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Vincentian Marian Youth, December 2009 – year 9 – No. 74


. A Story Story of Salvation! Salvation!

In a world filled with violence, death ... God intervenes. He speaks, calls, requests, promises ... God promises to give Himself. His promise is Himself. In our poverty, God takes the initiative, makes his promise, and He gives Himself. The Father gives his Son into the world. The Word of God is abandoned in the womb of the Virgin Mary. The story of salvation definitely begins. The protagonists are Joseph, Mary and the angel Gabriel, who was sent by God. The time is the sixth month. The place is Nazareth, a city of Galilee. God is incarnated in all that constitutes human’s life: time, space, history. The Three Wise Men hear a call, receive an invitation: a star invites them to receive the news they expected: “The King of kings is born!” They leave everything to worship the so expected King. They leave their countries and go to look for the happiness, Jesus Christ. The shepherds also feel the call, inspired by what has been announced by the angels to them: “Your Saviour was born.” They heard the Word and left everything to go and see this marvel. They moved and found what they had been searching for. Full of joy, the Three Wise Men and the shepherds, return back home to tell, what they have seen and to praise God. Many others, like St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise de Marillac and St. Catherine Laboure, have been able to discover that God keeps His promises. They have turned into messengers and heralds. And we, in VMY at the beginning of the year 2010, which will be full of events, promises ... are we able to distinguish among so many stars, the one through which God invites us to welcome the Good News? Are we ready, as the shepherds, to leave everything and go to search the true happiness? Denise El Khoury INTERNATIONAL COUNCILLOR

The International Secretariat wishes you Merry Christmas 2009 and Happy New Year 2010 full of blessings...

AFRICA Angola. On November 16, St Vincent Centre (Luanda) had a scarf imposition ceremony for 14 youths. On November 29, the same ceremony took place in Catumbela, Lobito for 10 youths. In December, the members of Lobito Center will enter into the next stage. Ivory Coast. Among the last activities of the Association we can find: a summer camp of the group at St. Marcos Parish (from July 31 to August 9) and a meeting of the Council (November 8). Eritrea. From September 23 to 25, the Vincentian Family in Eritrea organized three days of prayer and formation. They celebrated together the mass as a family that has the same vocation to proclaim the Gospel to the poor. It was a great event in which they were united worldwide with all the Vincentian Family. Kenya. On September 25-26, VMY Kenya celebrated the feast of Saint Vincent together with the VF and its poor friends. They helped to prepare and to serve the food for all. Many of the participants expressed their happiness for the moment of communion and for the opportunity to eat that day. On October 24, the group of St Kizito (Diocese of Kitale) celebrated, for the first time, the Marian Consecration of 13 members. It was a very remarkable event in the lives of the members, of its parents and of the local Church. Mozambique. In October, Deves (President) shared several initiatives to fortify the Association in his country: prayer, fast, abstinence, visits to the groups and invitations to new places (schools and parishes). Central African Republic. On December 12 and 13, VMY Central Africa celebrated its National Elective Assembly in Ouango (house of the CM). República Democrática del Congo. On October 25, the groups of Kinshasa had a session of formation about St Louise with Sister Marcelle Denda, new National Sister Advisor. On October 31 and November 1, VMY St Adrien participated in the inauguration of a new group in the Diocese of Kisantu, in a parish directed by the Religious of Saint Vincent.

ASIA Indonesia VMY Indonesia has new National Sister Advisor, sr.Rita Sri Retno Windrati, DC. Welcome in this service sr. Rita! Many thanks to sr. Engelina for these years of dedication to VMY! Sister Rita and some VMY members helped to the families that lost their houses during the fire in the slum area of Jakarta. Vietnam From June 30 to July 4, the annual session of formation for VMY Advisors, took place.

Lebanon In the last semester, they carried out the following activities: some meetings of the National Council, an Encounter on occasion of the Miraculous Medal (November 28), an the animators (December 1). At December, they celebrate their Elective Assembly.

feast of the Encounter for the end of Extraordinary

Syria They began the pastoral year in October and they elected a new Council, presided by Joumana Zaarour. Their motto is: “Our light shine on the entire world”.

CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE Belarus. On October 18, the meeting of all the Children of Mary in Belarus was magnificent. They could feel the unity and the force as a gift of God and of the Virgin Mary.

