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Editor's Letter

Hey ya'll, I’m sorry it took so long to come out with the 11th issue. I've been experiencing computer issues for the last 3 weeks, were my home computer dumped all the memory. I got it up and running and it still is running slow so I am trying to play catch up on a lot of things. We are in the middle of pride here in Los Angeles and around the world. So we have a lot to talk about. Why do we subject ourselves to just one month a year? Just like Black History Month also. I am black and gay everyday and don't have a choice to switch up from day to day like I change my cloths. So I celebrate everyday myself wether you like it or not. I rather use my time and energy doing something more meaning full with my life thay is going to propel my life to the next level. During my time away I have decide to also make all back and future issues of SGL Weekly Magazine available in print. There will be a lot of changes coming in the months ahead. So log on to and become our friend so you will be an insider. Cordially, Cleavester Brooks Editor In Chief

Pride with Maurice Runea

A lil' History ... Pride is Officially in full bloom in NYC... Pride is a time for us as a united LGBT community to celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments and future endeavors, It is a time of unification and respect for those that paved the way and although we have many more steps to take, we made some gigantic leaps. This NYC Pride is a very special and unique one this year, due to the fact that this is the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. On the evening of Friday, June 27, 1969, NYC Police perceed to raid the Stonewall Inn, a popular Greenwich Village bar frequented by homosexuals. It was to no ones surprise when the police did their routine raids as it was done so often it became the norm, but what started out as any other ordinary night sure didn’t end that way... The LGBT community had reached their boiling point and the street erupted into a violent protest as the patrons in the bar fought back. That night and the nights of protest that followed have come to be known as the Stonewall Riots. In the 50's and 60's the only place gays and lesbians could safely congregate was at gay bars, during the 1960's police would often raid gay and lesbian bars arrest the patrons, publish their names in local papers and upset the lives of innocent men and woman trying to express themselves and enjoy life... It was especially hard for transgender people to survive with there being laws that stated it was illegal and punishable by law to wear more than two pieces of clothing of the opposite sex. Police had the legal right to arrest men for wearing woman’s clothing and vice-versa. The LGBT community has made some major strides, but we still have leaps to go, Let's help build each other up instead of wasting precious time tearing each other down. May you, me and we celebrate pride and thank all those before us the made it a little more easier to just be. Keep strong, Keep fighting and Keep continuing to follow that yellow brick road. To see your future, you have to know your past Saturday, June 6th Staten Island Pride Saturday, June 7th Queens Pride Saturday, June 13th Brooklyn Pride Saturday, June20th Bronx Pride Sunday, June 28th NYC (Manhattan) Pride HAPPY PRIDE, Maurice Runea

Ask Life Coach Nathan

Dear Nathan, My Boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now, mainly on the weekends, so I didn't realize he is a heavy drinker. Cause he didn't show the signs of one. My Father was a heavy drinker and it brings back horrible memories. Do you have any ideas on how to address this issue? Dear Sober One way to handle this is head on. Express to your boyfriend the thoughts feelings and emotions that arise for you when you think about your fathers drinking. Find out how he feels about drinking alcohol and where his addiction comes from. Find out when he had his first drink and what led him to drinking so much. See if he feels that he has a problem and express to him that you are there to support him. Be supportive. Don't make him wrong for drinking just let him know that you are expressing yourself out of love.

