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We’ve got Mail Thank you for putting out yet another great issue. Each issue is so informative and colorful to read as well as see. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Take care and have a great day. -

Vincent Young

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Editor’s Letter How do I love this issue? Ohhhh….. Let me tell you the ways. This issue we have 2 covers: We have Eugene Turner from the Finding Me Movies and Darian Aaron from the hugely popular and informative blog Living out Loud with Darian. When I got the idea to have Eugene as our 18th cover model. I didn’t know I was going to interview Darian Aaron also; so I came up with the idea to have 2 covers in print and call it “The Dualing Covers” who will come out on top when I receive the numbers. The reason I chose Eugene on page 9, I wanted to interview him for the Finding Me issue we did at the being of this year. But I didn’t have his information and time was not on my side. So I said “I would wait and give him a cover at a later date”. The other reason is I love big bulky men that make me feel small. (I know T.M.I.) When I sat down with Darian Aaron on page 5 and I looked at his Photos I said to myself “I wish I could have him on my cover”. Then it hit me why not have 2 covers for the print magazine, cause it would never happen with the digital version. So my dream came true I got both men for the price of one. Both of there interviews are great. I learned things about Eugene and I definitely learned a lot from Darian, he is a smart, intelligent , black man that has learned a lot in his years. We also have our Ask Nathan Column on page 4 covering a sensitive subject in America Race.We also have Adam’s recent blog in the mag on page 14, and our What’s the T? Entertainment column is back on page 16. So Sit Back and Enjoy this weeks issue. Also please email me with your letters about this issue at Cordially, Cleavester Brooks Editor In Chief

Ask Nathan

I just have two questions to ask. My question is why in the black gay community we have so much prejudice against one another. What I mean is you have light skin Vs dark skin brothers and other prejudices we throw at one another. I mean we already have enough against us as a race already and to add more fuel to the fire is crazy. My other question is why are there many other black gay brothers who will not talk to you if you are not the cutest or sexiest person walking? Take care and I will be looking for your response to my questions. Have a great day. - Vince I'm no expert in race relations’, however, years of learned hatred has tarnished our community. The only problem is that as a community, we aren't making any strides to change that. We live in a world now where it's every man for himself. Until we are able to see each other as equal, we are doomed. We need to start a new revolution. Are you ready to lead that? To respond to your other question: Everyone has their preference. We like what we like; it's as simple as that. I would assert that you do no talk to every man that is attracted to you. People are people and I do believe that everyone wants attention. The question is: Are we willing to give that attention to the masses? Do you have time to talk to everyone? It starts with you. Talk to 3 people that you wouldn't normally talk to. I hope this helps you put things into perspective. Create a "Sevenly" Day! _____________________________________________ Nathan "Seven" Scott Professional & Personal Life Coach Committed to Entrepreneurs & Women's Empowerment 917-771-6611 Visit me online:

Darian Aaron- The Man Behind The Blog A Cleavester Brooks Interview Recently, I go the chance to interview world re-known blogger Darian Aaron. We have read his stuff for years in various magazines and now the time has come to find out “Who he is?”, “Where he was raised”, etc. So pull up a chair and enjoy the read. Cleavester: Hello, Darian. Darian Aaron: Hey, Cleavester. Cleavester: How are you doing? Darian Aaron: Hey I'm doing well. Cleavester: Who is Darian Aaron? Darian Aaron: I'm an activist, writer, and unapologetically black and gay. Cleavester: What was life like growing up? Darian Aaron: I grew up in the south...Montgomery, Alabama. I had what one would consider a traditional upbringing with both a father and a mother. There wasn't much that I ever went without growing up. Church and family have always been important to me. I often felt stifled as far as my creativity was concerned and especially once I realized I was gay living in a small conservative town. Cleavester: What did you want to be when you grow up? Darian Aaron: As a small child I thought I wanted to become a lawyer or go into the military. But that was before I discovered the theater and realized God had blessed me with the ability to act and dance. Cleavester: At what age did you discover theater? Darian Aaron: I discovered theater when I was twelve years old. I did my first production of A Christmas Carol where I played Ebenezer Scrooge and after hearing the thunderous applause from the audience as I took my bow I knew the stage is where I belonged. The next year I landed my first professional gig as Travis Younger in Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In the Sun at The Alabama Shakespeare Festival and began the journey as a performer. Cleavester: When did you move to Atlanta?

Darian Aaron: I moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles in the fall of 2006. Cleavester: After your acting career what did you do and what year did it end? Darian Aaron: I transitioned from acting after high school and decided to pursue dance full time. I worked as a dancer in musical theater, commercials, and music videos in NY, LA and Las Vegas as well as overseas. I retired from the business to pursue activism in late 2005. Cleavester: What did you learn as a dancer? What would you change if you had to during this time? Darian Aaron: I learned how to have a thick skin. As a performer you're constantly faced with rejection and you learn quickly that the final decision often has very little to do with your talent but other things that are out of your control. If I could go back and change anything it would be certain people who I let into my life who didn't have my best interest at heart and only served to distract me from my goals. Cleavester: Who did you dance with and for during your dancing career (i.e. major artist, dance companies Alvin Ailey)? Darian Aaron: I did lots of musical theater, national tours, regional theater on the east coast, hotel shows in Las Vegas, and gigs with Prince and R Kelly in LA along with a string of TV shows including My Wife & Kids & MAD TV. Cleavester: At what age did you discover you were SGL? Darian Aaron: I realized I was SGL around 7 years old. I knew very early on.

Cleavester: Was it a feeling that came over you? Did you ask your parents about it? Or kept it to yourself. Darian Aaron: As far as I can remember I just knew. I never mentioned it to anyone in my family until I came out at 16. I grew up in a very homophobic environment so I knew that although what I was feeling was very natural to me it was looked down upon by almost everyone around me. Cleavester: What advice would you give to someone that is experiencing the same thing and don't know how to deal with it? Darian Aaron: Well books saved my life. Particularly gay affirming literature. I would recommend that he or she surrounds themselves with positive people and affirmations of who they are. The internet is a wonderful

tool to connect with people who are going through similar life events. It's important to know that you're not alone and your life is not an abomination. You're wonderfully and fearfully made in God's image and being gay doesn't change that one bit. Cleavester: In 2005, what form of Activism did you start? Darian Aaron: Actually a letter that I'd written to my mother that appeared on Keith Boykin's blog was my first foray into activism and a couple of months later I created my blog Living Out Loud with Darian and it became official. Cleavester: How has blogging changed your life? What would you do if you didn't have the internet? Darian Aaron: I stumbled into blogging by accident. I knew there was a desire within me to advocate for those in our community who were too afraid to speak out or who had been silenced by the pervasive homophobia in the black community. My blog and the lives it's touched over the past 3 1/2 years, is greater than anything I could have ever imagined. I feel incredibly blessed that I've been able to impact someone else's life the way my mentors impacted mine. And I can't imagine life without the internet. I need to write like I need food & water. But I'd probably work for a non-profit organization. Cleavester: What topics do your blog report? How many hours do you blog? Darian Aaron: My blog is a mixture of news, entertainment, & spirituality from an African-American male perspective. If it's black & gay you'll most likely find it on my blog. I blog about 30- 40 hours a week. It’s really like a second full time job.

Cleavester: Do your blog produce an income for you? What do you want to become of your blog (entertainment show, TV channel, movies, etc.)? Darian Aaron: My blog does produce a small income from the ads that are displayed on my site. Not enough for me to quit my day job (smile) I'm open to whatever opportunities that may present itself. However, I want to make it clear that I'm not a celebrity nor am I seeking fame from writing my blog. I understand the work I'm doing is bigger than me. It's about creating a world that is safe for our LGBT brothers and sisters to live in peacefully and flourish. Cleavester: What do you look for in a mate? How long have you and your partner been together? Darian Aaron: I look for someone who is willing to put up with all of my stuff and will still love me afterwards (smile). My partner and I have been together a little over 2 years.

