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Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Watch Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Live Stream Free HDTVFoods That Help You in Your Fight for Cholesterol Control Watch UFC on FX: Belfort vs Bisping Live Stream Free HDTV When people hear that something is good for their cholesterol, in their minds, that ends up indicating food that is bland, tasteless and just boring. Does cholesterol control mean eating nothing but bean curd and tofu? Not really. You really can help your cholesterol situation without too much personal sacrifice. All you need to do is to find a few simple substitutions for some of the foods that you like that aggravate your cholesterol count. Watch Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild Live Stream Free You love your salad; it's the one thing that you feel is really healthy about your meals every day. So what if you like to sprinkle a few croutons all over your salad to make it a little more palatable? Croutons are rich in carbohydrates though, and have quite a bit of the bad cholesterol, also known as the low density lipoprotein or LDL. How do you help your cholesterol then? And more importantly, how do you help your salad taste better? Consider sprinkling chopped walnuts on your salad instead. Not only do they not have the bad cholesterol, they're pretty rich in the good kind. So, the doctors tell you that a little alcohol can help with your cholesterol control (it is known to help boost your levels of good HDL cholesterol). But hold on there - does this sound like an invitation to go on drinking binges? It shouldn't. You have to know that cocktails and other mixed drinks usually have lots of carbohydrates. Instead of cocktails, try going with red wine. It is almost no carbohydrates and you'll get a great those antioxidants to help with your efforts at cholesterol control. How much would be a good quantity to go with? The American Heart Association of course, recommends that women take just one glass of wine a day and men, maybe two.

Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild