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Consider the possibilities of custom interior doors. TruStile combines extraordinary selections with impeccable craftsmanship to make doors an indispensable design element in today’s home.

TM13000 in Cherry with ¼" Kerf Cut reveal

Exceptional details with crisp, clean lines

No raised grain or cracking

No shrinking panels

Highest Quality MDF Doors for Painted Applications Smooth, paintable surface More stable than wood

AUTHENTIC STILE AND RAIL CONSTRUCTION. Architecturally correct construction utilizing the finest materials makes our doors exceptional.

Engineered panel

Premium Wood Doors for Stained Applications

Exceptional depth and dimension

Cope and stick joinery

Superb color matching LVL stiles and rails

TS3160 Common Arch Pair in MDF

Note: TruStile Reserve wood door construction shown


Beautiful Wood

High Quality MDF

Broadest selection of wood species, finely constructed.

Unrivalled quality that’s ideal for painted applications.

Custom Options


Get creative with leather, glass, resin or metal inserts.

Certified MDF and wood doors for LEED construction.

AD3030 in MDF with Capiz resin

FR OM CR A F T SMAN TO COT TAGE . TruStile can provide doors in any architectural style. Choose the one that elevates your home’s design.

TS5120 in Cherry with Wenge insert, Square Stick (SS) sticking and Flat (C) panel

PL404 in MDF with Roman Ogee (OG) sticking and Flat (C) panel and Wave glass

CONTEMPORARY TO COLONIAL. TruStile offers design options and web-based tools that make the selection process fun and easy.

AD1030 in LVL with Square Stick (SS) sticking, Flat (C) panel and Ginkgo Thatch resin

TS7010 in MDF with Roman Ogee (OG) sticking and Raised (A) panel

DESIGN IS ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS. Resin. Glass. Metal. Any natural wood species. Choose a combination that makes a design statement.

TM9130 in LVL with custom metal panel (consider Patina Canterbury metal for similar appearance)

S T Y L E T H AT B E G S T O B E T O U C H E D. Our panel inserts options include Edelman 速 leather, providing a luxurious look for specialty door openings.

TM13170 in MDF with upholstered Royal Hide Pewter leather

JUST IMAGINE. TruStile provides an unlimited design pallet. If you can dream it, we can build it.

TS1000 with Bamboo panels and Mahogany stiles, rails and custom applied moulding

T H E R E ’ S N O E X C U S E F O R O R D I N A R Y. From the utility room to the master suite, every door can have its own unique impact on your home’s design.

TM1000 in MDF with Square Stick (SS) compression fit sticking and Lasso Natural resin

TM13000 in Walnut with Kerf Cut reveal

TM13000 in MDF with Kerf Cut reveal

TM13420 in Walnut with Radius reveal and Ponder Dark resin

TM2000 in MDF with Quirk (QM) moulding and Flat (C) panel with Brushed Aluminum metal

CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOOR STYLE. With the widest range of materials and options, TruStile presents you with the most inspiring solutions.

TS2050 in MDF with Roman Ogee (OG) sticking and Senior Raised (E) panel

TS3180 in Plain Sawn White Oak with Bolection (BM) moulding and Raised (A) panel

TS4100 in MDF with Square Stick (SS) sticking, Flat (C) panel and custom barn door

TM9330 in MDF with Radius reveal and Clear mirror

TMB6120 in MDF with Bevel profile

TM9000 in Plain Sawn White Oak with Kerf Cut reveal

TM4100 in Walnut with Brushed glass

TS3300 in MDF with Square Stick (SS) sticking and Flat (C) panel

VG2010 in Wire-Brushed White Oak

TruStile boasts over 500 made-to-order door styles available in MDF or 20 wood species, 66 panel and sticking profiles and 64 material insert options. If you don’t see the perfect one, just ask and we’ll custom build it for you.

THE IDEAL DOOR I S J U S T A C L I C K A W A Y. Visit, our industry-leading website, and utilize our Door Design Tool to bring your ideas alive.

Custom design with Big Bolection (BBM) moulding and Scoop (B) panel




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COVER: Modified TS3040 in MDF with Roman Ogee (OG) sticking and Senior Raised (E) panel Copyright © 2015 TruStile Doors, LLC. Select hardware provided by Emtek Products, Häfele America and Rocky Mountain Hardware.

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