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Po r t fo l i o By Julia Clements / Interior Design 2013

Office Design l create a studio environment which includes: -Interactive spaces for designers to work together -Overlapping ceiling planes to create hidden light sources -Colorful surface palettes and glossy finishes to spread the light from space to space -Differentiation of space through flooring material and ceiling planes

Preliminary Design l Hand Sketches, programming spaces and defining ceiling planes

Floor Plan

Ceiling Plan

Green Hills Historical Preservation l Preservation and new construction of Cincinnati’s historical district -A method of addressing historical units to the needs of contemporary users -Reconstruction on empty lots in regards to the architectural context of Green Hills -Emphasis on community involvement and the green environment the town sits within -Designing dynamic and contemporary environments for existing units, addressing the issue of private and public space

Front Elevation of existing units, reconstruction of historical elevations, elements include flat roofs, over hangs, and ship lap cladding.

Section cut through middle unit, emphasis on light well and new addition to rear, new addition creates a relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

Vegetative Walkthroughs

Unit Renovation - Second Floor

Interior Garden and Bathroom

Unit Renovation - First Floor

Sephora Men’s Fixture l Redefining the men’s grooming experience by: -Promotional graphics and product samples by major product companies -Provides a complimentary shoe shine or shave -Spaces are defined by LED lighting strips and a glossy finish that reflects the Sephora environment -Built in rear storage and plumbing fixture allows the fixture to perform in flexible locations

Side Elevation

Side Elevation


Side Elevation

Typical Instore Installation

Front Elevation

Side Elevation

Rear Storage for Promotional Events

Indianapolis Island l Creating an interior habitat that can accommodate the cycle of an individual’s day -Adjusting to the off grid environment provided by the Island and the Lake -Design furniture and fabrics that can provide multiple functions through out the day -Communicating to the community and visitors about our change of pace and new sustainable lifestyle -Developing a concept for individuals who want to gear their lifestyle towards off girding living and stronger “green” connection to their community

Island Designed by Andrea Zittell in 2010 and is located at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

This was a collaborative design project with a fellow student. The two of us wanted to create a sustainable and simplistic lifestyle and communicate to the visitors of the Indianapolis Museum of art how they can do the same. As Interior Designers, we wanted to create furniture that would then define spaces and or time of day, whether this be breakfast time or bed time. Weekly events such as luncheons or community parties would give us opportunity to socialize and communicate to others our experience and change of pace from college students to island dwellers.

Himalayan Gems l eco camp in the Shiok River Valley -10 x 10’ cabins that visitors reside in while taking part in a communal living experience -Visitors would run the camp for the length of their stay, this includes cooking and cleaning -Chores would provide visitors a chance to learn about the city of Leh and its culture and way of life -The camp is seasonal, providing stay in the summer and fall seasons and taken down in the winter

Canvas siding is produced and hand died in Leh. Canvas strips, 2’ wide, can be pushed in and out in order to control air flow throughout cabins. Users have full control of their cabins through this canvas siding. -Passive Heating and Cooling through canvas angles -Creating privacy and views through taking strips on or off -Color Palette based on users aesthetic, users could take the canvas down or overlap them to control what colors come in and out of the cabin

Left: Shower curtain wire detail, Cabin hanging wire detail, canvas strip detail

Communal Shower, waterproof canvas to provide privacy, water supply re cycled through filters

Cabin Elevation, canvas strips that can be adjusted based on user’s preference

Professional Collaboration l Internship with VOA associates INC., providing skills in: -Computer modeling through Revit Architecture and Auto Cad, Photoshop, and Illustrator -Reception Desk design and Elevator Lobby for ICF’s Office in Rockville, Maryland -Graphic images in order to depict way finding for each floor -Finalizing renderings for client approval

Elevator Lobby Elevation l Birch Plywood Paneling

Reception Desk l Birch Plywood, Corian Top

Glass Collaboration Space : Allows users to interact with multiple surfaces. 12’


Plan : Ceiling Grid allows the system to move left to right, creating multiple sized spaces to work within.


Elevation : “Main Street” system allows for flexible studio spaces, small to large scale presentation surfaces along the Main Street.

The Cue Workshop l

Senior Capstone

- Center of Research of Communication in the Urban Environment - Target the collaboration of multiple colleges on the University campus that are usually segregated -Create labs and studio environments that design and showcase the future of signage and communication, social media trends, and what is next in our urban environment

Education 2008 – Present University of Cincinnati, Ohio College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Interior Design, Class of 2013 Certification in Historical Preservation G.P.A 3.6/4.0 Participating in the Professional Practice Co-op Program, Alternating quarters of college study with quarters of work in the field of Interior Design.

Julia Clements 9959 Walnutridge Court Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 Cell Phone Number: (513) 377-6439 Email:

2004-2008 Indian Hill High School, Cincinnati, Ohio G.P.A 3.8/4.0

Work Experience EDG Interior Architecture and Design San Rafael, California August 2012 - December 2012 Interior design intern within a hospitality setting. Designed custom furniture and lighting for hotels, bars, restaurants using autocad and sketchup, created material palettes, concept boards, and design packages using Indesign, illustrator and photoshop. VOA Associates inc. Washington DC June 2011 - September 2011 January 2012 - June 2012 Interior design intern, completed two major projects from start to finish. My skills were applied between construction drawings and specifications, elevations, millwork, detailing and design.

Work Experience Continued GBBN Architects Cincinnati, Ohio March 2010 - June 2010, September 2010 - December 2010 Interior design intern, responsibilities include organizing and managing materials, composing material boards, developing spatial lay outs, and floor patterns. Worked on two major furniture bids, all while applying skills in revit, autocad, sketchup, and coral. Art on the Levee Gallery Newport, Kentucky July 2009 - March 2010 Sales associate, responsibilities include strong communication skills, interaction with customers, artists, and spatial organization of the artwork.

Achievements and Awards University of Cincinnati: Deans List Fall 2009, Winter 2010, Winter 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2011 Treasurer of IIDA Student Chapter Fall 2009 Volunteer for the Cincinnati Preservation Association.

Competition Participation 2011 Indianapolis Museum of Art Andrea Zittel Island Competition 2011 Pave Retail Design Competition

Interior Design Portfolio  

Portfolio showcasing the last 5 years of work as a student of the University of Cincinnati