Cleavester: What do you think of others in the community calling themselves celebrities and seek fame off of us? Darian Aaron: I have no problem with someone who seeks and fame and works tirelessly to achieve it. However, I do have a problem with individuals who purport to advocate for the community as a whole when it's clearly obvious their main goal is to acquire celebrity status and become a household name. Cleavester: Who do you follow in the Community? Darian Aaron: As far as black gay bloggers are concerned I follow Rod McCollum & Pam Spaulding daily. There's also a long list of bloggers I have bookmarked that I check in on from time to time. Sadly, there's very few black gay bloggers whose content deal with serious issues. But you can always find the latest pictures of Beyonce & Rhianna. (Smile) Cleavester: Do you want a family with your partner? Darian Aaron: Definitely. We've discussed adoption. However, I've been very adamant about not having kids until we're married. No kids out of wedlock for me (smile) Cleavester: Do you read SGL Weekly? What would you do to make it better if you were the editor? Darian Aaron: Yes, I read SGL Weekly. I would work on increasing the magazine's circulation because there is such a huge need for our stories & images to get into the hands of people who need to see them. Cleavester: Do you have a domestic side? Do you Cook, Garden, Etc.? Darian Aaron: Me, cook? Oh no!! My partner would laugh out loud if he saw that question. I avoid cooking and yard work like the plague (smile) I'm in charge of making sure the house is clean and we have clean clothes and he takes care of everything else. Cleavester: What is your take on Health Care Reform? Darian Aaron: I'm praying that the Obama Administration and Congress is able to pass some sort of reform in the fall and the 47 million uninsured Americans are able to get the coverage they need to get life saving medical attention. There is no excuse why the greatest country in the world isn't able to make sure all of its people are properly cared for. Cleavester: How would you grade the Obama and his Administration? Darian Aaron: I'm refraining from grading the administration so soon. However, I would like to see the Obama Administration put some action behind the promises he made to the gay community during the campaign. Cleavester: What is your guilty pleasure? Darian Aaron: Lately it's been Blue Bell Black Walnut ice cream. I can't get enough! Cleavester: What do you know for sure? Darian Aaron: I know just as I was born I must die. So there's no reason to concentrate on the latter because it's inevitable and out of my control. What I must concentrate on is making a difference while I'm alive. Cleavester: What is on your I-pod? Darian Aaron: On my iPod there's plenty of Janet & Michael Jackson as well as every other genre of music from gospel, R&B, pop, rock, Broadway, & even a little country. Cleavester: Thank you so much Darian, It was fun talking with you. Do you have any final words? Darian Aaron: Yes. Please tell your readers to visit me at and to tell a friend. Living Out Loud with Darian is specifically written for the black SGL individual but can be enjoyed by everyone.

Finding Eugene Turner Photo Courtesy: Paula Barr A Cleavester Brooks Interview Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Eugene Turner from the Finding Me Movies. When Angie Stone wrote that song “Black Brotha” fine brother, I love ya. She had Eugene in mind. So pull up a chair and enjoy what we discuss. Cleavester: Your character is a down to earth bisexual guy. Are you down to earth and Bi-Sexual? Eugene Turner: Lol, Well I am definitely laid back. It takes a lot to get me worked up, and like Greg I enjoy kicking around in sandals and cargo shorts, looking at T.V. (my favorite pastime) and whipping up meals for my friends. But unlike Greg I am not bisexual; I just play that role in a move Cleavester: What is your take on men and women who are bisexual? Eugene Turner: I say do you as long as you are being honest and no one is being left in the dark. Life is too short to be worried about what others think. I truly believe by the time you are an adult you should be making your own decisions, and besides I don’t believe that people fall into these supposed categories that society has placed on us, there are subtleties and nuances that make each of us as different as our shades of skin color or our fingerprints Cleavester: What is the ultimate dream for your life? Eugene Turner: To be 102 sitting in an easy chair surrounded by loved ones, reflecting on a life well lived with no regrets. That is my ultimate dream. If that happens then all the other "shit" would have fallen in place Cleavester: Who is Eugene Turner? Eugene Turner: I'm actually laughing at this question because I am a different person than I was 10 years ago, than I was 5 years ago than I was 5 months ago meaning. I am realizing things about myself everyday my needs change as well as my desires. In short Eugene E Turner is the son of a sharecropper... sike! I am a work in progress. But at the core I am a sensitive, caring, and loving person-that although I have no time for bullshit I look at everyone individually and accept people for who-they are. I am insecure but self assured, I am a complicated mass of contradictions that come together to form a pretty cool dude, Cleavester: What did you want to be when you were growing up? Eugene Turner: I have always wanted to be involved in the Arts, and thank God I have always had the support of my family. That has changed form from actor, to graphic artist, to musician, but I am exactly where I want to be (just waiting for spike to call) Cleavester: Has God blessed you with everything you could think or dream yet? Eugene Turner: Everything and then some! But I am not greedy nor impatient, I am confident that there is more in store for me cause he blesses me every minute of every day, You see a week ago I didn't think anyone was interested in what I had to say now look BLAAAM!!!! Blessing, I’m interviewing with you.

