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Editor’s Letter Wow, we are back for the forth issue. Which is a blessing in this field of magazine publishing. Everyone has been working very hard and around the clock to complete this issue. I have been editing this magazine for an entire month now. I usually would have quit by the second issue but I have been recieving all these words of encouragement. Which allows me to continue when I can’t come up with anything. I want to thank Nathan 7 Scott for continuing this journey with me, I don’t walk alone. My friend and last weeks cover girl M aurice Runea, stay up into the wee hours of the night talking about life and our plans for the future. We bounce ideas back and forth.In this issue I sat down with Dwight Allen O’Neal to discuss life and his plans for the future of Christopher Street. Nathan is writing about letting go of a worth less boyfriend. We have our movie selections and gossip from Deena Jones. We have a article about Project Runway and Donnie M cClurkin and so much more. Take a look. Cleavester Brooks Editor-In-Chief

Donnie McClurkin Compares His Homosexuality To Diabetes:"I Don’t Eat Sugar, But It Doesn’t Mean By: Carrington Lei Another week, a new album to promote, and more ridiculous statements from the "very single" Donnie McClurkin regarding his homosexuality.

Blogger Carrington Lei of Pearl's Window recently had an opportunity to chat with the "We Fall Down" singer as he begins promotion for his new album "We All Are One"(Live In Detroit), and it wasn't long before the conversation shifted from music to McClurkin's controversial statements on being "delivered" or "cured" from homosexuality. I guess it depends on which articles you've read over the past few years and how many times McClurkin himself has changed his story regarding what he believes to be his "struggle".

In one of his most outrageous explanations for how he was able to suppress his same-sex desires, McClurkin who is a diabetic, compares his craving for sugar and the will power he has developed to abstain to his success in breaking free from homosexuality. I swear I didn't make that up.

CARRINGTON LEI: Now, a part of the reason so many people take issue with you is because you believe that homosexuality is a choice and can be, I’m not sure how to phrase this – is "cured" the right word?

DONNIE M cCLURKIN: Cured is what they have said in order to make it more villainous or controversial. Most of the things you read that I’ve said, I have not said. There’s always a spin on it, it’s all according to whose telling the story – it’s not good print if it’s not controversial.

I never said that I was cured from anything, I said that I was delivered, and that’s what God does - He delivers.

CARRINGTON LEI: So, when you say delivered, does that mean that you were delivered from homosexuality – or the ability to act on a same-sex attraction, because there’s a difference.

DONNIE M cCLURKIN: Is there a difference?

CARRINGTON LEI: I absolutely believe that there is a difference. You considered yourself gay at one point and now you say that you’re delivered. To me, the term delivered can be pretty ambiguous, depending on how you use it. The difference in saying, “I’m attracted to the same sex, but I’m choosing not to act on my attraction” and not having an attraction at all is vastly different.

DONNIE M cCLURKIN: Not at all. The bottom line is that it’s all the same. It’s by not choosing to act that the attraction and the appetite starts to abate and wane.

I’m a diabetic now and I don’t eat sugar, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want sugar. The more I don’t eat the sugar, the more I lose the taste for sugar and the more my diet starts to change permanently – I can’t stand a regular soda now because it’s too much sugar. So, the more I don’t intake the sugar, the more it leaves out of my desire.

God bless him. I can't even imagine the inner turmoil this man has to deal with on a daily basis. As long as McClurkin continues to tell his audience that he's been "delivered" from the evils of honmosexuality and they continue to support his music it's a win-win for both. His music career will continue to prosper and black straight folks will continue to believe that homosexuality unlike heterosexuality is a choice and can be changed through fervent prayer and reparative therapy.

We all know homosexuality is tolerated in the black church as long as you don't open your mouth and confirm what everybody is saying about you behind your back already. "We fall down but we get up", sure Donnie.

Dwight Allen O’Neal Revealed An Cleavester Brooks Interview Cleavester: You just had the Launch party for your show Christopher Street. How was that night like? Dwight Allen O’neal: The launch party for CSTV was amazing. It really was a dream come true, when I saw that my inspiration for doing the series Patrik Ian Polk was there I was like... "WOW... Dwight you have come along way with this project!" God has really been good to me and the series. There were hundreds of people there too, Splash was jammed pack. C: Who is Dwight Allen O'Neal? I am the son of Dwight and Christell O'Neal and the friend of many... LOL.. No I am just plan old Dwight, a young man who is attempting to leave his mark on the entertainment world. C: What is your goal in life? My goal in life is to create entertainment for others and create a loving family that will grow to better our world in some way. C: Where were you born? I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas by accident. My mother was visiting her sick uncle in the hospital and went into labor. At that time my family lived in Jasper, TX and later moved to Little Rock for good. C: What was life like growing up? My life was very interesting. I was always very mature for my age, at an early age I already knew what my life purpose was and I knew that one day I would live in LA or New York and that's exactly what I did. C: What kind of friend are you? I like to think that I am a very good friend. I do know that I value people that I call friends and I don't use that word loosely, it is very important that friendships are a two way street. Just as much as they support you, you should do the same with them. C: What kind of acting production have you been in before Christopher Street? I was in Hitch, I also have been the principle in several national commercials. Just like many actors my passion's or-gin came from stage. Christopher Street is my first recurring series role.

