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e-Discovery -Streamlining Digital Data Resources Technology having entered every phase of the business world, the legal cells are not left behind. With nearly 90% of data being created and stored in electronic formats, it becomes quite natural that the legal proceeding also require technologically sound systems and recovery tools for management and discovery of these data. Provisions for easy and immediate access to the electronic documents holds the corporate minds at peace. In an over expanding universe of word processing files, spreadsheets, PDF files , emails and image files, electronic discovery services help organizations process digitize, retrieve and organize data. Electronic discovery or e discovery is a collection of tools and methodologies used to convert digital data into user friendly formats with an ability to process, scrutinize, review and organize them while avoiding redundancy and duplication. Electronic data discovery has become a common trend today with the majority of the data searched and located being referenced for legally holding and is done both offline and through a network. However, today with the use of cutting-edge technology in electronic evidence discovery the document review procedure has been simplified with reduced litigation costs. Further by moving away from the traditional system of review to be discovery modules has facilitated legal enterprises to reduce nearly 70% of the data. The increasing frequency of litigation, internal investigations, and regulatory inquiries and the growth in electronically stored information, legal teams are challenged with an ever-expanding e-discovery workload. The electronic discovery litigation support provides legal professionals with an economic and efficient solution for document reviews. They can utilize the e discovery technology to reduce costs, chaos, and inconsistency. Attorneys today are free from managing large teams assisting them with paper documents while preparing for litigation. E discovery tools offered by the leaders in the industry are enabled with powerful data security which enables organizations and legal professionals to streamline data collections, rapidly analyze data and perform early assessments in the corporate litigation process. With the e discovery platform being an enterprise level solution, it targets the various stages of ediscovery life cycle from identification, legal hold, review and production besides ensuring significant cost savings and improved case outcomes. The leading electronic data discovery solution provides the enterprise legal departments with benefits such as simplifying and streamlining data collections across all critical enterprise data sources, lowers processing costs and time by up to 80%, increases the transparency and defensibility of the e-discovery process. Through a quick and accurate review of large databases, these solution facilitates reporting across the entire e-discovery process. Read Also On: Legal Disclosure Early Case Assessment

e-Discovery -Streamlining Digital Data Resources