Muy Cliente Peter Gebeshian A Cleavester Brooks Interview What is In the Fire about? On the surface the story deals with the two characters, Zeus and Azad, forging forward in their lives and encountering the destructive force, played by the character of Jakar. A deeper interpretation of the story is how we live in a world of two forces--one that builds and breaks down walls; the other that tries to tears those walls down, and attempts to leave the status quo as it is. Why did you choose to bring back Zeus and Azad? The prior novel Journey to Love had a satisfying ending, yet it was quite open-ended. There was still a lot of possibilities to the story that I was yet to explore. The result of the exploration was this current novel. What can we expect from them in this book? Important choices the characters have to make. How do you react when life brings you into challenging situations? What is the end result when you lose your way and begin behaving irrationally? What kind of fire are you going to create in your life that will lead you to your passion in life and sustain it? Why did you decide to self publish, instead of seek a publishing company like Simon & Schuster? I was a novice when I first began, meaning I was learning the art of narration and needed an avenue to hone my skills. Self publishing aided me in this process. Tell us about yourself? What was your childhood like? Teenage years? College years? I was brought up in a middle-class upbringing. I was active as a teenager in high school and was part of a lot of activities. My college years proved to be a much more burgeoning period. Did you deal with issues with self acceptance and self esteem? Hasn't everyone? Yeah...I would say it's part of the process of growing up. Who is your hero and if you had one day to spend with that person, what would you do? I've always admired Toni Morrison as a literary fiction author and Dan Brown as a popular fiction author. If I spent a day with them, I would sit down and have conversations to get into their minds. Authors have their own writing processes. I would want to discover there own. What piece of advice would you give to a person who is unsure of their sexuality? Life is about discovery and creation. Everything unfolds in due time and the answer is always in you. What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing depression or Self Acceptance?

Life gets better if you live wisely, and you have to remain strong and believe that your own perspective of life can turn around for the better. You have to do whatever it takes to change your negative attitudes because they will end up holding you back. I know you are a English teacher, What advice do you give to your students. Everything is symbolic in your life and our lives are just as deep as the novels we read. Do you believe in a higher power? Yes, I'm a strong believer in God. People have different names in their high power; however, the nature of the force is the same. It's a very giving, wise force that we all have to learn to tap into. Do you feel like an outsider? When I wrote my first novel Affluence a few years back it was a reflection of dealing with the feelings of being an outsider. However, things have changed since then. If you could have a dinner with 5 people dead or alive who would it be and why? Great thinkers like Barack Obama, Jesus, Dalai Lama, John Steinbeck, and Ernest Hemmingway have always been a curious bunch to engage in deep conversations with. Have you ever been Crazy in Love? Yes.. the subsequent question would I think reflect that. Have you ever done something stupid for love? Everyone who has been young and stupid can attest to the fact of an inane act. However, I don't like to reminisce about those things since I get chagrined by them. Is there a special someone in your life? I plead the fifth Thank you, I am so glad we had this time together. Do you have anything else to say? Thanks for the opportunity and support and hopefully we do this again soon.

The Gay or Straight question!!! By:Marcus Patrick

OK.. I have had enough of typing the answer to the gay or straight question. When I'm asked this everyday, maybe 20 times per day. The answer is...................... I am LOVE!!! I love all beings. I do not mean Bi sexual either. My sexual preference is Women. BI Loving. The evolved being, capable of loving, caring and hugging all humans. In this day and age, if you are still Homophobic, you are way behind in evolution. The Gay culture runs the world. They run fashion, entertainment and many of the top businesses, that make the world turn. Trust me I know this because I have met most of them. I dance at The Gay clubs because the energy of the music and the people is very Happy, very pleasant. I love Gay people. I love My supporters and fans. I enjoy hugging them, for the support they give to me. Many of my closest friends are Gay and I value them dearly. My Agent Gar Lester and his Husband Curtis Hayes were Married and I was the best man for them. They have been supporters to my career for 8 years. They are My Family practically. So when I'm asked, If I'm straight or gay, I will refer all to this blog, to fully explain why I don't wish to be in the ignorant, straight, category. But then I'm not Gay either. Like I said..... I AM LOVE I choose to love all human beings under God and hang out and work in Happy loving environments. Dancing at the gay clubs is a joy. The music is great, The girls come in and feel free to dance without being harassed, the tips are great and I've made many friends, while I burn all my fat calories away. And a friendly note, to all those who are Homophobic..... I bet all the clothes you have in your Closet, were designed and made by a Gay man... think about it. don't bite the hand that clothes you.... ;D

