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An Extraordinary BEGINNING

An Extraordinary BEGINNING

Welcome to Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten at Clear Water Academy! Our unique model of Integral Formation® addresses the dignity and value of each student; resulting in a personalized education tailored to each child, that places charity and faith at the forefront of all we do. Our environment helps each child discover that learning is exciting and that he or she is capable and talented. We draw on educational research, current understanding of brain development, and best practices to create a rich learning environment for young children. Our learning environment is a visible declaration of our school’s values. We hope that the children’s work on display shows our respect for their talents and our pride in their progress. We know that some aspects of the environment are intangibles that will be felt rather than seen. When you enter our classrooms, you will feel excitement and synergy in our children’s learning. Our environment has been thoughtfully created to support active learning. Classrooms and materials are organized to encourage communication and collaboration, and to spark inquiry. In the Keller Hall and Bessborough Hall chapels, children visit Jesus and practice reverence, reflection, and prayer. They enjoy the books and resources in our school library, and the challenges of locomotor skills and movement activities through our Physical Education Program in the “Zoom Room.”

PLAY IS AN ESSENTIAL TOOL AND PROCESS THROUGH WHICH CHILDREN MAKE MEANING Young children use play to make sense of their experiences and to express their ideas. Current research shows that play stimulates brain development, physical and mental health, language, literacy, and social development. Children build knowledge and skills through play as they collaborate with others, improve fine motor skills, think creatively, and explore reading and writing, numeracy and problem-solving. Children who use play as a tool for learning will continue to grow as critical thinkers who are able to think creatively. In Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten, we make daily opportunities for children’s exploratory, constructive and dramatic play. Teachers observe and guide children’s play carefully in the classroom, at recess, and during daily physical activity.

LEARNERS USING DIALOGUE AS A PRIMARY PROCESS TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE We focus on developing learners who construct meanings rather than merely reciting just the “right” answer. Teachers create opportunities for children to develop deeper understanding through communication and hands-on experiences. We help children to feel confident in expanding their thinking through questioning, debate, and shared reasoning; to share ideas, explain their views, inquire, reflect and compare. Thinking together in these ways enables children to work successfully and collaboratively ensuring lifelong learning.

FORMS OF REPRESENTATION TO EXPRESS UNDERSTANDING “Forms of representation” are the different systems of symbols which we use to express meaning. Children need to be fluent in the methods, vocabulary, tables, graphs and equations of mathematics and science, for example. They also need opportunity to express themselves through the drawing, painting and sculpting of the visual arts, and through music, storytelling, drama, and movement.

WE SEE CHILDREN AS COMPETENT, CREATIVE LEARNERS We value the different knowledge, experiences and cultures that children bring to school. We model respect for oneself and others, and help children to see themselves as capable thinkers with emerging theories about the world. We listen closely to children in order to help them build on their ideas and to pose questions for inquiry.

WE BELIEVE THAT CHILDREN NEED TO FEEL SAFE AND VALUED IN ORDER TO LEARN We focus on the quality of our relationships with children and their families. We cultivate a nurturing, supportive environment in which children can be risk-takers in their learning. “Having a go!” is encouraged and mistakes are looked upon as steps to learning.



Junior Kindergarten Program This program is offered to children who will be 4 years of age by December 31. Junior Kindergarten Program 1: Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 3:30pm Junior Kindergarten Program 2: Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 11:30am

Kindergarten Program This program is offered to children who will be 5 years of age by December 31. Kindergarten Program 1: Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 3:30pm Kindergarten Program 2: Three full-days per week (days to be determined and subject to demand)

Out of School Care Programs are offered, please refer to school website for details. Tours: Book a personal tour of our campus and meet our faculty and staff, students and parents. Contact our Admissions Department to schedule your tour at: (403) 240-7924 or

An Extraordinary BEGINNING

A C athol i c School of Integral Format ion® Juni or Ki ndergarten t hrough Grade 12

C L E A R WAT E R A C A D E M Y. C O M 2521 D i eppe Avenue SW | Calgar y, A B | T3E 7J 9 (403) 240-7924 Cl ea r Water A ca d e my i s a n o n - p ro f i t fo u n d at i o n . Copy r i ght © C l e a r Water A ca d emy, 2 0 1 5

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