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Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

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Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

welcome to your new home! W

elcome to Copenhagen! You’ve arrived in one of the most liveable cities in the world, if you believe Monocle magazine that is. The city has not placed outside the top three since the magazine first compiled a list of the Top 20 Most Livable Cities in 2007, and there is no suggestion that Denmark’s capital will slip anytime soon. Copenhagen may induce images of bikes and beer, but in reality there is a world of excitement and sophistication in this European gem that has just become your new home. The city is fast becoming a recognised fashion destination, and in July of this year Strøget, the famous pedestrian shopping street, became the world’s longest catwalk for the culmination of the Copenhagen Fashion Festival. Should your own walk down this cobbled stretch become a bit too tiring, then the famous Danish café culture comes into its own. Here you can sit and watch the world go by, feasting on the cakes and pastries that, undeniably, the Danes do better than anyone else. Culture vultures can also rest easy in their beds. Copenhagen has a wealth of museums and galleries to wile away the hours on those cold winter afternoons. After all, I can promise you many things from this great city, but consistently good weather is not one of them. When the sun does come out however, the cityscape is quite something. The juxtaposition of old European glamour and stark 21st century design makes for a unique picture. Other distinctive features include the coastline, the numerous city parks and, of course, the bicycle paths that line almost every street. Take yourself

up the Round Tower to Europe’s oldest functioning observatory for the best view. Nearly 40 percent of residents use their bikes to get to work every day, and Copenhagen is known as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. The integrated transport system also makes getting around easy, and many people don’t own cars at all. Copenhagen is a city of the future: sophisticated, fashionable, environmentally conscious and fun. You are here to become a part of that future, embrace it!

POST BOX President and Publisher - Ejvind Sandal Chief Executive - Jesper Nymark Managing Editor - Kevin McGwin Newspaper Editor - Ben Hamilton Assistant Editors - Catherine Gordon, Dominique Barir Jensen Journalists - Catherine Gordon, Dominique Barir Jensen, Anne-Louise Fogtmann, Anca Enache, Celia Thaysen Layout & Design - Lyndsay Jensen Sales and Marketing Director - Hans Hermansen Sales and Advertising - Mark Millen, Amanda Knoll If you would like to contact us or leave a comment: This supplement is published by The Copenhagen Post, please refer to our disclaimer on page 2 of the newspaper.

A BIG WUFF & WELCOME TO COPENHAGEN! E n j oy o u r l e g e n d a r y fo o d a n d s n a c k s t o p p e d w i t h a s e r v i c e t h a t w i l l i m p re s s . We h ave t o t a l ly h a s s l e f re e d e l i ve r y t o yo u r d o o r s t e p eve r y w h e re i n D e n m a r k ( i n a l l o f E U a c t u a l ly ! ) . We l ove t o s p e a k E n g l i s h a n d wo u l d b e d e l i g h t e d t o we l c o m e yo u r d o g / c a t t o C o p e n h a g e n . G i ve u s a c a l l o n 4 3 6 4 1 3 6 4 . H A S S L E F R E E D E L I V E RY 1 - 2 DAYS – S U P E R P R E M I U M & AWA R D W I N N I N G D RY F O O D S & S N AC K S E N G L I S H S P O K E N W I T H P L E A S U R E – W R I T T E N P RO D U C T I N F O. I N E N G L I S H

w w w. o l i ve r s - p e t fo o d . c o m


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

the little yellow card

Navigating the rules, regulations and red tape in an unknown land can be a minefield. Figuring out what documentation you require and in which order you need to get it in may send you rushing for the first flight home. By Celia Thaysen The Danish authorities have recently improved the visibility and clarity of the procedures that need to be followed when moving here. To help you along, here is a guide to point you in the right direction. But as procedures vary depending on your situation, it’s always best to check with the relevant authorities.

So how does it work? STEP 1

Residence/work permits If you are an EU citizen If you plan to stay in Denmark more than three months, you must apply for a certificate of registration no later than three months after your arrival. Be prepared for it to take a couple of weeks. The application must be submitted in person to the Regional State Administration (RSA) where you live. Check with the ‘Statsforvaltning’ which RSA you belong to and whether you need to make an appointment first. The State Administration office for Copenhagen is located at: Borups Alle 177, 2400 CPH NV. (72 56 70 00; Opening hours: Mon-Wed 9.00-14.00; Thu 13.00-17.00; Fri 9.00-13.00). Remember to bring your passport and one passport photo. You will also need to bring documentation proving the reasons for your stay, e.g.

• Proof of employment: employment contract if you have one. • Proof of sufficient means: documentation showing means of financing your stay, e.g. bank account statement in your own name. (N.B. as of January 2009, this amount was approx. DKK 70,000 per adult). • Students: documentation for (eligible) educational programme For non-EU family members of EU citizens, check the requirements with the ‘Statsforvaltning’ first. Once citizens of EU or EFTA countries are issued a residence permit, they do not need a separate work permit (arbejdestilladse). If you are not an EU citizen If you aren’t an EU citizen, check with the Danish Immigration Service ( regarding visa requirements, residence and work permit regulations, as these vary. Much will depend on your profession as to what type of residence permit (opholdsbevis) is issued. If you are being expatriated, your company or a relocation agency will offer the best advice. If you are in Denmark as a tourist and wish to apply for a residence permit, you need to go to: The Danish Immigration Service (Udlæningservice), Ryesgade 53, 2100 CPH Ø. (35 36 66 00)

New to Denmark Before you arrive, check the New to Denmark portal - the official Danish Immigration Service website for foreigners and immigration. The site is in Danish and English, and has sections in other languages, and is especially useful for finding information on visa requirements, work permits, entry rules for students and au pairs.


Your yellow card - CPR number This card is the Danish equivalent of a Social Security number/ID card: It’s the key to accessing many things in Denmark. First and foremost, it’s your personal health insurance card and entitles you to doctor’s visits and emergency treatment under the Danish state healthcare system. You will also need this number when you deal with public authorities, open a bank account, set up utilities, take up a language course or enrol your child in school, for the tax office, often to get a job, and even to use the library. Once you have your residence permit, you need to visit the Citizen Service Centre (Borgerservicecenter) in your local authority (kommune) in person to register with them. Bring your residence permit, photo ID, and marriage or birth certificates for your children, if applicable. You also need a fixed home address (a hotel or business address won’t suffice). At the same time as registering for your CPR number, you will also be asked to choose a GP (general practitioner). There are six Citizen Service Centres in Copenhagen, but if you’re


not sure, it’s best to speak to the CPH International Service (details below). Your CPR number should arrive quite quickly, and your yellow card should follow soon after. It’s worth noting that state health insurance does not cover the cost of medicine, dental treatments and some special treatments such as physiotherapy.



The third step, once you’ve received your CPR number, is to register with the tax office (SKAT) for your tax card (skattekort). This is vital if you are working. You will need to provide details of your annual income and an assessment of your tax liability. If your employer does not have your tax card, you will automatically be taxed in the region of 60%, which can be reclaimed but may leave you a little short of cash. Check for more information. The central tax office in Copenhagen is at: Sluseholmen 8B, 2450 CPH S (72 22 18 18; opening hours: Mon-Wed 10.00-14.00; Thu 10.00-17.00; Fri 10.00-14.00).

CPH International Service Jarmer Plads 7, 1551 CPH V. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.0018.00. This service has been set up specifically to help foreign nationals working or studying in Copenhagen. It has lots of useful information on what to do before and when you move to Copenhagen. The site is in English, and it’s very clear and easy to navigate. The service has also set up a walk-in centre in central Copenhagen. Click on ‘In English’ and then the folder ’EU citizen - certificate of registration’. The Regional State Administration’s website has information on what to do, where to go and what you need to bring with you to apply for a Certificate of Registration or residence permit (registreringsbevis).

Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010


r 10 - 16 Septembe

287 nhagen

The Cope



New mosque one of several buldings approved for new Amager complex ‘The Battery’

His method of expression might be a-changing, but Dylan’s art is as poetic as his music

Rotary world president in town to meet Mary and others at Oddfellow Palæ





VOL. 13 ISSUE 36 10 - 16 SEPTEMBER 2010


Post Guid


Copenhagen-based Kurdish TV channel Roj-TV is the first media outlet to be prosecuted for terrorism NEWS

Bicycle ‘motorways’ to double riders




Amagerbanken’s woes may be over as its shares jump in value after investment hopes reassure the market

Copenhagen Post T: 3336 3300 F: 3393 1313 E: W:

1; tickets

ary 201 s 30 Janu ene Kunst; end Paint a sc Series; Staten’s Museum for n - The Bob Dyla

Brazil 95kr; ww PRICE 20 DKK




THE GOVERNMENT is set to build bicycle motorways with three lanes in each direction, as part of an effort to get more Danes to bicycle to work, according to Jyllands-Posten newspaper. The plan is to build several hundred kilometres of new

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Your local sushi restaurant & takeaway located at Hotel Fox

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See show

times •

order tickets

on www.b ennewe • or






Post Guid



tel: 4040


G4 for deta ils

g tickets.

Klampen borgvej

214 A ·

Kgs. Lyngby




Contact: Jarmers Plads 3 1551 Copenhagen V Tlf: 3338 7030

tickets 110 -260kr; www.b ennewe; see

Enjoy the opera transmi The Metrop olitan Opera ssions from on the large cinema in New York screen. The season begins 31st Octobe Wagne r· r 2010. Mussor DAS RHEINGOLD gsky · BORIS Donize GODUN tti · DON OV PASQU Verdi · ALE DON CARLO Puccini · LA FANCIU Gluck · LLA DEL IPHIGÉ WEST NIE Donize tti · LUCIA EN TAURIDE Rossini · LE COMTEDI LAMMERMOO Richard R ORY Strauss · CAPRIC Verdi · IL TROVAT CIO ORE Wagne r · DIE WALKÜ RE Check out www.o perabio .dk for info and orderin Ved Vesterpo rt 4 · Københa vn V


Place your order online at Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 16:30-22:00 Friday-Saturday 16:30-02:00 Sunday closed


Blegdamsvej 130 (v. Trianglen), 2100 Kbh. Ø, Tlf. 35 43 88 38 H.C. Ørstedsvej 50A, 1879 Frb. C, Tlf. 35 37 15 33 GI. Kongevej 141, 1850 Frb. C, Tlf. 33 31 83 76 Elmegade 6, 2200 Kbh.N, Tlf. 35 37 87 37


yngby gs. LLyngby Kgs. ·K

like motorways. And they hate having to stop for red lights!’ The government has already begun plans for the construction of the bicycle motorways in cities such as Århus, Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen. In the capital an estimated


