care We provide: • Personal • Home Care Delivered • Homemaking Meals • Respite Care • Meal Preparation • Transportation • Errands • Bill Paying

• Adult Activity Center


800-553-7393 ext. 255 Private Pay Rates Available



Preparing the response community


Funding aims to improve three impaired watersheds in Ohio

State Conservationist Terry Cosby has announced additional funding for an initiative to improve water quality in selected Ohio watersheds. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) allocated $350,000 in assistance this year to help farmers and forestland owners install conservation practices that manage nutrients, pathogens, and sediments. Funding comes through the agency’s National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI). Selected applicants will receive assistance for installing conservation systems that may include practices such as nutrient management, cover crops, conservation cropping systems, filter strips, terraces, and in some cases, edge-offield water quality monitoring. NRCS worked closely with partners to select the priority watersheds. State agencies, key partners, and technical experts chose the

following three watersheds where on-farm conservation investments have the best chance to improve water quality. Included in the three is the Fivemile Creek-East Fork Little Miami River Watershed (Clermont and Brown Counties) This water quality initiative offers an opportunity to pilot a new Water Quality Index for Agricultural Runoff. Data collected and analyzed using this tool provides science-based information to help landowners determine the effectiveness of alternative conservation systems at achieving water quality improvement. Additionally, State water quality agencies and other partners will monitor water quality in-stream and at the watershed-level to track water quality improvements in many of the project watersheds. NRCS accepts applications for financial assistance on a continuous basis throughout the year. NRCS will select applications submitted by June 21, 2013, for the NWQI this year. Applicants and land offered must meet minimum eligibility requirements. Lands outside of the targeted watersheds listed above will not be eligible for consideration under this initiative. There has been an in-

creased interest in the use of cover crops by grain farmers in recent years to improve soil health and ultimately increase crop production. The NWQI will provide farmers with financial assistance to offset the cost of cover crops and other conservation practices. Farmers considering the use of cover crops should not miss this opportunity. For more information about NRCS’ programs, initiatives, and services in Ohio, visit us online at Brown County Participants within the Five Mile Watershed Area (includes portions of Sterling, Perry, and Green Townships) are encouraged to contact the local NRCS office at (937) 378-4424.

Free dinner scheduled in Mt. Orab The Mt. Orab United Methodist Church will be holding their free Community Dinner on Saturday, June 15 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. All are invited to attend. The church is located at the corner of Elm Street and U.S. Route 68, Mt. Orab.



Applications from farmers and forest owners located in these watersheds due by June 21, 2013

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Martins celebrate 50th wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs. william P. Martin, Chillicothe, will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on sunday, June 9, 2013. william Martin and Mary C. Montgomery were married on June 1, 1963 at the Mt. orab Church of Christ, Mt. orab by rev. everette wilson. In retirement william and Mary are very involved in their community, church and non-profit organizations. They love to travel having visited all 50 states and europe. Time is also spent attending activities of their grandchildren. They are the parents of william P. (Christine) Martin II, Fort Thomas, Ky., and richard o. (Michelle) Martin, Cold springs, Ky. They have 9 grandchildren and one deceased. will and Mary will be celebrating with family and friends with a casual reception on sunday, June 9, 2013 at the Chillicothe Country Club from 4 - 4:30 p.m. your presence is all the presents we need. we would appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to share fond memories, fun activities, etc with you. The Brown County Press would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Martin on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Benefit Quarter Auction set Sizzling For A Cure will be holding a Quarter Auction to benefit Relay for Life will be held on Friday, June 14, 2013 at the Best Western in Mt. Orab. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the auction begins at 7 p.m. Paddles are $1.00 each. No food will be available. Everyone is welcome.

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Charles Moore on Honor Flight to D.C. Charles Moore, russellville, along with his step-son, Duane scott as his guardian, was privileged to be chosen for the honor Flight Tri-state trip to washington, DC on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. seventy-five veterans and their guardians enjoyed a full day of sight seeing at the Iwo Jima (Marine Memorial), Changing of the Guard at Arlington, Air Force Memorial, world war II Memorial, Korean Memorial, Viet nam Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. Mr. Moore is a world war II Veteran who served in the 8th Air Force as a Tail Gunner on a B-17. he was shot down over Germany on May 8, 1944 on his 15th mission and remained a Prisoner of war until the war ended in May, 1945. Mr. Moore will celebrate his 92nd birthday on August 12, 2013. The Brown County Press would like to thank Mr. Charles Moore for his service to our country.

Provided/The Brown CounTy Press

Gregorys celebrate 50th anniversary

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Lavender harvest is ready Your invited to the Farm for the Annual Pick Your Own Lavender Harvest which will be held on Sundays, June 9, 16, 23 and 30th from noon until 4 p.m. at Jaybird Farms, 3370 State Route 134, Buford (Mt. Orab), Ohio 45154. The farm is located 7 miles north of Sardinia on State Route 134 in Highland County. There are many rows of blooming lavender for your picking, or just enjoy the view and fragrance from the shaded picnic area. Herbal teas and bottled water will be available. Vivian Pfankuch said, "Bring the family and a picnic lunch, and enjoy. Do you like to paint or take pictures? Bring your cameras and paints too!" Pfankuch and her husband, Jay have been growing herbs, cut flowers and vegetables for many years and added the lavender farm in 2007. They make many products from the lavender, including lavender blackberry jam, lavender blueberry jam, lavender dream pillows, herbal bath sachets, and other items. Herbal soaps and soy candles have also been added to the list of wonderful items for sale. Vivian said "Recent studies bear out years of evidence showing that lavender produces calming and soothing effects. I know from personal experience. I carried sachets with me to the delivery room when my youngest grandchild was born to help relieve the parents’ and my stress. I kept sa-

Brown County youth had a successful 2012-2013 BesT season and were recognized during the annual BesT banquet by BesT sponsoring Partners Bob evans Farms, Burroughs Frazier Farms, Farm Credit Mid-America, Green oak Farms, M.h. eby, ohio Farm Bureau Federation and weaver Livestock. Pictured are (L to r) sarah simpson, Jessica Griffith, Jacob Jones, Dara howser and Madison Jones.

Brown County youth recognized as BEST winner

Provided/The Brown CounTy Press

chets in my car when my husband was in the hospital. I use essential oil daily to keep me calm!" Jaybird Farms is a member of the Milford Farmers Market, Loveland Farmers

Market, and Madeira Farmers Market. Call 937442-4800 for more information, or visit their web site

Mt. Nebo sets VBS Vacation Bible School has been scheduled at Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church from June 17-21, 2013. Each day's fun begins at 9 a.m. New friends, amazing experiments, wild games, lipsmacking snacks, surprising adventures and incredible music all add up to an Epic Adventure at Kingdom Rock - Where Kids Stand Strong For God! The daily adventures end at 12 noon at Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church For more information, call the church office a (937) 379-1225.

The 2012-2013 Ohio Cattlemen’s Association BEST (Beef Exhibitor Show Total) Program wrapped up on May 11 with its annual awards banquet held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. “The banquet is a time to celebrate the many achievements of our BEST participants, both in and out of the show ring,” says Stephanie Sindel, BEST coordinator. “Each participant is recognized for their hard work by family, friends and BEST supporters alike.” Several representatives from program sponsors Bob Evans Farms, Burroughs Frazier Farms, Farm Credit Mid-America, Green Oak Farms, M.H. Eby, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and Weaver Livestock were on hand to help present awards totaling more than $35,000 in belt buckles, furniture, show materials and other awards. This year’s BEST program featured 16 sanctioned shows that weaved its way across the state. More than 525 head of market animals and heifers were shown and 355 youth participated. The following Brown County youth were recognized:

Jacob Jones, Winchester, won Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer and was named Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman. Jacob is the son of David and Jennifer Jones. Madison Jones, Winchester, won Grand Champion Crossbred Steer and was named Fourth Overall Junior Showman. Madison is the daughter of David and Jennifer Jones. Jared Cluxton, Ripley, was named Seventh Overall Intermediate Showman. Jared is the son of Jeff and Patricia Cluxton. Sarah Simpson, Russellville, was named Reserve Champion Senior Show-

man. Sarah is the daughter of Jimmy and Denice Simpson. Dara Howser, Mt. Orab, was named Sixth Overall Senior Showman. Dara is the daughter of Daren and Barb Howser. BEST is a youth program of the OCA that recognizes Ohio’s junior beef exhibitors through a series of shows. Juniors who participate in these sanctioned shows earn points for their placing at each show. The OCA BEST program promotes educating Ohio’s juniors about the beef industry’s issues and rewards the successful accomplishments and hard work of those junior beef producers.

Car Show set in June The Living Church of Five Mile will be holding their 7th Annual Dean Ruark Memorial Car Show on Saturday, June 15, 2013, rain or shine. Registration is $10.00 and will be from 9:30 11:30 a.m., judging starts at 11:30 a.m. Dash plaques for the first 150, trophies to the top 25, Top Late Models, Best of Show and Specialties, unique trophies and door prizes. This is open to all

classes of cars, trucks and bikes - old school, new school, antique and custom. Receive and extra door prize ticket for school supplies or non-perishable food donation. Come enjoy the food, fun and there will also be a bake sale! For more information call Dixie at (937) 6039532 or Pastor Don White at (937) 444-9363.




william and Carolyn Gregory, Bethel will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at the Bethel united Methodist Church located at 402 w. Plane street, Bethel with an open house for family and friends on sunday, June 9, 2013 from 2 - 4 p.m. william C. Gregory married Carolyn williamson on June 8, 1963 at the Brookville Church of the Brethren, Brookville, oh. They have been blessed with a son, wh Gregory, Goshen, granddaughters Carissa Gregory, erin Gregory, both of Goshen, Courtney (Josh) Pierce, hillsboro and a great granddaughter, Miley. The family invite you to share this special day. william and Carolyn request no gifts please. The Brown County Press would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Gregory on their 50th wedding anniversary.

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Pastor Charles smith, representative Doug Green, speaker william Batchelder.

Pastor Smith delivers Opening Jaymie Jamison Foundation makes donation, sets more events Prayer in House of Representatives The Jaymie Jamison Foundation for Hope presented 20 comfort kit bags to help women battling women's cancer at the Adams County Cancer Center. The Jaymie Jamison Foundation is an organization raising awareness for gynecological cancer. Our mission is to raise awareness in everything we do. We are supporting women as they battle gynecological cancer. We are supporting research and Hospice of Hope. On May 18, 2013 we held the 2nd Annual Teal Off to Cancer Golf Outing. With the proceeds from the golf outing we were able to fill the bags and to receive from a 31 Fundraiser courtesy of Natalie Vogel and Jennifer Ralston. In each bag were items to help women along their battle while taking

chemotherapy and radiation. These items included healing lotions, tooth brushes with soft bristles, toothpaste for sensitive mouths, Chapstick, dry shampoo, facial wipes, water bottles and journals to write information in for appointments. We hope these bags will help make these women's battle with cancer a little easier and to let them know we care about them and we are rooting for them to win their battle. The Jaymie Jamison Foundation will be the featured charity at the Florence Freedom Ballpark on June 16th. You may purchase tickets at and enter special code: panties. We will use the proceeds to help us fulfill our mission of supporting Hospice of Hope. On July 13, 2013 we will be

hosting the 3rd Annual Panties Across the Bridge at the Purple People Bridge in Newport, KY. It will begin at 12 p.m. with a health fair and end at 9:30 p.m. with lighting the bridge teal for awareness. Also, American Idol Top 12 Finalist Eben Franckewitz will be performing at 8:30 p.m. Come out and help us raise awareness for gynecological cancer.

State Representative Doug Green (R-Mt. Orab) welcomes Pastor Charles Smith of Bible Baptist Church as the guest pastor to offer the opening prayer at Wednesday’s session of the Ohio House of Representatives. The guest pastor program allows member of the House of Representatives to invite

pastors from their own districts to deliver the opening prayer before session. "I was impressed with the dignity of the House Members and the friendliness especially of Representative Green and the Speaker of the House" stated Pastor Charles Smith. Pastor Smith has been

Haynes graduates from basic training

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Air Force Airman Aaron D. Haynes graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San AntonioLackland, San Antonio, Texas. The airman completed an intensive, eight-week program that included training in military discipline and studies, Air Force core values, physical fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills. Airmen who complete

basic training earn four credits toward an associate in applied science degree through the Community College of the Air Force. Haynes is the son of Barbara White of Bethel. He is a 2007 graduate of Western Brown High School. The Brown County Press would like to thank Air Force Airman Aaron D. Haynes for serving our country.

Jablonski awarded Father’s

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Former teacher/student meet Chester Greene, Georgetown recently ran into a former student, nancy Moore wilmoth at the wedding reception of Lauren Bloss and Jesse raake. lauren is the granddaughter of Peggy Chandler, Georgetown.

CRL Conference set to meet on June 13 spective to life in rural areas, preserving our rural heritage and working to promote dialogue between rural and urban leaders. The meeting will be held at St. Mary’s church hall in Arnheim at 7 p.m. For directions or more information, call Pat Hornschemeier at (937) 378-4769 (day) or (937) 378-4560 (evening).

David Jablonski, son of Mary and Jeff Jablonski of Mt. orab, recently was awarded first place prize from the Associated Press for Game 5 coverage of the Cincinnati reds, 2012. David is a sports reporter for the Dayton Daily news and the springfield news sun.

Huge book sale set The Ripley Friends of the Library will be holding a Book Sale on Saturday, June 15 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. The sale will take place at 19 Main Street, Ripley (next to library) There will be 1000s of books to rummage and browse through. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Library who help support the library. For more information please call (937) 392-4871.


On Thursday evening, June 13, 2013, the Catholic Rural Life Conference of the St. Martin Deanery will hold its regular meeting. On the agenda are planning for a "Rural Plunge" visit by city teen-agers in July and the status of the Farm Bill in Congress. The meetings are open to anyone who shares our goals of bringing a Christian per-

the pastor of Bible Baptist Church since 1982. He is known throughout Ohio, and the nation, as a prophecy teacher and preacher. The pastor was joined by Reverend Ted House, the assistant to the pastor. Rev. House is also the Music Director and the Sunday School Superintendent.

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Church hosted Robinson at concert Betty Jean robinson, center, from up on Melody Mountain was recently the guest singer at Freedom in the rock Church, Bethel. state representative Doug Green, left, was one of many that turned out for the singing. Both are pictured above with sister sharon Deems. Freedom in the rock Church is located at 3187 s. Bantam road. For more information on the church contact Pastor Deems at (513) 276-8673.

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Air Force Airman Aaron D. haynes

Patrick graduates Day Buffet Naval basic training set in Russellville

“Piggin’ Out with Pa” is the theme on Friday, June 14, 2013 at the Russellville Lodge Hall. This will be a Father’s Day Buffet from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. with the menu featuring: pork loin or ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes, green beans, tossed salad, rolls, assorted pies, iced tea, lemonade and coffee. Cost is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 12. This dinner is sponsored by the Russellville Eastern Star Chapter. There is limited seating, so please call Sherry Kelch at (937) 4462176 for tickets or registration.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Kyle B. Patrick, son of Lori and Keith Patrick of Georgetown, recently participated in a change of command onboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Farragut (DDG 99), Naval Station Mayport, Fla. Patrick and other Sailors recently completed its basic phase training, composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX) with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group, and 2012-2013 deployment to the 5th and 6th Fleet areas of operation. Farragut returned from its 10-month deployment in April of this year. Farragut was also

awarded the Battle "E" for displaying excellence in the areas of maritime warfare; engineering and survivability; and command, control, communication and information warfare (C4). Farragut is entering a summer-long maintenance period at Naval Station Mayport. Patrick is a 2005 graduate of Western Brown High School of Mount Orab, Ohio and joined the Navy in June 2006. The Brown County Press would like to thank Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Kyle B. Patrick for his service to our country.


Pisgah Cemetery Perpetual Care Association recently met The annual meeting of the Pisgah Cemetery Perpetual Care Association was held May 3, 2013 at the Ohio Valley Manor in Ripley. The cemeterys blacktop driveway was to be sealed and a few tree limbs at the entrance were to be trimmed by Memorial Day weekend. As funds permit, the association is continuing to work on replacing the wrought iron fence at the entrance. Officers elected were Mark Grippa, president, Sue Risner, vice president/treasurer, Nancy Truesdell, secretary/trustee, jim Frebis, trustee, and Pat Edwards, trustee. For more information go t o rebisjm/fwd12/finalpro ject/index.html

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Haas honored for service Bonita haas, of sardinia, has been a dedicated volunteer board member of the Brown County Community Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental health services for over 16 years. recently Bonita received a presentation from the Board thanking her for her years of service as her term of office expired. Volunteer board members are a valuable and essential part of the Community Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental health system. Board members oversee the local community system, set policy and provide local decision making that is so important. Thanks to Bonita haas for her time and service to the people of Brown County.


