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We fight for your compensation when your flight is delayed

What we do From checking your flight to going to court – AirHelp does it all… We deliver: Scanning of all historic and future flights of the company to determine eligibility and compensation Preparation of all claim specific information (flight stats, weather info, legal reference) Preparation of all airline required information (web forms, passenger information, power of attorney) Preparation of all legal documents @


All communication with the airline (email, fax, letter, phone & follow up) 24 hour customer support All legal proceedings if the airline refuse to pay compensation including national enforcement bodies and court expenses

AirHelp services is based on No Win, No Fee. If the claim is unsuccessful, the service is free of charge.

We only get paid when you get paid – simple as that!

Delayed passengers yearly

750 million passengers in EU every year 26 million affected passengers in EU every year

11 billion market (â‚Ź450 average compensation per passenger)

Source: (3 year historical data)

Your Potential Revenue

Your annual flights

Your Backlog (flights from the last 3 years)

Your Annual commission













*Based on 2% of flights eligible and average ticket of 2 passengers at average claim per passenger €450. Backdated claim times vary, according to national legislation, but can be as long as 6 years (UK)

Partner Agreement structure •  •  •  •  •  • 

75% of all compensation from your claims is paid to the customers 17.5% of all compensation from your customers goes to AirHelp 30% of the AirHelp fee is paid in commission to you Compensation from airlines is paid to AirHelp account in € Payment is transferred to your account in € AirHelp transfer your commission to customers on the first day of each month in €

7.50% 17.50%

75% Passenger Airhelp You

AirHelp will receive compensation from airlines and will transfer compensation to customers and your commission 30 days following the end of quarter

Estimated income for one of our current clients

Conversion breakdown  

Last 36  months  

Year 1  

Year 2  

Year 3  

Total compensa-on  

€ 4.618.000  

€ 1.727.132  

€ 1.921.827  

€ 2.123.619  

Your Commission  


€ 172.713  

€ 192.183  

€ 212.362  



Why AirHelp Getting compensation from the airlines is not easy.

Leading flight claim compensation service Proven success rate – 90% more likely to get compensation through AirHelp No Win, No fee. We only get paid when you get paid! AirHelp Flight Database. The world’s largest DB of delayed and cancelled flights Legal expertise automated via intelligent IT systems We take ALL the hassle. AirHelp is your source of passive income

Our mission is to make getting compensation from airlines as fast and easy as possible for the passenger. Airlines will always make it difficult to claim compensation. Paperwork will always be boring and time consuming. AirHelp will always be there to make it easy.

AirHelp fights for your compensation!

AirHelp - Paul Clements


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