14 A 2 214 orgvej borgvej enb Klamp Klampen

bike paths in and around the larger cities, with the aim of doubling the number of cycle commuters from three to six percent of the population. Lise Bjørg Pedersen of the Danish Cyclist Association said: ‘Cyclists feel the same way as drivers do – they would


nV avvn øbenh Københa rrtt 4 · K esterpo Vesterpo ed V Ved V





OR HIS MOHAMMED cartoon drawing, which was first published in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2005, Kurt Westergaard has been chosen to receive the M100 Sanssouci Media Award. The theme for this year’s ceremony, which was held on Wednesday in Potsdam in eastern Germany, was ‘Freedom of the Press in Europe’. According to Potsdam mayor Jann Jakobs, Westergaard is ‘a person who has become a symbol for freedom of expression and of the press’. Westergaard has become internationally reknowned as the artist who depicted Mohammed wearing a bomb in his turban for a 12-drawing series commissioned by Jyllands-Posten. The keynote speaker for the evening’s ceremonies was Chan20-30 percent of the population cellor Angela Merkel. currently cycle to work. The M100’s decision to award bike paths will help people get Westergaard its prize is in sharp to work much faster, and there Bencontrast to the decision made neweis will be ‘service stations’ along earlier this year by German Circ station the way where riders can get national televisionus, ZDF, Bell ahø their bicycles’ tyres pumped which cancelled a scheduled j; starts Friday, end up, pick up free water and view interview with the artist for what s Sep 12; traffic information. (alf) it said were security reasons. (rc)


ns from ssions ssion ork Yo N York opera transmi in New Enjoy the olitan Opera The Metrop cinema screen. large oberr 2010. Octo on the 31st Octobe begins OLD OLLD The season OV DAS RHEING UNOV GODU agnerr · · BORIS GODUN Wa Wagne LLE ALE gsky A Mussor PASQU PASQUA tti · DON Donize CARLO DEEL WEST LLA DEL e · DON FANCIU Verdi Verdi A URIDEE · LA FANCIU AU TAURID TA R Puccini OR NIE EN MERMO RMOO IPHIGÉ LAMM DI LAMME Gluck · ttii · LUCIA ORY RY OR Donize D i CIO C · LE COMTE Rossini · CAPRIC Strauss ORE Richard ATTORE VA TROVAT TROV g tickets. RE e · IL Verdi Verdi A o WALKÜRE and orderin DIE WALKÜ agnerr · Wagne Wa dkk for info erabio. www.op www.operab Check out

The Cope



ŽůǀŽ^ϰϬ ƵĚŝϰͬs




A new book on the Royal Family lays bare the queen’s consort Henrik in the most flattering light to date

Man! bourineefollowin’ you m a T r M Hey for me and we’ll com

Septembe r3-9

Infamous cartoonist awarded Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard to receive media award for his defence of free speech

Rasmussen pays respects to casualties of the Afghan War as figures show more apply to serve than ever








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7-Eleven Terminal 2

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Magasin Du Nord VIP Kongens Nytorv 13, 1050 Cph K 5

Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

To buy, or not to buy? that is the question… By Catherine Gordon

Many, if not most, expats choose to rent but here is your opportunity to make an informed decision


big move always presents a challenge, but deciding if, or how, to enter the local property market in your destination country is perhaps the hardest of all the decisions involved in relocation. We’re here to make you aware of some of the housing options available to you. When you are considering whether to buy or to rent, you should know a couple of basic points. Namely, that EU citizens can buy property in Denmark as their main residence immediately. However anyone wanting to a buy a summer house can think again, as these are only open to those who have been resident in Den-


grænset has a fixed end date, fremleje is where an existing tenant sublets an apartment for a maximum of two years, and then there is ubegrænset, which is permanent. Properties available for rent are normally advertised in newspapers, or registered with estate agents. There are also many relocation agencies active in Copenhagen, which are specifically to aid expats in their move. Upon accepting a rental agreement you will usually be expected to pay one or two months deposit. Make sure you read your contract in detail before transferring any money; ask a Danish friend or colleague for a translation if necessary. However, Danish legislation governing residential lettings (lejeloven) does give the tenant many rights and it is legally quite difficult for a landlord Buyers are expected to to terminate a rental contract. Many of these funpay a 20% down payment. damental rights override And with variable interest any special conditions rates currently below 2%, in an agreement that may be unfavourable to the cost of borrowing a milthe tenant, even if they lion kroner costs under have been agreed and signed for by the tenant 4000 kr a month, after in the rental contract. tax deductions. It should be noted that a rental contract is not mandatory for a private agreement, but is always a good idea. If a landlord is not willing to enter into a contract then you should ask yourself why. On a more positive note, the quality of rental properties in Denmark is normally very high, and tenants are free to personalise (withinreason).

mark for at least five years. Non-EU citizens are technically only eligible to buy property, whether a main or second residence, after they have lived in Denmark for a five year period. However, if you wish to buy before this then you can seek permission from the Justice Ministry (see www.expatindenmark. com for further instructions). There are no restrictions on renting. Firstly, it is important to consider the length of time that you might be in Denmark, as this will impact heavily on which option is the most practical for you. The minimum lease is usually a year but this can vary. If you decide that renting is the best option for you, then you need to be aware of the different types of rental agreements out there. Tidbe-

Depending on the specific address and its condition, a three- or four-bedroom, 100 sq. m single-family detached home in Copenhagen’s northern suburbs will typically cost you about 4 million kroner. Mortgage lenders’ rule of thumb for potential homeowners is that the price should be no more than three times the household’s annual income. But, with interest rates at rock bottom, run away price increases and the availability of a number of new mortgage products this limit has become more flexible.


Thinking of buying?

Property prices increased steadily from 2001-2006, but tumbled quite considerably from 2006 onwards, initially this was due to an increase in interest rates but the recession in 2008 only forced prices lower still. House price falls were particularly severe in the Copenhagen area. Official statistics for 2010 have not yet been compiled, but it seems likely that house prices will have continued to fall, and certainly, there are few people who would recommend buying in the current market. However, it’s not all bad news as a minor economic recovery is expected this year, although demand for property will remain weak for the time being.

Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

HIgHlIgHtS: • A great education in English for children aged 3-17 • High academic and social standards focus on the needs of each individual student

inspiring excellence on the danish west coast since 2008!

• teachers committed to the continuous improvement of student learning • Regular use of electronic white boards for all ages • Support for students new to the English language • First and additional languages taught include Danish, german and Spanish • A nationally- and internationally-recognised programme of study enables a smooth transfer to a variety of other school systems • Students representing 20 different countries have joined our school since it first opened in 2008 • the school prides itself on its respectful, multicultural environment with a firm commitment to effective

From January 2011 eis students can study danish similar to that at danish public schools: teachers, assignements, instruction, preparation for state danish exams

communication between parents, teachers and students • An affordable school operated by a board of elected parents • EIS is a non-profit school rapidly growing in size! • the first sibling receives a 50% discount on tuition and all other siblings are free!

parent’s testimonials This was an easy decision because it is the best school for my girls. The school has innovative and caring teachers, which is important to us. Esbjerg International School offers high standards of education across a broad range of subjects. My girls love the Art and Music classes. My girls are learning at a phenomenal rate. Esbjerg families now have a real choice of excellence in education for their children. Alison Amos

Esbjerg International School has definitely been an incentive for us to extend our stay in Denmark. The high standards maintained coupled with the individual attention afforded to students are remarkable. Apart from the academic advancement, students enrolled at EIS have the advantage of interacting with various cultures, which can only aid in their social development in a very positive manner. It is very important that our children receive their education from internationally accredited institutions to facilitate smooth transfer to other schools. Our first son, Dylan, has been one of the pioneering students, and because of our comfort with his development, our second son, Darian, will join EIS in the next academic year. Nyla Ramkalawan

EIS accepts mid-year registrations but has limited space left for the current school year. Contact the Principal, Timothy Veale, for more information and/or to arrange a visit by writing to

Esbjerg International School • Nygårdsvej 82 • 6700 • Esbjerg • +45 7610 5399 •


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

where to live?

Dragør Dragør is a beautiful quaint and quiet village area on the island of Amager near the airport, out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Type: Middle class village Ideally suited for: Families with young children Housing: mostly town houses Rent prices: 7.000-30.000kr Top cultural pick: Dragør Harbour (leisure and fishing) Distance from the City Centre: less than 30 minutes Similar Areas Nearby: Tårnby, Islands Brygge Frederiksberg Frederiksberg is a a modern metropolis located right outside the municipality of Copenhagen, with many parks, leisure facilities, cafés, supermarkets and shops. This city boasts several cultural activities for people of all ages and classes, with theatres, the multi-faceted venue of Forum (hosting many big concerts), flea markets, art exhibitions and much more.


Type: Middle-Class Metropolis Ideally suited for: Everyone, especially artsy folks, students and families Housing: A full range of apartments, town houses, villa-apartments, small houses, and mansions Rent prices: 10.000-50.000kr Universities: Copenhagen Business Schools, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Life Sciences International Schools: No international schools, but Johannesskolen (K-12) is one of the best private schools in Denmark Top cultural picks: Copenhagen Zoo, Forum Shopping: Gammel Kongevej, Godthåbsvej, Falkoner Alle, and Frederiksberg Centret Where to find International Products: SuperBest Distance from the City Centre: less than 20 minutes Similar Areas Nearby: Valby



Central Copenhagen Christianshavn

Østerbro Østerbro is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, surrounding the beautiful lakes, with a large range of living options, from the busy apartment area near the city centre to the large houses in the embassy area near Hellerup in Ryvangs Kvarteret. There are several cosy cafés as well as shopping areas throughout the Østerbro.




Type: Urban Ideally suited for: couples and families Housing: Apartments and houses of all sizes, as well as ‘potato rows’ Rent prices: 6.000-55.000kr Top cultural picks: Parken, the lakes, and Fælledparken Shopping: Østerbrogade, Øster Farimagsgade and Nordrefrihavnsgade Distance from the City Centre: 5-15 minutes Similar Areas Nearby: City Centre, Hellerup, Nørrebro

Christianshavn Christianshavn with its quiet, yet dynamic atmosphere and picturesque canals is one of the most charming young parts of Copenhagen, with its trendy cafés, upscale restaurants and beautiful 19th century homes on the island of Amager. Type: Young Middle Class Ideally suited for: young people without children Housing: Apartments Rent prices: 10.000-40.000kr Top cultural picks: Freetown of Christiania Dining: Noma (top rated restaurant) Shopping: Amager Centeret Distance from the City Centre: less than 15 minutes Similar Areas Nearby: Islands Brygge and Sundby Ørestad Ørestad is a new quiet and stylish neighborhood in a central location in Amager under development, with beautifully designed modern buildings and many major cultural and housing developments still in progress. Type: Young Middle Class Ideally suited for: families with children, young couples, students Housing: Apartments Rent prices: 8.000-35.000kr Top cultural picks: DR Byen, the Concert House Shopping: Field’s Distance from the City Centre: less than 10 minutes Similar Areas Nearby: Tårnby, Islands Brygge Hellerup Hellerup is an upper-class neighborhood in close proximity to the city centre, with a flourishing expat community, largely due to the many embassies and international schools in the area. The housing types range from beautiful early 20th century mansions to the brand new water-view apartment developments in Tuborg Havn. Type: Wealthy Suburbia Ideally suited for: families with school age children Housing: A full range of apartments, town houses, villa-apartments, small houses, and mansions Rent prices: 20.000-65.000kr International Schools: Copenhagen International School (PreK-12), Bernadotteskolen (K9), Rygaards (K-9) Top cultural pick: The Experimentarium Shopping: Strandvejen and Water Front Shopping Center Where to find International Products: SuperBest Distance from the City Centre: less than 15 minutes Similar Areas Nearby: Gentofte, Charlottenlund, Klampenborg

Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

Back to School

Danish education is amongst the best there is, but there are plenty of international choices too By Catherine Gordon


or any family coming to Denmark, the education of their children is of paramount importance. Copenhagen is a great place to have a young family: it is safe and welcoming, with a child friendly culture, and there are some excellent schools available. Some expats decide to send their children to the local Danish school. Education is compulsory for all children in Denmark from the age of 6/7 up to 16, and the Danish system is considered one of the best in the world. In particular, many families put their younger children in to Danish preschool before moving them to an international environment when they are of school age. Preschool options are divided into vuggestuer (up to age 3), børnehaver (3 to 6 years) and then the final børnehaveklasse, which are at primary schools and cater for the last year before a child enters primary education. Roughly a third of preschool education is privately run, and there are various international choices in the Greater Copenhagen area. The term ‘Folkeskole’ covers the entire period of compulsory education, and is not divided into separate primary and secondary sections. The vast majority of students attend the municipal folkeskole and there are some that have both

Danish and international sections. At the discretion of the school principal, children who require it are offered training in Danish as a second language. Finally, there is what is known as ungdomsuddannelse, or youth education. This is not mandatory, and is normally attended by those between the ages of 15 and 20 for a period of two to four years. The most common route is attendance at a Gymnasium in preparation for going on to higher education, but many also choose a vocational school. Although the Danish system can be a good fit for many people, Copenhagen does have many international options. The Copenhagen International School in Hellerup offers the full International Baccalaureate program, while Nørre Gymnasium and Herlufsholm (the country’s only boarding school) both provide the Diploma programme. Other schools, such as Rygaards Skole and Bernadotteskolen, have both Danish and international sections up to the age of 15. Copenhagen even boasts a Lycée Francais in Frederiksberg, and also a German school. With such a range of choices, any expat parent can be sure that they will find an institution that will suit their child’s needs.

Cheeky chappy from

LoNDoN! Simonfisk / Fisk & Færdigt is the closest you get to Harrods Food Hall in Copenhagen

• High Academic Standards

• 0ver 30 years international experience as a chef


• Your expert guide for recipes and tips on how to prepare your fish, game or venison *Pheasants coming soon*

• Christian Ethos

• Don’t forget to order your smoked salmon, turkey & goose now for Thanksgiving and Christmas and lobsters / scallops for New Year’s Eve. • Catering - (un)traditional office Christmas lunch with a choice of starters & desserts, turkey, goose or roast pork. We can organise the whole event -

• Conveniently located in Hellerup

even the crackers and mincepies, just give us a call and we’ll take care of you! • Shop - you will find a selection of fresh fish, home-made oven ready meals, sauces, soups and all the Danish specialities - gravadlaks, fiskefrikadeller, remoulade etc.

For further information, see our webpage or phone D. Ken Kushe on 3962 1053


FiSH & CHiPS Coming soon! Thu & Fri: 8pm


grEaT oFFEr!

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You’LL LovE uS! We’re not the biggest, but we’re the best!

open Wednesday - Saturday / Time: 10.00 - 17.30 / 10.00 - 14.00 • Call and order/ collection until 18.30

Fisk & Færdigt • H.C. Ørstedsvej 37 b • 1879 Frederiksberg • tel: 35351729 / mobile: 21435803 •

CLoSE To ForuM METro STaTioN / ParkiNg ouTSiDE


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

On yer bike, and… train/bus/metro Once you get to grips with it, the public transport system here is second to none By Catherine Gordon If you weren’t aware of Danish cycling culture before you came to Denmark, then there is no doubt you learned quickly. Many an unsuspecting ex-pat has experienced that heart-stopping moment when you step off the pavement and realise that although there may be no cars coming, you are in the direct path of about 50 oncoming bicycles. You will not make that mistake twice. However, upon recovering from your brush with death you will realise that cycling is actually both easy and convenient. Copenhagen caters to cyclists, there is no denying this. There are cycle paths almost everywhere you look and the flatness of the land means that everybody from ages 8 to 80 can jump on their bikes without fear of meeting the kind of hill that makes Mont Blanc look easy. The sheer volume of bikers does mean though that you will want to be familiar with the basic rules before guiding your ‘iron horse’ (jern hest) as locals here often call them, out on to the road. Firstly, signal your intentions. Somebody can be forgiven for crashing in to the back of you if

you didn’t let them know you were going to stop. the country. On a smaller scale is the new(ish!) metro sysLikewise if they can’t see you, so, the second rule is to use lights where necessary. Bicycles are re- tem which takes you right from Vanløse in the quired by law to have a clear front light, and a western suburbs and through the city centre red rear light. Both must be attached to the bike, to the airport. It currently has 22 stations, but not the rider. Riding without lights after dark is there are plans to open 17 new stations by 2018. Metro trains run every two minutes punishable by a 500 kroner fine, and during busy times and they run police are strict about enforcing 24 hours a day; a ticket is the the rule, especially when it The locals are some same price whenever you starts to get dark early. of the most intensive users want to ride. And, thirdly, although Finally, there are the it may sound a bit odd of bicycles in the world, buses, without which to those of us not no fully integrated used to an integrated something which is public transport sysbiking culture, drinkimmediately apparent with the tem is complete! The cycling is illegal and ‘A’ buses, marked by punishable by a fine, sight of so many ordinary bikes, a red stripe, provide a so don’t drink and cargo bikes and rickshaw service every five minbike! utes or so during rush Should, however, you taxis all over the city hour, and their blue striped find yourself on the merrier ‘S’ counterparts offer express side of sober then never fear: services over longer distances (be the public transport system will reswarned, these skip stops). Also in this catcue you. The local trains are known as the Strains and cover the outlying suburban areas on egory (although not advisable after a night out seven different lines. Helpfully you can also take due to risk of falling overboard) are the harbour your bike on these trains. There is also a regional buses, which stop at any of the six stops spread service which provides a service to cities across along the city’s grand canal.

Ticketing ... Handily, the transport network operates on one ticketing system: you work out how many zones you are passing through and pay the appropriate amount. A zone map at all stations and most bus stops indicates the zone you are in. If you’re not sure how many zones to buy for then err on the side of caution as the fine for travelling without sufficient zones is 600 kroner (and the conductors take no excuses.) Many people use a ‘Klippekort’ (clip card), where the card is valid for a certain number of zones and offers a discount on single tickets. One ‘klip’ lets you travel within those zones for a specific time. These cards normally contain ten ‘klips’ and can be time-stamped on machines at any station or on buses. A monthly pass is also available, by far the cheapest ticketing option for daily commuters.


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

the black box

New one-stop shop takes the stress out of an evening


By Catherine Gordon

pening up in the Waterfront Shopping complex in Hellerup this autumn is the answer to every woman’s prayers. Namely, a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need to get ready for a night out. The initiative is the brainchild of Kim Sperly. A dentist by trade, Sperly says he has had this idea for years, but only now has the dream become a reality. He noticed how many different stages women had to go through to get ready for an evening out, and how the stress of preparation was almost ruining the night. Out of this, the idea of a one-stop shop was born. Known as The Black Box, the business will combine Sperly’s own expertise in aesthetic dentistry with everything from hair and make-up to jewelry and other accessories. The concept works on the basis that customers can turn up completely unprepared for their evening and leave looking, and feeling, great. ‘The Black Box’ is a nod to the box on an aircraft that retains all of the crucial data about a flight. Sperly explains that he chose the title because what goes on inside his salon is secret information: the outside world sees only the perfectly finished product. Customers can come individually or in groups, and pick and choose from a range of treatments. All of the products used in the salon are The Black Box’s own brand, and staff are all trained and qualified in their fields. Although the clientele is expected to be predominantly female, Sperly hopes that men will also visit. This salon is the first of its kind in Europe and the success of the concept remains to be seen, but the idea is certainly an appealing one.

Although the clientele is expected to be predominantly female, Sperly hopes that men will also visit

The Black Box opens on November 27th, for more information go to

Cyklernes by – Copenhagen City of Bicycles by Cecilia Vanman. Photography by Robin Maddock

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PhographyMaddock Phot ck by Robin by Robin Maddo lag

Nyt Nordisk For

ck Forlag oldk Bus Arn rdis Nyt No Arnold Busck

Cecilia Vanman vividly describes the multifaceted Copenhagen bicycle culture with all that it entails. Her stories are accompanied by stunning images of the cycling capital captured by the celebrated British photographer Robin Maddock. Find out why Copenhageners are so in love with their bikes and see them portrayed in the streets with their favorite two wheels: cargo bikes, fixies, classic racers, tourers, velomobiles, home built/new/vintage and on it goes – Copenhagen holds the whole spectrum. Bikes are everywhere, all day, every day, year round.



English and Danish text.

Østerbrogade 210, 5th 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark Phone & Fax: 39 27 44 99 E-Mail: • 11

Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

The Danish Language O

ne of the first things people notice when visiting Denmark is just how easy it is to get by without any Danish skills whatsoever in Copenhagen, a city boasting a vibrant international community. It is entirely possible to live comfortably without ever picking up an English-Danish dictionary, especially if you are only planning on living here for a short period of time. So, what’s the point, and how much Danish do you really need? Do you need to be able to communicate fluently, or is it simply a matter of understanding and expressing the basics? Three members of the expat community shared their views with The Copenhagen Post on the importance of and reasons for learning Danish. Although all three have taken it upon themselves to learn the Danish language, they have done so with entirely different intents and strategies. Their insights will hopefully enable you to make a more informed decision about how to approach the Danish language based on your own plans and needs. Franklin, 23, a Portuguese artist and ballet dancer, has been living in Denmark ‘on and off’ for the past three years before deciding last year to move here permanently and start learning the Danish language. During his early stays in Denmark, Franklin was able to pick up quite a bit of Danish by communicating with Danes on a daily basis, watching TV, using a dictionary, and all of the other little tricks that can aid in learning a language. However, he stresses that the most useful tool was ‘to actually start going to a Danish language school,’ a few months ago, explaining that he is able to learn ‘so much more’ in an interactive class with a teacher to guide him through the process. Despite having done very well with his English skills, he emphasised his belief that speak-

ing Danish is a way of communicating your respect towards the culture, as well as gaining respect from Danes who ‘know that their language is not an easy one for a non-Dane to learn’.

‘Taking the step to learn Danish, for me, would have meant that I was accepting life in Denmark ... I didn’t want to be stuck here. And if I was going to move away, why bother learning how to speak a language that only five million people understand?’ Sharon, 39 from Israel, has lived in Copenhagen as a stay-at-home mom with her Danish husband for nearly two decades without speaking Danish. Sharon decided to be a part of the international community, rather than the Danish one, sending both of her children, now aged 14 and 18, to Copenhagen International School. She is perfectly capable of speaking Danish, but she chooses not to. ‘When I first got to Denmark, I just couldn’t wait to get out of here,’ she said. ‘Taking the step to learn Danish, for me, would have meant that I was accepting life in Denmark ... I didn’t want to be stuck here ... And if I was going to move anyway, why bother learning how to speak a language that only five million people understand?’ But she hasn’t moved, and has no intention of ever leaving. Or as she explains: ‘I changed my mind, and decided to embrace the language.’ She attended six hours of private lessons at Ber-

What are your needs? By Dominique Barir Jensen

litz to acquire the basic skills required for communicating in Danish. However, whenever she tried to put her Danish to practice, most people simply responded in English. ‘So,’ she thought, ‘why bother?’ She also stressed that she feels like a different person when she speaks Danish. ‘I can’t be myself, because I am not comfortable.’ After several well-articulated anecdotes and theories, the final conclusion she came to was quite simply, ‘I don’t speak Danish because I don’t need to.’ By contrast, Kirsten, 45, an American stay-athome mother of two children aged 14 and 18, sent her children to a Danish school. Like Franklin, Kirsten felt learning Danish was a sign of respect for the Danish culture. Learning Danish, she said, allowed her to ‘gain a good understanding of where I was’. She adds that

Kirsten felt learning Danish was a sign of respect for the Danish culture. Learning Danish, she said, allowed her to ‘gain a good understanding of where I was’. she didn’t need to learn Danish, as Danes were always polite and spoke English to her. However, at some point, they would ‘turn away and speak Danish’ to a person next to her, making her feel socially handicapped, as she was no longer able to participate in the conversation. She did not want

to ‘be a social burden,’ and started to see learning the language as the only way for her to truly assimilate into Danish society. She began learning Danish through the course provider AOF, which was paid for by the local council. Although the classes provided a fun and free opportunity for her to meet ‘people of different ages and social groups with a common interest in learning Danish’, she felt that her progress through AOF was too slow, and that she needed to take part in smaller, more intensive classes tailored to her level of understanding. Instead, she began taking intensive classes at KISS four times a week for half a year until she was fluent in Danish. Nevertheless, Kirsten finds it ‘difficult to explain thing’s from the heart’ when speaking Danish, and is grateful that she can always switch into English and still be understood when she really needs to ‘tell something from Kirsten’s view’.

Danish classes in the Copenhagen area AOF - Berlitz - BLS - Clavis - IA Sprog - Københavns Intensive SprogSkole (KiSS) - Sprogcenter Hellerup - Studieskolen - Virksomhedsskolen - VoksenUddannelsescenter Frederiksberg -

Language Tip! Attend a Danish wedding If you’re up for a challenge, a Danish wedding is an excellent way to test your language skills. If you have ever had Danish friends over for a meal, you might have some idea of what to expect at such an event - it never ends! Starting with the morning church ceremony and the wedding reception, to a sit-down dinner that will last anywhere from eight to twelve hours, weddings are a real test of endurance. Expect emotional speeches and corny songs from close relatives and good friends during dinner. After the meal, guests dance and drink until dawn. Generally it’s considered polite to stay until ‘natmad’ (midnight snack) is served anywhere between and 1:00 and 3:00am. If you can survive that long, the concentration of culture and language will do wonders for your Danish comprehension and communication skills.


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

Paws for thought: a guide for dogs in Denmark Assuming that you’ve managed to get your Labrador/Dalmatian/insert dog of choice into Denmark, you’re doing well so far. The hardest part is over! By Catherine Gordon


ow that your four-legged friend has made it here, it’s time for the all important registration process. It is mandatory that all dogs have a microchip and are registered. In most cases, your vet can do this registration for you. If your dog is already chipped, then just ensure that the contact details associated with it are up to-date following your move. This really is important, not only is it illegal not to, but if your dog decides to take an unaccompanied exploration of its new neighbourhood this may be the only way to trace it. If you do not yet have a vet, the best way to find one is usually through personal recommendation from a friend or colleague. Alternatively, you can search on dyrelæ using your post code. Once you’ve found a vet that suits, you will begin to see that Copenhagen is a great place to have dogs. There are various parks and beaches around the city and surrounding area, and you are permitted to walk your dog off the lead in many of them. One popular park is Bernstorff Palace and Gardens in Gentofte. The palace itself has been there since the mid 1700s, but today it has become an oasis for city dwellers and their pets. There are acres of gardens, lawns and woods which dogs are able to explore off their leads. Alternatively, Fælledparken in Østerbro has two areas specifically for dogs, and Vigerslevparken in Valby permits dogs to be off the lead as long as they are under control. Or, if you want to walk along the coast then there is a dog area just 500 metres north of Amager beach park, unfortunately dogs are not allowed free within the park itself due to the large number of people.

Need a vet in a hurry?

In case of an emergency outside of normal business hours, there are various animal hospitals across the Greater Copenhagen area. These are best found online using the search term ‘dyrehospital’. The main Copenhagen animal hospital can be reached on 3617 4605 and the staff speak good English.

Top Tip! For those of you with a furry friend that isn’t a dog… people have been known to walk their ferrets in Assistens Cemetery in the Nørrebro district!

Hungry Hound?

Big pet shops include Maxi Zoo ( and Zoo Zity (, but most councils have smaller local pet shops too. Another alternative is which offers home delivery of many different varieties of pet food and accessories.

A successful relocation starts here.

We provide relocation services tailored to fit your personal needs. For further information see Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

A Taste of That favourite meal food from home may be easier to come by than you think By Catherine Gordon



ard as it may be to believe, not everyone is a big fan of Danish food. The bakeries here may be some of the best in the world, but it takes a very special kind of expat to truly come to love some of the national delicacies. Luckily, cosmopolitan city that it is, Copenhagen has a variety of shops where you can find some of the culinary delights from home that you miss so much. SuperBest Hellerup (Strandvejen 64A): On my first visit to this branch of the popular supermarket chain, I nearly broke down with joy. It was the stuff of dreams - Marmite, Shreddies, mincemeat…. Things I thought I might never see again (or at least until I moved back to the UK). While your own reaction might not be quite as embarrassingly OTT, this is a real find for any expat. There are American and British sections (handily marked by flags), and you can order fresh turkey year round. Perfect for anybody panicking about their Thanksgiving Dinner. Abigail’s (Peter Hvidfeld Stræde 17, CPH K; This is another great place to head if you’re looking for a taste of home. Abigail’s specialises in British and South African goods. They have a shop in central Copenhagen, but they also have a good website, which includes a separate link for vegetarian foods, and allows you to order up non-foodstuffs, such as Savlon and Brillo Pads. Supermarco (Fiskerihavnsgade 3, CPH SV; A great place to stock up on all things Italian. They even make their own tirimasu, and the website offers up recipe suggestions. Cannillo (Strandvejen 167, Hellerup, All food sold in this magnifico deli is made on the premises, and the lovely staff brush all breads and sandwiches with oil and garlic before they parcel them up for you. For other ingredients that you might be looking for, the local equivalent to Chinatown is behind the main station (Hovedbanegård), and many South Asian shops can be found in the Nørrebro district.


A great place to be an (active)expat By Catherine Gordon


here is a huge variety of different clubs and groups for foreigners in Denmark. One of the advantages of coming to a city like Copenhagen is that it has a large expat community, so there are a good range of clubs and organisations geared specifically to your needs. Just to give you an idea of some of the varied options available to you, here are a few examples:

Copenhagen Netball Club This club is open to all abilities and ages, and some might be surprised to find out that there are many male members of the club. Netball is perfect for improving hand-eye coordination as well as aerobic fitness, and the club welcomes new members. There are also Danish members so this is a great way to integrate yourself into the local community.

Ladies International Network København (LINK) A network of expat women, this group has over 300 members from many different nationalities. Their sole aim is to facilitate friendships within the expat community through shared interests and activities. They also have many subgroups including mothers & toddlers, cooking, tennis and Danish conversation.

Scene Kunst Skoler This Danish drama school offers classes in English in various locations across Denmark. The classes are available to children between the ages of four and sixteen, and teach drama, music and dance. They are an excellent tool for building a child’s confidence, as well as giving them skills they might be able to use on stage. Although these three organisations could not be more different, they illustrate the diverse range of activities that there are for expats in Copenhagen. There are scores, if not hundreds, of other clubs in the city that are open to foreigners. For information about more clubs such as these, check out the directory on page 30 of this supplement.


Lots of activities for all ages!

Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

Concert promoter predicting a buoyant 2011 It’s good news for music fans. After a tough 2010, Denmark is back on the list as an important touring spot for biggest names in the industry By Kirsty Wilson


ew Year is a time for a fresh start, which is exactly what’s in store for the music scene in Denmark, following its dismal concert ticket sales in 2010. Music lovers are in for a treat with a host of stars due to appear at the recently-completed Herning Arena. Organising concerts around album release dates and tour schedules is difficult at any time for venue coordinators, but during the crisis it has been endlessly reported that the music industry has been negatively affected. CD sales have fallen and managers have been cautious about spending too much money on visiting countries that might not generate increased revenue. “The sub-prime crisis in 2008 didn’t affect us all, and 2009 was our best year ever,” Flemming Schmidt, the CEO of concert search engine Live Nation Denmark, told The Copenhagen Post. Live Nation sold 140 million tickets, promoted 21,000 concerts, and partnered with 850 sponsors last year. “But 2010 has been bad,” continued Schmidt. “The euro crisis, the collapse of Greece, countries like the UK in trouble, and the volcano all had a dire impact. Back in April when that reupted sales stopped over night. It died. People simply stopped spending and no artists were immune; the public got financially insecure.” But things are improving. “Denmark is in the top league when it comes to attracting big tours,

particularly now we’ve got the indoor arena in Herning,” enthused Schmidt. Construction of Denmark’s first indoor multiarena - the new 50,000-capacity Jyske Bank Boxen arena that opened in October and has already accommodated global star Lady Gaga (and her 38 trucks) on her Monster Ball tour - began in 2008 and was completed in October 2010. The next big stat due to appear there is Kylie Minogue, in February, while other acts in 2011 will include London’s West End popular theatre production of ‘We Will Rock You’, guitarist/singer and songwriter Eric Clapton, and Linkin Park. The 2011 line-up at the Herning arena proves that Denmark is clawing its way to the top of the places to perform for world-famous stars. Consult for news of the latest artists coming to Denmark.





Choose a sustainable bank account Saturday 11th of June

Jyske Bank BOXEN Kaj Zartows vej 7, Herning / 7015 6565 / Post Danmark

New Album Out NOW! Design by Simon Halfon

Webbank · Savings Accounts · Overdraft Facilities · Investments · Retirement Savings · Children’s Savings · Housing Loans · Payment Services · Auto Loans 15

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. WoCo Tourist Info



1570 Cph V Tel +45 3342 9900

de ga

Rådhuset (Town Hall)




ste Ve

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Ny C Glyp


Tivoli Concert Hall gade

s Tietgen







Regional Trains to Kastrup Airport & Malmö




29 Radisson Scandiavia

Amager Boulevard 70, 2300 Cph S Tel +45 3396 5200




The Old English Pub Vesterbrogade 2B •


All major sporting events:

Thurs 4th L Poznan - Man City 19.00 Liverpool - Napoli 21.05 OB - Young Boys 21.05 Sat 6th Bolton W - Tottenham H 13.45 Man Utd - Wolves 16.00 Derby County - Portsmouth 18.20

Cosy café & bar serving fresh made sandwiches, soup, a variety of coffees, beers, liquor and wine. We offer wireless net, meeting room facilities and show all major sports events in HD on a huge screen!

Sønder Boulevard 30 • 1720 Kbh V Tel: 33258815 •



Post Danmark (Postal HQ)

S-Trains to Frederikssund / Høje Taastrup / Køge

Astoria 28 Hotel Banegårdspladsen 4,


(Town Hall Square)

Hovedbanegård (Central Station)





d ga rg be s rik de Katte s re 6


Ve s


e Istedgad


Rådhusplasen 14, 1550 Cph K Tel +45 3338 1200






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Vor Fru (Copenhage



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H.C .


27 The Square


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VESTERBRO 7 rd eva


Israels Plads

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Iste Enghave Plads


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Vesterbro Torv

de dga

1054 Cph K Tel +45 3313 4882







ga rbro

te Ves

Hotel 26 Maritime Peder Skramsgade 19,






Gammel Kong



Botanisk Have

. str ejl rsl




1560 Cph V. Tel +45 8833 9900

Private function? Book a room for 16 to 60 guests.



1058 Cph K. Tel +45 3348 9900

Marriot 25 Cph Hotel Kalvebod Brygge 5,

Adults: 299 kr.


ørn nn se lle A


to el

Hotel 24 Strand Havnegade 37,

Dronning Louise’s Bro

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Vester Farimagsgade 17, 1606 Cph V. Tel +45 3348 9900

r Væ

Children’s play zone with activities Kids 0-6 years: free 6-12 years: ½ price




Western 23 Best Mercur Hotel






Vester Farimagsgade 33 1606 Cph V. Tel +45 3312 3366



gl . Te dstr r gå

Kids welcome!

Western 22 Best Richmond Hotel


r ste

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d ar lev


Radiohuset (Radio House) metro M1 / M2 to Frederiksberg and Vanløse









Western Hotel 21 Best Hebron

Helgolandsgade 4 1653 Cph V. Tel +45 3331 6906

m da


Peder Skrams Gade 24 1054 Cph K. Tel +45 3313 0666




s Do


Western Hotel 20 Best City




Blågårds Plads




ng Ste sga de

20 21 22 23

Gri ffen

See for Museum tips





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ABC ga


Sankt Hans Torv



ma g



Tag e

e Alle Nørr

BioMio – Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Denmark’s Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • • biggest fully organic restaurant






d leg

Rigshospitalet (Central hospital)

Odense g

Trianglen 12


Tlf: +45 33 31 20 00 • •

r No






er A

Halmtorvet 19 • The Bosch building • DK-1700 Copenhagen V Tlf: +45 31 20 00 • building • Halmtorvet 1933 • The Bosch • DK-1700 Copenhagen V

Try our delectable dishes, lovingly made with the finest seasonal ingredients Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon-Fri: 12-10 Sat-Sun: 11-10



Sun 7th Cardiff - Swansea 14.10 Arsenal - Newcastle 14.30 Liverpool - Chelsea 17.00 Getafe - Barcelona 19.00 R Madrid - Ath Madrid 21.00


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010 5  11 NOVEMBER


gade jæg

S-Trains to Farum / Hillerød / Holte / Klampenborg




lds A











Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery)

Øster Voldgade





e ad eg e


e Silk


Vimmelskaftet 46, 1161 Kbh K Tel: 3333 7393

Langelinie Pavillion

Quintus Bastion

ga Br ed

Kongens Nytorv


t Ann


æ Pla



Frederiks Bastion


Trolle s



r Te

gad Gråbrødretorv mi Strøget rgs (Grey Friars Square) ngsen lbe de o æ tr v H K s s 26 Nikolaj Kirke or ue Kirke lo Helligånds g. aard 24 gert Ving Ad en Cathedral) sters Ama Højbro kirke mi tr. e al e t d r e e ft n 12 a a a d k plads d a lga g els a m e æ K im g V d s r k de s er Strøget an La rst en ind 14 Ba 20 de de lm e Sk Str a ds l tue Le Ho gad K eg e y str m el N na vn a . m Rå Nationalbanken br H a s os dh . G e de en tr. Holmens Kirke us ed reg lds va m tra Sna Nytorv stræ or seu s i h u de n T M g . pa n gstr ssu Børsen m n e a (Old Stock Exchange) r. det Ko unst M k Christiansborg Knippelsbro d e n (Parliament) ad Va Holmens Kirke erg





Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theatre)

Charlotte A. Bastion

(Royal Palace)

str. trand


de ga e ter gad Øs ens ong K Lille



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Boltens Gård










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Cinemateket Filmhuset

Rundetåårnet Piles træ de (The Round Tower)





Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) X





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nrå Hauser Plads





Kr on

Kongens Have




Skt. Pauls plads

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Rosenborg Castle


nie geli

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tb Øs



Regional Trains to Louisiana & Helsingør (Elsinore)









Am alie g.


Willemoesgade Classensgade



St Lille ran ds tr.

vængets Alle

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al ev



r de g. Pe ms ra Sk de ga lds kjo


Dyssen (Christiania Lake)

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k en ør lac





Løvens Bastion


Christmas Møllers plads



Amagerbro metro





ad metro M2 to Copenhagen Airport e





bod B



r sB












Strøget - main pedestrian street Islands Brygge metro



Pedestrian area & popular squares Institutions & official Buildings


metro M1 to Bella Center / Ørestad / Vestamager

Main car traffic streets


t re



h ac Be er Zone 1

Airport The Metro runs to and from Copenhagen Airport. The trip from the city centre takes 14 minutes.

Find more travel info at

City Pass – Unlimited travel throughout central Copenhagen for a 24- or 72-hour period.







Zone 3


Cash tickets – For travel within a specified number of zones. Valid for one or two hours.


Tickets You can purchase tickets from the Metro ticket machines located in all Metro stations. Ticket price is dependent on the number of zones you will be travelling.


Concert Hall

Timetable The Metro operates 24 hours a day, all week. Trains leave every 2-6 minutes during the day and every 8-20 minutes at night.


Zone 2 Zone 1




d ar nd ga o ke am er i i D K

Politigården (Police HQ)






Carlsberg ptoteket





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Ov e Ov rga er de ga n W de ne ilde n de rs Pr ov n g in er va ade se va nd ss nd et et eg

e ad St or mg


Det Kgl. Bibliotek (The Royal Library)



n ge







Dantes Plads


s jhu



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ygg s Br


Nationalmuseet (National History Museum)





10-clip card – Same as cash tickets, but with up to a 40% discount. Remember to stamp the card at the beginning of your journey.

Zone 3 Zone 4

let´s go


Reclocation Supplement - 4 November 2010

A city guide for young students

in Copenhagen

Why study in Denmark?


he international attitude and the safe and clean welfare society of Denmark makes it an attractive place for foreigners to study. Nationwide, over 130 programmes and over a thousand courses are offered in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Danish higher education is globally acclaimed for its innovative approaches to teaching, offering a zestful learning environment that emphasises independent and group-based study, in which students are encouraged to play an active role in the learning process through challenging discussions and projects. Check out for lists and descriptions of the different programmes available in English. Making the move easier, several Danish learning institutions provide buddy programmes to help international students settle in, get the practical matters sorted out, and meet new students. Furthermore, there are many introductory courses in Danish language and culture that facilitate building a life in Denmark. Although your fellow classmates will inevitably help you get acquainted with the city, this guide should be useful for finding new places to explore as you settle in, especially before the semester begins.

City Guide for Students Central Copenhagen Strøget Strøget is the longest car-free pedestrian street in the world, comprising of a cornucopia of stores ranging from cheap chains to some of the world’s most expensive designer brands. Studenterhuset (Købmagergade 52) As it’s name suggests, this a great meeting place for young people, offering a variety of sandwiches, coffee and beers at affordable prices, as well as free wireless internet access. Different social events are hosted throughout the week, including LGBTQ night on Tuesdays, International Night on Wednesdays, and Happy Hours on Fridays from 15-17. The Black Diamond (Søren Kirkegaards Plads 1) The Black Diamond is the home of the biggest library in Scandinavia, the Royal Danish Library, as well as a concert hall and relatively inexpensive café with a friendly atmosphere. Cosy up and relax with a good book in a comfy hammock in the reading room of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, or make eye contact with a cutie pretending to study in one of the study rooms (the Black Diamond was recently awarded the best place to flirt in Copenhagen.) Show up without your books at night, when you can attend meetings, galleries, concerts and other events for young students. Gammel Strand Flea Market (Fridays and Saturdays, May-Sept at Kongens Nytorv) Browse through the mounds of antiques, trinkets and useful bargain goods at Copenhagen’s most popular flea market during the summer months, before heading over to the trendy cafés and bars of Gammel Strand. Pisserenden (Vestergade, Studiestræde,


Skt. Pederstræde, Larsbjørn Stræde) ‘Pisserenden’, literally meaning the ‘piss trench’, is an area that was once known for its squalid conditions. Today, it is a popular area for students and artsy people, with hip vintage stores, cafés, bars and restaurants. Kongens Have (between Østervoldgade and Gothersgade) Kongens Have is the most popular park in Copenhagen, with over 10,000 visitors a day during the high season, providing a perfect location young people to tan, picnic and play football.

top picks!

By Dominique Barir Jensen


Østerbro Fælledparken Fælledparken is Copenhagen’s biggest park, filled with young people barbecuing on portable grills late during the summer nights, jogging and practicing yoga in the mornings, and skating during the afternoons in the skate park. Laundromat café (Århusgade 38) This is the perfect place to relax with a cup of coffee, read one of the 3,000 books available on the bookshelf, or strike up conversation with other young people living in Copenhagen, as you wait for your laundry to dry.

Culture-Box (Kronprinsessegade 54.) Culture Box is a multifaceted locale that hosts clubbing events, showcases, fashion shows and art cinema. Regularly hosts music events with a large range of genres including techno, house, electronica, dubstep, drum’n’bass, reggae and electronic jazz.

Parken (Øster Allé 50) The home ground of FC Copenhagen and the Danish national football team, Parken hosts football matches throughout the year, as well as a large variety of cultural events, including big concerts and performances.

Ruby (Nybrogade 10) Ruby is a stylish, classy and cosy cocktail bar with a beautiful selection of well-prepared drinks for those who are willing to splurge a bit to enjoy a cocktail with some friends in front of a relaxing fireplace.

Langelinje Home to the Little Mermaid, Langelinje is also a place to find discounts its outlet stores, as well as a hyggeligt place to relax in front of the water on a warm day with some of the best ice cream in town.



Nørrebrogade and Sankt Hans Torv Nørrebrogade, Sankt Hans Torv and the surrounding streets boast many fashionable boutiques and thrift stores, as well as cafés and bars that are popular among young Danes. Some of the best and most affordable shawarma places can be found throughout Nørrebro. Top Shawarma Pick: Marsin Kebab on Nørrebrogade 104.

Amager Beach Park This artificial white sand beach that was created in 2005 is a trendy and fun place to swim, relax, tan, kayak, windsurf, receive a massage, grill, and enjoy an ice cream, among several other activities for people of all ages.