Left to right, Cheryl saylor, Tiffany Mignerey, Missy Frazee, shannon helton, Kimberly hale, Gail hacker.

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the Brown County Treasurer Connie Patrick’s Office for payment. Hall took office in January of 2013. She said that procedures are now in place that will assure timely submission of reports. Uecker said that he is most concerned now with the fines that were levied against the county by OPERS, and that a refund from OPERS is not anticipated at this time. “Common sense would dictate that we would owe some interest for a late payment, but I think that a fine is wholly unreasonable.”, he said. “I am still interested in looking at whether there are any remedies for an appeals process. It still irks me that one government entity was fining another government entity for taxpayer dollars while one of those entities

was trying to fix a computer problem.” Uecker said he is looking into whether there is a way to appeal a fine levied by OPERS. “It’s my wish to first find out if there is an appeals process, and if there is not one, to institute one through the legislative process.” State Representative and former Brown County Auditor Doug Green was not available for comment at press time because the state legislature was in session. Green released the following statement about the issue last week to The Brown County Press: “The payments were made timely but due to seventeen dollars and fifty cents in errors with the associated reports, the deposits were held in escrow and considered late by OPERS until corrections were made. Quite frankly, the

charges are egregious and this matter will be addressed immediately. I want to state publicly, unfortunately, that sometimes errors occur. However, I along with my staff, have always worked very hard to provide efficient and courteous service to the residents of Brown County and would never betray their trust. I am confident this same commitment continues under the current administration.” Patrick and Brown County Auditor Jill Hall said that the State Auditor’s office has advised them to keep an eye on the OPERS account over the next couple of months to see how much money may need to be deposited into the OPERS account to make up for the penalties and interest charged. Hall said that monitoring of the account is underway on a weekly basis.

Ruthven painting on mural CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 on the frontier of America and saw this country in its wildest state. Ruthven admitted he had a strong bond with Martha, the last passenger pigeon, and wanted to do something to help the world remember the species. “The loss of the passenger pigeon was a terrible thing,” Ruthven said. “Sadly, during the 1840’s, it was when the great slaughter took place. From 1840 to 1850, that period in there, eliminated almost all the birds, and there were only a few left. “Then it finally came down to Martha, who was living at the Cincinnati Zoo. She died in 1914.” Ruthven said back then there were literally millions of passenger pigeons and people thought they would never be exhausted because there were so many of them. Ruthven added that like the passenger pigeon, the buffalo was also nearly wiped out. “Many people don’t realize it but another bird used to fly free in North America called the Carolina Parakeet, the last of which also died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1919,” Ruthven said as he pointed out a picture of the bird in his gallery. “The Carolina Parakeet was a beautiful bird, and the only member of the parrot family that ever lived in North America. It flew south in the winter time and its favorite food was the cocklebur, something nothing else will eat.” To commemorate the life of Martha the passenger pigeon, and the 100th year of her death, Ruthven painted a beautiful portrait of the bird which will be the basis of the beautiful mural to be painted this summer. The original painting itself will most likely be hung in the board room of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

This beautiful print of a painting by John ruthven is one of many which hang in his Gallery in Georgetown. It is called “Arctic summer.”

According to Ruthven’s website, he has often been referred to as the 20th Century Audubon. He opened his first commercial art studio in 1946 with the goal of building a career in wildlife art. Paintings by Ruthven have been included in exhibitions such as The Artist of America Exhibition, Denver, Colorado and the Society of Animal Artists. Some of his works are currently displayed in the Smithsonian, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin, the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History in New York, and many other prestigious locations. “I’m looking forward to painting Martha on that mural,” Ruthven said with a chuckle. “I’m not sure though, how tough it’s going to be in that cherry picker. I expect to paint about two

hours a day for two weeks to complete my section of the mural. I need to work in the shade.” Depicted in the mural, Ruthven’s painting of Martha will be the only lifesize bird (6 feet long) as she flies over buildings followed by hundreds of other passenger pigeons. Martha is the only bird Ruthven himself will be painting. He said he was able to get the shape and coloring of the bird by actually studying the actual bird at the Smithsonian as well as four other passenger pigeons which had been preserved at the Smithsonian. Ruthven, said that when he was approached by the Smithsonian to paint the mural, he felt honored to have been asked. “It’s going to be an exciting day when this mural is complete,” Ruthven said. “It will be a good day.”

New Aberdeen water rules


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 perintendent of Water or his representative “shall have the right to enter at any reasonable time any property served by a connection to the public water supply or distribution system if Aberdeen for the purpose of inspecting the piping system or systems thereof.” The ordinance also empowers the Superintendent of Water to discontinue service to any property “wherein any connection in violation of the provisions of this ordinance is known to exist.” The current Superintendent of Water in Aberdeen is Keith O’Dell. In other news at the meeting related to the village water system, council member Jay Castle made a motion to resume construction on the water plant. The mo-

tion was seconded by council member Jerry Applegate. Applegate and Castle voted to resume construction, and council members Jim Perraut and Billie Eitle voted “no”. Eitle said her no vote was “based on current negotiations”, that were discussed in an executive session of council concerning possible litigation. Foxworthy broke the tie by also voting “no”. After the meeting, Castle discussed the ruling by Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler last week granting summary judgement in favor of Shinn Brothers, Inc. over the village in a breach of contract lawsuit over the stop work order on the water plant. Gusweiler did not order any damages in the ruling, setting that decision for Oc-

tober. “The judge has given us four months to work this out”, Castle said. “I think it’s in the best interest of the village to just build the water plant instead of being exposed to having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company that sued us.” Shinn Brothers originally sued the village for approximately $800,000, but has offered to settle for attorney fees and expenses in exchange for the village authorizing the continuation of construction on the water plant. In other council business, village employee Delbert Hester was named village administrator. Hester will be paid $700 per week and will also continue his duties in the village maintenance department.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 faces multiple felony and misdemeanor sex charges involving a victim under ten years old. Koller is facing felony charges of Attempted Rape, Importuning and Gross Sexual Imposition. He also faces two misdemeanor counts of Public Indecency. Koller is also a repeat sexual offender, pleading guilty or having been convicted of sexual battery against a victim under thirteen in 2003, when he was 15 years of age. The charges are based on alleged activity and actions by Koller between August 1 and November 30 of 2012. Joseph Burton, 24 and Nicholas Burton 30, both face multiple felony counts involved with the manufacture of Methamphetamine. Those charges include Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, Illegal Assembly or Possession of Chemicals for the Manufacture of Drugs, Conspiracy and Aggravated Possession of Drugs. The alleged activity took place between October 1, 2012 and May 24, 2013. The following individuals face felony drug charges relating to the manufacture of Methamphetamine. The charges are Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, Illegal Assembly or Possession of Chemicals for the Manufacture of Drugs and Conspiracy. Those charged in the case include; Michael Justice, 42 Samantha Johnson, 19 of Goshen Christopher Davis, 20 of Goshen Allen Vogel, Jr., 25 The alleged activity took place between October 1, 2012 and May 24, 2013.

David Nelson, 44 of Bethel, faces felony counts of Aggravated Trafficking and Aggravated Possession of Drugs. The charges involve the alleged possession and trafficking of Hydrocodone on May 28. 2013. Donald Souder, 43 of Mt. Orab, faces a felony count of Aggravated Trafficking of Drugs. The charges involve the alleged trafficking of Hydrocodone on May 28. 2013. Kathy Neeley, 44 of Bethel, faces a felony count of Aggravated Trafficking of Drugs. The charges involve the alleged trafficking of Hydrocodone on May 28. 2013. Zachary Neff, 20 of Georgetown, faces four fourth degree felony counts of Unlawful Sexual Contact With a Minor. Neff is alleged to have engaged in sexual activity with a victim older than thirteen but younger than sixteen years of age between April 1 and May 25, 2013. Allan Fryman, 42 of Aberdeen, faces two third degree felony counts of Domestic Violence. Fryman is accused of causing or attempting to cause harm to Sara Joy Benjamin on or about May 18, 2013. Fryman has pleaded guilty to or has been convicted of five previous cases of domestic violence in Brown County, dating back to 1996. Daniel Poe, 23 of Ripley, faces felony charges of Grand Theft of a Firearm and Carrying a Concealed Weapon. Poe is accused of taking a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun from Mary Ellyn Wilson on May 18. Seth Heaton, 22 of

Georgetown, faces felony charges of Grand Theft of a Firearm. Heaton is accused of taking a Winchester model 93 30/30 from Roger Nehus on May 20. Frankie Brock, 42 of Hamersville, faces a second degree felony count of Failure to Provide Notice of Change of Address. Brock was convicted or pleaded guilty to Attempted Rape in Brown County in 1995. Nathaniel Williamson, 22 of Georgetown, faces a fourth degree felony count of Failure to Provide Notice of Change of Address. Williamson was convicted or pleaded guilty to Unlawful Sexual Conduct With a Minor in Clermont County in 2012. Monty Rogers, 53 of Ripley, faces felony charges of Theft of Drugs and Aggravated Possession of Drugs. Rogers is accused of taking and possessing Oxycodone on May 21, 2013. Billy Strange, 35 of Aberdeen, faces three fifth degree felony counts of Trafficking in Heroin. Strange is accused of selling or offering to sell Heroin on May 22, 23 and 24 of 2013. Joseph Puckett, 27 of Ripley, faces felony Intimidation of an Attorney, Victim or Witness in a Criminal Case and two first degree misdemeanor charges of Assault and Theft. Puckett is accused of assaulting and stealing from Warren Kragler, Jr. on May 29. An indictment means that charges have been filed against and individual. It is not a finding or admission of guilt.



29 indicted, most on drug trafficking charges

Farmland Preservation funds available locally The Ohio Department of Agriculture has named the Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation Association (SOFPA) as the local sponsoring organization that will help preserve farmland in Adams, Brown, Clermont and Highland counties. SOFPA is now a certified partner with the department and will receive an allocation from the Clean Ohio Fund to manage the Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program. Beginning May 1, SOFPA will accept on-line applications from landowners in Adams, Brown, Clermont and Highland counties who are interested in selling an agricultural easement to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. $172,872 will be made available in this funding round in the four counties served by SOFPA. The Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program allows landowners to voluntarily sell easements on their farms to the State of Ohio. The easement requires the farm remain permanently in agricultural production. Selected farms must be over 40 acres, actively engaged in farming, participate in the Current Agricultural Use Valuation program, demonstrate good stewardship of the land, have support from local government and not be in close proximity to development. Landowners may use the proceeds of the easement in any way they wish, but most reinvest it in their farm operation. Funding for the program is derived from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, approved by voters in all 88 counties in 2008, and used to purchase agricultural easements from willing sellers through a competitive process. Since the program began, 279 family farms in 48 counties have collectively preserved 41,952 acres in agricultural production. Permanent

easements on another 6,389 acres have been donated for a total of 48,341 acres statewide. For more information go to rmLand/FarmLand.aspx. You may also contact SOFPA by calling Jerry Schwallie at (937) 4462904, Patrick Hornschemeier at (937)

378-4769, Warren Bridges at (937) 515-8196, or by writing to SOFPA, 11954 Hamer Road, Georgetown, Ohio 45121. Those interested should act right away since SOFPA must know by May 31 which individuals are applying. This is because the application procedure requires numerous steps all of which must be completed by July 30.

Court papers: sister shot boy CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 by violating a duty of care, protection, or support. Furthermore, the violation resulted in serious physical harm to S.S.” The charge is a third degree felony, with a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The Probable Cause Affidavit for the charges in Brown County Municipal Court read; “On February

18, 2013, a shooting occurred at 10198 State Route 125, Decatur OH. The shooting occurred as a result of a Glock 34, 9MM pistol being left out and unsecured. The firearm was left out in plain view, fully loaded in the presence of children. One or more children gained possession of the firearm, which resulted in the shooting and eventual death of 9 year old Sebastian Swartz.”

Applications for grant program available The Southern Ohio Agricultural & Community Development Foundation is now accepting applications for the Educational Assistance Grant Program for the 2013 – 2014 school year for degreed programs only. Tobacco quota owners, quota owners/growers, or grower/tenants of Farm Service Agency (FSA) record in any single crop year from 1997 through 2004 and their immediate family dependents are eligible to apply for the Program. Applications and guidelines are available at your local FSA Office, the

Foundation Office or online at The Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation serves 22 counties in southern Ohio by providing educational assistance, agricultural and economic development grants. The Foundation has awarded more than $13 million in educational grants alone since the programs began in 2001. For questions regarding the Educational Assistance Grant Program, call the Foundation office at 937-393-2700.



Computer glitch blamed for fines

The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Page 11

BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press The Village of Russellville consists of about 139 families (561 total residents.) It’s a quiet, peaceful place to raise a family and now thanks to the efforts of a community group called the Russellville Community Action Planners (RCAPS), the long history of the village is being preserved. According to Lucille Gelter, one of the many active members of the group, the Russellville Community Museum is now available for everyone to tour. “In the fall of 1998 a group of Russellville residents (the Russellville Community Action Planners) leased the old Russellville-Jefferson School after the new high school was built,” Gelter said. This museum was one of our first projects “The last class to graduate from this school was the eighth grade in 1997. Gelter said that the building went up for sale at auction and sold to a resident, and was later sold to RCAPS for $1. The entire building has now been renovated with several businesses operating out of it including the Russellville Police Department. Gelter said that the Village of Russellville was first recognized as a village in 1817. “Here at the Russellville Community Museum, we have the original hand-made American Flag made by a local resident, especially for that day in 1817,” Gelter said with pride, as she pointed out the old, faded flag which hangs on one of the walls of the museum. “This museum is filled to capacity with items

from the Russellville area,” she continued. “Some items were donated while others are on loan to the museum. “One of the oldest items we have in the museum is an old wooden trunk, from 1877 on loan from the Eric Erickson family.” Gelter said the RCAPS group started up with absolutely no money to work with, but wasted no time in holding it’s first fundraiser to change that. “We organized a “Taste of Russellville” fundraiser, held in the village park,” Gelter said. “And it was a huge success, earning our group over $4,000. Soon we started getting donations and contributions of all kinds for the museum as well as other work that needed to be upgraded at the old school building. “Eventually families began leaving money to RCAPS by bequest when they passed away and with those donations we were able to a lot.” Gelter said that when they first got the building, it had been completely gutted. “We were quite blessed when Milicron donated all their old desks and other office supplies to us when they revamped their offices,” she said. “It was wonderful of them. Then in 2004 a woman named Hope Woods Gano left a substantial donation to our group. She was a graduate of the school in 1945.” Gelter said that a trust was set up and a trust committee was created to manage the funds. It was amazing all that we were able to do. We replaced windows, doors, the heating system, the roof, on three occasions, you name it, we replaced or repaired it. It was just too good to be true.”

Gelter graciously showed off some of the items that had been donated and collected for the Community Museum including: • All of the graduation class pictures dating back to 1927 up to 1997; • All of the sports trophies on display from 1927 to 1997; • Many scrapbook collections from organizations and estates containing news clippings from the late 1800’s; • Scrapbooks and minutes from the Colonial Dames Organization, Anthony Shaw Chapter; • An old quilt dating back to 1889, on loan from Danny and Kathy Kennedy; • An old picture of President George Washington donated from member of the old Jefferson Grange; • old 4H projects made by students, diplomas from 1918, 1925 and others; • old man and womans bathing suits and ball gown dating back to the old flapper days; • shelves and shelves of old newspapers, magazines and newsletters; • several old military uniforms from World War I; • the Russellville Alumni minutes from 1927 to date, 2013; • Collections from the Junior Womens Club and items from every church in the Russellville area. “All of these items are priceless to us,” Gelter said. “There’s nothing in here of any great value, but because of their history, they are valuable to our community.” To visit the museum contact Gelter at (937)377-5224 to schedule a tour.



Village of Russellville proud of its Community Museum, thousands of historical items on display

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

russellville Community Action Planners member Lucille Gelter shows off one of two books containing the minutes from the russellville Alumni from 1927 to 2013.

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

All the school class pictures of graduates of the russellville-Jefferson school still hang in the old school building which has been renovated by community members.

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

This 1817 handmade American flag has been framed and is located in the russellville Community Museum. russellville became a village in 1817.





