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Leading your HR cross-border consultancy solutions Clement Kopp CEO, Owner, EuroTriade Group Berlin

The main areas of practice and expertise of Clement Kopp are advising on Crossborder projects in Germany on structural measures of national and international companies subject to risk minimizing and strategic project design, mediation and implementation of all kinds of restructuring measures. His clients are big international and German companies primarily from the technology , automotive and services sector. ClĂŠment Kopp, as a French German native studied at the Sorbonne. He became HR specialist in France since 1974 in companies like Danone, Michelin, Thomson and in Germany since 1982 as a HR VP in charge of M&A for 13.000 employees and downsizing of 8000 working places in 5 years time. He launched a German foundation dedicated to innovative employment solutions in restructuring with the German Employers Association and the German Trade Unions. Clement Kopp launched EuroTriade 1989 in Berlin as a HR Crossborder service supplier, acting with own subsidiaries in France since 1998, Romania since 2005 and Morocco since 2009. Main customers are technology and chemical companies. Clement Kopp is a senior expert partner for crossborder HR projects.

Please treat all transactions and clients´ names as confidential.

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