Mexi Bar (Elmegade 27) One of the most budget-friendly places to drink in town, this cosy Mexican-themed cocktail bar is the perfect place to warm up before moving on to Rust, a hip nightclub just around the corner. Rust (Guldbergsgade 8) Rust is one of the hippest clubs in town, with three floors featuring live music and a vibrant clubbing scene.

Vesterbro Istedgade and Halmtorvet Although infamous for its junkies, prostitutes and sex shops, Istedgade is also packed with hip bars, cafés, restaurants, fashion boutiques and Middle Eastern goods. Vesterbrogade and Værndemsvej Vesterbrogade is a mainstream shopping street with several midrange clothing stores and some bars and restaurants. Nearby is the trendier Værndemsvej, which is also filled places to eat as well as clothing shops. DGI-byen and Øksnehallen DGI-byen offers bowling, swimming, a gym, a spa and a climbing wall, a centre with fun sporty activities for people of all ages. The nearby Øksnehallen frequently hosts conferences, exhibits, shows and cultural events for young creative people throughout the year.

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Useful Links for Students in Denmark

Islands Brygge Islands Brygge is a city park running along the harbour front and is the home to cafés, art galleries, and a harbor bath that is popular with young people during the summer months. Amager Bio (Øresundsvej 6) More than just a local cinema, Amager Bio is also a concert hall and cultural venue bringing in young people from all over Copenhagen for its comprehensive concert program.

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Educational Support Higher education in Denmark is free for all EU/EEA citizens, those with a permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit holders qualifying for permanent residence and those participating in exchange programmes. In addition to studying for free in Denmark, you may also qualify for the Danish state educational support (SU). As a foreign citizen studying at a Danish school, you may be eligible to apply for equal status, which will qualify you for government support, if you meet any of the following conditions:

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• You are an EU or EEA citizen who has been working in Denmark for at least two years

• You are a child of an EU or EEA citizen who has been working in Denmark

• You are a spouse of an EU or EEA citizen who has been working in Denmark

• You are a parent of an EU or EEA citizen who has been working in Denmark

• You have been living continuously in Denmark for five or more years

If you are a Danish citizen or meet any of the above-listed conditions, apply for SU online at

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An International Education EIS offers up something different in Esbjerg By Catherine Gordon


sbjerg International School has doubled in size every year since it opened in August 2008, a testament to the quality of education delivered there. The roll now stands at forty one children encompassing some fifteen different nationalities, and the success only looks set to continue. The school is currently sourcing new premises to accommodate its ever expanding numbers. This is partly due to the recent introduction of an early years program for children ages three and four. This is a play-based academic program and already comprises of twelve children. Students up to the age of 17 can study at Esbjerg International School. Children in older years are taught through a carefully formulated curriculum. Students aged 5-10 develop skills and knowledge through International Primary Curriculum projects and the University of Cambridge International Curriculum, respectively. Students aged 11-17 study skills and knowledge-based subjects from the Cambridge International Curriculum in preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in their latter years at the school. Classes for all ages are small enough to allow personal attention to each child; the average teacher has only eight students. Danish language is a compulsory subject, and the school is also developing a bilingual section.

EIS is going from strength to strength. In the words of one parent, ‘Esbjerg families now have a real choice of excellence in education for their children.’ Native or fluent Danish speakers are offered a Danish curriculum and are prepared for national examinations as they would be in a Danish school, but all other courses are taught in English. EIS also has a flourishing native German program. With these options available, it is not surprising that Principal Timothy Veale hopes his students will become global citizens. He feels that “the word ‘international’ is often overused when describing schools, instead multi-cultural is more accurate a term to describe EIS”. He uses the example of the Model United Nations program currently open to older pupils as a

particularly effective way of developing cultural understanding. Participants take on the role of representatives from a particular nation and debate issues in a mock UN. Last year, EIS represented Turkey at a conference in Germany, and this year the group have been invited to no less than four other conferences across Europe.

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Starting your own business There are various procedures for starting a business but there is a lot of help available By Catherine Gordon


any expats come to Denmark as part of a move arranged by their company, they have a secured job waiting for them and they get assistance in their relocation. But this cannot be said about all expats. There are also some who arrive in the hope of starting afresh with their own business ideas. All EU citizens are permitted to establish a selfowned business in Denmark, and to reside here to operate that business. The procedures and requirements vary depending on the type of business you want to start, how big it will be etc, but there is some information that is applicable across

the board. As with everything else in Denmark, nothing starts without your CPR number. So make this your first priority. Only once you have this can you begin your career as a business owner. The Copenhagen Business Centre should be your first port of call. They have a group of consultants from different cultural and professional backgrounds who can offer advice for creating a business plan, as well as for bookkeeping and budgeting; their website even provides handy templates. Once a month the centre also runs an introductory course, free of charge, which explains what you might need to think about in terms of ‘personal considerations and practical challenges’. The British Chamber of Commerce also offers advice to those wishing to start up their

own venture, and can put you in touch with the right departments to get going. Assuming the introductory course hasn’t scared you off, registering your business is the next crucial step. You must register a business if: it has an annual turnover of more than 50,000 kroner, you pay wages or you import goods. This should be done no later than eight days before the commencement of ‘taxable activities’. Once you have registered, you will receive a CVR number (short for Central Virksomhedsregister nummer, in English, a Central Business Register number. It will be required for any correspondence with Skat, the tax office. Depending on the business in question, sometimes it is also necessary to register with other special authorities, for example a food business


will need to register with the local food authority. More information can be found at So, now you have the business plan and the number you need the start it. Skat offer a lot of helpful information on how to operate a business, particularly a pamphlet in English which details all the financial procedures involved, including when and how to notify Skat of your new self-employed status. They also offer a service call, where an official can go out to a new business and advise on any tax questions or issues that might have arisen.

Of course, running a business is a huge commitment, but following the correct procedures when you start up will only make your life easier. The Copenhagen Post met with one such ‘success story’.


eoff Abbey came to Copenhagen in 1973 and worked in many different areas before he decided to start up a driving school in the early 1990s. His original vision was an English-language school but he had to start out in Danish, and took classes through the Dansk Kørelærer Union (the Danish Driving Instructor’s Union). Nowadays, Abbey runs the Copenhagen International Driving School but, he says, this has taken a lot of patience and energy. ‘It takes a while to build up a successful driving school and get a good reputation, but I do get feedback, which is a great help. And many a student has recommended me to others in the past.’ Abbey’s story is a positive model for anyone considering starting up their own business in Denmark, for him ‘it is the satisfaction of seeing someone succeed’ that makes it all worthwhile. For more info:

A top quality brand offering helpful service to newcomers in Denmark These days there are many companies that portray themselves as ’foreigner friendly’, but few of them as enthusiastically as Oliver’s Pet Food.


wner, Christian Degner-Elsner has made it his personal mission to make newcomers to Denmark feel welcome. He knows that Danes have a reputation of coming across as standoffish, particularly towards expats, but Christian wants to welcome foreigners to his native country and make them feel comfortable here. With this philosophy in mind, all Oliver’s employees are comfortable conversing in English, and the company also offers advice to pet owners, for instance a vet recommendation or areas for dog walking. If staff don’t know the answer to a question then they will find out! Oliver’s has been running since 1998 and now boasts over 20,000 customers across Denmark. Christian maintains that it is Oliver’s commitment to quality in all aspects of the business that has maintained the brand’s popularity. The latest national tests show that Oliver’s food is top for quality, and the delivery with a smile is a service that you find in few other places. For any expat bringing a pet to Denmark, Oliver’s offers a helpful and unique service.


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i n g r! n e p o be m e v s avia i 27 no

in cand S p x o B t sho Black ir firs e h t nt ing erfro t a open W r llerup Cente in He g n i p Shop

Dr. Kim Sperly presents

BlaCK Box SCanDinavia

Dr Kim Sperly, one of Denmark’s leading cosmetic dentists, is the master franchiser of a new concept that will see the opening of a boutique salon in pulsating and high-end Hellerup. This one-stop shop is an Aladdin’s Cave with everything from Zoom Tooth bleaching, dental alignment, eyelash and hair extensions, new nail systems and POSH treatments to Black Box’s own organic and mineral based skin and haircare products, as well as selected luxury perfumes for both men and women. The Black Box also offers exclusive lingerie for women, masculine underwear for men, hosiery in beautiful and sexy designs, and treasure trove of pleasures that are beyond your wildest fantasies.

Fake it till you make it ... Some desires you just can’t deny! Dr. Kim Sperly, Palaegade 7, 1261 Copenhagen ph. 3314 5650 Black Box Scandinavia, Waterfront Shopping Centre, Tuborg Havnevej 4-8, 2900 Hellerup 21

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life after the Little Mermaid As a new Copenhagener you have probably been drawn to the famous tourist traps like Tivoli, Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid, the top five museums and architectural attractions. When you’ve left behind the din of the tourist areas, then what? By Anca Enache


ig a little and you’ll uncover the story of the Danish capital. It is one that is intimate and exposed, grand yet personal, energetic yet cosy, old and new all at the same time. Walk through the meandering lanes of the medieval city, promenade the ruler-straight avenues of Frederisksstad or stroll Vesterbro’s tawdry boulevards. Exploring the city’s neighbourhoods is to travel through the its history, and gives you a taste of all the mix, shake and twist that makes up the Copenhagen of today. There are plenty of shopping spots, from the vintage shop Genbrug on Versterbrogade or Kongens Klæ’r in the City Centre, Affär in Amager, to the international chains – be they luxury or utilitarian – that stand shoulder to shoulder on Strøget. Off the beaten path are the trendy boutiques of Grønnegade and Jægersborggade, while the greengrocers of Nørrebro and Vesterbro add a dash of ethnic flavour. You can drink cheap at Det Nye Ven in the Latin quarter and McKluud’s in Versterbro, or in the neighborhood ‘bodegas’. You can have a quick sandwich at Aamann’s in Østerbro or Skildpadden in Gråbrødre Square, but you might also want to experience culinary and visual delights at ‘the world’s best restaurant’, Noma, or the much more affordable Madklubben located in central Copenhagen. You can also find plenty of clubs if you want a sip of Copenhagen’s nightlife, quite wild and presenting a powerful contrast to the orderly fashion you see during the day. The city shows you just enough to make sure you know there is more, and you want to see more. Nothing is obvious about it. Unsurprising at a superficial look, Copenhagen needs a plunge if you want to discover the noisy life behind the silence and order of the surface.

Medieval history Fire and bombardment has destroyed much of Copenhagen’s medieval architecture. However, there are still a few places that can give you a touch of history.


St. Petri – the oldest church in the city; the tower, nave and choir date back to the 15th century located close to the University of Copenhagen are the Church of Our Lady and Strøget.

See also Church of the Holy Ghost – Dating from the 13th century, this church has gone through several rebuilds. Located on Strøget, close to Amagertorv. The remains of Jarmer’s Tower – Named after the Wendish chieftain who broke through the fortification in that spot in one of the wars between the church and the monarchy in the 13th century. Copenhagen University – the ruin of the bishop’s palace, dating from 1420. The Ruins under Christiansborg Palace – the fortress built by Bishop Absalon in 1167.