Page 12 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013




knowledge one of our fallen heros. He certainly is a true Warrior.”, Filon said. Former State Representative Danny Bubp, who is a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, said before the ceremony that Blevins was a product of his community. “The Eastern High School Community is just wonderful and all these people here today bear that out. We’re making sure the family never forgets that we remember the sacrifice that Seth Blevins made for all of us.” Bubp added that the ceremony was being held one day before the 69th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in World War II that was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. “Seth would have been one of those young men in 1944 that were jumping out of a boat into a hail of bullets”, Bubp said. “We always have to remember our heroes, both past and present.” As the ceremony got underway, Norma Green, wife of State Representative Doug Green, spoke a few words on behalf of her husband, who wrote the fol-

lowing; “When I consider how truly blessed we are, I am reminded that it is because of the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform. They have left the comfort of their home and family to protect our freedom, the rights that we enjoy and many times take for granted. Today we are here to honor Specialist Seth Blevins, who wore his uniform with pride, defending our freedom and who paid the ultimate price.” Bubp then spoke again, representing Green and State Senator Joe Uecker. “We must, as loyal citizens, be forever grateful and proud of the efforts of veterans such as Seth Blevins who made noble sacrifices to defend our freedom and our way of life.”, Bubp said, quoting a letter from Uecker. Bubp read the following from a letter written by Green. “His bravery is a justifiable source of pride and an outstanding reflection on his family, on his community, and on the state of Ohio. In all of his endeavors, Seth Blevins set an example of concern and responsible citizenship worthy of emulation and he

earned the respect and admiration of many.” Seth’s grandmother, Shirley Wagoner, also addressed those gathered for the ceremony. “You do not know what the community has done for this family, for the healing, for the living on. It is not in sadness we are here, but in celebration of many many things.”, Wagoner said. She then announced that the Seth Blevins Scholarship Fund had raised over $33,000 in just two years, The first two awards were this year to a student from Mt. Orab and a student from Ripley. Wagoner said that her grandson can live on through the scholarship recipients. “He can continue his education. He can continue to visit throughout the world through others. We could not have done this without you. Every day is a blessing.”, she said. The third annual memorial motorcycle ride to raise money for the Blevins Scholarship fund will take place on Saturday, June 15. Registration will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Russellville, with the ride beginning at 1 p.m.


Part of Hwy 62 renamed for Seth Blevins

Wayne Gates/The Brown CounTy Press

Brown County American Legion members salute as “Taps” is played at the dedication ceremony.

Wayne Gates/The Brown CounTy Press

shirley wagoner spoke to the crowd, thanking them for their support of the seth Blevins scholarship fund.

Wayne Gates/The Brown CounTy Press

The Blevins family (front row) and many others turned out to honor the memory of seth Blevins at the dedication ceremony at eastern high school.

Wayne Gates/The Brown CounTy Press



The ohio Patriot Guard provided a visual reminder of American pride at the ceremony.

Wayne Gates/The Brown CounTy Press

The eastern high school band performed at the ceremony. Blevins was a band member while in school.

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Five local track and field athletes advance to state

Four named softball All-ohio selections

BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press

Local softball teams had another strong season on the diamond this spring. Three teams took home at least a share of their respective league titles and one advanced to a second straight district title game. It is of little surprise, then, that when the Ohio High School Fastpitch Coaches Association released its All-Ohio teams this week there were several local representatives. Four local softball players earned All-Ohio honors

PIQUA-- Their days may have unfolded differently but the results ended up exactly the same for Nick McAfee and Jess Adamson. And, all things considered, that’s perfectly fine for the Georgetown track and field teammates. That’s because their performances at the Division III regional meet at Piqua High School last Saturday earned them return trips to the State Track and Field Championships taking place in Columbus this weekend. McAfee ran a strong race in the 1600-meter run to finish second in Piqua and advance to his second straight state meet appearance while his classmate Adamson didn’t have his best day throwing the shot put but it was still good enough to advance to his fourth straight state meet appearance. The two senior G-Men competitors will have some familiar faces joining them at Jesse Owens Stadium on the campus of Ohio State University this weekend. They’ll be joined by three G-Men teammates making their first appearance at the state meet. Georgetown’s 4x800

Western Brown Youth Cheer will be holding its fitting on June 14 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Brown County Library. All youth cheerleaders must attend for fittings. It is mandatory. New cheerleaders will need to be fitted for new uniforms to assure completion of uniforms by the beginning of August. Returning cheerleaders will need to bring uniform to try on so that coaches can make sure it fits appropriately. All cheerleaders will be fitted for shoes, socks, spankies and, possibly, warm-ups. Any questions can be directed to Lori Gavula at (937) 232-6315 or Julie Hinkle at (937) 232-4079.

for their efforts this season, led by a pair of Eastern teammates. Maria Johnson’s performance both in the circle and at the plate helped her earn Division III second team All-Ohio honors for the second straight year. Her efforts at the plate and as the Lady Warriors pitcher were strong once again this year. The senior hurler finished the season 22-2 in the circle for the Lady Warriors in 144 innings pitched. She struck out 133 and pitched six shutouts. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

Georgetown’s nick McAfee (left) runs to the front of the pack of the 1600-meter run with Tri-Village’s Clayton Murphy last saturday at the Division III regional meet at Piqua high school. McAfee finished second to Murphy in the race.

relay team consisting of McAfee, seniors Kyle Damen and Logan Lucas and sophomore Jake Crop-

western Brown’s Lauren stacy (here at the southern Buckeye Conference League Meet on May 14) earned her third straight state meet appearance in the shot put with a third place finish at the Division I regional meet in Dayton last Friday.

wB youth Cheerleaders fitting set for June 14

BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTy Press

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTy Press


Sunday, June 9, 2013 • Page 13

per finished third at the regional meet in Piqua last Wednesday to advance to the state meet. In all, five G-Men track and field athletes will compete in Columbus this weekend, by far the most of any school locally. “That's a huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of the boys,” Georgetown track and field coach Tracy Hawkins said over the phone on Tuesday. “They worked so hard at it. They had their eye on it from day one of the season and wanted to go.” Adamson is aiming to capture a state title in the shot put to wrap up his decorated high school career before heading off to compete at Northern Kentucky University next year. He enters state coming off a performance he was none to pleased with at regionals. His put of 49-7.50 was good enough for third at the regional meet but Adamson felt he should have thrown better. “I found it in warmups. I was throwing them over 60 (feet) but then I came back in prelims and did really bad. Don't know what happened,” Adamson explained on Saturday. “Trying to figure out what, if my blood sugar was low or anything. Went in the finals and still did bad. I don't know what hap-

pened.” Earning the trip to state offset some of the angst Adamson felt last Saturday. It may also offer a little CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTy Press

eastern’s Maria Johnson (pitching against Peebles on May 9) helped lead the Lady warriors to an unbeaten conference season as both a pitcher and at the plate.

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June 12 Mt. Orab

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Western Brown Youth Soccer FALL REGISTRATION Sat. June 15, 2013 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. @ MT. ORAB LIBRARY

$75.00/$60.00 each additional player in household. $28.00 / Uniform ($25 late fee charged to any registration received after June 21, 2013. No Refunds after August 9, 2013.)




AGE: born after 8/1/99 and before 7/31/09 Any child who has not participated in Western Brown Youth Soccer must bring a copy of that child’s birth certificate to registration.

Registrations can be mailed to: Western Brown Youth Soccer, PO Box 61, Mt. Orab, OH 45154 Any questions please contact:

Jean Hile

907-205-0110 Erik Richmond


221 South High Street, Mt. Orab


Page 14 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013



Lauren Stacy will be in Columbus representing Western Brown after finishing third at the Division I regional last Friday at Dayton’s Welcome Stadium. Advancing to state was no easy task for Stacy, who had to fight through rain showers for a put of 406.25. “I feel good with what I did in the shot except for the fact that it was raining,” she said on Tuesday. She continued, talking about the conditions, “Well during my flight it was just kind of raining. When we were warming up for finals I was getting big throws. I only took one warmup throw and nobody else was throwing very far because it was raining and so all the coaches were complaining. They made us go inside.” And throwing the shot put in the rain is no easy task, especially if you spin as Stacy does. “When your spinning it's a lot harder when its wet because it gets slick and you're obviously moving a lot faster,” she said. If you make the finals of the shot put any throw can be counted as your best throw, whether it happened during the prelims or during the finals. The two competitors who finished ahead of Stacy each had one put of just above or right at 41 feet, which both did during the first flight when it was not raining. However, in the finals, Stacy was the only competitor to throw over 40 feet. Regardless of how regionals played out, the Lady Bronco thrower is just happy she’ll get a chance to throw in Columbus. “I'm happy I made it through because next week is where it counts,” Stacy said. As for this weekend, Stacy hopes to break at least 43 feet in her third trip to the state meet, something she has been doing in practice in recent days. She also hopes to place higher than her best-ever finish at state, an eighth place finish in the Division II shot put (she competed at Bethel-Tate the past two years) in 2011. Considering how well she is throwing right now, Stacy is confident she can do just that when she takes to the ring at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. “Yes I do because I'm more consistent and my form is a lot more consistent,” she said. Several other local track and field athletes competed in regional meets last weekend and a handful were able to place but didn’t earn a trip to state. Eastern’s Kaylie Ruckel advanced to the finals of the 100-meter and 200-meter dash at the Division III regional last Friday at Fair-

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTY PreSS

Fayetteville’s Claire Carson’s (hitting against Fairfield on May 4) stellar junior campaign helped lead the Lady rockets to its first conference title in 12 years.

Softball: Four named All-Ohio

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTY PreSS

Georgetown’s Jess Adamson, throwing last Saturday at Piqua high School, clinched his fourth straight trip to the state meet in the shot put with a third place finish at the Division III regional meet in Piqua.

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTY PreSS

eastern’s Kaylie ruckel nears the finish line of her 100meter dash prelim last wednesday at the Division III regional meet at Fairfield union high School.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 At the plate, Johnson hit .477 with five home runs and 35 RBI for a Lady Warrior team that finished 24-3, including an undefeated run through the Southern Hills Athletic Conference in winning the Gold Ball. Her Lady Warrior teammate, Kayla Seigla, was also honored for her efforts this season. The sophomore first baseman earned Division III honorable mention AllOhio honors after she finished the season with a .600 average, 13 home runs, 14 doubles and 57 RBI for an Eastern squad that won 23 straight games to end the regular season before a tough loss to Piketon in its sectional opener cut short their special season. Strong individual performances weren’t limited to just the Lady Warriors, however.

Western Brown’s Brittany Palmer finished her career for the Lady Broncos in style. The senior shortstop hit .540 with 11 home runs, 13 doubles and 42 RBI to help the Lady Broncos to a share of the Southern Buckeye Conference-American Division title and a second straight sectional title. Her efforts were rewarded by being named Division II second team All-Ohio. Just up the Rt. 68, Claire Carson played a key role in helping the Fayetteville softball team to its first SHAC title since 2001. The junior shortstop hit .545, collected 14 doubles, three triples, knocked in 35 runs and stole 17 bases for the 21-4 Lady Rockets. For her strong performance, Carson was named a Division III second team All-Ohio selection.

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTY PreSS

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTY PreSS

Georgetown’s Kyle Damen (front) and relay teammate Jake Cropper (here at the Southern Buckeye Conference League Meet on May 14) helped the G-Men 4x800 relay team advance to the state meet with a third place finish at the Division III regional meet at Piqua high School last wednesday evening.

field Union High School and very nearly earned a trip to the state meet. She finished fifth in the 100-meter dash, .07 seconds away from finishing fourth and advancing to Columbus. She would go on to finish eighth in the 200-meter dash and eighth as a member of the 4x400 relay team

also featuring Delaney Walsh, Kayla Tomlin and Lauren Towne. Eastern’s Shelby Cowdrey finished seventh in the high jump on Wednesday. Finally, Fayetteville’s David Watts advanced to the finals of the 100-meter dash at the Division III regional in Piqua on Saturday. He finished seventh.



CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 more incentive when he takes to the ring on Friday at 1:00 p.m. at the state meet. “This is extra fuel for me to get a lot higher than third place. You know?” Adamson asked with a hearty laugh. “That is all that is.” He expects he’ll need to throw the shot put at least 60 ft. if he is to reach his goal of a state title but does know winning a title is not his endgame. “I think that I'm just happy to go. If I do bad at state, which I pray I won't, I’m still moving on collegiately,” he said. McAfee comes into state in his two events running well. His time of 4:25.30 in the 1600-meter at Piqua was one of his best races of the season. He credited that with having someone who challenged him in Tri-Village’s Clayton Murphy, who won the 1600-meter run. “I've been right around 4:30 all the time,” McAfee said after the race. “This is really the first time I've had somebody to push me all race.” The duo ran together for the first two laps in the middle of the pack then catapulted to the front in the third lap and held on to finish one-two. “I was talking to Clayton Murphy, the kid who won, and we was just talking about, you know, seeing where everyone is at the first two laps and after that start picking it up,” McAfee explained. Hawkins said McAfee hopes to bring his time down just a bit in Columbus to 4:22 so he could break the Georgetown school record in the event. Before McAfee runs his 1600 on Saturday morning at approximately 10:15 a.m., he’ll take part in the 4x800 relay race on Friday morning at 9:45 a.m. The relay team ran its personal best at Piqua in finishing third in a time of 8:11.68 last Wednesday, which was just fractions of a second behind second place Summit County Day. Hawkins looks for a strong race from the 4x800 relay team in Columbus because they feel the pressure is off after getting to state. Plus, they are an experienced group. McAfee, Damen and Lucas have ran on the relay team together since they were freshman and Cropper joined last year as a freshman to complete the current lineup. “We're looking to bring that time down a little bit more on Friday,” Hawkins said of the group’s regional time. “I think we have a very strong chance to be on the podium and be toward he top of the podium.” Georgetown won’t be the only school represented at the state meet, however.

Andrew Wyder/The Brown CounTY PreSS

Fayetteville’s David watts gives all he has in the finals of the 100-meter dash at the Division III regional meet last Saturday at Piqua high School. watts would finish seventh.

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western Brown’s Brittany Palmer (fielding a ball at shortstop against Little Miami on April 1) finished her career with a stellar senior season that included hitting 11 home runs.

Southern Buckeye Youth Football nearly a reality BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press It looks as though the Southern Buckeye Youth Football League (SBYF) will become a reality. A venture that began late last year, the SBYF is a youth football league based out of the Eastern portion of the county that will field teams for children as young as five and as old as 12. And since the idea was first floated early last November, the league has developed itself from the ground up and has met most of the goals it needed to began play this fall. Specifically, they’ve found a local league to play in and held sign-ups. Enough progress has been made that Richie Cox, who helped spearhead the program’s development along with Bob Hare and others, believes the that the SBYF will field at least one team this fall. “At this point, we're definitely planning on the 11 and 12 year olds playing because we have enough kids,” Cox said over the phone on Tuesday. “The only thing we really need is a few more kids out there.” The group still plans to field its other three teams, however -- the five and six year olds, the seven and eight year olds and the nine and 10 year olds. Nearly 30 kids have signed up already to take part in the program. The SBYF does hope to have a few more players sign up for all four of its teams, particularly the younger teams. Next Wednesday evening, June 12, the SBYF will host another round of sign-ups at the Rambler Center in Russel-

lville from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Cox would like to see enough players sign up so there would be about 15 players per team. “It'd be nice if we could get five more for each team,” he said. The players who sign up for the league will play in the Ohio Heritage League. Other members of the league include Fayetteville, Manchester, North Adams, West Union, Fairfield Leesburg, Hillsboro and East Clinton.The league serves players ages 9-12. Just because the league doesn’t field teams for five to eight year olds doesn’t mean the SBYF won’t field those teams. Cox said the league will have the younger kids play flag football, something that some of the teams in the Ohio Heritage League do for their youngest teams. The plan to have the five to eight year olds play flag football could be the best way for the youngsters to get involved in the game. “A lot of people are concerned with injuries with younger kids,” Cox said. “That was our solution to that problem. They're only playing flag or touch football. It makes it safer and they're still able to learn the fundamentals of the game.” The league hopes to begin practice in late July, likely on some land near Russellville Elementary that Cox said they’d likely turn into a field for practices and games. The league games will begin in late August and run through October. Any questions about the league can be directed to Cox at (937) 515-6336 or to Hare, the league president, at (513) 313-8806.



regional track and field: five earn trips to Columbus

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Scouts receive flag from American Legion Post 180 Pictured above are Boy scouts Troop 304 receiving a flag donated by the Carey Bavis American Legion Post 180, Georgetown on Monday, on May 6, 2013 at the Post Meeting. The scout Master for this fine group of young men is Tom Ackley on the right end. our commander of post 180 Joe Farrell is seen presenting the folded flag. The troop is also going to assist the Legion Post 180 with placing flags at confidence cemetery on May 21st.

Southern Hills Adult Education Department is offering Youth Enrichment classes designed for youth ages 7 to 12. Choose from Model Rockets, More Manga, Lego Robotics Explorer class, and new this year, Zoom It. The schedule is as follows: June 10 thru June 13: Grades 2-8 Model Rocketry from 9 - 11 a.m. Zoom It from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. June 24 thru June 27: Grades 2-8

Lego Robotics Explorer 9 - 11 p.m. More Manga from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Classes are two hours each and are held four days at Southern Hills Career & Technical Center, 9193 Hamer Road, Georgetown. Class size is limited, so register your child today! For more information or to register, call Southern Hills Adult Education at (937) 378-6131 Ext. 357. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

St. Michael School reverse raffle and evening gala set Center in Eastgate, Cincinnati. The last number drawn will win the top prize of $10,000. Other cash and great prizes will be awarded during this exciting event. Attendance at the Raffle/Gala is not required to win the prizes. Contact a School Fundraising Committee Representative by calling (937) 392-4202 if you would like to support St. Michael School while enjoying an unforgettable evening.

Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program set One of the least addressed concerns in our society is grief, the normal and natural reaction to loss. The Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program, based on The Grief Recovery Handbook, will guide those who wish to resolve their loss issues and move beyond their grief to a richer quality of life. The program will be every Monday from June 3 - August 19 from 1-3 p.m.

at St. George Church, Georgetown. Space is limited and registration closes after June 10th. The church is located at 509 East State St., Georgetown. For more information or to sign up for the group, contact: Mike Strick (513) 786-3743, or email at mike.strick@crossroads or go to

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Early Education students mark Southern State Community College degree completion eleven students in southern state Community College’s early education program completed their practicum experience and earned their associate of applied science degrees. Those marking the successful completion of the program include (l-r) Bobbi stringer of hillsboro, elizabeth stevens of wilmington, shelby edmonson of wilmington, erin spiess Parker of washington Court house, Micayla Daniel of Loveland, Cecilia woods of washington Court house, Jessica stanfield of Greenfield, Carli Zurface of washington Court house, Mary Beth Goolsby of washington Court house, Kayla Kimberly of hillsboro, and Brianna williams of Jamestown (not picture). For more information about the two-year degree program, please visit or call 1-800-628-7722.


Scout Troop 196 to hold Quarter Craze Troop 196 will be holding their annual Quarter Craze on June 10th. This great event will help each boy earn their way to summer camp and many other Scouting related trips and events! This event will take place at the American Legion Post 406, 3393 Legion Lane, Bethel, Ohio 45106 Doors open at 6 p.m., event starts at 7 p.m.

Vendors from Longaberger, Man Cave, Donna Sharp will be on hand with some great products along with some great baskets made up from the Boys and Parents of Troop 196! Please mark the date and come out and support these young men and their Troop! For more information call (513) 734-6225


Rankin and Valor visit H’ville students Mt. Orab resident, Steve Rankin and his horse, visited Hamersville School second grade classes Thursday, May 23rd. Rankin purchased his horse, Valor, at seven months old, and he is now seven years old. Rankin showed students several tricks he has been teaching Valor. On command, Valor demonstrated a rear, park walk, side step, and many other movements. Valor concluded the presentation by taking a bow. At the beginning of the presentation, Steve Rankin spoke to students on the importance of learning to read. He told them that he reads all the time to increase his knowledge of horse training and to learn about many other interests he has. He said, "If you can read, you can do anything." Rankin shared with second graders that when he worked at Kibler Farms, he learned many horse training techniques from former head trainer, Paul Whitehead.

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steve rankin and his horse, Valor.

Hamersville School second grade teachers and students wish to thank Steve Rankin and his horse, Valor for the wonderful presentation. Spending time with Mr. Rankin and Valor was truly an educational experience.


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H’ville students raise money for the Angelman Foundation hamersville students held a benefit walk at the school for the Angelman Foundation on Friday, May 10. Mason Gartner is a 3rd grader in Mrs. walters' class who was diagnosed at the age of 18 months with Angelman syndrome. It is a neuro-genetic disorder that occurs in one in 15,000 live births. It is often misdiagnosed as Cerebral Palsy or Autism. Individuals with As require lifelong care. some of the characteristics of As include developmental delay, lack of speech, seizures, and walking and balance disorders. Mason is a very happy boy with a wonderful demeanor and infectious smile. he has the ability to cheer anyone that comes in contact with him. Mr. Lang's class along with 3rd graders in Mrs. Comberger's class, Mrs. hamilton's class, and Mrs. walters' class raised over $1,000 in donations for the walk. All money raised from the benefit walk will go towards TeAM MAson in the Angelman Foundation walk in Cincinnati planned for May 18. Many local businesses donated prizes to award those students who raised the most contributions.

Sardinia UMC holds summer kick-off On Saturday, June 15 Sardinia United Methodist Church will be holding their Annual Summer Kick-Off for the community 5 to 7 p.m. All food and activities are free and open to the public. There will be live music provided by our very own contemporary band as well as basketball, corn hole, hillbilly golf, face painting and cotton candy!! Sardinia United Methodist church is located at 105 Main Street in Sardinia behind the US Bank. Come and kick off the summer with us!!

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Engineering students win silver southern hills engineering students nikki Lewis, Banon swartz, and Jennifer wardlow participated in the 2013 skills usA state Championship in Columbus on April 23 where they took away a silver medal. Mr. Andrew Creighton, program instructor, stated, “Through hours of research and a generous donation of materials from 3M Corporation the students were able to develop flex sensors and place them into a glove. This allowed them to control a computer program of their own creation to turn devices on and off by moving their fingers.” “All we really did was apply what we have learned in all of our classes,” said senior, nikki Lewis, “no single part of the project was really complicated, but as a whole it is pretty complex.” Pictured: southern hills engineering students nikki Lewis, Banon swartz, and Jennifer wardlow.


There are still chances available for the St. Michael School $10,000 Cash Reverse Raffle/Gala. Only 200 chances will be sold, at the cost of $200 per chance. A chance may be purchased by one person or a group and will be available up until 5:30 p.m. on Friday June 14, 2013. Each chance entitles two people to attend the Gala, which will be held on Friday, June 14, 2013, at Receptions Conference



Youth enrichment classes at SHCTC

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st. Michael winners from left to right: stephanie Crush, Thomas wiechman, Lexi scales.

eastern winners left to right: Paige Cornett, Mikayla Farris, Paige walker, Jarrett Lewis.

Students participate in poster contest on Prescription Abuse Prevention


The Brown County Community Board of Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services in conjunction with the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities held a poster contest this spring. Brown County students in grades 6 thru 8 were invited to create a poster that promoted the Don’t Get Me Started message. Students from Eastern Middle School and St. Michael School participated. Winners were chosen from each school. Eastern Middle School winners are Mikayla Farris, 1st place, Jarrett Lewis, 2nd place and Paige Cornett and Paige Walker tied for 3rd place. Winners from St. Michael School are Lexi Scales, 1st place, Thomas Wiechman, 2nd place and Stephanie Crush, 3rd place. Overall winners for Brown County are Lexi Scales, 1st place and Mikayla Farris, 2nd place. Students were presented with cash prizes and certificates. The first place poster from each county in Ohio was taken to Columbus and

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F’ville High School student attends State Science Day on May 11, 2013 Ashley Jakeway a high school student at Fayetteville-Perry high school competed at the state science Day held at The ohio state university. her project focused on pigments within plants. Along with her research and experimentation, Ashley had to present her findings to the judges who awarded her with an excellent rating. A lot of hard work went into her project and Ashley hopes to continue participating in science fairs while in high school. Great job Ashley!

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Pictured are from left to right: steve Dunkin, executive Director of BCADAMhs, Lexi scales, Amanda scales (Lexi’s Mom) and Deanna Vietze, Director of Fiscal services and Contract Compliance.

judged for state placement. Lexi Scales an 8th grade student at St. Michael School was the 1st place winner of the statewide “Don’t Get Me Started” ( poster contest. This year, students from all

across Ohio were challenged to create a poster that promoted the campaign’s message around prescription drug abuse. Lexi Scales and others were judged by a panel that included ODADAS Director Orman Hall, Ohio Rehabili-

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G’town FFA members get state degree

tation Services Commission Chief of Staff Brenda Cronin, and Chief Executive Officer Cheri L. Walter from the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities. Winners were honored at the 2013 Opiate Conference: Turning the Tide Together. Winning entries will receive saving bonds in addition to their poster being displayed on the Don’t Get Me Started website. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. These students are helping turn the tide through classroom activities and advocating for healthy change. These children are championing for change—using artwork as a medium to promote health and wellness to their peers and to the public.

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Dennis wallace presents check to wBsD superintendent Peggy McKinney.

Wallace donates $1000 to WBHS Dennis Wallace, a Pioneer sales rep, has donated $1000 to the Western Brown High School. Wallace was awarded this contribution money by DuPont Pioneer for his dedication to customer-focused activities throughout the year. DuPont Pioneer is the

world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high quality seeds to farmers. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit

on May 3rd 2013 five outstanding members of the Georgetown FFA chapter were presented with their state degree at the ohio state FFA convention. The state degree is the highest degree an FFA member can receive while they are still enrolled in the FFA chapter. The members of Georgetown FFA who received their degrees are Clinton evans, Caty Fussnecker, Alicia Gifford, Paige Luck, and Morgan Meranda. Achieving this milestone is a great challenge and a wonderful honor. Alicia Gifford reporter received a gold rating on her officer book. shelby Griffith placed first in the ag science fair, and Jacob shannon represented Georgetown as a member of the state Choir. Congratulations to all.

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Mt. Orab Lions recognize GOOD students

Sardinia VIP students honored


The sardinia 2nd grades are ending the year by honoring their last VIP students. They've had fun writing letters each week to classmates. students have the letters to keep as a special reminder of their year in second grade. Pictured above from, Mrs. hamilton's class are front L-r: Jayson setyawan, Jackie Jodrey, savannah Burgess back L-r: Alynna schumacher, Jessica swart, Devin Parlier. Pictured below from Mrs. richey's class front L-r: natalee McCann, Jayson hodge, Kaylen Tabor, back L-r: Annie Jennings, Alyssa Davis, Jasmine Tunks.

Defeated On the back of the shirt is the motto: “When the going gets tough, the tough choose to GO ON” This program was started by a teacher who went blind after 18 years of service. At that point, he dedicated his life to encouraging people to understand that all problems can be overcome. He designed these shirts to be given to schools by local Lion’s Clubs. The Mount Orab Lions Club did the 2nd grade win-

F’ville FFA wins District Ag Engineering Contest The Fayetteville FFA Chapter recorded a 1st Place finish in the District Ag Engineering Contest by competing on a statewide online test. These students were Tyler Parcell (1st Place District Individual), Ryan Koch (2nd Place

District Individual), Tyler Baldwin, and Klay Lewis. The purpose of this contest was to assess these students’ knowledge in agricultural engineering technology. Visit for more information.

ners are Mrs. Glenda Barr class - Kate Statton, Mrs. Paula Rankin - class Isaac Bernhardt, Mrs. Pam Fite class Maria Perry, President Lion - Duane Smith and ORBY the Mount Orab NEW mascot. Anyone who would like to know more about the Lions Club. Please contact PDG Bob Richmond at (937) 4444791.

Schueler graduates from Wittenberg On Saturday May 11th, 2013, Adam David Schueler, Williamsburg, graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Philosophy and an Interdepartmental B.A., with Interdepartmental Major Honors, Departmental Honors in Philosophy, and University Honors from Wittenberg University.


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The Mt. Orab Lions Club is running the GOOD PROGRAM in the Western Brown School District elementary schools in Mount Orab and Hamersville. To qualify a student is picked by their teacher for Good attendance; Good listening skills; Good work habits; Good citizenship and perseverance. Students who have shown tremendous determination and perseverance in overcoming a difficult situation. At the top front of the shirt are the words --“GOOD” - Going On or

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RULH Elementary Art Fair winners: Pre-K - 4th grade

TROPHY WINNERS: 1. Best of Show - Brooklynn Hofman,, 2. Best Craft Rachel Shepherd,, 3. Best Use of Media Katie Souder, 4. Most Imaginative - Jackson Smith

RULH Elementary recently held its annual Art Fair for Pre-K through Fourth Grade. Thank you to all who participated. Congratulations to all the winners! The following students were winners in their category/grade level:





PRESCHOOL: 1. J. T. Schwierling, 2. Cadence McGaughey, 3. Harley Polley

KINDERGARTEN: 1. Genevie Latham, 2. Olivia May, 3. Clay Fossitt, 4. Kelton Campbell

KINDERGARTEN (SELF PORTRAIT): 1. Tristan Young, 2. Weston Carrington, 3. Gracie Blackburn

FIRST GRADE: 1. Ryleigh McCray, 2. Jayden Bartley, 3. Thomas Shelton





FIRST GRADE (FOIL PROJECT): 1. Jackson Smith, 2. David Flaugher, 3. Sara Schwierling

SECOND GRADE: 1. Trey Bartley 2. Katelyn Neely 3. Jackson Cann

THIRD GRADE: 1. Rachel Shepherd, 2. Simone Hutchinson, 3. Austin Whisman

FOURTH GRADE: PENCIL DEPTH PERCEPTION: 1. A. J. Bolar, 2. Ashtyn Riggs, 3. Tim Cornwell





PICASSO ART: 1. Katie Souder, 2. Micaela Hamilton, 3. Mary Ann Rister

SCRATCH ART: 1. Daniel Morgan, 2. Kasey Kurt, 3. Brooklynn Hofman

SCULPTURE: 1. Gracie Himes

Karlee Offutt, 2.

DIGITAL: 1. Lisa Dugan, 2. Jena Schwierling, 3. Aiden Lawson






Above left - right, Michael Sims and Drew Wilson, Niya Royal and Michael Sims (representing the scholarship)


Huntington Hotshots plant flowers

Wilson and Royal receive Ravye Huntington Hotshots set to meet Williams Memorial Scholarships B JW Curtis clean! We will be having a to The Brown County Press.


The Scholarship Committee for the Ravye Williams Memorial Scholarship is pleased to announce the two recipients of the 2012-2013 awards, Niya Royal and Drew Wilson. Niya, the daughter of Amber Dudley and Clarence Royal, who has been accepted by six wellknown colleges, has decided to attend Lane College and will pursue not only her education but also her basketball career. She will be majoring in Business Administration. One of the criteria for the award was being a positive role model. Niya has more than met those qualifications. In addition to playing basketball for four years, soccer for four years, and track for three years, she was a 2011 HOBY Ambassador, volun-

teer at Matthew 25 ministries, President of the Leo Club, teacher’s aide, 2012 Anthony Munoz straight “A” Award finalist, active member of Beebe Chapel, National Honor Society, class officer, student tutor, and many other numerous activities all the while maintaining a 3.96 grade point average and working at Coheart’s Riverhouse Restaurant. Drew is the son of Tim & Lynn Wilson and will be attending the Ohio State University at Newark and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in either geology or environmental science. Drew also represents the attributes of a positive role model. In addition to playing soccer and basketball, he has participated in cross country and served as captain of the

Cahall of G’town graduates from Centre College At Centre College's Commencement ceremony on May 19, Calvin Cahall of Georgetown received B.S. degrees in chemical physics and chemistry and did collaborative research in chemistry with Dr. Jennifer Muzyka.

The College's 190th Commencement saw the largest graduating class in Centre's history. Cahall is the son of Roland and Leslie Cahall of Georgetown and is a graduate of Georgetown High School.

track team during his Senior year. He has been a member of the FFA, FCLA, Student Council, Leo Club, DECA, Leadership Team, served as a teaching assistant, and is an active member of the St. Michael Catholic Church. Drew has also maintained an excellent GPA in addition to his activities and working at Coheart’s Riverhouse Restaurant. Everyone involved in the Ravye Williams Memorial Scholarship wish Niya and Drew successful college careers.

The Huntington Hotshots 4-H Club held their May meeting at the Aberdeen United Methodist Church on May 14, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. President Michael Oberschlake called the meeting to order. We discussed the upcoming events. Sunday May 26, 2013 we rode in the Memorial Day Parade. River Sweep will be June 15, 2013 at Aberdeen Park starting at 8 a.m. every Participate will receive a T-Shirt so come out and help keep our town

campout at Longs Retreat on June 22, 2013. If planning on attending then please turn all paperwork in to Rick at the June meeting so he can get a count of how many will be attending. We had several officers give reports they were; Haily Workman gave a interesting report on saving Energy. Cordell Curtis gave a report on the importance of recycling. We had a inspirational poem read by inspirational officer Shanee Weatherspoon. The News Reporter reported submitting articles

RULH Schools - Title I and IDEA VI-B Meeting Parents, guardians, and residents of the Ripley Union Lewis Huntington Local School District are invited to meet with the Director of Special Education/Title I Coordinator, Pam Sebastian, to give suggestions and/or comments about the use of IDEA VI-B Special Education, Title I, and Title II-A Funds for the 2013-14 School Year. Pam Sebastian will be available Thursday, June 13, 2013, between the hours of 6 – 7 p.m. at the RULH Elementary, 502 S. Second St., Ripley, Ohio, to meet interested community

members. If you cannot attend, your comments and suggestions may be mailed to Pam Sebastian, Director of Special Education, RULH Schools, 502 S. Second St., Ripley, Ohio 45167; provided by phone at (937) 392-7036; or sent via email to pam.sebas- These federal funds are intended to supplement state and local funds to address the educational needs of atrisk students throughout the district. Any comments or suggestions will be considered for incorporation into the district plan.

A livestock safety report was given by safety officer Elizabeth Grooms. Nicole Mock shared her progress on the Historian Book.and we had a game prepared by our recreational officer Kailee Fisher. There were two members who gave their demonstration, REMEMBER everyone must do an demonstration in order to receive the fair pass from the club you would have to buy your own at the cost of $20 .... So lets get them done! You only have until August, there will be no demonstrations given at Septembers meeting! Katie Cooper gave her demonstration on "How to Properly Wear Your Bike Helmet" and Stevie Cooper gave his on " How to Pin an Insect " Our next meeting will be held at The Ripley Community Park on June 11, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. Meeting adjourned ... All members gathered outside to plant flowers in the Aberdeen Methodist Church flower beds!

Huber performs in UF’s Spring Concert Victoria Huber, a sophomore strength and conditioning major, recently performed in The University of Findlay’s symphonic band and wind ensemble

spring concert. A variety of hymns for band were performed under the direction of Jack Taylor. Huber, a 2012 graduate of Fayetteville-Perry High

School, is the daughter of Stephanie and Michael Huber, 331 South Main St., Lynchburg, Ohio, 45142. At UF, Huber is active in marching band.



Huntington Hotshots 4-H

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Charity Horse Show Benefits Hospice of Hope, Ohio Valley on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 6-7-8 at the Brown County Fairgrounds. For more information call (937) 378-6532 or (937) 378 6572 Phileo Ministries, Clothing Ministries of Tri County Baptist Church will be open on Saturday, June 8 and Saturday June 22 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. For more information call (937) 446-1416.




2nd Annual ABCAP Car, Truck and Bike Show will be held on Saturday, June 8 at ABCAP (Adams Brown Community Action Program) beginning with registration at 10 to 1 p.m. ($20 day of show). Awards will be presented at 3 p.m. Event includes 50/50 drawing, food, door prizes, corn hole tournament, children’s games and music by Chazziz DJ Services. No alcohol please. For more information call (937) 378-6041 ext. 232. Town-Wide Yard Sale in Russellville will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 7 and 8 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Western Brown Soccer 3V3 Invitational Tournament is set for Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9. Team registration is only $90. For more information visit Western Brown Soccer Invitational Tournament will be held on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday June 9 at a cost of only $90 registration fee for each team. visit MONDAY, JUNE 10 Mt. Orab Lions Club will meet on Monday, June 10 and Monday, June 24 at the New Harmony Lodge at 6:30 p.m. The lodge is located at 110 S. High Street. For more information contact Bob Richmond at (937) 444-4791. Meal is included.

TOPS Chapter in Mt. Orab meets at 5:30 p.m. every Monday, including June 10, at the Mt. Orab Public Library, 613 S. High Street. Further information is available by calling Velvet Frye at (937) 4447237. Jackson Township Trustees will meet in regular session on Monday, June 10 at 8 p.m. in Ashridge. This meeting is open to the public. Brown County Diabetes Coalition will meet from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Georgetown Methodist Church on Monday, June 10. Different topics regarding diabetes will the discussed at this meeting. For more information call the health department at (937) 378-6892. Grief Recovery Method-Outreach Program will begin on Monday, June 3 and run for 12 weeks. Sign-up for this program is on June 3 and June 10 only. For more information or to sign up for this group contact, Mike Strick at (513) 7863743. Perry Township Trustees Meeting will be held on Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. in Fayetteville. This meeting is open to the public. Brown County Sugar Helpers Group meeting will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Monday, June 10 at the Georgetown Methodist Church . This meeting will include guest speakers, educational material, diabetic recipes and more. Please come and bring a friend. Hamersville Village Council will meet in regular session at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 10. This meeting is open to the public. Higginsport Village Council will meet in regular session on Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend. Sardinia Village Council will meet in regular session at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 10. The public is invited to attend. TOPS Chapter in Sardinia meets at 6:30 p.m. every Monday, including June 10, at Sardinia Church of the Nazarene on Sardinia-Mowrystown Road. Further information is available by calling Regina Davidson at (937) 446-3714.

Brown County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. Monday, June 10, at the commissioners office, 800 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown. The public is invited to attend. TOPS Chapter in Ripley meets at 6:30 p.m. every Monday including June 10, at the Ripley Church of the Nazarene, 230 North Second Street. Further information is available by calling Kaye Nichols at (937) 377-2501. TUESDAY, JUNE 11 Alcoholics Anonymous in Sardinia meets from 11 a.m. until noon each Tuesday morning at the Sardinia Town Hall. Please enter the back door. For more information call (937) 444-3877. Byrd Township Trustees will meet in regular session on Tuesday, June 11 at 7 p.m. in Decatur. The public in welcome to attend this meeting. Mt. Orab Village Council will meet at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11. This meeting is open to the public. Serenity Seekers Support Group for women and men grieving the loss of an adult loved one will meet the next six consecutive Tuesdays, through June 11, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at the Ohio Veterans Home Chapel, 2003 Veterans Blvd in Georgetown. For more information contact Denise at (937) 378-2900 ext. 2766. Brown County Beekeepers Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 11 at the Mt. Orab Park. For more information please call (937) 393-6586 or (937) 6181332. Russellville Village Council will meet in regular session at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11. The public is invited to attend. Zumba Classes will be offered by Snap Fitness on Tuesday, June 11 at 127 North Point Drive in Mt. Orab. These classes are for members of Snap Fitness as well as non-members. Please call (937) 444-5230 for more information. Yoga Classes will be offered by Snap Fitness, 127, North Point Drive, Mt. Orab at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday,June 11 at the center. Members of Snap Fitness as well as non-members are welcome. Please

call (937) 444-5230 for details and new hours. Huntington Township Trustees Meeting will meet on Tuesday, June 11 at 7 p.m. in Aberdeen. The public is invited to attend. Ripley Village Council will meet in regular session at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11. The public is invited to attend. Al-Anon Family Group Sessions will be held every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Mt. Orab Methodist Church on Church Street, off N. High Street. This group can provide support and information to families and individuals who know someone who suffers from substance abuse. For more information call Jean at (937) 444-3877. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Chapter in Winchester, meets at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays at Winchester Church of Christ in Christian Union, 1540 TriCounty Highway, Winchester. Further information and holiday hours call Bobbi Wilson at (937) 446-4662. Fayetteville Village Council will meet on Wednesday, June 12 at 7 p.m. This meeting is open to the public. Wilson Sroufe VFW Post 9772, Mt. Orab meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 12 at the Pike Township Building. For more information contact Bill Cornetet at (937) 618-0325. Book Club for Adults will meet at 7 p.m. at the Fayetteville-Perry Library, 406 North East Street, on Wednesday, June 12. This meeting is open to the public. For more information call (513) 8752665. Brown County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 12, at the commissioners office, 800 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown. The public is invited to attend. Sit and Stitch will meet 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday, June 12 at the Sardinia Public Library, 13309 Purdy Road, Sardinia. Anyone who is a crocheter or spinner or who wants to learn, is invited to attend and bring a current project. Chil-

COURT NEWS Property Sales Jacob and Crystal Haas to Joshua Staley and Jacqueline Baucom, In-Lot 19R whole, in Feesburg, Lewis Twp., filed 5-22-2013, $58,000 Flora Prather and Federal National Mortgage Association to Donna Daugherty, 1 acre of land in Lewis Twp., filed 5-21-2013, $33,000 Mark E. and Melissa McCord to Mark Edward McCord. 6.36 acres of land in Lewis Twp., filed 5-17-2013 Jeanne A. Kroeger to Daniel R. and Jeanne A. Kroeger, trustees, InLot 114 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-20-2013 Patrick J. Pallon and Primelending to Jean E. and Damon S. Murray, In-Lot 455 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-20-2013, $108,000 Mary E. Rutherford to Dennis, Ronald and Terry Rutherford, 2.08 acres and 3.31 acres of land in Perry Twp., filed 5-17-2013 Melinda S. Ramos, trustee to Larry Clifton LLC, Lot 21 in Beacon Hill Sub., Pike Twp., filed 5-20-2013, $24,500 Mark K. Vanhoose to Alan W. and Andrea Jill Scott, 29.08 acres of land in Pleasant Twp., filed 5-222013, $105,000 Kenneth and Mary Prewitt to Kenneth Prewitt, 2.65 acres, In-Lot 8 whole and In-Lot 9 whole in Georgetown, Pleasant Twp., filed 5-17-2013 Ruth E. King to Ft. Holdings LLC, .16 acres of land in Georgetown, Pleasant Twp., filed 5-162013, $28,500 Dewayne Sexton and the Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, .97 acres of land in Georgetown, Pleasant Twp., filed 5-17-2013 Sherry Boone to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, In-Lot 9 E 1/2 in Georgetown, Pleasant Twp., filed 5-17-2013, $14,000 John E. and Jessica B. Short and Elsie K. Storer to John and Jessica Short, Lot 36 in Sunrise Sub., Sterling Twp., filed 5-17-2013, $5,000 Dennis M. Stewart to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 7.08 acres of land in Sterling Twp., filed 5-22-2013 Lelia West and Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 2 in Pin Oak Acres Sub., Sterling Twp., filed 5-21-2013 Big Willow Properties LLC to The Bare Bones Bar and Grill LLC, Lot 33A in Sardinia Village Lots, Washington Twp., filed 5-17-2013, $35,000 Burley Smith to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2.17 acres of land in Clark Twp., filed 5-29-2013 Clarence E. and Cindy E. Day and Wells Fargo Bank NA to William D. Lykins, In-Lot 48 in Northside Park Addition in Hamersville, Clark Twp., filed 5-29-2013 Harold D. and Charlotte Brown to Harold D. Brown, 6.16 acres of land in Eagle Twp., filed 5-23-2013 Timothy E. Hauck to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 5 acres of land in Franklin Twp., filed 5-23-2013, $39,334 Willa Lee Cooper to Willa Lee Cooper, 89.24 acres of land in Franklin Twp., filed 5-28-2013 Willa Lee Cooper to Willa Lee Cooper, 12.88 acres of land in

Franklin Twp., filed 5-28-2013 James F. and Patricia F. Craig to Brian D. Craig, 1.86 acres of land in Franklin Twp., filed 5-28-2013 Jerald L. Eskew to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Lot 8 in Georgetown meadows Sub., in Franklin Twp., filed 5-242013, $33,334 Larry C., Theresa L and Matthew Byrd to LTTM LLC, 19.86 acres of land in Green Twp., filed 5-29-2013 Addie F. Woodruff to Rochelle L. Green, .41 acres of land in Mt. Orab, Green Twp., filed 5-29-2013 Steve A. and Marlene Seibert to PNC Bank, NA, Lot 30 in Heritage Sub, in Mt. Orab, Green Twp., filed 5-28-2013, $92,667 Ruth Eileen Kirschner to Ruth Eileen Duffey, 2.16 acres, 30.54 acres and 69.44 acres of land in Huntington Twp., filed 5-28-2013 Ebenezer Methodist Church to Ebenezer Meeting House, Inc., 1 acre of land in Huntington Twp., filed 5-24-2013, $22,000 Aguinaldo and Ruthene Wireman to Aguinaldo and Ruthene Wireman, trustees, In-Lot 114 whole in Aberdeen, filed 5-29-2013 Aguinaldo and Ruthene Wireman to David Nathan Thackston, Jr., In-Lot 115 whole in Aberdeen, Huntington Twp., filed 5-29-2013 Kathleen and melvin Nihart, Sr., to Federal National Mortgage Association, 16,20 acres of land in Jackson Twp., filed 5-23-2013, $100,000 Leslie Ann Dunnick to John R. Overwine and Mary J. Chambers, In-Lot 683 in Lake Waynoka Sub., Jackson Twp., filed 5-29-2013, $50,000 Ken and Diana Bowman, etal to Rachael D. Conley and Richard Cooper, 5.45 acres of land in Lewis Twp., filed 5-28-2013, $17,000 Cheryl A. and Joseph D. Denton to Pamela Carroll, In-Lot 449 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-292013, $119,000 Victoria L. and Karl E. Koett to David L. and Andrea L. Singer, InLot 1072 and In-Lot 1073 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-292013, $340,000 Fannie Mae and Kathie and Robert Willhite to Dale E. Eckstein, In-Lot248, In-Lot 249 and In-Lot250 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-29-2013, $63,000 Linda Cooper Bothwell to Angela and Wesley Leroy Iles, Jr., InLot1224 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-28-2013, filed 5-282013, $55,000 Marion Leroy Reynolds to Jeffrey S. and Robin M. Chew, In-Lot 1216 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-29-2013, $170,000 Margaret J. and Rickie L. Connors to Rickie Lee Connors, In-Lot 595 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Twp., filed 5-28-2013 Gilbert B. Taylor, etal to Tony D. Manning, .62 acres of land in Perry Twp., filed 5-24-2013, $99,750 Susan K. and James A. Miller to Susan K. Miller, 49.20 acres of land in Perry Twp., filed 5-23-2013 Michael D. Allison, etal to James L. and Geneva K. Holden, Lot 56 whole in Fayetteville, Perry Twp., filed 5-28-2013, $42,000 Heather and David Korte to Edward C. Keuffer, 3.15 acres of land in Pike Twp., filed 5-29-2013, $81,000 Nicholas T. and Tiffany A. Brown

to Christina Caproni, Lot 17 (.25 acres) and Lot 17 (.19 acres) in Longwood Estates Sub, in Mt. Orab, filed 5-24-2013, $105,000 Rebecca J. and Geneva A. Gallimore to Rebecca J. Gallimore, InLot 26 E, and In-Lot 27 E in White Sub in Georgetown, Pleasant Twp., filed 5-29-2013 Amber L. Rhoten to Michael Guinn, Out-Lot 23 in Georgetown, Pleasant Twp., filed 5-23-2013, $51,747 Tracy G. and Amy E. Williams to Kyle J. Smith, 2.29 acres of land in Sterling Twp., filed 5-29-2013, $37,500 Sharon G. Wilson and Alford Riley to Sharon Gail Riley and Alford L. Riley, Lot 5 in Whispering Wynds Sub., in Sterling Twp., filed 5-292013 Martin and Debra Maham to Jeffrey D. Brandenburg, 19 acres of land in Sterling Twp., filed 5-282013, $124,000 Mable and Charles Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1.52 acres of land in Sterling Twp., filed 5-28-2013, $47,000 North Star Properties and L.C. Taylor to L.C. Taylor, .29 acres and 3.13 acres of land in Union Twp., filed 5-28-2013 Stella and Milton A. Jordan to Stella Jordan, In-Lot 9 part in Ripley, Union Twp., filed 5-24-2013 Eric and Kristi Scott to Shelby D. Mayo and Suk Yong, In-Lot 1 and Lot 2 in Ripley, Union Twp., filed 524-2013, $58,000 Kevin Wilmoth, etal to Kevin Wilmoth, Lot 20 whole and Lot 21 whole in Sardinia Village Lots, Washington Twp., filed 5-29-2013 James H. and Betty R. Hall to Betty R. Hall, Lot 17 in Woodland Sub in Mt. Orab, Sterling Twp., filed 5-23-2013

Marriages Teresa R. Brannon, 39, Sardinia, disability to marry Alvin C. Hendricks, II, 40, Mt. Orab, machinist, filed 5-24-2013 Amanda Sentney, 22, Sardinia, MRI tech to marry Quinten Scott, 23, Russellville, engineer, filed 5-242013 Amy L. Dietrick, 32, Mt. Orab, postal service to marry Adam J. Sloas, 28, Williamsburg, self employed, filed 5-24-2013 Sherry Leah King, 27, Georgetown, teller to marry Thomas Ford Hensley, 26, Georgetown, millwright, filed 5-28-2013

Probate Jeanette R. Hensel, Ripley, case #20131119, DOD 4-18-2013, filed 529-2013 Hubert T. Hobbs, Mt. Orab, case #20131112, DOD 2-19-2013, filed 528-2013 Troy McClellan, Bethel, case #20131113, DOD 4-15-2013, filed 528-2013 Arthur E. Puckett, Georgetown, case #20131115, DOD 10-1-2012, filed 5-28-2013 Helen A. Rineair, Williamsburg, case #20131114, DOD 12-17-2012, filed 5-28-2013 John W. Southcombe, Blanchester, case #20131117, DOD 515-2012, filed 5-29-2013

Doris Ann Spiller, Aberdeen, case #20131118, DOD 4-30-2013, filed 5-29-2013 Donna Jean Timmers, Hamersville, case #20131116, DOD 4-7-2013, filed 5-28-2013