Sex Talk Pleasing a Woman with a Smaller Penis Dear Zane, I'm a young, black, college student, fairly attractive with a problem. I feel as if my size is my downfall. I'm not horribly small but I'm not as big as I want to be. Right now I'm 6.5 inches. I want to give every girl that I have sex with their best sexual experience but I feel as if my size won't allow me to. But from a woman’s point of view, am I able to have mind blowing sex? Am I putting too much into the tool and not enough into the skill? Or is it a lack of experience. I'm not a virgin, I had sex with a good 7-8 girls, but I don't remember making any of them reach an orgasm. I was told that I have given orgasms out but I didn't believe them. I almost gave one girl an orgasm but she said I killed it. What would you do if you were a man in my situation? Signed, Can I Make It Rain

Dear Can I Make It Rain, The entire big dick theory causes a lot of drama. Six and a half inches is plenty and honestly, a lot of men with elephantine dicks have no clue what to do with them. You are young and a lot of the young ladies you are messing around with might not even be totally comfortable with their own sexuality. Climaxing for women is not the same as it is for men. It is obvious when a man comes but not always as obvious with women. Some women do not even know when they climax. They are used to these explosive ones that come from masturbation and think it should be like that during sex. So do not expect any aftershocks, eyes rolling into the back of heads, or shuddering. If I were a man in your situation, I would be loving and caring toward the women that I have sex with; I would make love to their mind long before I ever hop in the bed with them, and I would hold them afterwards and let them know how special they are to me. I would be romantic, sincere, and compliment them on a regular basis. I would make them feel special and hope that they would realize how special I am in return. Do not make sex a mechanical thing; that is a certain setup for emotional turmoil. If women say you please them, believe them. If they continue to make love to you, embrace it. You cannot change the size of your dick; but you can make sure you have a huge heart. Blessings, Zane

At the Beach Los Angeles Black Pride Please note that the annual beach party is schedule for Friday, not Saturday, this year. Enjoy! At the Beach Los Angeles Black Pride June 30-July 5, 2009 ForEver United „The Magic of LA‟ Official ATBLA Week Calendar 2009 ATB 2009 Host Hotel Information Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside 6161 W. Centinela Ave. Culver City, CA 90230-6306 Reservation Code: ATB2008 Reservations: 888-201-1718 Tuesday, June 30, 2009 In the Meantime Men‟s Group, Inc. presents PRE-PRIDE COMMUNITY CELEBRATION 4067 W. Pico Blvd., LA CA 90019, (Secured Parking at the CatchOne) 7pm. - 10p.m., (Men and Women, Free to the Community) Soulful Touch Entertainment presents MICHELLE‟S XXX Vice Night Club and Lounge, 6364 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 10pm - 2am, $10 (Women and their Friends) Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Ivan Daniel Productions presents CLUB METRO @ Ultra Suede 661 N. Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069, (10p.m.-3p.m. (Men and Women) Thursday, July 2, 2009 In the Meantime Men‟s Group, Inc. presents ATBLA OPENING RECEPTION THE MAGIC OF LA Sponsored by In the Meantime Men‟s Group, Inc. Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside 6161 West Centinela Avenue Culver City, California 90230 $20.00 table seating, $5.00 general admission. 7p.m.- 10:00 p.m. The Black Artist Collective presents „THE RETURN OF BLACK COFFEE‟ Spoken Word, (Open Mike) & Art Fair Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside 6161 West Centinela Avenue Culver City, California 90230 9p.m.- 12 Midnight (Free to the general public, Donations accepted)