Cleavester: Some have said you are sexy. Do you consider yourself to be sexy?

Eugene Turner: Hell yeah I know I'm sexy, see I have been told that I'm sexy and I've been informed of the opposite. But I don’t look to others for validation; I wake up in the morning look in the mirror and say HOT DAYUMN!!! Lol our a good looking mutha shut yo mouf. Get’s me through the day. Cleavester: Do you have any hidden talents we don't know about? Well I can burn in the kitchen, I can hold a tune, I am a pretty good illustrator... oh and I can tie a cherry stem into a knot using my tongue. Cleavester: What can you tell us about each of your costars we don't know? (Ray Martell, Derrick Briggs, J' Nara Corbin, Ronald De Suze, Maurice Murrell) There just as evil and selfish as the characters they play onscreen, I'm totally kidding, If this is what I have to look forward to in every theatrical experience I have then I'm going to have a lovely career. I am being 100 percent honest when I say everyone involved with this film is talented, and friendly. This has truly been a great experience. Ray is like a little bro to me, Maurice and J'Nara are my best friends and we speak everyday, Derrick is one of the funniest people I know (and he can dance a lil something) and Ron is extremely friendly. People always meet us and say "I am surprised you guys are so friendly" but I have to say Roger (the director) has fostered a sense of family on set and it works. Cleavester: What can you tell us about your character in the sequel? Are you finally going to pick a team to bat for? Will you finally settle down? "What a tangled web we weave" I will start by saying that. There is so much drama in the sequel the name should be the young and the over-sexed. To answer your question without giving anything away the choice is made for Greg. Cleavester: Where do you want to take your Kraft called acting? The sky is the limit! I want to be a power player in this field. I want to be known for putting out great work, and I want to work till I can’t anymore.

Cleavester: Are you a Full time or Part time actor? What is your day job? Thanks to this economic mess we are in I am a full time actor (see blessings come in different forms) Cleavester: Are you on the market or taken? Anyone who wants to know can ask me when they see me walking around the city Cleavester: What do you look for in a mate? Honesty, integrity, intelligence (a must), a selfless attitude and a high sex drive, oh! An have the ability to have a conversation Cleavester: Do you see yourself getting married and having kids? I would love to have 3 sons maybe 4 Cleavester: Are you freaky? Eugene Turner: Well one mans freaky is another mans normal. I like to enjoy what I am doing so I have very few hang-ups but that’s normal to me. Cleavester: What advice can you give to those that lack in that department? Eugene Turner: What you wont do there are about a million mofos who will and with a smile, Cleavester: If you could be on any Reality show. What show would it be and why? Eugene Turner: The Amazing Race. I love that show it’s totally competitive without the embarrassing reality show stuff. And you get to see the world and experience cultures that you would never get to see in a normal circumstance I just don't think I could find anyone to go on with me

Cleavester: What do your family think about Finding Me and are they excited about part 2? Eugene Turner: Well my family is super excited that I am finally doing what I love. My Mother loves the film. They know I am filming the sequel but I think there more excited that I am actually filming more than anything else Cleavester: Are we going to see you in your Birthday suit in Finding Me: The Truth?

Eugene Turner: Let’s just say you will see more of Greg in this film than you did the first. Cleavester: Thank you Eugene, Do you have any final words? Eugene Turner: I would like to thank everyone who has seen this film and given their support, and kind words. If you see me don’t hesitate to talk to me I don’t bite (usually) and keep spreading the word make sure all of your friends know about the film. At the end of the day this is an independent project real work went into making this and without your support we are nothing, so we need you guys and really appreciate you.

Keep On Pushing By Adam Irby Benjamin I believe that everything and everybody comes into your life for a reason and a season, and that all things, good and bad have some type of purpose, however trivial or indiscernible, but a purpose nevertheless. That brings me to Steven. A while back I met a guy, let’s call him Steven. Steven was my type, short, thin build, beautiful face and a ridiculous body, thin and toned, just like I like it, a pretty boy, sexy as hell. I met Steven out one day on a fluke, out somewhere where I didn't even plan to be and he was just there. We had a few drinks, we ended up talking, flirting, and the attraction was definitely there. Then he began to talk about his boyfriend, how they were having problems and were about to break up. How his boyfriend was cheating and how as of late it'd become disrespectfully apparent. I mean, you know how it is when you're bitching to someone else about how wack your boyfriend is. Not only are you trying to convey how bad he is to them, but deep down inside you're still trying to convince yourself that you should leave him alone when you know that there's a part of you that still loves him in spite of what he's done. So yeah, it was basically that. He was flirting with me while talking shit about his boyfriend, but most importantly flirting with me... hard. He kept talking about seriously breaking things off with his boyfriend on a slant toward trying to start something with me. Yeah, right. That was obviously the liquor talking. But he was sexy, and I was single and horny, so I went along with it. Fuck it. See, two years ago, I may have fallen for that whole thing, the whole I’m a leave my trifling' ass boyfriend for a better man like you bullshit. Back then I may have listened to it; I may have even allowed the misguided glimmer of hope to enter my mind that I could get with this fine-ass dude just like that. I felt bad for him hearing his story and yeah I was definitely a better man and yeah I could've definitely treated Steven better than his man was treating him. His dude was crazy for cheating on him like that, Steven was fine, he seemed pretty nice, he was a cool dude, and did I mention that Steven was fine. But being the smarter person I am now I realized that I was only hearing one side of the story and at the end of the day I didn't even know this nigga like that. Now, don't get me wrong, on some regular shit, if we were both unattached, I could definitely pull this nigga if we were like in a club or out on the street or something, but under these circumstances, no. I'm so not trying to get involved in all of his relationship drama. The best I could hope for with Steven was a roll in the hay and that'd be that. Eventually, after a few days and a few messages exchanged back and forth Steven and I met and well... I fucked him. And it was good, damn good, everything I'd imagined it to be and then some. There's no better feeling than to finally be able to stick your hard throbbing dick inside of the object of your desire and watch as he enjoys every millisecond of it, each stroke and thrust taking him to higher heights and deeper depths of illicit ecstasy, to watch his beautiful head and juicy lips bob up and down on your pulsating dick, to have all your recent masturbation fantasies fulfilled all at once. He came while I was still inside of him and once I pulled out to cum all over him I leaned down and whispered in his ear "I already know I fuck you better than ya man. It's okay you don't have to admit it." and smiled slyly, as he smiled back in agreement we looked into each other's eyes and we connected. I liked him and I believed he genuinely like me too, in fact he told me that as we were getting all cleaned up. He told me that he wanted to see me again and implied that I should be patient with him while he straightened things out with his man. As fast as Steven was feeding me these lines I'm shook them all off in cynical disbelief, not even for a second allowing them to latch onto my

psyche. Who the fuck does this nigga think I am, Monica Lewinsky or somebody? Fuck outta here. I've been down this road before and it's not a scenic one. The saddest thing about it was that he actually believed the things that he was saying. As the days went by I would still hear from Steven, albeit less, with much less urgency. In an effort not to allow myself to get caught up I wouldn't be so quick to reply to his messages, even as they were fewer and further between. One day we finally talked on the phone and I was really honest with him about how I felt about him. I told him that he was cool and I liked him and that the sex was great but I thought that that was all it should be. Maybe if the timing were different it could have been more than that. I continued explaining that though what his man was doing was wrong that what we did was wrong as well and since we were lucky enough not to get caught that we probably should just leave things where they were, why test fate? We could enjoy our night for what it was and hold on to the memory. He then agreed and went on to tell me that he got back with his boyfriend the night before. See kids, the moral of the story is this. As nice as I am and as great a lay as I was, Steven didn't really want me. Oh no, Steven wanted to get even. Steven's rendezvous with me put him and his man on the same level. You can't really sit around crying and bitching about what a horrible cheater your boyfriend is when you're doing the same shit. Once the fucking was over and the nuts were busted I'd imagine that Steven was able to put himself in his boyfriend's shoes and in rationalizing his wrongdoing he found a way in which to rationalize his boyfriend's transgressions. So in a way we both got what we wanted. I wanted to fuck him, he wanted me to fuck him and he also wanted to find a way to feel better about him and his boyfriend's situation. Everybody wins. Of course, I wouldn't get the chance to get to know Steven better but I was smart enough not to expect that in the first place. no matter how good my dick was. The idea that one night of good sex could be enough to bring someone out of a relationship is ridiculous. I learned from past experience to never get caught in with a nigga who's dealing with relationship drama. As much as he may tell you that he likes you and wants to get with you, given whatever drama he's in, he truly doesn't know what the hell he wants. I always say, as fly as you may be, as good as you may be, you could look better, dress better, fuck better, and just all around be better, but the one thing you can never fuck with is the past. If someone is in something and they've been in it for a while it's gonna take them a while to move on to someone else, that is if they even decide to move on to somebody else. You can't compete with the past, with all those memories and shit, and until that person is ready to let go of the past there's nothing you can do. As much as I would have like to have gotten to know Steven, the timing was off. I mean hey, there's always the future right? Given the statistics and the law of averages where gay male relationships are concerned there's a good possibility that there will be a time where I and Steven will both be single at the same time and we could possible get together the right way. In the end I don't regret me and Steven's night together. The sex was good and in some strange way it seems to have contributed to Steven and his boyfriend staying together. Hey, I do what I can. Today, Steven and his boyfriend are still together and Steven and I haven't communicated since.