Common Pleas CIVIL CASES Wells Fargo Bank, NA versus Randy L. Calvin, case #20130384, filed 5-23-2013, Action: foreclosures Tonia Cahill versus William G. Massa, administrator, case #20130386, filed 5-23-2013, Action: other civil Covidien versus Southwest Healthcare of Brown County, case #20130387, filed 5-24-2013, Action: other civil National Collegiant Student versus Ashley Gardner, case #20130388, filed 5-24-2013, Action: other civil Bank of America versus Rachel L. Henderson, case #20130390, filed 5-24-2013, Action: foreclosures Timothy Kennedy versus Penelope S. Kennedy, case #20130391, filed 5-28-2013, Action: other civil (stalking) First State Bank versus Cole’s Furniture, LTD, case #20130392, filed 5-28-2013, Action” foreclosures/recognitive note Christina Pyre versus Brandi Eubanks, case #20130395, filed 5-282013, Action: stalking LVNV Funding LLC versus Jon Beck, case #20130396, filed 5-283013, Action: other civil Capital One Bank (USA), NA, versus James K. Royse, case #2130397, filed 5-28-2013, Action: other civil Wells Fargo Bank, NA versus Stacy S. Blankenship, case #20130398, filed 5-28-2013, Action: foreclosures Citimortgage, Incorporated versus Debra J. Thompson, case #20130399, filed 5-28-2013, Action: foreclosures Thomas Partin versus Jack Harris, case #20130400, filed 5-282013, Action: foreclosures DOMESTIC CASES Jeffery Shelton, Ripley versus Carolyn L. Shelton, Peebles, case #20130385, filed 5-23-2013, Action: domestic violence June J. Hurst, Hamersville versus Robert Hurst, case #20130389, filed 5-24-2013, Action: domestic violence Christina Prye versus Brandi Eubanks, Georgetown, case #20130393, filed 5-28-2013, Action: domestic violence Christina Prye versus Thomas Kinner, Sardinia, case #20130394, filed 5-28-2013, Action: domestic violence Penelope S. Kennedy, Georgetown versus Timothy Kennedy, Georgetown, case #20130401, filed 5-29-2013, Action: termination of marriage Jeffery Shelton, Ripley versus Carolyn Shelton, Peebles, case #20130402, filed 5-29-2013, Action: termination of marriage Lyare R. Baker, Hamersville versus Donald M. Baker, Hamersville, case #20130403, filed 5-29-2013, Action: domestic violence

dren are welcome. Further information is available by calling (937) 403-8481 or (513) 314-1656. THURSDAY, JUNE 13 Kick-boxing Classes will be offered on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on June 13, at the Snap Fitness Center in Mt. Orab, 127 North Point Drive. These classes are open to members as well as non-members. For details call (937) 444-5230. Green Township Trustees will meet in regular session on Thursday, June 13 at 7 p.m. in Greenbush. This meeting is open to the public. Book Club for Adults will meet at 2 p.m. at the Fayetteville-Perry Library on Thursday, June 13. The library is located at 46 N. East Street. For more information call (513) 875-2665. Yoga Classes will be offered by Jane Amiot, each Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m at the Hospice Center located on Hughes Blvd in Mt. Orab. For more information on this class please contact Amiot at (513) 535-7507. Union Township Trustees Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Library. The public is invited to attend. Northern Brown Senior Center will offer arthritis exercise at 9:30 a.m., volleyball practice and lunch at the center on Thursday, June 13 at St. Martin Hall, For more information contact Nancy Stegbauer, activity director at (513) 8752317. Lake Waynoka Garden Club Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 13 at the new Indian Spring Winery on Fite-Hauck Road. It will include a four of this new local business and hopefully meet the winemakers. For more information on this club call (937) 446-3769. Yoga Classes will be offered at the Snap Fitness Center in Mt. Orab, 127 North Point Drive beginning at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 13. These classes are open to both members and non-members. Call (937) 444-5230 for more information. Alcoholics Anonymous will meet 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday, June 13, at St. Michael's Catholic Church, 220 S. High St., Mt. Orab. FRIDAY, JUNE 14 St. Michael School Reverse Raffle Gala has been scheduled for Friday, June 14. Purchase your chance to will $10,000 for only $200, giving each person a 1 in 200 chance to win. For more information, brochures may be picked up at St. Michael Church in Ripley, St. George Church in Georgetown or St. Mary Church in Arnheim, or contact St. Michael School office at (937) 392-4202. Free Knitting and Crocheting Classes at the Rambler Center (old RussellvilleJefferson High School) in Russellville will be held 10 a.m.-noon Friday, June 14. Anyone who would like information or a list of supplies or who wishes to register for the next group of classes may call Mary Kelch at (513) 734-2501 or (513) 543-3137. SATURDAY, JUNE 15 Central Ohio Opry Classic Country and Bluegrass Show will begin at 7 p.m. on Saturday June 15 at the Clay Township Park (old Buford School) tickets are $8 for adults children under 12 are free. Concessions are available as well as door prizes and a 50/50 drawing. 7thAnnual Dean Ruark Memorial Car Show sponsored by the Living Church of Five Mile will be held on Saturday, June 15. Registration begins at 9:30 until 11:30 a.m. The location is 1690 St. Rt. 68, Mt. Orab. For more information contact Dixie at (937) 603-9532 or Pastor Don White at (937) 444-9363. 8th Annual “Burgers, Blessings and Bikes” event will be held at the Georgetown Church of Christ on Saturday, June 15 beginning at 11 a.m. All bikers are invited to attend. A free cookout will be offered including hamburgers and hot dogs with all the extras.For more information on this event call (937) 3783309. Music in the Park Concert in Mt. Orab will feature Blackjack Alley Band playing honkytonk, roadhouse rockin music. Show runs from 6:30 to 10 p.m on Saturday, June 15 pending weather. For more information call Woody Whittington at (937) 444-2916. Annual Fayetteville Fireman’s Festival will be held on Saturday, June 15 from 2 p.m. to midnight and on Sunday June 16 from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. For more information call Jenny Rossolot at (513) 403-9265. Lake Waynoka Kids Fishing Fest will be held on Saturday, June 15 at Lake Waynoka beach and marina. This event open to all youth, ages 6 through 12, at no cost. For more information call (937) 446-9385 or email

UPCOMING EVENTS Russellville Community Action Planners (RCAP) will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, June 17 in the Arts Council Room. Northern Brown Senior Center will offer center activities and Cindy CalesOSU Extension at the center on Thursday, June 17 at St. Martin Hall, For more information contact Nancy Stegbauer, activity director at (513) 875-2317. Phileo Ministries, Clothing Ministries of Tri County Baptist Church will be open on Tuesday, June 18 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. For more information call (937) 446-1416. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Support Group of Brown County will meet between 6:30 and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 at the Western Brown High School Library. For more information contact Denise Holden at (937) 4441343. 8th Annual Brown County Night at Great American Ball Park is set for Tuesday, June 18, Reds play the Pittsburg Pirates. Tickets are only $35 which includes a ticket to the game and transportation via a Croswell bus. Only 54 tickets are available and may be purchased from Libby Neu, (937) 377-5995 in Russellville, from First State Bank in Georgetown, Mt. Orab and Ripley and Purdy and Ring Law Office, 318 W. State Street in Georgetown. Brown County Public Library board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mt. Orab Library, 613 South High Street. Book Club for Adults will meet at the Sardinia Library, 13309 Purdy Road on Wednesday, June 19 at 11 a.m. For details call (937) 446-1565. This meeting is open to the public. Brown County Soil and Water Conservation District will meet on Wednesday, June 19 at 7 a.m. at the SWCD office located at 706 S. Main in Georgetown. For more information call (937) 378-4424, ext. 4. Book Club for Adults will meet at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19 at the Georgetown Library, 200 West Grant Street. This meeting is open to the public. For details call (937) 378-3197. Brown County Board of Developmental Disabilities will meet in regular session at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19 at the Disabilities Center, 9116 Hamer Road, Georgetown. The public is invited to attend. Northern Brown Senior Center will offer arthritis exercise at 9:30 a.m., volleyball practice, lunch is out, and blood pressure screening-Home Health care at the center on Thursday, June 20 at St. Martin Hall, For more information contact Nancy Stegbauer, activity director at (513) 875-2317. Mt. Holly Christian Country Gospel Singing will be held on Friday June 21 featuring great gospel music, refreshment/food and door prizes. For more information call Dan Cook at (513) 509-7312 or Kevin Cain at (513)6024654. The chapel is located at 2141 E. Ohio Pike in Amelia. Brown County Historical Society Meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 22 at the Old Timers’ building on the fairgrounds to carpool for the annual June historic tour. This year the group will travel to the Blue Licks Battlefield and Museum in Kentucky as well as possible other stops including the Underground Railway Museum in Maysville. For more information contact society president Ned Lodwick at (937) 378-6334. Northern Brown Senior Center will offer center activities, bingo and the library will visit at the center on Monday, June 24 at St. Martin Hall, For more information contact Nancy Stegbauer, activity director at (513) 875-2317. Book Club for Adults will meet at the Mt. Orab Public Library on Tuesday June 25 at 1:30 p.m. and on on Thursday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m. The library is located at 613 W. High Street and may be reached by calling (937) 444-1414. Entertainment Schedule for 2013 Brown County Fair will include Chris Higbee and Darryl Worley on Tuesday, September 24, Good Time Cloggers, The Waynoka Dandyliners, Harkies Hoedowners, and The Liberty Band on Thursday, September 26, Harold Tolle, Kenner Old Time String Band, David Wayne and The Vandells on Friday, September 27 and Andy Sims, Beverly Grover and Jo-El on Saturday, September 28. ONGOING EVENTS Southern Hills Tea Party meets each 4th Thursday of the month at the Ripley Library. The public is invited to attend. Helping Hands Please come shop with us any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 9 a.m. until noon at 668 Camp Run Road in Georgetown.

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SATURDAY, June 8 Mt. Orab Music in the Park, featuring the 4 on the Floor Band, from 6:30 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 8. This big show is free to the public, all dates pending weather. No alcohol allowed. For more information contact Woody Whittington at (937) 444-2916.



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TFN 7-7

15898 Driver Collins Rd. 16234 us 68 Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154

Chimney Cleaning

4296 St. Rt. 131, Fayetteville (Just 6 Minutes East of Lake Lorelei) HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 Now Accepting Major Credit Cards


For All Your Painting Needs No Job Too Big or Small INTERIOR & EXTERIOR 32 YEARS EXPERIENCE

Supplying all of your seeding needs... Garden to Farm

30 years experience with all makes of European cars

Auto Service



“Affordable Alternative to Dealer Service”

Transmission Service



TFN 7-7

corn, pellet, wood, & gas Free-standing & Add-on units

TFN 6-16

Couch’s Fence Company

DON’S IMPORTS (937) 444-9364

(937) 446-4443

Vicky Cierley, Owner

(513) 732-0484 TFN 8-11

Auto Service

11256 Hamer Rd. Georgetown, OH 45121




Specialize in: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagon, Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo All others are WELCOME!!

Southern Ohio Stove Systems

Home Health

Electric Supply

TERRY COUCH (513) 625-7771



TFN 7-21

Danny Bauer Handyman

Gravel, Topsoil Delivered & Spread Bobcat, Backhoe Work, 6-16 Drainage Solutions TFN Fully Insured / Free Estimates (513) 623-8387

to place your ad Call René


(937) 378-2786





Have Danny Do Your “Honey Do’s” Junk Removal & Light Hauling Call Dan: 937-446-4256 513-305-3691


%! # &$ $ # ( ')) +&!( '& %)


Handyman Dan


Deposits Federally Insured

750 St. Rt. 134, Sardinia


• Leaf Relief • Gutter Protection That Really Works • 5”-6” Gutters


Music Store

Let Us Take Care of Your Gutter Needs


8319 Ashridge Arnhiem, Sardinia, Ohio 45171

Auto/Semi Repair





1x1 Ad ......................9 Weeks for $46.00 1x1.5 Ad ...................9 Weeks for $69.00 1x2 Ad ......................9 Weeks for $92.00 1x4 or 2x2 Ad ..........9 Weeks for $184.00 2x4 Ad ......................9 Weeks for $368.00




Page 20 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013




...By E-Mail


Monday - Thursday • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Friday • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

24 Hours/7 Days

...By Fax


Include the following information: • Full name, billing address, and phone number • Date(s) you want the ad to appear 24 Hours/7 Days • Name and daytime phone number of contact The Clermont Sun Publishing Co. reserves the right to correctly classify, for any questions or clarifications edit, cancel or decline any advertisement without notice.




$ 50


Words or Less


Make One Call and Reach Readers Throughout the Area


Add .10¢ each additional word.


ERRORS, MISCLASSIFICATION Report all errors or misclassifications immediately. We will assume responsibility for only one incorrect insertion.


1900 FOR 3 WEEKS


Will not be accepted after deadline. Deadline is 1 PM on Thursday unless changed due to a holiday.

Your ad will appear on our websites (at no charge): • 200 - HELP WANTED

SENIOR ACADEMIC ADVISER (213UC4647) The University of Cincinnati is currently accepting applications for a

Senior Academic Adviser. Job Description: Under general supervision from a designated administrator, conceptualize, develop, implement and evaluate the advising/retention services and programs. Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with 3 years experience; OR associate degree with 5 years experience; OR 7 years experience. Experience must be in advising students at the high school and/or college level or a related field. Experience must include at least 1 year supervision. The ideal candidate should be able to provide high quality advising to students preparing to enter the allied health profession including a working knowledge of the curriculum and requirements for admission for allied health programs; a thorough knowledge of the information systems and admissions processes of the University, desire to work with faculty and staff of the various allied health programs, and a genuine concern for the success of all students interested in an allied health career. To apply for position (213UC4647), please see: The University of Cincinnati is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. UC is a smoke-free work environment.

CLERMONT VILLA Job Fair 371 West Main St. Owensville, June 20, 3-7 p.m., For property management opportunities, bring resumes & business references. All candidates will receive immediate interview. For additional information call: 740-653-3583. Ask for Susan Smith. DIESEL MECHANIC: Great Pay / Benefits. APPLY www.durhamschoolservices. com, or stop by 5934

Buckwheat Rd., Milford, OH 45150. DRIVERS: COMPANY Great Pay, Miles, Benefits and Home Time, Passenger Policy, CDL-A with 1 Yr OTR Exp. 1-800-831-4832 x1406. DRIVERS: PAM Transport! Company Drivers & Owner Operators Wanted! No Touch Freight, 90% Drop & Hook, dedicated opportunities available. Call Doug 877-698-4760. Also seeking Recent Grads. Call Lavonna 877-440-7890 Apply Online:


DRIVERS: SIGN-ON Bonus. Great Pay. Benefits, Vacation, Holidays & More! OTR. 10-14 days out. CDL-A. Kurtis; 877-412-7209- x3.

200 - HELP WANTED DIRECT CARE PERSONNEL 2nd and 3rd SHIFT Full Time Positions To Assist Persons with Developmental Disabilities in Daily Living Skills, Community Activities, Social Skills Work Skills & Health/Safety Skills, group home environment. H.S. Diploma or G.E.D. required Excellent hourly rate, health care benefits, and retirement plan.

APPLY IN PERSON AT: 4073 Tollgate Road Batavia, Ohio Office hours: M-F 9:00am-3:00pm 513-724-0094

STOP BY FOR A JOB TOUR We may have the right career for you ...or for someone you know Our staff have rewarding careers as Direct Service Professionals working PT/FT, 2nd/3rd shift supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who live in their own family-style homes in Milford/Goshen area.

MATH INSTRUCTOR Position to begin in August for the 2013-2014 school-year. Must possess a bachelor’s degree or above and be able to qualify for teaching certification/licensure from the Ohio Department of Education in the area of MATH. Experience with CAD helpful.

We would like to introduce you to our career opportunity if you have a GED/HS diploma, a valid driver license with good driving record, acceptable background check, and are at least 18 years of age.

Subject to criminal record check by BCII and FBI, as required by law and/or Board Policy.

HELP WANTED Felicity Mfg. 1st shift F/T Women & Men Apply in person Mon.-Thurs. 10:00am-3:00pm Arco Wood Products 1105 St. Rt. 133

HELP WANTED Seeking people to work with individuals with disabilities. Must be able to pass a Background check, have a GED or High School diploma. No experience needed, will train. For more information call 937-446-2803.


East Fork State Park Mowing and Cleaning $7.85/hour, maximum of 720 hours Application can be found at:

Call 937-378-6131 ext. 354 for an application packet.

Community Concepts, Inc. 6699 Tri-Way Dr., Mason, OH 45040 513-229-2281


Equal Opportunity Employer/Drug Free Environment

Tanker Endorsement Needed Lake Waynoka is now accepting sealed bids for a culvert extension at the Straight Creek entrance to the lake. Bids must be mailed to or delivered to the administration office at:

BONUS $500 Sign on bonus Class A CDL with experience. Regional position, tanker endorsement a plus, not required. Percentage Pay, Company match Simple IRA, Vacation & Holiday Pay. Call 513-724-7140.

RIPLEY FEDERAL Savings Bank is taking applications for an experienced loan operations manager. You may apply online through the link on our website or submit your Resume to P.O. Box 220, Ripley, OH 45167 by June 22nd. No phone calls.