Museums Many and varied for every taste and curiosity The Open Air Museum – one of the largest and oldest of its kind. It features more than 100 original buildings from 1650-1950, moved piece by piece to the museum’s location. The historic windmill is the only building not to have been moved.

See also Arken Museum of Modern Art - Placed in maritime surroundings 15km south of Copenhagen, the museum’s building hosts a light and minimalistic space presenting modern and contemporary art. The Technical Museum of Denmark - Hosted in an iron foundry from the ‘60s, this museum walks you through the technological, scientific and industrial development of Denmark. The Danish Film Institute/ Museum and Cinematheque - Film, picture and poster archives, complemented by three cinemas, a videotheque, a library, bookshop and cafe. Zoological Museum - With over 10 million specimens, the museum offers the experience of the Danish fauna since the Ice Age and a look into animal life in oceans, as well as into the changes of fauna from North to South.

Parks and gardens Although it’s getting a bit chilly, if you are a fan of the outdoors you can still enjoy a sunny autumn day in Copenhagen’s parks and gardens. Botanical Garden – the largest collection of living plants in Denmark with a history dating back to the 1600s. A winter visit to the hot house provides momentary relief from the winter chill. Unique gifts in the museum store. See also Garden - Over three centuries old, this romantic park designed in English style is one of the most popular green areas in Copnhagen, open all year round, and with a view: overlooking the gardens

is the former summer residence of Danish royalty, Frederiksberg Palace. Amager Fælled - A green protected area where you can enjoy outdoor activities. Quite popular with birdwatchers. The Old Citadel - Established by King Christian IV in 1626 to protect Copenhagen from maritime attacks, it is currently one of the oldest, still operational, military bases. It presently houses the Danish Defence Intelligence, but the old fortification area is open to the public. Copenhagen Lakes - In the past, they were a source of water for Copenhagen’s population and natural fortification. Today, they are popular with strollers and runners.

Beyond the city limits • Roskilde - discover one of the oldest towns of Denmark, visit its University, and the Viking Ship Museum. • Helsingør - Hamlet’s Elsinore, home of the Kronborg Castle. • Dragør - municipality known for its well-preserved village environments of St. Magleby and Dragør. • Dyrehaven - forest north of Copenhagen with a deer population of approximately 2,000. • Utterslev Mose - recreational park and hot spot for birdwatchers, as it is a breeding ground for several species.

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Celeb corner

Poul Cullura:

Top Danish Chef - Host of Hell’s Kitchen and Hyret eller Fyret

What do you miss about Copenhagen when you’re away?

By Dominique Barir Jensen

Allan Simonsen:

International football player

What do you miss about Denmark away?

ALLAN: First of all, I miss my family. I have three beautiful daughters in Denmark, and so of course, when I think about Denmark, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. What could be more important for a father? I also miss my close friends, the ones I used to play football with nearly every week. Speaking of what it is about the country in particular, though, I would say that I miss its beauty. Denmark is not that warm, and it of-

ten rains, but it’s a beautiful, green country with fresh, clean air. And of course, I miss the food .

Poul: I miss the urban, cosmopolitan feel in a small country like Denmark. I like how you can reach every corner of the city.

What food do you miss the most?

Where do you go to relax?

ALLAN: Typical Danish food. I’m not sure whether you readers are familiar with Danish cuisine yet, but just basic Danish dishes like flæskesteg and smørrebrød. You can get them everywhere.

When you come to visit, where do you like to take your daughters?

ALLAN: In Denmark, it’s mostly better to be inside. And when you’re spending time with your family, it doesn’t really matter where you go...but when the weather permits it, everyone wants to go to the sea. Denmark has a lot of fantastic museums, but the kids don’t enjoy it. If you want a day that is fun for both the parents and the children, then Tivoli Gardens is the perfect place for everyone. Nyhavn is also a wonderful place to go to picnic and take the special canal tours, during which you get to experience beautiful Copenhagen from the water. We have done it several times, but it never gets old. It’s a new experience for us every time I come to visit.

Welcome home at Charlottehaven

Poul: I love to go to the bodegas (pubs) throughout Denmark, which has some of the world’s oldest bodegas. It is always a fun and special experience to go to a place like Noma or another Michelin restaurant, but there is nothing like going to a bodega where I get to meet so many interesting people and hear their life stories.

What is the best way to get good food in Copenhagen?

Poul: I like to say to the waiters, ‘I’m hap-

py now. Make me more happy,’ challenging them to design a five course meal. Most places are delighted to have a customer like that. Although restaurants usually have a special meal, like a chef’s special, they are made hundreds of times and become too routine. They are not made with love. And when I ask for a menu like this one, I get a meal prepared with love.

So, where is the best place to find a ‘meal prepared with love?’

Poul: Restaurant Vincent’s in Østerbro, where you can get a five course meal for only 400kr. When I had a meeting with Claus Meyer, one of the leading chefs of Scandinavia, I felt a lot of pressure to impress him...and I took him there. After the first course, which was pea soup, Claus said to the waiter, ‘if I get another meal like this one, I will have no choice but to get down on my knees and kiss your feet, and then do five push-ups,’ which is exactly what he did after the next course.

Simon WilSon Building ServiceS

Hotel Apartments | Conference Hall | Health Club | Café

Hotel apartments in the centre of Copenhagen

Building ServiceS include:

Get a good start on your Copenhagen experience with a stay in Charlottehaven’s hotel apartments. Enjoy more space, privacy and personal service combined with 5 star facilities.

• renovation • remodeling • Painting • decorating

All apartments are fully fitted to meet all of your needs, whether you are here for a short visit or an extended stay. We offer free parking, free internet and a state of the art fitness centre. Contact sales & reservations manager Christina Stage for reservations and more information on (+45) 3527 1517 or Visit us on H j ø r r i n g g ad e 1 2 C | D K- 2 1 0 0 København Ø | Tel: +45 3527 1500 | info@char


ring For a Free quote!

For more information contact: 2480 7739 or email: 23

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A bank with a conscience Founded in the 1990s, Merkur bank strives to remain a pioneer in the area of social responsibility? By Anne-Louise Fogtmann


n the surface, Merkur Bank is just like any other bank. It opens accounts, it can issue you a Dankort, and it can provide you with a loan. But take a second look, and you’ll see that there’s nothing ordinary about the bank, its customers or its employees. Anyone can open an account with Merkur, but, like the bank itself, the customers tend to feel strongly about things like social justice and the environment. Merkur Cooperative Bank describes itself as an ethical bank, and in the words of managing director Lars Pehrson, it is committed to social justice and a sustainable economy. “Financing is about shaping future society. What we finance today will be part of the society we will live in 10 or 20 years ahead”, Merkur CEO Pehrson says. “We think we as a bank have a strong responsibility to finance enterprises which will contribute to the quality of life in the future, and depositors can contribute by banking with us.” Founded in 1982 Merkur is both a retail and a commercial bank. In addition to its regular banking business, it also offers financing for social, cultural and environmental companies or institutions. Through some of their products they actively promote things like fair trade financing and NGO fundraising. Approximately two thirds of Merkur’s loans go to community-oriented projects. The remaining third goes to house mortgages and other types of private loans. While consumer loans are approved based on the same criteria used at other banks, loans for businesses and institutions are approved only after an evaluation of not just the applicant’s financial health - its societal, ecological, social and cultural aspects are also key criteria when loans are considered. For example, companies in the food industry need to be organic. Most of the bank’s investments are in Denmark, but there are some international ones as well, especially if they help companies in developing countries to export to Denmark. These are relatively small investments, but ones which make a big difference to those who it affects. “We developed a scheme for financing fair trade operations”, Pehrson says. “It can help, for instance, a Honduran rain forest cooperative to finance orders from Denmark and thus improve the living for low income families. What we also saw was that local banks became interested in financing the cooperative after we financed the first exports.” Merkur is part of an international network of like-minded financial institutions, Other well known ethical banks in Europe are Dutch Triodos Bank, German GLS Bank and Italian Banca Etica. All these banks have seen substantial growth in recent years – transparency and financing the real economy are attractive features for clients after the financial crisis.


Fact file Merkur bank has about 17,000 clients and usually reports annual profits in the range of 5 percent of the capital base. Founded in Aalborg 1982 as a savings and loan association, 1985 as a cooperative bank. Headquartered in Copenhagen. Additional branches in Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense. Reputation for being good with new arrivals in Denmark, thanks in part to its familiarity with the relocation process. Values its low employee turnover rate, which makes it possible for advisors to build up a relationship with their customers over the years. In late 2005 the bank became a member of Copenhagen Council’s Green Growth initiative for businesses, and was the first Danish banking institution to present a green accounting plan that places a heavy emphasis on ecology, sustainability, equality and fair trade. Through its participation in this initiative, it hopes to encourage the development of more green businesses in Copenhagen, rather than deepen its own shade of green. Because it is a cooperative, Merkur’s management does not need to focus on anonymous shareholder’s wishes for short-term gains. Instead, it is customers long-term targets and business transparency that have priority. While many banks today stress social responsibility and ethical investment, when Merkur opened its doors 28 years ago, the concept was still in its infancy. From its first loans to sustainable projects in the 1990s to its 1.6 billion kroner financial balance today, Merkur, according to Pehrson, strives to maintain its pioneering spirit.

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sade in concert plus special guest





BiLLetnet.dK / 7015 6565 / Post danMarK

sOldiEr Of lOvE OuT NOW!

WWW.KYLIE.COM · WWW.LIVENATION.DK in association with


Saturday 11th of June

Jyske Bank BOXEN Kaj Zartows vej 7, Herning / 7015 6565 / Post Danmark




New Album Out NOW!


Design by Simon Halfon


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danish recipe

p Join us in the Garden… Children’s Garden opens its doors in October 2010, as a newly established International Preschool providing a holistically based early childhood education for the International and Danish community of the greater Copenhagen area. Children have a seed inside that needs nourishment to grow. The seed is their own, we simply support it in its development.


Curriculum goals dovetail with international as well as Danish requirements for preschool learning, and meet the standards for direct entry to, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, the British Key Stage One, as well as Scandinavian school systems.

f o :

Bernstorffsvej 75,2900 Hellerup DK. Tel.:+45 73752900

Denmark’s most effective Danish courses!

Old Fashioned apple cake (Gammeldags Æblekage) Well it’s not really a cake or tart, it’s the closest you get to Triffle. Here in Denmark most families have their own recipe, depending on what part of the kingdom they come from. Apples are in highseason during November, so try it!