Friday, July 3, 2009 OFFICIAL ATBLA BEACH PARTY Take the 10 freeway all the way out until it ends. (Dawn -Dusk) 7103 Westward Road, Malibu, CA Take the 10 West to Santa Monica. From there follow Pacific Coast Highway 18-miles west to Westward Beach Road. Turn toward the ocean, go beyond the fee collection station to the very end of the road. Soulful Touch Entertainment & Tomboi Swagg presents AFTER THE BEACH LADIES AFTER PARTY! 10pm - 4am (AFTERHOURS!) The Palmer Room 3387 Motor Ave, West L.A. CA 90034 (Women and their Friends), $15 Saturday, July 4, 2009 OFFICIAL ATBLA AFTERPARTY Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside 6161 West Centinela Avenue Culver City, California 90230 9p.m.- 4p.m., Men & Women Jewel‟s Catch One presents „CLUB 4067′ 4067 W. Pico Blvd., LA CA 90019 9p.m.- 4p.m. (Men and Women) 18 and older Sunday, July 5, 2009 ILLUSIONS Drag Show Jewels Catch One 4067 W. Pico Blvd., LA CA 90019 9p.m.- 4p.m. (Men and Women) Hosted by Sabrina Le‟ Blanc, 21 and older

Don’t Look for Me at Pride This Year By: Jasmayne C It‟s June so that means that the Pride season is among us, and I‟ll be the first to say—this year unless something changes, don‟t look for me. It‟s not because I don‟t have it—Pride that is, because I do. I am a fiercely proud Black woman. Not a proud lesbian or a proud Black lesbian. I am a proud Black woman and that encompasses all of who I am. Now that may be too deep for some of you to understand. I‟m not going into the closet—as if that were even an option, lol. But I also don‟t feel the need these days to rock a rainbow or wear one of the corny shirts that read, “I‟m with her” to represent my being a lesbian. Hey, it could just be because I am 31 and that getting drunk and acting a fool in public no longer holds the same appeal it once did before. One thing I know is that I realized some time ago that while gays scream diversity in their so-called “equality work” about the only thing diverse at Pride celebrations is the “hip hop” or Latino tent and the overpaid heterosexual gay friendly Black diva hired to entertain Pride goers on the Main Stage. This, while year after year, local openly gay Black hip hop and R&B artists continue to be shunned by Pride organizers in lieu of white gay pop and rock artists. An issue that pride organizers still ignore and refuse to address. But let me ask you this. Do you think you‟d go to a Black Pride celebration and find someone like Cher on the Main Stage? As gay friendly as she is, Cher, represents gay Pride to Blacks about as much as gospel singer Donnie McClurkin does. So why then do we continue to celebrate and highlight heterosexual recording artists and diss the gay ones? It is after all, gay pride. Right? I‟m just saying. Then there‟s that little issue of June being defined nationwide as the month of Pride celebration when Black Pride‟s take place all through the year as does other culturally relevant gay Pride celebrations. More than likely my abandonment of Pride this year has to do more with the fact that I feel especially estranged from the “gay” community these days since Proposition 8. Yeah, I think that sealed the deal for me. If gay pride means bashing and bullying Black people or anybody that doesn‟t agree that gay marriage is the most important civil right in the world, then as a self-respecting Black person, I can‟t go for that. No matter who you have performing on the Main Stage. Like Black History Month, Pride is bigger than a day or a month. That I get. And just like you don‟t have to go to church to praise the Lord, you don‟t have to go to West Hollywood in June to show that you‟ve got Pride. In my case, it‟s just the opposite—in that my not going to West Hollywood in June is due to the fact that I‟ve got Pride. We live in a highly politicized climate these days and that doesn‟t go away on June 1st. The way I figure it is if Black people were the enemy prior to Pride, we‟re not your best friends during Pride. And until this community can take up issues and causes not related to marriage solely, there isn‟t much there for me. Hopefully more Black people will take a stand this year and refrain from being used for photo ops and diversity statistics for pride organizers who if they were really all that concerned about diversity, wouldn‟t have a Latino and an urban music tent off to the side for the colored people to begin with. Especially when you take into consideration that hip-hop and R&B are two of the most dominate genre‟s of music today. What‟s up with that anyway?

So if you‟re checking for Jasmyne at Pride this year, not that you would be, but if you were, you need only look one place and that‟s the hip-hop tent run by my girls Michelle and Roz. If I‟m not there, I ain‟t going to be there and now you know why. Peace. The Court of Public Opinion

SGL Weekly Mag Issue 11