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Importance of E-Discovery Solutions In layman’s terms discovery is the process of reviewing, analyzing, producing and accessing data at the time of civil legal actions. The primary objective is to attain data that would prove to be meaningful and helpful in developing significant data for pre-trial motions and for the trial itself. The information that is collected during the discovery process can comprise of testimony, documents and any other information that is deemed important by a court. In this regard, e-Discovery is simply the extension of the discovery process of data that is secure and electronically stores including instant messages, emails, spreadsheets, word processing files. It also comprises of other electronic content that might be stored on laptops, desktops, mainframes, Smartphones, file servers, employees’ home computer or in a number of other platforms. Unified messaging and communication systems that stores a wide range of data categories, that includes instant messages and voice messages at times make the whole process complicated. Today e-discovery is becoming much more significant than ever in the context of civil litigation, for instance approximately three out of four discovery orders nowadays need e-mail to be produced as a part of the overall discovery process. Today it represents 35 percent of the overall litigation and organizations that fail to come up with e-mails in an appropriate and timely manner witness the hazard of paying of million dollars as fines. This apart, other consequences include loss of corporate reputation and loss revenue. The top e-discovery solution providers today have introduced innovative electronic discovery litigation support. This solution has been trusted by several leading corporations and numerous law firms and government agencies in order to attend to litigation in a timely and cost-effective way. Furthermore, advanced electronic discovery litigation solutions helps in resolving some of the most crucial challenges that of litigation management today by simplifying the overall e-discovery lifecycle with the help of a single, simple-to-use applications that brings down the expenses, time and the intricacies of e-discovery. By deploying advanced and well integrated e-discovery solutions corporations, government agencies and law firms can attain long-term viability. This is especially true for large scale companies that are involved in civil litigation. Best practices in e-discovery includes numerous key elements, that starts with management recognition for the requirement to be ready for e-discovery to develop a suite of corporate policies to deploy the apt technologies that will monitor corporation information correctly. Know more on: internal investigation electronic discovery

Importance of E-Discovery Solutions