C: Why New York instead of Los Angeles? I moved to New York to be closer to my modeling agency. It was easier for me to go on casting calls in the city with them, then for me to continue to fly back in forth from Arkansas. I was

signed to a modeling agency my Sophomore year of high school and their company was located here in the "Big Apple." C: If you could sleep with any celebrity gay or straight who would it be and why? I already sleep with a celebrity every night, Dwight Allen O'Neal (LOL) C: Do you see kids in your future? YES! I actually already have an imaginary son named Trevor O'Neal Weaver, Trey Trey for short he is amazing and he keeps me on my toes. It is so hard to raise a son and produce a independent series. LOL C: What keeps you going everyday? The thing that keeps me going every day is my faith. I know that because I honestly believe that I am going to make it that God is going to provide for me all my needs and desires. I am so happy that I have such a strong support system around me and I am so excited that everything I do inspires someone. C: Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything, when writing CSTV I would get it from my life, friends, or even things I would witness on the streets, at the club, or on the train in New York. I think life is a huge flea market it has tons of junk, but you will always find some real valuable stuff hidden under the junk. C: If you could be on any television show on Television now. What show would it be and why? I would love to be one of the voices on "Family Guy" I am actually really good at changing my voice up, when I was younger I use to prank call family members and change my voice up. Sometimes I still do it to my mother, I act like a bill collector and she gets so upset. C: You were raped at a party. What place did the situation take you? That situation was something that I would not wish on a terrorist. I felt so alone after, I was currently on the rocks with my friends at the time and was attempting to date someone and the rape took all that away from me and left me with Dwight. I was frightened, hurt, and angry with the world. I will say that therapy really works wonders. C: What advice would you give to someone that has been raped? Go to the hospital and get on the PEP fast. My biggest fear was that I had contracted something from this person who took advantage of me and that my life was over because of someone else. The PEP is like the morning after drug for HIV/AIDS. C: What is Christopher Street about? Christopher Street is a new independently produced gay television series. The show shares the lives of Chris and his diverse group of friends Jharemy, Ashton, and Shawn. These young men deal with troubles that range from relationship issues, sexual identity, self-love, abuse, HIV/AIDS, and acceptance not only from the world, but from themselves. C: What is the word on the show? We are currently shopping the show to a couple of networks or looking for a distribution deal. Christopher Street is a labor of love that is touching someone new everyday. We are also entering several film festivals as well. C: You are taking the show to North Carolina Pride to do what? Actually we are in the Charlotte Gay Film Festival on April 4, 2009. We are really excited about that and we are booked for several prides this summer. So check with your local pride and see if we will be there and if not tell them to get CSTV in your CITY!!!! NOW!!!! LOL C: What is the Paparazzi Rant? Paparazzi Rant is a song that I created for the series and it is also an expression of how people that are always getting talked about feel. The song basically is saying that you talk about me to make yourself look better, however at the end of the day apparently I'm doing something right or you would not be talking about me. C: What can we expect from Dwight in the future? It is a surprise, however I always have something up my sleeve... Stay tuned.

C: Thank you Dwight, do you have any final words? I would like to thank you for all the support you have given my career. It is really tough to produce quality work for our community and you are doing a great job, thank you for this wonderful opportunity and keep up the great work! Much love from the entire CSTV family!!! Christopher Street-The Series PO Box 2177 New York, New York 10108 Christopher Street... "How Many People Does It Take To Hold A Street Together?"