Earn up to $250 a day


2 Years Experience Class A CDL Local Hauling Home Every Night

1 Waynoka Dr. Lake Waynoka, Ohio 45171 by close of business July 1, 2013.

Felicity-Franklin Schools

Engineering drawings and requirements are available at the office for $10, mailed for $25 or electronically at no charge by emailing the request to:

Contact Tammy at:

Will train - competitive pay!

513-876-2155 for more information.

Call TCB Trucking 513-309-7559 Civil%20Service%20Application%20(new).pdf Applications must be received at the East Fork State Park office by 5:00 p.m. June 17.

DUMP TRUCK DRIVER NEEDED Two Years CDL Experience Required

Jerry Ritter Trucking (513) 625-6495



Stop in any Tuesday morning at 10 or 11 or Thursday afternoons at 1, 2 or 3 and tour with us! Or call for a day/time more convenient. You may just find it in your heart to be a member of our team.

ALLIED AMBULANCE Services looking for FT/PT EMT Basics, $10.50hr., EMT Intermediate $11.50hr., Paramedic $12.50hr. Contact 937-379-1404 for more information.

DRIVERS: WANT a Professional Career? Haul Flatbed Loads for Trinity Logistics Group! Earn $.425-.525cpm! CDL-A w/2yrs. Exp. EEO/AA 800-628-3408.

EVENT & MARKETING COORDINATOR Chatfield College in St. Martin, OH is seeking a full time Event & Marketing Coordinator. Responsibilities include coordinating, promoting and staging special events; managing Chatfield’s social media and social media campaigns; writing & distributing news releases; & providing back-up support & redundancy for the Director of Marketing Communications as needed. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or journalism, at lease one year of experience in marketing communications, & experience with Powerpoint, Publisher, Photoshop and/or Indesign. Interested candidates should send resume, three references, & cover letter stating salary qualifications to: Marketing Communications Director Chatfield College 20918 State Route 251 St. Martin, OH 45118 or email:

No phone calls, please. Chatfield College is an equal opportunity employer. HELP WANTED Seeking a Maintenance person, must be able to pass a background check, run a zero turn mower, be able to complete repairs such as plumbing, electrical, painting, and much more. Have a clear driving record, must be honest & trustworthy. For more information call 937-446-2803.



EXPERIENCED Interior Trim Carpenters

For More Info. Call

937-444-0820 NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500 weekly potential. Info. 1-985-646-1700 DEPT. OH-7268. PART-TIME DRIVER Wanted. Class A CDL w/experience. Various shifts & runs available. Percentage Pay. Call 513-724-7140. SEMI DRIVER NEEDED 25 years old, clean CDL Class A with 2 years experience. OTR Flat bed. Home weekends. Call 937-446-1707.

203 - SITUATIONS WANTED GUITAR LESSONS wanted at my home in Sardinia. 937-446-1458.

205 - EDUCATION INSTRUCTION AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-676-3836. TUTORING, LOOKING FOR students needing extra summer instructions - 2nd grade thru 12th. All subjects excluding algebra, geometry & calculus. Day & evening hours. 937-444-2110.


300 - APTS. UNFURNISHED ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in the Markley Square Apartments. Apply at: 610 Markley Ave. Georgetown, Ohio 45121 Or call 937-378-6460 Stove, refrigerator & on-site laundry. Rent is based on income Equal Housing Opportunity TDD# 419-526-0466 “This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider, and Employer”

MT. ORAB - 2-family apartment house, zoned commercial, located in growing area, $110,000, possible owner financing, 937-444-2689.



ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for 1, 2 & 3br, Equal Opportunity Housing, apply at Forest Glade Apartments, 9001 Airport Rd., Georgetown, OH, 937-378-4565.

BETHEL, 2BR, 1BA on private lot in country, $525/mo. Deposit required. Tenants pay all utilites. Please call 937-444-5223.

BATAVIA - 2br, 1ba, $520/mo plus deposit. 513-561-4014.

BATAVIA, 3BR brick home, 2+ acres, 2ba, full basement, 2-car garage, 513-732-6787.

EFFICIENCY, 1 & 2BR apartments for rent in Ripley, utilities not included, no pets. $200-$350 /mo. Background check required. 937-618-0066. FELICITY GARRISON PLACE SENIOR APARTMENTS

AVAILABLE NOW! 62 & OVER Rent Subsidized Free Utilities Secure Bldg. On-site laundry Pets allowed

513-876-3590 TTY 800-750-0750

HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE, NO STEPS IN BATAVIA - 2br, 1ba, $520/mo plus deposit. 513-561-4014. LET US HELP YOU KICK START YOUR SUMMER in a new apartment at Georgetown Apartments Accepting applications for 1 & 2 bedroom apartments at: Georgetown Apartments 401 Marshall Ave. Georgetown, Ohio 45121 Apply at: 610 Markley Ave. Georgetown, OH 45121 Or call for details at: 937-378-6460 Stove, Refrigerator, and on-site Laundry Possibility of Rental Assistance Equal Housing Opportunity TDD # 419-526-0466 “This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider, and Employer”

LYTLE TRACE Senior Apartments. 62 & over, rent subsidized, secure building, free utilities, on-site laundry, pets allowed. Call 513-724-3358. TTY 800-750-0750.

MT. ORAB Candlelight Apartments 2br Townhouses Start at $565 With discount. Visit our website:

or call 513-532-5291 or 937-515-3092 Ask about our student, senior & other discounts

MT. ORAB - 1br apartmen. You pay NO utilities. $525/mo. 513-739-5550. WAITING LIST now open. Owensville Commons Apartments is currently accepting applications for 1br apartments for 62 years of age or older, handicapped/disabled regardless of age. Applications taken M-F 9:30a.m.-3:30p.m. 513-732-6935 TDD #1-800-750-0750 “This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.” Equal Housing Opportunity


FARM WITH nice 1.5 story older home w/basement, 3 car detached garage, barns & 20 rolling acres with large rock lined creek and woods, great for hunting or farming, more or less acreage available, Bethel New Hope Rd., 1 mi. from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel. Asking $215,000 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 Dan (May also sell for less with fewer acres) MT. ORAB - 4br home in town, large lot, possible owner financing, $59,900. 937-444-2689. ROOMY 3BR, 2ba ranch w/2-car attached garage, one acre, Mt. Orab, partially wooded lot, built on slab, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, Western Brown School District, much more. Priced reduced to $109,900. 513-724-2050.

403 - MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 3BR, 2BA, 80x14, has FP, new flooring & cabinets, any other questions call 513-401-0322. $3500.00. ABANDONED DOUBLEWIDE with land, PLEASE TAKE OVER, $3500 deposit. 888-221-4503.

405 - LOTS & ACREAGE BEAUTIFUL 50ACRES W/large rock lined creek & woods, great for hunting or farming. More or less acreage available. Bethel New Hope Rd. 1-mile from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel.

Asking $199,500 Dan 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 (Smaller parcels also available)

406 - FARMS FOR SALE HORSE FARM, Indoor arena. Facility is state-of-art in every way. Near Georgetown. See at:

501 - CHILD CARE DAYCARE HUGS & KIDS, LLC. 6th & Willow St., Williamsburg Call Dorothy Lewis 513-218-7471 or Stephanie Lewis 859-801-0125

504 - BUSINESS SERVICES BUSH HOGGING & GARDEN TILLING done DIRT CHEAP! Call Mike 937-515-0947. STEVE’S CUSTOM Decks & Remodeling. All type of Decks. All type of Remodeling. Accept all credit cards. Fully Insured. 513-485-0337.

506 - CLEANING IT’S SPRINGTIME! Time to think about some Spring Cleaning! I have great references & great rates. I also clean weekly & bi-weekly. Call 513-255-4342

507 - SEWING & ALTERATIONS WILLIAMSBURG/ GEORGETOWN - Efficiency 3br. Trash paid. Beautiful setting, spacious apartment homes. Rents $319-$750. Call to view 513-365-4000.

303 - HOUSES FOR RENT HIGGINSPORT - 3br home $550/mo. plus utilities & deposit. Call 1-800-347-6657 between 10am-6pm evenings. 937-375-3801.

For all your sewing needs for you, your family and your home. Call 937-4444276. Reasonable rates, expert service.

600 - FURNITURE QUEEN DELUXE pillowtop mattress set w/memory foam, brand new, still in plastic, $800 value, sell $300. 10yr. factory warranty. 937-515-6590.

606 - FARM MACHINERY FORD 5000 Tractor w/quick tach loader, hydraulic bucket & bale spear. $6550.00 937-379-1009.


901 - SALES

FOR SALE Firewood, sold by State Regulations, u-pick up or we deliver. For fast friendly service call Cox Firewood at: 937-378-4309 No answer, leave message or call 937-515-5829 Located 3600 SR 125 Georgetown, OH State & County Voucher welcome Credit Cards Accepted

HUGE FAMILY Yard Sale every Fri., Sat. & Sun. from 9am-7pm at Holly Lanes on St. Rt. 125, Amelia. Lots of items for home, clothes for kids & adults, great prices.

608 - FARM PRODUCE HAY - Suitable for horses. 937-446-3886. HAY FREE, you cut, you keep. 9+ acres, must be soon. Mt. Orab area. 513-652-4131. LOCALLY GROWN hybrid & heirloom vegetable plants. Garden seed, onion sets, sweet potato plants, flowers, hanging baskets. Red Japanese Maple trees, 4-5 foot, $29.95. Burns Greenhouse, SR 321, Mowrystown. 937-442-4573. PERENNIAL FLOWERS - Buy once, Plant once: Come back every year! Secret Garden Greenhouse, one mile north of Hillsboro on St. Rt. 73. 937-205-4178. VEGETABLE PLANTS - Seventy varieties of tomatoes. One mile north of Hillsboro off St. Rt. 73. Monday through Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm Sunday to 4:00pm. Secret Garden Greenhouse, 937-205-4178.

611 - WANTED TO BUY TOP DOLLAR PAID!! Cash for furniture, antiques, appliances, tools, fishing, jewelry, gold, silver, records, DVD’s, games, sports, pocket knives, more! ALMOST ANYTHING! 937-378-1819 or 937-378-2850

614 - HORSES/LIVESTOCK TWHBEA, SSHBEA, reg. mare, 8 years old, trail broke, some professional training, sweet & good around children, great bloodline, $800, 513-310-2875.

615 - MISC. FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL WHITE Maggie Sottero wedding gown, size 8, never worn, $800 OBO Also, Chapel length veil never worn, $75 OBO For more information call:

937-515-2692 FOR SALE: New electric fence supplies, including fence chargers, insulators, wire, etc. at 50% off retail price. Large amount available. Klayton Juillerat. Call 937-205-5256.


MOVING SALE! 148 Liming Farm Rd., Mt. Orab (Beacon Hill), June 13, 14, 15, 16. 8am-4pm

YARD/GARAGE SALE June 15 & 16 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 4597 McKeever Rd Williamsburg, Ohio 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis, 44K/miles. Variety, 65 years collecting, useful & unusual item.

Can’t do without kind!

Toss it, SELL IT. Call Classifieds (513) 732-2511

MOVING SALE, ‘51 & ‘56 Ford parts, ‘55 Chevy parts, auto & hand tools, hand drills, 13” wood plainer, step & extension ladders, M&M, Star Wars & other collectibles, housewares, DJ stereo system & much more. 17242 Minnick Rd., Mt. Orab, May 31st, June 1st & 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 937-4442913.


AUCTION Nice Art Work, Fire Fighter, Sports Mem., Dept. 56, & Longaberger Collections/ Unique, Decorative, High-end Furniture Pc’s, & Antiques/ Beauty Salon

WHEN: Sat. June 22nd, 2013 @ 10:00am WHERE: Clermont Co. Fairgrounds/ Comm. Bldg. 1000 Locust St. Owensville, Ohio 45160 Art Work: “Red Fox”, “Nellie” John Ruthven; “First Light” & “Nightwood” Orig. Robert Duncan; “The Lookout” Jody Thompson; Antique stain glass 1890’s convent in Newark, Ohio; “St. Louis Riverfront 1876” Gary R. Lucy; “Wrenovation” Charley Harper; “April Day” Robert Fabe; “Christening Day”/“Winter Retreat” P. Buckley Moss; “Faun A La Diale” Pablo Picasso; “Eagle” orig Vaugham D. Oliver; “Two Mallards” Dina Cortanzo; “Bald Eagle” /“Pelican” Harold Rigsby; “Duet” Anatole Krasnyansky; Ducks Unlimited & other pc’s Collectibles: Fire Fighter Antique Nozzles, Extinguishers, Truck, & Gas Masks; Sports Mem, 1976 Reds auto Pennant, autoTerry Bradshaw Fball, O.S. auto jersey & more; “Dept. 56” Christmas; Longaberger baskets/acc. 50 +pc’s; Lennox set; Rogers; Blue Ridge China; Antique Strumberg Charlson Radio; lg. collections from two houses; Furniture/Décor: Unique table & mirror, from Closson’s of Cinti.; Beautiful 5pc.Qsz. Bdrm suite; Tiffany & Co. Clock; Tell City rocker; Lg. rattan sofa group,table/4chairs; 2 Martha Washington style chairs; Oriental Rugs; Sev. nice lamps; Ornate screen; 2 S.W. style chairs Closson’s; Drexel china cab.; Full cow hide; something for everyone. MISC: 1970’s Schwinn tandem bike; Beauty salon ,Belvader sink shampoo/cut stations w/chairs, Monaco hood dryer; Lots Christmas Décor; misc. childrens items 50/60’s; Snow blower; Chipper Chopper; mowers; ladders; air-compressors; Freezer’s; box lots of household items; lg select. Bar ware; Way too much to list, still many boxes to go through & many treasures too be discovered. Auctioneers Notes/Terms/Conditions: NO BUYERS PREMIUM. We accept cash, checks w/photo ID. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover, a 3.5% merchant fee will be added to all credit card transactions. This promises to be a huge auction with mother & daughter, downsizing from very lg homes. Nice quality items, Sold as is, Where is, with no Guarantees. Food Conleys Sweet Sensations Concessions. See pic’s & Full listing user #7414 Selling for Beverly Rahe – David & Patty Knapke


Real Estate

AUCTION by Order of Brown County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Case No. 2011 CV 20121153 Fifth Third Bank v Sears Properties, LLC, et al.

June 11th @ 3pm Registration @ 2:30pm Auction to be held at Lake Waynoka Clubhouse

1 Waynoka Drive Lake Waynoka, Ohio 45171 Auction will include 3 residential lots: 1) 510 Ohio St., Georgetown, OH PID: 330625400000 Minimum Bid Only $1,556 Bring Cashier Check for $1,000 in Order to Bid 2) Pony Cove Lot 325, Lake Waynoka, OH PID: 080165640000 Minimum Bid Only $19,000 Bring Cashier Check for $3,000 in Order to Bid 3) Pony Cove Lot 326, Lake Waynoka, OH PID: 080102520000 Minimum Bid Only $6,000 Bring Cashier Check for $1,000 in Order to Bid Description: 3 Residential building lots in Brown County. The two Pony Cove lots are contiguous lakefront lots within the picturesque gated community of Lake Waynoka. See for their numerous amenities! Basic Terms: As-is, no contingencies, 10% Deposit, 10% Buyer's Premium; close w/in 30 days of Court Confirmation. Must Bring Cashier Check Made out to M&M Title for Amount Specified Above in Order to Bid For Full Terms & Legal Descriptions call:

Tim Lile, CAI & Ric Moody Auctioneers

(937)287-0072 or visit

Real Estate

AUCTION by Order of Brown County Common Pleas Court Civil Division Case No. 2011 CV 20111005 Fifth Third Bank v James A. Stevens, et al.

June 11th @ 1pm


Sells onsite at

6740 Hughes Road, Decatur, OH., 45115

2003 HYUNDAI Sonata. Loaded, sunroof, new brakes, in good condition. Asking $2,500 or best offer. 937-442-1188 or 859-663-7071. JUNKED, WRECKED unwanted autos, autos, trucks, motorcycles, etc., some towed free, cash paid for some. Call 513-734-1650

901 - SALES 3-FAMILY JUNE 12, 13, 14 & 15, 9am-? Woodcrafts, birdhouses, wood baskets, clothes-all sizes, TV’s dishes, furniture. Rain or shine. 15973 Moon Rd., Mt. Orab. ESTATE & Moving Sale Thurs., June 6 thru Sun., June 16. Everything must go! 16680 US 68, Mt. Orab. Call 937-618-0838.


Registration @ 12:30pm

MARK WANTS running, wrecked, dead cars and trucks. Now paying $150 - $400/cash for complete vehicles. FREE TOW! 937-446-3021 or 513-739-0774 2000 TOYOTA Camry, engine has 80,000 miles; power windows, locks & seat; security, $5400.00. Tractor scoop: 3pt. hitch, $250.00. Call 937-515-9007.