What’ the T? Will Packer Moves Forward With Stomp The Yard 2 We just discovered that Director and pre-production on his new film Stomp The Yard 2, and the film starts shooting in October. In this sequel we also discovered that the cast from the previous film- Columbus Short, Meagan Good, Ne-Yo, Brian White, Laz Alonso and Darrin Henson- are all expected to participate (along with a couple of new additions and a new story line) but featured as cameos in this film. No word yet on what this film will be about, but we will have that info soon.

Missed the original film? Stomp The Yard, which debuted in 2007, was about initially about a troubled 19-year-old street dancer from Los Angeles, who after the death of his younger brother is able to bypass juvenile hall by enrolling in the historically black, Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. But his efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he is courted by the top two campus fraternities, both of which want and need his fierce street-style dance moves to win the highly coveted national step show competition.

Steve Harvey's Book Gets a Film Role

It looks like Steve Harvey is still making some waves with his relationship book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. It seems that Producer/Director Will Packer and Screen Gems thinks it will make a good film and approached Harvey about turning it into a film, and they are moving forward with the project.

In case you haven’t heard, Harvey wrote the book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man as a book of advice for women seeking to better understand their male counterparts, an exercise inspired by a segment on Harvey's syndicated morning radio show. We hear that Screen Gems is currently on the look out for writers for the new comedy that will revolve around an ensemble cast.

Actress Vivica A. Fox Joins the Cast of Pastor Jones

We just discovered some news from actress Vivica Fox as she has just inked a multi-episode deal to star in the upcoming series titled Pastor Jones. The deal, inked with Nulite Entertainment, calls for Ms. Fox to play Dr.Hunter, an ex-girlfriend of Pastor Jones', who recently joins Grace United Christian Church. Nulite Entertainment will produce 75 episodes of the show, based on the popular character, Pastor Jones, played by actor Jean Claude LaMarre. Other talent includes Sheryl Lee Ralph, Clifton Powell, Paula Jai Parker and Marcello Thedford. Since its debut in 2006, Pastor Jones, which stars LaMarre, has sold more than 2 million units on home video, grossing approximately $8 million in sales. The movies have amassed a large Christian following among African-American audiences with inspirational storylines, dealing with themes of abuse, infidelity, redemption and faith. Lamarre is now venturing into television with this new half hour comedy also entitled Pastor Jones. With an amazing cast and hilarious story lines, Lamarre is set to make his mark on the small screen. An independent filmmaker, LaMarre has produced a successful string of straight-to-DVD hits targeting the urban market, including Gang of Roses, Nora's Hair Salon 1 and 2, and Brothers and Arms. Most recently, LaMarre has produced, directed and starred in the

controversial Color of the Cross. He also owns and operates the website, which is the leading subscription based Christian movie site on the internet.

VIBE Magazine Is Back!

We have just discovered that VIBE Magazine, which officially closed its doors on June 30th, has officially been resurrected. It seems that a group of investors named Intermedia Partners, a New York-based media industry private equity fund and its property, Uptown Media has put together a plan to bring the urban hip hop magazine back to the news stands. First, we hear VIBE will initially relaunch on with the print edition appearing by the end of the year, followed by quarterly- or four times a year beginning in 2010. Vibe's new leadership will include original Vibe team members Robert Miller and Leonard Burnett; Uptown Magazine Co-Founder Brett Wright and Blackrock Digital Partners Chris Smith and Parker McNaughton. An important item to note is that despite Quincy Jones stating that he wanted to save the magazine, he is not involved in the new purchase.

SGL Weekly Mag Issue 18  

Cover model Eugene Turner and Darian Aaron