EXTRA! EXTRA! The CLOSET: Platinum Edition Volume 2 release date? "Fans hold the key to the release date of the dvd-Drama series The CLOSET", stated Maurice Townes during a press conference held in Atlanta, Georgia on March 2, 2009. Mr. Townes holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Senwot Nella Productions and is also the Director of the drama series, The CLOSET. The series was first released in 2003 and has had a number of setbacks regarding its release dates. The reasons for the delayed release dates range from Executive Producers of the series,like Michael Staples and Elizabeth Cooke, having hidden self agendas, Television Network Executives embezzling money, Q Television Network, which aired the series, failing, etc. Unfortunately, these setbacks, which have been of no fault of the production company, it's crew and/or cast, but have ultimately caused the fans and supporters of the series to get the short end of the stick. Most have pre-ordered The CLOSET Platinum Edition Volume 2 and due to Mr. Staples actions, the series is in litigation, oncee again. This time around Senwot Nella Productions can only sit on the side lines and wait until the case concludes. Or do we??? "It's clear that the series is loved by many", states, Maurice, as he continues, "on a daily basis Kevin F. Allen and I get nice and some not-so nice fans/supporters that are very passionate about the is the next release coming out? Several have inquired about cast changes, storylines, funding, product placement and sponsoring. It makes me feel wonderful and sad at the same time. That our little series is loved by so many different types of people." On March 15, 2009, the Director of the series will release to fans and supporters how they are holding the release date to the next installment of the series. Insiders from the Press Conference stated," it's a fund raising campaign that gets everyone involved. It was well received." "I think what he's asking for makes sense. It really gets the fans involved and it's a help me, all inclusive effort." , stated one fan. "He apologized and was very real about what was going on. That's what I wanted. ", stated Ricky Pryor, Banker, who attended the Press Conference. Ricky went on to say, "He also gave us a "put up or shut up" offer that was so clear you had to join him and admire his efforts."

Ask Nathan Dear Nathan, I have been dating this guy for 4 years off and on. We use to live together then he moved out and went to stay with his uncle. I have been supporting him financially when he needed it. But I am tried of going back and forth with him moving back in with me. He keep saying that he would move back on this day and the day would come and he bails out. I'm 56 and he is 27 years old. My friends tell me that he is young and when he is ready he will be back. Sincerely, A Fool in Love. Dear Fool in Love Age has been an interesting conversation between couples lately. Each relationship is different and should be dealt with differently. However, from my perspective given the information that you have provided, I'm going to assert that this young man is "just not that into you". You have been his financial rock which is a set up for disaster if it isn't reciprocated. It seems to me that you are a pit stop along the way, you have to ask him to make a decision. If he cannot make a decision, then it's time for you to seek companionship from another being. Before your next relationship be clear about what you need to make you happy. Truly, Nathan "Seven" Scott * Your Personal Life Coach * Experience Power, Passion & Fulfillment * Send you questions for Nathan to

'Project Runway' Lawsuit Settled by Stephanie D. Smith

NO MORE CATFIGHT: After almost a year of legal limbo, and just when it was in danger of fading from memory, “Project Runway” is back. The show will finally make a new home at Lifetime. NBC Universal, parent of Bravo, and The Weinstein Co. have settled their dispute over the show, which had left the reality program in the dark for nearly a year. According to a statement from NBC Universal, the parties “resolved their disputes.” As a result, The Weinstein Co. “will pay NBCU for the right to move ‘Project Runway’ to Lifetime.” The amount Weinstein has to shell out was not disclosed. Lifetime reportedly paid between $150 million and $200 million for “Project Runway” for a five-year deal. The legal drama began last April when Weinstein said it was moving the show to Lifetime from Bravo. NBC Universal then filed a lawsuit for breach of contract and the show remained in limbo until Wednesday’s decision. “I want to personally congratulate [NBC Universal president and chief executive officer] Jeff Zucker and NBCU on their success in the litigation and thank Jeff for resolving this in a professional manner. We look forward to working together on our ongoing projects,” said Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Co. Season six of “Project Runway” will air on Lifetime in the summer with hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire, which — no surprise — will be the official magazine sponsor. The latest season wrapped taping in February during New York Fashion Week under unusual circumstances: the competing designers had to remain sequestered backstage in order to hide their identities until the show aired. “Project Runway” might not have easy sailing, though. In the year the program has been off the air, several other fashion-related reality contests have sprung up, including “The Fashion Show,” a new designer contest on Bravo, with Harper’s Bazaar as the official magazine partner. The program will premiere May 7.

Adult DVD

"We've spent two years searching for the perfect tops and bottoms for Take 'Em Down 3 and we're proud to say, we've found 'em! This one will blow your mind and drain your nut over and over again. Hot Atlanta top KB takes down powerful Mr. Saukei. Then our own super star, Tiger Tyson, moves in on KB, and guess what? Yes, he takes KB down and makes him beg for more of Tiger's 10+ inches of stiff cock. Hey, listen up, we've just begun! Get ready for Zotic to top 13-inch Big Smoke, bringing the big gay guy to his knees, azz up and open for dick. And if that's not enough to make you pop, check out Latino love machine Tiger Tyson when he gets his hands, and dick, on notorious muscle top Nubius. Tiger bends Nubius to his will, making the rugged top submit to a ferocious butt fuck that'll leave you breathless. Now we come to the grand finale! This is the most awesome sex scene we've ever filmed. It will win many awards and be talked about for years to come. Blatino stud Phat Daddy is joined for the first time ever by his real life brother, King Dingo. The brothers take down lucky black top Bronze Star in a threesome that has to be seen to be believed. Bronze Star takes it like a man, offering up his bubble butt to two 10+ inch dueling brothers, who see it as a challenge to be the thug who fucks Bronze Star hardest, longest and best! If this sounds like we're blowing our own horn, we are! Take 'Em Down 3 is so hot it'll melt the chrome off a Humvee." Verdict: Buy a copy for yourself and a friend. You want be disappointed.

