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- February 4 - 10

Open for cool events

By Ben Hamilton


hen Marcellus uttered his immortal line about the state of Denmark in Act One, Scene Four of Hamlet, he wasn’t strolling through Frederiksberg Have on a summer’s day, hand-in-hand with his lover, contemplating an afternoon of leafy bliss and sinful is. No, he said it overlooking the battlements of a fog-engulfed castle, freezing and fed-up, on a day not that much different from today. And to be fair, nothing’s changed in the 400 years since the play was written. February continues to be a month in which winter overstays its welcome and the aptly-named SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) takes over. Short of going on holiday – avoid Tunisia and Egypt - there is no remedy, well until now that is, because an idea that started as a whisper in empty hotel rooms, half-filled smoky jazz venues and backstage fashion parties has metamorphosed into five extremely good reasons for staying put and enjoying your February in Copenhagen. Welcome to Wondercool, the festival that will redefine your least favourite month, and transform this city of ours into a beehive of activity, as hundreds of venues put on events attended by thousands of revellers. Wondercool is not just one festival, it’s five: the Copenhagen Cooking Winter Edition, the Jazz Festival Winter Edition, the Copenhagen Fashion Festival, the FROST Festival, and events and activities at the Danish Design Centre. Existing events – like Copenhagen Winter Jazz and Copenhagen Fashion Week – are continuing as normal, but now there are so many more events for the public to enjoy. The Copenhagen Cooking Winter Edition (see pages 3-5) will see around 50 events over the whole month. “With 40,000 visitors and 100 events, the summer edition of Copenhagen Cooking is a great success, and we have enjoyed the challenge of expanding its activities with a winter edition,” said Martin Bender, the events and conventions director at Wonderful Copenhagen. “With the other four super brands we will have a fantastic opportunity to have guests from all over the world to taste our northern winter kitchen.”

The winter edition of July’s Copenhagen Jazz Festival (see pages 6-8) features around 30 concerts and events over the first week of February. “Many know the summer’s main event Copenhagen Jazz Festival, where jazz is everywhere - inside and out,” says Signe Lopdrup, the festival director of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. “But the city’s many clubs and venues play all year round and we are looking forward to the extra attention during Wondercool, during which we will present a series of concerts featuring surprise guests and some of the city’s best kept secret venues.” The Copenhagen Fashion Festival (see pages 9-11) includes close to 50 events spread over the first week of February that the public can attend. Last year, during the fashion week, there was barely a handful. “We welcome the Wondercool initiative and hope it’s here to stay,” enthused Eva Kruse, the CEO of Danish Fashion Institute, the organiser of the bi-annual fashion week. “The increased number of events will help us to create more international interest in Copenhagen. The fashion festival offers a wide range of experiences to the fashion-conscious citizen and tourists. We look forward to some exciting and surprising collaborations between, for example, fashion and food, and fashion and music.” The FROST Festival (see pages 12-13) presents 15 rock concerts spread over the month. “FROST is about how we won’t allow the cold weather to put a lid on our love of music in this city,” contends Kristian Riis, the CEO of organiser Volcano Management. “The concerts take place in traditional but also very alternative locations. It will seek to address the city’s audio balance as winter tends to be a quiet period!” The Danish Design Centre (see pages 14-15) is open for the entire month, with events and activities taking place every day. “Design, music, food and fashion are very much things that characterise Copenhagen, even in winter,” said Christian Scherfig, the managing director at the Danish Design Centre. “We look forward to cooperation and to offering tourists and locals inspiring design experiences.” It promises to be a fabulous February, and organisers are already drawing up plans to continue this until 2015 – which is great news for those of us in dire need of a lift at this time of year. If this won’t banish the winter blues, nothing will. *

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Copenhagen 32 Poems La Glace - complements that special dish weÕve come to know as cake! In life it is the uniform that wears the heartÕs desire; It mirrors our ÔintentÕ, it shows to what our minds aspire, And this was clearly seen when Inspiration wore Her treat: A little girl did dressed-up as the thing she loved to eat!

Now, I love football, and IÕll dress to match my favourite team; To score a goal in red and blue has been my childhood dream. Well, this dear child just for the sake of cake, it ruled her soul, Would get her kicks from dressing as a bun, this was her goal.

ÔTwas cake she loved; all pastries, fluffed or sponged in quality, Or sweet and tender, soft and round - for this she longed to be; With silk and ribbon, bells and rings, sewn with a subtle sense, She tailored clothes so one could see the G‰teau's influence.

Sweet marzipan, strawberries, cream and chocolate made to whirl, SheÕd imitate with fairy feathers in her golden curls, While on her vesture, colours rare her love would cÕordinate To complement that special dish weÕve come to know as cake!

The place that fed her influence was found in Copenhagen - Not Paris or Vienna where she would not go for bacon And daily she would take her chair, and she felt most at home Just sitting in among the cake, she never felt alone.

Eat inside a special place; Served with tea but more with grace: Cakes and pastries at La Glace!

La Glace, Copenhagen Tel: 3314 4646

copenhagen cooking

Open for cool events

NORDIC TASTE SENSATIONS - By Jonathan Henning Once the eternal bridesmaid, the region’s culinary star has truly risen as it stakes its claim to be the world’s best


few years ago when Italian food dominated Copenhagen’s food scene, traditional Nordic cooking was mostly ignored. Likewise, the fuss over the new opera house has meant that one of Copenhagen’s architectural jewels (not to mention best kept café secret), the Royal Playhouse, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. In February however, a strange synergy arrives in the form of the Wondercool’s Copenhagen Cooking festival when it moves into the Royal Playhouse for a day of scrumptious food tastings.

Now in its fifth year, the ‘Top Ten Restaurants in Copenhagen Tasting’ event (Sunday 27 February, 12:00-17:00, tickets 100kr from, only 800 available) comprises of four separate onehour tasting periods over the course of the day. This is an event at which the best names in Danish cuisine present a rare chance to taste the latest in Nordic culinary invention for an affordable price. The ingredients are seasonal and organic, and Inco Denmark graciously supports the chef’s culinary adventures by supplying the ingredients. Interestingly, not ten but eleven restaurants will be participating in the festivities this year. Each will set up a separate tasting station and offer tapa-sized delicacies to those lucky enough to procure a ticket. In the mix are traditional favourites such as seafood behemoth Acquamarina, known for its inventive re-imagining of fish, and the Italian Famo 51, famous for its Friday fish menu. Spearheading the rest of the international scene is Il Dona Restaurante and Restaurant La Cocotte. Not to be confused with the Berlin staple of the same name, La Cocotte is the fine dining experience found at the Glostrup Park Hotel. Just like Il Dona Restuarante, La Cocotte fuses the Nordic kitchen with traditional international flavour. Arguably, the stars of the event are the five attending Nordic kitchens belonging to: Kokkeriet, No1 Århusgade, Restaurant Open, Skovshoved Kro, and the divine Restaurant Jacobsen. Each will try to outdo one-another in terms of quality of produce, ingenuity of preparation, and presentation - all while remaining true to the Nordic Kitchen spirit. While tasting the wonderful creations of all eleven fabulous restaurants, be sure to take a moment to savour not only the food, but the view as well. The playhouse is situated on Holmens Kanal across from Christianshavn and promises stunning views - even in the February rain. At only 100 kroner per person, the event is sure to sell out quickly - just like last year. *


- February 4 - 10

food festival’s feasts and fun Open for cool events

Copenhagen Cooking’s February installment promises to educate us about cocktails and make dining more affordable By Jonathan Henning


hen it’s lovely and warm outside, with the summer tomatoes ripening, Copenhagen plays host to northern Europe’s biggest food festival - Copenhagen Cooking. In these dreary winter months however, at a time when next to nothing is growing anywhere, the same festival is holding an event to warm our souls. As part of one of the best events of the year - Wondercool Festival - Copenhagen Cooking hosts a myriad of events ranging from cocktail parties and fish and seafood gatherings to gourmet tastings and wine symposiums. Spanning the month of February, the festival focuses both on new Nordic (think: noma), and international cuisine (think: Italian), as it has done so since its beginning in 2005. Over the past six years, the festival has exploded in its scope, as has public admiration for the new Nordic kitchen. In the not so distant past Copenhagen was, well, not exactly a crown jewel of European gastronomic culture. But a lot has changed - and in a big way. With noma as the number one restaurant in the world, and the Nordic kitchen movement on the up and up as the healthy way in which to eat, Copenhagen is poised to make big strides in cementing its reputation as a major world food centre - a title that attracts les gastronomiques from all over the world. The same attraction will no doubt be true for this festival: an event that combines the tastes of sophisticated palates and the more comfort-food orientated. In short, there are events to attract everyone, with every budget. Last August, noma was opened up to 85 students for a full tasting menu, and traditional craw-daddy crayfish gumbo was concocted at restaurants all over the city. This February, in addition to the traditional smørrebrød and hot-dog tastings, the festival continues its run at being a green, mostly organic celebration. For the film-lover, L’Altro has taken inspiration from the Godfather trilogy and is preparing the actual dishes eaten by the Corleone family. Those with a taste for competition (and herring) can attend the aptly-named ‘The Best Nordic Herring Recipe’, to which participants bring their home recipes and have them judged by a professional panel of international judges. But where the festival excels is not in the eating arrangements, special menus, or the restaurants that host them - these days, it’s possible to eat well at any time of the year - but in three equal and wonderful areas.

Firstly, it’s the educational aspect of the festival. There are many interesting seminars, symposiums, and lectures on all the fascinating facets of alcohol. On February 15 and 23, Ruby, one of the hottest traditional cocktail bars in northern Europe, will be hosting an event called ‘Cocktails - From Infant to Adult’, which details the origins of the cocktail and follows its progress throughout history, including its journey across several continents. Ruby will also be hosting a fun session about the blood-soaked pirate history of Rum replete with actual knowledge of the science and composition of the drink. Gromit Eduardsen, one of Copenhagen’s leading mixologists, will also run a course at another splendid cocktail bar, 1105, based on the seven essential drink categories - the goal of which being to educate students to make their own cocktails at home. With cocktails being a relatively new thing to this neck of the woods, it’s simply wonderful that events like this are being offered to the community - a community which only a few years ago would’ve been content drinking only Carlsberg. Secondly, the festival makes eating in this city affordable. Whether it’s DØP (at the Round Tower) discounting their organic hot-dogs by 17 kroner, or Copenhagen Dining Week ( offering the public a fixed three-course menu along with San Pellegrino at 50 of Copenhagen’s best restaurants for only 200 kroner, Copenhagen, in the month of February becomes affordable ... or at least less expensive.


Finally, Copenhagen Cooking is so wonderful because, let’s face it, February is downright awful. It’s normally reserved for dieting, budgeting, and celebrating greeting card holidays. But food is comfort, and generally speaking, makes everything a little better. So save your dieting for March, extend the budget a little bit, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in more affordable style. Check out Copenhagen Cooking. *

With noma as the number one restaurant in the world, and the Nordic kitchen movement on the up and up as the healthy way in which to eat, Copenhagen is poised to make big strides in cementing its reputation as a major world food centre - a title that attracts les gastronomiques from all over the world.

- February 4 - 10

Open for cool e

COPENHAGEN COOKING FIVE-COURSE DINNER AT MOLTKE’S PALACE Moltkes Palæ, Dronningens Tværgade 2, Cph K; Feb 3, 19:00; 495kr; reservation Mix history and gastronomy in the count’s private quarters at Moltke’s Palace. Learn about the history of the palace when it served as a residence for the country’s rich and powerful and enjoy a delicious meal while you’re at it.

AVENUE FASHION HIGH TEA Avenue Hotel, Åboulevard 29, Frederiksberg; Feb 3-5, 15:00-18:00; 300kr, reservations at; 2711 2748 Check out the creations of cake designer extraordinaire David Duncan. This guy makes replicas of all the top fashion items such as Manolo shoes, with the added bonus that you can eat them after using them as an accessory. The day promises to be a real British tea party, with finger sandwiches, French bubbles, coffee and tea. Not to mention cakes that most people would mistake for handbags.

SPIRITUOUS JOURNEY IN MOLTKE’S BAR Moltkes Palæ, Dronningens Tværgade 2, Cph K; Feb 5 & 19, 19:00; 245kr, reservations at Give your taste buds a journey around the world thanks to this bar taster menu. It includes six small cocktails using six different kinds of spirits.

EXPERIENCE A SPECIAL INDIAN WINTER MENU Tandoori Masala, Sct. Peders Stræde 35; Feb 7-10, 17:00-19.30 or 20:00-22:30; 229kr, reservations at 3315 3821, Find out why Burning Ring Worldwide Gourmet awarded Tandoori Masala the title ‘Great Curry Master’. Come and enjoy a special five-course winter menu that includes brand new dishes.

SEAFOOD EVENING AT RESTAURANT ZELESTE Restaurant Zeleste, Store Strandstræde 6; Feb 8, 19:00; 352-698kr; reservations at 3316 0606, Seafood at its best, Restaurant Zeleste specialises in high quality fish and shellfish such as lobster, oysters, conch, sea urchin, and prawns. Try the Fruits de Mer Royal Plateau for 698kr or the Petit Plateau for 352kr.

ORGANIC WINEMAKER’S DINNER Ristorante Il Dona, Magstræde 12 1; Feb 9, 18:30; 875kr; reservations at 3645 3663, Head chef Fabio Donadoni has prepared a special seven-course menu to accompany a sampling of six wines from the Nero d’Avola grape that is grown on Mt. Etna.

SAMPLE SOME OF THE WORLD’S BEST BEEF AT BØF & OST Restaurant Bøf & Ost, Gråbrødretorv 13; Feb 10, 19:00; menu 345kr/three glasses of wine for 125kr; reservations at 3311 9911, Your chance to sample some of the best beef from around the world. Try Australian, Argentine and Kobe beef, and compare the different cuts.

THE BEST NORDIC HERRING RECIPES Nyhavns Færgekro, Nyhavn 5; Feb 12, 13:00; free

entry; reservations at 3315 1588, This is a herring recipe competition. Bring a sample and the recipe of your favourite homemade herring dish, and the panel of professional herring experts will give it a try and let you know what they think.

GIRO DI ITALIA Paté Paté, Slagterboderne 1, Cph V; Feb 13, 18:00; 450kr; reservations at 3969 5557, The cosy location of Paté Paté is being opened to wine tasting accompanied by food from different Italian wine districts. Hustedvin will also be providing various goodies to be sampled and savoured.

VALENTINE’S DAY AT CAP HORN Cap Horn, Nyhavn 21; Feb 14, 18:00; 499kr; reservations at 3312 8504, Splash out on your loved one this Valentine’s Day with a four-course meal and some romantic storytelling at Cap Horn.

AND A BOTTLE OF RUM Ruby, Nybrogade 10; Feb 15 & 22, 19:00-21:00; 395kr; reservations at Explore the world of rum at Ruby. Rum has deep history from its birth to its position today. Find out about pirates, slaves, blood and all that goes along with this infamous drink. The price includes one glass of champagne, two cocktails, tastings, and an in-depth explanation of rum.

COCKTAILS - FROM CRADLE TO ADULT Ruby, Nybrogade 10; Feb 15 & 23, 19:00-21:00; 395kr; reservations at Come and find out about the origins of your favourite cocktail and the history of this classic drink. The journey of discovery will lead you across several continents. The price includes one glass of champagne, two cocktails, tastings and an in-depth explanation of cocktails and their colourful history.

A PIECE OF ITALY Pasta Basta, Valkendorfsgade 22; Feb 17 19:00; 399kr; reservations at 3311 2131, Pasta Basta’s guest chef from Umbria, Graziano, presents a unique Italian menu of the very best that Italy has to offer. The price includes three courses, three glasses of wine, a talk about Italian food and wine and how they best complement various dishes.

ROAST WILD BAR AT GRABRØDRETOV Huks Fluks, Gråbrødretorv 8; Feb 19, 12:00; 75kr; reservations at 3391 9293, Starting at midday, wild boar from the Swedish forest is roasted over charcoal and beech wood and served.

YELLOW LOUNGE WITH DJ STEPHAN B AND AVENUE FEELINGS Avenue Hotel, Åboulevard 29, Frederiksberg C; Feb 19, 20:00; 250kr; reservations at Enjoy cocktails, tapas and music at the cosy bar in Avenue Hotel.

TOUR DE FRANCE Paté Paté, Slagterboderne 1; Feb 20, 18:00; 450kr; reservations at 3969 5557: The cosy location of Paté Paté is being opened to wine tasting accompanied by food from different French wine districts. Hustedvin will also be proving various goodies to be sampled and savoured.

KITJN TITILLATES YOUR SENSES Kitjin Cocktail Bar, Århusgade 14; Feb 12-26, 18:00; 200kr Kitjn Cocktail Bar offers a delicious three-course meal designed by Ray McIntosh and his team, which is based on the creative concept of Kitjn. Includes a starter, a main and a dessert.

THE FANTASTIC 7 AT 1105 1105, Kristen Bernikows Gade 4; Feb 21-26, 18:00-20:00; 300kr This is a cocktail course led by Gromit Eduardsen, one of Copenhagen’s top bartenders, that teaches you all you need to know about the ‘Magnificent 7’ essential drink categories, so that you can make them at home.

LATIN JAZZ & DINNER Restaurant Krebsegaarden, Studiestræde 17; Feb 22, 18:30-22:00; 355kr; reservations at 2012 4015, Enjoy a three-course meal accompanied by Brazilian-inspired music played by vocalist Mai Seidelin and Swedish guitarist Mats Andersson.

SAMPLE NORDIC GAME Huks Fluks, Gråbrødretorv 8; Feb 22, 19:00; menu 345kr, three glasses of wine 150kr; reservations at 3391 9293, Drop by the beautiful Gråbrødretorv Square and enjoy a menu of delicious game from the Swedish

forests. Moose, stag and wild boar are accompanied by perfectly balanced garnish.

LIVE JAZZ AT SKILDPADDEN Café Skildpappen, Gråbrødretorv 9; Feb 24, 18:00; 69kr Build your own sandwich for 69kr, have a draft beer for 22kr, and enjoy live music from a twopiece orchestra.

A NIGHT IN CHATEAU PALMER AT LE SOMMELIER Le Sommelier, Bredgade 63; Feb 24, 18:30; 3,000kr; reservations at This is a rare chance to sample some top vintage wines at the restaurant Le Sommelier. To accompany a four-course meal you can try the following wines: 1982, 1989 & 1990 Chateau Palmer; 1997, 1999 & 2001 Chateau Palmer; and 2002, 2003 & 2004 Chateau Palmer.

WIN A TRIP TO ROME Pasta Basta, Valkendorfsgade 22; Feb 25, 19:00; 399kr; reservations at 3311 2131, A romantic evening Italian-style accompanied by a superb three-course meal. Go into the draw to win a trip for two to Rome. Includes a threecourse meal and three glasses of wine.

ROE FROM THE DEEP SEAS Fiskerbarens Selskabslokaler Hos Kajs Røgvarer, Flæsketorvet 50; Feb 25-26, 19:30; 350kr, Enjoy roe from sea urchins, lumfish and other seafood. It’s the best time of the year to enjoy roe, and here you will be shown how to eat it.

10 TOP RESTAURANTS AT THE ROYAL PLAYHOUSE Skuespilhuset, Sankt Annæ Plads 36; Feb 27, 12:00-17:00; 100kr; Gourmet tastings from ten top restaurants at the Royal Playhouse in four sessions: Session 1: 12:00-13:00, Session 2: 13:15-14:15, Session 3: 14:30-15:30, and Session 4: 15:45-16:45.

VIVA ESPAÑA Paté Paté, Slagterboderne 1; Feb 27 18:00-24:00; 450kr; reservations at 3969 5557; The cosy location of Paté Paté is being opened to wine tasting accompanied by food from different Spanish wine districts. Hustedvin will also be proving various goodies to be sampled and savoured. *

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN – STORIES AND FAIRYTALES IN ENGLISH Cap Horn, Nyhavn 21; Feb 18, 19:00; 499kr; reservations at 3312 8504, Danish storyteller Hans Laurens creates a magical evening of fascinating tales to go along with a four-course menu.

SANDCASTLES AND SUMMER FUN Coconut Beach Bar, Valkendorfsgade 22; Feb 18, 22:00; free adm Escape from the cold dark winter for the night and enter a world of sand and beach at the Coconut Beach Bar. Tonight you can show off your sand castle building skills in the sandcastle competition.


copenhagen jazz festival

Open for cool events

DEFROST YOUR SOUL - By Johnny Niemann Eliane Elias’s brand of jazz will transport you from Copenhagen to Copacabana Beach in the blink of an eye


he Brazilian pianist/singer/songwriter Eliane Elias follows in the line of other memorable performances by Latin American artist held recently at the Royal Theatre. As those who experienced the Argentinean/Uruguayan ensemble Bajofondo in 2009 or the Brazilian troubadour Caetano Veloso at last year’s festival can attest, the scene becomes an invigorating party of music, movement, and fun.

The old Copenhagen opera house took on a new energy on those evenings—when dancing, singing, and cheering shook the old hall—with Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people finding a home to proudly share their culture in Denmark. Herein lies the beauty and uniqueness of large international festivals like the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, brought to us this winter under the guise of Vinter Jazz. These concerts are truly international events. And thankfully Elias is kind enough to leave the summer months of Brazil to bring a little sunshine into this dreary winter. Elias, born in Sao Paolo 50 years ago, has been performing since the age of 17. Her music has garnered praise from critics and fellow musicians alike, and included a Grammy-nomination in 1995 for her collaboration with Herbie Hancock. She is versatile enough to dabble in popular classics, such as ‘Oye Como Va’ or Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin’; to pay homage to the great Brazilian Bossa Nova composers, such as Antonio Carlos Jobim; to explore the musicality of jazz-pianist Bill Evans; to delve into the classical world of Bach or Ravel; and to still find time to compose her own music. She truly is, as Jazziz magazine recently called her, “a citizen of the world” and “an artist beyond category”. In addition to exploring musical possibilities, composers, and genres, Elias has the chops. Her playing is alluring yet aggressive; it has a light touch when necessary, but can bring on a strong forcefulness that leaves an audience stammering and her fellow musicians inspired and challenged. Elias will be performing as a trio: with the accomplished American bassist (and her husband) Marc Johnson and the Swedish drummer Magnus Öström, formerly of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. She is currently on tour promoting her latest album ‘Eliane Elias Plays Live’, an all-instrumental live trio album recorded in Amsterdam.The evening at the Royal Danish Theatre should prove memorable for the pure virtuosity of the musician, the cultural exchange, and the opportunity to see a great artist in a fantastic setting. Leave those scarves, hats, and gloves at home and prepare to thaw away the winter blues at the hands of a jazz master. *


- February 4 - 10

Open for cool e

Follow the pros in the know Unlocking the secrets of the city’s rich jazz heritage - By Jimmy Fyfe


ebruary is the month of Jazz in Copenhagen. With concerts taking place all over the city it is the perfect time to duck into some of those dimly-lit jazz bars that Copenhagen is famous for, check out some of the free offerings at places like the Statens Museum for Kunst, or visit some hidden gems - secret venues that the city’s top musicians like to frequent when not performing themselves. The jazz component of the Copenhagen Wondercool Festival incorporates the best elements from CPH Jazz, the Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival, and ‘Secret Love – a Musicians Guide to Copenhagen’. Jazz has a long and rich history in Denmark and since the first jazz recording here in 1924 by Valdemar Eiberg and his orchestra, the music has grown in popularity and flourished as the Danes have added their own touch to the genre while at the same time embracing the foreign influences that have been abundant in the country. Although its popularity waned somewhat after the 1970s as rock took over, the re-opening of legendary venue Jazzhus Montmatre last year, after a closure of 15 years, might just symbolise a comeback for the famed genre. The so-called ‘golden days of Danish jazz’ occurred in the 1940s, when the country was occupied by the Nazis and the music scene went underground. The end of World War II, however, saw the arrival of many expatriate American jazz musicians to Denmark. Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Oscar Pettiford and Kenny Drew all settled here and the opening of the Jazzhus Montmatre in the early 1960s solidified Copenhagen as one of the pre-eminent jazz capitals of Europe. Danish players such as Thomas Clausen, Mads Vinding, Jesper Lundgaard, Jesper Thilo, and Niels-Henning Østed Pedersen made their names internationally during this era too.

aren’t as well-known as traditional venues, and maybe barely known at all. It is a chance for them to show people where they go, and what they listen to when they are not on stage.

Here are some of the top picks of the month: ELIANE ELIAS Royal Theatre; Feb 6, 17:00; tickets 285–485kr, The main headliner of Winter Jazz this year is Brazilian songstress and Grammy nominee Eliane Elias who will be performing with her trio. The pianist/singer/composer blends her alluring voice with instrumental jazz and classical training to create a beautifully original sound.

KIRA SKOV SINGS BILLIE HOLIDAY Statens Museum For Kunst; Feb 6, 15:00; free adm On the final day of the Winter Jazz Festival, Danish singer/songwriter Kira Skov, formerly from the band Kira and the Kindred Spirits, will be paying tribute to one of the most famous voices of jazz and one of Kira’s biggest influences, Billie Holiday, in this free concert at the Statens Museum for Kunst.

ALAIN APALOO GROUP JazzCup; 12 Feb, 14:30; tickets 70kr; Hailing from Togo in West Africa, Alain Apaloo first came to Copenhagen to study at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in 1999. Since then he has been adding his afro, jazz and blues sound to the Danish music scene and has collaborated with some of Denmark’s finest.

THE BAD PLUS The original Copenhagen Jazz Festival, established in 1979 and held in July every year, is one of the top festivals of its kind in Europe and continues to attract some of the top names from the jazz world. The Winter Jazz Festival is the younger brother of the original and celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2010. This year once again sees it draw big names from abroad as well as playing host to Denmark’s finest homegrown talents. ‘Secret Love – A Musicians Guide to Copenhagen’ is something a little different. A number of Denmark’s top jazz musicians will be inviting lovers of jazz to visit spots scattered across Copenhagen that perhaps

Copenhagen JazzHouse; 18 Feb, 21:00; tickets 220kr; The Bad Plus are perhaps most known for their avant-garde jazz cover versions of well-known songs by Radiohead, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Blondie and many more. Ordinary rock or pop songs in the hands of this trio from the US become masterful jazz epics, often lasting close to ten minutes. *

The original Copenhagen Jazz Festival, established in 1979 and held in July every year, is one of the top festivals of its kind in Europe and continues to attract some of the top names from the jazz world. 7

- February 4 - 10

Open for cool events


Ravnsborggade 17, Cph N; Feb 3, 16:00; free adm; Pianist Nikolaj Hess picks a bar named after Miles Davis’ famed album from 1959 that comes complete with blue walls to make the atmosphere perfect.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY BASS PLAYER LENNART GINMAN @ DAVIDOFF Silkegade 23, Cph K; Feb 4, 16:00; free adm; Bass player Lennart Ginman slaps it out at the Davidoff cigar shop on the corner of Pilestræde and Silkegade amongst the silky smell of cigars and tobacco.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY VOCALIST SIDEL STORM @ KVARTERHUSET Jemtelandsgade 3, Cph S; Feb 5, 11:00; free adm; Kvarterhuset serves as both a venue and an activity centre with its 4,000 square metres of arts space, and it will be graced by the presence of Sidel Storm who herself is known for singing up a storm.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY GUITARIST JAKOB BRO @ MIELCKE & HURTIGKARL Frederiksberg Runddel 1, Frederiksberg; Feb 10, 16:00; free adm; Jakob Bro will give his fret board a workout at a

new restaurant located in an old setting. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl in its 17th century premises has been given a modern overhaul by owners Jan Hurtigkarl and Jakob Mielke with the help of top fashion designers, graphic artists and designers.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY DRUMMER STEFAN PASBORG @ FUNDER Vester Voldgade 87, Cph V; Feb 11, 16:00; free adm; Hit the beat with drummer Stefan Pasborg at Funder, founded by Jes Funder-Mikkelsen – the man behind Stereobar.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY VOCALIST ELENA SETIEN @ MADMANIFESTEN Tyrolsgade 6, Cph S; Feb 12, 11:00; free adm; Vocalist Elena Setien sets her voice free at this exclusive organic café filled with Eames lamps and chairs from Verner Panton and Caravaggio. With a well designed kids’ play area you can leave the young ones to their own devices while you have a coffee and chill to the music.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY DRUMMER KRESTEN OSGOOD @ SORT KAFFE & VINYL Skydebanegade 4, Cph V; Feb 17, 16:00; free adm; With Kresten Osgood on the skins and some black coffee in your cup the day is sorted. Sort Kaffe & Vinyl is a shop that combines owner Christian Rygaard’s two main passions: coffee and music. It sells quality coffee and music on vinyl.



Sankt Peders Stræde 1, Cph K; Feb 18, 16:00; free adm; Jesper Løvdal brings his saxophone to a secondhand shop for this gig. Fisk is no ordinary secondhand shop mind you. The clothes have been ironed and ‘customised’ by Fisk’s designers (volunteer students).

Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48, Cph K; Feb 5, 15:00; free adm; Award-winning Swedish Jazz vocalist Josefine Cronholm performs at the Statens Museum for Kunst.


Jazz Club Loco WRAY, Strandgade 14, kld, Cph K; 16:00; 60kr Indian/Ethiopian-inspired improvised desert rock.

Nørregade 6, Cph K; Feb 24, 16:00; free adm; Listen to the soothing saxophone of Lotte Anker at this bookshop, which has long been the academic’s favourite hangout in Copenhagen.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY VOCALIST CÆCILIE NORBY @ BANG & JENSEN Istedgade 130, Cph V; Feb 25, 16:00; free adm; Bang & Jensen’s locale of an old pharmacy - located in Vesterbro complete with old cinema seats and American ‘60s kitchen interior - provides the perfect backdrop for Cæcilie Norby’s voice.

LIVE MIXTAPE BY GUITARIST PIERRE DØRGE @ FANTASK Sankt Peders Stræde 18, Cph K; Feb 26, 11:00; free adm; Guitarist Pierre Dørge introduces Fantask - Denmark’s oldest and largest shop for role-playing games and board games and dates back to 1971.


SINNE EEG/LARS JANSSON DUO Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, Cph Ø; Feb 4, 20:00; tickets 150kr; Vocalist Sinne Eeg teams up Lars Jansson, one of Europe’s top jazz pianists.

FLOW ORGAN TRIO Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Feb 4, 22:00; tickets 60kr; www. Outgoing, energetic jazz from Ohio and Missouri.

SOUND ESCAPE PRESENTS: FREE BEATS Wray, Strandgade 14, Cph K; Feb 4, 20:00; free adm; Teamwork collaboration between hip-hop event makers Vocal Lounge and Greenshades: Music, the people behind the radio shows The Funkfiles and CPH Most Blunted.



KIRA SKOV SINGS BILLIE HOLIDAY Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; 15:00; free entrance Danish singer Kira Skov’s tribute to Billie Holiday.

GIANT JAZZ: ELIANE ELIAS TRIO Det Kongelige Teater, Gamle Scene, Kongens Nytorv, Cph K; 17:00; tickets 285-485kr; Brazilian-born Eliane Elias mixes Brazilian roots with jazz and classical music.


JESPER THILO/MAGNUS HJORT TRIO Jazzcup, Gothersgade, Cph K; Feb 11, 15:30; tickets 80kr; Top Danish saxophonist performs with pianist Magnus Hjort and band.

ALAIN APALOO GROUP Jazzcup, Gothersgade 107, Cph K; Feb 12, 14:30; tickets 70kr; West African Alain Apaloo plays a unique style of afro, jazz and blues.

BLOODSHOT BILL Wray, Strandgade 14, Cph K; Feb 18, 20:00; free adm; Canadian playing ‘Wild, greasy rock n’ roll and hillbilly music’.

THE BAD PLUS Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Feb 18, 21:00; tickets 220kr; Avant-garde jazz trio of piano, bass and drums hailing from the United States.

POUL BANKS/TROELS JENSEN DUO Jazzcup, Gothersgade 107, Cph K; Feb 26, 14:30; tickets 60kr; Poul Banks plays together with the ‘Grand Old Man of Danish Blues’. *

copenhagen fashion festival

Open for cool events

SHOES MAKETH THE MAN - By Alexis Kunsak Find out what’s hot to trot in at the Apair fashion show


t isn’t the suit that makes the man anymore, it is the shoes that define both men’s and women’s wardrobes for work and fun. And accordingly one of the highlights of the festival will be the full-on fashion show at Apair, the luxury footwear company.

Apair sells their own designs produced in-house for women and men, in addition to a range of high-end brands including Af Vandevorst, Cesare Paciotti, Paul Smith and Ugg. For the show on February 5, Apair is collaborating with Danish designers David Andersen and Anne Vest to present a full fashion collection of modern clothing and footwear. DJ Flip is providing the sound and the mood to go with the show, and the shop will be open in order to check out the full collection from Apair and the variety of brands carried. David Andersen has had a long career inside the Danish fashion industry. His own brand, David Andersen - Denmark, is known for its androgynous styling and exact tailoring, where feminine silhouettes sometimes meet masculine details or vice-versa. Launched in 2007, the brand has a show in Copenhagen each season and is represented in 12 other countries. Andersen also designs costumes for the Danish Royal Theatre and some solely for use in films. Anne Vest has collaborated with the Danish brand Stasia in a collection being shown during fashion week. Her style is feminine, with dresses and trousers composed of draping folds - however, many of the pieces have a hard edge and a rocker look after styling. Draping folds from soft gowns become hidden under printed T-shirts or a rough leather jacket, and her looks are also sold at Apair. The footwear at Apair suits this range of modern styles, with both the mega-high spike heel collection from Le Silla and the gentle leather dress shoes of Barracuda. Apair sells brands similar to Ugg with comfortable, warm boots such as Mou, and heeled riding-boot styles from Gianni Barbato, Buttero and Elisanero. Other styles for men at Apair include hiking boots made by Blackstone, patent leather lace-ups from Paciotti, as well as leather boots and loafers by Rocco P. Apair’s own collection for women offers a wide variety of high-heeled ankle boots - at several heights, riding boots with or without heels, and dramatic platform pumps for those who are really ready to make a statement. The company produces a collection of purses and weekend-size travel bags out of leather in several styles and carries several other brands of clothing and accessories in store. *


- February 4 - 10

Open for cool events

The whole city’s a catwalk Complementing the serious business of Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Copenhagen Fashion Festival has more events for the public to attend than ever before By Alexis Kunsak


hile Copenhagen Fashion Week may only be for the professional buyers, Copenhagen Fashion Festival is open to anyone with the proper level of devotion to clothing. There are brand new styles and collections to take in, deals to be had, advances in technology in the presentation of fashion, and all kinds of giveaways. The festival has grown alongside Fashion Week in the last few years, but developed its own consumer interest, with free makeovers, exhibitions outside the traditional spaces and de-

signer clearance sales. Included below are just some of the week’s highlights. The patisserie Conditori La Glace is hosting an exhibition of Maxjenny’s sustainable and yet brilliantly-coloured designs. Though these coats and dresses often look more like elaborately-draped sculptures than something worn on the street, the work was created for everyday use by designer Maxjenny Forslund. The combination of loud colours and shapes together with recyclable and weatherproof

materials has gathered a loyal following for the label. Set against the cool elegance of Conditori La Glace, the pieces look like outerplanetary gear, and yet are perfect for any member of the fashion set as they enjoy a crispy macaroon. Magasin is offering a number of deals and giveaways during the festival, including a Topshop competition with 5,000kr worth of the brand’s clothing awarded each day of the festival. Magasin is also running a competition for a photo shoot in connection with the release of their new issue of ‘Magasin by Magasin’, their own fashion magazine.

rics. Tsumori Chisato launched the brand under her own name in 1990, after working for designer Issey Miyake for 13 years.

Matas has a competition running through the end of the festival in co-operation with Max Factor. Prizes include a personal make-up session with Max Factor’s head make-up artist Mina Ingerslev and a dress from Danish brand Baum und Pferdgarten’s 2011 spring collection, as well as five make-up kits from Max Factor. Entry forms are held at the Matas flagship store on Nygade, where make-up artists are also demonstrating the latest styles going down the runway.

Kronprinsensgade is setting up an after-ski style fashion event on February 4 with fake grass, cold beer, wooden benches and barbecue. A miniature soccer field, warm Jäger-tea, and some friendly yodelling are also on the programme - showing the fashion world can throw one surprising street party.

Part Two is launching its anniversary collection called TwentyFive during the festival, using virtual models and super slow-motion images to create holographs of the designs. The clothing in the collection will be available for purchase from February 10, and the motion picture fashion show can be seen in Part Two store windows on Købmagergade. Normann Copenhagen is offering the newest collection from Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato, full of playful, graffiti-inspired pieces including colourful details on high quality fab-

The fashion shop Lot#29 is teaming up with Sing Tehus to offer their products to each other’s customers during the festival. Shoppers admiring the distinctive clothing, jewelry and accessories from Danish and international designers at Lot#29 will be able to sample specially-prepared Japanese matcha tea. Sing Tehus will display some of the shop’s collection inside its cafe and tea boutique on Skindergade.

Elsewhere, the fashion and interiors shop Rue Verte will host an exhibition of new designer looks, along with complementary Rue Verte cupcakes and a new sparkling drink called Eve; the newly-opened fashion boutique Another Nué is showcasing the 2011 Spring/Summer collection from Swedish brand Acne, and offering a free edition of the brand’s signature magazine ‘Acne Paper’ with every purchase on February 2; luxury design outlet Fashionistas on Gothersgade is offering discounts on its designer brands during the festival, as well as an evening event on February 2 with sounds from DJ Christian, and discounts on brands like Mulberry, Alexander Wang, and Marc by Marc Jacobs; and the store for artbook publisher Taschen is hosting a reception, with free calendars for the first 50 guests and the release of the new book by photographer Mario Testino entitled ‘Kate Moss’. Even more events and competitions are listed on the festival’s website, together with a calendar, compass and map to guide well-heeled travellers through the whole extravaganza. *

2011 will once again see The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) exhibiting at CIFF during Copenhagen Fashion Week (February 3-6) This year 21 different companies representing the Marche region of Italy will be attending the fair bringing with them an assortment of quality brands of shoes, clothing and accessories. Located west of Tuscany the Marche region is mainly known to Danes for its beautiful landscapes, history, and food and wine thanks to the television reality show ‘Min Italienske Drøm’. Perhaps less known, however, is the reputation for high quality industry that the region has– it contains over 5000 small businesses, of which over half are part of the clothing industry. Its footwear and leather industries are world famous and have spawned many famous brands such as Naturino and Falcotto, Moschino, Raipan and Umberto Vallati. The region is known for quality and attention to detail - traits that are summed up by the tag ‘Made in Italy’. Of the 21 companies exhibiting at CIFF, over half will be representing the Marche shoe industry, and no-where is the region’s rich history of quality artisanship and craftwork more evident than in the quality of footwear produced there.The company of Mirco Ianua has been passing down the passion and experience of shoe making from father to son and from son to grandson since it was founded in the 1960s; children’s shoe brand Falc Spa is an international leader in its field with its brands Naturino and Falcotto; and specialising in high quality children’s shoes is the Compagnucci Calzature, with a reputation for fine kid’s footwear. Brands such as Ital Trend, Luca Mode and Mia Donna bring Italian sensibilities to the women’s footwear market. Knitwear brands Raipan and Umberto Vallati mix tradition and modernism and Arduino Gironacci, Eurolook and Sharemore provide fashionable and highly wearable clothes for women that are aimed at being not only well finished and elegant but also comfortable to wear. The fashion fair will also see the presence of clothing accessory brands specialising in hats, wool scarves, gloves, handbags and blankets among other things.


- February 4 - 10

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FASHION WEEK MAKEUP – STEP BY STEP WITH MINA INGERSLEV; Feb 3-6, 08:00–20:00 Max Factor’s head makeup artist, Mina Ingerslev, blogs on and shows you how to apply the latest make-up techniques, including stepby-step guides to achieving the hottest looks of Fashion Week. DON’T LET YOUR MOUTH MISS OUT WITH LA GLACE Skoubogade 3-5, Cph K; Feb 3-6, 08:30-17:30;, The eco-friendly Max Jenny label teams up with the patisserie Conditori La Glace to present a collection of edible avant-garde designs. RECEIVE FROM EVE Eve on Facebook; Feb 3-6 Visit the Facebook page of Eve - a new, sparkling drink – to win fashion prizes such as show tickets, a shopping trip to London for two, and a personal shopper consultation. POP UP JAPAN Normann Copenhagen, Østerbrogade 70, Cph Ø; Feb 3-4: 10:00-18:00, Feb 5: 10:00-16:00; Head to Normann Copenhagen during Copenhagen Fashion Week to purchase Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato’s latest spring/summer collection and enjoy sparkling and cold refreshments from Eve and 1664. LET’S GET INTIMATE WITH VERO MODA INTIMATES Bestseller, Vimmelskaftet 36-38, Cph K; Feb 3-5, 10:00-18:00; Drop by the Bestseller flagship store with your girlfriends and see the re-launched Vera Moda Intimates lingerie line. Lots of competitions to enter and enjoy a glass of Eve while you are there. FASHION FORCE MAGASIN WITH KANAL 4/MAGASIN Magasin, Kgs Nytorv, Cph K; Feb 3, 10:00-19:00;, Magasin hosts Kanal 4’s live fashion broadcast hosted by Marianne Dinesen. Guests include Top Model winner Caroline Baden and the editor-inchief of Elle, Cecilie Christiansen, plus many more. WIN A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE – EVERYDAY WITH TOPSHOP Magasin, Kgs Nytorv, Cph K; Feb 3-4: 10:0019:00, Feb 5: 10:00-18:00;, Visit Topshop on Magasin’s groundfloor and take part in the competition to win 5,000kr worth of clothes every day. LOOK OF THE DAY WITH MAX FACTOR/MATAS Nygade 7, Cph K; Feb 3 & 5: 10:00-16:00, Feb 4: 11:00-19:00;, Max Factor’s professional make-up artists will visit the Matas flagship store during Fashion Week giving you the chance to get the latest look. BLACKOUT RECHARGE AT MARC BY MARC JAKOBS Christians IX’s Gade 3-5, Cph K; Feb 3-4: 10:0018:00, Feb 5: 10:00-16:00; Marc Jakobs will be serving dark, organic coffee during Fashion Week, so pop down to the shop to have a cup and check out his latest collection. CUPCAKES, JUICE AND STYLE AT RUE VERTE Ny Østergade 11, Cph K; Feb 3: 11:00-17:30, Feb

4: 11:00-18:30, Feb 5: 10:30-16:00; Fashion and lifestyle store Rue Verte presents an exhibition that features hot items from the 2011 spring/summer collections. Come by the shop during fashion week and enjoy a ‘Rue Verte Special’ at the in-store Joe & Juice bar. MINI-MAKEOVER AT BODY SHOP Østergade 33, Cph K; Feb 3: 10:00-19:00, Feb 4: 10:00-17:00; book at 3316 2226, Book a free mini-makeover at the Body Shop on Strøget. DRESSED TO A TEA WITH LOT#29/SING TEHUS Sing Tehus, Skindergade 25, Cph K & Lot#29, Gothersgade 29, Cph K; Feb 3-5, 11:00-17:30;, Sing Tehus and Lot#29 combine their tea expertise to mix tea with fashion during Fashion Week. BAUM AND PFERDGARTEN SIGNATURES Baum und Pfergarten Signature Store, Vognmagergade 2, Cph K; Feb 4, 11:00-19:00; Head down to the Baum und Pfergarten Signature Store and check out the casual and sexy designs they have. Enter the competition to go into the draw to win a 2,000kr gift card. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AT FASHION DESIGN AKADEMIET Nørregade 7, Cph K; Feb 3, 15:00-18:00; Step inside for a peek as the Fashion Design Akademiet opens its doors to the public. Have a chat with students and teachers and find out more about the school while you are there. URBAN OUTFITTERS Østergade 42, Cph K; Feb 3, 18:00-20:00; Urban Outfitters puts on a night of cocktails, goodie bags and live music. Also features an exhibition by Swedish designers Gabomilla Nielsen and Ebba Nielsen entitled ‘Reflections’. A PARTY TO SUBSCRIBE TO WITH EUROWOMAN/FILLIPA K Ny Østergade 13, Cph K; Feb 3, 18:30-22:00; RSVP A lounge party for subscribers to the magazines Eurowoman and Euroman with Swedish fashion designer Filippa K.

SOMETHING A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE BY WOLFORD Østergade 61, Cph K; Feb 4, 17:00-19:00; Exclusive lingerie boutique Wolford are putting on a sensual street fashion show. Shows begin at 17:00 and 18:00.

FASHIONABLE GOOD TASTE WITH EMPORIO ARMANI Østergade 14, Cph K Armani/Dolci will be offering exclusive chocolate tastings along with a glass of champagne to go with music by DJ Mike Sheridan as you check out their 2011 spring/summer collection.

FACTORY ADVENTURE BY MONKI Købmagergade 3, Cph K; Feb 4, 18:00-21:00; contact info: Central Copenhagen’s store Monki puts on an instore concert by Giana Factory. The first 50 guests to arrive will receive a Monki gift card worth 100 kroner.

BETTER THAN THOU WITH I AM D’Angleterre, Kongens Nytorv 34, Cph K; Feb 4, 22:00-04:00; contact info: I Am hosts a huge party on Friday night at Hotel D’Angleterre. Get your dancing shoes on.

JOURNEY THROUGH THE BOSS UNIVERSE Østergade 15, Cph K; Feb 4, 18:00-21:00; Check into the Boss store on Østergade to enjoy champagne and enjoy a tour through the Boss universe. The first 50 customers to arrive will receive a bag of goodies.

TUTTI FRUTTI BANANARAMA CPH Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Feb 4, 22:00-04:00; contact info: info@ Vs Magazine and Zentropa join forces to host a colourful Tutti Frutti celebration in a Brazilianthemed party.

FASHIONABLE AFTER-SKI IN KRONPRINSENSGADE Kronprinsensgade, Cph K; Feb 4, 18:00-21:00 Come to Kronprinsensgade for a huge street party with tents, wooden benches, cold beers and hot drinks.

DO IT LIKE DON DRAPER AT JAZZHOUSE CPH Jazzhouse, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Cph K; Feb 4, 22:00-24:00; tickets 60kr; www. Jazzhouse hosts a swinging party with the music of The Flow Organ Trio for the madmen and madwomen of fashion week.

DOUBLE HAPPINESS AT BIK BOK Frederiksberggade 3, Cph K; Feb 4, 18:00-20:00; Trendy fashion chain Bik Bok is offering a special two for one discount on all items until 20:00. Buy any two items and get the cheaper one for free.

SHOW OFF TO THE MARKET Bragesgade 5, Cph N; Feb 5, 10:00-16:00; tickets 35kr, cash only Copenhagen’s biggest indoor second-hand fashion flea market is filled with piles of clothes, shoes and accessories and over 75 booths. *

Fashion from Italy Get into the look of the Marche Region! CIFF & CIFF KIDS / BELLA CENTER COPENHAGEN / 3-6 FEBRUARY 2011

JESSIE FASHION WEEK BATTLE AT JOLENE BAR Flæsketorvet 81, Cph V; Feb 3, 21:00-03:00; contact info: Jolene Bar hosts a Fashion Week battle between Gina Jaqueline & Mikkeline vs Kenneth Cockwhore & DJ Macho vs Louisa Nieves & Kristine vs Wanted Magazine vs Cille Veje. WITH THE STARS AS HER UMBRELLA AT TOMMY HILFIGER Østergade 26, Cph K; Feb 4: 15:00-17:00, Feb 5: 13:00-15:00; Drop by Tommy Hilfiger to try some champagne and listen to the tunes of jazz and blues trio Barbarella. FASHION HIGH TEA AT AVENUE HOTEL Åboulevard 29, Frederiksberg; Feb 4 & 5, 15:00-18:00; bookings: Creative cake designer Davis Duncan mixes fashion and food with unique cakes that are made to look like replicas of the season’s hottest bags and stilettos. Come along to have a look and enjoy an afternoon of traditional British high tea.

21 companies - 3 pavilions Hall B5 - 013 from A to R Hall C4 - 003A from A to F Hall H - 013 from A to B

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frost rock festival

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MASTER OF MELANCHOLY - By Justin Cremer Mark Kozelek’s personal songs of longing and loss are as beautiful as they are haunting


t’s winter in Denmark; the days are short and the nights dark and dreary. In other words, it is the perfect backdrop for two back-to-back nights with Mark Kozelek. As the headliner of the Frost Festival, Kozelek brings his brand of beautiful melancholy to two sold-out shows at Huset’s Planeten (see page @for details) that are guaranteed to provide listeners with a moving and intimate experience - just don’t expect it to shake you out of your mid-winter doldrums.

The music of singer-songwriter Kozelek, who fronted Red House Painters and also releases music under the moniker of Sun Kil Moon, is full of autobiographical tales of woe, nostalgia and loss, often recalling his childhood in small town Ohio. After Red House Painters disbanded in the mid 1990s after some critical success, Kozelek released a series of solo projects before hitting a career peak with the 2003 debut of Sun Kil Moon, ‘Ghosts of the Great Highway’, which found its way onto many best-of-the-decade lists. Though ‘Ghosts of the Great Highway’ is essentially a collection of sad songs, this is no weepy, wimpy stuff. Three of the album’s ten tracks - and indeed Sun Kil Moon itself - are named after boxers, including the standout 14-minute opus ‘Duk Koo Kim’, which invokes the South Korean lightweight who died from brain injuries sustained in a 1982 fight with Ray Mancini. The album’s opening lines manage to work in both boxing and heavy metal: “Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston/some like [Judas Priest guitarists] K.K. Downing more than Glenn Tipton.” Not exactly your standard soft ballad fare. While Kozelek is best known for his personal lyrics, he also has an interesting track record of taking the songs of others and re-arranging them to make them completely his own. In 2001, he released an album of reworked AC/DC songs that bared little resemblance to the originals. It was a formula Sun Kil Moon followed up to great effect on the 2005 album of Modest Mouse covers ‘Tiny Cities,’ that gave a whole new life to eleven of Isaac Brock’s songs and in many cases clearly blew away the originals. Kozelek’s career has also seen re-interpretations of songs by KISS, John Denver, and Simon and Garfunkel. While Kozelek’s music might not do much for the more pop-minded audience, those who get the chance to see him at Frost will be in the presence of one of the most talented, emotionally-wrenching lyricists in music today. And an evening with Mark Kozelek will put you in the right mood for heading back out into that cold, dark night. *


- February 4 - 10


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February used to be a peaceful month. Not anymore – the rockers are in town. By Jimmy Fyfe


ummer seems to have a monopoly of sorts on music festivals here in Copenhagen. Sure, music goes down amazingly well during the warm sunny days, but what about those long winter nights? Where’s the music then? Well now, thanks to the new Frost Festival, a part of the Wondercool Festival, Copenhagen will see 15 rock concerts taking place all over the city in February, which in all fairness sounds a little ordinary. However, Frost is far from that because instead of offering concerts at conventional venues, it is taking its music to the buildings and spaces in this sprawling metropolis that we inhabit and frequent. The ‘old concert hall’ is making room for sites that include a church, strip club and old theatre. Worship will never be the same again. First up for Frost is an interesting looking collaboration between two Danish band, 4 Guys From the Future and One Year From Home (Musiksmag, Nørrebro, Jægersborggade 43; Feb 3, 19:00; free adm) and a filmmaker going by the name of Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Junior. The event is described as a ‘unique experience’, and if

• Classical, Jazz & Pop Piano • Music theory & rhythm

it’s half as ‘unique’ as that guy’s name, it should be an interesting occasion indeed. On the same night, and buried deep in the heart of the Hawaiian Islands - or at least the closest that one can get to sunshine and palm trees in Denmark at this time of year – is a performance by rockabilly band the Scotty Moore Elvis Tribute (Brass Monkey, Enghavevej 21, Cph V; Feb 3, 20:00; free adm). If what you’re really after is soup and sofas instead of long names and coconuts, then perhaps the ‘Sofa Sessions’ taking place at soup and cocktail bar Soupanatural (Feb 6-27) are more your kind of thing. These free concerts take place over various days and the organisers promise that the bands will come down off the stage and on to the sofa with the audience - must be either a really big sofa or a really small audience. The sessions feature A Key is a Key, Myrh/Nørstebå, Lakris, Høxbroe Umpff, Koch and Key. As for the more unconventional venues, KoncertKirken at Blågårds Plads in Nørrebro is a convert-

ed church and will have the pleasure of hosting Christian Hjelm of Figurines fame playing there (Feb 12, 20:00; tickets 90kr). With him are his friends Michael Møller from Moi Caprice, and another as yet unannounced special guest. For those interested in strip clubs but would rather see musicians onstage instead of ‘artistic dancers’, then The Good The Bad playing at the classy Mirage Strip Club (Nørregade 43, Cph K; Feb 17, 20:00; tickets 100kr) is for you. Their Tarantinoesque surf music will no doubt be the perfect soundtrack to this unusual concert venue. If you feel that rock should only take place in traditional venues then fret not, you can still head to Vega to see some acts. Retro pop trio Peter Bjorn and John (Feb 18, 20:00; tickets 150kr), named originally after the first names of its members Peter, Bjorn and John, are about to release their sixth album and will be performing their indie rock set at Lille Vega on Feb 18. Vega will also see Canadian singer and classically-trained violinist Owen Pallett (Feb 23, 20:00; tickets 150kr). Since touring with Arcade Fire,

Pallett ’s street-cred has risen significantly and he is touted as a must-see for anyone interested in something a little different. Finally for this favourite venue is electro-experimental Norwegian quartet 120 Days (Feb 24, 20:00; tickets 120kr). Another more conventional venue is Planeten at Huset i Magstræde which will play host to Mark Kozelek and his band Sun Kil Moon (Feb 21, 20:00; tickets 120kr) - his haunting brand of ‘sadcore’ is definitely worth checking out - and Olöf Arnalds (Feb 19, 20:00; tickets 80kr). Rounding off the list of venues is Folketeatret, Hippodromen. This beautiful 150-year-old theatre will make you feel like you stepped in the past for the night. Danish band One-Eyed Mule (Nørregade 39, Cph K; Feb 26, 20:00; tickets 120kr) will take to the stage and prove that you don’t have to be American to play decent Americana rock. They are known for deeply atmospheric rock and as being explorers of Americana roots. *

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danish design centre

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THE ROYALTY OF PORCELAIN - By Alexis Kunsak Watch the artisans in action as they make cups and saucers fit for a king’s table


s part of the Wondercool Festival, the Danish Design Centre at Balkonen, HC Andersens Boulevard 27, is opening its doors to host new workshops that will bring the public together with everything that falls under the heading ‘design’. This focus leans particularly towards the lineage of Danish design, and the company that perhaps best embodies this ultra-famous connection is Royal Copenhagen, a porcelain manufacturer with a very long tradition.

The process that each plate goes through in their factory can require more than 30 pairs of skilled hands to dip, shape, pour, paint and fire until the object is ready to be sold. Each dish therefore has its own special character from being handled so much during the manufacturing process. They have a weight and heft that is different from others – maybe due to the designs painted with an underglaze technique, in which the designs are layered directly on the raw clay before the objects are glazed and fired. Or perhaps these dishes feel elegant because of the mixture of minerals used in creating the porcelain, or the carefully-designed curve of the bowls’ sides and saucers’ edges. In order to show off their process and technique, Royal Copenhagen is re-creating its workshops inside the centre. The workshop is open to the public free of charge, and some of the challenges and rewards of the design process will be on display and in action. The first step requires modelling. An original design of a plate, bowl or figurine is submitted by an artist or designer to a modeller. This person has the technical knowledge of the production process to make an exact model of the designer’s drawing. If the model is approved, then it is used to make a mould for casting the next pieces in the porcelain, a mixture of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz created by pharmacist Frantz Heinrich Müller in the 1770s. The works will be on view as they are created, step by step. Dishes are thrown by machines called rollers but small, thin details - like the handles on tea cups - are made by pouring plaster into moulds. Porcelain is fired twice in the kiln, and detailed designs can be hand-painted under and on top of the glaze. It takes a steady hand to paint all the tiny blue flowers and vines that Royal Copenhagen is famous for – and here’s a chance to watch the artisans in action. *


- February 4 - 10



nstead of complaining about the lack of daylight, everyone in town can get out this month and visit a special showcase on new design. The Wondercool Festival and the Danish Design Centre have teamed up to offer a mix of design events open to the public during the grey month of February. The focus is on everyday design in Denmark and there are several exhibitions running concurrently for the whole month, as well as day-long events with LEGO, Normann Copenhagen and furniture design company bObles (HC Andersen Boulevard 27, open Feb 1-28, admission: adults 55kr, kids 30kr, 80kr for a month-pass).

L E G O will set up its own space inside the Design Centre on February 19, inviting children and adults to experience the world of design as the company sees it. It is a free, all-day peek into the world of building blocks that have outlasted all others. Also during the month of February, trendsetting design company Normann Copenhagen will be responsible for decorating the Danish Design Centre’s atrium and cafe. On February 20, the company will offer a behind-the-scenes look at their design process as well as thoughts about what makes quality and marketable design in the home and in fashion. Children’s furniture company bObles has proved to be a smash hit with families and design critics alike. The brainchild of sisters Bolette and Louise Blædel, this furniture combines forms that are fun and active for kids with shapes and aesthetics that allow them to stay in the living room with the adult furniture. Offering various animal shapes - like the tumbling snake, pigs and fish - the furniture is made for play and for sitting in, with the promise of keeping the kids entertained so the adults can talk. The intention behind the soft furniture is also to stimulate children’s development of motor skills, as they spin, roll, bend and twist the foam animal shapes. On February 27, a jungle of foam animals will appear at the Design Centre, along with a special design surprise for visitors involving some participation.

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All the furniture animals are made of a firm foam (EVA foam/expanded rubber foam), which is childfriendly and therefore free of toxins and phthalate plasticisers. The Danish Design prize is given to companies that have created something new and innovative inside the world of design. The award goes for originality in solving a particular problem in a new way, with consideration to aesthetics as well as contributing to the larger sense of worth and use of design in all areas. The exhibition showcasing the winners of the 2010-11 prize is a line-up of the best in current Danish design, including Christiania bikes, the Roskilde Festival’s interactive website, and CitySwan lighting design by Philips Lighting. The 10+ Design Forecast uses trends from the past to try and predict what will be in vogue over the next century. The exhibition presents ten ideas and principles that influenced design in the 20th century, looks at the effect they had on our style of living and uses that impact to envision the design of the future. The ideas are presented with graphics, text and examples of the newest designs named most likely to become classics - such as Kasper Salto’s flexible table, ‘Little Friend’, and Ole Jensen’s washingup bowl, which is made of soft rubber. Denmark by Design travels step by step through design inside Denmark from 1945 to 2010. Design in the aftermath of World War II had a slow start but recovered through the discovery of new plastics, and in 1958 Ole Kirk Christiansen designed the Lego block. The magazine ‘Bo Bedre’ was launched in 1961, providing inspiration for home decorating, and the 1970s brought the experimental pop-style design of Verner Panton and the continually industrial, simplified furniture of Arne Jacobsen. In the postmodern 1980s, design objects became even cleaner and more industrial. Form was set well ahead of function in an ironic contrast to the traditional tenets of basic Danish design, where the practical dictated the outward design of the object or tool. But since the 1990s a practicality has emerged, particularly due to environmental concerns and the burgeoning use of computer technology. Many of these ideas continue to impact on current products, even with the emphasis changing to sustainable materials and built-in recycling concepts. The Danish Design Centre shows how companies and individuals continue to work with the unanswerable questions about the products intrinsic to human lifestyle. *



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