PID: 01-000448-0101 Inspection: June 4th, 12pm to 1pm Tax Appraised @ $72,600 Minimum Bid Only $31,334! Description: 4,400sf mixed use metal building built in 2005 on 1.44 acres with 4 overhead garage doors and a nicely finished office area. Basic Terms: As-is, no contingencies, 10% Deposit, 10% Buyer's Premium; close w/in 30 days of Court Confirmation. Must Bring Cashier Check Made out to M&M Title for $5,000 in Order to Bid For Full Terms & Legal Descriptions call:

Tim Lile, CAI & Ric Moody Auctioneers

(937)287-0072 or visit


AUCTION Fri. June 21st @ 5:00pm (Preview starting @4:00pm)

Clermont County Fair Grounds (Comm. Bldg) 1000 Locust St., Owensville, Ohio 45160 Private Collector liquidating Approx. 28 guns from collection. Full list, pic’s, terms, on user #7414. Nice Clean Guns. Food aval. Conley’s Sweet Sensations Concessions.

Call David P. or David S. Lewis




The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013 - Page 21


Page 22 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, June 9, 2013



sturdy trellis to support fragrant climbing plants: sweet peas, roses, and the subtly sweet autumn clematis whose fragrance will waft into the house. Seen from the outside, the window is surrounded by flowers in different pastel shades mixed with white. Since my windows are NEVER open, I have found ways to plant “fragrance” along the way to the mailbox, and near seating areas. Debra Knapke, author of Herb Gardening for the Midwest, leads the reader through the design of an herb garden and provides a list of Lowmaintenance Herbs that includes: Arugula, Borage, Catnip, Calendula, Lavender, Mint, Parsley, Perilla, Safflower, Scented Geranium, Sorrel and Thyme. The book also gives the gardener great tips on planting, harvesting and using herbs. Herbs are listed alphabetically by their common names and each entry has tips for growing, harvesting and processing. Are you harvesting from your garden? I am ready to start on Strawberry Freezer Jam this week. The zucchini and cucumber seeds that I threw in the ground before the big rain have already popped up through the soil. I noticed that someone has been nibbling on my spinach, and another critter “friend” pulled several plants out of

Pineapple”, is popular for its green, pineapple-scented leaves that can be used as a flavoring to savory dishes, salads, or drinks. In late summer, this variety carries bright red, trumpet-shaped flowers above the foliage. My favorites, Salvia officinalis, “Purpurascens”, and Salvia officinalis, “Tricolor” are two of my favorites simply because I love purple in the garden. Fresh leaves are always best and should be harvested before the plant flowers, unless the flowers are being pinched off throughout the growing season. The leaves can be chopped finely, mixed with a little water and frozen into ice cube trays for yearround use. They can also be dried by hanging bunches loosely on drying racks, but never in direct sunlight. Once the leaves are dry, strip them from the stems and store in airtight containers. Ever thought about growing a fragrance garden? The focal point of this garden is a window, so grow different scented geraniums, rosemary and other tender herbs on the windowsill. Below the window grow “nose herbs”, those herbs which have fragrant foliage that are used more for sweetening musty indoor corners than for cooking or curing ills. The window is surrounded by a good

BY Faye Mahaffey Master Gardner Volunteer Do you have an herb garden? Several years ago I made the decision to move my herbs closer to the kitchen! Most of my herbs are planted in large pots on the deck and along the front of our porch. All I have to do is step outside with my scissors and clip whatever I need to add a special touch of flavor to our meal. Gardeners often forget that herbs have excellent ornamental qualities with the extra sensory advantage of delicious and aromatic foliage. Herbs can add color and excitement to your garden as well as your culinary dishes! Sage is one of my favorites to grow. The purple blooms are a favorite of the pollinators and the variety of leaf colors allows the gardener to add splashes of color throughout the flower beds. Sage prefers full sun but tolerates light shade. Sage is an attractive plant for the border, adding volume to the middle of the border or as an attractive edging or feature plant near the front. Sage can also be grown in mixed planters or as a specimen so it can be brought indoors in the winter months for year round use. Salvia elegans, “Scarlet

1340923 Russellville - Area of fine farms this Log Home truly has it all! 3BD, 2BA. 360 degree wrap around porch. Floor to ceiling stone WBFP, study, huge MBR suite w/soaking tub & stand alone shower, walkout bsmt. to 21.45 acres. 9 level acres-remainder rolling & wooded. $249,900 SOL




Bert Thomas

Dominic Thomas

Direct:937-444-2833 Cell: 937-213-2833

Cell: 937-213-0902

1353932 - Decatur Get ready to move! Newer roof, furnace(York), electric service, flooring, 18'& above ground pool. 4BD, 2BA. Total kitchen renovation, fully equipped. Hdwd under all carpet. Detached garage built in 2000. Gorgeous slightly rolling lot can be divided. $89,900 1344978 - Lake Waynoka Immaculate two story brick home w/hugh cov. back porch. Brand new gourmet kit w/island. Huge living room. Open foyer. MBR bath has custom built vanity & Jacuzzi tub. Entire house freshly painted. >3300 sq ft L/A & a full bsmt. All on 3 lots. $225,000

Viji Grant, Broker

Office: (513) 474-3500


Office: (513) 474-3500

1342936 - Mt. Orab - Unique bi-level home *Front bay wndw lined w/oak inside. 3BD. 3BA. *full shower in LL & covered deck off main level *Freshly painted *wood slat blinds *blt in whole house surge protector, exterior windows are ultra violet protected *Affordable util. bills. $119,900

1265584 - Mt. Orab - OWNER FINANCING! Flexible Terms!! Former Cahall Apparel Store in ILY the heart of Mt. I - FA M MULT Orab. 1100 sq ft of store front office area w/4 add'l rental apts. Full walkout bsmt. Low maintence. 15 space parking lot with mo. income. Public Utilities. $199,900 E CH



1331501 - Mt. Orab 3 BR 2BA Full brick home on a picturesque 1.4 acre setting. Almost 2000 sq. ft. of living area. Newer roof and laundry room. The tiered decking on the rear serves as an add'l recreation area w/lots of mature shade. This is the first offering in this arena. Call Bert or Dominic for more details! $129,500

1338665 - Mt. Orab - Immaculate ranch style home w/2000 sq.ft. living area. 3BD, 2BA. Mbr. suite has separate sitting & dress area into a roomy walk-in clst. 21x18 covered porch in rear. 2 bay wndws. 2 sheds. Lrg portion of yard w/ elec. fence. Must see to believe! WOW! $149,900

MLS#1328251 - Mt. Orab - All brick in exclusive Beacon Hill subdivision MBR suite with tray ceiling and 2 roomy walk-in closets. Huge family room which leads to a beautiful Florida room. Cathedral ceilings. work shop & flower garden in rear of home. 2 c att gar. $209,900







1339793 - Mt. Orab - Exciting full brick home unique in style. 38x35 beautiful finished rec room in bsmt. Great rm. w/stone F/P, 3 BD, 2 fully renovated baths, new countertops in kit. Rear french dr. w/o to professionally landscaped back yard w/pool & tiered decking. $199,900


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MLS#1360466 - Georgetown - New Construction *2250 sq.ft. Ranch w/ceramic work second to none *Open flr plan *Ceramic wbfp*MBR suite w/dbl walk-in closets *Family Rm w/walk-out to covered bk porch *20x20 matching shed in rear *Att. 2 car gar*Prof. landscaped w/fountain. $157,500

living cells in the trunk by limiting their exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with the atmosphere. This practice also creates conditions that favor infection by plant pathogens that cause fungal cankers and root rots. To prevent these problems, it is advisable to keep mulch at least 6 inches away from the trunks of woody plants. Do you have friends that mulch to excess around their trees? Be a good friend and explain the downside of too much of a good thing! The last step in my mulching each spring is to sprinkle some type of preemergent granules to help prevent weed seed germination. If you choose such a product, be sure to read and follow all directions carefully! Don’t forget to email your gardening questions to OSUE Brown County Master Gardener, Mike Hannah, at Be sure to include your phone number as well as any photographs pertaining to your questions. I’m getting ready to plant tomatoes! Close your eyes and remember how tasty those sun-warmed tomatoes will be! I can’t wait!


•R E A L T Y• T


usually mid to late spring. Mulching too early can delay drying of soil and subsequent root growth which is dependent upon sufficient aeration and reasonably warm temperature in the root zone. In seasons of more the ample rainfall and/or cool temperatures, mulching should be delayed until late may or June. A second application is often needed in autumn. For established plants, timing of the mulch application may not be as important as it is on new plantings. I have gardening friends that only mulch in the fall. After mulching in the spring, I have to admit that I am never interested in applying mulch a second time. The recommended mulching depth, depending on the material selected, is 2 to 2.5 inches. At his depth, most mulch will accommodate the primary objectives of weed control, soil moisture conservation and temperature modification. Have you noticed any tree “volcanoes” in your neighborhood? Mulch piled high against tree trunks has become a common sight in newly installed landscapes. Trunks encircled by mulch stay constantly moist, a condition to which they are not adapted. Continuous moisture is harmful because it interferes with respiration of cambium, phloem, and other



their pots last evening. I have to make a daily walk about now to be sure to tuck ousted plants back into the dirt. I am having a hard time keeping ahead of the weeds this year! How are you doing? TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING A mulch, by definitions, is a layer of bark, sphagnum pet moss, muck peat, compost, pine needles, gravel, plastic, or any similar material uniformly spread on the surface of the soil under plants. According to OSUE Fact Sheet #43210-1096, Mulching Landscape Plants, the objectives of applying mulch are to: 1) prevent weed growth, 2) conserve moisture in the soil, 3) cool soil surface and stabilize soil temperature, 4) reduce heaving of small plants as a result of alternate freezing and thawing of the soil in autumn, winter and spring, 5) add organic matter to soil, if mulch materials are organic in nature, 6) reduce soil erosion on slopes, 7) keep fruits, vegetables and flowers cleaner, and 8) improve aesthetics of a landscape and add to property values. Mulch is usually applied first in the spring after the soil has warmed and begun to dry from winter rains and snow. Depending on soil texture, temperature and other weather conditions, this is


Mahaffey talks about herb gardening, mulch

1355240- Mt. Orab- Total renovation*Modules have movable walls to set office space up to suit your needs*Newer HVAC, elec service, wndws (on tanning side)*HWH & flring thru-out *Tanning business sold separately *New stone facade *Office furniture is negotiable. $165,000. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! Established Tanning Business for sale operating out of this bldg. Includes 4 Envy 434-3F Beds w/deco lites and a stand-up bed. Call Bert for more details. $25,000.

L A ND LIS TI NG S 1356142 - Sardinia - 20-49 Acres on Stephens Rd. $140,000 1333914 - Mt. Orab - S.E. corner of SR 32 & Klein Rd. 51.49 acs avail which would house 2200 ft. of frontage on (limited access) SR 32 & 1585 ft. of frontage on Klein Road available. Multi-purpose ground. Water at the road. An Absolute Deal!! Add'l 41 acs avail. $119,900 PRI




1243844 - Investment opportunity! Nothing to do but take over the rent roll!! Total renovation on all units. 4 different units! Elec & gas separately metered. Laundry facilities on site. Partial Bsmt. Fresh paint on exterior. $147,500

1337896 - Mt. Orab - First offering! Full brick quad level home built like a fortress! 4BD, 2.5 BA. Former construction res./business office. Built in sound system, built in drafting table, 1st. floor MBR suite, WBFP, Hdwd under carpets. Cedar lined closets. Corner lot. $159,900 1341011 Lewis TwpHardwood & laminate flooring thru-out. 3BD, 2BA. Ready to move-in! Lg. eat-in kitchen w/plenty of storage. Concrete slap completely underneath. Great home at an affordable price!! $62,500

MLS#1360614 Mt. Orab Pristine! >*3000 sq ft Living area. 29x22 MRR suite & Formal Din. Rm are newer additions *Total Kit. renovation *Huge Bdrms *Beautiful private setting & location *New septic 6 mo old *Barn to be removed. 1.5 Acre. *More land avail. Subject to survey. $139,900

1358528 - Georgetown WOW! All brick home w/brand new roof, paint & flring* Both baths & kit. fully renovated* 3BD, 2BA. Open foyer w/ceramic flring & closet*Fam. Rm. w/bar & wall of french doors* Deck w/lanai*2 walk in clsts in MBR suite*Coy pond* Beautifully landscaped. $137,500 Mt. Orab - Beautiful all brick home in prestigious Beacon Hill Sub-division. 3 BR 2Ba home which sits on .88 professionally landscaped ac. Brick gas log F/P. Dining area opens into huge family room w/walk-out. MBR suite w/ dbl walk-in closet. Private back patio. 3 car gar. All on a cul-de sac. $169,900 E CH



1343983 - Mt. Orab - Have it finished your way! 90% complete. Bath tubs set in place. 3BD, 2BA. All electric established. Furnace & kitchen cabinets are in the hse. and ready to install. 56x28 det. gar. has water and elec. one shed stays. $99,900


1336137 - Lake WaynokaIncredible lakefront property nestled on a cove. 4BD, 3.5 BA. Hearthstone hewn log home in impeccable condition. Hdwd flrs. on 1st level except for MBR suite. Gourmet Kit.w/blt-in microwave, oven & granite island range top. Granite countertops. $369,900 CE PRI



1342940 - Mt. Orab Simply Amazing! Cathredral ceilings, expansive stone/ ceramic work, exclusive lighting pkg, hdwd style laminate flooring. Hanstone quartz counter tops. French door leads to nautical playland, w/pool. Back yard fully fenced. Not a drive by!!!. $139,900 CE C



1336285 Georgetown - Great investment opportunity or home to raise your family. This 3 BR 2 Ba home is ready to move-in. Unique as it could function as a one or two family. New carpet, fresh paint, oversized 2 car gar. 1+ acre on public water & sewer with 2 separate taps. $72,500 PRI

1355243- Lake Lorelei- Park-like setting for this well built cedar sided home w/separate mother-in-law suite. 2BD, 2BA. *Huge family/florida rm*Brick wall fireplace*Counter bar in kit*3 car gar. all together.* 4 wooded lots* Horseshoe pit & fountain* Short walk to lake. $119,900 1258238Sardinia- 3BD, 2BA, Almost 1500 sq.ft. of open living area. Master BD suite. Dining Rm. & Equipped eat-in Kitchen. Large front deck & covered back porch. Affordable living seconds off St. Rt. 32. Back yard completely privacy & fenced. 2 car carport. $79,900 1322164 - Williamsburg - Beautiful Sears & Roebuck home situated on a quiet town double lot. Pristine hardwood floors (Oak down & Pine up). Arched doorways, wide baseboards, french doors to enclosed back porch. Fenced yard. 1 car garage. Partial poured basement. $78,500 Georgetown - Walk back in time as you enter the front door of this NGE magnificent home! E CHA PRIC 3BD, 1.5 BA. Double parlor, fluted wdwk w/rosettes. Wide baseboards & a cherry bannister. A dry cellar underneath. This home has a secure, local alarm system which can be transferred to the new owner. $74,500 PRI




1336123 Georgetown Land Contract Available! Beautiful craftmanship of this total renovation! Brand new flring, windows, roof, furnace, siding, kitchen w/appliances & elec. service. 3BD, 1BA. A doll house ready to move-in. 40x30 barn w/new siding, roof, & gar. door. 20x10 shed. A true must see! $79,900

New Listing with Acreage, Near 32 9030 Tri County Highway $516/Month PITI * USDA Loan With No $$$ Down*

937-213-1548 *Rates as of 6/5/13, not all profiles qualify*

Eastern Local Schools, 4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Acres, TONS of Updates (flooring, paint, wiring, plumbing, & much more)!


3 BR / 2 Bath w/insulated 2 car garage. Built in 2005. Close to WB Schools. Master Suite with large walk-in closet. Open Floor Plan with eat-in kitchen. Appliances stay! Deck w/patio & pergola. $148,900

Call Mark 513-520-7399

1346373 Ripley Business opportunity! Own a retail music store & established Recording Studio set up & recording!! 6 rentable storage units for add'l income. All of this on .13 ac w/public utilities. Total renovation on bldg. TURN KEY OPERATION. $159,900

House For Sale By Owner Priced Under $110,000.00



MOVE-IN READY 3 BR brick ranch with 1.46 fenced-in acres and covered porch. 1 Bath, Lg. Eat-In Kitchen, Spacious LR, Utility Room and 2 Car Attached Garage. NEW furnace, NEW shingle roof, freshly painted, updated light fixtures, refinished hardwood floors in Kitchen and completely remodeled Bathroom. Stove, Microwave & Dishwasher stay. MUST SEE! Call for an appointment: 937-618-0341.

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Brown County Press, June 9, 2013  

Brown County Press, June 9, 2013

Brown County Press, June 9, 2013  

Brown County Press, June 9, 2013