DVD Movies Doubt John Patrick Shanley adapts his own play about a concerned nun (Meryl Streep) who suspects that a high-ranking priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has been sexually abusing one of his students. The story is much more complex than that, of course... you'll have to see it yourself for all the twists and turns! Surprisingly, this is Shanley's first turn as director since Joe vs. the Volcano. Verdict: Buy a copy when it comes out.

American High School Holy crap! Why didn't our high school art teacher ever whip out her zoobs to inspire us horny students to paint some shit? Actually, she might have. We wouldn't know. We cut that class almost every day. What we should be asking is: why didn't we get an art teacher as bombtastically hot as Nikki Schieler Ziering. Her tits, in that scene, are so jugtastic that we would've painted the motherfucking Sistine Chapel... except we were spanking it. Later, she gets up to some naughty shit with some douchebag in the boys' locker room when she shows off her ass which douchebag gives a nice hard slap. The plot revolves around a married couple of seniors, a prom queen contest and raging adolescenet hormones. Oh and star Jillian Murray doesn't go zoobs out, but she has a bunch of great bikini/underwear scenes. Verdict: Rent it is funny as hell.

Not Easily Broken Based on the novel by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Not Easily Broken follows the lives of Dave and Clarice in their second decade of marriage. He's an athlete whose dreams were dashed, she's a successful real estate magnate, and they're both blind to each other's needs for the future. Then a car crash changes everything. Verdict: Buy this DVD and get some for Easter gifts for friends and Family.

What The T? By: Deena Jones Is Oprah’s School is going to send Oprah to a early grave this is second scandal regarding this school... ‘Project Runaway’ Lawsuit is settled and it is on it’s way to Lifetime. The Weinstein’s had to pay an undisclosed amount for NBCU to release the show and the 6 th season is set to air on May 7 on Lifetime with a new magazine Harper’s Bazaar ... Justin Timberlake is set to release his own Tequila call 901 in select cities this May...Sources tell me that Lauren Conrad’s clothing line is on hold to re-think the whole line due to the down economy. I don’t think it’s the economy that is the blame for the failer of this line....It’s Lauren who really cares about the Hills except broke young kids. Bingo!!!!

Jamie Foxx Bum-Rushed In Hotel According to some internet reports, it looks like a fan tried to force his way into comedian Jamie Foxx’s room while he was in Philadelphia. The man was later arrested. According to the reports, Foxx answered the door to the intruder, who pretended he was Beyonce Knowles' producer, at his room at Pennsylvania city's Aka Hotel on March 22nd. We hear that Foxx was forced to overpower the 49-year-old man when he tried to push his way into the room. He fled but was caught by cops on Tuesday when members of Fox's security spotted him near the hotel and alerted the police. The unnamed man was arrested for burglary, criminal threats, stalking, false imprisonment and harassment. Our sources were unable to confirm or deny this report.

Wanda Sykes gets Fox Talk Show We just discovered that comedian and actress Wanda Sykes is finally getting her own show with the FOX network that will be featured on Saturday nights, and hosted by Sykes. The show, so far titled The Sykes show, is expected to launch in the fall, and would fill the void left by the recently canceled sketch series MadTV. The Sykes show will be scheduled to air at 11 p.m, and it looks like it will be an hour long show. We hear that the show is being designed to look more like a panel series similar to Bill Maher's HBO show, as opposed to a regular talk show. One distinct difference that the Sykes show will offer is the show will follow Sykes as she shoots field segments along with topical panel discussions.

Bryon Allen Comes to MyNetwork We have just discovered comedian and Host Byron Allen is about to go prime time with his show Comics Unleashed! That's right, Allen's Entertainment Studios (, and MyNetworkTV will begin airing COMICS UNLEASHED WITH BYRON ALLEN in prime time -starting Wednesday, April 8, 2009. For the first couple of episodes, Allen's line up will consist of many urban comics such as Godfrey, Warren B. Hall, Melanie Comarcho, Marquez The Greatest, George Wallace, Alonzo Bodden, Finesse Mitchell and Kyle Grooms just to name a few. Every week, two half-hour episodes of the comedy franchise will be broadcast back-to-back from 9 to 10 p.m. on Wednesdays. In addition, COMICS UNLEASHED WITH BYRON ALLEN will continue on TV ONE and in syndication on broadcast television stations nationwide, representing 90% of U.S. television households.

Is this Raz B formerly of B2K Go to and tell me if this is him and he suppose to be Holy. I’m pray for you. Jacking off in the bathroom. Imma pray for him. Please let us know.

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SGL Weekly Issue 4  

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