Ingredients: • apples • cream 38% (piskefløde) • sugar • vanilla (calvados) • almonds • oats (havregryn) • apple or red currant jelly (ribs gelé)

Method: Peel and core apples. Cook them with a little water and sugar in a pot untill they start to break down. Set aside to cool. Whip a good ½ liter of cream and add a little vanilla. In a dry pan toast almond slices and oats with a little sugar (some families use crushed mackaroons also). Put half of the oat/almond mix in the bottom of a high glassbowl. Add the cooked apples, rest of the oat mix and then pour in the whipped cream. Finally add a few teaspoons of apple or red currant jelly. Recipe by Simon -

ngg International Department (Formerly Hørsholm International School)

• An IB World School authorized to teach PYP and MYP to students aged 4-16 • English Language Education • Qualified teachers and International students from around the world • Specialist teachers in the Arts, Danish, Physical Education, Language acquisition • Excellent sport and play facilities, international library, computer, science and music laboratories

• After School Activity Programme • Regular Membership in ECIS • Located in the countryside 20km north of Copenhagen, convenient to train, bus and highway E47

ngg International Department nordsjællands grundskole og gymnasium / Christianshusvej 16 2970 Hørsholm 13 Telephone: +45 45 57 26 16 Fax: +45 45 57 26 69 Email: 26

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Get into Danish

siGn up for intro-Danish intro-Danish is a new and free Danish language program providing you with a fast and effective start. the emphasis is on work- and everyday life related language. • Danish Language Training in English • Classes of small groups and a familiar language of instruction helps you speed up your learning process • Danish Language Training designed for Nordic Citizens • Achieve a clear Danish pronunciation and a firm grasp on your fellow Nordic language. siGn up now Open door registration interview in central Copenhagen, at Nørre Voldgade 94-96, 4th floor • Tuesdays 14.00-17.30 • Thursdays 11.00-13.00 and 16.30-18.30 free tuition even before you receive your Cpr-number. for full- or part time employees only. Danish LanGuaGe traininG at CLaVis is designed to meet your individual needs.

www.CsoK.DK Frydenhøj Allé 73 (Hovedkontor) DK-2670 Greve Tel: +45 43 97 87 00


Get involved!

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CPH Volunteers gives you the opportunity to participate in local events. By Catherine Gordon


PH Volunteers is a relatively new organisation, having only been in existence for 18 months. It was the brainchild of Pia Allerslev, the deputy mayor for culture, in July 2009. Copenhagen had a busy autumn approaching, playing host to COP 15 and the International Olympic Committee conference. Allerslev recognised the logistical difficulties of hosting such events, and made a suggestion to introduce a system she had seen in Beijing during the Olympics, where local residents volunteered to help out. Originally, the organisation was only supposed to last 6 months but it received such high levels of interest that it continued and today boasts over 1,000 members. The organisation is open to anyone and approximately a third of members come from outside Denmark. Head of the organisation, Franka Abrahamsen, explained that many international participants are students or people newly arrived in Copenhagen, who are using volunteering as a means of integration and meeting new people. Previous events that volunteers have been involved with include the world’s longest catwalk on Strøget, COP 15 and the Indoor Track Cycling World Championships. Aside for working for such prestigious events, there are also certain ‘perks’ for those who get involved. These can include free first aid and conflict resolution classes, as well as group activities such as meals and trips to places around the city so that volunteers can get to know Copenhagen better. Anyone who might be interested in finding out more should take a look at the website,, or even contact the organisational team who are always willing to chat to potential recruits!

Information Meeting Tuesday 30 November 17:30 -19:00

The one-year general management international Full-time MBA at CBS focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, and real-world experience. Sign up for the meeting and hear how the MBA can give your career a new dimension. E-mail or call 3815 6022 to register your attendance or organise a personal meeting.

Copenhagen Business School Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg 28

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cation u d e l a n o i t a Intern t... r a t s d A hea

The TheCosmo Cosmo - International School of Southern Denmark

- International School of Southern Denmark

The Philosophy of The Cosmo

At The Cosmo – International School of Southern Denmark we strive, in collaboration with parents, to develop the full potential of each individual student in a caring and secure learning environment. We value cultural diversity, academic excellence and mutual respect all which contribute to the education of future citizens, who value freedom with responsibility and a democratic disposition.

We strive for our students to obtain basic values such as tolerance, integrity and compassion contributing to their self-confidence and independence. The Cosmo – International School of Southern Denmark attaches great importance to professionalism, activity and community spirit. The Cosmo provides a vibrant international environment with

English as the principal language for all instruction and communication. The Cosmo offers 3 educational programmes: Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP), Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

. .. w o n p u Sign

k d . o m s o c www.the Vesterbrogade 6 l DK-6000 Kolding l Tel. +45 7630 1747/+45 2052 0549 l

Modern Medical clinic


• Private Medical Practitioners in the City

• Pre-arrival and Planning

• We are experienced in guiding expats through the

• Area and Orientation Tours • Legal Entry

Danish Health System

• Home Finding • Temporary Accommodation

• Three Consultants and specialists in general medicine

• School / Day care • Bank / Insurance

• Authorized nurse

• Settling in Services

• Private consultations

• Group Moves • Tenancy and Expense Management

• Health check-ups

• Spouse Support and Job Search Support • Cross Cultural Training

• Medical examinations for the Merchant Navy,

• Pets Handling • Car Import / Change of Drivers License

Offshore Industry, US immigration and UN staff

• Home Purchase and Home Sale Assistance • Departure Services

• Health advice and vaccinations for travellers and

• Removal Services • Assistance with Out Bound Relocations

the flu shot

• Design your own Relocation Package

• Laboratory tests including lung function tests • ECG including stress test Settwell Relocation Settwell Relocation Rolighedsvej 9 Nordhavnsgade 1 DK - 1958 Frederiksberg C DK - 8000 Århus C



Weekd Ours a 08.30 - ys: Teleph 14.00 one h 09.00 - ours: 14.00

Phone: +45 3534 9295 - A Global Relocation Partnership ERC – The Worldwide Mobility Association EuRA - European Relocation Association

Throughout Denmark

The Medical Office • 33 Amaliegade • stairs D • 1256 Copenhagen K Direct line: +45 33 48 92 63 / 67 Fax: +45 33 11 40 68 Website: • Email: 29

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directory 2010


general information Denmark’s Official Information website Official Copenhagen Tourist site City of Copenhagen information Weather -

Hospitals in the Greater Copenhagen area Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen) Gentofte Hospital 24-hour doctor - 70 13 00 41

Østerbro International School - Bernadotteskolen - Sankt Petri (German) - Prins Henrik (French) -

24-hour pharmacy Steno Apotek Vesterbrogade 6C, CPH V 33 14 82 66


Postal service -

Travel Rejseplanen (super handy journey planner in English) - Danish Cyclists Federation - Copenhagen airport -

Taxi companies Dantaxi 70 25 25 25 -

Bike rental

Jyske Bank - Danske Bank - Nordea - Arbejdernes Landsbank -

Shopping malls City2 (Høje Tåstrup) - Waterfront Shopping (Hellerup) Fields (Amager, largest mall in Scandinavia) Fisketorvet (Vesterbro) - Frederiksberg Centret Lyngby Storcenter (Kongens Lyngby) Rødovre Centrum (Rødovre) Waves (Hundige) -

International schools Copenhagen International School (CIS) Rygaards School - Hørsholm International School (HIS) - Bjørns International School -

Danish Homes offers the largest selection of exclusive homes in Copenhagen and northern Zealand.

Homes for sale Exclusive properties for sale in Copenhagen and northern Zealand. Check current listings on our website.

International clubs American Women’s Club in Denmark ALLCANUCK (Canadians in Denmark) Expat in Denmark - The International Women’s Club of Copenhagen Ladies’ International Network København (LINK) Life in Denmark - NZVikings - The Southern Cross Club (Aussie/Kiwi club)

Fitness centres

Sports clubs

Charlottehaven - Wellcome Fitness - Fitness DK - DGI Byen -

Copenhagen Exiles Rugby Club - Copenhagen Celtic Football Club American Football Club - Copenhagen Golf Club - Copenhagen Netball Club - Københavns Hockey Klub -

Houses of worship Fredens Kirke (International Christian Community) - St Alban’s Church (Anglican) - Sakramentskirken (Roman Catholic) The International Church of Copenhagen Copenhagen Community Church Living Church - German-French Reform church Russian Orthodox Church - Bredgade 53, 126 CPH K Synagogue - Hindu temple - Islamic Culture Centre - Horsebakken 2, 2400 CPH NV (38 80 03 86)

Pets City Dyreklinik (vet) - Dyreklinikken Ryesgade 100 (vet) Asserholm (English-speaking kennel in the countryside) - The Dansk Kennel Klub Copenhagen cat sitters - Regulations for travelling with pets

Pet supplies Maxi Zoo - ZooZity - Oliver’s Petfood -

Homes for rent High quality furnished or unfurnished rental properties available. Check current listings on our website.

Commercial Commercial properties for sale or rent. Retail, office and warehouse space available. Check current listings on our website.

Danish Homes is Denmark’s largest and oldest real estate agency specialising in sales and rentals of homes to expatriates and diplomats. Our website has separate listings for rentals and sales, each operated by a different department. If you are interested in renting or selling your property, it can be listed in both sections of our website. Our clients include: A.P. Moller, IBM, SAS, Novo Nordisk, Dansk Shell, Statoil, Dong Energy, ISS, Hempel, Hess Danmark, Schneider Electric Danmark, Air Liquide Danmark, Codan Insurance and Lloyd’s Register. International organisation such as Unicef, the WHO, Unops, as well as the US, British, Canadian and Austrian Embassies, and banks ranging from Danske Bank and Nordea to DnB Nord. Contact us If you are interested in renting or selling your home, contact us for a free and non-binding assessment of your property. We are looking for homes to sell or rent for our list of foreign clients! Open Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4pm. Showings available on request. Hellerupvej 78, 2900 Hellerup. Tel.: +45 70 15 90 07, Fax: +45 70 15 67 07


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“You learn Danish - and have fun at the same time”. Alex, Argentina

“i can definitely recommend studieskolen’s individual Danish tuition. i was extremely happy with my course”. Siminn Geertsen, Nycomed

“it is a professional school and the results are great”. Maté, Hungary

“You learn a lot here; lessons are efficient and the results immediate”. Jia, China

Danish for foreigners

new courses every 6 weeks

More info at or call +45 3318 7900.

Danish education 3 We offer Danish Education 3 which is designed for students with a solid academic background who can be expected to learn Danish quickly and efficiently. The progression is fast and the level high. Courses start every 6 weeks. Corporate Danish courses We design and deliver tailored in-company courses. The courses can be held as group classes or on a one-to-one basis and range from beginners to advanced level.

n å r s p r o g f lY t t e r g r æ n s e r

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Borgergade 12 1300 København K 31

11/2/10 3:18 PM

Book now +45 3817 9005


Your health is our concern

DENMARK’S LEADING PRIVATE HOSPITAL No one wants to go through the ordeal of needing medical care while abroad. But should it happen, you will receive professional help at Private Hospital Hamlet. Our team of highly skilled specialists and nurses will get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

COMMITED TO HIGH QUALITY CARE We ensure high quality care for all patients. You receive thorough medical tests and physician consultations in just a few days. This often means a diagnosis comes fast, and treatments—including surgery—can be scheduled quickly.

ALL THE LEADING EXPERTS IN ONE PLACE Private Hospital Hamlet is Denmark’s largest private hospital staffed by some of the country’s leading specialists. We offer diagnosis and treatment in almost any area. Our team of doctors works closely together in order to find the best treatment for you.

PATIENT’S NEEDS FIRST At Private Hospital Hamlet our team of medical experts takes the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns. We take care of you during the entire course of treatment.

To book an appointment call +45 3817 9005 or visit Appointments are available at short notice Copenhagen • Aarhus


– in safe hands

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Our annual guide to newcomers in Copenhagen.