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November 1st to 4th

Day 1  

Day one  will  start  on  Friday  at  10:30  am  at  Caribe  Tours  Las   Colinas  in  San;ago.  A?er  3  hours  of  travel,  you  will  arrive  at   the   hotel   Mont   Joli.   A   walk   in   the   city   center   to   admire   the   architecture   of   Cap   Hai;an   is   encouraged.   Following   you   ini;al   explora;on   of   the   city,   a   dinner   of   Hai;an   special;es   will  be  served  in  the  restaurant  Becky’s  Bar  and  Grill  followed   by  a  Halloween  Party.  

Day 2  

In the   morning,   we   will   visit   the   Sans   Souci   Palace   ruins   which  was  the  royal  residence  of  King  Henry  Christophe  then   the   largest   fortress   in   the   Caribbean   “Citadel   La   Ferriere”   This  large  mountain  top  fortress  was  built  in  the  19th  century   by   Henri   Christophe   to   protect   the   northern   part   of   the   country   from   French.   A?er   lunch,   we   will   head   back   to   the   hotel  to  enjoy  the  pool,  dinner,  and  a  party.  

Day 3  

Day three   is   a   beach   day   at   Cormier   Beach   and   Resorts,   one   of   Cap   Hai;an   most   exo;c   beaches.   This  day  will  be  full  of  relaxa;on.  The  Caribbean  sun   and   the   amazing   views   will   give   you   an   incredible   experience  of  peace  and  escape.  

What’s included  

-­‐Round Trip  transport  (San;ago-­‐Cap  Hai;an).   -­‐Hotel’s  room  (4  persons  per  room)   -­‐Breakfast  and  lunch   -­‐Transporta;on  to  the  places  in  Cap  Hai;an   -­‐The  fortress  and  the  beach  fees.   -­‐Qualified  Guides.   -­‐Taxes  fees  at  the  Border      

             Rate  :  RD  $9000    

What to  bring  

-­‐Camera -­‐Passport   -­‐Walking  Shoes   -­‐Sunscreen   -­‐Sunglasses   -­‐Swimming  A^re   -­‐Halloween  Costume   kiskeyatourhai;  

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