Slovakia. From July 10 to 13, the ZLET (National Encounter) took place. About 300 members participated and some of them represented VMY of other European countries. The last activities of the Association are: 26 summer camps for 831 youths and children, a meeting of the National Council in Nitra (September 19 and 20), the beginning of the Jubilee Year with the campaign "Fight against the hunger" in favour of Haiti (26 of September), and the Vinc-olympic games, a national competition about life of Saint Vincent, organized in different age categories, (November 7). Poland. About 40 members participated in formation sessions in Piwniczna. They reflected on the annual motto of VMY Poland and on the life of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise for the Jubilee Year. In September, the different branches of the VF met in Bydgoszcz for the official opening of the Jubilee Year. On November 22, they met Sister Evelyne Franc who th had gone to Krakow because of the 150 anniversary of the DC Province. From 4 to 6 December, 47 members met in the DC Provincial House in Warsaw, for a retreat animated by Fr. Jacek Kuziel, National Priest Advisor. It reflected on the life and the teaching of Saint Vincent. Czech Republic. From 10 to 13 October, Sr. Margita visited some groups of VMY in Czech Republic and reported on the activities carried out during this visit of animation. Ukraine. On December 12, all the branches of the VF met in Kiev to establish their program for the Jubilee Year.

TO REFLECT ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP Saint Vincent de Paul is an inspiration for individuals, communities, organizations, churches, and schools worldwide. As Vincentians, we identify Vincent as someone who worked to end poverty and oppression. His accomplishments in life provide us with inspiration to work for something better and share a culture of community, love, and acceptance with those we encounter. Within Vincent’s inspirational legacy we also must understand Vincent as a leader, organizer, and manager. In 2002, Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project began to research about Saint Vincent de Paul and Vincentian leadership to identify Vincent-inspired leadership practices among Vincentian communities. From this research, The Hay Project developed a model of leadership that guides Vincentian leadership development. Our model of leadership provides tools to identify individual leadership challenges and goals whether personal, professional, or organizational. To view our model, visit Being a member of Vincentian Marian Youth challenges young adults to energize their faith by connecting each other more closely with Jesus Christ and one another. It is important to identify your Vincentian leadership practices while working to achieve the mission of VMY. Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project offers online assessments, action plans, retreats, leadership resources, and leadership coaching. We encourage you to identify your Vincentian leadership practices by completing our online assessment found on our website at Visit our website for more information about the Project, Vincentian leadership, and for further resources that may strengthen your growth in leadership as a member of Vincentian Marian Youth. Let us know how we can be of further help by emailing us at: Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project


Dear VMY, Our Third General Assembly is approaching. It will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from August 1 – 6, 2010. This is the opportunity for us, young VMY lay members, to meet, share and strengthen prayer, training and action; it's time to give new answers to the current poverty in the world. Our mission is to refresh the Vincentian Charisma and bring our lifestyle to other young people and the poorest. It is the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the Association and to renew it with a new International Council for the next five years. Therefore, it is important to count on your presence; we expect two lay delegates, or at least one lay member from each country. We know that the main limitation is economic, so we encourage you to undertake activities to finance these expenses and at the same time we encourage you to plan an activity that allows self-financing of the Association in the country. We also hope that countries with more resources are aware of the importance of this event, and will express their solidarity in a concrete form, in way that all members can practice their rights in the Assembly. The International Secretariat is at your disposal to answer any questions regarding participation and preparation of the Assembly. May, at this time of grace, our Mother of the Miraculous Medal intercede and help us to live the Advent as renewal of our Christian commitments; and help us to be closer to God that comes with face of newborn Child!


• • •

On November 1, the International Secretariat welcomed the new International Delegate, Sister Bernardita Garcia, DC. You can contact her at: From November 13 to 15, Cleber and Katarina (volunteers) participated in Salamanca (Spain) in a course of formation to prepare the WYD, under the theme "Youth Leadership”. From November 15 to 20, Yasmine represented VMY at the Third International Meeting of the AMM. She presented a speech about the endways of the members of VMY.

Appointments. The Director General confirmed the following appointments: Fr. Fernando Vallejo Molina (Mexico, Advisor, 26-V-09); Minelly Acevedo (Puerto Rico, President, 14-IX-09); Giuliana Vellita (Peru, President, 13-X-09); Maienza Giuseppe (Italy, President, 16-X-09); Dímelas Pamela Antezana Pacheco (Bolivia, President, 16-X-09); Sister Marcelle Denda Mputu (Dem. Rep. Congo, 20-X-09).

Approval of Statutes. On September 27 , 2009, the Director General approved the amendments to the Statutes of VMY Madagascar.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY. We remind all countries that the International Secretariat wishes to receive your proposals of logo and hymn in December. On 14 February 2010, we expect your registration forms and your response on the collaboration asked by the Preparatory Commission.




Boletin Internacional 12 2009  

Revista electronica de la Asociación JMV

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